Jobs Improve? Ukraine: Waiting to Blow

We are almost ready to open a weekly “jobs pool.”  Idea is simply tossing a dart to see who can make the closest guess to the Labor Department’s weekly new unemployment claims.

Media hype – before the release – was that new filings would drop under 700-thousand.  Here’s the results:

Please note that we highlight the NOT Seasonally Adjusted numbers.

Simple Career Advice: If you’re under 30 – and not set on a career path – and like to stretch the truth a bit – consider a future in Law or Statistics.  Law is verge lying with words while Statistics is verge lying with numbers.  Or, you could become an Economist and verge lie with money.

If you compulsively lie about everything, Political Science is your major.  If you feel guilty about it, Public Administration is a close second.

NOTAMS: Ukraine Smolders

Biden and the jets?

Although we sold the plane several years ago, we are still mindful of NOTAM’s.  That’s FAA-speak for “NOtices To AirMen.”  The term has not been “politically correctified” yet.  We trust the Buy’ed ‘Em admin will get to this just as soon as the last vestiges of borders are erased.

Something like NOtices To Oppressed Persons With Aircraft.”  NOTOPWA.  We suspect the correctness rework has been stalled because “no-top-wa” sounds like a usurpation of a First People’s linguistic for something.  Perhaps Lakota Bob could enlighten us.

After Correctness Comes War: 

But not without hints at seriousness including NOTAM’s for eastern Ukraine:

This is likely because the FAA has been through “trigger-happy” ground fired shoot-downs before.  They’re exercising reasonable prudence.

It’s one thing to fly a certified aircraft into known icing conditions.  But, quite another to fly into S-300 (SA-10 Grumble, if you’re active-duty) conditions.  Gravity being a key aspect of warfare.

Meanwhile, the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. is delaying his return to Washington from Moscow.  Basically, Russia is saying whether he does at all will depend on how Washington plays the situation.

US Mainstream still soft-selling this.

Vax Site Closed – Reactions Spike

If you’re planning on the Johnson & Johnson vaccine shot (conventional tech, no mRNA) check out this in the NY Post:  COVID vaccine site closes early after adverse reactions to J&J shot.


Interesting study in new social dynamics in Elk Grove, California.  There, people who are homeless are (essentially) being paid to “clean up after themselves.

Interesting thing is, it’s working.

While this may be applauded by the “wokees” fact is, most of us over 100 (add your age plus IQ to join) remember exactly this kind of thing in olden days Americana.  “George, if you don’t clean up your room – No Allowance!”

Money talks – 70-years later.  The more things change…

Thiel Nails Bitcoin

Assuming you know Peter Thiel is the billionaire co-founder of PayPal, check out what he says in “Peter Thiel: China Using Bitcoin as a ‘Financial Weapon’.

From the article: “…the Chinese are using bitcoin to corrode the U.S. financial system…”

No telling how, or where, the “secret money” goes.

And, as we have said, there’s no reason why – when governments eventually adopt a crypto system – 1) they should recognize any private crypto coins (governments hate competition, after all) and 2) Proving a crypto is not the product of IGG (ill-gotten gains) is impossible.

In Ure Shorts

People pay taxes – Corporations don’t.  They are pass-through vehicles only.  Something the Crooks of Razorville soft-soap all the time.  So when we read how Biden’s Corporate Tax Proposal Could Raise Trillions, it’s clear to us who’s going to have to pick up the “dropped soap.”

Another Political Lie:  Vax shaming getting codified right before our eyes as More colleges requiring vaccination proof for fall semester.  When you think about it, this is “blood discrimination” and until clinical trials over the longer term are done (remember, vax shaming is based on “EUA’s – Emergency Use Authorizations) we’re a wee bit skeptical.

Who would have ever thought:  As we outgrow (as a Nation) discrimination based on skin color, blood content discrimination would follow quickly in its place.  Z’at some weird shit, or what?

Coming for Your Guns:  Again, the democrats are selectively enforcing laws they like and ignoring ones they don’t.  Two examples?  Sure.

Let’s start with Analysis: Biden turns to limited executive actions on gun control with Congress at a standstill.

And then, how about a border visit?Border crisis: I’m a Texas sheriff with 4 deputies patrolling 110 miles. We need help” reported USA-Today Wednesday.  Don’t expect much from SloJoe, since “Biden Confronts Border Surge With Key Immigration Jobs Unfilled.”  And so, the Kammunist insurgency continues…Covid spreaders and drug mules alike.

Why Not to Trust Government:  Case 7,242,871.  Illinois budget fight freezes lottery payouts.  Should the Ure’s ever win The Big One, we’ll take the money, pay the tax, and won’t trust government to follow-through.

Short Column!

II did it!  Finally squeezed one out at about 800 words.


Good luck to my buddy the Major who is down too the wire this morning on whether to take the jab, or not.  He’s eyeing the vax station shutdown in Colorado and number crunching down to the wire.  Let you know what he does…tough call for all of us.

OK, off to the greenhouse and some watering and transplanting.

Dow futures down 26 but S&P up 11…so a mixed bag there…

Write when you get rich,

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    • Hit that one outta the park, didn’t ‘ya Steve.
      Michael Moore learned to do film assisting in the production of “The Atomic Cafe” which includes Bert the Turtle. If you’ve never seen it I think it’s a must-watch on Utube.

  1. Bitcoin as profitable as it’s been is only diverting money away from gold (silver) while central banks buy as much as possible before Basel III goes into effect – also interesting as far as silver is concerned at this point it would appear there may be a massive fraud that has been uncovered via unallocated silver – storage fees(for non existent silver) and failure to deliver ……… evolving story

  2. The wife and I both had our two Pfizer jabs in back March. Other than some green scales on our backs and something that looks like a third eye growing between our eyebrows, we came out of it just fine.

    RE: Ukraine NOTAMs – were I a commercial pilot about to overfly Ukraine, I’d have my index finger pushing down hard on the squawk button from 75 miles before to 75 miles after entering that airspace.

    RE: China ‘weaponizing Bitcoin’ – China seems to find ways to weaponize almost everything these days. Best watch what you talk about around that smart thermostat or coffee pot, let alone send out on your Lenovo laptop.

