A Statistical Fairytale – Let’s Quit Early

The Jobs Report is out – and as we’ve been telling you, it doesn’t look half bad.

“Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 235,000 in August, and the unemployment rate declined by 0.2 percentage point to 5.2 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.

So far this year, monthly job growth has averaged 586,000. In August,
notable job gains occurred in professional and business services, transportation and warehousing, private education, manufacturing, and other services. Employment in retail trade declined over the month.”

Of the 235,000 new jobs, 142,000 were estimated into existence with the CES Birth Death Model over here.  More than half, then.

Number of Americans working popped up to 153,154,000.  While the database hasn’t been updated yet, the table we revealed earlier shows…

With this morning’s report,  we’re almost caught up to April of 2017 levels!

Yes, if you’re wondering, this is how Slow Joe can take a debacle and ride into the future.  I can almost hear it now “We lost only 13 in the withdrawal and look at the market!”  Were it so simple.  While it is reported that Taliban feel ‘angry and betrayed’ US troops destroyed aircraft before fleeing Kabul,  we still fear Biden’s lefty insiders will find some way to sneak the Taliban those 22-tons of gold held by the NY Fed.  If he swallows that, it would be treason.  Time to take to the streets.  But, I digress.  It will all come out in the wash and this is a long cycle…

Still, no sign of sobriety on Wall Street, though a late sell-off is always something you watch for.  Dow futures showed some disappointment but the S&P waxed onward and upward earlier.

Bitcoin is almost up to $50,700 with our outlook in the $54,000 area before the next digital disaster comes along.

Short Takes

Holiday weekend ahead, and a long, long two-parter on my ham radio antenna design tomorrow and Sunday, I’m a bit low on cynicism this morning.  I’ll see what I can muster.

Remember the old joke?  Where’s the closest place to catch a cab in NYC when it rains?  (Ans: Chicago).  Came to mind reading NYC pols outraged over lack of preparedness for deadly storm.  Very sorry for the losses.  Not climate.  Weather.  Deal.

Leave it to the NY Times:  To pander to climate rather than admit government is mostly incompetent (and over-paid): Overlapping Disasters Expose Harsh Climate Reality: The U.S. Is Not Ready.  No, dudes. That’s a political reality of a failing nation.

Rural Retirement is Worse?  Yeah, surprising report on StudyFinds that Moving to the city helps older adults live longer.  If you don’t get mugged, I ‘spose.  Elaine would have to live several additional years just to shop a big enough city, though.  I could eat my way through one…

Speaking of Eats:  Fat momma’s could be problematic as Exposure to obesity in the womb puts babies at higher risk of developing bowel cancer as adults.  NSS? Not that you can do anything about it…

Vaxy-Nation Notes:  Military dotcom has a good one to track: Lawmakers Try to Ban Dishonorable Discharges for Troops Who Refuse Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines.  We’ll know the vax push is crazy when it starts being made a part of divorce settlements and such.  Yes, we think the urge to control and impose that it’s only a matter of time…

Wait!  They want to work more?  Tech workers bemoan China’s crackdown on compulsory overtime.  See what happens when you don’t have a Labor Day?

Labor Notes

With the Labor Day long weekend finally here (thank you God, thank you!) it’s interesting to see how Unions are coming back to life a bit.  We see this as another Second Depression marker coming to pass.

Take the story making the rounds this morning:  Approval of Labor Unions at Highest Point Since 1965 (gallup.com).

Library of Congress has some notes on how labor fared in the Great Depression that are interesting:

“Although the future of labor unions looked grim in 1933, their fortunes would soon change. The tremendous gains labor unions experienced in the 1930s resulted, in part, from the pro-union stance of the Roosevelt administration and from legislation enacted by Congress during the early New Deal. The National Industrial Recovery Act (1933) provided for collective bargaining. The 1935 National Labor Relations Act (also known as the Wagner Act) required businesses to bargain in good faith with any union supported by the majority of their employees. Meanwhile, the Congress of Industrial Organizations split from the AFL and became much more aggressive in organizing unskilled workers who had not been represented before. Strikes of various kinds became important organizing tools of the CIO.”

Which sort of fits with our general notion which goes like…

  • Markets were set to utterly collapse in February 2020.
  • Seeing it coming the PTB launched the bio distraction.
  • At the same time, the Fed went ape-shit making up money trying to jump from deflationary collapse into hyper/Weimar.  Paper-over plan. Which will show up next year at (look surprised) with the Buy’ed ’em democrat’s tax spend n’ scam rolls out.
  • Just in time not to bail out Social Security….
  • Which means eventually retirement ages will rise to 73….

