How High is “Up?”

This morning we focus on the one investment move that’s likely to matter this fall:  When do we head out the casino door and let the place fall apart?

Both the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 will open Monday from Record Highs, but the Dow has been non-confirming.

First though, a check of a few headlines and some coffee to get us ready for the thinking ahead…

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12 thoughts on “How High is “Up?””

  1. Oops. My side bet on housing says it’s on its way to being in the terlot.
    Is this a barometer of what’s to come?

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  3. The RUT is trading at a PE of 60, the historical average is 30, 2/3 of the debt in the RUT is rated as JUNK – keep buying……

    • RUT p.e. is down from almost 90 a year ago(perWSJ)….Dow and Naz are about the same as last year…so what was your point again?

  4. So I take (per Donald Trump’s comments), that him being indicted would cause economic chaos, making the stock markets fall, and people ‘poor’.

    Yet, supposedly we have a robust economy currently – so robust that the legal problems of one man shouldn’t make a difference.

    So, what is, robust or poor?

    • Although there seems to be enough evidence for Don to get the book thrown at him, in past impeachments (Nixon and Clinton), the stock market literally wrote the outcome; Nixon had to resign because the stock market had trended down, Clinton stayed because the stock market was still flyin’ high. The stock market works as a social mood indicator (per The Socionomist – a Robt Prechter monthly publication).

      Don seems to be psychic, like the burglar caught with hot goods who is already complaining about how bad the jail food will be… Or he’s reading George’s prediction about this being ‘peak week’!.

      • That comment scares the hell out of me. I guess we need to get into a cash position then. I Do Not want the market to de well after Trump is impeached! We need this clown out of politics altogether.

        On Real Estate…we Will definitely NOT have 2008 all over again. It is practically impossible for that to happen.

        Today, home buyers have to have pretty strict and solid financials to qualify for a home. There are exit strategies this time around. Values are up…so someone who loses his job can sell and make money.

        I live in an anomalous region, so I can’t use the Bay Area as an example where practically everyone has a million dollars or more in equity. But even in the Midwest, values have risen…However, rising interest rates have squeezed the family budget and qualified buyers a bit and we are seeing a SLOW down…but not a crash by any means. The worst thing that will happen is a plateauing of housing prices and sales.

        I could dig deeper, but I just ran a 12k ( the Bridge to Bridge Run) and am now at the Giants game. Talk about plateauing..the Giants kind of mimic what the housing market will look like in a year or so.

  5. Just a correction in the housing market. Everything works in waves. Cycles and waves. Even personal relationships. Rememeber: sometimes a spiral looks like a wave, a circle, a flower, a life, a frequency and even a door. It is only in added dimension that it can be seen properly.

    In order for you to be successful, you must start seeing things like an escher drawing.

    Almost everyome in the world watches the news and sees what is presented is a square. You see their post on Facebook and talk to them and you cant convince them of anything other than its a sqauare. I saw it on cnn or cnbc or fox. Yep its a square.

    However, Tilt it and you will see its a cube. A cube has 6 sides to it and depth and is not a square. George does a pretty good job showing ya the cube most of the time. Bring the volume into play. Its an art, practiced dynamically in how you think. It takes some time to adjust your mind, and at first you want to believe the square is real, you have invested much time and energy into that belief.

    Here, is part of the trap. The geand seduction. They want you emotionally invested in these dilemmas. Once you are emotionally invested, they that be, have you. Have you ever been to the bar and talked to the drunk next to you who seems to have all the answers to your life problems even though he is waisted? Thats becasue he isnt emotionally attached to your problems and dilemmas. But you are so you cant see past them..

    Not the end of the world yet, folks. We had a correction in the markets how long ago? Eveything else follows suit.

    Have a good day. Off to clean house and see a friend.

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