Is You a Bull? Or, Is You a Bear?

Pardon the overdose of “down-home-ness” but sometimes you  have to unplug from the messy data flow – which lately has been running like Class 5 whitewater rapids – and just “be one with the charts.”

Fortunately, lacking any other kind of self-introspection capability, I stare at them day-in and day-out.

This is a chart of our Aggregate Index from the highs at the beginning of the year.  On the left side top is the all-time high.  If you’ve got an eye for Elliott waves, you can see a perfect, short, sharp five waves down.  THEN you can see what could be counted as an A wave up, followed by the B wave down.  And to us, it looks like we are now in a C wave which looks like a 7-move correction.

The problem facing the market is pretty simple:  We are very close to  where the last little high was (around 23,837 on our index) and yesterday saw a close at (23,864 and change).  While it sure looks like the market is going onward and upward (because under Elliott very short-term the breakout could be argued), the most cautious Trader views this as only a one-day blip when working with data at the weekly level.

Which is why we could have one last-gasp of energy to the upside and then sell off toward the close.

A look at the news flow is not particularly encouraging for the bullish breakout case:  Trump is in Europe where he’s made it clear that the Brits have “broken faith” with the People.

Gotta remember, the Brits voted to get the hell out of the EU (open border issues, among others — sound familiar?) back in the summer of 2016.

Ever since, the smarmy politico’s that run global politics in the UK for the Globalists Cabal of Billionaires, have been doing everything thing they can to SCREW THE PEOPLE.  It doesn’t take but 3-months to get out…but this, you see, is how Globalists “boil frogs.”

Incrementalism in the UK runs part and parcel with ignoring the will of the people.  By the time they get around to taking any solid actions that would have genuine meaning, all the people who voted for BREXIT will have died of old age!  This is Bureaucracy 101:  When you have all the power, you can out-wait any challenger.

I’ve seen it here in America, too.  Saw a federal agency once that was going after a particular college on an imagined student loan compliance issue.  What the Department of Ed did in that case was to come along with the NEXT YEAR’S RULES and try to retroactively apply them to three year’s previous.

The school went to the “right” DC law firm – which “walked the problem through channels” and in the end the problem went away.  But it still bankrupted the school’s owner.  Key Lesson: Fighting with the Feds (who have all the money and time in the world) is basically unwinnable.  Not just here – anywhere.

I share this with you so you can get a real-world sense of how Bureaucracies work.  And in the case of the UK and May, this is exactly the game the Globalist Apologist lackeys are running for the Big Money owners.

Trump’s merely calling them out on it saying in no-uncertain s that May has WRECKED BREXIT.  Any developer knows how bureaucracies work and so it’s easy for Trump to call bullshit when he sees it.  You don’t have to look very hard in England, mind you.

Which has what to do with the charts?

Well, if the market is going to head higher, we would expect to see joy and good tidings out of the Trump-Putin summit Monday.  But, of course, it won’t happen.

Frankly, I’m waiting for slimy Schumer and the remnants of the demagogue party to label the summit meeting between two of the three most-powerful leaders in the world as part of an “on-going conspiracy.”  How about Mueller indicts Putin for taking a meeting with Trump?  Sure…why not? It makes as much sense as what Rod Rosenstein has been doing trying to scuttle Kavanaugh…OK, more, then.  You know about this, right?

The stockyard-like conduct of American politics has nothing to do with fact, getting the job done, or anything else anymore.  Instead, it;s Webolutionary Scree posted on Twitter.

By the way, you see where the Twits are “dialing it back a bit?”  Closing down some of the ISIS accounts and others with whom they don’t agree?

Meantime, the Webolutionary press is running stories like “‘Very stable’ Trump? European leaders beg to differ.  The subheadline is also telling: “The president’s wild shifts in tone left many NATO allies concluding no hidden strategy lies behind his unpredictability.”

