Jobs Data II – Holiday Planning

It’s axiomatic that there’s a modest upside bias to markets ahead of three-day weekends.  There’s also a bias to summer rallies.  Perhaps related to more “sunshine Vitamin D” when people are out in it.

Or, it’s just the Federal Reserve trying to paper-over the Second Depression which was ushered in a year-and-a-half ago when Covid-19 was set loose.  All Depressions need their scapegoats, I suppose.

The futures teed off to the upside earlier, waiting for two bits of data to land.

#1  The Challenger Job Cuts Report

With the ADP report clocking 374,000 new jobs being created in August, it would have to be an incredibly large job cut’s report to budge optimism off hyper.  Frankly, I don’t think this’ll do it:

“U.S.-based employers announced 15,723 job cuts in August, down 17% from the 18,942 cuts announced in July. Last month’s total is the lowest since in June 1997, when 15,091 job cuts were announced, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and business and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

August’s total is 86% lower than last August, when 115,762 cuts were announced.”

Tomorrow we get the Federal numbers.  When the most important number of all will be the total number of people working.  Here’s a look by – my month – over the past decade:

The top yellow number – a bit more than 153-million people working in March of 2017 – is our “Recovery Truth Detector.”

#2 Weekly Unemployment Claims

A second reason the Job Cuts number was predictably light?  Unemployment claims have been drifting downward.  While generally cheery stuff,  behind it is the number of people who have simply run out of benefits.  Which is treated in media like it’s a “fart in church.”  Problem now is when does the labor-driven inflation ratchet up?

We have to wonder how many made-up jobs will be fenagled  into defense spending in 2022?  I here there’s an $82-billion resupply hole to fill…plus a lot of contractor jobs open, too…

Dow futures were up 60 after the data.  Bitcoin is kissing $50.  Our outlook is still for $54-56K, but certainly not advice!

Vax Paranoia Tracking

In Japan, Pharmacist finds black particles inside Moderna vaccine vial, says the NY Daily News.

IF it turns out to be nano particles, then yes, time to get paranoid and organize that “arm” revolution in politics.  It’s all STILL on an EUA – nothing is really approved despite the hypenstance and PR efforts.  Though Goebbels would be impressed.

Stumbling Ahead

Although Joe Biden is getting creamed in polls,  His bungling Afghanistan has reduced him to under 47% approval according to this Rasmussen Pole. Unadjusted the poll gives Slow a 42% approval rating.  (Let me look at my watch…ahem…)

With Joe’s numbers in free-fall, a lot of people are wondering – should anything go wrong with his health, for example – how would the alternative play?  As a result stories like Even voters who like Kamala Harris worry about her future  are popping up.

Although it would be easy to jump on an anti-Harris wave early, we’ll stick to journalism and wait for her to roll out Queen of Caracas agendas.

Weathering: Adversity

The week’s “Weather Body Count Finals” are being played today on the East Coast.  Depending on who tallied – and when – there are 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 deaths attributable to the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida.

In the interest of political correctness, please refer to Ida as a “post tropical cyclone” now instead of “bad-ass storm.”  The party commissariat thanks you.

Out West, the fires continue in the Lake Tahoe region.  Dixie fire is up to 847,308 acres.  Since that’s up 70-thousand acres in a day, we’re reckon the million acres mark will be hit Saturday or Sunday, depending on winds and weather in the south Tahoe region.  Some improvement in forecasts today, but will it hold?

Cost of Climate

You’re probably sick of me pointing out that climate is all-so-much-hype.  (You may not appreciate Bjorn Lombog’s books, huh?)

But here we go again.  While the headline makes sense in the New York Times’ Climate Change Is Bankrupting America’s Small Towns, tying the costs to something like flooding from Ida isn’t passing our B.S. detection monitors.

According to our earliest climate logs, there was a “40-days and 40-night” event before wheel use was widespread.  The 1931 floods in China killed upwards of 4-million – and that was in a world of 2.07-million people.  With today’s world population 7.89-billion those floods would scale to as many as 15-million in current population equivalents.

All with virtually no man-caused warming.

So yeah – throw the penalty flags for co-hyperating media.  10-yards. First down.

Why is anyone covering John Kerry?  He’s making nicey with the Chinese who get a MUCH better climate shake than we (the US) do: U.S. Envoy Kerry Says China Is Crucial To Handling Climate Crisis.  Oh, wait, NPR is…er…agenda-driven?  Meantime the Bidenista’s have roped America back into the crooked Paris sham.

Texas Heartbeat Law Stands

This one will cause handwringing, we’re sure:  High court divides 5-4 to leave Texas abortion law in place.  Basically, if there’s a heartbeat (around 6-weeks) then no abortion in Texas.

We’ve been amazed for 50+ years on this abortion question:  Can’t people control their animal instincts or figure out how birth control works?  The Lippes Loop IUD was invented in 1962 and “the Pill” was approved in 1960.

Condoms have been around since as early as 1642, too.  Guys have equal responsibility (‘cuz that IS equality, bubba, when you play baby roulette).

Leaving morning headscratcher as: “Why can humans seem to operate phones and moderately complex computer apps OK, but for some reason the “new tech” of not making additional babies escapes them?”  (And they vote?)

Post-Industrial Monetizations Check

Unable to manufacture much in America, let’s see how our new “business incubator industries” are doing:

Gender:  California seeks gender neutral displays in large stores.  They’ve gone – what was the CCR song?  Oh yes:  Up Around the Bend.

Race:  Most people didn’t notice it this week, but… A judge ruled a law prosecuting re-entry after deportation is racist. Immigration experts call the decision groundbreaking.    We simplify that to “idiotic.”  “Sounds like another Obamanista move, G!Appointed by the Agitator-in-Chief, himself.  (We don’t visit Nevada anymore…)

Shaming:  We’re starting to see some employment opportunities on the horizon for the Shaming Industry.  Not sure how that works?  A quick lesson! Start with a questionable premise and build a new fairytale, following?  How’s-about As denying climate change becomes impossible, fossil-fuel interests pivot to ‘carbon shaming’  Whatever.  (No climate shaming us unless you own more solar panels than we do (35 is the magic number).  There’s talkers and there’s walkers, yah see?

Trash Check

Robots won’t save you:  Oregon Woman Crashes Tesla, Is Arrested For DUI, After Trying To Use Autopilot To Drive Home.

Social Security Worries: Social Security is projected to be insolvent a year earlier than previously forecast.  Great…

Here’s on that sounds like an episode of the TV series Leverage.  Drug industry banks on its Covid clout to halt Dems’ push on prices.

No surprise here: Matt Lee says Green card holders left in Afghanistan were forgotten.  Joe have a memory problem…or is it voters?

Around the Ranch

Where to begin?  Got an estimate to trim back the two 80-foot white oaks between the shop and the house.  $1,800 for a trim (*best done after the leaves are off).  OR $1,600 to simply cut ’em down and move them to a burn pile.

Problem is (with another heat advisory today):  What’s the energy cost of the shade they provide in summer. And how much is recaptured (if removed) because it will improve winter solar gains if entirely removed?  (My head hurts thinking about the math trail to get to the right answer.)

ShopTalk Sunday focus is on Ham Radio.  Final design of the next Super Antenna is done.  It’s   7.15 dbi (5.00 db total compared to a dipole).  Maximum lobe in the middle of the 20-meter DX phone band is 13.23 dBd (15.38 dBi).  Max lobe takeoff angle (cloverleaf pattern) is 20-degrees and the return loss is >41.1 dB.

Oh, and highest SWR is 1.25:1 at the low end of 20, 1.2:1 at the high end and lower in between with dead flat at 14.175 in the middle of the DX phone band.

Now I have to fire up the 3D printer farm and crank out spacers because spacing IS a bit critical…7 wire magic!

Oh-oh…did your eyes just glaze over?  (Elaine leaves the room screaming when I say the word “antenna” or “tower…”

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Race: Most people didn’t notice it this week, but… A judge ruled a law prosecuting re-entry after deportation is racist. Immigration experts call the decision groundbreaking. We simplify that to “idiotic.” “Sounds like another Obamanista move, G!) Appointed by the Agitator-in-Chief, himself. (We don’t visit Nevada anymore…)
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    How can a “non-citizen” have any constitutional rights? Oh, yeah, we don’t do the constitution any more.

    • I believe unauthorized re-entry after deportation is called “a felony”. I hope this idiocy gets appealed – FWIW.

      LEGAL non-citizens do have constitutional rights. Even if they’re not enforced. That’s good for America. They may be somewhat more limited than those afforded to Americans – such as being prohibited from voting and serving on juries.

  2. “Let me look at my watch”

    Good morning Mister Ure. Per the statement above, you may or may not find this interesting. Since I was a little flimsy reed of a lad I have been finding these little “totems” or “Trinkets” left by Angels? Or something or someone. They always indicate some future-tense, positive affirmations or event in my personal life.

    The very First time I noticed them I was playing out in the woods in Alaska by myself at age 8. All by myself. When I went to go home from being a boy in the woods. I tripped over a fallen log and fell on my face in the moss. Right there, out of nowhere in front of me was a little plastic green army man and a little toy eagle. I knew they were not my toys. They weren’t my brothers as he was only 2 years old. Nobody was out there in the middle of the woods with me and nobody lived around us for miles. I looked around, cuped my hands around my mouth and yelled hello!!!!! I found your toys!!! No answer. So I put them in my pocket.

