High Data Density Day

Some interesting calculations about how the present-day “record Dow” is doing little more than a repeat of (gulp!) 1929. Want that target date for a possible “final high?”

Beyond that, however, there is a pre-turkey rasher of data to sort through since the Fed gov will be closed tomorrow (birds of a what?).  Friday will be a half-day for the market.

Also Friday, our annual Turkey Leftovers report…always a hit.

With all this – and a reminder don’t forget to defrost the bird – we launch into coffee and wondering how long this ol’ rock will hang together…

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41 thoughts on “High Data Density Day”

  1. “China Urges Biden to Seek Beijing’s Help for COVID-19, Economy”

    I wondered how long that would take…..
    It has been said that on a hard drive there was supposedly evidence whether or not it was real or more like they suggested a Russian misinformation setup to make little boy and daddy to look bad in the publics eye…. that the kid gets six mil a year just so they can contact his daddy.. makes sure he was swamped with little kids to play with in what ever perverse way he wanted to and faked thousands of photos of him doing all of these evil deeds along with faked secure documents just to try and make him look bad.. hmmm.. now the ones that were reported as giving the kid money to have contact with dear ole dad comes to Daddy with offers of hey let us help you before he even takes office. Now are the offers to help sincere?.. were they really making an offer of assistance or were they asking for the favors to be returned to them that was paid for in advance we shall never know..the hard drive is buried and his account on the porn site where he supposedly posted videos of what he loved to do deleted gone forever…….the future will be interesting to say the least..

  2. Hears hoping everyone has a peaceful, warm,fulfilling Holiday. Everyday in the world of LCN is “thanksgiving”, as profound gratitude is the mental M.O.

    Lets not forget to resupply/stock up on moar Popcorn, as events start to take on a Harvest kinda feel to them.

    – just ask Ure local bird farm denizens how things are going lately …kinda like TRUMP voters feel right now – WTF just happened?

    Really looking forward to Patriots Peaceful Transition Project 2021 –

    “from shores of the Atlantic – to the Mt Rainer slopes – You will find an fearless Patriot, zeroing in his rifle scope..”

    No Peace – only Death.

    ..a dark winter indeed, and we haven’t even mentioned ALL the Hungry people in USA who are in need of ASSISTANCE & Food Assistance. Mrs LCN reports from volunteer food pantry – that this year is Largest Need they have EVER seen. This food pantry is in top ten zip code(median-income) . Hunger Games anyone?

    • IT IS the Hunger Games, every single American citizen with a Social Security Card and cell phone (that is not a member of the elites, dual citizens, government stooges, refugees, illegals, etc.) is a target running for their lives.

      We are past the “America is Up For Sale” stage.

      Can you believe that Biden would actually use the “Dark Winter communique?”

      But Nancy has plenty of ice cream so I guess it is cool.

      Go See Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Propheies. It is a mind boggling study of dream interpretation which shows that GOD IS ALIVE AND WELL and communicating with THE BRETHREN.

      Start with the RED SHIRT one first then try to watch them by date.



      Blue Wave
      Biden Dead
      Lincoln, Franklin weigh in.
      Statue of Liberty
      Liberty Bell
      Brace Yourselves
      Hold Your Breath
      Ready or Not
      Persecution of the Church

      We are meeting with family, we are thankful and joyous for all the ways that OUR lives have been and continue to be blessed.

      We send our love and blessings to all of you on this board, especially George and Elaine, whom without them, this happy meeting place would not be possible.

      Happy Thanksgiving to All.

      • “Persecution of the Church”

        unfortunately Cool it.. the churches do plenty already to hurt themselves..
        when I was young.. you had home teachers.. they drifted away from that for many years..along with the welcome wagon etc.. so many people are so busy that when they get home.. they don’t really want to go to a neighborhood and invite people to come to their services..
        churches nation wide see a decrease in membership or maybe the membership stays the same but those going draw back..
        because I worked on sundays.. I was pretty much black balled by my church ward.. very few will even give me the time of day.. even though my faith could possibly be a lot higher than most going.. Most go for connection.. and of course I will debate a point..

