Bitcoin Decline for Idiots – Why Teenth?

The U.S. markets are closed in observance of a democrat give-away to federal workers’ event.  I think that’s the polite way of putting it.

Older (meaning wiser) heads will remember that it was not until 1971 that America had a national origin holiday.  That was when Columbus day (which sounds pretty White to us, though not really Anglo.  Hmm…) was added.

Thus – today – we observe the second of two nominally Black Holidays, the other besides Juneteenth, is Martin Luther King Day.

Because the otherwise do-nothing Witch Trial promoters don’t have anything else to pawn off on stupid voters this Fall, I’d like to propose the Fools on the Hill get off their asses and promptly designate at least these additional “special days” for sleeping in if you’re a federal, state, and in most cases, city workers.

  • 5 holidays for women
  • 2 for Hispanics
  • 1 for Jews
  • 1 for Muslims
  • 1 for Hindus
  • 1 for East Asians
  • 1 for LGBTQ

This list from my friend Jas Jain:

“I think there should be 2 for LGBTQ. More politically correct.

I forgot Native Americans; 24 or 25 per year, full moon and dark moon days, to drink, dance, and “merrymaking.”

Stupid people work too hard to make crooks rich. I protested by working only for 15 years of full-time equivalent. Living modestly in an enjoyment in itself. It is sickening to see how much money, and resources!, stupid Americans waste (I am guilty too of some waste).

God is angry at these stupid people and the punishment is coming lot sooner than people think. Silicon Valley will be punished more severely than the rest of America for obvious excesses.”

Smart people – like inside your router code smart – have an expanded ability to see the longer-term; not the slop served by “Momentary Media” which is run by some Deep State shot callers.

Notwithstanding the ALREADY 11 “national holidays, the additions sought here are strictly woke, virtuous, and in the same sense of “equality means all finish in first place” in SOME revisionist history book.

We also count an additional 14 Federal Holidays, bringing the Grand Total under this proposal to 25 National Holidays. or more like 48 depending on first people’s (and strict Jewish) lunar holidays.

Our semi-under wraps project, envisioned as a site for discussion and returning to the central Founding ideals of total equality and fiscal responsibility, MIGHT one of these days get to the task of explaining how the gap between REAL PRIMARY job-holders (workers) and BUREAUCRATS is widening.  Today is a step on a long revolutionary path.  Mug-America is the longer-term goal.

Our efforts to promote additional inclusion on the basis of systemic equality will most surely be misunderstood.

Taking It Further

However, as another Biden-Pelosi hyperinflation gambit, and another democrat pay-off to federal worker unions which is a non-trivial voting block, we will further propose that Inclusion be expanded to include other “nominal holidays” so that American ideals can fail even faster.

Not only will this build on the widening (“the Bidening“) Globalist Bureaucrats vs. Plebes gap, but there are also many additional monetization’s with which to save our still faltering economy.

For Example:

Summer officially begins tomorrow.  While this was an astronomical date observed for thousands of years both tribally and culturally, we have failed to enshrine this as a Global Holiday.  In the interest of ancient Egyptian and Peruvian Andes priestly classes, Four Global Holidays must be added.  This shouldn’t be taken in jest because the data is universal, measurable, non-discriminatory, and inclusive of everyone on Earth.

How can you top that?

The Problem of Tomorrow

I mean besides Summer, Day After Teenth and all that?

Tomorow is also  NATIONAL SELFIE DAY – June 21 – National Day Calendar.  Oh, it’s also NATIONAL PEACHES ‘N’ CREAM DAY.  (Not to be confused with Peaches and Herb, a dandy R&B/Urban contempt group.)

We won’t run out of “days” any time soon. Because Wednesday we’ll mark  National Chocolate Eclair Day along with National Kissing Day.  (This latter might have been modeled as National Sex day, but our delightful government pre-emptively owns that one by reserving April 15th.

Economic Impacts

If you have a “mind for numbers” you’ll immediately see through to the Mind-Boggling Brilliance of the Ure Plan for Additional Holidays as Economic Stimulus!

You see, today, Juneteenth, is also what?  NATIONAL VANILLA MILKSHAKE DAY.  (Which is awesome in terms of The DUDE on High’s sense of irony when you begin widely inspecting His work for the irony6 of it all, but that’s another column.

The economic impact of making a (wry) National Holiday out of the vanilla shakes is that federal union bosses (and bossette’s) would then be able to make a case for quadruple time.  That is, double time for working on Juneteenth and doubled again for VMD *(vanilla milkshake day).

Why in no time, the Globalist partners in Bureaucracy would have everyone’s money, all the time, but it wouldn’t matter because we’d all have moved into the economic stratosphere make quadruple time and beyond!

(Hmmm…where’s my meds?)

When will media come up with the idea of charging twice as much for advertising on Holidays, too.  Damn shame the Patent Office is closed today or I’d do a provisional Patent app on that one!

Clearly, there is much work to be done.  And, America has no shortage of useful idiots to shirk said work.  Ad Evidenced in our next epistle on?

Bitfail: Wilting of Digital Tulips

Someone at Google is very, very smart.  Go to Google and put in BTC [enter] and not only will you get the latest price quotes, but also some charts.

Taking these as a starting point, we will make a derivative work, by using a couple of views showing how our (crackpot) interpretation of Elliott Wave theory may be applied.

First, in the long, historical perspective:

Someone forgot 2 between 1 and 3this is a sign of aging of coffee depletion

Under Elliott, this seems like a pretty reasonable count.  The impulsive up wave counts 5 steps.  And we are “in play” on at least an a-b-c down.  But we also see this as likely going five waves (a-b-c-d-e) which tells us the future of Bitcoin has become sketchy.  We’ll return to this point in a second.

For now, though, let’s zoom in on the right side of the chart and pencil in where the recent price action may be pointing:

The “slope of the dope” is not as sharp (because the time base spreads out more) but even an idiot with a passing knowledge of Elliott (moi) can see the red box zone where a second trend line bounce may be penciled in.