    About a week or so later. I road my bicycle to the little store to get some candy. When I got to the counter I with my cand, I pulled my money out and the little army man and eagle toy fell out of my pocket on the floor. I forgot I had them. The lady rang me up and I was short on money. So I stood there scratching my head trying to figure out what candy I wanted and what I had to put back. I reached down to pick the army man and eagle off the floor and low and behold a Man comes in wearing army fatigues with a patch on his shoulder (later found out that he was an airborne ranger) and says how short is he? The lady said this much. He said, I have ya covered kid and paid the difference i was short on candy as I looked at the toy soldier and toy eagle in my hand with my yaw hanging open. He patted me on the head and said, close your mouth boy or your going to catch flys with it. Then laudes and walked out. I road home and told my mom all about it, she did like all parents do to the wild stories of a young boy. That is nice son, go outside and play.

    Been finding them ever sense.

    Two days ago, when I got to work. I work SODO MOJO, there is alot of homeless people down here. When I got to work? I saw a crisp clean black Bow tie float about 3 inches off the ground for 50-75 feet thrpugh the parking and it lands on my right shoe. Not a soul around but me. So I said. Thanks! Picked it up. Now it has been my experience that sometimes these “totems” are metephorical and sometimes actuality. situational, circumstantial, and sometimes material pre indicators to events like the army man and eagle. Sometimes I’m good at translation, sometimes not so good. Sometimes they lead to bigger “totems” and happenings.

    So I asked a few super Enlightened if they could translate the Black Bow tie. One said Black Tie Event coming into your life. One said Soul ties. One said Bows are on presents. You are going to get a very nice present soon. And one an old biker buddy who is super rough around the edges like me said, Chevys have bow ties on them. You are going to buy the new Corvette. A black one and laughed. I thanked them all for their translations.

    The very next day I was going out to smoke a Crown cig from my new office and guess what is parked in my private parking spot because I parked on the street.

    A brand new ZR1 Black mid engine Corvette. Hahahahahah! No it’s not mine , yet! Someone just parked it there. Hahaha

    Stood there, took a long drag and lifted my head to the sky and said, ya sure you betcha! I would love a brand new Corvette and all that it means. I’m humbled by your kindness. Thank you so very much.

    So, yes! let me look at my watch” and see.

    I’m busier than a 3 legged Fox in the hen house! Winner winner chicken dinner. ;)

    Oh and about that yellow number? I will take that too. Hahahaha.

  3. A cap came off.. went to the dentist.. to get that fixed just guess what it is going to cost..
    them temporarily getting it to be back on with x-rays was a grand….. to fix the dumb thing is going to be eight grand more.. PHEW.. called to the insurance man.. because I can get dental insurance this year.. but the cost of the insurance is just about a grand a year they have at least a year waiting period then it only pays for a grand and doesn’t pay for cleanings etc.. ( not worth the money to invest in it.. ) I have to pay just shy ten grand PHEW… wheres the KY Jelly when you need it LOL LOL LOL…

    • Loob – when you stop rolling around on the floor laughing Ure ass off – You might want to take a moment to consider moving to san fran.
      They will pay U 300$ a Month Not to Shoot anybody, and another $300 bucks if U dont get shot!

      Thats easy money Homeskillets.

      Just think about it – a day job on the poop patrol ($90K/yr) plus a $300/mo. stipend for Not Shooting anyone. You just need to make sure you gotz a razor sharp machete, for Da Chop offense&defense, on U at all times.
      Plus they got ALL the KY U will ever need – hell they even gotz declawed gerbils(4 entertainment purposes only) ; )

      • “They will pay U 300$ a Month Not to Shoot anybody, and another $300 bucks if U dont get shot!
        Thats easy money Homeskillets.
        Just think about it – a day job on the poop patrol ($90K/yr) plus a $300/mo. stipend for Not Shooting anyone.”

        You forgot food stamps LOL LOL LOL heating and cooling and electrical assistance LOL LOL..
        SanFran the city of poop on the side walks.. the scent of success.. in a city where someone making a quarter mil a year lives in a cardboard box and has to shizt on the sidewalk or the nearest grocery store isle LOL LOL.. six hundred bucks.. a month and ninety a year.. dam .. nice if you lived anywhere else in the smaller cities in the USA that would be good.. but SanFran..I am afraid it wouldn’t even help you to buy ramen noodles.. Not to mention they will eventually go to sharia law in time with all the illegals they are trucking in.. and if you take a look at what has happened in other countries.. none of it is pretty..

    • Across the border from Yuma Arizona is a fine place for dentistry. Ask around in the retirement communities of Arizona and you will come up with some good names with solid references on work done. 1/6 to 1/12 the cost of US work, and good quality too.

      May be worth a vacation down to Yuma. (though check on the Covid border crossing requirements for getting BACK into the US)

      • shoot I didn’t think about that.. almost all of our elderly retired people head that way in a couple of months.. I will ask around.. forty grand plus is way out of my range of pay.. and I seriously doubt that I am going to win the lottery anytime soon.. Hell I was going to get a cardboard check with two dollars on it.. then when I win have my picture taken with the teller and the cardboard check from the lottery LOL see anyone can win at the lottery.. then put it on face book.. of course I doubt seriously anyone would notice the two dollar figure LOL LOL LOL

      • even better – brilliant, Loob – dentistry work south of the border is only reasonable way to go.
        Just make sure you get a “facial” treatment prior to re-entry USofA. Have cosmetologist “darken” Ure skin tone, glue cheesy mustache on face…and then tell border agents you are fleeing criminal drug gang persecution.

        Not only will Ure cap be repaired, you will be on receiving end of all sorts of FREE Health Care Insurance frm uncle Kam! A great day, no ?

      • “Just make sure you get a “facial” treatment prior to re-entry USofA. Have cosmetologist “darken” Ure skin tone, glue cheesy mustache on face…and then tell border agents you are fleeing criminal drug gang persecution.
        Not only will Ure cap be repaired, you will be on receiving end of all sorts of FREE Health Care Insurance frm uncle Kam! A great day, no ?”


    • Sterilize both sides real good and try Liquid Nails.

      I’ve got one crown that I’ve had since the 80s that I wonder about. Very cold sensitive unless I use Sensodyne which really works! It was installed by a distant cousin and cost a total of about $350 or so with the family discount. No such cousins exist any more so the dentist I use now has a price tag of around $1500 or so per crown should I need one. Using the inflation calculator at it should total out to be $888.02 in today’s money. It’s insane even with all the state of the art gadgets in his 15 or 16 stall get-’em-in-and-bounce-’em-out production shop. Mass production doesn’t seem to produce economy of scale.

      • I wished.. my problem is.. when I was born.. my mother went through the great depression and milk was an issue.. there was a farmer miles away that had a couple of goats.. and the neighborhood took turns going and getting milk.. so when my mother was lacking calcium.. when i was born I to was lacking calcium.. and my whole first set of teeth had to be surgically removed.. my only set of teeth were my permanent teeth.. they have a tendency to just crumble.. and fall out.. sucks to.. for years I saved five dollars a week till I earned enough to get them fixed.. the last set cost me almost twenty grand which I just got done paying for.. this time.. just to temporary glue it back in place until they can do the repairs was a grand.. they are telling me that to fix them at todays cost will be around ten grand plus for the two and another thirty grand for the bottoms.. all together forty grand plus.. if they don’t have any issues to work around.. I go in to see the surgeon next week when I got my two first ones done years ago.. they made the dentist test the nerve endings on how deep they were.. that was fun trust me LOL… .. I didn’t tell the wife she would shizt bricks if she knew how much it is going to cost.. the decision is .. do I get them fixed.. or do I learn to eat through a straw.. I personally like texture in my food.. and I am to old to save five bucks a week till I can get them fixed again.. for the same money I could put in three tesla power walls or take the wife on thirty vacation cruises or go see the cliff dwellings etc….the list is endless on what could be done with that kind of money and to be quite frank we just don’t have that much to spend.. and getting a second mortgage is out of the question at my age..
        the dental insurance is close to a grand a year and they won’t pay for cleanings and they only pay out a grand per year after you have had the plan for over a year.. in other words.. IT SUCKS TO BE ME LOL….I will figure it out.. a young kid that I worked with on the floors is a dentist and he is going to take a look next week to to give me an estimate..
        I will give him a book he has always admired.. years ago a coworker stood in line to get a book signed by an author.. anyway.. she showed me her book then asked if I wanted to read it.. I said no put that one on a shelf.. so anyway six months after that.. she asked me if I was done reading her book.. no I didn’t borrow it.. well she thought for sure I stole her book.. it hurt her feelings.. then one day I was reading one of his books and seen he lived in a small town.. well we all know that if you eat bad beans everyone is going to talk about it in a small town.. so I called to get his address at the post office.. she asked me why I wanted his address… I told her the story about the dumb book and that I didn’t want to loose a freind over it.. and she said.. well you just give him a call and gave me his phone number with the orders to tell him she told me to call him.. I did on a rainy fall afternoon and he said he would see what could be done but to call his secretary on monday.. I called on monday the secretary said he was afraid if I bought one and sent it that since he was in the process of moving it would get lost.. but If I would pay for the book and shipping he would send me his copy of the book that the publisher sent him.. so I did .. the nurse in the meantime found her book so I have the complimentary copy of his book the first off of the line.. well this young man loved the story of the book he is like me.. loves the life stories .. so I will give it to him next week for him to check over my teeth to see what can be done for what price..

      • “Man, oh man, LOOB. There but for the grace of God…
        Why not just go with dentures?”