Wild shifts in tone? GMAFB who are these writers…don’t they get out with the grown-ups?  Plain and simple:  NATO has been bleeding America for decades.  The European Union is a bunch of no-good sots who what a free ride and Trump’s saying no.  Is that too hard for the Trump-basher’s to comprehend?  I mean, sure, it gets in the way of the newly-minute Bash Trump Industry, but WTF, over?

Meantime, my reference to “European Union sots” is more than the turn of a phrase.  Go read “World leaders FORCED to hold STUMBLING and swaying (EU Commission president Jean-Claude) Juncker ahead of NATO dinner.

(Aspiring writer note: sot
sät/ noun: sot; plural noun: sots  1.a habitual drunkard.)

Back to Economics, then…

So we see Trump is still Trump and he calls ”em like he sees ’em.

And coming up Monday, when the Trump-Putin summit comes off, we will see the radicalized webolutionary media attacking any reduction in military exercises as such.  They will predictably moan about the lack of strong leadership and selling out to Putin.  On the other hand, should a strong America also have borders, well let’s hold a group hand-wringing on that, shall we?

Trade Data?  Sure

Press release just out from Labor:

All Imports: The price index for U.S. imports fell 0.4 percent in June, after increasing 0.9 percent in May
and 0.5 percent in April. The June decline was the largest monthly drop since the index decreased 0.5
percent in February 2016. Despite the downturn in June, overall import prices advanced 4.3 percent between
June 2017 and June 2018.

On the export side?

All Exports: U.S. export prices increased 0.3 percent in June, after rising 0.6 percent the previous month. In
June, higher nonagricultural prices more than offset decreasing prices for agricultural exports. Prices for
overall exports advanced 5.3 percent over the past 12 months, the largest over-the-year increase since the
index rose 6.3 percent in October 2011.

That said: China’s trade surplus with U.S. hits record as exporters rush to beat tariffs.

Und zo, meine damen und herren, der S und P?  Down the tiniest little fraction…which is why we keep wondering “Is you a Bull?  Or, is you a Bear?”

Cash is for cowards…rich ones, lol.

Idiocy Is Contagious Dept.

ISYN:  Read ’em and weep:

Neckties in dress codes may be next to face a ban in California, if mayor’s proposal gains traction.

FIFA wants fewer TV shots of ‘hot’ female fans in bid to tackle sexism in soccer.

The ‘vegetarian’ mutton curry that unites Bengalis.  Yuck!

Sugar is BAD for You

CDC warns ‘do not eat’ Honey Smacks after salmonella cases reach 100.

Webolutionary Currency Check

Bitcoin – the currency of the Webolution – was running $6,241 pieces of Constitutional government scrip when I checked.

A note to the reader who claimed it was not “revolutionary money” – are you kidding?  It’s a currency of economic warfare against the incumbent Constitutional government.  Are you blind?

Peoplenomics Follow-up

To our discussion of Russian troll farms: Russian troll farm created fake city newspaper Twitter accounts … to spread real local stories: report.  WW III is in motion now…

Yes, It’s World War Web.  Really

In response to Thursday’s column (and Wednesday’s Peoplenomics) our .mil affairs expert “warhammer” (retired from is oak leaf cluster wearing) very agrees with our view of the Webolution:

“Your Thursday columns regarding the web are IMO the proverbial tips of a massive icebergs, but brilliant in their message.  You are ‘SO’ on the right track with this train of thought.

Pre-tek America, vice the ‘Merica of today (a metastasized version of the original) was founded upon sound principles that revolved around the belief that anyone possessing common sense could understand the importance of issues facing them and make a sound, reasoned choice as a result.  First and foremost, the new (then) nation pulled away from the rule of monarchy and ‘non-representative’ parliament towards one tuned more toward the more ordinary but still sensible common folk.  When the Constitution and First Ten Amendments were ratified, the people played a pivotal part in that process.

