Climate? VLSR is the Answer

A quarter century back, I committed to an “ethical lifestyle.”  Today, an update on its progress and evolution.  (Voluntary Lifestyle Reduction.)

However, first, we need to roll through some (additional, foolish) sheep fodder.  Fed people – dumbed-down folks – who don’t have the brains God gave chickens.  Or, they would have figured out there is a simple change of mindset (along with minor tweaks in government) that could ensure the long-term survival of the species.

Which we will high board into right after some headlines and a most interesting ChartPack set-up ahead of the Monday Ukraine pains to come.

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42 thoughts on “Climate? VLSR is the Answer”

  1. One of the things that contributes to my sense of a balanced and correct
    [effort-stress] level, is a sense of when something is “enough.”

    Other than some demented concept of keeping score, “enough” is (can be) truly enough. “More” is not more if one is just constantly spinning up plates on sticks, frantically working at keeping them all spinning — for who knows what Real Reason That Actually Matters.

    77,000 miles in my 2007 Dodge Caravan, for example. Rear-most seats folded away in their floor pockets, a four-foot by four-foot plywood “pick-up truck” in the back, with six wooden wine crates to baffle rolling cargo. (All quickly removable for special missions.) It’s “enough.” It suits my needs perfectly. I don’t need a better car. Car’s damn-near mechanically as perfect as any old, carefully maintained car can be. No body rot. Doesn’t look-feel “worn” or “tired.”

    I’ve got The Knack, so my devices all look and work as if they were clean and new. Because they ARE clean, and work properly. (Thanks to some effort.)

    This applies to almost everything in my world.

    It’s… …enough.

    It frees me from any feeling of envy or need, and saves me a lot of money.

    It grants… …Peace.

      • “what those seeking “wealth” are really after.”

        (IS MORE) I actually had an in depth conversation on this subject with a member of the B club.. of course he is really laid back.. doesn’t really care about the money for him it is the ability to figure out the next best thing.. nice guy.. with others that I have met in my past.. is that
        they will never be satisfied there will never be enough..
        how much is enough. for myself.. it is making the electric bill paying the utilities buying groceries.. and a buck or two for a special project.. for some they want to dominate .. YET.. even with their desire to be the king of the mountain or they want to compensate for some other part of them they feel is lacking.. there will never be true happiness or enough of anything…. they fear having someone get to close because they may want what they have so they pretty much isolate themselves..many are like our old president.. that are Narcissist ( not to the point they are like the Donald.. but they think much like he does just on a lesser scale.. )….my old buggy has three hundred thousand miles on it.. it is me.. old lots of miles still has a good engine and the will to keep on going..for me its enough..
        the really sad part about that from my perspective.. is no matter how much someone has.. if they have the desire for more and nothing can quench that MORE thirst.. they could walk right by someone that could use their hand up all while they are fully capable of giving a hand up and not loose a thing…. and never even give it a second thought.. what was the parable.. the woman that gave her all..
        they are so consumed for MORE that they can’t see the places that MORE could give a hand..
        my fathers boss was one that knew all of his employees.. he seen them all as a member of his family.. he was loved by all of them.. most employers don’t have a clue who works for them much less they needs.. this was the destruction of a lot of societies.. and it will be the death of ours.. we pile the most on the fewest and they are unlike those of the past generations..

    • Paid 600 in auto insurance a year these last 4 years doing less than 400 miles a year. And repairs, registration and polution tests.???

      • I’m very frustrated by this insurance nonsense too! I have three cars on the road, including the van, and that’s a lot of wasted insurance money for one driver that does less than 1k miles/month. I try to drive all of them at least every two weeks, but they all have different mission profiles and functionality. I’d register at least three more if it wasn’t for the stupid insurance. There’s no good reason not to insure drivers rather than cars. That way, the number of cars registered wouldn’t matter.

        It seems most insurance companies will only take risks that an individual can afford to take.

      • LOOB, I have a ’30s vintage pickup, a 1950 Jeepster, and an old Buick.

        They are EMP-proof and function as they should.

        I am paying less than $18/year for each of them, for PL/PD/UM/MED/Collision/Comp and ridiculously low deductibles.

        I am required to not exceed 2500 miles per calendar year, in each of them.