        I plan on it.. the issue is.. the bone… besides the chemicals I worked with in making pesticides, cleaning chemicals, herbicides and the photo labs and the lack of bone structure when I was young.. no enamel on the teeth.. the chemicals affected the bones.. then on top of it with my arthritic condition that is so bad and the countries physicians love of opium based pain killers it shocks the hell out of me.. even though they know that opium destroys skeletal bone and a multiple other organ destruction they love the shizt out of it.. .. ( I truly wish they would embrace cbd.. it works just as good and no bone loss or organ damage and by embracing it the cost would be less. which at this point it is to expensive to buy ) the opium based pain killers has also affected the bones ( I have to be dying to take the damned things though.. hate them with a passion).. I need to get the bones fixed if it wasn’t for that.. I could just continue to use what I have.. a cap alone is 1700.00 without the constructive surgery the cost difference between having implants and a regular plate is less than a thousand dollars with the constructive surgery.. I got bottom plate that cost me almost twenty grand.. but now with the bone issues.. that to has to be fixed as well.. since they are going to do the work.. the addition of the anchors is nothing so the cost is the same….In other words it sucks to be me ..
        It was rough when I was young.. because I had issues already because of my bones and I could be doing just anything and the teeth would just fall apart it was embarrassing to.. be eating or just laughing and then someone says.. what happened to your tooth…. The sad part is.. my siblings all have similar bone issues.. one so bad that they cannot fix the joints and bones anymore.. that is my fear that I will end up like that..the rest of my bones is ok pretty much.. there was some issues a while back but was able to get those strengthened up..
        my friend that teaches.. they had to work on a lot more..
        I will weigh out my options.. and they do sell big straws now LOL…

    • We’re all pretty much screwed when it comes to dental work. The insurance is a joke, and about the only way I know of to achieve real savings is to cross the border into Mexico. My understanding is there are many dentists on the other side of the border in Tijuana who speak English and cater to us “Northerners”. But I’m not fond of all the violence down there.

      • “My understanding is there are many dentists on the other side of the border in Tijuana”

        I thought about that as well.. a friend that teaches at GW University had to have the kind of work done that I have to have.. from chemical exposure.. which could be part of the case as well.. one of the the Doctors and teachers at Georgetown university hospital also had a clinic in Brazil.. he had him go to brazil get the work done and it was a minute fraction of the cost..
        the big issue is violence in a violent world.. and the high cost of medical and dental costs in the USA…

      • I totally plan on it.. the kid.. ( he has been doing this now for almost forty years) does this kind of work.. and he is a friend.. my hope is that he will give me a better price.. the issue is the bone reconstruction.. the plates wouldn’t be that great maybe twenty five grand.. I am not sure if my friend is a surgeon.. he had talked about going to school for that addition back in the late eighties.. but am not to sure if he did or not.. the other thing is clinic.. supposedly if I get work done with my supplemental insurance in a clinic.. that the cost is suppose to be less..

      • Though it was several years back, my portable gold (crowns) were about $1,500 each – perhaps 7 years back.
        If the crown doc’s kids are in college now, yeah, more today….

      • I am sure there is a lot the area has to offer.. most area’s do.. and I have never been to SF.. I am strictly going by what I read in the newspapers around the world and what is being said on the network news. Mark lives there and didn’t even realize there were issues in the city.. he isn’t living in an area where he sees any of it I am sure.. .. the really nice area’s are very beautiful.. but for the average wage earner.. there isn’t a walk in the park..My guess is if they are really paying money our to stay alive or offering food stamps at a quarter million income level that then that is probably why they are paying average wage earners 300 dollars to not shoot anyone or 300 dollars to avoid getting shot..I am sure that if you live a hundred miles out and life changes prices go down etc.. or if you could avoid living anywhere near where the poor people live and work.. I think it is a huge thing if you get food stamps making just shy a quarter million a year.. that is a big thing.. here you have to be extremely destitute to get them and then they make sure you know just how worthless you are.. so someone making shy a quarter million.. then prices of homes.. dam.. what would the monthly price of a two or three million dollar home be.. couple hundred an hour take home maybe more.. on a regular job.. phew..

    • As Stephen 2 mentioned earlier, about 8 miles from Yuma is the border town of Los Algodones, Mexico, where loads of snowbirds go every winter for dental work. I spent many winters nearby in southern CA and had dental work done in Algodones every year, including several crowns. I usually didn’t have a specific dentist in mind, but just walked around checking the many dental offices until I found one who could work on me right then, or sometimes the next day. I was satisfied with the work done by all of them. The only non-satisfactory work I had done in those years was the one time I went to a U.S. dentist in the CA town of El Centro. So although people may warn you about seeing dentists in Mexico, I and thousands of others consider those warnings worthless.

      You can park in the guarded lot right at the border, run by an Indian reservation, or some park on the adjoining road. For a longer stay, there’s a casino about a mile away that I think provides a ride to the border. Then you walk across the border and find a dentist or other medical service, as well as inexpensive pharmacies that don’t require prescriptions. Liquor stores and vendors selling all kinds of stuff are all over the place, along with restaurants and other entertainment. Returning back to the U.S. is equally easy, although at certain times of day the line is quite long. You do need to check on how many meds and bottles of liquor you’re allowed to bring back. Even if you have to book a few nights in Yuma or the casino, you’ll save a lot of money by going to Algodones for dental work. However, I don’t know what the border situation is during these covid times–access might be more difficult or impossible.

  4. “Gender: California seeks gender neutral displays in large stores. They’ve gone – what was the CCR song? Oh yes: Up Around the Bend.”

    the five year old.. came home from school and quite seriously asked if he was a boy or a girl.. at school they are now teaching gender neutrality.. come on.. I don’t care what sexual preference a person has.. that is their choice and I get having family bathrooms so either or can go into them…. but don’t go teaching kids to question their sexuality at five years old..

  5. We gave S. S. money to Afghanistan so they could buy rockets.
    The guy that gave them the money, got a medal !

    • “I would look for the nearest dental school”

      The really sad part about that… is in our area the VA healthcare system is a teaching hospital clinic.. great healthcare there.. they also have dental students and do everything I need..the issue is it’s not open to everyone.. and I can’t get any dental work done there..

  6. “As a result stories like Even voters who like Kamala Harris worry about her future are popping up.”

    I’d Still feel safer with her at the helm.. than the Uncle Joe and Aunt Kammy route.. sure she may be super liberal and did questionable things to get ahead in life…. but from my perspective.. she has a decent set of morals..

    • Sorry to correct you, but the shit she pulled as CA’s AG prove the woman has no sense of morals in her entire body.
      “… she fought to keep individuals facing wrongful convictions in jail, fell short in her support of sentencing reforms, and offered a confusing defense of the death penalty even though she’s personally against its use.”
      Many say she “blew” her way into politics with old Willie Brown as her master.

      • Don’t forget how despite the fact she said she loved the slaves on her grandfather’s plantation, she consistently “oversentenced” POC, specifically Blacks, for nonviolent drug offenses, then ridiculed them while she herself openly smoked.

        Also, don’t forget she was handed a huge, open-and-shut pedo-priest case against (IIRC) a couple hundred Californicator priests, which she disappeared and scotched, shortly after seeing her checking account decimal point magically move several places to the right…

        Psychopath, dirty as hell and a singularly not nice person — I simply have no use for her…

    • I think Kammy is dam beautiful as well LOL LOL LOL…
      the kids didn’t quite catch it when they were debating whether or not it was ok for girls to wrestle boys in school.. I said.. heck I would loose LOL LOL LOL one of those NO NO NO yes yes yes.. pin me down you beast squirm a little to the left and a little to the right.. rock back and forth LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL
      My thought is if I am going to be taken advantage of by a liberal she better be pretty LOL LOL LOL I would go willingly into the dark side LOL LOL LOL LOL

  7. Also Dr Simone Gold is reporting that the CDC is now reporting that deaths of the vaccinated if occurring within 14 days of the injection as non-vaccinated ….

    • 15 Days – After 15 days from Injection – legally list as Vaccine accident/related – per FDA.

      So if you get a “vaxx” shot, fail to get up from Ure chair, and Expire right there in Ure chair legally CANNOT be Vaccine Related.

      Game rigged – big club – we aint in it – so its Suck It Up, Buttercup time.

      Too bad nobody told the 82nd airborne in Kabul to suck it up – those “buttercups” just destroyed the The US Army reputation, not to mention airborne rangers – who shall now be refereed to as the Bend Ova & Grab Your Ankle Rangers or the 82nd BOGYARs!
      Really proud professionals..

  8. When my SS money dries up ,I guess I will identify as a illegal immigrant and actually get more money , as I’ve never heard of welfare money drying up.

  9. P.S. back to ‘another George’

    You wrote me back, Q.E.D.- I am assuming you meant: quod erat demonstrandum but I had to laugh at the synchronicity and irony because more up my alley is another QED-Quantum Electrodynamics…math that incorporates numerous advanced mathematical disciplines, not statistical lies of which many people couldn’t recognize one if it hit them between the eyes.

    Therefore, contrary to what you wrote, it is hard to be a person trying to prove knowledge in healthcare by using the internet, as you accused me of. How do you differentiate the lies and bullshit on the internet? You have to have knowledge of the subject matter. George Ure also pointed this out re: the statistical lies on Covid coming from Canada? George Ure knows statistics. Who could trust anything coming from a commie like Fidel Trudeau anyway? And like the great statesman, Benjamin Disraeli stated about lies: “There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.”

    And again, you were way off when you stated you doubted I was not a healthcare ‘official’ and that I got my knowledge to support my position via the internet. Never would be or wanted to be a healthcare ‘official’. WTF is one anyway…an on the take liar that promotes certain drugs or approves them faster? Long ago, I owned two successful healthcare companies that I invented and sold before I got even deeper into applied mathematics as it relates to energy. That is why I have in-depth healthcare knowledge about ICD-10 coding, DRG Codes, CPT-4 coding, Co-Morbidities, including statistical variances thereof of which most of the COVID hospital admissions and reported deaths derives from the false codings resulting in $Billions in false billings. Applied math to healthcare.