The advent of telegraph and then radio morphed bubbles of communities into larger, more regional groupings.  The use of radio also allowed those in power to project their ideas and influence at much greater distances instantaneously.  If you controlled the airways, you could begin to control minds.  Television later focused upon the visual propaganda content of any given product.

This technique evolved out of the ideological ‘propaganda’ battleground.

The broadcast community eventually connected regional stations with major studios, such as ABC, CBS and NBC, eventually spreading out over cable TV in the 1980s . Soon, talk shows, news hours and nightly news controlled the messages being delivered and digested by ‘Merica.  This general TV broadcast trend continued into the early 1990s, when the world wide web, (aka Internet) forever changed the ideological battlefield…

The web of today is a vehicle which enables the influence and perhaps even controls of large populations of people in a New York minute. Witness on Donald Trump via his Twitter account.  Like minded folks separated by thousands or tens of thousands of miles can communicate at the speed of light on compatible ideas.

The web is now an enabler.  If the web can unify diverse and dispersed individuals, those craving power will seek to use it to serve their own methods and purposes.  Such martinets subtly (or not-so subtly) hijack the message and repeat it over and over in every form possible to influence your mind and mine.  As with hypnosis, a message oft repeated soon becomes internalized, much like that nefarious ‘ear worm’ song that plays in an eternal loop in your head from the time you wake up until some other message erases or overwrites it.  If you listen to the babble, even as it is playing in the background, you become influenced by it.

Oh, you may think you are immune, that you are better, stronger than the others. But as you stroll down the aisle of your local supermarket or convenience store and look for toothpaste, which brand will you buy?  Even one better, which store will you shop at?  As you browse CDs or DVDs in Walmart, which one goes into your cart?  Did you ever stop to think why you watch the same news channel each day?  Why did you pick that brand of car you are driving, or motorcycle, or truck?  The answer lies in the messages filtered into and embedding themselves into your subconscious.  Slowly, deliberately, quietly and unendingly, you are a soldier on the battlefield of the war for your mind.

There is a war going on for the control of your mind. “

If you really think you’re keeping up with the class and have not read Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind by Trout and Reis, you have not even the foggiest of how simple it is to manipulate people.  Seriously, read the freaking book.

Then realize every Tom, Dick and Harry is trying to build a social following.  We note there seems to be an excess of Dicks, however..

So take the weekend off.  Figure out how to break out of the social media jailhouse and GTFU and join the grown-ups.

There’s a Webolution and America’s on the block.  We either get our act together RIGHT NOW or Digital Mob Rule will crash the country with NuSpeak.

Social media’s a disease, you see.  The plug is the cure.

More Monday….live long and click.

30 thoughts on “Is You a Bull? Or, Is You a Bear?”

  1. Trout and Reis’s Positioning: The battle for your mind, was the Book du jour the year I graduated college and a great book to launch my 25 year advertising and public relations career…before I switched to real estate. That book along with the book Ogilvy on Advertising are still in my possession in a box somewhere deep in the shadows of my garage…but their content are still are top of mind with me.

    In fact, I use their techniques on strategy, repositioning a competitor, and trend analysis to this day in my real estate business. It is powerful stuff.

    However, the liberal media doesn’t have an exclusive on this. Fox and President Trump himself utilize the niche marketing (to his base) and re-positioning of competition strategy better than anyone.

    • Great book glad you reminded me of it..
      I think since Its been a while since I have read it. I should put it on this weeks re read list of must read books..

  2. Examining what ifs. If the current trade war devolves into a currency war, what tactic will most likely be employed as a strategy. Being that gold is an asset that is the least likely to cause long term damage to the U.S economy and that gold is an asset that we, the U.S. hold at a three times abundance over the next three countries currently hoarding gold reserves, makes gold a weapon of choice, we have a dominant supply.

