Job Week Rally – Imploding America

As I admitted to Peoplenomics subscribers Saturday, there’s a reason I clicked out of a short position in the market Friday.  Two chart snips will “tell all.”

The first is the 1929 comparison.  In our work here, there’s a (small) chance that a top could be in.  But, before going lower, even after the initial break in September 1929, there was still a brief bounce before the Gates of Hell really opened-up.  When we compare the Dow of 1929 with our modern Aggregate Index, there reasons for caution.


Which plays itself out this morning as a massive rally in markets.  Already with 2-hours to the open, the Dow futures were showing +300 on the Dow and +40 on the S&P.

Which would be mighty graceful, since as the top green arrow match-up suggests, IF there is a top in place, the first thing that should happen would be a minor rally (as in 1929) before we start down again.

Bullish George?

What really prompted my return to a cash position (and this is NOT financial advice…just kibitzing with a nutjob in the woods of East Texas) is that in Elliott terms, in order for the End of the World to show up right now, we would need to have logged a “fifth wave failure.”

In order to make the Peoplenomics charts visually simple, I tend to use “trading boxes” of various colors to prompt my thinking.

This “fifth wave not complete” problem, for example, works out like so with a normal five-wave advance expected if this is not a failing fifth wave:

There are several more ways to look at the present market.  Which we will get into on the Peoplenomics side Wednesday.

For now, to begin this “Jobs Week” we have a “challenge in the charts” and it is whether the G20 has enough of a scare from recent market action to “our on the coal” at the printing presses and put in another high.

Getting High Matters

No, my little roach rabbit, not that kind of High.  The kind that the likes of J. Powell, Ben in the back room, and Janet’s Yellen about kind.

You see, it’s one of those wanker-theories of economics that if the market runs down more than 55-calendar (or 37-trading days) from a major High, then it’s possible a change of trend is at hand.  That’s when you head for the bunker.

Thing is – as of this morning – our Aggregate Index last peaked on February 12.  IF that were the all-time high – and it were to stick – then we could project a major bottom (from which an actual Crash could follow) around 56 calendar days on (due to the president’s holiday).  This would put us when?  April 9, 2021, or thereabout.

I say thereabout because 37-trading days would be April 7th…but out in there, somewhere.

It would be much “prettier” for the market to rally like hell – up to the top of the green “trading box” and collapse from there.

In which case, something like a Mid April High, which would then decline (as a Wave 1 down) and then rally into late August to early September (wave 2 bounce) and then collapse into a 20-percent type decline into year end.  Which would set up the wave 4 year-end rally which would then fail into a wave 5 washout low in early 2022.

My consigliere’s view is the “utter collapse” would then follow and it would fit better with the spiral calendar, his own long wave cycles, and it would set up the WWC (war with China) for the 2023 -2025 period.

Economics Nuts?  Meet Vice

On the long wave econ playing field, we can already see how the opposition teams are “working it.”

I believe that the most under-appreciated story of these pre-War times is the Washington Post report today “How U.S. manufacturers were hobbled by a shortage of tiny silicon chips.

Already, several auto plants have been hobbled by the shortage.  And, frankly, this is exactly the kind of reason that one of my favorite hobbies has been restoration of tube-type ham radio gear.  Chips are great for driving memory displays and that DSP technology we all love.  But, the downside  is what?

More important:  Since reports are that the chip plants are all running full-tilt, the logical question is “Where are the Chips going?”

We suspise (sic) – with a little prompting from the well-placed and deep-thinking crowd – that China is diverting as much silicon as possible to making masses of drones in order to have no airborne interference when (in 2022 or later) they simply conquer Taiwan.

The idiotic (strategic) imbalance that American president’s – since and including Clinton – allowed to develop was in America, our “best” chip making capacity is around 15 microns.  New capacity in Asia is down around 3 microns and they’re gunning for finer than that.

