Has “Tech” Attacked America?

We  declare World War 3 underway.  And the Battlespace is Everywhere. If you have a device, you are on the battlefield.

Evidence is mounting that America is under attack from within – and without.  It’s a digital war and the A.I. goon squads are under development.

This is warfare not fought by the “usual suspects” though Antifa and extremism are cited by the lackadaisical band of pretenders passing themselves off as “media.”

Like any complex game, that’s one of the beginner levels.  Today, we go one level up.

The concept is not new:  There’s already a lot of speculation on less-than-mainstream sites about a certain billionaire, about Covid as a bio-weapon, and how the Mark of the Beast nano-tech is being injected into formerly free humans.

Can the nanoparticles in CV vaccine do more than just shuttle RNA around?  Not the kind of thing easily checked, is it?

The fear is vaccinations will be required in order to buy or sell.  To travel or leave home. And soon, it may be required to work at United Airlines and other employers.  Already, we hear of healthcare workers being told the shots are mandatory.  Where is the limit?

Some of this sounds fringy, but much of this cuts closer to the bone than comfortable.  Depends which glasses and blue pill or red…

Today, we will do a quick field survey and consider a little-publicized (in fact, almost unknown) work product by a group of military war-gamers in 1996.

In an report that continues to amaze some of its authors, we have evolved warfare from one-on-one human, to armies and from there to….programmers.

Along the way, battlespace once defined by set-piece fortifications (Maginot Line and the Berlin Wall) is now on your phone, on the desktop, and leaking around your firewall.

The shots are being fired, but Tech is the best silencer ever built.

After headlines and the ChartPack, of course. But then the fun begins.

In War-For-All, the battlespace is on every device.

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19 thoughts on “Has “Tech” Attacked America?”

  1. Yo G-dude,

    Nothing like letting the cat outta the bag this AM..now we will never know if cats float..

    They do float by the way, dont ask a coot how he knows..
    Genuinely enjoy Ure work on BTC – because least artificially manipulated financial asset on the planet, really lends itself to TA.

    No! not the TA coot lends hisself to- talking technical analysis, U dirty birds.

    Would love to see a bigger pullback in BTC – Close to Close pullback = 24%, peak to trough = 31%.
    Close to close at 33% or better would be perfect in the coots book.

    – GBTC premium has been extremely low the past 2 weeks, due lock out period ending for original Trust holders. GBTC premium has just turned back up to positive – which is of course a negative if you are looking to invest it in Ure Roth IRA, brokerage account – positive if U are looking to Cash out some wicked gains.

    The only thing coot luvs more than gross profits-hahahaha, is wicked gains.

    Still brings a smile to coots face reminiscing bout the times VP of Sales would complain/bitch about too much gross profits in deals = Winning

    G dude – U got some “juice” when it comes to old testy tales – what is a Amelek ? Who was nimrod? What does Jacob mean, who was his brother the red haired hunter?
    Amelek Harris – VP..a rhyme in time….dam rabbits thrice.

    • Im a Leo,. That makes me a Kitty and I’m out of the bag. Cosmic Chicken Bunny Leo Lion Kitty. Lol

      Hope floats. I float Shit, there is war beyond cyber space too. There is a war between the Camps of white hats and black hats. Its a game of “Go.” Man Vs Self. chess being a game of Man VS Man and Backgammon being a game of Man VS Fate.

      Speaking of Backgammon, as Fate would have it, I will be back in the Cochella Valley a week from Monday. Which I had no plans to do so. A Wall Street Power Broker buddy called me and needs to go Rancho Mirage, has to drive there and it’s kinda funny, Im often the only guy some people will confide in. They tell me stuff that they won’t even tell their wives, kids or a priest.
      So I’m probably flying into O’hara on Friday and going to pick up a bad new 2021 Escillade from a dealership for him and picking him up from his Moms ranch and then driving him to Rancho Mirage. Hang out for a few days in the Cochella Valley and then flying back to Seattle.