    How would gold be used? In a currency war depleting the competitors currency reserves or depreciating its value is vital. Gold being an intregal part of a nation’s currency reserve provides a strangle point. By reducing or devaluating their gold supply via means of payments on debts come due, tightening the noose of credit worthiness. Reducing their gold supply increases the value of your currency in regards to theirs. Devaluaing their gold supplies makes payments more costly, a three to one dominance make the pain minimal for the dominant gold holder. Demanding gold payments for debts increases your own gold reserves while depleting the competitors reserves.

    Western countries are now between a rock and a hard place when determining credit worthiness, this includes the U.S. One of the main factors that credit worthiness is based upon is the ratio of debt to GDP. One basis of a currency war is the price of credit. Most western countries still reside on the razor’s edge of an easy money policy that was instituted in the U.S. after 2008 and later in other countries. With the easy money policy drying up via interest rate increases, capital resources will be in limited supply. So, even though we in the U.S. like many other western nations have crossed the debt v. GDP threshold that in normal times would plunge our credit worthiness rating, compared to the rest of the western countries we remain the best bet to lend money to.

    Lower gold prices hurt those countries most with the lower amount of currency and by fiat gold reserves. It inflicts higher interest rates for loans. Loans needed for running governments, increasing infrasture, providing for the citizentry, ….etc. Lower gold prices also boost the value of the U.S dollar. Although a high value dollar may hurt U.S. exports in the near term, it’s capacity to the hurt the economy is not consequential long term.

    Gold in all liklihood will be brought to bear in an America first policy, if a tariff strategy fails. The price of gold is currently poised for a fallout. Excluding war, seldom does mere chance play a role. The behind the scenes orchestration provide the distracting theatrics.

    Just a general observation, when credit is cheap be a bull, when credit is tight be a bear. Know your competitor!

    • “gold reserves, makes gold a weapon of choice, we have a dominant supply.”

      DO WE???

      Didn’t we balk when germany wanted their gold back.
      And really if you think about it what good is gold anyway.
      Its basically a symbolic view at best. During the depression gold and silver was traded for vegetables. Today our faith is in paper currency or computer generated numbers.

  3. I want to comment a bit on your following statement…”But as you stroll down the aisle of your local supermarket or convenience store and look for toothpaste, which brand will you buy? Even one better, which store will you shop at? As you browse CDs or DVDs in Walmart, which one goes into your cart? Did you ever stop to think why you watch the same news channel each day? Why did you pick that brand of car you are driving, or motorcycle, or truck?”

    1. About the supermarket…this is a regional/socio-economic thing. In large markets where we have choices…we tend to buy based on healthy choices not brands. Whole Foods broke the “buy the brand” mold. I can’t tell you the last time I bought a product from Kraft, Heinz, etc. Since I live in a heavy agricultural state, I can shop year round at farmers markets, go direct to the boats for fish and crab, buy local produced products…or have it conveniently delivered by Amazon Fresh. In Other words…our “brand” is anything fresh…that is an educated approach, not manipulated positioning.
    2.CD’s or DVD’s? That so last decade. I know of zero people that still use that technology. Again…that may be a regional thing…Everything is Streamed in my world. I am not sure there are any stores left that even sell CD’s or DVD’s. On music, I listen by genre…On movies, I do the same. That’s not based on brand…just personal preference.
    3.With the way the News feeds can be personalized, most of us have no brand preferences, just news preferences. We set up our feeds for all sources political, sports, tech, movie trailers, entertainment, etc. Since most people I know are more forager types, we like to seek out all angles and make our decisions based on the accumulation of information.
    4. That is one area where at least for me, brand is very important. I do brand myself…heavily…and part of that brand perception is having the type of car that mirrors my success. For me it is Mercedes.

    • Mark, Ha, you are the poster boy for NOT seeking all angles of any story, tale, or diss! Gotta a good laugh, thanks!

      • You don’t know me…so how can you make that statement. If I read and study an issue and draw my own conclusion…and it doesn’t happen to agree with yours, doesn’t mean I am not seeking all angles!

