It Starts with Coriolis…

You know the moment:  The morning’s “throne work” done, the handle is pressed and the efforts of the morning will soon be flushed away.

But the flush is neither instantaneous nor complete in itself.

No.  There is a pause as the flapper valve just opens.  In its advance, the water in the tank flows downward.  And it’s there…the Moment of Coriolis.  Before the real flushing out takes hold…

And so we can trace the financial analog to water flow in a number of headlines this morning.  We have rotation.

From the tank, we follow what the Financial Times calls “Lex of Arabia”.  Let’s “handle this” quickly:

All of which would be a useful distraction – and a break from gender/race baiting in social media in the U.S. which is monetizing shame at record levels – except that financial engineers are smelling blood in the water.

Because, you see, the tax-chattel of multiple countries will likely – in our experienced view – be bent over as the year goes on.  The “phrase that pays” is “Too Big to Fail.”

Greensill?  Not big enough to bring out the sharks. Did it serve a kind of “kindling role” however?

Archegos: A Different Matter?

While the markets pretend (early this morning, Dow futures papered down only 20 points early) everything is normal, there are ripples now coming from Archegos.  Remember a week or so back we warned of rising 10-year note Treasury rates?  When interest rates triple in 6-months, as they have in the 10-year, things tend to break.

Don’t look now, but we actually track the gathering madness as saw the U.S. back-screen boyz dumping in assets to puff up the market last week when the prequel rumbles to this began late in the week.

If you’re not seeing how this is playing, follow along:

  • Last week, Europe and Asia both started looking weak because of Greensill and, perhaps, pre-rumbles about the U.S. fund.
  • When the Euro markets closed, the G20 (who have to keep the Musical Chairs tune going) likely encouraged member banksters to dump in money hand over fist.
  • Which then timed the (well played, pre Passover) rally Friday, but which didn’t go much of anywhere in follow through Monday.
  • Although the Dow was up Monday, our broader view (weighting tech equally) actually declined because of the slow-motion “Coming to Jesus” that’s been going on in the tech sector.

Which leaves us today wondering how the G20 will play this.  We’re waiting on Housing numbers as we write this, but a major miss in Housing (like someone’s not going to feel effects of rising rates eventually?) or a big miss in the ADP Employment data tomorrow, and one level could be knocked off the global financial house of cards.

So Here’s A Useful Mental Model

Think of the market makers as being crooks.  They operate a casino and pass around stories about how rich every one of their customers gets.  The U.S. Fed is a counterfeiting ring that rolls trucks (24-7) into the crooked casino.  Sometimes via their offshore proxies, other times with re-po’s, and other times by simply doubling the M1 money supply.

Technical Note:  They can double M1 and not trigger inflation (except, inconveniently in the 10-year note) because we are still locked in pernicious deflation.  Counterfeiting works when no one is “looking at the Money” which is why the Fed is chicken-shit about laying out M1, M2, and M3 anymore.  Some of those “suckers in the casino” might catch on.

Congress, realizing that it’s all going to blow over, is also passing out money (and herding people toward the casino) and did you see the latest funny-money scam in the wings?  There are already reports the Biden administration is planning yet-another check in 2021!

Which then does two things:  First, it’s not really an answer to what ails us.  Because as the Washington Post points out “When every new dollar goes to old debt, families wonder whether stimulus will end poverty.”  Don’t worry:  It won’t.  The rich need their servants and we’re the unter-klassen of classical economics.  The other thing it does?  “New Yahoo News/YouGov poll: Stimulus checks and COVID optimism raise Biden’s approval rating to highest level yet.

Yessir:  Joe Buy’ed ‘Em.  Both.

Both Are Phony

On presidential stim checks, ANYONE giving away TRILLIONS will be popular.  Although, if smart, they would leave before the tab gets served.  But that’s how politics works:  Scam and scram.

The other Big Phony is Covid progress.  No.  The disease is still there, back growing again, and (duh) probably a knock-on of Spring Broken, and this sets up a new annual virus industry (shoot if it makes you feel good). “A Third Vaccine Dose or Boosters Could Turbocharge Pfizer Shares.” And soon, everyone will be forced into compliance with “the beast” with an American health passport.  Slick, huh?

But it gets even better:  There’s talk now of a global Covid treaty.  See:

This last is particularly jingoist (and statistically stupid, but you know me: huff the whiteboard marker and stay on point):  We’re getting a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT installed, whether we like (or SEE or NEED) one or not.