Anyway, the idea that labor union ‘tudes are rolling into the 1930’s rhyme is anything but surprising around here.


(It’s not a word, but it should be.  Describes stories like…)

‘Shang-Chi’ doesn’t have a release date in China, this chart shows why that’s a big deal.  Don’t mind us, we’re still wondering why Top Gun: Maverick is still not out…silly us, right?

Is Fonio the New Quinoa?  (Are chainsaws the new cotton swabs?)  At $12-bucks a pound on the ‘Zon, I’m thinking I’ll stick with rice and wheat for a while longer.  After which it won’t matter.

Texas remains free in September as You Can Now Carry A Handgun In Texas Without A License, Training Or Background Check.  And armed society is a polite one… Also noted by NPR’s presumably non-carrying editors National Rifle Association Cancels Annual Convention Due To COVID Concerns.

And chip shortages just keep getting worse: General Motors to Idle More Factories Because of Chip Shortage.

Daily Monetizations Check

Since gender, race, and climate are America’s only growth industries people get worked up over…

Gender Reveals are dangerous:  Three schools went on lockdown after gunshots and screaming. The commotion was from a gender reveal, police say. Gunshots over a gender reveal?  Didn’t someone go to jail?

What’s this?  Outrage against White shaming?  UK’s Johnson condemns racist abuse of England footballers in Hungary.  Did Boris miss the memo on racism being a one-way street?

Climate is a kind of War, Fool!  Analysis: US-China friction complicates progress on climate.  John Kerry is something of a simpleton, as we figure it:  Doesn’t see China expertly playing the Climate Card to bend America over.  Like they’re playing the Chip Shortage card too.  Kerry should see an optometrist or have someone explain to him how economic leashes work.

Can I Go Now?

Aw, hell, that’s a thousand words, or near-enough, ain’t it?

(You may not need too much coaching to figure out who has already moved into the Party! mindset early, huh?)

A run to the store today, fill  the car up with gas (knowing the Tuesday before holidays is typically cheaper!) and loading up on goodies.  Maybe even some green peppers to make BBQ kabobs on the ‘Q tonight.  Glass of Pisano and just the charts on Peoplenomics tomorrow.  Cottage cheese stuffed baked Yukons on the barbie, as well.

Despite this momentary buzz, the clock is always running.  Projects to be done, housework and the yard.  Made all the more interesting with a weather forecast for Monday that goes between half an inch of rain one minute to no rain the next.

Hope you have a good, dry, safe weekend, unless you’re in California.  If there, I hope it rains enough to put out all fires but not flood Burbank.  But extremes is what the Golden state’s about.

Write when you get rich,


43 thoughts on “A Statistical Fairytale – Let’s Quit Early”

  1. well leave the bullsheet early tonite . yep another treasonous , robotic , psyoptic job report . ahh you will pay one day you terrorist gurus and sprukers for crimes against the USA . any excuse to keep your little game going . well done on being the greatest enemy ever to the USA . its own people . one day any day . the game will be up

  2. I don’t believe Kerry has any trouble seeing what China is or isn’t doing. He knows what the game is with “Climate Change”. If he can’t and he doesn’t he might have the worst case of anal glaucoma ever recorded.

    Have a good weekend, Y’all.

  3. Everyone with any sense has always known Social Security (SS) was a ponzi scheme. It only worked if there kept being lots of young tax payers and few retirees. Our life expectancy changed (increased) as did our birth / employment rates (lowered). We always knew SS tax paid in was always spent real time, there is no lockbox or investments of those monies, just IOUs on future tax payers. It was never a good idea for people to plan that “someone” else would continue to pay retirees. But as you mention people are very poor at long term planning/thinking. It was one of the most successful vote buying schemes the Feds ever came up with, but the day of reckoning can only be delayed so far, before our young workers (surfs) revolt as tax rates continue to increase to keep those wealth transfers. Feds will also just keep printing to hide those tax increases within inflation.

    • Good points. Another factor is outsourcing high value jobs.

      S.S. tax is “6.2% (only the first $137,700 of earnings in 2020; $142,800 in 2021)” Add Medicare tax @ 1.45% for a total of 7.65%.

      A $15.00 hour worker @ 40 hours pays $45.90 into the kitty.

      U.S. production no longer adds enough value to carry the dead weight.