      I’m not a priest. But I guess people just feel safe with me to tell me all these secrets. I won’t tell anyone. They know that and I don’t judge them. I’m actually a really good listener. I know it doesn’t seem like it here. I’m always genuine and authentic. I dont know how to be anything but me. Lol. I do find it peculiar that someone who has known me for maybe a year would just confess all their sins to me or look to me for comfort and be the only person out of over 7 billion people on the planet and the only person on their 50+ years of living that is safe to call out of the blue to feel safe enough to ask for help. All expenses paid. I havent started working yet. So, I am willing to oblige.

      So wierd, I was at the Spiritual thing last night in Everett, Wa just sitting there and in walks my super model friends. Victoria Secret runway model and when she sees me she jumps on me and gives me a big old hug. Thank God my woman wasn’t there. Not that I did anything wrong but you know how women can get. Just out of the blue. She says, I’m in Seattle until the end of March! Lets get dinner. And all the dudes in the room just look at me and think, how the f do you know women like this? Lol. I mean I’m in Everett, Wa. Big difference between Everett and Orange County. Lol a 10 in Everett is like a 6 in Orange County, Ca. All things being relalitive. Don’t worry I mentioned I have a sweet honey girl. I’m not a cheater. No matter how pretty she is. She was a little bummed about that. And all the dudes at the Spiritual thought ok, good I’m Andy’s friend now. Nice to meet ya. Ha ha ha ha

      I went got a new bed 2 days ago and the at the bed place confessed all his sins to me too. It was just me and him and he just had a melt down and told his whole life story after the place closed. I don’t quite know why people do that. Im definitely not a saint or an orthodox priest. I’m really not even that good looking. I’m just Andy. Lol. I pray alot and I spend hours in Meditation. Hope to get some more money soon. Woke up this morning and figured out I’m not a billionaire. Lol.

      I’m actually kinda poor. Rich and wealthy in many ways but not in cash flow. Yet.
      Have a good day.
      Cue ~Fat Bottom Girls. ~

      Ephesians 5:13!

      • The dude at the matress place just moved from Chicago to Evertt 3 weeks ago and I met him Tuesday and now I’m flying to Chicago and driving to Rancho Mirage after picking up a brand new caddie from a dealership there to drive my rich buddy to Cali in. Weird. And the super model Victoria Secret chick I seen last night. Last time I saw her was in Rancho Mirage, Ca. We hung out at the Palm Civic park. I mean, I seen a lot of beautiful women in my life, but you photo shop a girl to look this pretty.

        I sent a picture of her to ya George a while back. The one that reminded ya of a young version of Elaine. I thought we were gonna make a go back then and well. I’m more of a country boy and Im not going to be in. Competition with the camera.

        What a weird deal. Just out of the blue. But like I said, I’m not s cheater. And I’m really happy right now. Always could use more $$$. But I’m good afa everything else. Should be back to grabbing gears in a couple weeks and playing in the dirt. I like that. Won’t get me rich. But hey, it’s honest work.

        Later dude.

      • Ya dude. My life is just like that show Quantum Leap. I spose when I’m in Rancho Mirage, I best the corner stone to the Hopi Prophacy tablet I stashed there. Nobody would know by looking at what it was.

        Who knows? I may end up back at the Hopi Indian Reservation to complete their prophacy the following week. I mean dude. I met a Shaman there and 3 months later I’m in Hippy Commune in the Shasta Mountains that was built back in 1968 where everyone is living off the grid, where there is no cell service doing a vision quest on the first Summers full Moon and dancing around a from circle with some homeless chick I met in San Francisco outside a 7-11 who said and I quote, “I been waiting my whole life for you. ” “Your the dude I saw when I Died on the other side.” And I’m like uhhhh huh? She said where are ya going. I said to the Shasta Mountains to to do a drum circle with a Shaman I met at the Hopi Indian Rez in a Hippy Commune. Why? She I’m going with you. Let me grab my shit. Then she takes off all her clothes in my car and says, I don’t want to hide anything from you. I just want to get naked and real about everything. Ohhh okay. LMAO! The the whole way she confesses her whole life story to me and says, you are the dude I saw when I died are you an Angel? Uhhhmm nooo I’m just Andy and life is weird. I’m sure you saw someone else. Ha ha ha.