This circles back to economics because financial engineers see the patterns already which is why the next financial collapse will be a GLOBAL too big to fail and it will further enchain even MORE tax chattel to pay for their own overlords.

It is – by God – a graceful effing plan, ain’t it?  Yet there is lies.

A global treaty on gravity if this doesn’t fly…

Stay Distracted

For the strategic worrier: Russia Stages Fresh Military Drills in the Arctic.”

Need an artificial PPE crisis again?  Try “U.S. to Seize Gloves After Finding ‘Sufficient’ Evidence of Forced Labor: Live Updates.”  Why they don’t fine the company and leave the gloves in the supply chain boggles…but at 72 maybe I get to wear the addled label.

Somewhat useful: Google Maps adding new features, including augmented reality.”

No longer pertinent: Suez Canal: Ships begin sailing through cleared waterway so the media monetization of that story will roll down.

Off to brew a cup and await Housing Data.

Write when you get rich,

34 thoughts on “It Starts with Coriolis…”

  1. I’m a big fan of democratic republics. They change the world, and in a good way. But while effective, they are definitely NOT efficient, being tied to archaic modes of interaction and communication. This 3rd rock from the Sun has a way to go before a world government can work. Can you imagine the bureaucracy? Let’s focus on the individual nation-state pieces first, please. Just look at the behavior of China and Russia, two power members of the UN Security Council (15 members overall . . . look ‘em up, many are quite surprising). Putin and Xi would definitely favor a one world government, but only if Putin or Xi were solely in charge. So diplomatic disagreement (based largely on egos) will continue to foment, and occasional wars will break out, killing our most precious resource – our youth – and throwing natural resources down the financial toilet. One world government? Sure! As long as it is effective AND efficient, nurturing the free expression and protecting our beliefs without threat of social ostracizing or retribution. That is going to be a hard nut to crack.

    • As for a One World Government would the USofA citizens have to give up their Constitutional rights? The constitution certainly seems to be under constant assault and ‘We the people’ are loosing.

  2. Hood morning I moved back to up at 4am instead of going to sleep at 4am. Yin and Yang. Feeling much better after a 16 hour nod yesterday. had somewhat of a seasonal cold.
    We are at the “tipping point.” No doubt about that. Tettering. 96 this way 96 the other. In 2 hour snap shot. I looked the dow was exactly 96 down then 2 hours later 96 up.
    Tipping points usually are indicated by such swaying.

    Good news to hear that the capstone, or All Seeing Eye from the top the Egyptian pyramid removed that eveergreen plank from its perspective and Suez is flowing. Spectacles, Testicles, Watch and Wallet. So more it be! Yadda yadda yadda.

    Quick question, I uhmmm did a random experiment this Morning George, I meditated on a test for 20 minutes and then did an online IQ test. I knew 80% of the answers to the test because well, they came to me in my meditation before the test. The other 20% were super easy questions. There was 20 minute time limit to answer all the questions. I did it in 9 minutes and 22 seconds. I got 100% apparently I have 198 IQ.

    Now, is meditating before the test to see the answers before they are asked, “Cheating”? Or “Intelligent”?

    Does it mean my IQ is actually quite a bit lower because I’m very proficient at meditation and the answers came to me in that between awake and asleep place prior to starting the test?

    Not sure. Last time I took one i had a 186 IQ, but I hadn’t meditated prior to the exam. Is prayer and meditation cheeting on IQ tests?

    Not sure. It is a ponder.
    I’m speaking this morning, after the gym on spirituality, at 9am, I will write my site after that. And I got a list of goals and tasks to get there.

    Have a wonderful day. Ure thoughts on my question?

    • If the answers come to you – regardless of source – they are representative of an iq

      Some people evolve iq by going to school and book nosing.
      Other people get iq by looking at the world (source) has scattered around them.
      Pretty simple, really.
      The human game is to “paper” everyone from 45th percentile to 80th with degrees and keep them busy.
      Over 80th percentile, aren’t so many – unlikely to find a riser/changer withing.
      And then under 45th percentile they get lost enroute to the john…

      So yeah…198 is impressive. I’m a lowly 144 but that was when age 10-12 (middle school) and there wasn’t so much to know.
      With taxes, women, booze, maybe 120 now, lol.

    • The first one gets funnier as you go along … as long as you can keep from crying.
      I’ll check the other one out asap.

