Job Miss Questions, Covid Questions

As we so frequently do, we continue to ask awkward questions about some of the data behind (what passes for) news stories.

Let’s begin with the Jobs report, more properly the Employment Situation Report issued monthly by Labor.  Today’s helping looks like this:

Total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 199,000 in December, and the unemployment rate declined to 3.9 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Employment continued to trend up in leisure and hospitality, in professional and business services, in manufacturing, in construction, and in transportation and warehousing.

More interesting are several side-dishes.  One of which is the CES Birth Death Model.  This little gem is the governments dart toss at what the Gig Economy may be creating with less-than fully employed people writing apps and doing whatever gigs they can find.  Remember, this is an estimate:  And this month it added 72,000 jobs, so about a third of the jobs were estimated into existence.

Biggest sector loss was business services.

One other data point we keep mentioning for historical purposes is the total number of people actually employed which has never made it above the 2018 levels:

Today’s report places employed at 155,975,000.  Which means we are back to where employment was in September 2018.

As highlighted here, the number of people working in Fed 2018 and the number actually working in November of ’21 was essentially the same.  Which means that things like Brandon and Covid have resulted in zero economic progress in…uh…almost four years.

Inquiring Minds

One of our readers asked in the Comments how can government report people leaving jobs en masse one day (BLS – Jan 4: “and total separations
increased to 6.3 million“) and gains in the “offishul” report.

Two answers.

  1. Government lies.  JFK, UFOs, Hunter’s Laptop, Gulf of Tonkin, downwinders, radiation testing – you know the list is too long, but it’s huge.
  2. Churn counts. Classic shopkeeper economy:  Turnover is the whole story.  As long as everyone plays the game, the musical chairs continue. Lay ’em off week 1, hire week 2, report remarkable growth week 3.  That kind of crap.

Vax Court

We have no idea how the bidding for their control files is going, but news that Supreme Court weighs vaccine rules affecting more than 80M | AP News is sure to have upped the bid.

Wonder which Supreme Quirks have pharma stocks?  Bet none of ’em recuse, though.

Nickel on the side?  “Hear me, hear me…”

Not Again! Covid Stats Class

The latest CV-19 stats out of England are a never-ending source of challenge.

For one, because they reveal there is no (as in none, zero, nada) reason to be vaccinating children.  Other than PFG (pure effing greed).  Refer to the two highlights on the right:

As you can see in the lower pair of highlights, the risk of death appears to be 5.77 times higher for Elaine and me (70-79 and unvaxxed) versus our odds of dying with the vax.

This number has been bothering me, since even with CV Rev. 1, our odds of death were only 3 times higher.  So why, then, are the apparent odds getting worse?

The answer is likely a definitional one.  You see, the UK stats clearly state, “Unadjusted with two doses” (and 60-days) [counting cutoff] in the column header.

Several lines of inquiry for the discriminating mind here:

  • Where are the Boosted (3 or more shot) deaths?  (Are they in this?)
  • Second, since we have longer time-scales available, how can we get a longer-reporting window.  Like compare death rates at 90-days, or even better 6-months and beyond?
  • Third, since you can keep a nearly brain-dead body alive a very long time with extreme heroic measures, we would dearly love to know if there is any reimbursement differential offered to healthscare facilities?  In other words, is there any difference in government payment claims for unvaxxed patients versus vaxxed?
  • Are there step time payments?  In other words, any differential in reimbursements for keeping a core going to day 61 before unplugging?

We have a year of data, so WTF?  I’m not trying to be rude, crude, or lewd here.  But there’s insufficient data and far too much guidance.

In my “corporate days” I ran what is essentially “Open Books Management.”  Get all the data out so everyone could see it and draw their own conclusions.  Experience says when you do that, the results improve a lot.

On the other hand, when the odds of dying from no vax are doubling outside statistical expectations, then that – in forensic accounting – is how you spot the rats.

So, where’s the comparative death rate from Shot Day to 6-months?  If there’s a larger than Gaussian Noise differential, hell yes, we’ll do a conventional (Novavax or other) non mRNA prophylactic.  Given the safety data, an actual trial, and no “Can’t sue us” bullshit.  All disclosures in 14-point font instead of micro engraving would be a bonus for those of us over 70 on the clock, but over 100 on the IQ tests.

Statistics and Lawyers

The other major revelation in the ongoing UK reports is how the administration of Covid shots actually increase your odds of getting Covid.

Even this is deficient, though.  Problematically, we have no way of ascertaining how the “deaths per 100,000” is calculated.  Is that deaths per 100,000 of the general UK population, on the one hand, or per 100,000 per specimen date?  It makes a big difference.  General population basis or presented cases?

100,000 on specimen date overstates the vaccine effectiveness dramatically. On a general population basis, it’s improved but also not foolproof.

Still, we think over time CDC/FDA and the “crisis club” will have a bevy of lawyers sorting out what a slipperier “right” definition of “vaccine” is.  “Helps for a short while, but can kill you, too…” might reduce the Government Blunt Force Hype.

Wish we had a real Federal Trade Commission that would look into other branches of government, know what I’m saying?

Medicine is running an unlicensed casino and really ought to be audited as such.  Too damn many of our friends are getting it.  Son G2 had 2 mRNA shots (*as first responders were required) and still got his ass kicked by Covid.

We stand by our early 2020 assessment that this is a bioweapon and a monetization.  Mengele meets Wall St.

One other Covid note:  Prayers, please, for long-time reader Mark in SF who’s double-vaxxed and with the ‘vid now.  See the night sweats discussion in comments.

In Ure’s Shorts

Tipster Linda in Houston thinks The Fed is scaring markets with the triple threat of policy tightening ( explains a lot.  Sadly, over half of America is under IQ 100 by definition, though.