    I also founded an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm with 6 Securities licenses and by using Applied Mathematics in Investments was why I ended being involved in numerous opportunities. I was hired by the President of the largest Actuarial Firm in the world as a consultant to help their Board get into what is now two of their largest lines of business: healthcare systems predictive analytics and cost savings consulting AND investment management consulting which included selloffs of some of the biggest defined benefit pension plans in America assets and liabilities for huge Present Value recaptures. These Defined Benefit closeouts kick started the 401k industry.

    So, “another George”, not only are your thoughts that only vaxxed people should be at the front of the line in the ER bass ackwards, but as you will see in my subsequent post today, you were wrong about your assumptions that I must look on the internet to justify my position or bias on healthcare.

    I speak in person about subject matter I know and likewise only write on here about subject matter I know to try and help people and to disprove the many lies on the internet, media, and lies coming from the government, of which I have knowledge. I was asked to help by some very highly evolved souls that are trying to help people make informed decisions that will protect themselves and their families rather than following the lies coming out of the globalists to get people to Line up like ducks. Ezekiel 33:6 “But if the watchman doesn’t sound the alarm to warn the people…..I will hold the watchman responsible for their deaths.” The same thing George does on his site.

    Since you apparently like Latin… In absentia lucis, tenebrae vincunt.

    After today, I am finished as it pertains to exposing Covid lies and the lies about Human Caused Global Warming and the real agendas behind it. Prophecy is coming true, as you will see in the next 14 months. Those Covid injections alone will not save you nor guarantee you a place in the ER for which you worry so much. The hospital protocols they use from Government agencies include using expensive drugs, and ventilators which will kill you for sure unless you are lucky and get an Anesthesiologist that knows what they are doing as it pertains to Covid. You might be better off staying out of the ER and staying off of Ventilators and use High Pressure oxygen instead if you go in. There must be a reason you worry so much about a place in the ER.

    As I said the other night when I responded to you on two occasions about the ER, buyer’s remorse for getting vaxxed? Perhaps you read the real chances of survival: 99.9993% average survival rate and are wondering why did I vax? The vaxxed die more from Covid than the unvaxxed as shown in this British Government report

    Trust God, In hoc signo vinces, he will protect you better than being in an ER that is using Covid government hospital protocols that incent the hospitals to code everything they possibly can as Covid.

    Another synchronicity came via email on Wed 9-01 from the Edgar Cayce A.R.E: “Keep your mental attitude helpful, hopeful. Know that all healing comes from Creative Forces.”

    Good luck to you.

    • Yipe! Coming back a week later to chew the same old bone? I’m flattered by your diligence in educating me to your reveiled truths. Or did I hit a nerve?
      Lighten up, Francis. We’re all gonna die anyway.
      With silverware sticking to my face and still pointing north, I remain very truly yours.
      May your God bless you and I hope you get the help you need.

      • Throw a weak jab……and you will get another left hook and right upper cut. This Texan doesn’t roll over for anyone….ever! Adios you poor soul. Enjoy all those Covid shots you have taken and will have to take and I hope it gets you the coveted front of the line in the ER you so strongly seek and desire. What a pompous attitude you have! Bet you voted for Biden.

    • WTHS: Thank you for all your postings to date. Do not get run off, we need you.

      I got the H1N1 Flu a few years ago. I have related a lot of my experiences on this forum about it already. I got to the ER on the afternoon of the 5th day with only a 5-10 percent chance to make it. I had gone to a doctor the day before but my symptoms, including a raging 105 temp, low blood pressure, high heart rate, the shakes, and difficulty breathing were minimized, and I was sent home.

      When I finally got to the hospital, my diagnosis was double pneumonia, sepsis, ARDS, blood borne strep, and 2 other bacteriums in my body, fastest, deadliest illness experience of my life. The ICU was FULL. 80,000 people died that year from the same thing (probably many more since everyone is starting to realize how the CDC lies about everything).

      I experienced a separation of my spirit from my body, and I was conscious in my coma, and knew the drugs I was given to keep me in the coma were killing me. I fought so hard for days in ICU to break through the opioid drugs to try to tell them to lay off the drugs. The harder I struggled, the more drugs they gave me. I experienced multiple organ failure and finally gave up and prepared to die. Then, a miracle happened and a river of light came into the room and saved me. A beautiful incredible presence of healing love created by the prayers of loved ones and strangers who prayed for me. I am a follower and long-time student of the Edgar Cayce readings, and I can testify to that quote. I happen to know that the people getting sick have a window of time to take action to stay out of the hospitals, 48 hours to 5 days. Once they get put on a ventilator, it’s very hard, with the standard CDC protocol, to live.

      So tell people the healing protocols, keep spreading the truth, do not be swayed or bowed by easy shaming ignorance. Keep crying in the wilderness of the minds of confused people, and don’t give up. I am not. I fought like hell to live and I am not turning my life over to experimentation, evil, or ignorance.

      God is as close as the glove on our hands, constantly with us, we are never alone.

      • WOW CL… that sounds a lot like what happened to a single mother here.. she had gone to the clinic.. because she didn’t have insurance they sent her to the ER and they diagnosed her with the N1 virus.. but since she wasn’t that sick they didn’t have to treat her and send her home.. she went into convulsions and was put in a coma late that night.. I got the call heres one just your type to lend a hand to.. because she had a little thirteen year old daughter and a toddler son left to fend for themselves… the furnace wasn’t working.. very little food in the fridge.. when I got there there was one really scared little girl and her brother..
        I ran into her at Walmart a while back.. and last winter I needed some serous work done on my sewer pipe.. I was lucky the people I called the young man that did the work was that little boy.. amazed they would remember me after all these years..
        I am glad you survived the flu.. it was a hard one.. I know one nurse that got it and was really sick like that and to this day is still having issues with organs that were affected from it..

      • Coma Lady,
        What nice words. You are a kindred spirit, and I am glad you made it. I am convinced that there are many great people working in hospitals, but that they are being throttled by dark spirits who only have greed on their agendas.

        The only time I ever got pneumonia or the flu were 20+ years ago when I took those vaccines a couple of years apart.

        Recently, I listened to a Dr that I trust and took both the pneumonia booster and the flu vaccine within 1 week. He eventually quit because of all the lies and refused to be a part of them.

        Taking them together in 2020 made me very sick and I fought it at home for 2 weeks. 104 temps and oxygen levels dropping. The cytokine storm that overtook me caused me to go the ER where they stuck me for 3 days and continually tried to get me to agree to be on a ventilator. I told them no way! I told them I wanted high pressure oxygen with a #3 cannula. Some evil little recent respiration therapist graduate screamed at me that they didn’t have any #3 cannulas and I would have to use the #2. I called the hospital administrator and told them if she ever came back in to work with me again I would sue them and if I didn’t have high pressure oxygen and a number 3 within 1 hour I was going to have my attorneys sue the hell out of them and release articles to the press. I got the gear wheeled in and I started getting better. I was in the hospital for another 23 days because they wouldn’t give me Hydroxycloroquine, Ivermectin, and Clarithromycin. What they gave me was a ZPak, Remdesivir and Decadron which caused the platelets to reach 900. This is clotting territory. Strokes, heart attacks, thrombosis, etc. Blood sugars spiked and they were giving me insulin. They started giving me anti-coagulants, but I had already started taking Nattokinnase to fight clotting, a natural OTC anti-clotting agent. I also ordered in FeverTree tonic water which has natural Quinine in it. This was July of 2020 when they didn’t know squat about what was causing this and their treatments were experimental. I had read enough articles that I knew what was working and what wasn’t, including a Harvard Doctor through the Journal that described how they were killing people with the ventilators.

        I finally got a Pulmonologist/Pneumologist that went with the inhaler (Budesonide) I kept requesting which helped lower the Cytokines. He later told me that he had saved a lot of people by prescribing it and thanked me for the recommendation and for agreeing to be his guinea pig. He told me to keep drinking the Tonic water, taking the Vitamin D, and was there anything else I wanted or needed. He said he would have provided the Hydroxy and Ivermectin but the hospital wouldn’t approve it because it was not part of the government protocol. Fauci and crew—the medical mob actually stating it would harm you. Lying SOBs they knew it would help, but it was cheap and didn’t pad the drug companies pockets. The nurses called me their medical miracle in the hospital. I think it was also all the prayers from friends, family, strangers, and nurses that liked me, and not acquiescing to those CDC protocols.

        The hospital protocol will kill you. That is what they are trying to do. Why is Delta going up?….because of the damned vaccines that they had invented and more people are taking the shots. They were waiting for the release of the virus to utilize them. Enough Pfizer whistleblowers have now come forth with evidence that disproves the official narrative. Same with the other companies, including modeRNA.

        You are a great lady. Not many people see the bigger picture. I know what it is. Also, the evil bastards are putting in one final financial rape of the populace. Mom and Pop businesses have disappeared and the big box boys and Amazon’s gained market share. There is no way that the markets can keep going up on hopium. Middle America is still suffering from the lockdowns. Some countries are still invoking the BIG EXPERIMENT, which is all about tyranny-control of the people-the opposite of freedom and liberty. Australia, France, etc. U.S. soon unless we wake everyone up.

        You can no longer trust the numbers on what the real short volume/dollars are. Silver and Gold are good examples. The financial markets are not reflecting the actual amounts of physical. SLV and GLD are a paper charade.

        Grocery shelves are getting short supplied, real estate is in a bubble driven by artificially low interest rates that have ruined retirees retirement plans and is destroying the Dollar, Biden is so blackmailed he is committing treason everywhere by giving our military weapons and airbase away to terrorists (China). He is not enforcing immigration laws of which he swore an oath to do, and he is outright lying about this virus and vaccines which are killing people. Foreign entities stealing our votes via algorithms and affecting our elections is an Act of War and local people participating in ballot fraud is Treason. No one in D.C. now has the guts to do anything about it mainly because they were part of it. And they want to give that snake pit 2 Senators while the great state of Texas only has 2 (actually only 1 because Cornyn voted with McConnell and 15 other RINOs to join the Democrats in approving the fraudulent $3.5 Trillion infrastructure bill)

        Thank you for asking me to keep writing. You are kind to do so. I wish you the best and hopefully when I have fulfilled some objectives of liquidating assets and fulfilling other requests and obligations I have been asked to do, I will provide more information to the many good people on this site, even including some bad ones that have blinders. Best wishes to a tough highly evolved woman.

