Automatic Money

I don’t like to be overly focused on “automatic money.” But it’s important to look at our returns on personal investments of time… Especially when some people spend hours every day looking at stock prices.  Is there a good ROI in that?

Automatic Money is a simple concept and it can usefully guide your “side hustle” efforts.

We also begin this morning – with the long weekend ahead – with a novel way of looking at (gulp!) climate change that occurred to me as I was pawing through Texas data.

Toss in this morning’s ADP jobs report number to kick things off, and our Aggregate markets view of stocks and an interesting morning, indeed.

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23 thoughts on “Automatic Money”

  1. Lots of deep and sometimes invisible forces show tips of their iceberg-ness in disparate things. Why does a galaxy so resemble a chambered nautilus? Well, “Fibinacci” is maybe one reason –but the WHY remains…

    In climate (and I do mean “climate” and not “weather”), regression to the mean and the flywheel effect seem candidates for a larger role than is usually thought of.

    I’m 77. It seems to me in my kid-time there was more transition time between high season centers. More “middle time.” Now, it feels like the seasons change more like a toggle switch.

    Winter – CLICK – Summer. Not as much Spring. (I have no statistics — just the cracker-barrel musings of a Registered Old Fartte.)

    • yes whats missing is the “gulf stream” thermalhaline conveyor” that brought warm water up the Atlantic seaboard in Winter. No more mechanism exists to create that hysteresis between Summer and Winter. Thats the first shoe to fall in our topping out at peak warming headed toward a new mini ice age. Seems like buying the rights to the London Frost Fair on the River Thames is a no brainer like Bitcoin in 2011 no?
      The same logic applies to buying up distressed ski resorts during the peak Al Gorian Era. I believe they are all offering extended ski seasons now. Some into May.

      • Almost forgot, take a look at the diffused grayish white sky line in these painting from that time period. look at the skyline today. Not the same skyline you grew up with now is it? Oh, and dont point out that pattern recognition to the Globull Warmists, they will have to shadow ban all search engine links to painting of that period next LOL.

    • Agreed on the season switching, William. I’m in S. Indiana and I can tell you I’ve never seen a cooler, greener August than the one we’re experiencing this year. I remember 2006 as being a year without a summer. But that isn’t what we had this year. We had a short, intense 4-6 weeks of blazing hot, and now it feels like early October here, and it’s only the first of September. Weather patterns have made it nearly impossible to keep the lawn mowed! By now, it should be dry browning nubs, but instead it’s still lush green and super thick. This is NOT usual for this time of year here.

  2. Who is advancing the most in today’s world?

    ALLAH versus the DUDE seems 3:1, IMHO ;-).

    Opinions welcome!

    • Institutionalized Religion vs. True Belief. If your goal is to kill all infidels (ie. white people), you are bound to be popular. In fact many liberal white people agree with the above. Do they realize the consequences? Doesn’t seem so. Would they sell out…see below.

      Reminds me of when Triumph the Insult Dog was at the DNC in 2016, & got young, idealistic liberals to tell him their liberal values & then for $50 to read a note he handed them & sell out their values. The note expounded how good Goldman Sach was for our country & thanking them for taking our money & screwing us. It was to see if they would sell out for $50. 100% successful. The dollar rules, please send more COVID Money PB.

      • Stripping away any gossip from the fighting in Afghanistan for the past 20 years brought home the fact, (to me at least), that it was a struggle of remaining vestiges of integrity in the human population against large scale corruption in most Western Societies;
        Africa being more corrupt than most. ;-(

    • If I understand the survey correctly…

      Allah has more appeal to the basic instinct of man.

      The Dude was designed for a slave and serves slave mentality.

  3. Hey G pop

    Tha time of month..rooty toot toot, rooty toot toot 4 I am the coot. I dont drink and I dont screw, and I dont mess with the lady bandicoots that do…I aint got no girlfriends!

    But nailed the market for August, “close/will be higher end of August than the beginning of the month”.. like 3% higher – KA-Ching

    Thank you Far-Sight remote viewers for confirming my “hunch” and helping me enjoy a month worths’ of savage entertainment = taking money from greedy bastards on Wall Street.

    Looong SPY Calls – Flipped this position during profit taking, to Bearish getting longer SPY Puts backwards calendar spread.
    – normally Sell the later Put, using Time Premium to Pay for near term Put…like Sell Dec SPY puts, Buy Oct SPY Puts. Now adayz I be selling Front month and buying Back month, pretty deep out of the money Puts..its cheaper deeper.