    • Check your platelet counts in about a year, and report back. Your suggestion that the ‘vaccines’ are safe is very misleading as there has been MANY, many reactions reported and the real complications will come out long term – because that’s how a gene altering substance will generally work.

      • Remember, the China Virus vaccines are ‘experimental’. Those who take it are guinea pigs for possible long-term effects. Proceed at your own risk.

      • I can only speak for myself and my immediate family wrt vaccines, Steve. I would never pressure anyone to put anything into their body that they are uncomfortable with for whatever reason, to include Scotch, beer or wine. Why did I get the covid vaccine? I personally never feared vaccinations. As a child, I had polio, mumps, measles, tetanus, rubella vaccines and more additional jabs than I can remember. Having served in the military 22 years, Uncle Sam mandated vaccinations for me on every disease known to man whenever it was deemed necessary, including yearly flu jabs. I estimate I’ve had over 30 various vaccinations (not counting yearly flu shots) just from my time served. I simply viewed vaccines as part of the job, as we were required to travel around the globe on a moment’s notice and expose ourselves to every plague in the book. The science was good and it made good sense. Since retiring, and now pushing 70, I’ve voluntarily had a yellow fever booster (for travel to Brazil), three shingles vaccines (the one shot version and then the two shot version which came out later), two pneumonia vaccines shots (a year apart) and yearly flu shots. The one year I did not get a flu shot after retiring from the military, I caught the damn flu. I was down and out for 3 days. So I’m a veritable vaccine poster boy. I’ve had complete blood work done for my annual physicals since getting out of the military and platelets, WBC and all else are always in normal ranges. Only cholesterol has been been a tad high from time to time. My son-in-law in the UK lost both of his grandparents on his mother’s side last year due to covid, so our entire family takes this drill rather seriously. We will do whatever must be done to keep those we love and any strangers we meet along the way safe from anything trying to hitch a ride on our bio systems. If that includes getting vaccinated, so let it be done.

      • Can you help me understand what a gene altering substance is? Sounds like you are a doctor or scientist. I’ve been looking for information about how these vaccines are destined to wipe out the entire global population and it sounds like you know of examples of this sort of thing based on how you know gene altering substances work.

  3. Started doing my fed taxes , and first thing I noticed was a question about digital currency . Me thinks that big brother is trying to get people to lie on their taxes. I have always thought the gov knew who has bit coin and the other digital currencies.

  4. As far as gun confiscation is concerned I’m of the opinion the government has already initianated it buy the fact ammunition can’t be found for common rounds out here in the pnw. A gun is no goog if you have no shells for it. The 2nd says right to bare arms nothing about ammunition . Just my observation .

    • Which is why I’ve been warning people all over the ‘net to conserve their ammo. I watch and hear people out in the pasture over the years blowing one mag after another down range and for what? Is it a vibrator or something? Makes you wonder. 6 months ago 00buck was about .75 a round on, now it’s over a buck and I don’t think it’s a funny pun at all.

      • did you adjust Ure scope for elevation ? sounds like Ure sights/scope are way out of alignment if all Ure 00 buckshot is over the buck..

        see the little doe, does the deer have money ? you bet, 2 bucks.

    • The thing to note here is that ammo manufacturers aren’t making fewer rounds (okay, Remington, but they’re about to go back online in a new facility in Arkansas) but somebody’s buying them all up.

      I’ll own up to the fact that when I see bricks of .22s on sale, I’ll impulse buy one. Still… At my local farm & ag store, the only ammo reliably available is 25-70 and 30-40 Krag, and it’s been this way ever since the Speer factory burned. Speer/CCI went back online several years back, so any backlog from their absence should have long-since resolved itself.


      Who’s buying all dem bullets, and why?

      • Dam Ray.. I can’t find the stories that I read.. but a while back I read that the shell casing companies in China that make the brass shells because of covid had to make a substantial decrease in the amount of shells it was producing because they couldn’t get necessary supplies….
        then there was another story that said that the USA Was buying the bulk of what is being produced for a just in case they need it..
        But it is just hear say…at this point

  5. George, enjoyed your post Wednesday. People that aren’t subscribed are missing out.

    When reading your section about where to retire, I kept hearing that song play in my head from the ‘90s by the group Little Texas entitled “God Bless Texas”.

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You may have found nirvana in Texas…homestead laws protect you from losing your property, no income taxes, no inheritance taxes, and still barely a Red state because they just couldn’t steal enough votes to switch it Blue in the last show circus election to even get the crooked press to try to explain it.

    Hopefully, you were trying to steer people that may be considering heading our way to other locales.

    You may have read that Governor Abbott said, “No Vaccination Passports in Texas”. That a way Gov, No Freedom Infringements here in Texas. Now the Governor is bringing in the Texas Rangers to investigate abuses in the Convention Centers in San Antonio and Dallas where Biden is sending thousands of children to stay in horrible conditions, including sexual abuse. Think this will make national commie propaganda TV networks?

    And the Texas Attorney General is filing suit against the Feds on Illegals being released from prison and allowing them to stay in the country rather than exporting them immediately.

    Fauci is saying that the maskless society created by our Governor here in Texas is going to cause horrific results. I will still take my chances in Texas Fauci. Like Davy Crockett said , “You can all go to hell, I am going to Texas”.

    Fauci was proven wrong again, the Governor is proving to be correct. Fauci is in charge of leading baa baa black sheep to slaughter with his damned lies. Remember, he wanted to shut the whole country down for months. Trump said NO, Biden doesn’t even know what decade it is, much less why everything was classified as COVID.

    With everything Texas is doing to fight the Biden circus, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Feds announce a Covid round 21 in Texas to get back at us Texans.

    Fauci and Senile Joe are telling everyone to get vaccinated with a new Gene modifying, untested drug. Makes one think they created the Covid scam to fit a genetic altering vaccine they already had.

    A gene altering vaccine not even run through test trials, with total company liability protection, that you gotta take now, or you might get classified as a spreader of death from COVID when in truth it was probably another disease? Are you kidding me?