Here (be patient, over summer) the decline MIGHT end at the red target zone and move higher.  OR (this being our financial meltdown favorite) BTC would rally into the fall – pumped by the increasing fears of wider war in Europe and Taiwan (mid-July and on).  Which would give digital-charlatans a chance to unload at a “d” wave top somewhere along the top descending trend line.

How bad COULD it get?  You mean like how cheap if this whole thing turns into a 5-wave decline, not just 4?

Let’s  use our Elliott forecasting spreadsheet “openbrain” and plug in the all-time top, and the bottom of the large “a” down.  Using these we get something in the vicinity of:

As you can see, the POTENTIAL (and this is NOT trading advice!) is that BTC could fall under 10,000 before rallying for the 4th wave up (which would be the “d” wave if this is corrective).

Thing is, though, we cannot tell whether Bitcoin will survive if this turns from 3 waves to 5 waves down because of this:

Right now – this morning and with only one cuppa coffee onboard, if you asked me to forecast the future of Bitcoin, it would have to be something like:

“There is a case to where Bitcoin could fall to the 8,500 level in the next year or three.  But our favored count *(a 50% declining fifth wave) has BTC out of business inside two years or three years.”

Spoiler Alert!

When I tell you in all seriousness (or some, anyway) that my consigliere’s long wave econ work dating from 1979 has war with China (and globally) from 2024 on, you can see why an EMP vulnerable currency may be offering us some important knowledge about the future.

Yes, that’s right.  We think there is a case (for now weak, we need to see if BTC’s “d” wave rally can go above the declining trend line) for BTC to be a real-time “fuse to Armageddon” timer.

Which is so freaking graceful on the part of Almighty DUDE, it’s enough to humble even the most proud and ostentatious.

Monday at the Septic Plant

We’re off now to visit the Midway of Human Follies, as reflected in the twisted mirror of the Mainstream Manipulators.  Shall we see what the commie manipulations of reality by Bot Storms has wrought overnight?

Let’s expand the Bio-War, shall we?  North Korea reports outbreak of unidentified disease alongside COVID-19.  No monkey sightings seen in a scan of Pyong-Yang media.

Gender-Marketing fallout from the academic swill that’s made gendering a new American growth industry:  Detransitioned teens explain why they regret changing genders.  Check your common sense at the door, please.  We need some acceptable pretext to make up more money by constant remarketing of our racial divides and quintupling (and more) of genders.  (Meanwhile, my Add-A-Bathroom construction company concept languishes…but I’m a patient sort.)

Let’s Go to the Airport and Sit!  Holiday weekend sees massive amount of flight cancellations. Genius, huh?  “Yes, TSA person, I know I don’t have a ticket, but I just want to be with my cancelled brethren!”

A “Fair” Hanging without Cross Examination!  Yep – you know America is screwed when the Washington Witch Trials roll on with no cross examination and no FBI implant perp testimony.  Which is why polls like Americans think of Jan 6 Committee as fair, but are not following it | Ipsos are not in the least surprising.  Lynch mob magic in the U.S. House.  Some of the people, some of the time democracy, if there ever was.

 Non-River of Despair:  The Southwest’s unchecked thirst for Colorado River water could prove devastating upstream.  Like we couldn’t see that coming?

The Real Bottom Line of today?  Do we need a better understanding of ‘progress’? – BBC Future

Tell me you don’t need help figuring that out?

ATR: Normal Workday

Other than being pissed that today is brand infringement on the Fourth of July Indepence Day (Emancipation Day would have been a more honest title of today), we understand why it’s not called that.  Because there’s a holiday in two and a half months that would give back Emancipation.  Yes, I’m talking Labor Day when we all celebrate putting on the financial yoke of oppression.

Language control is, you see, thought control refined.  Except no one bothered teaching you that.

I don’t have any idea which cities will have free parking meters today.  I figure when this shit-show of collapse really gets doing, the local Marxist councils will demand privately owned parking (zones with their approval) will become free.  Lest their zoning franchise be exercised.

But I will admit to this much:  Elaine and I are working on picking up three used parking meters on eBay.

The Plan is Simple!  We have the old Lexus, the older pick-up truck and a tractor that occupies a whole parking place by itself.

Now, Elaine figures if we charge a dollar an hour to park, each spot will produce $24 a day in revenue.

Since we collect the money, see how we will become fabulously rich?  then all we need to do is raise the parking meter charges!

With the additional money we will hire a politically correct staff to monitor the meters.  Maybe we can even get some Covid money to offset wages.

Think this is a joke?  No.  This is (more or less) what the Federal Reserve and Congress actually do.  It’s dolled-up, but at its core, as my friend the Ecuador Ex-Pat has as the bottom of his emails in the sig space:

“When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion — when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing — when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors — when you see that men get richer by graft and pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you — when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice — you may know that your society is doomed.”  Ayn Rand

For today?  We open the Good Stream  to the Epistle of Prince 19:99.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. I read something this morning that buttgag had to rent a car because his flight was cancelled. The airlines will hear about this !

    • Yeah. He threatened to slap them with draconian regs if they couldn’t get him on his flight…

      They didn’t.

  2. If you installed the new ticket issuing parking meter, you can sell the same time twice . even to the same person. Then you could hire someone to pickup the spent tickets. Happy days are here again!!

  3. Good Morning George;

    I asked why Juneteenth has become a national day of independence. This is the answer I got …

    “It celebrates a singular moment in history when predominately republican white christian men laid down their lives for a completely different race who had been sold by their own people. The men had nothing to gain and everything to lose. This display of self sacrifice has not been matched and should be celebrated. We should use this holiday to recognize that legal slavery has ended but illegal slavery continues.” ~ Jason Bateman

    On that note, I’ll accept the day off and be as productive as I can. – I think it’s more the use of the term/reference of “National Day of Independence” that is most bothersome.