What we really want to know is “Did they get my resume?” Joe Biden may announce nominations for Federal Reserve this week.  I can shuffle, kowtow, and inside trade with the best of ’em. I also pass the “We need easily manipulated, don’t rock the boat, greedsters…” test, too.  For enough money, of course.

Not Climate, it’s weather: Pennsylvania snowfall totals: How much fell in your area? (  Ever notice how modern marketing drives us to understand things we can’t change anyway?  Like Fake Effect snow?  As dumb a use of brain cells as “Desert effect heat…”

Political correctness matters – some places: 7-Eleven Beijing fined US$23,500 for ‘incomplete maps of China’ that ‘wrongly presented Taiwan’,

‘Kraine ‘tude indicator:  Think war can be averted?  Consider this kind of bluster: Blinken says no progress with Russia so long as ‘gun to Ukraine’s head’.  

And here’s something to power sweet dreams for you: When Software Bugs Go Nuclear: Testing a Digital Arsenal.  And you thought simple EMP would be bad?


(Roast Leg of Pork Day)

Some portion (50%?) of Ure’s genetics is Danish.  And while we have been focusing on eating for our genes for a while, days like this are ideal for a little “home genetics” cooking.

In Denmark, roast leg of pork with gravy is a stylish cold weather meal.  Many recipes including one over here for traditional Flæskesteg.

Cooking for your genetics is something you might look into.  Also notice how you can “modify your brain” with cooking.  If I eat the right amount of high purine food, the brain goes into hyper-drive.  Pushed too far, there’s gout, of course.  But that “sweet spot” of brain chemistry is TDF.  Toss on some light pumping for the brain and it’s really author heaven.

Got more work done on the Grow Room this week, including the clear roof panels on.  Next week, the sides and finishing are on the agenda.  More in the ShopTalk Sunday column here.  Tool sluts gather ’round.

New tractor filters and hydraulic fluid are “dribbling in” so to speak.

And day two of having sourdough “starter pancakes” this morning.  I’ll keep you posted on how that little lab project goes.

Off to watch the Dow bust below 36,000.  With no all-time high this week, JanCrash is still on the table.  Maybe when the Ukraine talks (predictably) blow up.

Write when you get rich,

116 thoughts on “Job Miss Questions, Covid Questions”

  1. “Did they get my resume?” Joe Biden may announce nominations for Federal Reserve this week. ”

    PHEW…. Well as far as Covid……(I’m Alive LOL… couple of times I was worried that I wouldn’t be and a couple of times I wished I wasn’t.. but.. woke up.. feel good except for my kidneys hurting like hell… and I was HUNGRY.. I hadn’t eaten in a week..)even the dog quit worrying about me LOL…

    Now.. as for the resume for the Federal Reserve….I think all of us know what is going to happen to the Federal Reserve… would you really want to be the head of it when it tanks and the dollar implodes.. you would go down in History as the guy in charge of the USA Titanic… with what.. five of the wealthiest families in the world going broke that would rather go out and destroy a continent than to see any of their wealth depleted .The riots the lines at the store to get a loaf of bread..( well in reality we already have the food lines.. the difference is they have ebt cards now) It is not going to be a pretty sight..
    Sort of reminds me of a plant I worked in.. the ceo and the exec.. were the ones running it.. then one day someone turned on the electricity to a circuit that head of maintenance was working on.. flipped him down thirty feet to concrete hitting his head.. they were taken to court and got millions for it.. right after that.. there was a guy the plant idiot .. the most he could do is push a cart.. they made him plant manager… so that if something like that ever happened again.. he would be the one dragged through the court system not them..
    this is what that looks like.. we have the plant idiot in charge and he is going to appoint another to be the head of the USA Titanic..Just like he passed the buck so Kammy purebred is the one that is in charge of the worst mistakes ..

  2. The Vaxx is 50/50.

    Get the Vaxx then you don’t have to be concerned about dying because you didn’t get the Vaxx; 50% of the COVID dying concern is gone just like that.

    The Vaxx is so safe Trump, the wife and the boy got the Vaxx…. and many Republicans plan on voting for Trump 3 years from now. They think that way because deep down they believe Vaxx’ed Trump will be alive.

    • Can you name the vaccine Trump got? was it the one the US Army is /has developed? even Phizer has 2 versions 1 approved and one EUA for the anxiety laced brains
      Do you have a link or information as to Mrs Trump or Barron getting a vax? Which one? I am not asking for a friend, I want to know.

      Lets go brain dead Brandon, the teleprompter reading senile pants shitter.
      Will he survive for another 3 years?

      And another one passes, this is the tragedy of the vax’s, everyday people are having heart attacks and many die from this vax. The lame stream media is IGNORING these deaths and heart attacks,, fact.

      By the way,,, Trump pushes pro-choice as to what medical treatment one wants,, he is anti-mandate,, freedom over slavery. Biden is pushing dictatorship mandates,, bait eaters say it is for the good of society. Our Founding Fathers detested this attitude.
      Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.

      “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.

      “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.

      Thomas Jefferson also said:

      “He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them. Thomas Jefferson

      • I don’t know where you’re going with questioning Trump. Trump was on the screens and said he got Vaxx’ed and is boosted-up along with Mel and the boy. It’s common knowledge. Ivanka said she rode the COVID Vaxx needle in a Miami CVS. Is it all true? Can anything be proved in this realm?

        Maybe Trump body doubles are getting shots, syringes are movie props and don’t break the skin, the real Trump’s are tied up in a basement on one of the Antarctic islands – Coronation or Delta or Omicron – and we’re being shown advanced holograms or even CGI of the Clinton’s represented as Trump’s.

        Where do you want to stop? Anything imagined is possible.

        Can you prove you exist outside of our minds?

        Trump said it. Biden or Ted Cruz isn’t telling us “Trump said”. We go by what Trump said. Buit you’re right. Maybe there is no Trump.

      • “He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them.” Thomas Jefferson

        freedom as well as safety are just two (2) words ‘-).