    And now they are saying that soon they won’t let you travel on our great airlines, aka the crammed in cattle cars from hell, unless you get this vaccine and carry a “Vaccine Passport” and wear a mask or two, so you can be at 10,000 feet pressurized altitude with thin oxygen re-breathing carbon dioxide in your mask. Brain edema.

    So, they are saying I have to take a vaccine that hasn’t been tested or I cannot travel? They can go screw themselves. I love the way The Washington Idiocracy worded it: Get a vaccine and you will re-gain your freedom to travel. NEWS FLASH IDIOT COMMIES: I NEVER GAVE UP MY FREEDOM TO TRAVEL! Go Governor Abbot…. tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine. GOD BLESS TEXAS!

    BTW George: Before you ever consider Iowa again, you may want to reconsider adding the variable input of weather. The globalists use weather modification in Iowa just like they do here in Texas. Iowa is known for horrible spring flooding, not to mention other times of the year. Had an aunt and uncle move to Iowa from Texas some years ago because they thought it was going to be a great place to retire. They were on their way back within 18 months.

    Some areas in Iowa are still underwater for months:

    • I like Texas, though the state still has some regulations that are annoying(car “inspections”, etc.). I’m less than a tank of gas from Texas or other alternatives and it’s a good feeling to know that. NM has too many regulations too, but we have mountains. Once away from the cities, we’re largely red.

      • I agree only If it just wouldn’t get so darn hot in texas.. It would be a beautiful state..

    • Love how the ill advised dish out advise and Americans just lap it up.

      Simply put, if you have not visited one of the top 5 destinations for expat retirees, what you think of expatriation is what someone else wants you, and believe me, they do not have your best interests at heart. If you do, and sit down and chat with some of the expats, you will quickly realize you have simply been another brainwashed American.

      Americans spend thousands on vacations, but you think they would check out a foreign location as a vacation? No way.

      Ecuador has constantly been in the top 3 for the last 15 years. We have friends here who do well on their $850 a month social security. Medical costs are about 15% of USA prices, and most prescription drugs are available over the counter at such low prices it will bring tears to your eyes.

      I do not speak Spanish, but with translation programs on my smartphone, I have never had a problem. A medical translator will cost 20 buck a day when necessary. I get a massage every week for $20. Keeps me limber and loose. And every few months I go to a physical therapist for a tune up for a $40 session.

      And if you go to an Ecuadorian market, $30 of food will require two people to carry it out of the market.

      12 years out, and never looked back.

      • the food is so much better is “second” and “third” world countries. the chickens look like chickens not steroid infused superheroes. bananas taste like bananas and cucumbers taste like cucumbers. i know a few people with intestinal issues. oddly enough when they travel south of the states the issues disappear. the food supply in the states in poison.

      • Hi Ecuador Expat,
        We are considering relocating to Ecuador. We are in Florida now after living in mexico for seven years. We do not like the way things are going and are doing serious research on both ecuador and panama. Can you give me any links or info on the matter? Can you tell me what part of ecuador you live in? Thanks for any info!

      • “the food is so much better is “second” and “third” world countries”

        That’s because the majority of them ran Monsanto out of the country on a rail, before their last Roundup.

        Seriously, my #2 can’t drink milk; I can’t eat corn products… except for organic. She was amazed when I served her a bowl of cereal drowning in Horizon Organic and she ate it, without getting sick. (This was 8 years ago…) She told me at that time: “Y’know Dad, that’s the first time in five years that I’ve had milk and not gotten sick.” I didn’t believe she was intolerant, and so, having discovered my “corn issue” was an inability to digest GM corn, tried the “organic experiment” on her. Sure ’nuff.

        If you watch the History Channel’s “Food that Made America,” they’ll talk about the cola wars at length, and about how “New Coke” was released because Pepsi beat Coke in blind taste tests. The truth is Coke was made with cane sugar, Coca-Cola wanted to substitute (much cheaper) corn syrup, and the PTB were deathly afraid that Coke drinkers would be able to taste the difference and leave, en masse. The function of “New Coke” was to flood the distribution channels until the original Coke was gone, so the company could bring it back with the corn sweetener and people would celebrate the return of the 1906 formula.

        Coca-Cola in non-US markets is still made with cane sugar, because nearly every repressive government (except ours) has stricter rules governing GM foods, and insecticide and hormone use, than the U.S.A. You can buy [export only] Coca-Cola at Mexican and Japanese or Chinese grocery stores in the U.S. It contains cane sugar as a sweetening agent, and no GMO products in its formula…

      • Ray, I had the same experience with GMO cereals sprayed with Roundup sold in the United States, I could not longer eat Cheerios, tore up my stomach, hurt, and guaranteed diarrhea. When Organic ones came out under another vendor, I tried it….no problems at all. I only purchase cereals that are non-GMO, and Organic, so no Roundup used on them. I used to love Wheatabix, but same thing, as in England, the farmers are spraying Roundup on the crops right before harvest, and right after seeding – so twice a year. So even though Wheatabix on its box says no GMO, I cannot eat them. As far as milk, only organic for about 20 years now, no problem with milk.

      • @cd

        ALL General Mills cereals are now genetically modified. For dry cereal, Multigrain Cheerios has been my fav since the kids were toddlers — not no mo’. I gave away my last two boxes when I saw the GM caution on the label.

        Many grains are grasses (notably oats and wheat, for discussion purposes.) Neither wheat nor oats are genetically-modified. However, big farmers rent, rather than own, those half-million-dollar (plus) cultivators, and in order to ensure EVERY stalk has expired and the head is ready to “pick,” oat and wheat fields are soaked in Roundup, 1-2 weeks before the machinery arrives.

        WRT Cheerios, the oats aren’t GM, but the other ingredients are. The oats are merely poisoned…

      • I hear ya on the cereals.. the bee company won’t drop any hives around here because that is all they us … gmo seeds.. he told me that they bond the plant to the tobacco plant on some so that the nicotine that it produces kills any pests.. and that kills his bee’s.. now if I bought the bees and hives he would take care of them.. but he won’t drop hives..

