Global “Revolution” or “Taxolution”?

We begin to tiptoe around whether we can be taxed into communism under the false-flag of “socialism.” Oh, sure, of course the costs of CV-19…and lots more …figure into it.

Put another way, can deficit spending and political demagoguery take down a country that literally saved the free world twice?  It’s become an interesting wager.

But first, we have a few choice words about the satanic party and its mockery of “hearings” by summoning attorney general William Barr and then not letting him give answers to false-choice questions.

As soon as my blood pressure comes off the pin, we’ll wade into this mess-o-facts and the market prospects given the “paper mache” model of economics now at hand.

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20 thoughts on “Global “Revolution” or “Taxolution”?”

  1. OMG George. What a sh*t show that was yesterday. I kept thinking about that joke. “Well AG Barr, do you still beat your wife?” …. and quit interrupting me when you try to answer!”

    If I was Barr, I would have stood up and said “I obviously have the wrong day for this hearing. It is a series of 5 minute election speeches for democrats. I’ll come back tomorrow.” …. and walked out.

    That was a total mockery of justice just like the “peaceful” protests that are now sweeping the country.

    God help us all.

    • We missed our chance to be rid of at least one of them when Nadler had his little “accident” before the so-called “hearings”. Too bad it wasn’t an Abrams tank that ran into him.

    • Barr should have just walked out. No sense trying to talk to idiots. Yes, the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ has happened in America. It goes very far beyond so called Covid or the Fed policies. People have lost all respect for life and civility. There is no remedy for that!

  2. The congressional hearings make me sick to my stomach thinking these are the best people we can offer up to lead our national government. When did we become a nation of political tribes where the only important consideration is increasing power within your own tribe. Any idea or suggestion from another tribe, is inherently evil. Of course similar things happen on both sides. Where is the critical thinking, where is the integrity? This is exactly why we should never have concentrated so much power in DC. It is crazy, our “leaders” cannot even agree that rioting is bad and criminals should be pursued and separated from law abiding citizens. I guess most of the blame goes to us the citizens for constantly sending these idiots back into the halls of power to represent us.

    There appears no way to ever work our way out of this economic and cultural hole we have dug ourselves with idiots like these making decisions. I cannot see how it ends well, now with both sides now amped up with the riots, destruction and economic depression, it will likely get worse and more bloody. Hard for me to personally see how we are not led into another civil war. Maybe something major distracts us, like an external enemy we rally together to engage.

    • The natural progression of a government is from a republic, to a democracy, to a dictatorship. Perhaps we can stop this if we limit social gossip sites, and perhaps we can’t. I honestly don’t know.

      What I do know is that the saner folks (traditional conservatives and honest libertarians) have absolutely no idea how to use and control media for their own benefit. They can start with a simple story with a desirable outcome, put it into sound bites and repeat it ad nauseum using personalities that most people agree with. Avoid issues such as abortion since it’s divisive and won’t gain converts. Beliefs on such issues are so deeply held by both sides that there can be no unity ever. Concentrating on things such as peace and prosperity will gain a great deal more attention and buy-in.

      The next thing would be to limit the level and amount of lies that can be promulgated using public funding. NPR is essentially a publicly funded propaganda network for the left-wing wannabe sophisticates.

      The “education” system is the worst. Rather than teaching patriotism, civics, history, and real topics such as proper English and math, along with real world skills such as sewing, machining, and budgeting, they’re teaching everything about sex except how to get it. With the idiot PC rules, even glancing at someone of whatever gender can be considered a micro(or macro) aggression.

      University indoctrination is even worse.

      • N.M.M……

        “they’re teaching everything about sex except how to get it.”


        Now I am no Don Juan but Women seem to have a sense.. or maybe ancient instinct or genetics play a role..theres plenty of studies to choose from..the old saying..nice guys finish last..
        Anyway if a guy walks into a bar with the sole purpose of getting laid in mind.. he will with statistical odds go home alone. Women can see it and know it.
        When I was in the military there was an officer that actually taught a class on it or had a group discussion with the new recruits..
        Women cluster. An example Six ladies go out for drinks.. of those six ladies. One wants to meet and have sex..the other five are the filters.
        So relax go have a good time with the only idea of having a good kind courteous become friends.. it will all happen in due time. If it doesn’t then it wasn’t ever suppose to happen.
        Be honest with them.. then theres the direct sales approach . I knew a guy he would just walk up and say . God your beautiful. I know this is being forward and with no disrespect intended. Because of time and opportunity I will ask would you like to have casual sex..
        Out of twenty ladies two would say yes..a ninety percent success ratio.
        Then theres the let’s impress them.. pull out your five inch wide roll of charmin ultra soft..
        One in five college girls are seeking a benefactor to help with books and tuition..the more expensive the school the more ladies..they aren’t stupid five grand of assistance will save them fifty grand of payments and give them more time to study..just dont expect anything permanent or personal..why give it up for a big mac and a sixpack .
        Your choice I personally would want the friendship.

      • The other thing to remember NMM.. is sex is a gift.. it’s not a right.
        A gift of themselves..something precious and very personal..shared between two people…

  3. “Justice is not something you order up on a schedule, like you’re ordering a pizza”. Attorney General William Barr.
    I wonder how many azzholes puckered up tight when AG Barr said this,,for you unknowing,,pizza is slang for a child to sacrifice for it’s adrenochrome
    watching the house justice committee was like watching a comedy central celebrity roast, the dems showed their inter demons,,they were not looking to find answers, but were only grandstanding,,,damn the polls,watch the vote this fall, the silent majority will reelect Trump,,remember the 2016 polls, Killery by a landslide
    How many people had their blood pressure rise ,watching the hearing? mine started to to ,BUT I realized that the demons were exposing themselves to America and got another bowl of popcorn, ya just another corney joke
    for those of us who have been following since oct 2017 have been made aware,,,,,follow the PEDOs, the most evil bastards on the face of the Earth
    I see Tom Hanks and his wife are now greek citizens, I wonder why, now?