Dare I mention that the only president with a clue just lost an election last year and continues on (touted by the lefty press) as a hate target, when in fact the ONLY non-Socialist-Globalist outcome retaining American independence would have been MAGA with a goal of one micro chip tech?

Tech Matters

The reason the tech matters so much is that flight-time *(and thus range) of drone swarms is circumscribed by payload weight and energy density of the battery packs.

As we recently pointed out, if the PLA can make 10,000 drones for under $200 each, then you have a weapon system cost of 2-million dollars.

Put up a cloud of drones as a swarm and you can drop $100-million aircraft like flies.  Statistically, the loss of drones would be 5%.  So $100,000 to take down 3-4 times $100-million?  Hell yes, that’s a pay-off ratio the Chinese would aim for.

WE assume the O’Biden administration has no counter.  And having no foresight to do anything other than jaw-bone and study?  We may have to join one of our New Mexico readers in the study of Mandarin while there’s time.

Busting Up America – Game On

We continue to fault the Obama regime for deepening the racial divide in America.  An operation ongoing as “Reversing Course: Obama Says He Favors Reparations As Proposed Legislation Gains More Support.

Moreover, here we read how “Biden adviser Cedric Richmond sees first-term progress on reparations.

The problem we have is that a new kind of racism is emerging, as we told you to expect. Financial.

Keeping America wrapped around the axle of emotional issues like “reparations” is far more important to the Chinese, who would love nothing better than a 15-micron enemy.

Personally?  Any talk of “reparations” should apply to ALL RACES or, it would be un-Constitutional on its face.

Let’s take a quote from the Axios-sourced article to illustrate:

“if you start talking about free college tuition to [Historically Black Colleges and Universities] and you start talking about free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think that you are well on your way.”

Now let’s flip it around and apply to Whites as well:

“if you start talking about free college tuition to [Historically White Colleges and Universities] and you start talking about free community college in Title I and all of those things, I think that you are well on your way.”

So, we wonder, doesn’t such discriminatory policy violate the Equal Protection notion?  Or, as we going to be whipped into the White-hating (as in South Africa) which will let “Rome burn” while “China fiddles?”

Difficult times ahead…we’re either all equal under the law, or the guns will come out.  Judging by the headlines, the OBiden administration is listening to Chinese instructions on an earpiece.

Most of America has already had their brainwashing installed by the ultra-libs in education, so yeah, not a bad time to be a senior headed for the exit.  Won’t be fun to watch.

(The Ure family lost 17 in the Civil War on the North fighting to end slavery…so where’s our free tuition?)

Equality is a simple thing to understand:  Recast proposed laws and giveaways for other races and see how much support there is.

Toss in Read Jane Fonda’s powerful Golden Globes speech on diversity  to see how the press is selling it, too.  Try to remember “One Night in Miami is fiction.  And much of the 1692 Project is historical revisionism.

Check your emotions at the door.  Chips and spin are out to conquer America.  And leading…

Short Takes

As if the big picture wasn’t contradictory (and lopsided) enough, the morass of Monday also includes…

Perp-ology 101:  Cuomo says he’s ‘truly sorry’ for comments amid sexual harassment claims.

Laughably: U.S. condemns arrest of 47 Hong Kong pro-democracy activists while we can’t get anti-democracy crap out of our own schools.

And how cool is this? Iceberg larger than New York City breaks off in Antarctica.”

NY Times Becoming Useful?


Perish the thought, but AFTER the obligatory Trump hating at the top of the paper this morning, eventually there were some potentially useful stories if you had the patience to work past the political crap:

Their story “So You Saved a Little Money This Past Year. Now What?” is the kind of rational we don’t see enough of…

And for the Crypto fans, “China Charges Ahead With a National Digital Currency” is another must read.  Assuming you saw BTC was rallying this morning along with markets.  $48,335 and rising at click time.

Toss in cross-Gotham rival the NY Post rolling with Tiger rehash and more royal Oprah yawns and suddenly, New York papers are back on our “interesting battles to watch” sheet.