    Also hunting the best of the best “blue chip dividend payers” – those companies that pay a dividend and consistently raise Earnings/revenues, and the amount of $$$ they throw off to the Owners (stockholders) in the form of Dividends (cash and/or stock).

    Can further hunker in the bunker with these type of equities, Selling deep in the money Puts against the Long dividend payers Stock holdings.. Ya know for Tangueray/Jim Bean & Gar money…somehow coot grew allergy to hoppy beer and coot dont do wine..unless of course U gotz a bottle Austrian white & plateful of wienersnitchel/spaetsle and some them tasty yellow taters…YUM!

    Might also be playing a side game with the Zio masters..Long otm Calls on GSK, also might be long couple of blackrocks big defense contratcors..yes the fink is one of – in control..* GSK controls like 65% of is rigged – but U can play along (speculate) if you dont mind “fishing” in shark infested waters..”ohohoh was that a nibble?”

  4. Thou hast scrivened thus:

    “Automatic Money’s #1 secret is getting other people, machines, or computers, to work for you.
    And then taking a small slice of the productive efforts.”

    That’s entrepreneurship. (To me, a Good Thing.)

    All my life I have been one. As a kid, I had a newspaper route for a while. (I wanted a checking account to take in my receipts and pay my bills in an orderly manner– the bank hesitated to open one for a ten-year old — they weren’t sure it was legal in those days!)

    Later, I did other things for hire — lawns, handy-kid work, lemonade stand (at a county fair), etc. Always workin’, always lookin’ for a new Magic Carpet. I hired a lot of other kids along the way. It became my Kid way of life. Plow the field, and bring in paid others to help do the work. Grow it, and move on at the right moment.

    Also along the way, I was often fascinated at how few others ever wanted to be anything other than to be an employee — to work for me. Over time, I realized that most people are afraid of being their own boss, their own employee. Afraid.

    I often suggested to the sharper ones, that they ought to consider running their own gig when they had a good idea. None ever did. They “don’t want the responsibility — the risk.” They felt more secure working for somebody else. (Even though, in reality, they’re less secure.)

    It’s in my gutz, I guess. I can’t NOT live that way; and they can’t live that way. I’ll never truly understand, but there it is.

    If you’re one — an “E” — revel in it, enjoy it, and go forth swinging a mighty sword most people will never understand.

  5. “Markets
    Nothing changing yet”

    From visiting with people that survived the last depression.. wgat was said was . Everything was roses.. they were making money hand over fist..many put huge deposits in the day before. Only to wake up and discover they were penniless.
    I think it will be exactly like that this time.. wake up one morning and wham.. just take a gander at the list of retailers closing doors..dry up the velocity of cash and wham game over..
    I was just visiting with a young lady.. she is a lucky one.. her husband is a lineman and has great insurance ..she foesnt have to have daycare..but was talking about her sister..for two kids she pays out two hundred a month more than she grosses..for daycare but has to have the job for the health insurance..
    She was mortified at it..
    We all already know that utility costs are scheduled to go up.. fuel is already going up and necessities are rising..
    Stop the flow if water ,(cash) And sit back and watch..
    Like anything.. someone can have a slew of numbers but if their not moving its then worthless.. tighten the reigns of the people that move the money around and it all goes stagnant.. in my opinion.. the ONLY reason it hasn’t imploded is because of the cash give aways..

  6. I may just have found a redeeming quality for Facebook.

    This crossed my FB feed this morning:

    …Specifically, the proposed fiscal 2022 budget would require banks and other financial institutions to report to the IRS on the deposits and withdrawals of all business AND personal accounts with a balance of more than $600.
    Simply put, the American Families Plan calls for banks and other financial institutions to report more than just a taxpayer’s interest earned, capital gains and losses. Banks and other financial institutions would also be required to report “aggregate account outflows and inflows.” In other words, the IRS will know about all of your bank accounts, whether you earned income on that account or not, how much is in the account in a given year, and how much was transferred in and out of the account.

    Which naturally prompted me to search, where I found NOTHING but “flowers in her hair” gooey cheerleading and feelgood talk.

    Dunno if I’ve mentioned it but I’m getting realfuckintired of people (and organizations) telling me “what something says” or “what someone says” or “what someone/something means.”

