I don’t often get out the soapbox on a Saturday morning, but the report on Fox this morning really hit me wrong.

The gist of it is that students at UC Irvine have voted to bar the American flag on their campus along with any other nation’s flags.

I agree entirely…..but with a few provisions:

  • Immediately cancel and call all student loans of these kids.  They are from that country they want to de-flag and we certainly don’t want them to live counter to their idealism do we?
  • Cancel all Pell Grants to them.  Ditto.
  • Cancel all federal funding for the school.  Ibid.
  • End tenure for any teacher who put this crap into the kid’s heads.Redux.
  • End all federal subsides for research at the school. Override Obama’s veto on this.
  • Tell California to join the EU.  Let them bail out Greece , Ukraine, and Mexico.

Seriously: WTF?

To be sure, a post on the university’s Facebook page on Friday made light of the bill reading in part, “Contrary to what you might be hearing, flags are still flying at UC Irvine,” alongside a picture of the American flag.

Still, this is a prime example of “biting the hand that feeds them” – and it’s time to put the liberalista BS back where it belongs.

In the poorhouse.

If the One-Worlders take Irvine, which they seem to have done thanks to easily misled youth, the global government, global taxes, and all the rest will follow sure as day follows night.  The sunset of freedom and pride in America is here and the idiots are running the asylum.

Stronger words to follow.

Oh, and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight.  To the new future, such as it is.