OK, off to focus on why the home physical therapy for Elaine isn’t rolling yet…Blizzards and Bureaucracies for breakfast.  But more on that one some other time.

For normal people, this is a sleep in week:  Get up Wednesday for the ADP job numbers, Thursday for Job Cuts and unemployment claims, then Friday for the Federal Fudge.

Write when you get rich,

53 thoughts on “Job Week Rally – Imploding America”

  1. George,

    I understand your pride in family that fought in the first “War Between the States”. Bloody mess no matter how you slice it.

    Small correction though. The initial cause of the war was Lincoln’s heavy tariff on cotton exports in a move to make the southern states buy machinery from the north, instead of England. When Lincoln would not budge on the topic the South decided to peacefully leave the union, as per the Constitution. The first shots fired at Fort Sumter were in response to the blockade of the harbor.

    The slavery issue (which is wrong in so many ways) did not factor into the war until late 1862 early 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation, in an effort to make the war a social issue due to recent losses by Union forces. Strange thing though is that the EP only applied to the Southern states. Slavery in the North only ended with the 13th amendment after the war in late 1865.

    No, slavery was not the cause of the Civil War. An over reaching power mad President Lincoln brought about the deaths of over 600,000 Americans. Not my idea of a great statesman or hero figure. But history is written by the victors, so the truth remains buried.

    • All that – brought to U by Rothchild vs Payseur.

      Can U guess who was an agent of whom?
      Supposedly this “battle” for control of assets is still going on…

    • Sheesh the lack of understanding history by Southerners sometimes STILL AMAZES even me … and I lived in the South for a number of years and heard their version of history, which almost always has dates and locations all wrong, many many times.

      The South BEGAN the Civil War BEFORE Lincoln was even sworn in … preceded his swearing in by TWO MONTHS in fact:

      South Carolina voted to succede on December 20, 1860. Buchanan was President

      The United States abandoned it’s positions on Fort Moultrie and retreated to Ft. Sumter in the harbor on December 26, 1860. Buchanan was President

      South Carolina FIRED upon a resupply vessel sent to resupply Ft. Sumter on January 9, 1861. Buchanan was President.

      Again … South Carolina was FIRING on US forces starting on January 9, 1861 (two months BEFORE Lincoln was President)

      South Carolina SIEZED all federal properties on the mainland on January 9, 1861. Buchanan was President

      Lincoln was finally inaugerated and became President on March 4, 1861

      HOW in the heck did Lincoln impose heavy tarrifs on Southern Cotton when he wasn’t in Congress, hadn’t been in Congress since 1849 and wasn’t President? South Carolina voted to succede MORE THAN TWO MONTHS BEFORE Lincoln was President!!

      Don’t believe me … here is Wikipedia:

      … the declaration of secession by South Carolina on December 20, 1860, its authorities demanded that the U.S. Army abandon its facilities in Charleston Harbor. On December 26, Major Robert Anderson of the U.S. Army surreptitiously moved his small command from the vulnerable Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island to Fort Sumter, a substantial fortress built on an island controlling the entrance of Charleston Harbor. An attempt by U.S. President James Buchanan to reinforce and resupply Anderson using the unarmed merchant ship Star of the West failed when it was fired upon by shore batteries on January 9, 1861. South Carolina authorities then seized all Federal property in the Charleston area except for Fort Sumter.

      … an ultimatum from the Confederate government for the immediate evacuation of Fort Sumter, which Major Anderson refused. Beginning at 4:30 a.m. on April 12, the Confederates bombarded the fort from artillery batteries surrounding the harbor. Although the Union garrison returned fire, they were significantly outgunned and, after 34 hours, Major Anderson agreed to evacuate.

      • Lloyd Snider

        I stand corrected on the date of South Carolina’s date of secession, and the fact that Fort Sumter was fired upon before Lincoln was sworn in as President.
        However, Lincoln had served in Congress prior to being elected President.