    Just give me the damn’ *.docs please, and let me read them for myself.

    So, leaving Creep-central, I searched elsewhere and found this, which I excerpted from the compliance *.pdf at the Treasury Department:

    The new reporting regime would build from the framework of the Form 1099-INT reports that taxpayers already receive from financial
    institutions when they earn more than $10 in interest from a bank, brokerage, or other financial institution. Financial institutions
    would simply report additional data on the financial accounts of these existing information returns. Specifically, the annual return
    would report gross inflows and outflows on all business and personal accounts from financial institutions, including bank, loan, and
    investment accounts but carve out exceptions for accounts below a low de minimis gross flow threshold.

    That’s not the entire JoeBlow of course, but there’s a sufficient amount in that 24-page Treasury *.pdf to make me believe the thing from FB is legit. ‘Guess there’s a first time for everything…

    I _S_T_R_O_N_G_L_Y___S_U_G_G_E_S_T_ everyone visit the above link.

    • Ray- At first glance, I would assume that GUS will be more interested in gozintas than gozoutas.
      But once the mechanism is in place to monitor cash flow on individual accounts, what stops the plutocrats from monitoring political, social membership, religious & reading interests as well as purchases on a realtime basis, without bothering to get a warrant? With AI’s in the picture, dragging through the enormous data flows for all manner of political gaslighting and worse agendas becomes feasible. The first abuse will be by the tax collector’s, but what will stop the war on America, and ALL the alphabets from piling on? I personally knew an individual targeted by the IRS for political reprisal.
      And once the data is accumulated, what stops the myriad of local, state and federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies from accessing without a warrant? This looks like yet another attempt to circumvent Constitutional protections; the military already does it, while achieving almost no lawful results which can be documented. Now the civilians agencies want to tighten their iron-fisted rule. This would be a political criminal’s hellish utopian intelligence asset.
      This initiative appears to be an overstep with unusually evil intent, even for the Beltway crowd.

      • Ah, so you see…

        I don’t KNOW that the intent to abuse is there. I KNOW that crap law, as written, WILL be abused.

        I’ve been tracing Biden’s abuses and planned, seeming missteps back through his inauguration, and what I came up with is the same patterns as were prevalent under Obama. Soros, acting essentially as Regent, advised and steered Obama for virtually his entire eight years.

        I feel fairly confident now in saying that Soros is the puppetmaster behind Biden. This also means a Harris Presidency won’t deviate much from what we’ve already seen because she wouldn’t be VP unless Soros picked her, and he wouldn’t unless he knew she would be a good little lackey.

        What 4th Amendment…?

    • “Dunno if I’ve mentioned it but I’m getting realfuckintired of people (and organizations) telling me “what something says” or “what someone says” or “what someone/something means.”
      Just give me the damn’ *.docs please, and let me read them for myself.”
      I GRT THST FEELING MYSELF… several years ago.. I read a bill that Congress voted in..both sd idea were on the news ranting and raving about how good it was.. I still could read them withough going to the library.. and would get a real chuckle over the stupid crap written in them that these idiots would vote in that they should run from.. anyway it was on continuity of government in a SHTF scenario.. and i was informed that my interpretation of what it says wasn’t what was intended. That I got it wrong and they corrected me.. but my thought was and still is. ok if my interpretation was wrong just how many others would interpret it at a later date the way I interpreted it..
      And do the heinous things interpreted thinking they are right..
      There is a reason the droolers in the DC bubble should be reading and writing that crap..JMHO

      • “i was informed that my interpretation of what it says wasn’t what was intended.”

        This is either a perfect example of the “Law of Unintended Consequences” or a perfect example of how “lawmakers” intentionally slip really bad things into legislation — for use at a later date.

        ISTM having a bunch of laymen read a prospective law is an excellent way to determine whether it is junk law, or will do exactly as intended, to do exactly what it is intended to do — and no more…

    • Thanks for the head’s up. It reminds me of the 70’s, only worse.

      The more I read of crap like this, the more I feel like just living the minimal lifestyle and avoiding lifting a finger for anyone. If there was a minimal tax per person to participate in the system and you got to keep everything beyond that, you’d never have to file or keep records on anything. By forcing everyone into this fear based angst of having to record everything in life and having absolutely no idea what they might hit you with, they’re inclining people to give up on improving either themselves or society. The only happy people will be the outlaws or the terminally stupid. Of course, if they really wanted to enforce 100% compliance through elimination of any privacy, they’d probably have to arrest everyone. Even the most honest of people will have outlier financials on occasion, and they might even make a mistake. An audit is expensive and terrifying for most people, and that’s by design. Only by getting truly angry can most folks make the fear go away, and both feelings are inimical to health.

