Hype Alert! Day After “Teenth” Psycho Rally

This morning, markets are poised to experience what’s fairly labeled a massive “relief rally.”

Because – at least for now – the embargo set on Kaliningrad by the West has not suckered Vlad Putin into a strategic mistake involving “canned sunshine.”

That said, perhaps a “Whew – Some holiday, huh?” rally is in order.

The structure of the larger Wave 3 we are in is the question in here.  In our preferred count, we can see the green 3 has declined from the top of the green 2.

In doing so, we see a wave 3 (i) down, a wave 2 (ii) rally, and by God looks to us like we are in the Wave 3 (iii) down shortly.  Which has done a smaller (minuet) ((1)) down (of five waves – small 1st and 5th’s and a worrisome 3rd – which is looking like a minuet ((ii)) before rolling off the cliff into the “third of the third of the third” later this week, or perhaps next.

The outcome will depend on which “line in the sand” will light off Vlad Putin’s “war mushrooms” on the west – which will likely not be over a NATO country or signatory, but the message will be clear.  They might be if there’s not a change in western arrogance.

We’re getting pretty good at arrogance, here, the past couple of decades.  Check with Libya on how getting gold away from Central Banksters works out.


Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator for the economic unwashed.  And it says:

The Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) fell to +0.01 in May from +0.40 in April. Two of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index made negative contributions in May, and two categories deteriorated from April. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, decreased to +0.20 in May from +0.40 in April

Mid morning there is some housing data due.  Huddle around your monitor in rapt attention about 10 AM Eastern.

We plan to take a chill pill this week, since there’s not too much except treasury auctions today and into tomorrow.  Which ought to see Jay Powell pouring more oil on the water when he speaks tomorrow morning.

Pouring Oil on the Water

Been a while since we have told you a “Sailing story.”  You know, of course, the difference between a fairytale and a sailing story?  The sailing story begins “This is no shit, there we were..,.” while the fairytale begins “Once upon a time.”  Otherwise, mighty similar.

Living aboard my 40-footer for over 10-years (ultimate mid-life self discovery adventure) it was my delight to study phrases like “pour oil on water.”  Turns out, there’s some useful information contained in it.

When a small sailing vessel is offshore, and the weather turns God-awful, there’s not much to do but “heave to.”  In other words, stall the mainsail airflow, and let the sea do what it will.

In the process – when the wind is really up – a lot of spray will be coming aboard (since the boat will be heeled over at 30-40 degrees, spray seems to “run up” the windward side.).

What smart sailors did was have a couple of canvas bags.  Into these bags, a light oil (whale if petroleum wasn’t handy).  A quart of motor oil for the Yanmar “iron sail” worked fine, too.  Hung down to the waterline on the uphill side, this would slowly leach oil out of the bag as the boat was sliding (under the stalled sail – or worst case bare poles) to leeward.

This resulted in a very thin oil slick to windward on waves before formed which, as the manner of waves goes, tends to knock off the tops and spume.  Spume?  Ah “…froth or foam, especially that found on waves.”  Or on politician’s lips.

Environmental damage?  Surely you jest, you Woke Idiot for even asking.

An oil slick of the proper consistency is what we call in chemistry class a “monatomic film” which means a comfortable boat ride in a storm (and such things may be life threatening) is a fine trade-off any practical, right-thinking person would make.  Sadly, we don’t have many of those right-thinking, practical people in stock right now. They’re on back order, along with the common sense model.

Still in the Bag

One other Canvas Bag note?  Years ago, we went with my late uncle Stanley and his (*also late) wife Iris up to Ohanapecosh at Mt. Rainier.  Tied to the front bumper of his “hot” straight eight-cylinder Ford was a canvas bag.  The weave of the canvas was such that the bag remained moist.  Driving along at 50 – these were the days of rational driving and no time pressures – the water inside was kept cool and was most refreshed.

When we stopped on a steep grade going toward Mt. Rainier from Enumclaw, there wasn’t much else to do until the old Ford got over a case of “vapor lock” of the fuel line – which such old Fords seemed prone to.