    • I notice the “Texas Secession” thing (bill, proclamation, edict, or whatever) is floating around the Legislature again. If’fn y’all keep it up, you’re going to get me to add Texas to my list of places to live, yet, despite the humidity and roaches…

      • Like NM, Texas has many climate zones. My body can’t abide southeast Texas, but God bless those who can. You can fry in San Antonio and points south, or you can have more hospitable conditions to the west and north.

    • Oh but it is a real plan. Want to read it then
      look up SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028 and you will see exactly the program being run.
      The dates are irrelevant. All nice and neat in a .pdf file. Just like event 201, crimson tide. Just remember Dr Bill Gates has your best interest at heart. Just don’t believe me read it for yourselves. Southern border children are being trafficked, raped, and who knows what else with catholic charities in the lead. Videos are available.

      As far as I can tell according to democratic standards executive orders are for executive branch employees not citizens. But I don’t have Parmesan cheese smoking privileges. Lying on federal forms is a felony! Unless you re special!
      Do you have your own personal “Bicycle” as your dealer that you stay with at your hotel room? So, take your experi-Mental mRNA gene therapy shot and call George in about 12 months to let him know how it worked out for you. No collect calls accepted from beyond the grave. Oh and please don’t call to burn down things unless you have BLM permission! You are not that privileged.

      • Chinese Miners – to pay the bills for equip/tech support/power, primarily.
        Does it matter where it goes ?
        Money is becoming moar worthless with each passing day of the mask wearer in chief’s administration -cant exchange it for tangible goods(digital tulips) fast enough – before the rutabegga prints another couple trillion…

        Way more important and informative – where does the money to Buy BTC come From ? Why ?

      • When the US$ gets halved – at best – or worse goes to zero then all of you that invested in cryptos will know. The digital crypto event in monetary history is poised to show that if you don’t have physical in your hand you have nothing. All the currency that’s been put into cryptos could have gone into PMs and the supply squeezes we’re experiencing now would have happened quite a while back. When the lights went out here in Texas cryptos were worth exactly zip, zilch, nada for a week until the power came back. Had it gone on much longer I could have bought just about anything for a silver quarter.

        Cryptos are another drain on the inflationary pumping into the money supply and an indoctrination or normalization of the idea leading up to when the Fed introduces its own and our personal bank accounts will become subject to complete and total oversight and garnishment if we don’t keep our social credit scores at a high level. Step out of line and you won’t have access to your “money”. I was totally taken aback when George jumped on me, I think, back in August when I expressed this thought. What could be more obvious? You don’t spring a trap until the prey is totally in.

        Remember when TPTB started demonizing anyone that dared “hoard” cash anywhere outside the bank? Christine Lagarde, or was it Yellen?, has already used the same argument for BC that they used to demonize cash. Think they can’t put the kibosh on BC and other cryptos? In a totally controlled Internet you’re a dead armadillo in the road with yellow stripes painted over your body if you try and use any outlawed currency. You know the horror stories. Take your profits while you can.

  6. yeah sure whatever you reckon . yeah sure . big bob moriarty calls the shots from his anti yankee hate sewer in france . yes so intelligent so top gold cow so guru . learned from reading urban billionaire or vice a versa . sure yeah rejoice reset your brain zombies

  7. Boy tells his mom…. I’ll be good for $5.
    Mom replies…… Just be like yer dad and be good for Nuthin’

  8. Mannnn,

    I am so god dam sick of it !

    Any virtue ?

    Any clues how divinity..

    We already know the answers!
    before we ask the questions, alwayz.

    Now what did my, still-small-voice, just say ?

    Shall we play, again ? We do have a choice after all – Just have to say, F-No.

    “they” are only planing on 15 million culled this time around, that ought to suppress our frequencies but good..”Hack up those nuke generators full power, screw faults/failures -“we need moar shuman – totally ridiculous levels, stat!”

    Wide awake ? – cause Im not sleeping ANY time soon.

    .. as there are way too many blood traitors freely walking around, enjoying fruits of our society while secretly enjoying the loss of Life,Love and Happiness for thousands, while profiting from our deaths and destruction.

    ? SC Chief Justice Roberts – how much from Building 7 loot to keep your evil pie hole shut? How many you think he got for the Citizens United decision – in Malta the day after the decision came down??? who/whats in Malta ?? vb

    How much did Kilary pocket to keep her evil pie hole shut ?
    How much you think air farce general (AYFKM) dick Myers got for his TRAITOROUS acts leading up to and on 9/11?? hello able danger team -RIP .

    Wonder what they pay the “drilled&vrilled” bastards in..young kids, Platinum, both?

    resident war “experts”( controlled opposition = the more you know) still doubt 9/11 was an inside job??

    See Denken wie der Feind, 20 Jahre Ausnahmezustand 9/11 und die geopolitik des terrors. Just out in German, 1st of 2 book series – mind blowingly F-ed Up scheisse – Nine Eleven as a Business Model.

    How much money did George and warhammer make off of buying puts on airline stocks, and buying call options on oil company stocks and defense Industry stocks just prior to 9/11 ?

    Did it make you feel ill ? dirty ? making money off of other peoples misfortune and misery ? Yeah real swell guys alright – bet you own Bitcoin too, like a bitcoin nazi..

    • Want some more happy news? In Penny Kelly’s latest Look-See the last thing she saw was that at the end of this year Russia would be the hope of the World. All I can say is better them than China.

      • Bill, my sweetheart, it is Edgar Cayce who first said that:

        He also said that China would become the Cradle of Christianity.

        Now, I am just re-posting a website that a person posted last week, and it is quite interesting:

        Here it is:

        And from it:

        …Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

        –Revelation 13:18

        Welcome to the real Bible. The “beast” is the coming Earth crustal displacement. This verse in the Bible is a reference to the time frame in which the Fifth World will come to an end. Based on the work of George Dodwell, the axial tilt itself is a doomsday clock. 13 x 18 = 23.4° which is precisely the current axial tilt and has a complementary angle of 66.6°

        Robert Estienne at his finest .