      • “S.S. tax is “6.2% (only the first $137,700 of earnings in 2020; $142,800 in 2021)” Add Medicare tax @ 1.45% for a total of 7.65%.”

        Unless they’ve changed the rules, FICA is 15%. The contribution is 7.65% from the employee and 7.35% from their employer.

  4. Was it necessary to pay $2,000 + COVID dollars to get Americans to sell out their freedom! My opinion is… way too much. During the 2016 election, Goldman Sachs sponsored a survey on how much a liberal Democrat would charge to sell his or her right to free speech or his or her so called integrity. See the video. Also, I believe this is how mail in voting is handled.


    • Fascinating! New Mexico is bribing everyone with $100 if they get stabbed in the arm with spike protein producing agents, and so far I’m not even interested. I’m not sure if I’d be even with a lot more zeros attached. Like diseases, I’m not sure “free” speech is ever free – there are always consequences if it’s meaningful.

      I learned something recently – backed up by serious research at the Santa Fe Institute. Most voters are “social voters” that need to belong to a team, unlike individual voters who reason from first principles on each issue and candidate. Social voters have diverged to a different degree over time, and within the last century and a half moved closest to a homogeneous group in the 50’s and early 60”s. They then diverged and actually moved into two separate tight clusters as this century moved forward, being farthest apart right now. Most voters are far more centrist than their respective parties, yet the party lines remain far apart. Notably, with regard to how voters see themselves and others on a scale of righteousness, voters view their party members as around 80(of 100), the other major party as around 50, and independents as around 40! That last conclusion is both surprising and somewhat alarming. I believe it might be their disdain for those who won’t join a group, and so are shunned even more than the opposite party members.

  5. “Time to take to the streets. ”

    People took to the streets January 6th. January 6th was the revolution. Now the ‘tookers’ are copping ‘mental illness’ pleas. What a turn.

    Since the tookers claim to be mentally ill and everyone is going along, they must be mentally ill. I never used ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ defense to get out of a caper have you?

    They are an unstable danger and should be locked-up forever just like Charlie. Charlie never hurt anyone.

    • “People took to the streets January 6th. January 6th was the revolution. Now the ‘tookers’ are copping ‘mental illness’ pleas. What a turn.”

      They’re perfectly within their Right, and the common delineation of “mental illness.”

      January 6th was an OP, run by the FBI and supported by agents provocateur, designed to label a bunch of Trump supporters as nutcases. If it had been an insurrection, there would have been millions of people there, they WOULD have been armed, and Natty Nancy would’ve been tunneled between the eyes before anyone knew what was going on. When serious people deal themselves into a fight, they don’t telegraph their intentions, so as to bring opposing forces to the battleground with them.

  6. Wow Five Stars again for comments by West Texas Horse Sense in yesterday’s column regarding the Vx summary. Paul

      • Hi Ralph,
        Thank you. Beware…the variants will be coming from Herr Comrade Fauci fast and furious. Dr. McCullough was on John B. Wells radio show last night on the TalkStream app and that people are safer being treated with the Protocols that he and 500 other doctors put out rather than taking the shots. He also stated that the hospital protocols put out by the government are killing people, and that hospitals and doctors aren’t deviating from those protocols. He stated if people would remain at home and use their protocols…Ivermectin, Hydroxycloroquine, and an antibiotic (see re: Romanian doctor I wrote about in previous posts that treats with Clarithromycin rather than Z paks https://tapnewswire.com/2021/03/romanian-lung-doctor-formulates-covid-protocol-that-cures-100-of-patients/) with some supplemental oxygen if there is difficulty in breathing that they are curing all patients and that those patients will develop natural immunity.
        Drug companies adding to the scare!!! And who in their right mind would ever listen to Biden the way he lies. Be Safe.

    • Thanks Paul,
      Have a safe weekend. As I predicted some time ago and yesterday again, Comrade Fauci came out today and said everyone needs to take the 3rd vaccine for Delta, and there is a new Greek Letter variant named Mu.

  7. Mr George!

    Why are US companies and the US government not engaging in a “Manhattan style
    project (WWII Atom Bomb)” to build chip manufacturing plants here in the US.

    The military, farming, auto, transportation, airplanes everything uses them.

    Oh I forgot we are too WOKE to do that now days.