I used to see these bags down in the desert, too.  Prospectors were fond of ’em – since this was back when uranium mining was a Big Deal.

Today?  Good luck finding a bumper water bag – especially with a genuine cork stopper.  But canvas bags are still around – and on Amazon  for $16 bucks.  I daresay, few people have them in their prepper stores.  I need to look and see if they even have them on Lehmans.com…

Now, where were we?

Other than the Current Account sinkhole Thursday, this whole week could be a holiday, far as we’re concerned.

Summer?  Bummer!

Speaking of the Zon and summer:  This is a dandy time of year to buy ahead for this coming winter.  A few layers under a $54 jacket like this one, and at least the odds of being mowed down in marginal weather may be reduced.  (If you need help spending money?  I’m Ure guy.)

While we wait the 2-3 months until real rains return to Texas, a hot weather activity in  the A/C bubble here is reading Drought headlines for here and there:

On the other hand, the warm weather continues to suck up ocean air, so you can also find floods if you go looking:  Bangladesh has had its ass kicked by rains.  22 killed in flood in Sylhet div in 7 days: divisional health director.

Not just Bangladesh, either – northeast India has more than it’s share of butt-kicking rain this (monsoon) season.  Dalai Lama vows to help flood-hit Assam, expresses concern.  I assume you remember Monsoon season runs to September?

Blither and Blather

Air travel has become a train wreck.  Golden Age of travel is over, says historian DOMINIC SANDBROOK, amid airport chaos and rail strikes.  Hey, that’s progress, isn’t it?

The WaPo is wrong.  I noticed on their web page this morning the slogan “Democracy Dies in Darkness.”  They are confused.  Democracy dies in Washington.

Courting disasters: be ready for a fresh bout of media polarizing when the Supreme Court term wraps up.  Supreme Court rushes to end a term like no other.  Which hasn’t been said since, oh, last year’s term…

Virtue Idiot Check:  Remember those loud-mouth commie politicians and their “defund the police”: bullshit?  Well, here we go:  Yuh-Line Niou, House wannabe who preaches cop ‘defund’, fled from Harlem’.

We think anyone supporting more gun legislation should lose public funding of security details.  Including members of the Witch Trial posse. Get a frickin clue.

Communist Oregon’s bitter payday:  Oregon City’s mayoral candidate says he will put homeless in ‘Japanese-style’ pods as overdoses rise.  You bet – pander to addiction, don’t face it, bud.

Check Your Mask Inventory:  This May Be the COVID Variant Scientists Are Dreading. Let’s see, a flight from the UK to NYC then add four weeks to propagate, so August-September?  Then someone with monkey pox gets it and the pox goes airborne…um…lockdowns again before year’s over?

Texas free-state notes:  Good coverage in the Texas Tribune online in Texas Republican Convention calls Biden illegitimate and rebukes Cornyn.  No word from convention-goers on the Bike Rider in Chief’s green transportation exercise…

The Best for Last: IRS raises 2022 mileage deduction to 62 cents as gas prices top $5 per gallon.  Which actually helps only a few compared to the number of non-business miles.

After the CFNAI number, Dow futures were still up 400+.  Some of the people, most of the time.

Write when you get rich,


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59 thoughts on “Hype Alert! Day After “Teenth” Psycho Rally”

  1. Nope, no canned sunshine … yet. But this time is being referred to as “The calm before the storm.”


    And there are other similar bothersome references to calm/storm in the news …

    Morning Bid: Why the calm in markets won’t last



    Just little buzzwords that our subconscious picks up as we read in a sometimes cursory manner.

    My grandfather use to say, “it’s not the things you worry about that happen, it’s the things you don’t.”

    I’ve noticed in my life that the things I pay attention to run pretty much as expected, then the universe throws a curveball where I least expect it.

    We sometimes say, “That could NEVER happen.” – I’ve learned to never say “never.”

    “All is fair in Love and War” and with building tensions, anywhere on the planet might become fair game.