        I still stand by my comment about Lincoln being a power mad authoritarian, in that he basically gave General Sherman the go ahead to pillage the South on his march to the sea across Georgia. Blacks and white both suffered at the hands of Sherman’s troops, in his “scorched earth” policy against civilians. What Sherman’s troops could not steal, they burned to the ground. Which makes them no better than modern day ISIS.

        As for Wikipedia being the most reliable source, I think not. Too many George Soros funded trolls add to Wikipedia.

    • tariffs are on imported goods, not exports. the constitution prohibits congress from taxing exports. lincoln wasn’t even inaugurated until the morril act became law. lincoln ran on a anti slavery platform.

  2. “Replaying 1929 Since 1997”
    Well, maybe THIS time.
    From one blind squirrel to another.

    • No replay – at best a rhyme. Too many differences this time. You cannot have a replay with a government that will prop up the market with 10’s of trillions if not 100’s of trillions of USD and junk bonds.

      The Fed and the US Government will juice until the dollar purchasing power is destroyed. The US Government of the 1930’s did not have this bandwidth. The bond purchasing facilities were not there, nor the collaboration with other monetary ponzi schemes like the EU Euro and the Chinese Yuan. No Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore, so let’s stop the comparisons to 1929!

      • Prop Up or “Paper” Over ?

        Seems like it is dam near impossible to get a true price on any Asset in todays markets. ALL Financial markets seem to be grossly Manipulated – to some degree.
        Naked Short Selling..
        Silver is 100 % artificially priced – screwing the mines/investors/employees/public pensions invested in dividend paying Silver or Gold Miners – all to Save the Bullion Banks and CB’s.
        SLV participant banks “get to” Short Physical Silver on the Comex (100’s Millions/mo.) by Pretending/Claiming/Capturing Fed Regulators They hold the Silver in the SLV = naked short on SLV investors backs. everything else in the world of finance – its rigged, and we(joe sixpacks) aint in on the CON. IF We the peeps ever found out the truth – USD goes terminal as El ites go underground..

  3. Reparations are a terrible thing to attempt to go back so far in history. If anything were to be done it would have to be done by no more then 1/2 generation removed (10-20 years). Otherwise it is impossible to punish or make whole the people involved. If they actually do anything like this, the only fair way to even attempt to calculate some monetary damage is to compare the peoples economic situation today from where their ancestors were taken to where they exist today. I think they might find, that even the lowest living standard in the US is far above the standard in most African nations that participated in selling slaves. I fall out laughing that people like Lebron James or Oprah Winfrey or Thomas Sowell or many other successful black people deserve reparations. Just more divide and conquer from our politicians. The more ways they find to divide us the more they can soak up power and influence.

    • “Reparations are a terrible thing to attempt to go back so far in history.”

      And where do you start..and where do you end..
      With.. native americans. We stoke their land. Drove them off starved them even infected them with deadly diseases.
      The Japanese. We not only stole from them locked them in concentration camps
      The chinese… they are still being targeted
      Catholic.. yup
      Names group.. how about fat people or smart people ..that list is huge.. like buying a gift for the kids.. if you buy for one you have to buy for all..the list of wrongs is huge.. so.. it’s in the past move on forward. Dont teach your children to hate .
      The other thing is just where would we get it..
      I got a chuckle out of the president.. heard him say under our plan the economy would grow by 1 trillion dollars…then why borrow two trillion.. instead the news anchor was praising the plan..GMAFB

      • How about start with the Irish and how they were the first slaves trafficked into the Americas. You know WHITE people; where are their reparations?

      • They Were White and They Were Slaves:

        The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America by Michael Hoffman. This remarkable, pioneering history book traces the suppressed record of the slave trade in Whites, hundreds of thousands of whom were kidnapped, chained, whipped and worked to death in colonial America and industrial Britain. Michael A. Hoffman makes a compelling case for the fact that millions of American whites alive today are also descendants of slaves, the white slaves.