        According to the AIA, any 30yo vehicle can be considered an “antique.” Virtually any “antique” or “collectible” MV is eligible for “antique vehicle insurance.”

      • Does your insurance company know you’re doing less than 400 miles? Many give discounts for 3,000 and under per year.
        For NM Mike: there’s a car insurance company out there that you can turn on and turn off the insurance. I didn’t look in to it very much because, knowing my luck, I’d forget to turn it on before driving one day. We’re running around $425 for a car and $640 for a pickup. Gave the other cars to the kids. Better than double that per vehicle when we had a business. Spent over $20,000 per year for 25 years for insurance of all sorts. Sure would like to get some of that back. “Captive Insurance companies” are interesting.

    • Well said William.

      The best thing that happened to me when I quit chasing financial wealth, was peaceful and restorative sleep. Money can’t buy that.

      George never mentions having a suitcase full of money in his book “Packing to Die.” We go out with the same financial riches we came in with. True wealth is what we give away when we were here.

      • “George never mentions having a suitcase full of money in his book “Packing to Die.”

        LOL that is so true BIC… and in the end..In the USA it will go to Brandon and his son LOL LOL LOL what good did having so much actually get them.. they could have lived an exceptional life with less.. LOL
        I have very little but I feel I am truly blessed.. I cannot imagine what more would feel like.. I actually had this discussion a week ago with a young lady.. we were talking about buying a lottery ticket..What would you do with it all if you had won… you definately would never use it all.. keep enough to make your life and the lives of your loved ones secure then give the rest away.. I have seen people turned away for cancer treatments.. with money like that.. you could strike lightning down on them..That is one of the things I admired about DJT…. he paid for at least one parents child to get medical treatment and provided the air plane to take them to the best how many did he do that for that wasn’t known about.. when you study up on him you find that he is an exceptional man forget the money part.. he himself is an exceptional man… He gave houses away to veterans.. etc.. does he have faults you betcha.. but he has heart morals and ethics which is more than most of them…..that is also why I will never win that much LOL LOL best to give it to someone to hide in a box in the backyard LOL LOL LOL

      • 1st Assistant at the highest end Funeral Home in the city and I were talking one day when I was in for a showing. He said he had seen lots of funerals in his 40 years in the business, lots of emotions from love to distress to joy, to hate to pure despair, when they lowered the casket into the ground … but he had never lowered a casket into the ground with a luggage rack on it’s top.

  2. I can dig it, Uncle G , I can dig it!

    There is an aspect of/to Gardening- raising Ure own food stuffs, that seldom gets mentioned in the how to books/articles.

    “Grounding” the exact opposite of Social/Occulous/Ari. manicCloud/false dimension. Sticking Ure Hands into the dirt, feeling it in/under Ure fingernails while Smelling the local flavor/essence of the dirt. Walking barefoot on the dirt,grass, sand. Being flooded- bombarded CONSTANTLY with “garbage” info/data/freqs/vibes – just consciously think about cleaning/recharging/purifying Ure personal nrg/lifeforce as you work Ure soil ..turning it over-roto tilling, raking, whoeing, seeding/sowing,weeding..a lil “brownchickenbrowncow” action…”Ohhh Kermy!”

    “Hi ho ! Kermit di Forg here”

    Gotta go water my cyrpto garden – they be sprouting and need some LOVE.

    • Comrades,

      One would be remiss to overlook the Gastro Obscura website and its cornucopia of food for thought whether driven by culinary passion or pressed by privation. Certainly let’s not forget, following in the footsteps of the Dutch Hunger Winter of 1944, adding “Cooking in Wartime: Creative and Healthy Cooking in the 1940’s” by Manon Henzen to the reading list. Be sure your tulip bulbs have the germ removed and do not contain pesticides!

      For those with a discerning palate, Michelin star chef Emile van Der Staak advises that fermented tulip bulbs offer “fruity, ripe-berry, caramelized notes”.


      • The Dutch are still finding ways to sell the tulips, I see. I suppose 385 years from now American descendants will still be hawking digital tulips. Looking on the web, I found tulip vodka:

        Apparently, there are dissenters on the culinary merits of tulips:

        I suppose if someone comes up with a source of fermented tulip jam, I might be persuaded to give ‘er a try.