        Ok, that is enough out of me. Maybe I’m some kinda Quantum Leap Confessional? F! I don’t know. I’m just a regular dude. Just Andy. Have a wonderful week everyone. I got go do laundry and clean my room before the woman gets here. Ha ha.

  2. You’d think shots and COVID camps would be against the Geneva Convention. But as we saw when GM senior debt was cancelled, lawlessness prevails.

    What I hear on the local radio is people are afraid of the variants. Say they get a Vaxx, we don’t. If we catch the COVID and if the COVID mutates in us they are put back at risk.

    Standard disclaimers like radio callers could be A.I. and “I think therefore I am” only pertains to my mind and anything outside of my mind cannot be proven to exist, Solipsism.

    From last year. There are a couple of exceptions but again don’t look to law for any help.

    Fact check: Yes, employers can require that workers receive the COVID-19 vaccine

    The claim: Employers can require their employees to receive the coronavirus vaccine and fire them if they don’t

    “In those instances, employers are required to show that an unvaccinated employee poses a “significant risk of substantial harm to the health or safety of the individual or others” in the workplace.

    Employers that conclude an unvaccinated employee poses such a threat must try to provide a “reasonable accommodation” to the employee.

    If there is no reasonable accommodation, or the accommodation places an “undue hardship” on the employer, it is lawful for the employer to “exclude the employee from the workplace,” according to the guidance.”


  3. Has no one considered that you send the US and Canada into panic by simply having a group bomb connecting internet carrier lines. Internet went down here for a day, and all banks and commerce transactions screeched to a halt. Imagine a week without those lines, then a month. So simple, so unprotectable.

    • You are so Right Chris. I live in Ontario, Canada and have nightmares about this scenario. It doesn’t help that I just finished reading a current novel by Vince Flynn titled “Total Power.” It describes a scenario where terrorists take down the power grid in USA and part of Canada.

      George’s column this morning is hard to digest but I know that understanding the problem is the first step to solving it. I am not sure how many people have the ability to understand what he is seeing ahead with the path we are on.

      The pandemic and lockdowns have limited my ability to interact with my old group of friends (one who just died of COVID and another currently in hospital on a respirator). I come to this site because I think George Ure has a good handle on the dystopian world world we are sailing in. I also enjoy dialoguing with a group of like-minded (mostly) individuals here that are decreasing in my personal circle.

      I do enjoy your new videos and share the pride you must have in your kids. I have given Judah’s book to all my grandkids. They are the hope for our future.

    • Ya dude. 2 seconds after. If you haven’t read that book atleast once. Its probably one of the most realistic looks at a complete power grid failure from an EMP. I mean that book alone built my big out bag that I never leave home without. I dont care if I’m flying to Maui. My bug out bag (minus the guns and ammo) comes with me. It has alot of stuff that one needs to survive.

      George talked about this yeaarrrsss ago. The best way of travel is rail track. Rememerber that Rail Bike ya did a story on George. That is one coolest contraption’s I have ever seen. Super cool. I always wanted one since ya wrote that article I wanted to make one or something. Maybe I will build one next few months. Idk.
      Like George said, if we had a massive EMP knockout everything electronic and the SHTF? Or Zombie appocolyps? The best mode of travel is on the rail tracks.

      All rail tracks go to every city. Everyone else will be on the roads and highways. Nobody is gonna be on the tracks in the mountains. They are always clear and ya just follow the tracks. When shit gets thin and people are all off their meds, the whole country runs out of cigarettes and cereal? They are gonna be grumpy as F.