      • “. Ivanka said she rode the COVID Vaxx needle in a Miami CVS. ”

        ya ,,right she goes to CVS, which lame stream media did ya eat that bait from?
        Sorry, I petted your furry backwards, but you are the one that brought up President Trump and family ,,about getting vaxxed and now you off on a tangent about body doubles, movie props and fake shots. All I asked is which vaccine. Can you be adult enough to say “you do not know”?
        Just go blame ‘Q’, you will feel better about yourself.
        Out of work or just unemployable?

        Mr. Choices,, two words have MEANINGS just like when you say, “my mom” words do convey meanings, feelings, intent. You been sucking ‘Out of Work Steve’s’ sour lemon heads candy? just two words.
        So do you now see my point ?
        If words have no meanings, then does life still have a meaning?
        “mom’s cooking” it makes most of US smile, and hungry.
        your Quote “freedom as well as safety are just two (2) words ‘-).”
        Have a good one Mr Choices and BeBest at what ever you choose to do.

      • If the Trump’s are staging getting the Vaxx and boosters what else has Trump staged. Do we pick ‘n choose?

        There’s a link below showing Ivanka getting the Pfizer Vaxx back in April 2021. I really did think this stuff was common knowledge. Like you indicate it could be fake.

        Let’s play with the fake ball. Do you think the Vaxx’er sent the needle into a poster? Movie syringe? Did Barron possibly make the photo on his cell for his big sis? The Trump’s project receiving the Vaxx to the public while secretly not is a nefarious deed; take us somewhere.

        ‘Today, I got the shot!’ Ivanka shares photos of herself getting first Pfizer vaccine at CVS in Miami as she returns to social media for the first time since Trump left the White House

      • Steve thanks for that link, yes that was last April, we started with
        The Vaxx is so safe Trump, the wife and the boy got the Vaxx, then we with to Ivanka, I got turned around with that switch. So No Melania or Barron. I dont know about your fake ball debate, that is a very real POSSIBILITY, after all, Ivanka in a CVS for a vax, I have no knowledge one way or the other if it a fake vax or a real one, but I do question the why would a billionare go to CVS for a Covid vax,, photo op comes to my ever questioning mind set. The Trumps have been careful to not appear as anti-vaxers. Can you imagine the uproar the main steam media would run with endlessly. Ask Joseph Goebbels,
        The attention of the human herd is a powerful tool, for good or bad.
        My questions is about the US Army vaccine, I was wondering if it was used. But your link said Phizer for Ivanka.
        This one has my attention and is the only one I would consider
        There are a lot of people have bad reactions with the jabs, the soccerball shape of Carbon60 has the ability to remove toxins from the human body, so ole’ Darrell’s monkey brain wonders if the soccerball shape of the US Army vax has the ability to repair damage of the Phizer jab. Why did Trump say covfefe way back when?
        SARS-COV-2-Spike-Ferritin-Nanoparticle (SpFN) Vaccine With ALFQ Adjuvant for Prevention of COVID-19 in Healthy Adults
        the above was a link that dissapeared, it is listed at the bottom of the US Army link.
        Anyway, Steve I am sorry if I sound like I have ‘grouchy old white man disease’ (according to my son)

      • “I do question the why would a billionare go to CVS for a Covid vax,, ”

        That is exactly where I would go….
        What was it.. five attempts against him…during his presidency.. the democrats harped day and night on network television twenty four hours a day about how much they hated him and his.. bring jobs back program..
        So seriously.. even now they are still at it… but you don’t hear one word about the thousands of photos and videos posted in public forums and the daughters diary about daddies bath time habits .. the miss handled confidential govt.. documents.. the pandering, pedophilia, extortion, tax evasion, incest, etc etc.. that the present administration has been accused of.. with enough circumstantial evidence that if it was any one else.. we would be spending many years behind bars.. instead not one word.. it is all OK just a business as usual situation…. So.. If I was the presidents daughter.. where would I go..if I wanted the Vaxx… CVS pharmacy in an area of town that a multi billionaire would never visit..
        Trump made some pretty big enemies while he was in.. and everyone is for sale..

    • “Republicans plan on voting for Trump 3 years from now.”

      Well I had the far as trump.. I don’t think they will let him run.. it was 4 years of Hell day and night blathering about how much they detested him..
      Instead look what they adopted and put in office.
      The other thing is he is th o old.. it’s been so badly handled that believe we are beyond the tipping point.. I don’t think theres enough cash taxes to pay the interest on the deficit much less turn it around..the nation let the politicians screw the country with their over zealous goals to acquire gifts in a pay to play setting.
      Would you want the job.. I sure wouldn’t..I th junk the puppeteers should have it.. they run it all anyway

  3. George, it’s Friday and I want to spend less time today worrying about shit I can’t do anything about and more time acting on things that I can do something about.

    That brings me to this question: Did you get a recipe for sourdough pancakes? I’m feeling like a fabulous Sunday morning breakfast could be had if I get started today. Who knows? It might even get me laid…

    • It seems that you’ve actually found one good reason to learn to cook. I’ve avoided it as much as possible all my life.

      • That reminds me, I should have paid more attention when my mom (God bless her soul) was cooking.

        My advice to the YOUNGSTERS

      • George, as a dedicated tool slut, I would have thought you’d have bought a sous vide machine by now. For a long time I was convinced it was faddish nonsense. Then my wife bought me one of the cheaper models of stick circulator(no wifi or blue tooth about $50) With 36 hours set to med rare temp chuck roast turns into a cross between prime rib and fillet. we ran into a sale on whole pork loins at under $1.70/lb. If you run the machine for 18ish hours at 133 degrees you get a seriously juicy and unbelievably tender (fully pasteurized) piece of meat. I am still working on getting the time and temp for chicken dialed in. Of course after cooking you have to do a “reverse” sear but all the other work has already been done. Then you have a window of time(plus or minus an hour or two_ to get the rest of dinner done, do the sear and sit down and eat. Next to the probe thermometer, this has changed our eating more than any other kitchen device. I have seen claims that it is very energy efficient but not having a “kill a watt” I can neither confirm nor deny. I will say that there is some learning curve to dialing in ones own preferences for the level of how well done you like your meat.