    • NO wonder why I am always drawn to your comments.. I love reading your comments..
      They are always good so keep them coming.. let an old man whose wandering mind get information and opinions from all sides so keep them coming.. it helps me to see things from different perspectives….

  10. Other people on this site have mentioned Geert Vanden Bossche, a virologist and vaccinologist who worked with GSK Biologicals, Novartis Vaccines, Solvay Biologicals, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Health Discovery team in Seattle and GAVI, The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization in Geneva.

    In an Aug. 12 article, Vanden Bossche said universal mass vaccination will prompt dominant propagation of highly infectious, neutralization escape mutants, and naturally acquired — or vaccinal neutralizing antibodies — will no longer offer any protection to immunized individuals, whereas high infectious pressure will continue to suppress the innate immune defense system of the unvaccinated.

    As far back as March, Vanden Bossche said, “There can be no doubt that continued mass vaccination campaigns will enable new, more infectious viral variants to become increasingly dominant and ultimately result in a dramatic incline in new cases despite enhanced vaccine coverage rates. There can be no doubt either that this situation will soon lead to complete resistance of circulating variants to the current vaccines.”

    Vanden Bossche said a combination of lockdowns and extreme selection pressure on the virus and global mass vaccination might diminish the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths in the short-term, but ultimately, would induce the creation of more escape mutants. This will trigger vaccine companies to further refine vaccines that will add to the selection pressure, producing ever more transmissible and potentially deadly variants, he added.

    The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, told Fox News recently that his team is ready to come out with new vaccines within 95 days for new variants. I bet they are! They are ready to ring that cash register for how many future variants? Too many to put on a vaccination passport. How about some type of tattoo mark on your hand with fluorescent ink that will be made every time you get another variant shot? Safe to travel, safe to shop, a good little human robot and you will receive another Happy Meal or Free donut from Krispy Kreme for getting vaccinated. Or as the Bible said, you will receive a mark in your hand or head or you cannot buy or sell. It also says, “Do not take the mark”. Sounds to me like a cell phone-in your hand or next to your head with an embedded vaccine code, or an embedded ID in Hydrogel which is a component of the vaccines. It is there to destroy more of your liberties. Just like the damned Patriot Act that set up secret courts among other things to rob us of our liberties.

    According to Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA and DNA vaccines, worldwide expert in RNA technologies and Harvard-trained physician, even if we had complete uptake in vaccines and complete masking, CDC data makes it clear that at best we can slow the spread of Delta but we can’t stop it.

    Malone subscribes to Vanden Bossche’s theory that continued mass vaccination campaigns will enable new, more infectious viral variants. “Geert Vanden Bossche — I am on board with that now,” Malone said, “that we really shouldn’t be doing universal vaccination because we’re just going to be generating escape mutants.”

    Dr. Peter McCullough is a well respected board certified M.D. in internal medicine, cardiovascular diseases and clinical lipidology in Dallas and stated, “And there was a paper by Niessen and colleagues from Boston and Rochester Minnesota, a great paper — over a million sequenced samples. They looked at vaccination rates all over, and the variant proportions, and they concluded that with more than 25% of the population vaccinated, you’ll encourage a dominant strain to move forward.”

    “We’ve in a sense created now a super-dominant strain, we’ve encouraged a super-dominant strain,” though McCullough noted science showed the Delta variant is milder. “An Aug. 10 study in The Lancet showed people who are vaccinated against COVID are more susceptible to the Delta variant.” stated McCullough.

    Personally, I will take my chances on my own God given natural immunity and anti-bodies with a milder Delta version versus an unknown experimental vaccine (that could in fact BE the Delta Variant) with the following properties as described in a 42 Page PDF published as an article in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research by Stephanie Seneff of MIT and Greg Nigh of Immersion Health. The paper discussed many of the reasons why you should be VERY concerned about ever taking any mRNA vaccine whether for SARS-CoV-2 or any other disease.

    According to the authors, many aspects of Covid-19 and subsequent vaccine development are unprecedented for a vaccine deployed for use in the general population including:
    1. First to use PEG (polyethylene glycol) in an injection
    2. First to use mRNA vaccine technology against an infectious agent
    3. First time Moderna has brought any product to market
    4. First to have public health officials telling those receiving the vaccination to expect an adverse reaction
    5. First to be implemented publicly with nothing more than preliminary efficacy data
    6. First vaccine to make no clear claims about reducing infections, transmissibility, or deaths
    7. First corona virus vaccine ever attempted in humans
    8. First injection of genetically modified polynucleotides in the general population


    Hydrogel is infused with chemicals. Early markers of infection, such as an abrupt change in oxygen levels, trigger a chemical reaction. The strip starts to glow with fluorescent light, which can be picked up by a specialized detector. Future vaccines can contain differing hydrogel identifiers.

    New variants will be announced every six months just like the flu. People run in and take flu shots every year now…the drug industry is going to do the same thing with variants of Covid. $BILLIONS AND $BILLIONS for the drug companies. I wrote many months ago before anyone had ever heard of a 3rd shot, which has been added as a necessity now for shots 1 and 2 to be effective about all the new variant vaccines they would be releasing under Greek Alphabetic names and year numbers. After Delta and Lambda, there are 22 more Greek letters. Roll up your sleeves vaxxers. Room for a lot of variants.

    Tyranny has arrived. You cannot travel or work in many places without masks or taking vaccines that are not even approved with normal FDA protocols; they ignore natural immunity because it does not fit the democrats and globalist narrative; Bond/Stock/Silver/Gold/Commodity Markets are rigged; lies are put out daily about vaccines and variants and death rates; lies about Covid are coming from agencies we should be able to trust; lies on economic #s including real inflation are coming from governmental agencies; lies by omission on the CDC’s VAERS reporting system about side effects and deaths related to the Injection-only 1% being reported according to Harvard study; along with the fake financial #s reported by the Government and Fed, there has not been any real audits of the Fed or the Gold owned by the Government; the real causes of climate change are not discussed and that it is not caused by humans; and they lie about our votes and the results. America is now led by Pathological Liars, Psychopaths, and Sociopaths. The media is also full of pathological liars and scared little jackrabbits that would sell their souls to the devil to keep their jobs reading propaganda. Social media has become Marxist and Communist and Socialist in what they allow and do not allow including the government mapping of each person via Social Media.

    If this is the road to the New World Order you postulated Herr Bush; or you Mr. Nobody, Fraudulent Re-Setter Herr Klaus Schwab, I don’t want any part of it because it is Fascism and Communism combined with a dictatorial form of government where the people have no say! You egomaniacs think you can keep good people down with your continual lies and you are wrong. You buffoons in Government telling Americans to get vaccines holds ZERO credibility. An awakening is coming and you bastards that have been controlling people through lies and manipulation, pilfering of the markets, and stolen elections are going down.

    To the many good people that have common sense on this great site by Mr. Ure…Caveat Emptor and Good Luck. To each their own. Time is short in the Looking Glass before the Black Swan flies.

    • There was a time when I would of called myself delusional for what I’m about to say, but I now realize that the ruler of this world has all of his people in place and is making his move. Better buckle up.

      • : – ( I know Maj.. sad isn’t it…. there were times when I thought .. Just how could they do that can’t be done…. that is why we have the system in place that we do the different parties.. keep a good enough checks and balances and two different parties to argue and discuss.. .. with the house and senate and everything else.. who would have thought it was just going to be a simple theft by outside cash and gift bribery .. It didn’t take anything at all to turn the pot over.. it was so easy to corrupt the whole system… It really sunk home when the issue of the destroyed hard drive and the destroyed emails.. when all the suspected evil criminal issues kept coming up and they were able to get rid of them in a lightning flash in political time and convince the people that what they had heard was actually good news for the country and the people in it…… we knew..

    • “An awakening is coming and you bastards that have been controlling people through lies and manipulation, pilfering of the markets, and stolen elections are going down.”

      A-(fucking)-men !!!

      but I weep for my children & grandchildren because there will be PAIN.

      • “I weep for my children & grandchildren because there will be PAIN.”

        I hear you on that one.. so sad.. then consider.. they are advertising for internment camp specialists all across the USA trying to get good men and women hired to run them…. ..
        we knew they built hundreds of internment camps a few years ago.. bought billions of bullets.. and made main counties throughout the states in the US to buy mobile crematoriums.. etc..
        NOW… With them flying in ten thousand illegals across the border daily and distributing them all across the USA.. then just WHO.. are they planning on putting in the internment camps..
        is it a simple water and oil in a glass act that they are doing.. put enough of one in the glass so that the other is slowly replaced. I have visited with people that avoided the polish ghettos and survived the camps in Germany the stories I have heard are horrible examples of humanity at its worst..

    • Thank You, West Texas Horse Sense! You pretty much sum up the way I feel, but you are much more eloquent than I could ever be!