    • No doubt about that the bread lines are being under reported. Many are entering neighborhoods to live with relatives and even occupied campers in driveways are appearing. Lots of new cars or new to you cars with temp tags. Have to think these are transportation for those previously living in the inner core NYC, PHY, etc., folks who thought they’d never have to go without public transportation. in ordere to escape the Urban Island[s], you need wheels. With wave 2 commencing the traffic is down again, I believe most living arrangements are temporary and many are moving on to other locations. We are simply in the prologue phase, the main event is just getting started.

      • The evictions are just getting rolling. By Christmas, I expect the Gulf coast to be overrun by newbie homeless.

  3. G,

    Remind us again why you chose 1929 American stock prices over 1947 British stock prices. 1947 is when Britain lost dominate world power or, “passed the mantle” to the U.S. Today we speculate the U.S. will pass the mantel to China.

    Looks like Biden will be the ‘Gray Champion’ cited by Howe and Strauss. And we know he is a friend of China.

    • “Remind us again why you chose 1929 American stock prices over 1947 British stock prices. 1947 is when Britain lost dominate world power or, “passed the mantle”

      I think it’s more like a wave..it started with lost crops …and the Weimar depression.. then moved like a wave.. a crop losing Egypt is felt in the USA..

  4. Yep poverty is stalking the land while the Dow heads for the moon and the parties play their pretend games to separate the people, as I read that the Trump administration is working hand and glove with the incoming Biden people, while they holler that like a bolt from the blue they are going to file all those papers that will destroy the results of the election. It’s going to be a long hard and cold winter as the world settles into either war or a depression.!!!

    • “Yep poverty is stalking the land while the Dow heads for the moon”

      Remember it’s an illusion..
      I remember people telling me how good they were doing.. then the next day gone..
      Argentina.. people that thought they were on top of the world.. within days they didnt haven’t enough to buy sandwich material..
      You buy stocks you still have stocks.. the wait for the flip is the big issue.. that’s why you prep..
      To make it till everything stabilizes. Big companies if they are secure will still be around..
      Look at twa great company the stocks dropped to a penny a stock..then negative.
      I had one stock that was worth fifteen grand my wife said you should cash it in. Because they weren’t to secure was bought and the stock went from fifteen grand to about a hundred dollars.. then nothing .

    • “This is why I think. Why should I just say FTW and go get a job waiting tables or something and not say shit about anything to anyone about the future. If I got to wait tables anyway. Why should empower everyone else to get rich off my words while I’m stuck waiting tables.”

      What your missing Andy is the insight… I have waited tables, shoveld manure, hot dirt and steam cleaned blood tanks..( disgusting job let me tell you..) did Crime scene photography for the state and stocked shelves delivered pizza’s and washed dishes.. trash.. the list is so long..I did all of it to feed my family and try to fill their basic needs.. I know single women that have kids that sell themselves for an hour at a shot just so they can put cereal on the table for the kids and buy diapers.. I have known billionaires and people that live in dumpsters.. ( we had a mr. manners living in our spare bedroom for a few years.. a wonderful man.. hit the skids because of a wrong choice and no address)
      the thing is.. the insight.. I can spot someone in desperation a mile away.. see it in their eyes.. I have been in those shoes myself and when I see the look I know it..
      the thing about giving is you give from your heart.. don’t get involved with their misery.. you can get sucked into the life drama real easy.. I have been there.. got a red sweatshirt with the word sucker on it for the times that I have been used.. I actually offered that to Mark when I thought he was telling everyone that the reason for the stupidity of san frans politicians was the trumpsters fault.. HUH about fell off my chair with that one.. they are stupid because of Donald is as if its his fault I have hemeroids LOL..a pain in the azz but heck he did try to turn the titanic away from the iceberg..gotta give him that….
      You are missing the opportunity of your life.. I have been down so much I don’t know what up is.. and I have never taken a vacation in my life.. everything I did was for someone else.. and I dont’ regret one minute of it.. I tried cramming three lifetimes into one.. what you get is insight into other people.. the real image.. not the made up one by MSM but the real person to person.. the other thing is the joy.. being at the bottom.. I get a serious feeling of satisfaction to help someone to get a hand up.. not a hand out.. I do it as much as I can..
      Please don’t mistake your opportunities from your present condition.. money isn’t the life.. the thought is god puts us in positions where he thinks we can deal with .. we make of it what we put into it.. so even though you may wait tables or live in a dumpster or under a bridge.. you have the opportunity.. what reason are you there.. where can you make a possitive influence.. why did god think you should be there.. I can tell you he isn’t a wish book but I truly believe he is watching or a guardian angel is keeping watch.. I have have had three times I know of where divine intermission has taken place to save my butt..