    Speaking of bothersome terms and references, Joe mentioned we are at “A Time of War” Now that made me raise my eyebrows and heart skip a beat. Check it out …

    The way things are going, we all need to make each day productive … just sayin.

  4. National Kissing Day or National Sex Day on April 15. That won’t work. I’ve been screwed but never kissed every year on that day. Crap, quarterly even.
    How about I get to do whatever I like, want to, need to do day…wait a minute, That’s everyday for me.

    Never mind.

    Stay safe all. 73.

    • March 14th…steak day unless your married then it’s overdone chicken day lol

  5. Doomsday Alert!

    New post by the one and only G.A. Stewart!

    “Mixed with George Ure’s study of history and cycles at UrbanSurvival/, I flavor my outlook with his research and experience. I find it interesting that both George Ure and I have technical backgrounds, and we have had to maintain a real hands on approach to the world to get along in it. Among many talents, George Ure’s specialty is economics, and years ago he was writing about where Bitcoin and the stock market were going, and so we are now getting close to where he believes we are going to head.”

    • Thanks for sharing… it has to be real new.. there wasn’t any new posts yesterday when I checked.. love stu’s site

  6. The Ayn Rand quote cuts to the bone. We are bred to be enslaved workers. Our earliest human societies were led by two key individuals – the ‘chief’ and the ‘shaman.’ Chiefs fought other chiefs to demonstrate their power and various divine attributes (as announced and approved by the shamanic class) and, over time, we humans become what Ayn Rand so insightfully describes, compliant minions of an elite few who use us like pawns on their self-serving chess board. The shaman class, magical beings to we humans, diversified their roles over time from purely mystical-religious influences, morphing into political and economic ones as well, aided greatly by gee whiz techno gadgetry. With such innovation under their control, the power to select or ordain social leadership increased exponentially. The shaman-rooted ‘powers that be,’ e.g. groups like the Bilderbergers, Masons and the leadership of our great religions, still hold tremendous sway over influential minds, as they always have. We the sheeple are deftly herded into our appointed servant roles by the mouthpieces of these magic-wielding humans, the MSM. If any leader fails to obey the shamanic cast, the leader is ‘removed’ (via frauad, indictment, impeachment, assassination or resignation) and a more amenable replacement ordained. I believe evidence tends to show that the shamanic forces may be clashing over the intended direction of humanity. The sheeple are being kept in chaos, pitted against one another as distractions while the shamans systematically duel to increase their power and influence over us (and be default, each other) toward their desired future end-states. As Yogi Berra so famously said: “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Smart guy, the Yogi.

    • “The Ayn Rand quote cuts to the bone. We are bred to be enslaved workers.”

      What I find ironic about the enslavement of the average worker @Warhammer … is we have been enslaved to covet currency.. that isn’t backed by anything..
      From my point of view.. we covet and allow our enslavement to gain essentially nothing that the people enslaving the vast majority have convinced everyone that in order to gain something you need nothing..
      During the Reagan recession when there were no jobs to get the nothing.. all you had was your skills..
      So day labor you traded your sweat and tears in exchange for the things you normally traded pieces of paper for.. mine was etched glass and hard physical labor..
      I am constantly amazed at the fact that 200 or so people can control heading onto 8 billion for nothing in exchange.. get them to sacrifice their lives or children giv r up their past and present by convincing them that nothing is more important. Then at the end of their lives take everything they worked for and divide it up between themselves..

      • LootB, you describe the paradox rather nicely. The general populace is stuck in the ‘barter economy’ which you describe. Laws, regulations, taxes and fees are put into place by our governors which serve more as barriers than enablers, making it difficult if not impossible to break thru an undefined glass ceiling, even should we economically ‘make it’ thru shrewd investments, intellectual property, designing innovative products and processes or just sheer hard work – or luck. ‘They’ are the puppet masters pulling our strings. We dance to their profit and delight.

  7. Silly,puny Humans – ruled, controlled by Fear. ahahahahahahahahahahah..literally en-slave Ure selves within fear.

    I can smell Ure fear – fear of the future of money, Ure money..hahahahahah

    And yet, and yet – ALL U clowns have blindly followed along the pied piper of fraudulant finance to the tune of Oh Dem Digital Tulips, played by G. Ure and the Nothing There Band..aka

    How much is Ure Bitcoin worth this AM ? absolutely NOthing -zero- Bubkiss. hahahaahahahahahah

    not even in Ure reality – makey no sense you even acknowledge it – if you really believed in Ure own crypto bullscheisse.

    Working today – “pets’

    • Such rambling would be forgivable, were it not for the presence of cited facts and numerics as quoted.
      Going to King Canute’s School for Financializations Failing For Fools?

      • OTFLMAO.. loved it G

        BC .. now I don’t have any of the other either.. but BC is so tulipish that I’d rather buy the tulips if I was going to invest in least you have something..

      • #1 – there IS No such thing as sin. Where the hell do get such far fetched ideas as a sin – says F-ing who?

        #2 There is NO forgiveness , see #1

        Just FEAR – thats it.

        So solly -nope – no klown school 4 this genius..

        Look again – What you are seeing is what happens in real markets unfinagled/unmanipulated like- a guy obviously has no memory/recall of what a real unfettered markets used to act like. Young whippersnappers think you know everything..

        There is no criminal govt. backstopping Bitcoin – whippersnappers – that only happens in Ure make-believe world
        of the USA/EU markets. You know participation tropheys for All, name Ure gender- any, no family units, no respect for hard work and or sacrifices made.