        Go to that website, he has dug really deep and it is quite impressive and I can really relate to the SEARCH; he says:

        “No Prophets Here – An Apocalyptic Synthesis is evidentiary-based – I study the people who know.”

        Personally, I have read a lot of the Edgar Cayce Readings over the last 30 years, however, more and more of the information is readily available on line, not from having to read books and books, from many authors, attend conferences, participate in Search for God study groups (although, I highly recommend that), etc.

        I have also read quite a bit of ‘other’ material and have spent many years trying to piece it all together, with many barriers to knowledge: hints, language, codes, lies, lacking in spiritual acuity, etc.

        His information is worth the effort and study.

        He has a certain sequence of events that he predicts for the earth crustal displacement.

        One can join online and then search the information.

      • Cayce was the main intro I had to other views of the World outside the conventional Church view. It’s been a while since I visited his site, looked it up in my Book Marks, and, sure enough, it’s still there. Sugrue’s biography of him is still my favorite book about Cayce.

        To the best of my memory Cayce’s visions put his apocalyptic visions toward the end of the last century which are well past now. Later books may have given later dates. Penny Kelly has been saying lately that Time and events are fluid and depend on our actions and attitudes as to if and when they may occur. Whoever said it, whenever they said it it’s becoming obvious the path to such an event is opening up before us given the stupidity we’re seeing in D.C. and the resulting lack of confidence our nation has with them. As far as China becoming the seat of Christianity – stranger things have happened and the mass of people over there certainly could, one day, topple the Communist/Nazi regime on their own that exists now.

        The Amallulla site is certainly a site one can spend quite a while in.

    • ECU, Not EMU….we hear ya, and we can follow ya, butcha dissing at the wrong parties, as we are not party to the party, get my drift?

      Thanks to another person’s link this week, I found this most amazing website and person:

      Dr Judy Wood at

      I consider myself quite up-to-speed due to the fact that my eyes were opened first day of 911 but then completely by 2nd day of 911 and knew that it was an inside job. As a matter of fact, so far ahead was I, all eyes turned upward and ridicule followed me like a shadow for a decade after I opened my mouth to share what I know.

      Yet, uneducated as I am, this woman has proposed something I did not come across before as I was initially sidelined by planes, bombs, and nano-thermite.

      Buy her book, and come alive…it is true. The Truth Shall Set Thee Free.

      This is where I found out about her:

      That website is quite remarkable, and no, wikipedia will not allow a page on Dr. Wood.

      “Cause everywhere you look – you – see controlled opposition staring back at thee.”
      I’ll have to work on that line and make it a poem; but right now, I have a headache.


    • Speakin’ of “Able Danger”, anybody seen hide nor hair of Lou Dobbs lately? That was one of his expose’s. Hell, I think he might even have had Mike Ruppert on his show, R.I.P.

    • Not to mention, ObamaCare, he was the deciding vote for that ALL Demoncratic voted on bill pushed through without one Republican vote. SOUND FAMILIAR?; GETTING READY TO HAPPEN AGAIN – MORE BILLS WITHOUT OPPOSITION.

  9. I don’t understand why any thinking person would even consider having their RNA/DNA messed with by an “experimental” jab that is being falsely called a vaccine. It doesn’t protect a person from anything! You can still get covid, you can still die from covid, and you can still transmit covid. So what is the value of getting the shot, especially when 99.9+% of covid cases are benign? IMO, the unknown future dangers of this gene editing “therapy” far outweigh the statistically tiny probability of getting a bad case of covid. And the latest revelation that the permanently-multiplying prions injected by the mRNA shots are very likely Mad Cow disease prions should make everyone shudder.

    • And the latest revelation that the permanently-multiplying prions injected by the mRNA shots are very likely Mad Cow disease prions should make everyone shudder.

      so that is where the Zombie apocalypse will come from………

      • A few years ago, the CDC mentioned a zombie apocalypse on its website, with no explanation at all of what they were talking about. Then some police departments began training courses for a zombie apocalypse. Predictive programming! When you add in all the reports of piles of huge plastic coffins being spotted around the country, a warehouse full of body bags unloaded by FedEx, and the 70% population reduction forecast on, it’s easy to see where this is all going. The clincher, though, is the improbability of the world’s foremost depopulation fanatic, Bill Gates, funding and promoting a vaccine that will supposedly save lives (who will continue to breed), thereby ADDING to the population, instead of reducing it. It’s much more likely that the vaccine he’s promoting will kill people instead.

      • Frankness, someone mentioned this, without providing the link. This is where the Mad Cow disease prion story is coming from and does NOT need to be debunked since a PDF exists on it.

        T HE S P A R S P A N D E M I C –

        SPARS Pandemic, 2025-2028: A Futuristic Scenario for Public Health Risk Communicators. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security; October 2017. About the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security The Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security works to protect people from epidemics and World Shocked by SPARS 2025-2028 Document – Forbidden …
        [Search domain]

        Also in 2017, Johns Hopkins published “The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028”, a report about a communications drill for a vaccine that “accidentally” caused spongiform encephalopathy aka “Mad Cow” prion disease.

        If anyone searches they will find the John Hopkins PDF to download and read. Read it and weep! Unbelievable!!!! But NOT Surprising!!!!


        Anthony Fauci is on video in 2017 predicting the current COVID outbreak. He would know, because he spent +$4 million at the Level 4 facility in Wuhan, China to bioengineer its so-called “gain of function”. And that was only one of similar bioweapons that he developed with US Tax Dollars.

        Also in 2017, Johns Hopkins published “The SPARS Pandemic 2025-2028”, a report about a communications drill for a vaccine that “accidentally” caused spongiform encephalopathy aka “Mad Cow” prion disease.

        There is a concern, that as with other “drills” they have published in the past, such as Crimson Contagion and Event 201, the SPARS report will turn out to be the actual battle plan of a slow-kill genocidal attack on the populace, especially because aspects of it have already unfolded like clockwork. We are a little over a year into a three-year drill that’s supposed to usher-in this post-COVID world of endless vaccinations and spongiform genocide.