  5. I can write a future report and I will put what I see as the replacement for the dollar and a ton of other stuff in it. And what will over take bitcoin and yada yada yada. Social fronts, in many countries. Including Russia, India, Iran, Europe, the US, Mexico, Japan and China. I even have some stuff rolling around in my brain about Australia. And sell it on my site.

    I mean that could generate some income. how much is worth? to know what crypto replaces the dollar and when? I dont know what to charge for it. Never charged anyone for info of the future.

    Any ideas George? Btw you are still an admin on my site. I don’t know how to set up a grocery cart and how people could purchase my report. I could probably have it finished by tomorrow night and available Friday. Mabe make enough $$$ to get caught up, maybe even get ahead. Even get a porterhouse steak and some prawns. Lol. and keep the site up and running. Hopefully.

    Hmmm dawned on me to do a report and sell it. Whatcha think old dude?

    • Brother, a prophet is not to charge money for prophecy. He may ask for donations. The Word is not for sale. Give me a call when you can. Blessings

      • I never claimed to be a prophet. Lol everyone wants free stuff in this world. most people don’t give unless they get. I had someone message me and say, I ain’t giving ya shit unless you tell me the future and give me something I can use like what the F? I mean I understand that mentality. Alot of people in the world are like that. They want ya to tell them the next big thing. Make a shit load of money off of it and then if ya ask for help? They say, nahh man. I’m busy. God will take care of ya.

        I’m not like that at all. Like that $600 subaru I was driving around to do my research out in the life of gangsters and hookers and all that for 9 months. When I was done. I gave to a homeless person, paid the tabs for a year and paid to transfer the title over to her name. She lived in it and drove it for a year. I never asked for one single penny. I didn’t expect anything in return. I been doing shit like that my whole life. I know people who have millions and millions of dollars. But if ya asked them to help ya? Nope. God will take care of ya. I’m getting on my private jet to go to the Bahamas with my family. Good talking to ya. Ohhhh jeesh thanks. Glad I told ya about that stock market correction that ya made a hundred k on and didn’t even say thank you. Lol while sit in my car with no gas and bald tires and wonder how I’m going to eat.

        Huh. Lol

        See what I’m saying.

        George kicked me down a little bit. I’m super grateful for that. A prophet has to eat too! Or I’m just expected to give to the world and work a day job for my family. Ugh.

        I have to make money somehow. I will try to call ya later.

      • This is why I think. Why should I just say FTW and go get a job waiting tables or something and not say shit about anything to anyone about the future. If I got to wait tables anyway. Why should empower everyone else to get rich off my words while I’m stuck waiting tables.

        Pardon my french. But that is getting pretty F-ing old. I hate being poor. I’m eating mac and cheese for dinner tonight. 4 boxes for a dollar. And I know alot of people who have gotten seriously rich off my predictions.

        So, what is the point. Who cares. I don’t have to say shit to anyone anymore. I could just walk away. If I’m gonna starve anyway. I don’t do it for ego strokes. Ego strokes don’t pay the bills or pay for my kids to have coats and back packs and shoes. Etc. Etc.

        Even when I’m messing around with my woman I’m affecting the world on a large scale. I just sent an email to george with an example. What good is it. It profits me nothing. I’m still eating mac and cheese for dinner. So why tell anyone. Who cares. Nobody else does.

        Most just care about whats in it for them. Atleast that is what I get from most people. There some exceptions like George and a few others. But most people really don’t give a shit. They just want ya to do for them.