    • HI, WTHS; thank you for your reply. I am right there with you, every step of the way. I was in the hospital 17 days, 14 days in ICU/ER, 3 days in step down ICU (8 of those days in a medically induced coma where they experimented with the right does of Fetanyl and then Propofol). I tore my ventilator tube out in a rare moment of conscious awakeness to tell my husband to get me out of there as they were trying to kill me. I had fought so hard for 4 days to break through those drugs, so I could speak/sign/communciate, they tied down my legs, and wrists. A hospital worker did not tie my left hand correctly, and I took advantage of that on my husband’s watch, he put the bed up to a sitting position, and I yanked out my tube (do not recommend anyone do that), desperate, as I knew I couldn’t handle the drugs. My husband didn’t believe me, of course, and since I had 8 tubes in and out of me, what could he do? They put me out and in the tube went again. This was Dec/2017-Jan 2018, so I do know of what you speak because their protocol back then almost killed me. I was put on 3 different kinds of antibiotics; they really did not know what else to do, it was a crap shoot in experimentation.

      So, what to learn from this:

      1) People need to pay attention to these stories, doctors are not Gods.
      2) Remember 48 hours is best to start at home treatments to try to stay out of the hospital, (Zelenco, Dr., he also said the CDC knows this but they ignore it) right now, I would be asking this: “What are the symptoms to be on the lookout for?” A FAST ACTING ILLNESS: High Temps, Shakes, Trouble Breathing, Fatigue, Low Blood Pressure, High Heart Rate (I normally am under 70, I was 132), at a minimum. 4 days and you feel like you are dying (YES, you can actually KNOW that something is so seriously wrong that you are dying, but your doctor’s office (PA/Doctor) might tell YOU that you have the FLU only, and to go home and alternate Tylenol/Advil every 4 hours, and take Codeine cough suppressant (Prescription) and rest (that advice almost killed me, so be warned.) These were MY symptoms and I had the H1N1 Flu, double pneumonia, SEPSIS, ARDS, and Blood borne STREP, and 2 other bacteriums, you really cannot believe you can go from perfect health to on your death bed in 4-5 days, but it can happen. The Covid Symptoms are so much similar to FLU symptoms that is why I am listing what I experienced. (PLUS: What happened to the FLU cases????) Of course I had a cough, runny nose, etc. YOU or your family member might have a headache or some other symptoms; listen, learn.
      3) NOW they will do a PCR test, you will be told that you have COVID and if your symptoms are bad enough, off to the hospital.
      4) Request a chest X-Ray as double pneumonia can be missed by a medical person (my lungs were so covered up and fully white, no black areas left, the x-ray tech thought I had cancer. THIS IS IN 5 DAYS by the time I got the XRay.
      5) The 48 hour to 5 day window is MOST IMPORTANT: So, I was SEPTIC in 4 days, Double Pneumonia. Day 5 ARDS, kidney failure, admitted to hospital 5-10% chance to make it. 2 days fighting in ER to breathe; they didn’t yet understand what I had. My heart failed, lungs, kidneys, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, bladder blown out, all systems suffered. (I would argue FIVE DAYS IS TOO LONG TO SEEK TREATMENT.)
      6) CURRENTLY; If you are admitted into the hospitals for COVID, the doctors are following the CDC protocols, they do not work for most people, and for many people they are a death sentence.
      7) People need to take notes and keep them with them and educate their family members in case they end up in the hospital so you can be an advocate, from the outside, for a family member since you may not be allowed inside by their side.
      8) Remember, 80 percent of the people who end up in ICU are VITAMIN D3 DEFICIENT; all races, all ages. STOCK UP ON THE EASY TO FIND VITAMIN. Try to get the other MEDICATIONS/VITAMINS/KNOWLEDGE shared here and a lot of other places. Links have been provided here for Ivermetin prescription access, there are also online recipes of how to make hydroxychloroquine. Here is a new link TELLING PEOPLE WHAT TO DO IF THEY GET SICK:
      9) I was a tough person, strong, healthy, and a non-complainer, and I had to be wheeled into the ER on the afternoon of day 5. My temperature raged for 22 days; it did not break for good until after I got home. Once I became alert in the ICU and they took out my tube, I did everything I could to get OUT OF THERE AS FAST AS I COULD because I knew there was nothing I could say to ANY of those medical professionals about what happened to me, what my body went through, the drugs effects, etc., I just had to get away from them and the treatment. They would not let me drink any water by mouth for 48 hours, I begged for water for 48 hours (I got 4-6 ice chips on the hour) and didn’t sleep for 3 days after being woken up. When I finally was able to drink liquids, all what they offered me had high-fructose corn syrup in it, and chemicals; I drank 2 gallons of water, my body was dehydrated past anything I can convey, and I was like that for 2 weeks after I got out of the hospital. I was conscious of all of what they did and what my spirit/mind/body went through down to the cellular level. The trauma on my spirit/mind/body was off the charts.
      10) This story is to keep you or your loved one from experiencing this trauma.

      Thanks again, WTHS, for your expertise, AND personal experience.

      These are some of MY favorite Edgar Cayce quotes (there are too many to copy and it is worth reading all about him and then getting into his work):

      “Be happy be in the attitude of ever being helpful to others. This will bring that peace within that is the promise from Him.”

      “You get to heaven on the arms of people you have helped.”

      “For all that ye may ever keep is just what you give away, and that you give away is advice, counsel, manner of life you live yourself. The manner in which you treat your fellow man, your patience, your brotherly love, your kindness, your gentleness. That you give away, that is all that ye may possess in those other realms of consciousness.”

      “Soul mates are brought together for a reason. All their lives they have been preparing for each other. When they look back at their lives they will see a new purpose to actions they have taken. Their lives take on a sense of oneness equalled by no other. Oneness of purpose, ambition, and love which can be a beacon to others along their spiritual paths.”

      “We grow to heaven, we don’t go to heaven.”

      “There is today, every day, set before thee good and evil, life and death
      choose thou. For only self can separate you from the love of the Father. For it should be manifested to thee that thou art conscious in a living world, aware of suffering, of sorrow, of joy, of pleasure. These, to be sure, are the price one pays for having will, knowledge. But let that knowledge be spent in a way and manner to help others. For as ye do to thy fellow man ye do to thy Maker.”

      “For perfect love casteth out fear, and fear can only be from the material things that soon must fade away.
      And thus hold to the higher thought of eternity. For life is a continual experience.”

      “As the soul seeks, then, for that which is the sustenance of the body-as what the food is to a developing, a growing body, so are the words of truth (which are life, which are love, which are God) sought that make for growth, even as the digesting of the material things in a body make for a growth. This growth may not be felt in the consciousness of materialization. It is experienced by the consciousness of the soul … Feed, then, upon the fruits of the spirit. Love, hope, joy, mercy, long-suffering, brotherly love, and the contact, the growth, will be seen; and within the consciousness of the soul will the awareness come of the personality of the God in thee!”

      “For, as has been indicated from the innate experience as well as from the longings within, a home – home – with all its deeper, inner meanings, is a portion of the entity’s desire; to know, to experience, to have the “feel” of, to have the surroundings of that implied by the word home! Is it any wonder then that in all of thy meditation, Ohm-O-h-m-mmmmm has ever been, is ever a portion of that which raises self to the highest influence and the highest vibrations throughout its whole being that may be experienced by the entity?”

      “There is today, every day, set before thee good and evil, life and death–choose thou. For only self can separate you from the love of the Father. For it should be manifested to thee that thou art conscious in a living world, aware of suffering, of sorrow, of joy, of pleasure. These, to be sure, are the price one pays for having will, knowledge. But let that knowledge be spent in a way and manner to help others. For as ye do to thy fellow man ye do to thy Maker.”

      “For a man is a little lower than the angels, yet was made that he might become the companion of the Creative Forces; and thus was given–in the breath of life–the individual soul, the stamp of approval as it were of the Creator; with the ability to know itself to be itself, and to make itself, as one with the Creative Forces–irrespective of other influences.”

      “Q- What is the highest possible psychic realization … ? A- That God, the Father, speaks directly to the sons of men-even as He has promised. 440-4.”

      “Begin to study all phases of psychic phenomena… begin to read the scripture, searching for those portions of same that give the warning, as well as the instruction as to how one would seek to be an individual who may give a great deal to mankind… Then take the 30th of Deuteronomy, where there is the admonition as to the source, that it’s not from somewhere else, but it is within thine own self. For that influence of the Creative Force is so near, yea closer even than thy own hand! Then analyze that, reading in connection with same all of the story of Ruth as to her sincerity. And if it needs to be, those companionships may be drawn from thine own activities, and the fear of what may be in the future will fade as the mists before the morning sun. For in the study of these, not merely read to know them, but get the meaning of universal love, not attempting to make it personal but universal. For God is love and, as ye go about to manifest same in thy conversation, ye may find the true meaning of love…”

      “Then, to be able to remember the sunset, to be able to remember a beautiful conversation, a beautiful deed done where hope and faith were created, to remember the smile of a babe, the blush of a rose, the harmony of a song–a bird’s call; these are creative. For if they are a part of thyself, they bring you closer and closer to God.”

      And the last one, which I cannot find, but goes something like this:

      “How can we not share the best that we know?”

      So, WTHS, keep sharing the BEST THAT YOU KNOW.

      • Thank you Coma Lady,
        You have done everyone a service by publishing all of those points about the hospital. I believe you made it for many reasons, but one was to share your story. I wish you would publish it for people to read that don’t read re-replys on here.

        As you said, we went through a very similar experience. Too many people trust the Doctors who are being fed erroneous information by the drug companies and the government.

        Many thanks for also sharing you favorite Edgar Cayce quotes. He was a great man and I love your favs. I am printing them off for future inspiration.

        You are one tough lady to fight them in the hospital and survive. I amire you and your tenacity. You could be in my foxhole anytime. God bless you again.

        Best regards.

  11. The thing to remember about climate is that there’s ‘climate’ and then there’s ‘Climate Change’. One is a description of atmospheric goings on of the planet over time. The second one is a business model. ‘Climate Change’ has nothing to do with actual climate and everything to do with reorganizing the financial structure of the planet. Once you view it that way you’ll have a better understanding of the ‘why’ of all of the media coverage.