        In the SPARS drill, it is the politicians – not Big Pharma – who are blamed for speeding up the release of the vaccines without proper testing and trials, causing millions of cases of brain damage due to prion disease starting 6 months to a year after the injection, just as Dr Sherri Tenpenny predicted. Alex Jones says here that “Trump really stepped into it. He got set-up, bigtime.”

        The SPARS report is the smoking gun, the blueprint for what we’ve been living through and what we can expect next. It detailed how they would censor people and how they would conduct the cover-up three years before it actually happened. It’s a script of talking points for the Globalist minions who are executing the diabolical plan being unleashed upon us now.

        The intended result of SPARS – and we can infer, of COVID – is to centralize all global medical authority within the UN with a multi-billion dollar Marshall Fund to enact total medical tyranny that makes our current restrictions seem like a mask-free walk in the park.

        Alex Jones is joined by Rob Due and Mike Halperin, who have each read the 89-page document with their insights, to help us prepare and defend against what these demons are doing.

  10. I just received JNJ vaccine. Male, 68, some hypertension, no pain.
    Day of injection no reaction, no OTC painkillers.
    First night pain sleeping on my injected arm. Took one Tylenol. Slept.
    Day two, lower back tightness, neck tightness, felt weak. Felt warm but could not measure a fever. Took one Tylenol. Symptoms gone within 1 hour of taking 1 Tylenol. Skipped evening 30 minute walk.
    Day 3 no symptoms, no Tylenol.

  11. “People pay taxes – Corporations don’t. They are pass-through vehicles only. ”

    Picking up the soap should be interesting.. especially since I know a few of the upper management that use that to show a lower income. ( the previous administration ten thousand a year income while owning his own private airline and living in million dollar a month suites) an ex wife of a corporate exec made 4 mil a year but showed an income lower than mine at the time. My ex bosses.. the company essentially owned th their cars campers and homes and their pay buried in the company. So how will the handle that.. and with most corporations moving beyond USA territory. How would they tax them if they dont tax all incoming goods and services and what about the present administration that is essentially doing the same thing..

    So.ehow I don’t think they will do it. A carpenter tries to keep safe while using his equipment

  12. I have a well tuned immune system and may well have survived covid. I neither know nor care. I only “socially distance” due to my preferred lifestyle. I’ll wear a mask in Walmart to blend with the territory and avoid the facial recognition at their registers. There’s no reason under the sun to become a participant in the experimental jab study, and I’ll forego participation in anything that requires “proof” that I’ve been jabbed. Proof is an ephemeral thing: How do you “prove” anything other than with paper or some entry in a database? How can you trust either? Since we’ve gone to a society based on such “proof” rather than integrity and reputation built over a lifetime, what have we to show for it?

    Why should we have to account for every dollar of cash we have? How can we, without relying on paper or databases? Karma knows if it’s ill gotten or not, and the law of karma balances things well, though not always in our preferred timeframe. I’d trust karma any day before I’d trust, paper, database entries, or an “official”.

    We have an alleged “government” of senile idiots that seem unable to grasp the most basic laws of economics and civility. Government by fear, deception, and indoctrination rather than leadership by example from those worthy of respect seems to be a poor model at best.

  13. Why is a sheriff with four deputies asking for help to do Federal work patrolling the borders?

    • five people to patrol how many miles.. I hear ya dam slackers.. LOL… LOL I think it is because trying to patrol that much with so few and so many trying to cross at all times… it is sort of like…… Playing …… with out any control over the paddle

  14. Look everyone it won’t matter in a short while. There is a global conspiracy to wipe out everyone with vaccines. That can only mean one thing:

    The idea of competing monetary systems and competing nations is utter nonsense.

    You cannot believe in competing systems when all of the competing systems have agreed to kill as many of their own people as possible. They aren’t in competition with each other if they voluntarily wipe out their own populations.

    So since the global vaccine pushers are all in cahoots, that means the money system is completely fake and what good is it anyway if everyone is supposed to be dead soon.

    Apparently the global vaccine pushers have no plan to continue the existence of the human race, which will end shortly after the 200+ nuke plants melt down because nobody is there to take care of them.

    Conclusion: no money, no life, and no future. That’s what everyone is proposing here with this global vaccine death shot certainty. It’s rather stunning to see so many thinking people certain of something that makes everything else they pretend is real into a complete fiction.

      • “It’s rather stunning to see so many thinking people certain of something that makes everything else they pretend is real into a complete fiction.”

        So being a realist makes you believe two completely contradicting realities?

        *On one hand, what passes for news. You know, money, politics, banks, the things we take as “reality” and what most of the advice here is about.
        *On the other, a strange unfounded belief that the leaders of the world are joining together to wipe out billions of people. In complete lockstep with each other. Somehow we are supposed to believe that every single nation is in on it. The biggest conspiracy ever made. (You know, there are easier ways to kill billions of people, I mean, everyone’s in on it right?)

        Those two things cannot be both true. But thank goodness you realists see the truth! Glad I can come to this site and be enlightened so!

      • Actually, there’s no discord in the views.
        The rich and powerful now can see the overpop issue clearer than we can.
        As a result, they can both “make money” as well as have a sizeable die-off and still come out smelling like a rose, though it may glow in the dark for a while

      • No, we “Realists” know what’s being put out on the MSM “news” is patently false propaganda which is why I don’t have a cable subscription to watch it with. My constant arguments with a very liberal friend I have in L.A. revolves around him sending me the MSM junk he fervently believes and me sending him “alternative” news he never runs into otherwise to refute it. I keep telling him he needs to expand his news gathering resources.

        I can pick and choose what news I consume on the ‘net like News Max, ZH and the like. But the idea that the World governments are in a population reduction program isn’t something that would play well on MSM. People would just turn the channel to something that fit their view of the World and suck on their adult beverages. At least Glenn Beck is trying to spread the message out there. The realization that 9-11 was a set-up has rocked many peoples’ minds to this day but not enough, mainly because it hasn’t happened to THEM yet. So, YES, both views can co-exist for different people, but which is the truth? If I go out looking for a deer each Fall I don’t go out making a lot of noise and tell them at the top of my lungs they’re going to be supper tonight. Likewise for those in charge of the governmental, Deep State and worse programs we often talk about here. People actually PREFER to be Sheeple because it’s more comfortable. I don’t, for a second, believe what comes out on the MSM news. I, usually, let those that aren’t seeking wallow in that tripe. If I find someone that KNOWS something ain’t right then the alternative news media and information becomes the topic of the moment.