      • Mark, good point on the importance of branding yourself. Branding combined with talent are an unstoppable force in the business world. I hope you don’t have one of those economy Mercedes.

      • Because, Mark, your words are your beliefs, and we get the privilege of reading your beliefs! To read you is to know you!

  4. George you constantly amaze me. I don’t know how many copies of “Positioning: The Battle for your mind” I’ve bought over the years. It was must-reading for those salespeople who worked under me when I was a major-market Radio general sales manager. That book, along with “How to master the art of selling” by Tom Hopkins, helped develop many strong, winning sales departments in my career. Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. George,
    Your really off base this time. To suggest that repetitively viewing commercials has some impact on consumer preference and habits is …well.. the same as suggesting that watching copious violence on media outlets has some effect on the seeming increase in violence within our feeble minded population. Pish twa I say, Hollyweird has already told us there is no connection, so there.
    Of course it does beg the question as to why Dr. Doo Good’s little red kidney pills (which cures horseness , baldness and flatulence) spend billions of dollars each year on media advertising.

  6. Today you said,

    “Key Lesson: Fighting with the Feds (who have all the money and time in the world) is basically unwinnable. Not just here – anywhere.”

    Reminds me of a quote from mafioso Anthony Spilotro:

    “The United States of America versus Anthony Spilotro.’Now what kind of odds are those?”

  7. If you caught the DoJ presser on the 12 Russian Generals and their role in hacking the 2016 election today, you may have noticed a curious thing. Deputy Director Rosenstien spent a whole lot of time on “crypto-currency” and how it was used to fund and facilitate this whole operation. Mark my words, whithin a few months, we will see a full court press on crypto-currency.

    The threat to government’s ability to seize digi-dollars has all but driven them crazy. If “terrorism” uses crypto-currency then as a matter of “National Security” it can and will be controlled or eliminated.

  8. I’m with you George go ahead and reduced the font down about three or four or five times make it real real real small and see if anybody complains and at that small of a rate I should be able to scroll when you got like 50 commenters real fast instead it even with 10 or 20 commenters that lags and sometimes I have to sit there and count in count and I don’t think it’s my connection I think it’s the structure of the blog and series then the print gets down to like the blog or herbal survival it starts putting you on the first line are on the second line beyond the second third line a on the 4th Line and on the 5th line when people repost or post on someone else’s stuff I wish you would use a cell phone yourself for this that way you can see it a smartphone I guess not a cell phone but a smartphone that way you can see how your website react I guess you just going to have to go out and get one the cheapest one that I know of is Republic Republic Wireless of course there is.
    Anyway you’re old website didn’t have this problem it worked perfectly

  9. I know everyone including Mark but this is mainly for ECS this is a long video near 2 hours of remarkable exciting futuristic platforms that were given to a person back in the 1970s and 80s that is portraying now and the future but in the last part of it it gives you that gives ECS tents on your dream how to do and what they mean this is chocolate bar for you to chew on.

    By penny

    • Ok, three days late but I finally had time to check out this video. Is her reference to the coming child porn and trafficking sting operations her predictions or is she picking this up from somewhere else? I see in one other interview this year she mentions this also but doesn’t give any source reference.

  10. To address a few of ‘Warhammers’ points. First, the general web (i.e. main news sites) is filled with garbage. The people who read it have been marginalized, and few of them even know it. The real gems on the web are actually pretty much ignored by the mainline ‘censors’ because they themselves don’t know the value of the information. I don’t read Urban Survival for ‘market’ information. It bores me. Markets go up, markets go down. So What. The value of George’s posts are the tidbits of ‘woo woo’ for lack of a better term. The internet is flush with ‘no name’ people who have outstanding insight into the woo woo world. Sorry George, I don’t know many people who have a clue who you are or your site. You see, in turns out that there are lots of people who collectively have really figured out much about the nature of reality. Now, THAT’s the real information. The hell with ‘news.’ It is not really relevant because in most cases, it is not ‘information’ that is actionable to change who we are. Check out Youtube sites for Ceremonial and Sympathetic magic. Why? Because much of this is information that will help you process the world around you. The internet is marvelous because (so far) the ‘insignificant’ people have not been censored. They are considered ‘weird’ or ‘crazy.’ Fortunately, they are ones who know what’s going on.