  8. “John Kerry is something of a simpleton, as we figure it: Doesn’t see China expertly playing the Climate Card to bend America over. Like they’re playing the Chip Shortage card too. ”

    How can types like this advance that far in our society? Some others not excluded!!!! ;-((

      • Let’s not forget that he got to be a Skull and Boner with G.W. Bush and a lot of other self-proclaimed “elites” at Yale. Their club is designed to accrue power and influence in government and industry to members and their friends alone. It’s damned good at doing that, or Lurch would just be yet another oddity. I’m sure that those contacts allowed him to get his Heinz 57 wife. Some more powerful person may even have facilitated it.

    • Have I got a “deal” 4 U..
      “take this little pill, and it will all be over before you know it – you wont remember a thing, thats why the video.
      head on down south Mississippi a ways and hang around the crossroads area around bout midnight..someone will be along..
      You can attend Yale University on a “scholarship” and join the Skull and Bones secret society.

      Once inducted U be a “made” “redshield man”dvd…souless agent of “chaos”.. a great deal if believe in 1&DONE..otherwise hornedtittedgoatheadman gonna be one hell of a host.

  9. The walmarts I go to have been moving more and more to the robot checker and plastic money, if you are using cash or you want cash back you need to go to one of the very few lines at have a human. This is just a couple of stores here in western WA state that I’m aware of.
    The gentle nudge, pushing cash into the closet. A cashless society would be far easier to manage as would one where people believed they’d live longer in a city.
    Plus the bankers would make even more money if everyone HAD to use a bank to buy anything.
    The next thing you’d expect to see would be cars that have limited mileage and take a little while to refuel, make rural life just a bit tougher for the day to day things.

  10. As far as I remember: Big Labor Unions were the “shock troops” helping to destroy the US of A !!!

    Opinions may vary — facts are facts, IMHOP ;-)

  11. I’ve been waiting for the price of sheet goods(OSB and plywood) to return to reasonably cheap levels. I’d figured that I’d wait until after the holiday weekend when people are buying for projects. Now with the continuing fires and now hurricane Ida, I’m not sure which way the retail price will go. It’s still to high to want to spend a lot and the trend would seem to be downward until this week. There’s hysteresis in the system as a confounding factor too. When I can’t see things clearly, my inclination is to do other things and wait. Perhaps that’s why I’m a poor investor.

  12. RE: West Texas Horse Sense’s comments yesterday, he’s right on many counts. But the elephant in the room is simply that this virus was weaponeered, crafted in the Wuhan Lab by China for potential biowarfare purposes. It was designed to incapacitate and, for many unfortunate souls, kill. When it escaped from the lab without a suitable bio-measure for stopping it, the evil genie was quite literally let loose from the bottle. A virus designed to kill started . . . killing. China, unwilling to accept the blame, systematically exported Covid infected citizens to wherever it could, sending the sick to N. Italian clothing factories, to Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines, to the W. and E. coasts of America, and to Brazil. So what were the most plausible options for U.S. localities, mostly urban, swamped by individuals suffering most severely from bronchial failure? Emergency rooms were undeniably overwhelmed. NYC was burying its dead in mass graves. There were only two viable options: (1) let the virus run its course, taking many lives and permanently incapacitating many others as it does so; or (2) develop and administer vaccines. The government, voted into office by ‘we the sheeple,’ elected to choose behind door #2, coincidentally (as West Texas Horse Sense aptly noted) big pharma hugely benefited from this decision. ‘Merica is a capitalist nation, afterall, and that is part of the reason we all flock to Urban Survival and read George’s wisdom. And the rest is (still evolving) history. Elected officials only care about . . . getting reelected. Covid, and Covid vaccines, was an easy path to those ends, plus it led to big campaign donations from big pharma (funny how that works). The virus has opened a door to the dark side and feeds the unlimited craving for power and control. Governors don’t give a squat about your rights, mine, or the local pub owner’s. The ability to freeze economies and then slowly titrate them back by their design open puts them in the driver’s seat. They have and hold onto the power. Big pharma funds that craving. We are the modern serfs forced to comply with the decisions of our lords and barons. But in the big scheme of our human condition, ain’t no place better on the planet, ‘cept for possibly New Zealand. And I can’t buy my way onto that floating refuge.

    • Sorry Warhammer, I mostly agree with your POV but in this case, no. This entire affair wasn’t about the “virus” it was about “the jab”. Proof is when have you EVER seen such coercive tactics used to attempt a 100% compliance of ANYTHING is the U.S.? No, I agree with you that it’s a bio weapon. And the Chinese attempted to spread it all over the world, which is why they banned domestic air travel but encouraged international travel.
      Question is, why the 100%? Until we learn that, the chicken ain’t in the coop.