        “…a new and startling perspective on the slavery issue.” –Instauration magazine.

        “…an excellent book…” Revilo Oliver, PhD., University of Illinois

        Paperback, illustrated 137 pages.

      • Um, no.

        Based on 1865 prices, a good work mule was ~$150 and government land was 2¢/acre — $150.80, or the rough equivalent of 7.5oz in gold. The reparations crowd base their claims on everything from the 1865 $10/acre cost of land in suburban Savannah (which Sherman had no right to grant the ex-slave camp-followers he freed on his March) to today’s $2000-$15000/acre cost for generic, arable land, and on 40mln recipients, vs. the 4mln freed slaves. Oh, plus (arbitrary) interest…

        EVERY single one of us has a slave in our ancestry. My ancestral masters were Romans, Visigoths, and Vikings, and the English, after my English ancestors adopted Quakerism as a religion, and probably a hundred tribes and civilizations of which antiquity has deprived me the possibility of ever discovering. Shit happens. If you lost the battle and lived, you became a slave; if you lived in territory that your fighters couldn’t defend, you became a slave, and the civ that conquered you utilized you and your compatriots, and your progeny, to further their military and public works projects.

      • “You see the enviro cost of mule farts…compounded, don’tcha know…well….”

        CALI has the answer to cow and mule farts.. surgically place FART BAGS on the cows…I’m wondering how they dispose of them.. maybe get Elon Musk to.launch them into space..or maybe bottle it up and sell it for a sterilization. From what I have heard that smell will kill everything.. lol lol

  4. “ when in fact the ONLY non-Socialist-Globalist outcome retaining American independence would have been MAGA with a goal of one micro chip tech?”

    George you are not paying attention. America is on the cutting edge and has been for almost two years. China has nothing on our chip technology. The man formerly known as POTUS was on course to set technology back 50 years. Luckily, California is a self preservationist state, especially when it comes to chip technology and ignored the blathering rhetoric of the man formerly known as…and remained on course. Idaho’s Micron Technology is another that leads in this area. Idaho is also self preserving and independent in it’s own way as well. Boise is more of a beneficiary to the overcrowding in the Silicon Valley than Austin is…especially given those national figures that had recently moved to Austin, now regretting their decisions. Many are moving back to the Bay Area…but Boise could be in their future…easier commute to the Silicon Valley Core.

    • “China has nothing on our chip technology.”

      That is a great thought provoking comment .
      Everything I own says made in china..
      And you’ve even made the Comment on valley valley hiring all the far superior chinese .

  5. I can verify the chip shortage halting auto production. I was talking to my dealer last week as I am about due to trade again. I use my truck for work and put around 45,000 miles per year so I trade about every 3 years. I get paid mileage so that takes some of the pain away! Anyway he was telling me that they are having a hard time getting certain vehicles due to the chip shortage.

    It seems like there are several shortages going on such as lumber. I just read an article that said that the average new home will now cost $24,000 more to build due to the higher cost of lumber!

  6. George
    “Put up a cloud of drones as a swarm”

    Sauce for the goose. Yes, drones swarms could be a problem for our aircraft but those swarms are not invincible to EMP weapons that would scramble their 3 micron chips. Shielding those drones from EMP would reduce their combat radius. And where would these drones be launched from? A ship, a sub, from shore? If from shore that’s a 200 mile trip to Taiwan. That would have to be a big drone and carry a lot of fuel not batteries. It would need to be remotely controlled from a ground station. If from ships that would require a lot of launch capability which takes time. And what about recovery of the drones? If no recovery is made then China only gets one chance to use them in surprise. Yes, they could have more in reserve but we will be jamming their radio links and looking for there launch sites. And don’t forget the U.S. has stand off weapons like cruise missiles. It’s not going to be a cake walk for the Chinese who have not been in a major shooting war in a long time. Do they have a tried and true command and control structure like our military? A high priority target for our military will be any Chinese command site. We would cut the head off that dragon!