        You All know the world to which I refer – “U will own nothing, and be happy about it.” tickticktickticktick

        Bunch of candy assed financial lolligaggerz is what we have here, “oh mr biden when can we expect our next our next stimmy check? so I can buy some moar US treasury bonds” (something? 4 nothing)

        hookerz and blow marketz – soonly..the blow will run out, and the hookers will have been long gone..

        no worries though – she said it was only a cold sore ; )

    • BTC’s, and others by reference, were marketed as a tool to create and exchange value privately and anonymously. Sometimes this worked – for a while, but then fast blockchain tracking software became available, so these attributes were moot, though possibly too late for anyone to care. The way to have gotten rich from this was to get in at the bottom, like most Ponzi schemes. I didn’t because I was busy with other stuff, though it would have been fun to heat the house by mining “coins”. At this point, I still work daily because it’s satisfying, and it’s 100% for myself, avoiding all forms of currency and trade as much as possible. This is the best way IMHO to avoid Ayn Rand’s most unfortunate reality. I’ll just hang out in my own Gulch and enjoy life. My best wishes to everyone else.

      “War Games” was right. Win by not playing!

      BTW, it’s been raining like crazy in NM. The monsoons are two weeks early. Maybe they heard about changing Independence Day to June……

  8. Amtrak was another give-away started in 1971.

    The 1971 60 crowd felt very rich giving holidays and creating lifelong employments. None of the presses or plastic injection molding machines were moved to china yet.

    Ideally, we modern folk see PBGC go over the falls. A lot of people will drop dead that day.

  9. “Credit” is the third-person singular present indicative active of the Latin verb credere, to believe> I do not believe.
    By the time I was a high school freshman, I had wrapped my mind around the concepts of comp[ound interest and capitalization of interest. Later I saw “interest” as “label swindle” (from the book, Rape of the Mind, by Joost Meerloo MD), as rental for another person’s money. For a person to pay out “interest,” was equivalent to a penal fine for exceeding one’s means.

    too, during that time I continually heard a relative who was an office mabager in a scrapyard, complain about the extra work her girls had to do when one of the scrapyard’s laborers got garnisheed. By my eighteenth birthday I had arrived at the conclusion that consumer credid is poison for the working class. So in all my seventy-seven years I have never held a credit card, because I have never asked for one.

    Fred J. Cook, in his Gambling, Incorp[orated, quoted Chief Parker of LAPD: “Any society that depends on the financial weakness of its people doesn’t deserve to survive.”

  10. I was taught that the Civil War was about economics. Having basically free labor gave southern farmers an unfair advantage over northern farmers. The slave issue was just an extra talking point.

    • It was actually a bit more complicated. You see, much of the Connecticut and that region were invo9lved in the manufacturing of human labor replacement devices. As a result, they had the luxury of playing a “hreads we win, tails we win” game. Where the great machining fortunes of the North were able to sell war materiel in the (not so) civil war OR in the peace following they would profit hugely as machinery was necessary in order to replace reduced labor supplies.

      See, when you look at major historical events from an economics perspective and a competitive space analysis, history becomes semi-predictable and usually controlled by forces making money no matter what. It’s this “financial agnosticism” that leads to the “amoral flavor of human events including war.

      I wake up many mornings and ask: Were there no money, what would average people do today? Would they continue producing for the Greater Good? Or, would be all descend in a steep glide path to subsistence again?

      The tales of the Fall of the Tower of Babel are being replaying even now. But, more about this on Peoplenomics Wednesday. I have to go write it down.

      • “the ALREADY 11 “national holidays”

        Consider that along with production.. who are those holidays for exactky….
        I went thirty plus years without having a single holiday off.. so are these symbols for the hourly wage earners?
        Or just another federal day off.. years ago I worked in a county position.. even there we had to work certain holidays because everyone else would.. but we could either switch it for a different holiday or take what they called plus time.. what we chose was to celebrate another federal holiday being the smart azz I am we chose.. poinsettia day… we had signs made up everything.. of course most don’t celebrate that one..I believe only congress does..
        The point is..the average working stiff doesn’t get the opportunity..there isn’t any overtime paid its just business as usual.. the benefactors for them are federal or executives not the working stiff..
        Federal employees work an average of 1200 hours where a working stiff does twice that..
        Walk into a post office at closing or any federal building and you hear crickets.. that’s why va hospitals got a bad’s ran as a federal building not as a medical facility.. crickets at 3.30

      • It’s the same at hospitals as well..there’s a mandatory training once a month.. BUT .. they schedule it at 1.30 or 2.00 in the have two or three shifts..for the three shift uts seven to three three to midnight and midnight to six.. you punch in before for shift change ..and your never out until charting ..
        The two shift is six to six .. so you get off let’s say seven or eight in the morning drive across town to home you loose an hour.. just in time to catch a twenty minute nap and go back ..I objected and pushed for them to have two training meetings.. one to optimize the two evening shifts at let’s say 10.. and the 1.30.. they did it once.. then stopped.. the same was true with admin as it was with wage earners.. messes up any day or sleep you can get..instead they allowed me to participate in the training sessions that physicians did..way more interesting with tons of perks that are given to executives and physicians

      • Yep, Lincoln won the Civil War, but the Natives were still considered ‘less than human’…NO rights given to them, in fact, Lincoln ordered the largest mass execution of Natives:

        It’s also how the West was Won, Lincoln promised free land (stolen from Natives) to garner support for the Union.

        Natives were the last to get the right to vote, 1924, Blacks 1870, Women 1919:,rights%20granted%20by%20this%20amendment.

        Eradication of the primary food source, buffalo, encouraged to starve the Natives to death:,source%20from%20the%20Native%20Americans.

      • “I wake up many mornings and ask: Were there no money, what would average people do today? Would they continue producing for the Greater Good? Or, would be all descend in a steep glide path to subsistence again?”


        Man, like every other animal, is lazy. If left without monetary or societal motivation, Man would work just enough to survive — a huge segment of our (contemporary, “Western”) species would languish until they lacked the strength to forage for food. We call these folks “Leftists” today. If voluntary motivations were removed and forceful motivation not applied, we would call them “fertilizer…” *

        * See Mao’s great agricultural experiments of the 1950s and ’60s for further insight.