  15. Cannot watch one index in anything. So rigged and manipulated an insult to intelligent. They have used the only place in America any good , Augusta , into a political facist propaganda

  16. In 1946 at the Nuremberg trials for the Nazi war Criminals it was Passed that no country can use humans for Guiney Pigs for medical trial’s and the USA signed it Also Gene altering in not a Vaccine. We as usual are being Bull Shitted on by our supposedly Government. You noted that the manufactures of the fake shots are exempt from any law suits and also after you receive this Minicircle shot you still are required to wear the Nose Tampax Why! as now supposedly you are immune and cannot transmit it Plus this year we have had no FLU? But have destroyed our Economy along with Home renters and owners will be evicted as the government let them stay in their abodes rent and payment free.. Where did they get the power to break legal contracts between people who willing entered them?

    • The United States Constitution is a legal contract between the U.S.’ Citizenry and its government. The FedGov has routinely broken nearly every legal precept in both the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, since at least Bill Clinton’s time in office, and probably GHW’s. Do you honestly think they would even blink at violating a lesser contract…?

  17. “People pay taxes – Corporations don’t. They are pass-through vehicles only. Something the Crooks of Razorville soft-soap all the time. So when we read how Biden’s Corporate Tax Proposal Could Raise Trillions, it’s clear to us who’s going to have to pick up the ‘dropped soap.'”

    It always annoys me when a politician runs a projected scenario through CBO then spews out a concrete number.

    Corporate taxes are a “recapture” tax on the poor — recapturing money from people who pay little or nothing in income tax, or receive money from the IRS in the form of EIC and other bribes.

    They are also an “annoyance surcharge” on corporate America, because every company larger than a sole proprietorship is going to have to employ a tax attorney and a compliance officer. These may be lumped into a firm’s accountant for the small guys, but every corporation which employs over 500 (or so) people will have to have a tax attorney and a compliance officer on-staff (or a bunch of same), and in most cases, an in-house accounting department.

    The cost of maintaining these departments and paying those employed in them is added to the corporation’s corporate tax rate. In other words, if the corporate tax rate is 25%, the amount of “corporate tax receivables” that are passed through to the end user may be 35%. Corporate taxes are “pass through” and therefore, so will the cost of bookkeeping and compliance with the corporate tax code be passed through to the consumer.

    Where corporate taxes get sticky is when a nation or jurisdiction charges significantly less in corporate tax, or has significantly fewer regulations than other jurisdictions. These become “favorable environments” by enabling a corporation to have to pass through significantly less cost to the consumer, thus enabling the corporation to net both higher profit and undersell their competition. It is why Yellen wants the G20 to establish a “Global Minimum Corporate Tax.” This is a pure communist, globalist move, designed to force the Irelands of the World to cease being more-attractive for establishing a headquarters than a corporation’s native country,

    That said, if the G20 adopts Yellen’s idea, I’m pretty sure places like the Caymens won’t. When a significant number of U.S.-based corporations relocate outside the U.S., the CBO numbers go to crap and suddenly, Creepy Joe’s “tax plan” is raising millions, instead of trillions, and the pot we frogs are swimming in, goes from simmer to hard boil…

    • “who pay little or nothing in income tax, or receive money from the IRS in the form of EIC and other bribes.”

      It is like a company that I had applied for a job at .. a fortune five hundred company with a ground floor opportunity.. ( janitor) anyway.. the interview went really good.. the questions.. why are you seeking an employee… ( if they have an over fifty percent turnover.. shows there are some issues in management that you should consider..) then the wage.. he gave me what they were willing to pay for a wage.. I hesitated.. because it seriously shocked me.. a company that offers its upper employees such great incomes and benefit packages… and the interviewer looking for a way to make it look better said…. YOU WILL QUALIFY FOR FOOD STAMPS… which is when I laughed and said.. you do realize that that is not a benefit.. LOL LOL LOL
      most companies through the years created the system that is here now.. the EIC tax credit was made because of the failed trickle down program.. and to keep the economy from tanking had to get money in the hands of those that spend it..
      virtually a print more spend more campaign.. because of outsourcing and the tables turned in companies that offer the bulk of the wages and benefits at the very top.. mom had to go to work.. prices spike and to keep people spending.. came up with the socialist programs to keep the tables lopsided.. of course this is my opinion.. but if a person didn’t have daycare assistance and paid the full twelve hundred a month in daycare.. for a child.. that takes three dollars an hour plus away from what they can possibly spend.. rent assistance same thing.. the average cost of food.. well a ten dollar an hour job just doesn’t pay it.. neither does a fifteen dollar an hour job.. around these parts .. average wage for a low end position is at nine fifty.. the job I had.. top pay if fifteen.. and the average wage is around ten..
      the moment they take away those programs the country sinks.. the country is going to sink anyway.. ever try to build a block tower without a strong base.. you can till you get so high then the top starts to sway a bit.. and then topples over.. same thing.. since corporations are not willing to keep the base stable.. and push all the benefit packages on the top tier.. ( they do a lot of part time point what ever and temps hiring around here.. ten full time and the rest part time)
      the whole process is laid out in Adolphs second secret book.. ( my scariest book ever) the people that rely on these programs don’t want to be on them .. the people working the programs really go out of their way to make you feel like your a slime ball.. and it affects what was it 76 percent of all hourly wage earners.. and a year or was it two ago the stats went from one in three to one in two that are on a federal program of one sort or another..
      they don’t want to be where they are.. which is why DJT got into office.. there is a price for everything..