    • No need to “control” the drones. Make enough of them, preprogram their flight paths and targets, and it’s a One and Done flight. No need for a “controller”. No need for it to return home. Attack and DIE.

      Preprogrammed and launched by the TENS OF THOUSANDS from ships off the coast in a surprise attack in wave after wave then when Taiwan’s planes come in to refuel another wave of drones is hitting … and voila Taiwan’s planes are destroyed on the ground. One or two flights per plane … and Taiwan’s air forces are shredded.

      The defense against drones by using EMP pulses is great in theory … but does Taiwan have high powered EMP emitters to cover the entire island, or even large slices of it? Defending a ship that is of say 1100 feet by 120 feet via an EMP pulse is one thing … covering an entire island and all of it’s airfields, military bases, and electric infrastructure is another thing. (Taiwan is 13,826 sq mi roughly 140 miles by 100 miles – say needing to protect about 1/3 – 1/4 equals an area of about 80 x 50 miles)

      A basic EMP pulse will not be enough to disable the drones since you can be certain that the drones will be somewhat “hardened” … and the more powerful EMP pulses NEEDS POWER – LOTS of power. How will they get the “Power” to power those EMP pulses for HOURS on end as wave after wave comes in? If the grid is down how much diesel generation power is needed, does it even exist, … and how much fuel will it suck down for say a 12 hour attack period?

      A new era of warfare is upon us … and what has happened in the past is that when an entirely new weapons system appears initially the defenses are NOT up to the task and the advantage goes to the NEW weapons system. There is no reason to suspect that the history of warfare is going to change in this regards the next time an entirely new weapons system appears in a major war … and cheap drones (not the $100 million per copy, remote controlled US, ones) are what is now on the horizon.

      China using masses of cheap drones in laying the groundwork for it’s actual invasion of Taiwan I think is now a 100% gurantee. Warfare weaponry has AGAIN suddenly changed. WHEN the attack happens look for China to deploy well in excess of 100,000 drones, probably something on the order of 250,000 to 500,000 imo. (even at a cost of $2000 each, which I think it too much, 500,000 drones only adds up to $1 billion dollars – or LESS than the cost of 8 new F-16’s's%20Council%20of%20Ministers%20then,a%20cost%20of%20%241.25%20billion. )

      • The other key on EMP (stop me if this is too obvious) but if you’re a tech country and fabbing 6-layer boards and keep the goods inside the outer ground foils, well not much emp there.
        Moreover, the length of wires is everything in emp – so short wires means no exposure.
        thinking we can beat well designed drones with chem-pumps emps is, well – you know..wishing and hoping…

      • OK, just jam their GPS system so they can’t find the target. I doubt that a $2000 drone has an inertial guidance system or one good enough to do a pin point attack. The logistics of hundreds of thousands of drones doing massed attacks would be a huge undertaking. They would have to come off of ships fairly close to the targets. They would get noticed. How much explosive could such a drone carry? Taiwan probably has their planes in hardened bunkers. I just hope this never plays out as Taiwan may own a couple of nukes from say Israel. Payback can be a bitch!

    • A more realistic appraisal offered here thanks. It is not just a Military equation for China. Attacking Taiwan opens up China to a multitude of headaches. They are so deeply imbedded in Taiwan anyways I think most of the action would take place internally. The drone thing is a bit of a stretch.
      And we do know, the rest of us, who the real enemy is, and is much closer to home.

      • I had a similar thought, along with how many generals that have been replaced in the last 20 or so years.

      • “With our military in pink shoes?”

        Woody You forgot handbags…or man bags and heels lol lol.

    • Lol I seen a commercial for a drone dropping a fishing line over a school of fish..
      It was such a good commercial that I almost ordered one.

      Heres a look at a scarier idea of a drone swarm.