  2. The former Mrs. Putin apparently hails from Kaliningrad. For oil on troubled waters, let’s go with “Perpetual Peace: a Philosophical Sketch” by a Königsberg predecessor Immanuel Kant. It’s too early in the morning for Danzig metal.

  3. Locally we have had no ice cream mix at Dairy Queen, no hamburgers at Carl’s Junior, no ice tea at Wendy’s and no beef at the taco place. I don’t know people can keep in business with these shortages.

    • My mini me loves Nutella and animal crackers.. I just picked some up.. 1 jar of salsa some k cups … the price twice what it was a month ago..

  4. “Democracy Dies in Darkness.” I assume the WashPo, has done very few stories about the rampant laws broken with the absentee ballots or Texas lawsuit about states not following the constitution on only legislators being allowed to updating voting laws. So certainly if no national media brings any attention to such items, democracy could die. If we cannot trust our laws will be followed and enforced when broken, trust is lost and not easily regained. I do recall them running many stories about Georgians being racist for attempting to pass proper laws to ensure each eligible voter only votes one time in their proper location. Of course I don’t expect those laws to be enforced or people prosecuted and jailed for breaking them. Because I have also lost any trust that democrat led localities actual enforce laws equally.

    You can bet police will find time to find people carrying cash around and make up reasons to seize it, but will never find the time to find those folks on camera putting ballots in several drop boxes and prosecute them.

  5. A squirt of vegetable oil in boiling water with potatoes, or rice, or oatmeal will do the same anti frothing as in the ocean. It breaks up the bubbles so stuff doesn’t boil over.

  6. Dr. Copper is talking to me. Relief rally schmelief ralley.
    BTW – urethane coated fabric rainwear holds the moisture in as well as out.

  7. “Check Your Mask Inventory” – Not many studies show masks actually work as many advertise. Theoretically they might work given perfect conditions, but as we see when walking around, very few using mask are using them properly.
    I have no issue with folks using masks as they see fit, I believe they can lower risk. But please don’t suck me into the insanity of using police power to require masks in public spaces.

    • Son G2 had remarkable success in knocking down CV-19 as a response team director during initial CV. BUT, ONLY using N95 masks. Anything less is kind of a joke to real medical people.

      But even if an N95 is only 80 percent effective, if BOTH carrier and receiver are wearing them, the odds of catching is 4 percent (20 percent at carrier and 20% of 20% at the susceptible uninfected airway). 6.25% effective at 75% and so on.

    • I’ve read 5-6 scientific studies (not 3rd person summaries) on how well face masks deter viruses. Some of these studies were done long before Covid. ALL of them concluded that masks are worthless for that purpose. Some went further and claimed that wearing masks is unhealthy. I’ve not seen one study that shows otherwise. At this point, I’d not believe any study of anything that the CDC puts out.

      • You may not like the data, but the data is:

        The preponderance of evidence indicates that mask wearing reduces transmissibility per contact by reducing transmission of infected respiratory particles in both laboratory and clinical contexts. Public mask wearing is most effective at reducing spread of the virus when compliance is high. Given the current shortages of medical masks, we recommend the adoption of public cloth mask wearing, as an effective form of source control, in conjunction with existing hygiene, distancing, and contact tracing strategies. Because many respiratory particles become smaller due to evaporation, we recommend increasing focus on a previously overlooked aspect of mask usage: mask wearing by infectious people (“source control”) with benefits at the population level, rather than only mask wearing by susceptible people, such as health care workers, with focus on individual outcomes. We recommend that public officials and governments strongly encourage the use of widespread face masks in public, including the use of appropriate regulation.


      • Also just out last week Rapid review and meta-analysis of the effectiveness of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers during the COVID-19 pandemic

        “Results: We found 461 reviews and 208 primary studies, of which 16 systematic reviews included 11 observational studies of interest. Wearing PPE conferred significant protection against infection with COVID-19 as opposed to not wearing adequate PPE. Overall, the review results show that wearing face masks can significantly protect HCWs from infection. We found no effects for wearing gloves and gowns. Practicing thorough hand hygiene and having proper PPE, as compared to lacking proper PPE, showed a protective but not statistically significant effect. No studies reported the side effects of wearing PPE or acceptance rates.