      You think the looting and burning of Buisness was bad in Portland or the storming of the Capitol? That ain’t shit compaired to no food at Walmart and no trucks truckin in insulin and other life sustaining med, let alone prozac and xanax. Best to stick to the rails. Alot safer. Easier to hunt in the mountains where there ain’t 2000 people trying to find food. Or take yours.

      I know all the tracks by memory they ain’t even using anymore. Some been around since the 1850’s. Still go every where a interstate goes. Just won’t be any road blocks and tolls from the dudes who still have .762 amo left. I been shot before. Its not fun. Best to play the long game verse up close and personal. That is a last resort.

      But Biden is going to save us all with free money. Dontcha know? Lol. Biden our time.

  4. The tech attack has been in full swing for the last decade or longer. It is only theoretical to those who haven’t been targeted. Technology is an enabler of greed and hatred.

    • Best thing ya can have besides what in your bug out bag, good boots and your power module aka brain, is a couple well trained german shepherds and a drone ya can have circling a radius above ya even while ya sleep.

      There is a reason almost all K-9 units use German Sheppard’s. The two I lived with were clairvoyant as F. They would be antsi acting all weird 3 hours before someone up to no good would be at the house. I ain’t even joking. Like they sense danger like animals sense a EQ before it hits or someone up to know good. Like they spirits and shit. Strangest thing I ever witnessed is learning how they talk without saying anything.

      Anyway. God Speed and Good Luck to us all. Lol

  5. George’s depth and breadth of topical analysis and insight never ceases to amaze me. You, I, everyone with a mobile device or who cruises the Net may already have their pattern behavior mapped and analyzed by A.I. ‘agents.’ For years commercial “Tek” (e.g. Google) has been using A.I. to analyze search predilections to select the ads that we ‘not so randomly’ see popping up on our screens, subliminally influencing our purchases and/or the next web embedded article links we click on to browse. It’s not just commercial Tek. Just today, the WSJ reports the U.S. military has been monitoring and analyzing individual cell phone location data without a warrant:


    Along with A.I. capabilities mentioned above, our real time searches, emails, texts and calls, can and likely ‘is’ being aggregated by commercial A.I. agents,
    identifying us to the military (already tracking us) when we are clear and present risks. We’re talking “all” web site and cell data, not just Twitter, FaceTime, Google, Verizon and T-Mobile. We’d all best keep that in mind when engaging in online/email trashing of particular politicians, military or intelligence agencies, police and even Tek industry giants. It’s ‘a brave new world’ out there.

  6. Someone has to remind EVERYONE that we are doing it to ourselves — there’s NOONE else to
    place the blame on. Yes, I have the experience!!

    “Even you, Brutus?” Indeed, no one is excempt !

  7. Comrades,

    Have the 1% left everyone behind? All things being equal, don’t leave home without the latest weather forecast above from DJ GUru of the earthly firmaments.

    Is a ridge of msm high pressure holding in Europe to advise Twitter has shut down an alleged proxy account of the Iranian president for a newly issued threat against the pre-Jan. 20th Potus? The Iranian president’s account remains open so one might conclude Jack is seeking bluesky in the beanstalk above the perennial post-inaugural swamp fog.

    I was going to post the enlightening online blog of a homeless person living in a Canadian parkade, but let’s defer that for some democrat donkey friendly Propellerheads:


  8. What if? Just a thought. What if George is AI And what is written is to control us that read it. The Matrix Re-done

  9. Can’t understand a thing here anymore. Strange new world lingo . People 2. Talk strange even George . Just 2 depraved I must be . Just sark it up I say . Stay the plan

  10. G, (on your story about grid takeovers by a foreign entity) and how about when your OWN govt shuts down the power grid! :
    Iran, one of the top 10 Bitcoin producers, shuts down it’s major Bitcoin processing centers, millions without electricity for hours, Trump’s reimposed sanctions made Iran’s cryptocurrency industry grow, and their rial went from 32k per dollar (2015) to 240k per dollar (2019).


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