      • “I suppose if someone comes up with a source of fermented tulip jam, I might be persuaded to give ‘er a try.”

        Lol lol n___ my brother was an executive of a very large is a story he told me… he had teams of salesman and lobbyists and no one could get anyone to jump at a huge multi billion dollar sale no matter what they were giving the congressmen.. so he decided I’ll show these idiots how its done.. took the group out to one of the best restaurants in the district. Everyone sat down the waiting staff taking the orders for salads came to my brother and his response was. I have my salad.. the salads were brought and he ate the bouquet on the table.. the other sales team was shocked along with the members of Congress.. he got the sale.. then later told the rest of his staff don’t ever hold back again they pay congress for their compliance to their lol

  3. Few if very many can truly appreciate the complexities of managing multiple aircraft in an emergency situation either from the ground while managing wounded and all the surrounding activities or from the pilots perspective flying the aircraft, wind direction, obstacles, watching instrumentation, radio traffic, while avoiding running into each other or taking fire .
    Good job G2.

  4. (Response to non-public stuff, he writes…) I think it will be great for both of you going forward. I’m grateful that we moved back to be close to our loved ones.
    I never caught the brass ring and stopped chasing it a few years ago. With no debt, we have enough to get by, and time to do what’s important to us. For me, it’s spending the morning on the net, researching, and keeping a finger on the pulse of things I’m interested in, including a daily read of your sites. I spend most afternoons working on the next book.
    At 77, with serious mobility and vision issues, I’m comfortable with my life, and the fact that I may soon move on to my next adventure without a best seller. I’ll keep trying, but I’m not afraid of what the future holds.

  5. “Which launched me into…”

    If he’s to stay long term you should acquire the adjacent lot and get him a separate place.

    If you’re industrious it would be a good opportunity to buy/rent/lease a 3D concrete printer and practice building a concrete house. If building concrete houses is easy offer immigrant newcomers leases on the equipment and send them out building concrete neighborhoods for the newcomers yet to arrive.

  6. wealth is your life experiences. at 62 i wake up fire up the marantz and play music . my mind drifts to the colourful and lucky life i am having . so i say to myself , short harder buy gold and take vitamin b , c, d , olive leaf , orgegano oil , chaga mushroom, zinc and magnesium. fark zombies stay strong

  7. and i hope joe brandon falls off the perch . mate kamala is hot . super hot . wanna see her wear more trashy sought of gear , you know a bit of roxette , na na na na na shes got the look . got a great rig but always wearing a suit . come on glam it up girl

    • “na shes got the look got a great rig but always wearing a suit . come on glam it up girl.”

      When I was a kid Mom used to say: She wears the pants in the house, (she’s the MALE among PUSSYs ‘-)) me thinks.

    • Looking out of…

      Rest, rest, rest. Don’t eat anything that could compromise your immune system like fried foods, processed sugar, alcohol. You should only eat Veggies, fruits and mild protein like fish. Triple your intake of water and vitamin D, C, and a multi…Flush it out of your system. I am symptom free…it cycled through my system quickly…and past the quarantine time frame and good to go back into society. And for the betterment of the rest of your life, that same diet will keep you healthy and feeling great to ward off future viruses.

      • Thanks for the update and good diet advice Mark. Glad you are feeling better and hope LOOB can get on the mend soon.

        More and more people I know are getting the night sweats like you had. This seems to be an important distinguishing symptom of the Omnicron variant than from Delta and common cold and flu.

      • Thanks I appreciate it.. I was symptoms free then wham..I am not eating anything. Drinking a ton of orange juice and water..
        Everyone keeps telling me to go to the doctor.. and what.. let them take the house lol.. we all know how medical facilities work.. and they are not nice or giving..they are a business.. I am to old to work off a hospital or doctors bill..I don’t believe that I can resurface a parking lot by hand again. It was hard on me then I’m thirty years older now. And hell year about killed me.. so I will do what I can..

  8. Transitioning from a high stress, perform by the split-second clock, constantly going big city lifestyle to a rural setting was a stressful event when I was anticipating it. Once one learns to shed the constant stress to ‘perform’, it becomes a different world. Now there is a smaller stress to perform… but for oneself rather than others. I had to learn to be a bit less tough and demanding on myself. As I posted here once… “Do I have everything I want? No. Do I have everything I need? Yes… more than enough.” One just has to shed the “I want More!” stress of acquiring stuff, and relax into “I have enough to live with”. Then relax and enjoy what you have fully.