        Conclusion: This evidence supports PPE use by HCW, and especially N95 masks, to reduce the risk of a COVID-19 infection.


        Bandanas ARE a joke – I was very= precise in stating n95 and better

        One lesson from age 73 1/2: Never err on the side of Dead,

      • I have read dozens of scientific studies on masks and concluded like George that the well fitted N95 masks are COVID protective. I continue to wear them in situations of high social contact in indoor settings (theatre, concerts, crowded stores). I do not wear them outdoors or driving in the car by myself, etc. which is silly and unnecessary.

        My son and I went to a ZZ Top concert last month. Attendance was around 8,000. I wore an N95 mask from entry until departure. My son (half my age) did not. Exactly 5 days from the concert, he came down with COVID. I did not. We are both double vaccinated and boosted so the mask was our only protective difference. He works from home and this was his only likely contact with the virus.

        Government mask mandates and lockdowns were completely wrong and damaging in my opinion. Mask requirements in health care settings continue to make sense and personal choice for mask wearing in other venues also makes sense (cloth masks and bandanas excluded).

        It is most unfortunate that Flip Flop Fauci destroyed the intelligent mask narrative with his none, one, two, declarations.

        I have only had a wise crack from an unmasked individual a couple of times recently but have a stock reply. “I woke up this morning with a bad sore throat and a cough. I decided to wear my mask to protect you but I can take it off if you want!”

        • Totally on point. Masks do work. Fauci failed the communicate with his patient (*and still too patient) country on how the medicines work. If I were on a medical board, he’s be parked in a lab – and have a big accounting firm watching every dime…,

      • Even cloth masks, with an appropriate hat and sunglasses, are highly effective in obscuring your identity. This may be of considerable value in the coming troubled times.

      • “My son and I went to a ZZ Top concert last month.”

        Oh my… now I’m jealous @BIC…. I love ZZ Top…
        I hope you both had a good time. As for masks.. I was wearing them before they became stylish for my allergies in allergy season.. tyvek coveralls and gas masks when I paint..

      • Masks work to a certain extent, even cloth or poorly fitted ones. It is quite apparent that nothing compares to a well fitting N-95. Look no further than many healthcare workers who avoided catching COVID despite being exposed to it on a daily basis.The one thing that doesn’t seem to work is the COVID vaccine. I speak from experience. Double Vaxxed and boosted, yet managed to get sicker than hell from wife who also got very sick under similar circumstances. I’m in mid 60’s without underlying health issues. It is quite obvious to me that the COVID vaccine and hysteria surrounding COVID was ALL about the money.

      • When the pandemic started, N95 masks were pretty hard to come by. Last time I was in Harbor Freight, there were plenty of them in stock. If another wave of disease is on the way, now might be the time to pick some up.

  8. “defund the police”

    When those little kids tasted the chopper, the State protected the police. In history the police never side with the peoples. The police protect the state. The police will massacre you on order.

      • I would like OOWS to realize that one of the cleverest of revolutionary activities is undermining the public trust in institutions. Like the bullshit stories about how the military would turn on Americans and how cops are bad, plus whatever anti order BLM and marxists want to peddle.

        This makes it a quick road to Carracas

      • Police engage point blank with killers, wife beaters, pedophiles, drug dealers and thieves. If your friends and/or your community are composed of folks like these, or you are one such actor, the Blue will do what they must, peacefully or otherwise, risking their lives every day to stop you and protect we law abiding folks. If you want them defunded, you are an outlier, an advocate for chaos, lawlessness and an endless state of urban war.

      • We all watch the latest example, Uvalde unfold live. Today Uvalde authorities say ‘abject failure’.

        Did you hear about the “Night Of Rage” flyers being posted throughout DC over the Juneteenth weekend? The police cameras didn’t see a thing.