  18. Friends,

    The olde nursery rhyme may be more commonly known in the colonies by its modernized descendent – the wheels on the bus go round and round…

    In efforts to bring some sense of normalcy to Her locked-down populace, Her Majesty will be opening London’s largest park, the private gardens of Buckingham Palace to the rabble by appointment only upon receipt of the Princely sum of £16 per plebeian (£9 per child offspring of same). Response has been so tremendous that tickets will be issued by lottery! Visitors are encouraged to view the The National Collection of Mulberries while on the grounds.

    Picnics (self-catered?) are permitted, but not barbecues or ball games. Certainly this is not your typical AirBnB. One expects that members of the Metropolitan Police shall be in attendance to oversee the rabble while Her Majesty attends to Her summer stay at Balmoral Castle far from the madding crowd while enjoying quiet reflection amongst her most hospitable subjects north of Hadran’s Wall.

    Of course, one does look to the historical pointers from The Crimea. Recent times had held that the meltable supply of seized Siege of Sevastopol cannons to feed output of England’s highest award, The Victoria Cross, was in short supply. Now esteemed and learned academics are stating that the VC medals have been made from Chinese cannons since 1914. What kind of junk is that?

    Appalling, absolutely appalling! One is almost at a loss for words but saved by the pen of Alfred Lord Tennyson:
    “Half a league, half a league, half a league onwards…”

    • yo jester – did you hear the hounds baying last night, this AM ??

      Phil heard em, em and felt em on the way down..Level Two ? Nope
      ..Level 1 – no light, scared of light when seen, due being lost and scared in a low&slow vibe…lovely creatures those “hounds”

  19. Like the one dude from Moderna said of the jab, “It’s like downloading an operating system”.

  20. WOW! You taught me Elliot Wave Theory like master dude!!!!!! did you see my hit on ~The Zero Report for the Moex?????

    Prediction: “The Moex Russian Index has begone its 3rd wave Extension according to my read of Elliot Wave theory, it should rise to as much as 362%.” The Zero Report was released on On 29 November, 2020

    On On 29 November, 2020 , The Moex Russian Index high was 2691, On 16 March, 2021 the Moex Russian Index High was 3596

    An increase of 397%. I was super concervative. I had orinially wrote 400% but I thought that is crazy talk! hahhahahahaha

    I only used data and Elliot Wave theory on this prediction. I looked at the Chart dude and said well, would you look at that. The wave count is so perfect! you can see it with the naked eye. No rocket Science or Tea Leaves on this one. HAHAHAH!

    All that You taught me on this site. When I first came here you used to have a link at the bottom to Elliot wave theory, I read it all several times. hahahah still know that shit like the back of my hand. hahahaahahah

    This is one we both got right. because you taught me Elliot Wave Theory i will give credit as well. hahahahah Nailed It! even put a special note to you on the report card page for the report. its gonna be an all nighter, i been at it for a while because I had so many hits on the report.

    Thanks Dude!

  21. Yo, im going to bed. So far off the top of my head, I think ~The Zero Report ~ issue #0, scored a 94% in accuracy thus far. Which if memory serves is a A- from grade school. 47 hits and 5 errors on what was to unfold since it was written 4 months ago.

    I Definitely have room for improvement. i believe there is a total of 47 hits already. And 5 errors. Mostly my misinterpretation and mistranslation of the data. And Much left still to unfold.

    Not bad for a first try at doing a report. Id like to see 100% on the next one and I have a shit load of data rolling around in my pea brain to sort it all out or the next Zero Report Eddition # I, like a massive ton that I have been chewing on since I wrote eddition #0..

    After I get the report card done for issue #0. Id be happier with an A. Not an A- but it gives me room to adjust. And I am human not a computer algo. Lol

    I will add the rest of the hits after a nap.

    I’m going to bed. My brain is numb from being at my computer for 15 hours straight. Lol. And I been up for 26 hours straight.

    Good Morning George. Gnite. Lol

  22. I’m probably being nit pickup as AF about my errors. It’s not like they teach this in school and it’s like taking snap shots in meditation of high speed hyroglyps that are all metaphors and puns. I get data from the world around me and I dont look at the news that much because the news is so perverse and agenda drivin. I get data from a candy bar wrapper, a gas pump serial number, from meditation and all over the place and it’s like a bunch puzzle pieces that have no box to reference and it’s all metaphors. Hahahahh. I have a mountain of fresh data and it’s all in my brain. And I have to sort it all out.

    Like, how the hell am I supposed to know there is a Paris texas, and a mayor is gonna make a pamphlet, using a picture of a car on fire from the riots against the muslims in Paris france, to use it to run for office in Paris, Texas against a woman? And I get my data and it’s all fast moving hyrglphs that are all metaphors and have to sort that shit out using my brain in meditation.

    Ya see what I’m saying. Hahahahah. It’s kinda hard to do all that, make money on the side to pay bills, run around being a miracle worker in other people’s lives, be a Dad and chase a skirt and work out, have normal conversations and be semi normal in public while my mind is crunching data in the form of metaphors and high speed glyphs faster than light in the background.

    I’m probably being to hard on myself. I’m a human bean. not some super quantum computer. Idk dude. Hope I nail down a good woman soon and so that will take some of the shit to do of my plate. I can focus better. But who want date the Rain Man? Hahahahahahha

    And you all have a hard time understanding me? Sorry, i just have alot on my mind all the time and I’m fricken busy. Thinking. All the time. Fack! Hahahaha

    Hope to do better on the next Report. Atleast I know I got room for improvement. That is always good to know. Thank you everyone for your continued patience with me.
    Dude, I have 68 years to go on this planet. Maybe then it will be easy for me to translate the data and I can spend more time dancing and fishin. :)
    In the drop down menu, on my site if you are interested in the score card.

    Andy has left the building. Gnite!.

  23. Loob, Biden didn’t hide his income tax report, like Trump did, and Biden admits that NOT paying taxes on his income is wrong and wants to fix it, you missed that point!

    We don’t know how many taxes Trump avoided, he’s kept it a secret (too afraid to tell the truth like Biden has done?)

    • Get me 10 days as a class of graduating seniors in forensic accounting.
      They would trace back to source all those Joe House moneys. Donations? Can kids give parents how much a year>?

      Don’t ridiculous. If it’s in DC and In office, it on the take.

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