    • Hello, im back. I spent the last 4 months studing and participaring in total debauchery. No meditation, no talking to the higher powers. Just working and being cosumed by the plessures of the flesh. All the desires a man could ever want or hope for. Sleeping with multiple women 20 years younger than me.. all very very beautiful women, im 48 in a month.. at the same time, pretty much living at the casino, drugs and booze and nothing but facebook for spiritual guidance.

      Im completely broke financially and am about 3 weeks behind on all my bills. Just went to the mountains like Moses and Jesus, zoroasta, Muhammad etc. Had long talk with the Higher poweres… its almost like that stuff is designed so you can eat your own soul. Lusts of the eyes, plessures of the flesh.. are mechanisms of devouring yourself. Its not that anything has any real power over you, its just designed so you basically consume yourself in complete selfishness and selfness. It is like those filters women use to take selfies with, masks and disquises and we are the perpetrators and the victims in a mascarade ball/puppet show we put on for ourselves.

      I learned one very valuable thing. It all comes down to this…

      To truly know your enemy is to truly know yourself.

      Anyway, i survived. Im still here.. by the end of my adventure in total debauchery… i was convinced taking my own life was the best idea in the world. I didnt die and im still here.. and humility seems the better path. Temptation is an inside job. It is a chemical induced sense of purpose, like drugs.. it gives you the sensation you are a winner.. when your loosing your soul in the process…

      Stocks are flat..the world hasnt ended and uhmmm.. i think i will be alone for a while. Lol and back to the basics.

      Hi, George. Hope all is well.

    • Yes. All true. I don’t come here for market info either. I came here recommended by a brother. I stay here for the fact that George was touched by woo woo when young, he had a visitation, and whether George knows it or not, it has influenced everything he has done and become. More to come!

    • “The real gems on the web are actually pretty much ignored by the mainline ‘censors’ because they themselves don’t know the value of the information.”

      I think they ignore it because they’ve told themselves the same story till the convinced themselves.
      Just like Solar power.. The major utility companies have discredited solar long enough that they convinced themselves that the BS they’ve dreamed up is fact..without looking at the broader spectrum and how it could actually benefit them and make them money. Secure the grid all with a minimum of expense

  11. You are not defined by the tooth paste you use nor the store you shop at. It is the etherical cords that hold us to objects of pacification.

    I climbed a mountain in Thursday night, laid waist by the plessurs of the flesh and talked to God. He only said 2 things. I said im here. What now? After abiut 2 hours if meditating he saidx Had enough? I said yeah… im full of emptiness. He then said, “love is a singularity”. I saw a shooting star and aftera few hours of visions i cant rememeber now.. but were spectacular and i was so enamored with i forgot about myself and time and everything and everyone.. i came too, and saw a shooting star.. and i left.

    The next day i got sober and clean again.. i had been for 14 and a half years prior to my adventure in debauchery and emptiness.. and compasion flooded my life and today, im grateful. Im broke as a beggar.. but i learned alot. Cost me evetything.. financially.. but my soul.. everything is a distraction excpet one thing. Make an appointment with the Divine and do its will until it consumes you. Dordnt matter what car you drive or how big your house is or what how hot your woman is or man or how right or wrong you are or your favorite tv show. Love is a singularity. You can not escape it. You can not out run it. It will eventually get you in the end. Even if it takes a thousand thousand life times.

    Have a good day.

    I have completed my journey into “Rich me!”

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