        And I need money.

        So why bother.
        Have a good week. My phone will be shit off Friday so unless I’m at a Starbucks where I wifi? Which are all shut down but the drive through? I won’t be posting shit. I’m hella stressed out.

        Who knows. Maybe God will give me the Powerball and I will just feel like a big dummy after posting this. Lol
        Have a happy Thanksgiving.

      • I don’t know what I am. I know I’m Andy. I know who I am. I ain’t some adventure to find myself. I can do alot of stuff besides seeing the future. I just willed to give my soul to the Highest God and killed myself because of my PTSD and got asked to go back because it was good to do so. I been dead 4 times again since then and I’m still here.

        I’m just super frustrated dude. I’m burned out and I’m tired of eating Top Ramen. Lol. I’m still thankful. I’m just worn out. And I keep getting sent back every time they tell me, not till 2080. We need ya to fix all that shit. And I just think well shit, send me the Fckin Publishers Clearance house sweepstakes winning envelope or something fkn assholes.

        Even if I sell reports? That asshole that said he wouldnt donate to me until I gave him the future so he could make some money? Because he said everything else I posted was useless.

        I will be Dammed if he gets a copy. If I ever see him. I will sock him in the mouth. And I don’t hit like a girl. I hit hard. Really hard. He will look like jack-o’-lantern after.

        Ok, I’m done Bitchin. Have a happy 4 day weekend. Gobble gobble gobble.

      • Andy- One of my relatives lived by the motto “do what you do best and pay for the rest”. I guess that I adopted that lifestyle a long time ago as the path of least resistence. Have some turkey and dressing, then, go grind some gears. There are so many that don’t have a permanent roof over their heads, or a warm plate of food this Thanksgiving. Getting rich quick may not be a good business plan in 2021. That usually requires paying marks to succeed, and right now, there is a shortage of marks with full-time jobs.

    • Conundrum indeed Tonto!

      Cashing in on guides/tips/”info from outside source” is a sure fire way to kill the Info stream. Should be “crafty” in Ure writing – lest U burn the source. If it dont burn – from U profiting off it, Ure source is Dark. Its like Qi,Using external Qi in a Casino, only good for about 30-45 minutes. And as with QiGong – use it just once for Negative – and it is GONE!
      -this why taking a life or lives – shortens your lifespan.
      See Monk Hai Deng – Sichuan after burning of Shaolin Temple 1928 – lived at Shaolin Temple (rebuilt) short periods 47,53,64. Venerable master Shi Xingzhen invited Deng to teach at Temple frm 82-86. Dude was leaping up on 5-6 ft telephone poles- and jumping from pole to pole in old age, 1 finger push ups in his 80’s – On Video!
      . Avenged his Fathers murder..and knowingly Shortened his life for a sweet slake of Revenge..

      Oh yeah – PayPal Account – includes Crypto payment platform – Peace.

    • For $$$, your advise must allow someone to act on it now & make money. ie, buy bitcoin know at a max of $20,000 for as rise to $30,000 & then sell. If advise is not specific, people won’t pay for It. How many people have bought a stock based on someone they met on a plane. They were given a good story & were sold. The greed factor. Many were taken in & I am one, but I learned from my stupidity. Don’t be the guy on the plane giving advise. Show people why your prediction will happen…Not stuff rolling around in your brain, but hard facts.

    • Andy: You are sounding like Clark Griswald in the movie Christmas Vacation when he got the years supply of jelly instead of his cash bonus. Time to call up the people you made money for & tell them It is time to pony up…tit for tat. Remember the Old Chinese Proverb….He who sits around with his mouth open waiting to be fed, goes hungry. Instead of the website, put together a resume, hit the streets & get a job. Best of luck, you sound like a decent person experiencing hard times. But don’t blame others for your problems. What you have done in the past is over, forget it, it only matters what you are planning to do now to preserve your future.

      • Ya alot people are struggling NC. I really feel for them. Now that the woman back on her run. I can reply. I feel alot. Kinda goes with the territory.