      • I love my sous vide cooker..make sure to get a searzall.. I actually have 2 of I got by accident..put a low 15 dollar bid and got it..

    • Yo G, a couple of kitchen tips I learned from my mother. Add a peeled and shredded apple (honey crisp, granny smith) to you favorite pancake mix. Always fried with bacon grease in a well-seasoned cast iron skillet. She also taught me to use 50/50 olive oil and butter when pan frying, imparts great flavor, and raises smoking point of the butter. Works exceptionally well on soft-shell crabs and pan fried oysters. Bon Appetit!

  4. Prayers, please, for long-time reader Mark in SF who’s double-vaxxed and with the ‘vid now – Hmm, it could not be because of the Vaxx?? Of course it is. I feel sorry for him that he was bambouzzled by the NWO crowd that wants this agenda carried out – bioweapon, extraordinary profits to a very small minority, and lastly genocide. If you are constantly looking to the government stats, you will have a very hard time constructing the true narrative as there is a huge amount of obfuscation in the ‘numbers.’ The numbers ‘MAY’ be of some use if you start with the assumption that you were lied to from the very beginning of a very simple psyop – very simple in it’s conception, not operation.

    Oh, the governments of the world are fighting fiercely to prevent the 800 pound guerrilla from coming out, but they will eventually lose the battle – somehow, the truth just emerges no matter how hard one suppresses it – whether it’s the Tonkin Gulf, 911, JFK, the phony wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and now trying to whip up a large shooting war in Ukraine – they all get exposed for the total lies that they are.

    Quite unfortunately, there is still a core crowd in the countries of the world that wants to buy the governments/MSM narrative. The sad thing is that it may cost them their lives.

    • “they all get exposed for the total lies that they are.”

      They all ARE exposed already for the total lies that they are, and little happends excempting “complaing about issues that the majority finds O.K. or even desirable.” ;-((

  5. George,
    My son and I had the virus back in Dec. 2019 which was not announced yet in the states. At that time we did not know what it was other than it was NOTHING like we had ever had before. He was 28 and I was 66, neither of us were totally bedridden. He was over it in about 7 days and it took me about 7 weeks before I was a back to normal. Later we found out that many of the natural herbs and homemade tinctures that we take ( my wife makes them) have properties that were found to fight the virus. I know that is why I survived. My wife never did get the virus. We will NEVER take the false vaccine and I will NEVER get tested either. there is something very wrong with this entire scamdemic and I think we will be seeing the true reason’s pretty soon and if it is as suspected pretty mind boggling and most will never understand until they are on their death bed that they were scammed into death. One final note, The dem’s will loose their power hold in the midterm elections and then the next president elections, so what will be their end game to stay in power? Bringing our country to its knees will bring on much chaos and rioting then MARTIAL can be declared and then ALL elections will be suspended until the martial law has been stopped, so in essence they can stay in power indefinitely. I believe that is their devious insane plan.

    • This is interesting. I got original covid at the same time – Dec, 2019, after a car rescue adventure for a friend. I’d driven nearly non-stop from the east coast back to NM. There was a totally unwarranted traffic stop at about the halfway point with no ticket, no request for search, and very quick and polite. Of course I had out of state plates, and my gut tells me that’s when I got exposed. Those kinds of traffic stops would be ideal for quickly spreading the virus far afield.

      My case was textbook, though I was fully functional for the duration. No doctors or hospitals – just hanging out at home and doing whatever work I felt up to. It resolved and I didn’t think much of it until it started showing up on the net. Since then, it’s been total hysteria. The first rule of medicine is to do no harm, and this hysteria has done great harm. Best government is least government in most cases, so they’re to blame also. IMHO, both parties are corrupt and the lefties are borderline insane too. Freedom is the the ultimate ideal for many of us, and control over others is never warranted except when they clearly violate our rights. The entire covid fiasco has been a tale of corruption, power tripping, and insider dealing. I hope and pray that the Stupremes will do their duty and put Brandon in his place. Whether or not that happens is yet unknown.

      My hopes and prayers for Mark and his family. I don’t agree with his politics, but he’s groping his way through life as are the rest of us. Perhaps we’ll all leave this life with a drop or two more wisdom than we arrived with.

    • At the very beginning of Feb 2020 I had what my Doc now thinks is the original Covid. I think I picked it up while in California – Huntington Beach with side trips to Newport Beach and then to LA to see the Tar Pits and Art Museum. I am thinking I picked it up at the Tar Pits … you know those Dinosaurs, still trying to get rid of those pesky humans millions of years later. It’s obviously those Dinosaurs’ fault!! (if you haven’t been you have to GO – really neat place, and yep those Tar Pits, actuall Lake, are STILL bubbling away after millions of years)

      I had the “Long Covid” variety and was not totally back up to physical speed for over 5 months and my memory and thinking skills are STILL not back up to where they were in Jan 2020 (though slowly better month by month – going to try Prevagen now).

      It whipped my ass physically for about a month, would get very winded and have to rest after going up one flight of stairs before the recovery really got going. Since my Doc didn’t know what it was initially, nobody suspected Covid at the time and nobody know how to treat it even if it was suspected, he treated it as a very bad sinus infection with a Z Pack and I always use aspirin anyway so I was also taking aspirin. As it turns out that was about the best early treatment that existed since aspirin has subsequently been shown to cut the risk of ICU or Death by about 45% (ie: all the related blood issues), and Zithromycin seems to prevent it from getting heavily into the lungs if started early.