    When it comes to abortion, another business model, I often wonder what kind of evil is so powerful that it can persuade millions of would-be mothers to not only murder their own children, but to also use the murder as a form of virtue and social currency?

  12. George,
    About your oak trees. Any thought about finding a local sawyer who would take useable parts of your trees and turn them to into furniture grade lumber? It would be a shame to send useable while oak to the burn pile.

    • I’ve thought about this a great deal. There’s a ton of it and my band saw in the shop could handle a lot of it. AT 72, how long would I have to live in order to get a positive roi on air drying it and turning it to furniture vs. a click on iKea?

      • Put it on Craigslist – even as 16-foot lengths of saw-log (buyer moves)! There must be boatbuilders or furniture fabricators even in the wilds of East of West Texas!

        After we had my woods logged off 20+ years ago, I was walking through the woods with the firewood cutter, and we spotted a nice tree that the loggers had left, but Ma Nature didn’t want there & blew down. For the cutting price of 4 cords of wood ($20), he cut it into saw logs & took it to the local sawyer (with whom I used to ride the school bus). A couple weeks and $85 later, I overloaded my old Dakota with about 265 BF of prime, clear, wide (12-14″) fancy (curly) cherry.

        Which is why I haven’t parked in the garage since. It’s been air-drying. Built a beautiful craftsman-style hope chest for the Ratbag, and a clock, sold 3 boards that more than covered my expenses, and still have about a metric f***-ton of wood out there. Available. Much to the Lovely Mrs Wizard’s dismay.

        I implore you, do not relegate it to the burn pile (except for the branches).

        Heck you could probably offer them to one of the boat builders on You Tube, on a where-is, as-is basis. Leo at Sampson Boat Co (YT channel link: has had great luck with volunteers trucking lumber all over the country at no charge to Washington State for his re-build of the 115YO Tally-Ho.
        RE: Birth Control
        If you need proof that God has a sense of humour, consider this: Man was made with a Brain and a Penis – but only just enough blood to run one at a time.

      • 4 the deck/re-deck – all dry at same rate – build w/green. leftover – legacy wood. or use the leftover for Ure digital tulip mining operation..chaching!

      • We had a 150 yr old white pine in front yard struck by lightning several times.
        6 ft diam. Logging operation in the area said that no sawmills in our area would take any logs over 30 in in diam. Had to pay 1K to have it taken down and hauled
        to burn pile. Sad.

      • “There must be boatbuilders or furniture fabricators even in the wilds of East of West Texas!”

        Prettiest kitchen I ever seen was made from an ash tree that a gent cut down in his yard.. beautiful.. took it to a saw mill.. then stacked it in his garage.. not to mention the fuel.. OAK.. burns nice and hot..
        saw dust… amazing stuff… I had thought about getting a grinder to do corn stalks.. then mix the stalk dust into fuel pellets…
        the hottest thing is two parts of saw dust and one part of coal dust I have often wondered why the coal industry hasn’t figured that one out.. at this point the coal dust is waste.. when it could be a waste biproduct…. mix it perfectly then you get a wood pellet that is as hot as a kernel of corn.. and can be used in regular biofuel stoves..

  13. “Can’t people control their animal instincts or figure out how birth control works?”
    No, many can’t.
    “Ven der putz shteht, ligt der sechel in drerd.” Portnoy’s Complaint.
    BTW, that’s how many of us got here.

    • Those without a working knowledge of Yiddish or Portnoy might not know “when the penis stands up the brains get buried”

      As a former GF long ago used to say “Know what that stupid thing on the end of a penis is?” (I shrugged) “It’s a man…” (We didn’t last too long after that, lol)

      • “I vote carve outs for rape and incest and mandatory jail terms for the perps of 10-years.”

        You would think with the kid running around and them having to have a whole football team of players to run interference for him even posting on porn sites.. that those laws would be changed. If it was any of us doing that not even counting the other allegations of corruptive actions being done the keys would have been thrown away.. the same with those other groups doing much worse.. the laws are way different if your politically powerful or a high roller..
        Heck they are flying in thousands and thousands of people that for thousands of years has had the married by six laws.. LOL.. and women and girls have no rights at all..
        I wonder Just how long will it take for these traditions to be placed in the USA.. It didn’t take long at all in Sweden and other countries that did that..

    • No.

      With “rape” comes the responsibility of “police report” and “rape kit,” followed by “gynecological exam” and a thorough cleaning & flushing of one’s ladybits — thus ensuring the woman in-question can not be pregnant. If a woman CHOOSES to forego her responsibility to society to take the bastard off the streets, she has also chosen to bear his child, if issue there be.

      I can invent a simple scenario which would justify nearly any specific behavior. Such a construct should NEVER be used to justify an action. “Rape,” “incest,” and “life of the mother” are such constructs…

  14. Excited to see your design (should you decide to share it) on the antenna. Was that a monoband for 20? Can’t remember your previous discussions.

  15. George

    He lived!

    The storm has come and gone and all who sheltered at my home are well.
    Even the roof mostly survived with only a dozen or so shingles being ripped off by 60Mph gusts. They will be easy to fix. The fireplace chimney riser however came crashing down. It’s one of those metal pipe affairs that’s about six feet tall. No loss as we never use the fireplace. I’L just put a cap over where it stood.
    We have been living without electricity since the storm. Since it’s almost impossible to get gasoline in quantity I sent the generator with my son and family when they went home. He can get gas at the Coast Guard PX on the Federal facility where he works.
    With this situation shows is that modern centralized power systems need a lot more hardening if the human population is to survive any larger catastrophe than a hurricane.
    But then those power company execs would not get those bonuses for saving money! Those clowns were screaming about hardening the power grid against EMP when it would only cost about 6 Billion ten years ago.
    That’s very short term thinking as it would cost a lot more to repair the grids after an EMP.
    Hey, I believe in Capitalism , but some things have a higher priority. You know, like staying alive!
    If the current power grid in south Louisiana had been hardened against high winds we would not have an estimated 20,000 repairmen replacing thousands of power poles and who knows how many hundreds of miles of wire.
    There has to be a better way some day that can withstand adverse events.
    I believe that individual stand alone power generating modules for each building would be a better way to go.
    If a number of them are destroyed during an event spares from regional storage depots could be pressed into service.
    Technology is slowly making this a possibility. It only takes will power and vision to make it happen.

    • The Florida administration recently (2 yr ago?) mandated that utility lines be placed
      underground. I was recently contacted by TECO, our utility, to grant an easement to allow them to place electric lines in the front 15 ft of our property. I asked the subcontractor representative if these installations were going to be hardened against an EMP event.
      She had no idea what I was asking about and said she would get back to me. Three weeks and no response. So goes our defenses? And this is in the vicinity of CENTCOM. Circle back to me when you have an answer.

      • Color me skeptical (though we have some direct bury wire around here I’ve put in for a few things…)
        I just have a hard time seeing – when there’s flooding – how anyone in their right mind would go anywhere near wires that are went AND ground.
        Maybe old guys like me (and brother Hank, too) have spent too much time around high powered broadcast transmitters and have seen various things vaporized at medium to high voltages and currents…

  16. Climate Change bankrupting America’s small towns? Heck, that’s nothin … Climate Change froze Greenland so bad they lost an entire ecosystem a million years ago !! Omg !!

    Guess who ever lived there a million years ago, didn’t listen to the experts like we have today. Higher taxes and strict regulations could have saved them. Very sad

  17. I understand the comment on the oaks. I have a large oak near my house. That blocks sunrise to about noon in the summer my roof not bad in winter with no leaves. Makes panels for me a non starter unless want to cut it and several others to get decent solar in the summer. Not sure with all your property you could move the panels to somewhere on one of your fairways. Some trenching, conduit, new ground mount, and wire is probably more then trimming or cutting though. I get a kick out of watching engineer775 on youtube, using a ram attachment to set posts vs. digging and concrete.

  18. “Now I have to fire up the 3D printer farm and crank out spacers…”

    You may want to use ASA plastic as it has very good weathering and UV tolerance. ASA was developed by the automotive industry for external trim parts. It prints similar to ABS only a little warmer. I have a test part outside: its been there at least 5 years and still looks great.

  19. Regarding conception control: There are dozens of varieties of reversible non-barrier methods for women to prevent conception, and NONE legally available for men. We’ve had many near misses starting with gossypol and all the way up to a twice yearly treatment with ultrasonics. NONE of these have made it to the drug store to my knowledge.

    All methods fail on occasion, and condoms fail often. I’ve had too many experiences of my own with faulty products to the point that they’re simply not useful. Besides, the idea of lovemaking is the merging of two bodies and souls, and without intimate contact, what’s the point? If we intend to prevent unwanted pregnancies, the person wishing to prevent it must take action and implement a method. Unless all methods are OTC, they simply won’t be used. Even if they wanted to, most people can’t find an MD on Saturday night. Since methods fail – it’s only sensible for each partner to use a method. If both methods are highly effective, there’d be almost zero unwanted pregnancies. The idea of one partner or the other being responsible just makes no sense – both need to have both the maturity and the willingness to take solo responsibility. There’s a known problem with some couples with one partner or the other wanting a pregnancy, so each partner wishing to prevent it must take full responsibility.

    The only reason we don’t have effective OTC products for both sexes is obstructionism by the FDA and the medical/pharma establishment. There may also be political reasons to prevent men having control of their own fertility – other than snipping. Until we make all reasonable methods of contraception available OTC and on Amazon, we’ll continue to have unwanted pregnancies. We already have OTC pregnancy tests, and that helps a lot in preventing late abortions. So does Plan B, which is also OTC to any adult. Having a variety of these products in the medicine cabinet of anyone who is or engages with a fertile member of the opposite sex is just common sense. Then again – common sense seems to have left a long time ago.