        Why things are the way they are? Why is intent. Hard to describe intent. I mean have before by saying “That is the Plan” when it came to Trump’s winning the Presidency. And all that. I just dedicated alotment to focus. Like when I wrote that last one in the comment section, I did that on the fly. I only spent like an hour on it. And I had alot going on when I wrote it. Same with when I wrote about Trump winning the Presidency against clinton when nobody thought he would win the republican nomination. I did all that on the fly. Or off the cuff. I didn’t really invest some time just getting a super crystal clear and clean message. It’s hard to decypher abstract potential and the use of real life metephorical 3D abstract symbols and translate that dats into useful info. It’s like reading living and dynamic motion hiroglphs. To take a snap shot of them while they are in motion. Then translating that into words and useful info. I’m getting way way better at it. It’s not like I have machine that just spits out data. I get something off what someone says behind me at the store, a little thing I find on the ground by the trash can at the gas pump, something from meditation and something from a song on the radio and something a comment on a website and something from what I said like 8 years ago and something Gorge said back in 2001, then I piece it all together, run it through the viewmaster by the 16 fellas and lady’s in my master mind group topology in my brain. (how they think) get their general consensus, then let it rest for a while and chop wood and Carry water… then ding! the microwave goes off and the popcorn is done and whalahh we have a future event.


        I mean I do this all very proficiently. Like lighting fast. Because I been at it for a while. Even then I’m sometimes stumped. Becuase it comes out of the microwave as pizza when I put popcorn in there. I scream Elroy! Like I’m in the jetsons carton and he laughs and says. It is what it is. So I say ok. Pizza it is.

        Im like that itallian dude Gerald Celente or whatever his name is. I don’t have a team of a thousand people working on data points for a trend analysis and a huge database and big computers. I just got a brain and a relationship with the Creator. Sometimes I feel John Henry and all I have is a hammer. Hammer head. Lol

        But I have a proven track record. Well I best go workout and get in the shower.

        Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!

        I have alot of people to be grateful for. You are one of them.

      • Uhem , The one that Ray called my prophacy and put in PDF. I wrote that on the fly and I wasn’t in the best of places in the comment section here. I had just got out of rehab. Lol. And I had alot going on. Im in a better space and have a more stable environment even if I’m poor. And If I spend a couple days not an hour or two focused and actually look around the net to see what eye SEE and use all the available abstract dynamic in motion stuff and take poloroids of the future (still shots). Put it all together in a more readable and functioning report. I think it will be more better. So that is the plan. I got 4 emails saying they look forward to it and called it a bargain at that price. So, we shall SEE.

        I don’t even know if that all makes sense. Because seeing the future is an art. It’s hard to describe in words because everything is living things in motion. Not lables or words. So, I do my best to describe it.

      • Uhem. I’m not like that Gerald Celente dude. Or david wilcocks who claims to be the reincarnation of edgar cayce. I don’t have any fancy stuff like that. Im just Andy. Lol

      • “The one that Ray called my prophacy and put in PDF.”


        Not THIS “Ray.” I’ve never created a *.PDF in my life…

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to George, Elaine, Zeus, various other critters and the readers of this site! We have a lot to be thankful for!

    Though we’ve seen corruption take its toll, this great nation still has potential. Let’s all do the right thing – whatever that is, and ride this wild coaster as best we can.

    Best wishes to all!

  7. its all just a blur now the global gulag . you can just tell the psyops has beaten human spirit and mans ability to think or adapt to survival . relying on some other blokes guess or ideas wont cut it . look , compute and enact experience and remedy . so much damn la la. another great saying from the 30s . we were living in it but didn’t even know . denial aint a river in egypt

  8. thanksgiving for what ? does it have its origins in that other pagan celebration Halloween ? really really thanksgiving for what?

    • Clearly you know nothing of American history. Thanksgiving was a celebration started by the Pilgrim immigrants to America.

      • Not immigrants, Hank, but refugees.