      • Police undermine themselves. Lets talk about them seizing law abiding citizen’s cash or assets with no arrest or even charges ever resulting. Lets discuss them going around and harassing citizens who opened their establishments during covid. How about driving like madmen around town, staring at their laptops but stopping citizens and giving them tickets for much less. How about them not arresting rioters, but in many cases harassing other citizens trying to protect themselves. How about them letting an active shooter kill children and not intervening. How about not enforcing any of the absentee voting laws. How about not arresting protesters in front of Justices homes and neighborhoods. Not much for others to do to undermine their reputation. Why not defund them, if they won’t enforce the laws equally or protect our innocents or instead use their power to suppress those with different beliefs then the ruling class.

      • The Uvalde police did a GREAT JOB … AT PROTECTING … the Police.

        Got trapped in the middle of a gang gunfight a few years back (they were firing at each other over the hood of my car – literally over the hood of my car, guys 10 feet from the car on one side and 15 feet from my car on the other side). As soon as I was able to back out of the situation I called the police on my cell phone. A substation was only 1/2 mile and 3 blocks away. 30 minutes later THE FIRST police car shows up.

        A few weeks ago there was a shooting (one ended up dead) in a city park that has a Police Substation adjacent to the park. It took the police over 30 minutes to finally make an appearance and notice the NOW DEAD body.

        Sorry, but around here the PRIME DIRECTIVE for the police is: Make sure NO POLICE are shot at under any circumstances!! Avoid confrontations with criminals at all costs until overwhelming forces are available and ready to go on scene! Of course by then the violence causing person or persons have by then left the scene. The police then think they are doing a GREAT JOB because then they then write an Event Report that talks all about the violence that occured (to others) BEFORE they arrived on the scene.

        Around here it has gotten to be that when minutes count … the dynamic is the police will arrive to write a report (or collect the dead body) an hour or so later.

    • “the Blue will do what they must, peacefully or otherwise,”

      Exactly @ Warhammer….ours even took time to help me change a headlight…

    • I have personally seen both sides of this argument. Bullies are attracted to this line of work, BUT; so are people who want to be of service. Police were following orders during BLM and many resigned (Seattle area) when they no longer felt they were in a position to be of service to others. Then with the jab mandate, many who could think for themselves resigned and moved out of state. Same at the shipyard… Unfortunate as the jab mandate is not being enforced at the yard. We just lost a bunch of well educated able bodies when we need them most – war time!

      We are in the midst of huge changes. Pathfinder Bob is right on. We can prepare for what we know, it is the “ something else “ that will come out of left field that can take you down.

  9. “Spume?  Ah “…froth or foam, especially that found on waves.”  Or on politician’s lips.”


    The foam I’ve seen on the waves has been white mostly.. the stuff on politicians lips is brownish in color with a foul stench….

  10. George, delighted and surprised when you referenced Lehman’s Hardware as I live 40 minutes from their door over in Kidron, Ohio. Delightful store with many rooms as they just kept building addition after addition. Worth a stop by if you ever get in the area.

    • Agreed! I was there once — passin’ through, headed from Orrville to Marietta when I saw the barn and the sign. Only got the quick tour because I was on a schedule, but I have vowed to return…

    • Lol lol … I order from them often.. the boss would never allow me to go it without a chaperone..

      You could tell her.. I just seen him at the bar flirting with babies and doing the white man overtime on the dance floor.. she’d say.. I hope he has fun… but if you really wanted to get her upset.. you would only have to say.. just seen him heading to the hardware store and he had this funny look on his face.. lol lol lol

    • Great place … been there and to their smaller store a village over a number of times. Mouth waters every time I go in. Unfortunately I would need a warehouse to store all the stuff I want to buy when I go in and start trolling the aisles.

  11. WTF is amatta with this community ?

    LGBT the bomb detonation that destroyed our western civilization destroyed my country. The “War” has been lost…
    As I look to the only light left in th eWorld -Russia – it has become perfectly clear by fighting against LGBT Russia will win this G v E battle to end all…
    Good luck demoncrats, pedo joe, deviants..