    • “I’ll go pour a shot or two of cynic juice and get back to you in the morning,”

      You do realize that’s all fake news..
      Everything involving affluent and political members of power vanished. Even the stories in newspapers and official reports vanished dubbed fake news..those investigating and willing to give testimony on it..gone forever quiet..

      • “AG Barr said this,,for you unknowing,,pizza is slang for a child to sacrifice for it’s adrenochrome”
        Oops wrong quote

      • “Justice is not something you order up on a schedule, like you’re ordering a pizza”. Attorney General William Barr.
        this is what Barr said in his testimony to the congressional committee

        I said pizza is is slang for pedo child sacrifice to gets the child’s adrenochrome, it is well known,,like we used to say weed, pot, grass, or maryjane when we meant cannabis sativa, remember Obummer ordering $65,000 of pizza and hot dogs from Chicago?
        lets keep Barr’s and my words separate from each others words, please

        the azzholes know that Barr was refering directly to them, thus the azz pucker comment

  4. Now the greater problem would be your answer “why would God want to save America”,take a good look at what we have become and yes we all are responsible for the sickness within it,and I can hear them now saying “brother its not my fault” its those folks over on the other side that did it,and thus it will continue until it hits bottom…..

  5. all because A G BARR refuses to INDICT the coup traitors…Kaboki theater……..and the senate GOP are worse.

    Durham must INDICT…..if not …what we see now will be child’s play….as many will KNOW ‘it is on’…….and must be PUT DOWN…by individuals….since ALL authority has been compromised
    even the Q Team… they TRUMP…”trust the plan”……..Semper Fi

  6. Seems the world we grew up in, no longer exists. Is it insanity we see? Is this the fall out of what ever caused the Mandela Effect? Or are fools paid to be fools in an attempt to demoralize the masses more than what they have already been? I’m surprised they weren’t escorted off their high horse seats in strait jackets. Omg.
    Mr Barr should have stayed. He should have went to the bathroom and just kept going.

  7. Stasi-G – still running out the FEAR PORN #’s..bless Ure dark heart.

    Posting Case counts WITHOUT reference to TESTING Levels is Pure Un-Adulterated Horse Hockey – U R intentionally ignoring/suppressing Sampling Rates.

    – Test ANY given Population TWICE as much – U will Find TWICE as many CASES – duh-ohh!

    TBN calls HORSEHOCKEY ..”and they were all Yellow”-Coldplay

    Take SWEDEN, (TBN will take the Swedish Bikini Team please)

    – Stasi -G like (official) projections = 60K fatalities.

    * Actual : 5.6K Fatalities

    Sum Ting Wong – Herr StasiG/Goebbels – Figures Lie & Liars Figure or in Ure case – post the Lies long enough, repeat the Lies long enough, the humanresources will eventually come around to accepting as real.

    The only question on TBN mind this AM – will Silver hit $50 an ounce before Bitcoin hits $20k per coin..cause I already know 30 thou on the Dow is coming as I read it here ..

    No Worries scarcity of $, they will just “PRINT” U some moar – any Currency/Denomination U want..YEN, USD,CAD,AUS, EUR,CNY..just MOVE the Decimal Point over a few moar spaces..

    BTC is breaking out and going higher only $11,000 federal reserve notes(debt) this AM

    No Bitcoin 4 U – but I do have a Ginormously HUGE Hydro-Electric Dam I would like to SELL Cheap.

    If anyone is interested in generating Ure own Hydro Power in a LARGE – Growing industrial area for just 2272 Bitcoins or 12,800 Ounces GOLD – just drop TBN a line.

  8. “while we can see no harm in a drone strike on Hungary where one of the perps continues his “American masquerade.””

    Quit picking on Hungary. They’re comsiderably ahead of us — they BANNED the SOB from their country, banned his employees and other minions, banned his “NGOs,” and banned ALL OTHER NGOs for which a complete paper trail was not readily available, or to which he or any of his gave, so much as a single forint (shoot, they may even have banned USAID!) We need to learn from the Hungarians…

  9. People love taxes. Less than 10 years after taxes went down by point of gun, taxes went up by point of gun.

    Tea tax (1773) was 3 pennies a LB (181 cups of tea).

    End of revolt, 1783.

    Whiskey tax (1791) 6 cent a gallon (16 cups). Small fries paid 50% more, 9 cent a gallon.

    Today the federal tax is $13.34 per gallon (through end of 2020) per proof gallon. calls it,

    $0.06 in 1791 is equivalent in purchasing power to about $1.65 in 2020, a difference of $1.59 over 229 years.

  10. You fellas talking about sex … lol … I recently found out that a wife wearing an ankle bracelet is now a sign of a “Hot Wife”
    Definition being: a wife who is allowed by her husband to have sex with other men while he watches.
    Soooo, if you’re wife is getting unwanted advances, might wanna check her ankle.
    If you’re into that sort of thing but not getting the advances you want … again, check your her ankle.
    I don’t judge what people do but, I have punched guys in the face. ????
    Crazy world.

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