        We’re never told or taught, and even the most-savvy lack the historical perspective or open-mindedness to believe without first doing considerable research, but…

        My family, going back at least 20 generations, is Quaker. In the 1500s-1600s, if you were European, lived below the southern border of Denmark, and [were] not a member of either the Holy Roman Church, or (post-Reformation) a Lutheran (and later, Calvinist), you could not legally have possessions, and could be robbed, raped, or killed, without recourse or consequence. (Scandinavia {ex Norway} and the Baltic States actually adopted precepts of the Reformation before it occurred — almost before Martin Luther was excommunicated. The rest of Eurasia and the Mediterranean, not so much…)

        William Penn served His Majesty in such a distinguished manner that his religious shortcomings were set-aside. When the Crown awarded him an Estate in the New World, that was an inconceivably Big Deal (the closest we could come to an equivalent today would be if the world’s PTB deeded someone like Elon Musk the Moon, as his personal property, and even that would not be as big a Big Deal as the Wm. Penn Award.) Penn (actually his son) deemed his Estate (then including most of Ohio and Indiana, and much of Illinois, BTW) an area where anyone, of any religion, could practice their personal religious beliefs freely and without fear or interference — the first time and place in the known history of Mankind where this was possible.

        This is why Puritans, Quakers, Calvinists, Episcopalians, Dunkards, Mennonites, and other Reformed and Evangelicals came to the New World. They fled an oppression and persecution so vile and egregious most of modern society (those who did not grow up Christian or Jewish in most Middle Eastern theocracies, anyway) cannot even comprehend, and left places in which literally, their lives and existence were worthless.

        I believe (but don’t actually remember) that many of the early “incorrigible criminals” sent to the Prison Colony of Australia were political prisoners of the Crown, incarcerated for having the wrong religious beliefs…

    • “Thanks Giving to God,” for our existence.

      The Pilgrims were not permitted to learn skills of survival, in their native lands. When they arrived in the New World, they knew virtually nothing of what they would need to know to survive. Local American Indians took pity and taught them. “Thanksgiving” was the feast the surviving Pilgrims held for the Indians, to celebrate God in their honor, after their first bountiful harvest (2nd year in North America.) This is why a “pilgrim” in “Americaspeak” is “someone who’s hopelessly naive and ignorant,” and also why our “Thanksgiving” is sometimes referred to here as “the forgotten Christian holiday…”

  9. If you want to do something good on thanksgiving. Bring a heap of food to one of the endless food lines in your disgraceful communist state and get them to hand it out . All fat and rich don’t need piggery. Do something for somebody else . Like the 100 million in bread lines .

  10. I laid down to take a “nap” and meditate and I was in a huge suite watching myself and the woman I’m seeing now, and they having a conversation in it. She was helping me with my tie. I was watching but they didn’t know I was there. On the display thing laying on the counter. It said April 27th, 2077. The Zero Report. “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Report. A detailed transcript of the future.” And under that it had my name written on it.

    There is way more to it than that. I will tell ya though. I looked exactly as I do now. And hands were a little shaky and she said you know how it takes time to adjust to a new body. Let me help you with your tie. It’s not all about you. And laughed. I said it’s so weird we can fabricate a new body in an organic 3D printer sculpture and then send your consciousness into it. She says. I like this one the best because this is what you looked like when I met ya. I said are we going to live forever? She said no. I’m sure in a couple centuries I will be sick of ya and have ya whacked. I laughed. She said, besides. They love you. And I looked outside and there so many people outside.

    I said. When. We met? I never thought we come this far. She said I did. That is why I swooped on ya. When I saw ya I thought one day this man is going to change the world. I said I still don’t know how I do it. She said who cares. You do it and you do it good. And you are good. And the world needs good.

    There was way more to it than that. Way more. . First dream I have rememerbered inaybr 3 years.? maybe I time traveled to the future?? It was super real.

    Yes. I will sell reports. That is all I needed to know.

    • I even know the name of the company that built the “clones” or whatever. They use a blueprint of your DNA and a piece from your , I’m not gonna say. A piece of your body. Like a tag and build a whole new body. I know you can’t enter another a different body. Or couldn’t at the time because there is a “signiture” of your consciousness that that will only accept the DNA it grew into. Or something like that.