      • What I find interesting about the video’s is the slow change..
        Two months ago everything on television was hate trump.. and we are saved by the new administration..cured covid in less than a week stopped BLM and Antifa from tearing apart our cities bringing peace and harmony to the land.
        Now as everything’s beginning to unravel showing the country and world the true scope of what’s happening out there..starting with the failure of the border, then the DC two step shifting the blame from his failure by shoving Kamala under the tires on the border issues.. even though MSM still rants and raves they aren’t as exuberant about it, they are being put in the position where they have to bring up the failures of the new administration.
        Since news thrives on bad news the failures and examples of an administration out of touch with reality is becoming more obvious the failure at the borders and no true plan for rebuilding the confidence or the rebuilding of the infrastructure of the country.
        Maybe it has been just to many years at the lobbyists feed trough..or the fact that there’s been to many gifts and each one wants the favors promised. Who knows for sure. But it is interesting to watch the slow transition from the isn’t he great to.. Oh my god did they just do that! Lol lol..
        I personally don’t have a clue how they can fix the unraveling of the country at this point .

    • reality @ castlerock studios / cityoffallenangels/la

      remember the last 1/3 of Hunger Games movie? – actor died halfway thru filming – Nobody noticed the cgi actor/acting for 30 % of movie, the last 30%..

      aint nobody noticing now – even as bribems hand phases right thru bank of microphones on live stream..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • Yo Mr. Ure, Played 18 today with my regular group. Funny thing happened. Watched as chemmy planes tried to lay down their trails in the clear blue sky. Try as they may, I believe I saw at least a dozen or more attempts, they failed. I have seen blue skys turn to haze gray and overcast in the time it takes to play 18. Currently clear blue sky and not a touch of gray to be found. First time ever seeing this. Another data point. Maybe a little galactic intervention…..

  3. Yo G – before you drain that tub,and get Ure coriolis on – might wanna check 4 ..
    nano worms/ nano parasites.

    – nano worms are where its at these dayz – for home bound entertainment.

    – have you not seen these things yet ? – people are finding them in newly opened masks – conspiracy theory – and posting the videos.

    – french pulmonologists have them in 100% of children’s lung tissue tested…

    Fun and Games with nano worms ?

    Of course kemosabe – for I am the superlative bandicoot – and I aim to please, so Ure please aim or, in case of nuclear attack – hide under urinals, they have not been hit yet.

    Prep- capful detergent, black light flashlight, alfalfa cakes from pet store.

    Step 1 – fill bathtub with as warm as you can stand water and detergent.
    Step 2- hop in tub, with 2-3 alfalfa cakes.
    Step 3 – turn off lights in “bribem bakery”, turn on blacklight flashlight
    Step4 – Observe nano worms wriggling out of Ure skin – specially eczema like spots – and swimming/wriggling thru water to alfalfa cakes.
    LooB – don not try this at home, mrs Loob will sUREly think U have “gone around the bend”

    Nevermind the foolz crash & battening down the hatches or trimming the main sails- besides at this point in time – “who is willing to take the mail down the Midnight Trail?” anyway.

    – its ALL fake, Manipulated, Upside down = SATANIC.

    – Satanistic Bullshit, cept those fly ass black 666 sneakers with the drop of blood in the soul.
    – could a good look on 70 something Texan – fixin to do a pole dance on Satans lap, like lil nas x latest video. Quality programming indeed..

    They have solved one of the biggest genetic downgrades/expressions in Human beings .Being 1 of only a few mammals that cannot produce Vitamin C on our own.

    – this was/is a negative manipulation to our DNA, fkrs! – greatly reducing our potential lifespans. .foul repto slaver-share croppers

    Supplementing Vit C has proven difficult to manage – as body is forever pissing it out, irritates stomach at higher levels..

    Formula216 at encode health – have solved the puzzles & works like a charm for the one, the only, the magnificent bandicoot, a true his own mind.

    – there is No place to hide when the “levee breaks”, best to be on high ground prior too, or at least heading that direction..

  4. George,
    So, the middle class got halved since 1980. With it macro demand. The R’s solution (trickledown) didn’t work. The culprits: automation, offshoring, dis-empowering unions, tax structure leading to increased national debt. Immigration was completely irrelevant, because it actually boosts macro demand. Race (and dissing kneeling athletes) became another distraction.

    Don’t see what to do about automation. And in fact, we’re due for another wallop shortly with the loss of good transportation jobs. Restoring unions and creating good infrastructure/medical/climate jobs will help a lot, sure, but it’s not nearly enough macro demand. So, we’re left with on-shoring. Trump tried protective tariffs, and that failed. So, the R’s have zero solutions, and Biden’s, while very helpful, are not nearly enough. Which leaves us with Andrew Yang. I’m not yet prepared to go there yet, but try me again when we lose all those transportation jobs and we are teetering on the collapse of democracy again. Best, Mike.