      Basically sickest I have been my entire adult life, but never sick enough to even contemplate going to the hospital.

      fwiw I think I had Omicron about 2 weeks ago, unbelievable headache for about 1 day, possibly the worst I have ever had, with my temp going up about 1+ degree … and 48 hours later felt just fine. I HAVE been vaccinated with Novavax which is reported to be doing very well even without a booster against the Omicron variety – MUCH better than either of the mRNA’s or the DNA vaccines per the so far limited studies.

      Hope Marks gets well soon. Covid IS real, forget the idiots saying it isn’t, and for some people it IS a really hard disease. IF you have any of the comorbidities (age, weight, any immune system compromise, diabetes etc.) it can EASILY become a deadly disease. Keep taking your daily baby aspirin, vit D/B/C and zinc is my recommendation!

    • “The dem’s will loose their power hold in the midterm elections and then the next president elections, so what will be their end game to stay in power?”

      I think it’s to late already… it doesn’t matter who gets into office.. the Democrats have been trying to kite the economy.. the big issue is.. were there checks and balances with the trillions.. where DID the trillions go why haven’twe seen it at work. We know that 35 to 40 billion a month went into parents with children.. out of trillions where was the rest spent.. was it spent wisely.. or was it passed off to large donors and their companies..

  6. Supreme Court

    The article says, “nearly 207 million Americans, 62.3% of the population, are fully vaccinated, and more than a third of the country has received a booster shot, including the nine justices.”

    * “including the nine justices.” In a more perfect world doesn’t that mean they must recuse themselves? The Court is as biased as can be.

    Also, there is no doubt since they are government employees they are REQUIRED to be vaccinated. Or be fired? So much for ‘conservative’ Constitutionalism.

    The “justices” have already made the decision that the government has the authority and inoculations provide essential healthcare to the public.

    With all those vaccinations how can Covid even exists, how can so-called infections be increasing by the millions? (Ure’s UK data table helps explain it.

    Subtract the student aged cohort (56,000,000) who don’t get impacted and the data is even further skewed. The old timers on the Court are helped by the inoculations. No one else.

    And Sotomayor has taken it yet another step, she’s a mask bandit.

    ” The court said Friday that Justice Sonia Sotomayor would not be on the bench with her colleagues, opting instead to take part remotely from her office at the court. Sotomayor, who has had diabetes since childhood, has been the only justice who wore a mask to previous argument sessions in the courtroom.”

    • The scrotum court has a pass on getting the jab, as per China joe. Saying you got the jab and getting the jab are two different things. FJB!

    • “The article says, “nearly 207 million Americans, 62.3% of the population, are fully vaccinated,”

      Which is amusing because a week before Christmas, the number of “fully vaccinated” in the U.S. was “233 million, with an additional million being vaccinated every week.”

      Biden’s gonna have to strap a 2×4 across his heinie before his next conference with Fauci, who has obviously pulled 26mln people out’n his ass over the past three weeks.


      Does ANYONE have actual, factual numbers on this damn’ bioweapon, or has everything COVID-related been propagandized?

  7. I am not religious but you have my positive thoughts Mark on your recovery. I was sick over xmas for 2 days felt like awful cold, then 3 days of feeling weak but could do everything I wanted, though would get winded. Wife has has a worse run, and had ongoing cough for almost 1 week now. She is not as fit and clearly in the overweight category. This virus certainly attacks the overweight. She knows this logically, but making a lifestyle change is tough for her. I had 2 phizer and she 2 maderna, kids (both fit) had 2 phizer and had several days of minor cold symptoms.

    Hopefully Mark has one of the minor runs of this and recovers quickly. Though I disagree with many of his political positions, I like the perspective he brings, and no matter someones vaccine or other political positions, I don’t get any satisfaction from anyone getting sick.

    When do we stop calling these things vaccines, but instead prophylactics, which can still be valuable, but nothing like what we have historical known as protection against getting and spreading a particular virus. Best case now days is less impact from infection.

    • “When can we stop…”

      thing is, we’re dealing with govt here. Not a rational, accountable being. A 55-gallon drum of porridge for brains.
      Hard to find responsive porridge.

    • Prophylactic – acting to defend or prevent something, especially dis-ease; protective.
      defending or preserving from disease.

      Pray tell how the memoryRNA toxic spike protein prevents anything> People Are dying from the vaxx(chemical cocktail).

      – “designed” to cut Humanity off from Source..


  8. True, dis…

    There was a Nice Lady worked at a nearby office. Late thirty-something. Well liked. One noontime, she headed out to the great deli one-quarter mile away to bring back sandwiches.

    Her car had a Very Bad Accident with a beer truck, and she was killed. One quarter mile away. Less than fifteen minutes out.

    Moral: you can be mushing your way through a very mundane day, and… …that’s it — you’re off the playing field with zero notice.

    “Live each day…” etcetera, etcetera.

    Happens all the time.

    • “Live each day…”

      Yup.. it doesn’t matter how many numbers are on your sheet of paper .what toys you have..
      The moral of the the sandwich before you drive down the road..
      The true blessings innm life are the simple blessings..

  9. All governments lie when it suits their purposes. Everything’s either a business model or a conspiracy or both.
    So why are you guys burning all those brain cells, bytes and pixels quoting, dissecting, speculating and bitching about some government data about anything. You don’t trust what they’re saying anyway. GIGO.
    I know we need to pass the time around the cracker barrel until our time here is up, but can’t we find something more productive?
    Tool Time Sundays and the pancake and cocktail recipes are a good start. How about a lively discussion of the Kama Sutra?
    Oh well. Y’all seem to enjoy it so much, so bitch away guys. I’m due for a nap.

    • Thank you for that refreshing perspective! The sun is shining…think I’ll go rake some leaves and feed the birdies.