    • That’s a definition of a miracle. Not a lot of conservatives can spell let alone win an argument with anything smarter than a baboon.

  7. I just feel so guilty lately for having less pigment in my skin George. I been going tanning to do my best to fit in and be more socially acceptable.


    Everything is is a buisness model. As was stated. Race isn’t about Race anymore it’s about metrics and measurements in inches, pounds and scales.

    • Get thee some spray-tan. You could be the next ‘orange man’! :-)
      Living in a multi-cultural society as I do, where ‘whites’ are a minority at around 30%, I’m used to being called ‘haole’. Ain’t no ‘white supremacy’ here.

  8. I been himming and hawing about doing that list of hits on ~The Zero Report. ~ issue 0,

    So far I believe we have had 22 hits since it was written.

    And write up the new one.

    I keep getting, “Wait. Patience.” Back from THE DUDE. I keep how much farther Papa Smurf? Today, HE finally answerd and said,End of March. I dont know why I’m supposed to wait that long. HE didnt say. Its above my pay grade which pretty slim lately. Lol. I make mistakes all the time. THE DUDE, Well HE never makes mistakes. HE knows the shit I dont. And i know a little bit. Lol

    Maybe i should get some sorta tracker for how many visitors I get to my site. Nobody ever comments much. Maybe I’m not that interesting? Or maybe I’m doing something wrong. I don’t even know anyone reads anything I write. LMAO. I’m not big on running a promotional campaign. I’m not a politician. lol. I prefer attraction over promotion.

    Maybe I need to revamp my approach? I get a text every blue moon from someone saying, OMG. I love your website. I’m like Ohhhh someone is actually red it. Ha ha ha ha

    And maybe the point isn’t for anyone to read it maybe there is a whole nuther reason. Fck I dont know.

    I spoke Saturday night at this spiritual dinner (couple hundred people) and got a round of applause and few pats on the back had s few soaked panties googley eyed come say hi. There was a dance thing at the place after, and I didnt go. I super like “I dream of Genie” and I dont know how to stop crushing on her.

    I saw Trin became 10^33 (my new cell number) and now he is just Ray. Which was a sock puppet account I used to talked too all the time back in the daze of “The Nobody” theme. Over at GLP..
    But he didn’t know I knew it was him back then. Lol he kept telling me he was friends with some people at the CFR and the loved me. Could be bullshit tho. Haha

    From the what was written in ~ The Zero Report ~ I spose we are right on schedule. Lol

    Good article today bro.

    Cue: ~ Electric Worry ~

    Infinitely NOW. (NOW, NEW ORDER WORLD)
    Bound to happen eventually. I saw it on star trek hahahah

    • “I’m not big on running a promotional campaign. I’m not a politician.”

      With your charismatic charm and rugged good looks. I think all you would have to do is Just put on your tshirt and walk into the head quarters.. you could easily be federally funded through some bill.

      How is it said around here when the old farmers talk about career politicians…when it comes to getting cash for nothing.. they could suck the chrome off a bumper hitch

    • “THE DUDE, Well HE never makes mistakes.”???

      What about humans? You’ve read about what happened to Dinosaurs in the past, perhaps?! ;-)
      Best example for “THE DUDE’s” choices, IMHO.

      • “THE DUDE, Well HE never makes mistakes.”

        And how does anyone know that it is … the dude… for sure.. Lilitha would have been my choice.. a woman that knows her own mind and likes to take charge and do a little cowgirl.. what could I say about that YIPPEE YIYAEEE Ride em Cowgirl… hold off on the spurs
        Its all cycles in my way of thinking.. I think mankind is one of the species that is going to die off during this extinction event.. I think that thought has passed others minds to.. look at a few of the programs.. the colony..
        dual survival
        cody has a great school in arizona
        Naked and Afraid..
        city survival.. all of these shows are quite interesting thinking deeper and the studies done with deep freeze survial with people that weren’t asked or volunteered during the thirties and forties.. I think that maybe there are backers of the show so that they can see if mankind could survive.. there are a few that I think could.. but the vast majority would not..
        I visited with Cody a few years ago and he had made a comment that the reason he got out was they kept putting them in more and more dangerous situations and he made sure they knew his sentiments.. anyway I am just rambling on .. but the cycles are real and whether or not they are planned cycles.. who knows for sure..