        21st Century Man: Stoned, buried in video games, and not propagating…

      • “I wake up many mornings and ask: Were there no money, what would average people do today? Would they continue producing for the Greater Good? Or, would be all descend in a steep glide path to subsistence again?”
        Man, like every other animal, is lazy”

        My problem has never been lazy @Ray..but more lack of means.. which is what I’ve observed many times from others. Then they get frustrated and give up.. I’m the it’s one board guy.. when I built our home.. I was working two full time and a part time job.. I overheard my brother inlaw and sister inlaw make the comment that it would take ten years.. I was planning on three months.. I got irritated and frustrated because grab a dumb hammer and help.. because of that frustrating comment I slapped a two foot wall up.. didn’t use a level and nailed the crap out of it…later after sheet rock was up i went to put in a door only to see that the wall was about 3/8 of an inch out of square.. and no way to fix it.. I see that every day and remind myself to never let comments bother me again..
        Just like my backup shtf power issue.. I can’t swing it now but you wait.. it will be..determination

      • Caren seems to be a drama queen that seeks to create drama to give herself purpose and ignores the abuse of native americans against each other!
        She is in an invisible box and can’t see/think out of it! Indians killed other tribal Indians .

        but yes, the natives did lose to a greater force from europe, and we the modern day residents fall to realize that once upon a time, a more advanced civilization once ruled the entire Earth. it is set in stone! Ancient ruins, around the world. What Power caused it’s demise? War amongst them selves? moral decay? cosmic disruptions? space aliens? God just gets fed up and gives them a spanking?
        the Earth is just a big wheel,, Jerry Jeff Walker, “Wheel”

        What Caren falls to recognize is the assault on our food and water supply as california officials wastefully drain Lake Mead to the ocean and governments creating FEMA/NAZI camps that she supports. Government FEMA camps are cattle feedlots for humans. All cattle in the feedlot go to butcher. WWII NAZI camps ring a bell?
        Where are the buffalo? Some one killed that feedlot full of bovine. I am surrounded by feed lots and have been in a drought area with several 100 degree days in a row and none of these lots suffered that dire condition. Bad management or intentional? Insurance company will be pissed.
        Cereal plants burning down, millions of chickens being destroyed in the name of FAKE bird flu TESTS,,, we the people{C person included} are being starved, time for the little princess to wake the hell up. her liberal arts degree offers no help, solutions , or salvation from the hidden hand that is attacking US, but liberal arts only aid to lead the blind into perdition
        Cars that run on water and desalination technology exists,,, BUT the powers that own everything block these at every turn.
        Buffalo mass shooting victim,,, where are the buffalo?

        Mason Proffit ‘Buffalo’

        Yes George, “The DuDE must figure it’s important, huh?”
        re-occurring themes

    • Dow futures are up almost 25% of 1,000.

      It’d be nice to see a 1,200 point open to the good > a nuke go off mid afternoon, possibly on Warsaw resulting in a lock-limit down.

    • “Having basically free labor”

      The terminology just changed.. today we call them simi skilled labor.. the kid working on the line.. or the responsibilities of the slave owner..
      Historically a slave owner was an employer.. against their will.. they were seized and brought over sold by their own tribes or like in muslim area’s.. an enemies family children or goods were taken by the ones winning.. today we see women and children sold for as little as a ten dollar phone.. as wives or as laborer in domestic households..
      those that bought slaves did so to gain laborers.. and not all of them treated their laborers with hatred.. society as a whole did try to keep them opressed and controlled.. a slave owner had to provide housing medical and food.. the essentials.. today.. the only difference is a person can change slave owners without the owners permission.. or allow themselves to be owned by multiple slave owners like myself.. that had three jobs..
      Just like then.. there are those that believe that the don’t talk to me until you have value group.. that is what had brought down many civilizations throughout history. a king had his kingdom and he provided security.. in exchange for a portion of the goods that the Serf’s produced.. in many he got first entrance.. has it all changed.. not really just the way slavedom is portraited.. and yes there are crappy bosses.. or slave owners.. as an old hourly wage earner.. I can tell you there are some employers that cherish their employees and some that could give two cents for those that have no value to them.. the more you make on the hourly wage.. the more they feel they can abuse and use you.. one of the family a banker was at the bar b que last night.. we got into the discussion of dressing for success.. I dress then like I do now.. for a part time job or one with a menial income level.. they have to accept you for who you are and what you can give them in exchange.. my brother who was a big mucky muck would send me his wardrobe every six months as he changed them.. two thousand dollar suits.. and up.. one pair of the most uncomfortable shoes you could ever own that he paid a grand for.. I used them to paint in.. hated them.. but didn’t care if they got paint on them..
      what was funny is when they de-regulated the essentials and opened up our political leaders to open corruption by letting them basically take bribes to change and oversee laws.. they basically re introduced Roman laws that sent their country to ruins.. if they had let Carter do what he planned on.. equalize the tax laws keep the regulated essentials.. we wouldn’t be in the situation we are today.. but they didn’t and changed a few terminologies.. but it hasn’t changed.. just the terminology.. the don’t talk to me until your as valuable as I am group hasn’t changed their perspective of the working class. they just want more from them to lift their status of life up higher than it is.. children are still being abused.. and sacrificed for the infirm of ethics and decrepit of mind.. Of course that is just my opinion from my observations…. Employers that cherished their employees are always the ones that no one wants to leave.. the employer takes care of his FAMILY…cares about them and will defend there for them.. my fathers employer had thousands of employees.. he knew all of them.. knew me and my siblings and my father had one of the lowest positions in his company.. great man.. loved him.. one place I wanted to work.. the owner realized that single parents missed more work.. daycare doesn’t take sick kids or days that schools are not in session.. he started daycare free and transportation to and from school all shifts.. his employees were his family..

      • oops first entrance.. a young woman got married.. the king would be the first one to deflower her most special gifts..

        and even there it is still like that.. just think about the fake news story about the satanic pedo group that has so many political powerful and big business..
        they of course do way more than just have sex.. and look at the laptop owner.. he lives in a twenty five million dollar mansion and has his own protection group.. along with every agency sworn to protect and guaranteed leniency if he is ever convicted of his multiple issues that have been alleged against them or the family.. it hasn’t changed.. not one bit..