  9. The other day I alluded to the Antarctica/CORONA island conspiracy. There are islands in the Antarctic near Rothchild Island that share similar names as CORONA and the variants.

    Wiki pics of islands below:

    I haven’t glued anything together but it could mean something….

    Perhaps the named islands are forming a constellation star map indicating where the space aliens will hail from. Sorta like a crop circle, but different.

    • (Ure bows, though somewhat immodestly)

      You have to remember, the EU has been a Ponzi scheme and the goal was ALWAYS subsuming of Russia. This was as much as admitted to when that old alcoholic (Junker, was it?) announced in 2014, or thereabouts (memory is not awake yet_ that the EU would extend from Portugal to Vladivostok. Problem then – and now – is no one asked Russia about this EuroCon plan. Ergo, war follows. Like CV19, takes a while to take hold but we say “Gad zooks! Just wait for nukes!”


        The USA is making a few HUGE mistakes.. the greedy bunch see it as an opportunity.. for them to steal more.. but PUTIN won’t play this game much longer.. I am actually pretty surprised that he has played along and let them pull their crap this long I think the reason may be the I am not touching you… close enough but still not touching ..
        Fifty countries backing China… not counting how many back Russia… Does Brandon really want to instigate theft by force..
        It could be quite ugly once it ignites.. we are now the minority.. watch how it plays out.. we will be the ones to throw the first punch… then when we do.. china will march in.. pull back their container ships.. or leave them..( depending on if they have club-k on board) close down the ports in the USA shut down with orange cones the toll roads.. and close down the over two hundred key manufacturers still in the USA.. then march across.. maybe let the Jihad happen.. over and done with in what a week or less.. we can’t be everywhere.. who do we abandon.. so far it looks like we will be abandoning the USA and the people here.. I believe that when we started to dump the police departments in the highest crime area’s in the USA.. allowed the BLM and Antifa groups to destroy rape and plunder fire bomb and a multiple of other open crimes.. Then make everyone look as if they are white supremist all because a couple of people in the USA did crimes to people not willing to follow their direction… so what do you do.. They snuck in millions of illegals and put them in the highest crime area’s in the USA.. you really don’t think that the gangs will be patrolling their area’s…. speak chinese or russian anyone

      • “The USA is making a few HUGE mistakes.. the greedy bunch see it as an opportunity.. for them to steal more.. but PUTIN won’t play this game much longer.. ”

        I shouldn’t be surprised if Putin eventually leases coastland in northern and western Cuba, and begins conspicuously shipping in medium/long range cruise missiles.

        “It could be quite ugly once it ignites.. we are now the minority.. watch how it plays out.. we will be the ones to throw the first punch…”

        I don’t care that we’re in the minority.
        I care deeply that morally (and perhaps legally), we’re on the wrong side WRT Ukraine.

        Biden is much more likely to “throw the first punch” than Trump was, indeed, more-likely than any CiC since LBJ.

        Your post grants me no comfort…

  10. Comrades,

    Hours before “Give Peace a Chance” was to be recorded, who can forget Al Capp showing up at The Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal to throw shade on John & Yoko’s bed-in. Back-handed compliments were flying every which way.

    VLSR? I don’t know if Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich downloaded Mr. Gate’s book on climate change prior to the recent Christmas holiday break. YouTube has uploads of Mr. A’s flight crews practicing touch and go’s in Nassau the week before Xmas in his newly acquired custom Dreamliner. Then back to Moscow, pick up the boss, and over to Sint Maarten as the first 787 into town. Looked pretty spiffy, and why buy new when you can get a good deal on a parked low cycle airline unit carrier-owned by the brother-in-law of the president of Tajikistan? As an aside, Boeing and Airbus perhaps hold 7 year inventories each respectively of B787 and A350 models?

  11. As the old saying goes, “Happiness is not having what you want. It’s wanting what you have.” I embarked on that journey more than 40 years ago by selling our brand new house and buying 35 acres of ETX pine trees. A mobile home smack in the middle is all we need. Not visible from the road or from any neighbors’ house, we have all the privacy we could want.

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