      It was soo vivid. I was like a fly on the wall. I was there for at least 4 hours. Even though it was only 30 minutes time here.


  11. I didn’t know what to name the reports until I saw it on that cloth display thing that folded up like a napkin but if ya hit a touch thing it became like a piece of glass and you could stretch it out to a 2 foot display and solid then when you were done, fold it up like a fine dining cloth napkin and put it in your pocket. And you project it like a 3d Hologram and spin the hologram like a cube floating In the air and it would change all the walls in the hotel suite to look like you were in the woods. Birds chirping and you could even smell the pine trees. I saw alot of really cool tech stuff there and other cool stuff. I new the brands and who made all this tech stuff.

    It was super intense.ore real than real. And I don’t think it was lucid dreaming. I think I was actually there. She was that tie I have that Donald Trump wore on his campaign trail to win the Presidency. The one my PGA master buddy gave me. Remember I sent ya a picture of it that one time George.

    I know how people pay for stuff and all kinds of shit. Its not cash. It was super trippy. I apologise for my moments of frustration. I’m human. And I’m sorry I doubt your belief in me. I’m tired of being poor. I know that much.

    Well, I guess I best get busy Typing up The Zero Report. I think $111.10 is a a good price. It will cover many platforms and topics. The good, the bad and the ugly. A detailed report of the Future. Cover Tech, Economics, politics, earth changes, social changes, society changes for a lot of the world. Not just the US. I never really spent much time focused on it. I usually have 2 million things on my mind and reading the future is only one of them. So I will dedicate time to focus on this. Hopefully in doing so. I will be alot more detailed and accurate.

    We shall see. As the saying goes Ass cash or grass. Nobody rides for free. Money talks and bullshit walks. Like George says, everything is a buisness Model. Im going to monitize the future.

    Time to pay free loaders. I’m done being a door matt.

    It’s the one thing besides love, driving a semi, fckin and fighting that I’m Super good at. Seeing the future.

    I love it. I had no idea what to even call it till I went to April 27th, 2077. Lol I guess I don’t die in 2080. Lol. I just get a new body. Lol wierd.

    • Andy, you’ll get no takers at that price unless you first, demonstrate to your prospective clientele that it is worth the cost. People only fork out bucks when THEY believe they are getting their “money’s worth.” The reason we think Peoplenomics is underpriced is because George supplies information that we can get on our own, but at a considerable cost in time spent, and because he applies his own analysis and diagnostics to that information, and includes a “focus piece” (which we can’t get anywhere else.) While we who subscribe, think PN is underpriced, understand George has been writing his columns for a long time, and has valued PN at a price-point at which he’ll get more subscribers, and hopefully maximize his net income from the site. Higher subscription fee = fewer subscribers. George is a marketing expert. Ask him how to set price and balance content, or ask Stu, who publishes plenty of Nostradamus content for free (as a “hook”) but publishes the majority of his content behind his pay-wall…

  12. I thought former President Obama had delivered his recent critical remarks of Latinos voting in 2020 for Trump directly to msm journalists. Apparently they were made on a radio show-podcast hybrid, “The Breakfast Club”, starring DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne tha God. Rather than Giorgo, the shows theme music is a selection out of the Nirvana catalogue. According to Wiki the show also broadcasts on the “Revolt” tv network.

    The program’s New York flagship radio station originally started out as being owned by the broadcast arm of a church based in Salt Lake. Nowadays the station is an affiliate in a media company held in part by a private equity firm co-founded by a church member who had run in past nomination campaigns to be republican candidate for President of the United States.

    • Yeah, we get a lot of that, here.

      When a person can dig up the family tree of most larger “American” companies (including the ones grounded in both your back yard and that of Eire), they learn of all sorts of branches they never realized were owned by a multinational, and of all sorts of relationships they never knew existed. The company in question has been the Bain of many a smaller company’s existence, due to their side-job as corporate (often “shotgun”) marriage broker…

  13. so now your all nice and fat full of turkey and piss did any of you pilgrims do anything for the 150 million other pilgrims without big guts ? any acts of kindness recognized . the silence is deafening

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