    • Would someone explain to Mike:
      Dems controlled spending (House) so don’t bitch about anything.
      Obama and Clinton were open door spend-a-crats
      We are now in the process of seeding CVV bankrupt the assumption tables
      And anyone with half a brain should be able to see from there.

    • installation of robots/automation will be taxed and turned into universal income. there is no stopping it. same as self driving transportation and universal healthcare. politics can only delay progress for so long.

      • Don’t remember if you read PN but I have been writing about taxing robotic output for 20 years. That’s one solution – right now robots and machines in gen are totally tax-advantaged over humans

      • How do you define a “robot”? Is it something that thinks for itself or does something you programmed? Is it simply an extension of your own ability?

        Depending on definition, a computer, backhoe, lathe, GPS slaved tractor, 3D printer, CNC anything, or even a shovel could be shoehorned into this definition. How would you tax it unless the work product was introduced into commerce?

  5. Today I was getting gas for my car. I sanitize using the outdoor alcohol spray dispensers at the pump. I’ve been thinkling the alcohol smells like diluted tequila.

    Now it’s starting to smell like vinegar.

      • Which has me desiring an ice cold Braggs apple cider vinegar and apple juice w/ cinnamon refresher drink lol lol…love that stuff..almost as good as lemonade…or lemon water..cant wait till the dandelion’s are out. Going to pay give bucks a gallon for the flower tops to the grand kids so i can make some wine..

      • Five… dam auto correct.. whatever excess they pick will be freeze dried.. for a second batch.
        They will be excited. A trip shopping.. lol lol

  6. George called it… told us this was coming:
    “The Largest Tax Hike In Generations” Could Pay For Up To 75% Of Biden’s Next Spending Plan:
    “…the administration believes the tax hikes can also advance its goal of reducing income inequality.”
    Bloodletting… until the patient dies.

    In my Demoncrat state, the governor refuses to furlough state workers who are doing essentially nothing since the pandemic lockdown collapsed the tourist economy. With the highest unemployment rate in the nation, they are raising taxes here again. Even our retirees living on tiny pensions below the poverty level are being increasingly taxed on that income now. And the government workers who do no work? They are getting a 10% raise.

  7. “Remember a week or so back we warned of rising 10-year note Treasury rates? When interest rates triple in 6-months, as they have in the 10-year, things tend to break.”

    You may be on to something, however, doesn’t this also indicate that the FED may not be in control of the economy as mostly assumed?

  8. “There are already reports the Biden administration is planning yet-another check in 2021!”
    We should have started “basis income” years ago. Btw. Why did I only receive < half of the $1400?? Is it, perhaps, because I'm considered too old to spend this most generous award from my taxes?

    • Unless your AGI was over 80K or so, you should have received the $1400. I’m not aware of any reason that you’d get half, other than bureaucratic incompetence. Personally, I see this dilution of the money supply as inflationary, except that most folks are not doing a lot of discretionary spending. Therefore, it would seem to be stagflationary.

  9. “But that’s how politics works: Scam and scram.”

    Yes — because we still vote instead of using a former French Method of ending Catrastrophy.

  10. “We’re waiting on Housing numbers as we write this, but a major miss in Housing (like someone’s not going to feel effects of rising rates eventually?)…”

    So, how’s about an Urban Survival lottery on when gummint cooks THESE books by making the housing “numbers” go from units started & completed, to dollar-amounts spent, month over month?

  11. “On presidential stim checks, ANYONE giving away TRILLIONS will be popular. Although, if smart, they would leave before the tab gets served. ”

    You don’t honestly think there’s any way in hell that Mr. Biden will still be in office when this thing crashes, do you?

  12. “And soon, everyone will be forced into compliance with “the beast” with an American health passport. Slick, huh?”

    “Slick” would be the requirement that it be a photo-ID. It could then be used as legal “proof of identity” at the polls…

    • A social worker acquaintance of mine and I were just talking about that a couple of weeks ago..
      He had said that it was a requirement now for him to carry his vac card in order to do anything .. even go to work.. crazy huh..

  13. Easter week…dam it’s time to make the yearly Easter dessert.
    Jelly bean parfaits…
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  14. For the more adult taste buds..
    Why not make some cutie cups.

    Cutie valentina oranges …
    However many your feeding..
    1 quart of whipping cream
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    Top with with an orange slice that has been sliced halfway through placed the slice on the orange skin like you would put an orange slice on a cocktail..serve cold..

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