  10. This was so damn predictable wasn’t it? The same people that were lined up for hours and having fist fights to get a life time supply of toilet paper 2 years ago are now lining up for hours in freezing temperatures to get rapid COVID test kits that are 40% accurate and going to the hospital emergency room for a COVID test when they get the sniffles. (I know Mrs. Finnegan, it is a run on sentence, sorry).

    God help us when a food shortage comes!!

  11. When they call the genetic injections “experimantal” they really mean it!
    UK software developer Craig Paardekooper based in Chelsea London downloaded the VAERS data on the C19 genetic injections. VAERS is the CDC adverse event reporting system where adverse events from various vaccines are reported.
    The data included adverse events from the J&J, Moderna and Pfizer injections. This video shows what he found when he analyzed the data by batch number. Prepare to have your mind blown.

    If you go to Craig’s Bitchute channel he also has a video that takes you step by step how to get this data from vaers and set up the pivot tables.

  12. A lot of people trust the Media to be the Data. I have reasons not to believe anyone. Once upon a time, we were going to be given the facts … then they pushed it out 55 years … now another 25 years ?? Com’on man !!

    All those questions you have are legit and, everyone wants to know the answers. Truth is, if they’re making money on it they’re doing it. If they aren’t making money, they aren’t doing it. Ethics went off the table a long time ago.

    We’ve had covid 3 times here. We aren’t vaxed, we just fight it off.

    My feelings about those responsible for all this? They can go to hell.

  13. This is over when people stop going to the doctor with sniffles and getting tested.

    In the UK, death rates are lower than at any time during the pandemic. Meanwhile cases of omicron are thru the roof. This is good news.

    Regarding vaxx safety – they tested these vaccines. But… they didn’t test boosters, or a third full round of shots did they? How could they. Have you seen any official studies for the safety/efficacy of boosters? So when they say these are safe, they are talking about an entirely different test.

    Worrying what they are called, vaccines or whatever, is just word-thinking. When you get down to arguing the meaning of a word you are being played. Stop with that and deal with what people call vaccines. It puts you on the same mental playing field as those who may disagree with you. Arguing definitions just keeps understanding at bay. Might make you feel smart or strong but it’s meaningless, pardon the pun.

    • Our local governess is sending out two free tests per household, or so I’m told. I never took a test and don’t intend to. Brandon is bragging about sending the equivalent to everyone in the country. I suppose I could sell the tests on Ebay, or just give them to friends, though the latter would probably not be doing them any favors. I can only imagine that sending these stupid things out randomly is for the purpose of keeping the charade going, since most people will probably only use them if the get a sniffle or more. Truly healthy people would have no incentive to use them unless some entity mandated a negative test.

      • ‘Stupid sister’ just sent me a text. Free Covid tests available at local hospital for the next two hours today! Check it out!

        Whatever for? I’m not sick, and don’t plan to be. Last thing I want is a ‘false positive’ to start a disruptive quarantine & monitoring sequence.

    • The crap they’re pushing is SO far away from actually BEING a vaccine, they had to change it’s very definition.
      So, no, it’s NOT a vaccine, and we need to stop calling it that. Let’s not make anything easier for these murderers and low lifes.

  14. If your happy and you know it clap your hands !! Clap clap !!! If your happy and you know it take a kill shot !! F off

    • Hey down unda Dude – U gotz any profitable, well run Uranium Miners/Producers down there you can “vouch ” for ? all over Cameco(CCJ) like white on Rice, but looking for smaller playerz who make $$$ and could be acquired by larger playa..

      Thanks & keep wanking – enjoy LD the most!

  15. Hey G, what’s your source (link) to the 2nd chart “double the rate?”

    I need to spread that around a little.


  16. buy gold short guts everything else !! death to facists death to the FED death to markets .. they can metaverse their ass and sheetcoin themselves .. let the force guide you jedi . the force be with you

  17. “They think that way because deep down they believe Vaxx’ed Trump will be alive.”

    Of course he’ll be alive. He’s tougher than the virus, the vax, and the devil himself.

  18. I have rather grave concerns about the current case in the S.C. If, via some convoluted “logic”, these so-called judges claim that the Brandon “mandate” is legal, a significant percentage of our critical industry employees may simply quit. I would if I was one. Personal autonomy is worth far more than a job to many of us.

    Transportation workers are key. Lots of talk is about truckers, but what about railroad employees? Trains are already running with minimal crews and get consistently longer. Unlike a truck that could cause a local disaster and take out a highway bridge, a train may carry the equivalent of 200 times this payload – perhaps more. There could be many cars full of diverse hazmat loads and could easily take out a town or community, so there are a few, very highly experienced crew entrusted with this risk, and they’re well paid. They tend to retire early, as soon as their retirement benefits kick in. If even 10% of these folks retired or quit, we’d be paralyzed as a nation. There’s no real redundancy – you can learn to drive a truck in a month, but would you trust a 100 car train with six locomotives to someone with a month’s training? The same is true for container crane operators at the ports, and many other highly specialized skillsets. I’ve not even mentioned pilots who have the additional risk of many rapid atmospheric pressure changes. Let’s not forget captains and crew of ships, boats, and tugs, without which they would remain in port.

    A corollary question might be: “How will this potential decision affect my portfolio?”. I’ll leave that one to better financial minds. Bear in mind that this hearing was scheduled for a Friday, probably by design, so any decision could largely avoid the immediate news cycle.

    There’s no valid public or medical reason for these mandates. There are many political reasons, and the Stupremes are a political bunch, most of whom have been employed in the public sector their entire lives and have few/no personal consequences for these decisions.

  19. sheetcoin insertion in rear mouth .. goldie sarks reckons golds finished sheetcoin rules !! prepare to die siths the great jedi are eternal . one more final big battle !!!!!!!!!! bring it on turds

  20. Texas as innovator? Check this out:

    This is good! (for India)

    Texas is home base for SpaceX research(until the FAA started slow walking), and has a strong high tech sector.