    BTW, regardless of moral arguments, the practical reality is that an abortion is not that difficult, and a bus trip across state lines is not that expensive. Abortions have been going on almost as long as prostitution. The only truly effective approach is to provide easier access and incentive to use tools that allow for safe, enjoyable, and consequence free sex.

  20. Don’t cut down those oak trees! Read up on all the benefits oak trees have, both for the environment and for humans. And they are a great carbon sink! Plus, they are probably older than you are. Stewardship, not dominion.

  21. Dear Esteemed Comrades,

    Salutations from the Land of Truedough! Silicon Valley enthusiasts will have one more reason to reach for their wallet as the 9/1/2021 news release from Apple notes 2 US states are rolling out mobile driver licenses for Cupertino’s phone and watch app with 6 more states in the wings. It seems the “initial” testing touchpoints will be certain, designated airport TSA locales. Pretty soon, you won’t want to leave home without packing your digital wallet. Analog ID? Comrade, right this way for an enhanced review and patdown.

    Driver license holder “Mark” is featured in the Apple press release. Mark projects the appearance of a fine Patriot being a blood donor as well as a Veteran. Mark’s birthday is 4/1. That’s no joke.

    Belated April Fool’s greetings to all from your Jester in Residence.

  22. I’m finding some decent high-crime area properties for investment.

    Two-family flat, 150k with the lower already rented for $850.00 (< $30 a night) and the upper rent-ready. But what if government turns off the ability to collect rent?

    At first glance hire Big Ron to throw everyone out. But now no rent is coming in. A suitcase of $100.00 bills, 14,900 of 'em, just sitting idle in the ghetto. The former renter could gas cocktail the place.

    • In today`s real estate market, offer to buy homes for cash, fix it up, resell for profit. Repeat. Sweat equity. No need to worry about rent payments.

  23. With no exemption for rape or incest, and using deputized citizens – incentivised snitches to enforce this law, tell me why this is a good idea? No scientist will argue that a 5 week old fetus is a person – but Christians will and do, “every sperm is sacred”. This is theocratic over reach, and doubly ironic given the signs and slogans by anti mask and vaccine folk using the slogan “My body my choice”. Call it hand wringing, but this bill is designed to divide, as well as impacting thousands of low income women directly, since we all know that rich women just go get a D and C from their gynecologist. Abortion will continue, just not safe abortion. Businesses exiting Texas will be next.

    • This isn’t the dark ages(yet). Illegal abortions can be safely done using information from the internet, and you can buy or make specialized tools with stuff on Amazon or Ebay. I’m not arguing the morals of the situation here(or the legality) – simply the practical reality. The moral situation will never be easily resolved – even the most blatant feminist is unlikely to choose to get pregnant followed by an abortion. This is a difficult situation for everyone, and IMHO, it’s between the potential parents and their God, with possible insight from the Realms. It’s an especially difficult decision for those who have already lost a pregnancy for any reason. Mother Nature runs her own version of QC on pregnancies and spontaneously aborts an estimated 50% of embryos after uterine implantation. The problem with laws is that outsiders get to make decisions that are not theirs to make, and to make them according to rigid rules that may not fit the situation. Bureaucracy is not known for speed, except for speedily halting any action while the clock ticks. There’s no good answer – beyond creating better options to prevent unwanted pregnancies and insure that the desired ones are given every opportunity for a good result.

  24. George, I’m just gonna tease you. I’m working on an antenna design that I expect to exhibit 30dB of directional gain, in the volume of a bowling ball. All I gotta do is finish building and testing it. Still dealing with covid isolation first.

    • Easy-peasy! The fact you used the bowling ball analogy means so much – why you have practically TOLD me your design.
      To begin with, it will be a round antenna. Secondly, because of the size analogy you have used, it will be small, which by definition means it will be an extreme receive-only antenna.
      Thus, the only way to achieve that kind of gain – in that form factor – would be to use a combination of one or more of the following design elements: Multiple ferrite rods or bars. And possibly controlled feedback, just as regeneration (after regenerative receives of ancient tube radio days).
      What’s more, in order to achieve that gain level, I’d be inclined to ensure critical windings were done with Litz (multi strand) wire and thus only two real questions are unanswered.
      Thus, we can assume you will use passives where possible (being a prepper you and I probably share a skeptical view of long-term supply chains required for even 9=-volt batteries.
      Finally, we will assume there will be (likely) two windings, or (or both) of which will be tuned by means of a variable capacitor. And since in particular long-distance broadcast reception will be important in the future (perhaps explaining the price of old but extreme performing GE SuperRadios on eBay) we might assume a single variable cap with a max 365 mmf value with perhaps a series switch to raise the operating frequency to the 80-meter ham band, perhaps a 100 mmf in series or the 40 meter interisland net frequencies in which case something series like a 40-60 mmf.
      Of course this would only be a dart toss. You could be winding it as a magnetic antenna on a small child’s blow up swimming pool in which case vastly bigger wire and some ability to transmit…

      • Now that you’ve thoroughly confused all the readers here, I will tell you that you are close, but no cigar yet. It will transmit… that’s the goal. But think about it. If I achieve 30dB of gain, a 10 watt transmitter will give an effective radiated power of 6kW! Stay tuned.

      • Read this morning’s article (and the follow-on tomorrow) and you’ll see how close we are in our power-multiplying goals.
        At 15 dBref (ref = 2.15 to convert dBi to dBd [dipole equivalent] there’s a version of my newest that will push 22 dBref on 20 meters. At the cost of losing 40 meters.
        If you come up with the HMAA (Hanks Magnetic Amplified Antenna) and it’s multiband, let me be the first customer.
        Unfortunately my design is semi-dependent on HAAT (non engineer: height above average terrain/ground). Since your max elevation is (going from memory, I think you said) 25 feet, my antenna way out-performs a dipole, but not enough to invest your life savings in Ure-Tenna…

  25. I notice men are all against abortion. if they were the ones being pregnant by rape , they might have a different opinion. The Bible says man began at the first breath, if I am not mistaken, a fetus has not taken a breath.

    • Some men are against abortion some of the time. Few are against aborting an ectopic pregnancy, since they are non-viable and are a clear and present danger to the woman. Most people(men and women) are against having abortions just for the experience of it. In between lie the rest of us.

      IMHO, the best we can do as a society is to recognize that this is painful for all involved. Those who matter in this equation are ONLY those who’s genetic material is involved, and their Creator of course. It’s a matter for them alone, and any societal input should be advisory only. Prohibition has never worked and never will.

      New and better options need to be explored and if reasonable – need to be available OTC to all. This relates to early pregnancy detection and prevention by both parties and morning after options when indicated.

  26. I haven’t been over to Lynette Zang’s ITM Trading channel on YouTube in quite a while because when she gets excited, which is often, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard. Regardless of that she put up a video that has a short clip of a Tic-Toc video at the 18 minute mark that opens a little window into what’s going on in Venezuela. They’re paying in gold nuggets and settling the rest in Bolivars in a Chinese market. I guess they’re panning for it and the panners and miners are selling it to the public – just my guess. To me it doesn’t look like they’re getting all that much for their gold but the market is what it is.

    The first part of the video she talks about Venezuela’s stock market and why it was the best performer in the World until things started falling apart.

  27. LMAO George. At First I thought to myself no, no more like.. Eva Peron. But then again looking at the Dollar’s standing in the global balance….indeed the “Queen of Caracas” is well played.. Bravo!

    • There have been (very quiet) reports for months that Mr. Biden and his people don’t like Ms Harris and her people, and vice-versa.

      A little fly (or four) on the wall in the WH have talked about a lot more than Kammy’s incredibly vicious and nasty rants against her own staff.

      Google is not one of the no-evil monkeys.

      Today’s variation on the tree falling in the woods question:

      If the entire world is laughing at us, but our media doesn’t report on it, does the laughter really exist?

  28. West Texas Horse Sense

    Thank you for being the Watchman and fulfilling the request. Those who can listen, hear you. Well done.

    Peace Love Harmony, Always :)

  29. West Texas Horse Sense

    Thank you, for the clarification and links.

    It’s not surprising that future time lines are converging.

    Humans are meant to be diverse, imaginative, creative beings. Variety is truly the spice of life. It’s our nature … but when humans are herded into narrow gates and expected to be single file, we lose our identity, Our individuality. Our freedom lost, away from those green pastures. Taking sides, as the gates narrow … building tensions. Even some cows in that situation try like hell to escape, and some do … because they’re just not meant to go. – At the Tower of Babble, everyone spoke the same language … until the Tower fell.

    The “agenda” is a lot like that. And with all roads leading to (somewhere) – somewhere is the same destination, no matter what road ya take. Thus, all future time lines lead to the same point.

    That’s what happens when people are being programmed to all do this or that. There’s no choices. (So we think there’s not but, there are. There ARE choices.) What one believes, makes all the difference.

    Tensions are building globally, and have been for a long time. Enough tension to cause the Black Swan event. Those events are (supposedly) not predictable or difficult at best to foresee. We can all see where everything is leading, so I really doubt the predicted event you refer to is any of all that. Too much of a clear view in economics, military movements, illnesses, etc. …. to be “it.” It’s all predictable.

    I sense what’s coming, will be unprecedented. Maybe hasn’t happened in a million years, if ever. We could throw darts all day and still not get it correct. It’s where ever God puts his finger. Tensions are building and, Heaven listens.

    You stay safe too, my friend. Please tell those HV Souls I give’m a wink and a nod.

    And remember, “Blank is the end. Blank is the beginning … and within that blankness, we hold all our potential for a better future.” ~ Viking Proverb

    Good Blessings, always.

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