    • Locally, the rev 3 Covid is runaway. Cases are fast approaching that of last January. In the county I live in, the number of total confirmed cases since day one is approaching 12% of the total population. The death rate is not yet as high as January, but hospital beds are once again getting scarce. Herd immunity appears to be an urban legend.
      The authors of the bug in Wuhan have been recently quoted as saying the worst is yet to come. What would you expect the CDC and state agencies to do other than push the vaccine? Where they have gone in the ditch is restricting commerce, not working with vendors to produce more and better PPE, and not being forthcoming on the vaccine risks.
      As for those still in denial, hopefully the orderlies will monitor their comms more closely. They have other kinds of jabs to help with that issue.

    • Please stand on the plastic sheet covering front and back porches –
      when calling on the ECU residence for quarantine violation purposes, warrant service, and any other bullshit community services they might have in mind..

  13. The perfect fix to gun attacks, is to let everyone carry a gun. Cause if everyone is carrying a gun, then no one is carrying a gun. (If you catch my meaning).

  14. George,
    2 chip factories are under construction in Arid zona near Phoenix.
    Senator /Secretary Kerry is a criminal for his Vetnam Testimony,
    and his crimes as a Senator.. A litle late to Global warming scam.
    Yes the Vaccine is a bio weapon too. May facilitate the covid to
    change/mutate more qickly. Natural News has a report that 80% of cases in Great Britain are vaxxed,most of deaths are in the Vaxxed. 70% in Israel both places with High Vax rates..
    Strange world..
    Me ,I just am Lucky. No Vax for me or wife. Wife in hospice care.
    That is I do the Care of her, and Hospice stops by once a week to check her blood pressue..
    Maybe the Deagel site is corrct and we get to 60 million people
    left in USA by 2025.. If that is true a serious manhunt for those folks,who banks them,and was it part of a plan?
    Many conspiracy theories are not theory but FACT..
    Keep your powder dry…

    • As always, and with a nod to you being an ultra-high integrity human, despite the medical profession brainwashing, thank you!
      Like you, sounds like, Elaine and I keep looking at data, masking around others, gloving, and still going through a jug or two of Hibi-clens a month.
      We would all benefit from any insights you run across on the use of OTC/CBD at the onset of a cytokine storm to reduce the runaway effects. There was a cluster of data on this from mid 2020 to early 2021 but seems to have been “disappeared.”
      Which happens a lot when the official tune isn’t played.

  15. This is an interesting turnabout:


    Almost everyone I have talked to has indicated that they had a significant reaction to the second covid jab. There has been absolutely no public discussion of the booster jab trial results that I have heard. I think the third jab is a lot further off than what has been claimed. The virus is mutating (or being mutated) very fast. The vaccine guys are not getting out in front they way they do with the annual influenza vaccine.

    • They never get out in front of the flu potion concoction as it’s a guess every single year and the year I caught the flu, the shot was only 10 percent effective.

      It has been revealed that the flu shot spreads the flu, that’s how hotbeds appear in towns cities, communities, schools, and states, everyone gets scared and gets the flu shots and spreads it like man-started wildfires.

      • Killed influenza vaccine shots don’t spread flu, and never have. Try the mammalian-cell flu shot. It works better than the egg-based ones.

      • N. You are wrong. Flu shots do spread the flu, so did the nasal flu doses given to kids.

  16. The site below gives a good overview of statewide hospital capacity and trends:


    Locally, the situation appears to be getting worse than January 2021, even if mortality figures are still relatively low. This may have something to do with more aggressive treatment regimens, including amputations. As to why total beds available are decreasing, I have heard all manner of speculation, but beds available are beds available, regardless.

    It isn’t over until it is over.

  17. “Texas remains free in September as…”

    …As long as you’re not a woman; especially one that has been raped and impregnated.

  18. No, the CCP were set up in this deal. The virus was released intentionally during the world military games for a globalist agenda.
    First, no sitting president has ever lost re-election with a strong economy and Trump had to go because he was ruining the globalist plan. The “Build Back Better” agenda was set in full motion and to get the world to go along with an already created vaccine the virus was set free.

    Evidence now shows the first infected had a strain from the Canadian lab.

    And generally if you follow the money. As G says, everting is a business model. China had nothing to gain, but check out the profits for Gates, pharmaceutical companies, etc.

    Then just check out the stated agenda of the World Economic Forum and even a blind man can see this fits with their agenda.

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