      • “a young woman got married.. the king would be the first one to deflower her”

        In many cultures, including ours, it was thus. In many segments of American culture, come wedding day daddy always got to try out the goods, and sonny boy got sloppy seconds on his wedding night.

        We are only six generations removed from a time when the vast majority of American newlyweds’ wedding nights were spent in their parents’ bed, with, and humping next to, and often in sync with, her parents.

      • “In many segments of American culture, come wedding day daddy always got to try out the goods,”

        What’s funny @Ray.. is when I read old diaries from pioneers and accounts of life on the prairie.. if tragedy befell them.. the eldest daughter took the place of mom..
        My grandmother hated men.. but then she came from a fairly well known famous pioneer family with ties back to the nation before our independence.. her mother passed on and she was the eldest..
        Unfortunately I never got to know her and it was long time before I read the diaries..
        Reading about the deviant lifestyle of those today and their little regard for women and children.. I wonder just how much of that was passed down..

      • “American culture, come wedding day daddy always got to try out the goods”

        I sometimes wondered after reading the stories of the keep it all in the family lifestyle. Has the role of the cuckold cleanup boy been reversed with that particular deviant family group..
        I regret not checking the SM fantasy videos that were posted..
        It sure wouldn’t surprise me though..

      • “Has the role of the cuckold cleanup boy been reversed with that particular deviant family group..”

        You’re overthinking it. Father and son are both hedonistic psychopaths whose prurient motto is: “Any port in a storm…”

  11. George.

    Can I suggest you add Canada Day a.k.a. Dominion Day, the First of July, Confederation Day, July the First and call it “Hug a Canuck” or “Hug a Maple Tree” Day. Then you can have a true long weekend for your 4th.

    You need to know that more than 75% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Canada – and what’s more, Canada keeps an emergency reserve of maple syrup should your supply become limited. Unlike Joe with your oil, Trudeau hasn’t yet stopped us from tapping maple trees (yet) and send us begging for maple syrup to other countries that hate us and don’t have maple trees anyway.

    Bob in Canada

    • “75% of the world’s maple syrup comes from Canada ”

      I love real maple syrup Bob…. yumm.. or birch syrup.. another yumm.. when I was in the service my room mates mom made maple syrup.. from up close to Canada.. either vermont or main new hamshire way.. anyway she would give each of us a gallon every year.. I didn’t have a clue just how much sap that was needed to make that much.. and as a kid I took advantage of it.. now that I know.. I do cherish it and appreciate the time and care that she put into making it for us…

      • Yep, NMMike, that’s perfect, those elites, like George Soros like to brag about the banging they are giving the citizens in the USA as they dominate them on election day.

        And not one Congress critter or senator wants to investigate those machines or cares whose manufacturing them or running the software.

        Who said: “it isn’t voting that matters it’s who counts the votes that matter.”

  12. I’m never sure these days about when I’m being propagandized or a ray of truth is beaming forth. Gonzalo Lira seems to be in the thick of it and has posted something for us to ponder and perhaps act on (for those who still believe we can influence anything).

    He seems to have been spot on about much of the Ukrainian debacle.

    • Martin Armstrong: I have videos captured from Ukrainian soldiers showing what they are doing to captive Russian soldiers. I will not post them because they are too horrible. They are actually crucifying Russians driving nails through their limbs and then setting them on fire alive. This is the hatred of Ukrainian neo-Nazis toward Russians and why the CIA protected the Ukrainian neo-Nazis because they always hated Russians.

      • Yes.. I remember five or so years ago visiting with a guy on a game chat.. that lives in Ukraine.. he was telling us about what they did to the people and that is why so many went to putin to ask for his help in cleaning up the corruption.. the one that really upset me was the crucifixion of a four year old boy.. sad.. of course that is determined by the MSM to be fake news.. but who do I believe.. the guy that lived there at the time..
        And why are we putting so many resources into one of the most corrupt countries on the planet.. maybe because so many have ties to the corruption.. I got a tickle out of the sanctions.. and that it in the beginning affected some of those that were tied to the industries.. so they had to back off.. LOL

      • “I will not post them because they are too horrible.”

        I hear you JC… I have seen some myself in the past.. and can tell you.. it bothers the heck out of me even now years later.. maybe I am just to sensitive.. families that didn’t agree with the Ukrainian and showed some support to the Russian army.. and what they did to them and their children..
        similar to the photos of the satanic pedo group.. that is fake news.. they just did a good enough job of covering the cat shizt and convincing the vast majority of the people that it wasn’t so.. IMHO

  13. A good read for anyone interested in the history/future of the Colorado river providing water for 5 states and the wonky allocations – I just finished reading “Where the Water Goes” by David Owen. Certainly brought me up to speed and provided information that changed the way I see/think about this subject matter.

  14. You know it’s getting serious when the ‘rebates’ come.

    Biden weighing federal gas tax holiday, sending out gas rebate cards

    “I hope I have a decision … by the end of the week.”

    • I read a story that JB is considering a tax holiday for fuel…lol lol
      I still can’t decide which character he played in the move Dumb and Dumber… lol..
      But then it is one way to dump water on the table.. this way he doesn’t have to hand out checks.. or get an approval from the macarena crowd.. and it doesn’t close off the effects of deregulation and still allows the oil industry free reign in profits..
      I believe if he was serious.. he would just reimply regulated prices on life essentials..
      But.. i believe that would really cause an uproar..
      The bad part is. How long could he successfully implement a gas tax holiday before negative effects emerged. Then they’d have to increase the taxes.. or give up services.. the realky bad part of having a leader that’s never had to work for a living.. it’s always been handed to him since he’s been in office.

      • The federal tax is 18.3 cents per gallon on gasoline and 24.3 cents per gallon on diesel. About $3.00 out of the $eighty to fill for me.