  9. I keep thinking about that saying, you are who you associate with. You are the company you keep… I pretty much just hang with God all the time.. I’m extremely private about most stuff. Maybe have a dozen real friends and I dont really talk to them that much. Sometimes I go 3 or 4 days without talking to anyone. Lol. Except God. I talk to Him all the time… and I read alot of books. I’m friends with alot of people who aren’t around anymore, they still talk to me through their words in books. So, I spose I’m friends with Napolian H., Bill W. Jesus, Zoroasta, Krishna, Bhuda, Socrates, Playto, Bill C, Walt W. James F, and few others. Because I read their words all the time.

    I spose I have 3 real people in my life I talk to on the regular. One is the SHG and a couple others.

    Idk. When ya hang out alone alot. Which I like that to a degree.. I dont what that means. Lol

  10. One mans crash is another mans intentional “reorganization”.

    Any time there has been “organic” use of guns in America, Americans lost. Whisky Rebellion. Bonus Army was dispersed. Folk involved during the January 6th capitol visit are being “hunted down” and “brought to justice” one by one and sometimes ratted out by friends and family.

    I doubt a coming war with China. 911 showed American leaders don’t care about us. That means the leaders are in on it. If the leaders were in on that, the leaders will be in on the next reorg.

  11. usual load of lies and psyops from king george . every one of em on the take . every guru in the sewer . all surrounded by prechters rubbish

  12. rick ackerman the only fair dinkum guy left . the only one . have a convention at the ecclesbuilding in washington even all the yellow dog salesman . fly moriarty in with some recipes and dalio with some magic mushies

  13. eh . what a dog gone son of a ????? ????. the lies and garbage ure spewed out for covid . eh . so 4×2 unbeleivable breed

  14. Drones have both GPS and programmability, and highly-accurate gyros. My quadcopter, which retails for under $400, has a nifty feature which lets one use the 11Mp camera to lock onto an object, fixed or moving, and maneuver or close based solely on the optics. This is how car companies acquire the footage to make those neat moving vehicle commercials. It also has a homing “memory,” a max speed of 26kts, a ceiling of 1.5 miles, and a range of 5 miles… And mine is essentially a toy. The real (civilian, hobby) ones are much more powerful, with greatly-extended altitude and range capabilities.

    The real power of a drone swarm is to get them in front of an airplane (or a flight of airplanes) and get sucked into the fan or prop. I’m guessing a bunch of 6-10 pound chunks of polycarbonate and aluminum or titanium would do a number on a prop plane. Y’all KNOW what they’d do to a jet engine. No GPS or explosive payload required. They’d be sacrificial dumb mines, and the ones not sucked-in would return home to be used again…

  15. “to making masses of drones in order to have no airborne interference when (in 2022 or later) they simply conquer Taiwan.”

    Or… think bigger…

    Remember not to many years ago Iran took control over one of our drones and landed it at their airport. What was it twenty something years ago a gent sent me a drone to play with.. it was big heavy and clumsy and had a flight time of five minutes.. a couple years ago I seen one the size of a fly.

    So … the technology is there.. six or seven thousand men on a carrier..carrier wanders into disputed territory ghost carrier all from a drone the size of a quarter.. how many people in a city..
    How long did a sub sit in Sanfran bay without being detected..
    How many containers do we check at the harbors.. oh hell…it wasnt that long ago that the idea of fabricating prosthetics with explosive devices as part of their design.. the patient or the doctor would ever know.. robots that can run 37 miles an hour up stairwells..
    AI a real scary thing..

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