  12. If you look at the aggregate is it possible to count five waves down from the June head and shoulders top? Is it possible to argue that the June 2022 correction is done and we are about to get and ABC up?

      • Well the news coming out of Europe isn’t great. Taiwan isn’t much more optimistic. Then there is the Fed which just raised rates. In the crypto space the price of Bitcoin has fallen to the point where some are scrutinizing the cost of mining vs. the price you get when you sell. Rut Ro. Time will tell.

  13. Those desert water bags are the best – never had water that tasted as good! All due to evaporation.

    Had a teacher that served in the Pacific Theater during WW2 in the aviation end. He said that the way guys cooled the beer was by wrapping them in a blanket doused with aviation fuel; the ‘heat of evaporation’ would chill them pretty good. Smart people back then.

    • “Those desert water bags are the best – never had water that tasted as good! All due to evaporation.”

      That is the truth@Logger G.. cold drink of good water.. and all because of the evap..
      I use to have an earthen water jug.. that set on a stand.. it was the same way… https://www.srishtiusa.com/sscu-clay-water-pot-with-tap

      I wanted to change it.. and put it in a second pot.. filled with fine silica sand.. with the spigot coming through the two pots to the outside.. that way I could pour water in and around the water pot.. and have ancient refrigerated water.. LOL.. broke it trying to do it..
      My mother was anal about keeping us kids busy.. one of the things she made us do.. was make pottery.. LOL LOL so that is on this summers teach the kids list.. learning how to silt their own clay and making their own mug LOL LOL LOL….
      Not sure how I will show them on finishing and sealing it.. I had thought about using the old clay and ash slip.. 3 parts of sifted clay to one part of hard wood ashes that are pepple ground and sifted.. Or using corn starch or cream.. see if we have any pretty rocks around or herbs.. for colors.. gotta find a blue.. one loves blue and one loves red.. LOL..I actually thought about my moms bean pot.. dam I miss that.. best beans ever and that was all it was for….

      this morning we have first tomato.. yup.. a nice one to.. so breakfast wagon wheels are in order..
      slice a large tomato in half inch slices..
      take a cookie cutter..(or glass) and cut out the meat of the tomato leaving about a half inch ring around
      take the tomato meat, chopped onions green peppers eggs and a half tsp of your favorite seasoning.. I like this smoked maple steak seasoning.. but that is totally up to your preferences.. whisk the ingredients..

      spray your egg ring with oil..https://www.amazon.com/Urbanstrive-Stainless-Cooking-Pancake-frying/dp/B09QW31TRJ/ref=asc_df_B09QW31TRJ/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=563688247325&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1375892643378612544&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9020398&hvtargid=pla-1648212378191&psc=1.
      place on griddle.. put the tomato slice in the egg ring.. and fill with your egg mixture.. sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste.. griddle them.. flip and serve.. slap some bacon on the side and some hash browns or country home fries and you have breakfast..

  14. not surprising to see a COVID article on the Daily Beast. Midterm elections are under 5 months away, and the democrats’ only hope of not being completely routed is to resurrect the pandemic, and now would be a good time to start planting the seeds for it.

    • I doubt most would buy into lockdowns, injections, and masks. That card can be played once per generation, if that. To enforce lockdowns again would require martial law to actually be effective. Everyone that will get injected again has already been injected, and those who didn’t do so will never volunteer for it. Whatever’s about to be released may possibly trigger ADE in a noticable number, and further injections will be counterproductive, at best. I won’t put it past them to attempt this again though.

  15. I’m thinking about the predictions from yesterday. This gentleman is saying that the Iranians are now further enriching their ore for a bomb. The Russians are being besieged from their access to the Baltic, and the Israel government has fallen…..interesting. https://youtu.be/ej4Oxmmq5vU

    Looks like things are happening quickly.

  16. “Good luck finding a bumper water bag”

    I hadn’t thought about those since I was a kid — Used to see them in hardware and dry goods stores.

    The vast majority are called “Desert Water Bag.” “Desert” is a brand name and AFAIKT was licensed to Ames, Wentzel, Coleman, Boise Cascade, and a bunch of others.