        A diesel truck prolly holds about 250 gallons so about $60.00 for them.

        If we ditch Amtrak the holiday can be permanent.

        “Federal taxes help fund 84.5% of the nation’s highways, 15% goes to mass transit and . 5% goes to leak cleanup and maintenance for the tanks underneath gas stations. As for state taxes, they are also used to help pay for each state’s road repair and environmental programs.”

        – Mar 8, 2022

    • Did you see he’s considering doing what DJT asked them to do from the very beginning of his administration.. and implementing tarifs.. and taxing offshore holdings.. now if it’s true that the family enterprise has hundreds of millions stashed on offshore holdings..would his money be subject to the same taxes or would he be exempt.

    • Federal gas tax is applied “per gallon,” not “per dollar.” The current Federal gas tax is 18.3 cents per gallon. The average gas price today in CONUS is $4.99.9. That 18.3¢ is 3.66% and as gas price goes up, the percentage goes down. An 18¢ discount on five buck gas is negligible. In two months when gas is $7 per gallon it’ll be even more negligible. It’s like putting a Band-Aid on a 135mm howitzer wound.

  15. “Smart people – like inside your router code smart – have an expanded ability to see the longer-term”

    I was once that smart. It’s no big deal, just secure thin LINUX with a tight ruleset, a failsafe (protection against stupid users) and a GUI so said users can get in far enough to muck up the works.

    Then I got much smarter, and just walked away…

  16. “Tomorrow is also NATIONAL SELFIE DAY”

    Will never be vain, conceited, or narcissistic enough to participate.

    “Oh, it’s also NATIONAL PEACHES ‘N’ CREAM DAY.”

    Is that the dessert, or the complexion?

    • March 14th.
      Steak and knobber day…except if your married then it’s overdone chicken and HJ day lol lol

  17. “This latter might have been modeled as National Sex day, but our delightful government pre-emptively owns that one by reserving April 15th.”

    Lol, you should be a scriptwriter for SNL. You’re truthful hot takes are ALOT funnier than anything they’ve written in a long time.

  18. I would like to propose a “HOLIDAY” that runs from May 5th (Cinco de Mayo) THROUGH July 4th and would thus include Juneteenth and June 26th. I certainly don’t expect to hear any criticism from ANY government employees. What the hell is June 26th you might ask??? look up June 26th 1876, ( if any one had it coming he really did on so many levels.) Has any one ever figured what it costs per day to have govt employees off work at full pay???

  19. I truly believe that those with goverment employment, including elected offal, should have their voting rights suspended for the duration. The same is true for those receiving government benefits(excluding SS retirement, since that’s paid in to). When the employment or benefits end, then the right to vote should return automatically. Voting should be for those who will guide our nation in honest and legitimate directions, not for the personal benefit of members of select groups.

    Of course, with Dominion and thousands of Mules doing our voting for us, this may all be moot.

    • “I woke up this morning and got myself a shotgun”

      Hmm hunting is to expensive.. I hunt at the local market.. it’s cheaper and I can get my limit in minutes… the fishing is as good to.. and it’s already breaded..

      • The markets are cheaper too. I went through some analysis of a coworker’s expenses for his yearly deer hunt several decades back. Turned out his venison was going for $200 / pound. I suspect that number is probably closer to $400 / lb in the current hyperinflation environment.
        It makes me treat the deer hiding out on my property with more respect. When a subcontractor was cutting hay at the back of my property, one of the does and my lonely roadrunner came to the gate when I arrived home. The doe then led me down to where my sub was working. He was cutting the deer’s bedding grass, and she was lodging a protest, I guess. Guard critters on duty. Fortunately for my sub, the cats and dogs were all on critter holiday.

      • “It makes me treat the deer hiding out on my property with more respect. ”

        I hear ya @n_____ I learned a long time ago that any animal I have would end up being a pet..

      • “Turned out his venison was going for $200 / pound.”

        So, I take it he took his full custom Weatherby and flew off in a private charter to Patagonia with a guide, two servants, and a case of Hennessy XXO to keep him company?

        You can go to Minnesota, Michigan, or Pennsylvania during any hunting season and see a couple hundred thousand people bag whitetails for less than $200, ($400 considering current petrol cost) counting out of State licensing fees (which are obscene.)

        There are 3.5 million deer killed every year in the United States by car & truck grilles. If’fn the hunters didn’t, within about 20 years the American whitetail would be near-extinct. The damn’ things breed like rabbits, and would quickly outbreed their food supply. Between rifles and Chevvies we can only, barely keep the population stable.

        I’m not a fan of hunting but thanks to 170 years of stupidity and mismanagement, it is a necessary evil. However, it is NOT a $15,000 necessity, unless someone chooses to make it so…

    • tbm,

      Diamonds are a woman’s best friend? The head of the Russian Central Bank and one of the most powerful women in the world according to Forbes, Mrs. Elvira Nabiulina, said at the conference in question that crypto can be considered in international forums, but “not if it penetrates the Russian financial system”. The woman has stones? Observers apparently keep watch on her jewelry for changes in Bank policy. At last week’s SPIEF, Reuters pictured her with a black stone (onyx?) choker in a gold setting. Flappers haven’t seen such styling since Sir CL Woolley excavated Sumerian royal sites at Ur in the 1920’s?

      By the way, the article leads into a promo from Gazprombank to Russians. Cash advances of up to 5 million roubles/US$89k (unsecured?) are 5.9-12.9%. Car loans secured by the car are 4.9-9.9%. Terms are up to 7 years. All the Euroil moolah must be piling up? What happened to the 20% interest rates precipitated by the Russian invasion that we were told about?

      According to the WH public schedule, the First Family has now vacated the Biden Beach House in Rehoboth Beach. Let’s watch the tide roll in as DJ Ure opens some Philosopher King soundgates with “Castles in the Sand”.

  20. The discovery of sunshine at night might first be witnessed in Kalliningrad, if, for whatever reason, it’s sovereignty is stepped on.