      If we seriously fear our government or anything else in life, we’re living in a way that’s likely to foreshorten our lives. It’s effectively PTSD. Why earn money and put it in a bank if it can disappear overnight? Why do more than the minimum?

      The Trump administration encouraged hope and hard work, aka MAGA! The current one has eliminated that. There’s absolutely no hope or encouragement being shared in society at all. If anything, we should spend ourselves into oblivion on hookers and blow before our wealth gets stolen – under color of law or otherwise.

  7. Oh Joy ! Oh rapture ! Oh a golden cross commeth!

    Thats correct you oh so smart crypto flippos – Bitcoin price bout to enter a classic golden cross.
    50 day moving avg “indicator line” moves Up and Thru the 200 day moving avg “indicator line” – thus CROSSing over – a bullish breakout pattern. get Ure fib retrace lines ready.

    OR U can wait several weeks for elliot to confirm bullish breakout.

    Otherwise if you fancy speculation, with a side of Profit, then BTC’s might be a good place to invest/gamble/secure part of Ure financial sayz the always promoting, forever a buyer – bitcoin nazi

    Caveat Emptor applies biggly here – as $48k is an awful lot of money to get paid for a made up set of numbers U paid $28k for just 6 weeks ago.

    uhn uh, nope, nada, nyet,non,bu,Ez,Ne,Nee,Ingen,Hindi,Chan el,Tidak,Qo..

    Nein Bitcoinz 4 G!

  8. Shake your head in wonder, George, as the markets ascend to the sky for unknown reasons. They will fall when someone with the authority says it’s time and not before. Everything is controlled, everything is captured, at least for now. Free markets do not exist but your charts and efforts are not for naught because they tell us what is going on in the ebb and flow of the money so at least we know a bit about what’s going on. Many people I read and others that my friends are listening to other than those I pay attention to come to the same conclusion that the timing of the fall is very close at hand so everyone needs to double their efforts to get their preps completed and may the Good Lord above inform our decisions. Most of us here have been saying and expecting it for years but have you seen any other time that is as pregnant with expectation as the times are now?

  9. With all the soldiers coming back from Afghanistan the stories will soon be coming out like this one:
    Bombshell Report: US Knew About Kabul Bomber, Had Drone Lock but Didn’t Take the Shot
    Per former Deputy Assistant SecDef Roger Pardo-Maurer, the DoD had foreknowledge of the Kabul bomber AND denied permission to fire to the Predator drone that had a lock on the bomber.

    This administration, this PRETENDency will not stand much longer. Last year a Remote Viewer got an impression of what he thought was the U.S. Congress shutting down for the last time as officials were out in the hallway, some crying, some bent over puking as they were turning out the lights for the last time. The time window for this was this Fall if I remember correctly. The more this wretched group in D.C. does the more it appears this could actually happen.

  10. Comrades,

    Oh, the penny has dropped? “In God we trust”, indeed for ye trumpeters of little faith abandoning the Commander-in-Chief to the muddy quagmires of the Potomac. What you folks watchin’ on TV, Willis?

    While you were out celebrating pagan rituals of the last Fourth of July, the “Doha Globe” was reporting the closure of two US bases and an arms storage facility in Qatar. They crossed the river Jordan. Patriots have left the Gulf. By coinkydoink, the Voice of America apparently reported on its Persian broadcast that an outgoing Israeli politician had offered proof to a travelling Biden #3 that Qatar was financing Iranian Kuds. The friend of your friend is your enemy? Does that complete the “Homeric Odyssey: Doha”?

    Perhaps not? Afghan-Taliban peace talks in Qatar collapse. Taliban walk into Kabul and punt the Iranian-aligned head of Afghan national security. Professing to lead the country forward according to the Sunni teachings of a late co-founder of the Taliban, they appoint one of his battle-hardened sons as new head of Afghan security and perhaps intermediary between IS-K and the King of Saudi Arabia?

    Break out the moonshine and raise a toast. Looks like the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques got this one for you guys. Again.

    “That’s all, folks.”

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