    We now have the Corbevax, which uses a traditional protein subunit that’s NOT amplifying endogenously. Not available here, of course. It’s got a longer history than the Novavax for development and for some reason our own FDA has not encouraged either of these two as alternatives to the rather useless amplifying vaxxes that we’re currently being coerced into using. Does anyone dare call it “corruption”? I’m sure they have a good excuse.

  21. This Kazakhstan thing is a great distraction for the lobotomised worm Biden . Like the only thing I know from there is borat

  22. I would love to see the data on those who treated at home., compared to those who were hospitalized. Severity, Duration, Deaths.., No way to get those numbers, but it would be an interesting read. I Mask+ protocols – vs – ICU treatments. Yeah., I’d like to see that.

  23. George to partially help in one of your quests I submit the following link:
    43 flatbread recipes for your enjoyment. I was watching the food channel
    last night and this was on. Also the next show was about dates, edible type,
    So enjoy experimenting with the gastrointestinal flora and fauna. A DDgo search for the term “world of flat breads” should keep you in the kitchen for at least a week.
    For FED you have my vote just make sure you aren’t left holding the empty bag when the music stops.
    On preps: When was your water closet installed? Mine is about 18 years single piece type. Has 4 screw flapper type that is not purchase at a big box. Factory only. Therefore you should have spare parts to fix the beast so the complaint dept. says they can’t sleep at night. Another fine example of prepping at its finest!
    Stay Warm,
    Jeff, in the deep South but not deep enough.
    P.S. The Shallot pancake looked very tasty.

  24. Hello everyone — lest I be misunerstood be some. My previous post about “words” has many diverse facets of interpretation. ONE of mine is that “if one does not see appropiate action and/or reality to them, they remain just words. As “in the beginning was the word” and that word was followed by ACTION. Keep talking W/O action ! ;-)


    “He who gives his freedom for safety gets none of them.” Thomas Jefferson

    Freedom as well as Safety are just two (2) words ‘-).

  25. Hi George,
    I have been reading your column since the late 90’s and have really enjoyed each day.
    I had a WooHoo last night about the White Horse. Wondering if anyone else has? Maybe Andy?

  26. how did yah hold onto the piece of sheet the market . the metaverse !!!!!!!!!! a fuckerberg dream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. It’s quarter past Midnight +/-over in Kiev Ukraine, Saturday, January 8, 2022.

    Now what? The penguin didn’t see ICBMs, maybe next year.

  28. I’ve been cooking with sour dough for as long as I can remember. I learned from my maternal grandmother who died at 104 yrs old in 2001. Best pancakes ever. No milk. No commercial yeast.
    She used to say “I’ll make the pancakes, you supply your own rock.” (To keep them from floating off your plate.)

  29. Brilliant George. It felt like I was having a Louis Black moment there when reading:

    Ever notice how modern marketing drives us to understand things we can’t change anyway? Like Fake Effect snow? As dumb a use of brain cells as “Desert effect heat…”

  30. And here I was thinking LD was just a mouthy chatbot that has mastered the art of stream-of-consciousness invective.

  31. Comrades,

    Woke up this morning and looked at the front page of the newspaper. More 1/6 stuff with the bold font headline – “Trump Spun ‘Web of Lies’: Biden”. And there was a picture of the distraught man himself, weeping into a handkerchief, as acting president-like Mrs. Harris spoke at the Capitol. When was the last time you saw Mssrs. Putin & Xi sobbing as their veeps made a speech. Good grief.

    Still, it was more of a news day than earlier in the week when the newspaper editor put a perogie mishap event below the fold on the front page. Yes, a local retired judge had sent family down east a holiday parcel of freshly made perogies by an air cargo establishment advertising overnight delivery. The shipment took several days to arrive. The perogies were inedible due to spoilage, and the courier refused the judge’s request for refund. I guess it cost less for him to get front page news coverage than to hire a good lawyer. Regrettably this reader holds little sway over spoiled perogies. However rest assured that the report has been steered to the kitty litterbox folder for further study.

    Not sure what tomorrow will bring. Hopefully the Australian border forces release or deport the unvaccinated, detained Serbian tennis pro before Serbia sets off another global fracas.

    And now back to DJ Ure spinning an old chestnut from The Big Chair: Everybody wants to rule the world by Tears for Fears!

  32. Study: Vaccines don’t stop covid outbreaks (and actually cause more of them)

    New research published in the European Journal of Epidemiology has found that mass “vaccinating” people for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) is not helping to stop the continued outbreaks. Even though governments and vaccine corporations claim that the injections are the best tool currently available to “stop the spread,” the data shows that the areas being hardest hit by new “variants” and waves of disease and death are those that have the highest injection rates.

      • that is interesting, that you prefer censorship to free speech, but yet approve of the judge forcing the FDC to speed up the release of the censored ‘via ultra slow release’ of information.
        How would you like it if the phone companies censored you for what you are allowed to communicate over your phone? or the Post Office read your mail and decide if it is allowed? Facebook has government protection that they use against,,, we the people. Authoritarian communists use censorship as a main weapon! to control the human herd,, off to the feedlot,, I mean the interment camps
        I found Mike Adams and George Ure both back in the 1990s

        “When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” – Tyrion Lannister

      • You use every discredited far-Left “source for your trolling, and call me on “Natural News…?”

        Go fix your own issues, troll…

      • Beyond repair, warranty expired, use-by date passed… I’ve given up. Pigs can’t be taught to sing, after all.

        Nor can they grok data. Public time sink.

      • Ye will know dem by their wordz & workx.

        Evil is as evil does, believes/beliefs.

        WTF is a bilge pipe?

        Cited above news sources Can and Will Save Ure bacon from the proverbial frying pan.

        Sourcebook – Facebook- fuckerburged via mossad.

        farcebook = the ankle grabbers source for things Newz.