    EOD teams are usually paired with such details so as to keep said sunshine out of unauthorized hands. There are many methods that can be used by such detachments for accomplishing said mission, use your imagination.

    brilliant[ sarc].

  21. “Notwithstanding the ALREADY 11 “national holidays, the additions sought here are strictly woke, virtuous, and in the same sense of “equality means all finish in first place” in SOME revisionist history book. We also count an additional 14 Federal Holidays, bringing the Grand Total under this proposal to 25 National Holidays. or more like 48 depending on first people’s (and strict Jewish) lunar holidays.”

    Yes, way too many holidays already. But the solution to this is easy!

    Scrap all the current holidays and make it just ONE BIG holiday that we call:


    That should just about do it. Frees up a lot of days and hits all the right boxes of what to promote these days and who to demonize. Clean, simple, and direct.

    And of course… if we left anything off here it can easily be added to the name of the Holiday at the end.

    Freedom! Pride! Inclusion! For EVERYONE!… EXCEPT… except those nasty…

    Heterosexual White Christians who stay the sex They were born as and who choose to be Republicans or Independents and who are in this Country legally and who believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Rule of Law and that Their children belong to Parents and not to Daddy-and-Mommy State.

    It’s good to know who is responsible for all the World’s ills these days!

  22. “…Which is so freaking graceful on the part of Almighty DUDE, it’s enough to humble even the most proud and ostentatious.”

    Very nice EW analysis on BTC. It got my attention early… below $10… when I saw the potential for a clean Elliot Wave startup that was not subject to manipulation by derivatives. BTC was a pure cash market. I put a grand into it… and I found the running of the machine annoying. I would keep the ‘wallet’ offline mostly… didn’t trust exchanges. And I watched until I saw five waves up and started to get nervous… way, way too early. But I ‘bagged out’ with a fifty-bagger when it was all over. And I never touched it since. I don’t buy into the narrative, either. Too complexly fragile and dependent upon a world wide communications network. I don’t even want to think about “I could have been a millionaire”… IF ? I’d probably be dead of the stress, first.

    But indeed it is breathtakingly elegant to see now how the waves have… and will… unfold.

  23. Comrades,

    President Zelensky’s website has two completely different writeups of his visit to South Ukraine on Saturday. The English version spoke of the president being in Odessa arranging defenses and food exports.

    The Ukrainian language equivalent page focused on the president’s visit 70 miles away in a frontline bunker with troops at Mykolaiv. The president presented the 59th Motorized Brigade’s colonel with the Order of the Golden Star and titled him a Hero of the Ukraine.

    Oddly enough Wikipedia names the same colonel as being in charge of Ukrainian forces which unambiguously lost the Kherson region, adjacent to Mykolaiv, to Russian forces last month.

    • Just an image footnote:

      The English language page image morphed from a seated president looking down eyes closed to looking out eyes open. A channeling Saturday Saturn’s Roman god of wealth and agriculture sports a gold wedding band on a middle finger.

      Subsequent iterations of the Ukrainian page Mykolaiv group troop photo-op have the woman soldier on the righthand side cropped out of the frame.

      • Yeah, it was years ago, at the Official Ukraine pages, that I first noted the stuff Eurasian politicians say internally, is often different — sometimes diametrically-opposed, to the stuff they make available to the English-speaking world…

  24. Big Tech silenced the lab leak theory. But now the WHO chief reportedly believes it.

    Claiming, or even attempting to debate the possibility that coronavirus is man-made and originates from a lab in China, was a costly mistake made by a huge number of creators and social media users. Their content was banned, labeled as conspiracy, and “repeat offenders” on platforms like YouTube would even get banned.

    Early in the pandemic, in April 2020, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki spelled it out in no uncertain terms: the platform would staunchly follow WHO recommendations and ban all content contradicting it. Now, however, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is reported to be telling European officials in private that he believes coronavirus originated in the Wuhan, China lab.

    • As you will recall at the time, my March 2020 Urban was very clear it was high prob bio weapon event.
      We didn’t get into social media when that crooked fad arrived and so we were able to maintain the course of calling the reality of news flow as we saw it.
      When will stupid authors figure out that integrity is worth more than all the money and “likes” on Fakebook?>

      • We can’t admit it was an intentional leak or a bioweapon, without nominating either China or ourselves as the root cause of WW-III.

        Therefore the admission that it was a leak, at all, is huge.

        It also validates all the twits and faceplanters who got censured and cancelled from the social media platforms. This leads me to wonder whether they can sue for defamation, for the socials’ acts? “Cancellation for spreading truth” certainly seems like it should be considered as some form of character assassination…

        “When will stupid authors figure out that integrity is worth more than all the money and “likes” on Fakebook?”

        Until the money stops, they won’t.

  25. WA Gov. predicts summer full of ‘blackouts, destruction, and death’

    Governor Jay Inslee sent an eerie letter to his supporters on Monday predicting that they are in for a summer of “blackouts, destruction, and death” over the alleged climate crisis. The letter was sent directly after Gov. Inslee gave tacit support for destroying four dams along the Snake River which account for 8 percent of Washington’s annual electricity generation…

    Andy, that may be your hint…

    • Based on policies, Jay Inslee is a certifiable economic Marxist, intent on the involuntary downscaling of Washington the former state now rolling itself back (like a WM blue light special) into Territorial status.
      Anyone following his screed deserves what they get. Which is what happens in a drug riddled echo-chamber.

  26. D a r t h Ure . And his happy little farm of vegetable . You got it brother . Fib will get yah !!! Bang !!!! Sark more piss and prime rib !! Yeehhhhaas 73 the big alpha !

  27. Your a sick fella Georgey !!wont work on me fella . Get your gold boy . Insert flag and Elliot wave in rear mouth

  28. Eh big gold bull !!! Real freedom fella . 1 oz of gold !!!! Wow !!! Goes up a 1000 bucks he can buy some piss and prime rib or maybe a slice of pig

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