    (How’s THAT for a business model!)

    Ames Harris Neville and made them up until about 2010. I remember seeing both Coleman and Eagle (Wentzel) when I was a kid.

    The only ones I could find manufactured today are

    Delux, made in India ( https://www.amazon.com/Delux-Drinking-Survival-Emergency-Road-Dessert/dp/B07CMZ9W24 )


    Trailblazer, made in Australia ( https://campingplus.com.au/canvas-water-bags )

    You’re on your own for finding an antique with a cork stopper, unless you like Death Valley:


    I’m guessing a lot of the tent & awning companies made them, at one time or another.

    Maybe we can get Len to make a group buy, since Camping Plus doesn’t ship overseas…

  17. Your “Oil Trick” for taming the seas in bad sea conditions may have been OK on open ocean in the Pac NW but here on the Great Lakes they would be handing you a very nice 5 figure FINE almost immediately. The financial penalties for putting any petroleum products into the waters of the Great Lakes are very very high, and they are AGGRESSIVE with their enforcement of them.

    On the Great Lakes any “oil type sheen” on the water will be almost instantly seen (airline pilots will usually call it in if they see one since it can be indicative of a boat that sunk) and the Coast Guard will immediately investigate, maybe even sending out a Rescue Helicopter almost immediately, and they will have little problem back tracking it to the boat that caused it since in bad wather there are few boats out to begin with, let alone where the sheen appeared.

    Good for surpressing waves /spray in theory maybe on the oceans … a finacial disaster for the Captain and owner of a boat if in the Great Lakes (I assume also the same financial disaster if in Chessapeak or near shore East Coast of the US also)

    (this is also why you BUY boat insurance in the Great Lakes, even for a an older “beater” boat … if your boat sinks and the gas /diesel starts to leak from the sunken boat very very hefty fines!! Tens of Thousands of Dollars!! Can go into the hundreds of thousands for a large cabin cruiser type boat with large fuel tanks. Voila in the Great Lakes … the sunken boat recovery barge with crane and divers goes out and pulls off the bottom most sunken larger recreational boats on the Great Lakes, >25?. No salvage value … but the fines are so hefty that it is cheaper for the insurance companies to spend the tens of thousands of dollars to retrieve the boat before things start to leak than to have to pony up the money for the EPA/Coast Guard fines)

    Long time Great Lakes sailor – Stephen 2

  18. I wonder who got the contracts for the chips.

    “Britain will electronically tag some asylum seekers with GPS devices. LONDON — Britain will start placing electronic tagging devices on some asylum seekers after they arrive on small boats via the English Channel or through what the government calls “dangerous and unnecessary routes.”

    – 3 days ago

    • I really don’t know why those who are approved for temporary residence in the US pending a court hearing are not required to wear a non-removable(NOT implanted) GPS tag. Perhaps one around the neck for security. We have entirely too many aliens going AWOL after missing their court hearing. Unauthorized removing of such a tag would be a felony and a permanent bar to residence in the country unless necessary due to medical need or similar. This would go a long way toward making quasi-legal and illegal aliens locatable in real time. I don’t believe any government has the right(though obviously it has the ability) to implant anything under the skin of an individual. That’s violating the sanctity of the body.

  19. We’re on vacation for a few days in San Antonio and just got back from Wally World. I got to handle a couple of those mysterious manila envelopes they’re handing out at the border farther down South. Had a couple of young characters behind us in line that, obviously, had not been here that long, and one of them dropped them. He had an arm full of clothes in his hands so I picked them up for him. Both were marked with their 3 digit numbers and had “Philadelphia” written on them. I asked them “Vayan a Philadelphia?” and the one that dropped them said “Yes.”. They asked if I spoke Spanish and I said “Un poco.” The other said “I speak Spanish perfectly but only a little English.”. So I told him No problem, ya viene. Vota erre” and one of them smiled.

    …. Yeah right.

    I couldn’t really see these two as being “military” in nature but then there’s a lot of jobs in the military.

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