      • Thanks BCN. I meant as a 11-year liveaboard serious sailing capt. sort (but I considered the source).
        Sine ewe brought it up, the “bilge pipe” may refer to the holding tank pump out (usually on deck) where the SaniTug comes along side and sucks the poo water (black water) out. Discharge of gray water (tooth brush spittle and dishes) is still OK and hasn’t been blamed for causing global warming yet.

        Though among liberals not so sure the bilge pipe isn’t a crack pipe for smoking shit…


    This is incredibly unsurprising for those paying even a minimal amount of attention to the situation we are all living through right now. The CEO of Moderna, who makes one of the mRNA shots the ruling class continues to push on everyone else says a fourth shot or second booster will be needed. Stephane Bancel on Thursday said people may need a fourth shot of the coronavirus vaccine in Fall 2022. Line up for endless injections, slaves!


    “While, under normal conditions, maintaining democracy and rights is typically compatible with guaranteeing safety, in emergency situations, conflicts between these two aspects of legitimacy can and often do arise. A salient example of this is the COVID-19 pandemic, during which severe limitations on free movement and association have become legitimate techniques of government. Climate change poses an even graver threat to public safety. Consequently, I argue, legitimacy may require a similarly authoritarian approach.”

    • Commies poppin up all ovah. We gotta kill you to save you. Who the ‘fs are these people who can’t comprehend basic science?

      Reduce lifestyles voluntarily (our track – more in PN this morning) – that’s the answer.

      • That will happen anyway when the Commies take over George. Sheeple with short memories always forget that when they hop on the Leftist wagon with promises of power down the road. Instead, they wind up in a hole out in the middle of nowhere. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    • The Cambridge study is from communists. The article is from FEE, a libertarian organization that does its best to combat communism and authoritarianism while educating people about the value of the free market.

    • It does make me sad that a school I have a lot of respect for has such a study done.. We cannot change climate change.. it comes whether or not we want it to.. if everyone stopped using carbons today.. the CO2 would still continue to rise for fifty plus years.. just like printing trillions of dollars on an account that doesn’t have any money in it.. it is over the hump.. we should be green scaping cities.. putting up solar and wind ( small solar and small wind) every substation should have a solar tower.. work your way back to the power plant.. co2 filters on lamp posts.. ( it takes what 14 trees to compensate for one auto.. and seven trees to compensate for every human.. ) promote small wind and solar to all home owners and business owners
      Step 1: Creepy sexual fetish or one that exalts you to great power
      Step 2: Advertise as Peace or for your own good
      Step 3: ? enjoy those suckered into reacting to your stupid idea
      Step 4: Profit

      • ” if everyone stopped using carbons today.”

        The planet, and everything above, on, or in it would die.

        “we should be green scaping cities”

        Existing foliage is already dangerously close to asphyxiating, and you want to plant more…?

        LOOB, that there is some creepy crap. For Heaven’s sake, don’t forward the link to the White House…

      • Wow! I lived in the greater NYC area for far too long and never found a scene where girls were that open! It’s sad to think of the opportunities lost. Now things are very different – living in solitude for the most part without seeing anyone most days of the week. At least I can get some work done.

        Men plan and God laughs.

  35. Does anyone know of a recipe for affordable homemade keto bread? I understand that it’s available in some markets, but never bought any. I’m not sure how it’s made or what it contains, but it would be a useful thing to know in bad times. I don’t generally cook or bake if I can help it, but this has my attention.

    • Bear in-mind, you can use campfire ash in place of soda, and 150 years ago, using home-spawned yeast and “soda ash” was a common means of baking bread, and creating a family’s sourdough starter…

      • Hoyt Axton wrote “Joy to the World”Jeremiah was a bullfrog” 3 Dog Night made it well heard,, same same,, Willie and Patsy, writer and singer , Ure both correct, Kris and Janis
        Hoyt starred in ‘Gremlins’ as the dad

  36. “Not Climate, it’s weather: Pennsylvania snowfall totals: How much fell in your area? Ever notice how modern marketing drives us to understand things we can’t change anyway? Like Fake Effect snow? As dumb a use of brain cells as “Desert effect heat…”

    No, unlike “bomb cyclones” etc., “Lake-effect snow” is an actual thing. It is very fine, swirly, almost like dust, yet somehow accumulates at an insane rate. It is caused, not by the moisture, but by the comparative warmth, of the Great Lakes. It is the reason Cleveland gets 30″ of snow in a typical winter, and Ashtabula, just down the road, gets 130″– or West Point gets 5′ when Syracuse gets 19′. Lake effect snow goes away for the season when the Lakes freeze, so it’s primarily a November to early February thing. It is also the reason Michigan and New York have amazing Highway Departments. When that stuff starts falling at 2-6 inches/hr, and can do so for 2-3 days straight, ya gots ta have kickass plow trucks & crews. I drove through the Lower Peninsula of Michigan (Ft. Wayne to Traverse City, thence Knoxville, TN) in February, a few years ago. The day I was there, the temperature was -29°F and the snow was 26 FEET(!) on the level. The roads I was driving were clear & dry. I didn’t have an issue until I got to the KY-TN border on I-75…

  37. Kris (RIP) wrote “Me & Bobby McGee’, the South’s Most Loved Liberal ‘thought Obama was the most hopeful thing since the Kennedys’:

    Kris on Obama:

    A lot o’ ‘Cheatin Hearts’ out there, many cowboy booters are Liberals !!

    Kris also wrote ‘Jesus was a Capricorn’, ‘most of us hate anything we don’t understand’

    lyrics to Jesus was a Capricorn:

    live performance by Kris:

    • “A lot o’ ‘Cheatin Hearts’ out there, many cowboy booters are Liberals !!” of course they are — They miss the “good old days” when their ancesters owned slaves.

      It has to suck really hard, to have to find mindless, ignorant, stupid, and burned-out court jesters and communist writer wannabees to foist their opinion so you’ll know what you believe. I feel sorry for you…

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