Give the Students Their Due

I don’t often get out the soapbox on a Saturday morning, but the report on Fox this morning really hit me wrong.

The gist of it is that students at UC Irvine have voted to bar the American flag on their campus along with any other nation’s flags.

I agree entirely…..but with a few provisions:

  • Immediately cancel and call all student loans of these kids.  They are from that country they want to de-flag and we certainly don’t want them to live counter to their idealism do we?
  • Cancel all Pell Grants to them.  Ditto.
  • Cancel all federal funding for the school.  Ibid.
  • End tenure for any teacher who put this crap into the kid’s heads.Redux.
  • End all federal subsides for research at the school. Override Obama’s veto on this.
  • Tell California to join the EU.  Let them bail out Greece , Ukraine, and Mexico.

Seriously: WTF?

To be sure, a post on the university’s Facebook page on Friday made light of the bill reading in part, “Contrary to what you might be hearing, flags are still flying at UC Irvine,” alongside a picture of the American flag.

Still, this is a prime example of “biting the hand that feeds them” – and it’s time to put the liberalista BS back where it belongs.

In the poorhouse.

If the One-Worlders take Irvine, which they seem to have done thanks to easily misled youth, the global government, global taxes, and all the rest will follow sure as day follows night.  The sunset of freedom and pride in America is here and the idiots are running the asylum.

Stronger words to follow.

Oh, and don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour tonight.  To the new future, such as it is.

43 thoughts on “Give the Students Their Due”

  1. As a “citizen of senior”, taking a class at the local university with the much younger decent but befuddled college kids, I have to totally agree. I’ve seen less communist “thought” in Beijing.

    They have been totally indoctrinated, but they’re still open to a clear and logical debate. They’re seeking values, and we need to show and teach these values from a strong basis.

    Thanks for the reminder regarding time.

  2. Please stop watching FAUX News. Its affecting you. I’ve been reading your work for years.

  3. Students who work for their college expenses, and students who are there as part of their military contract don’t go for this crap.

    Their daddies pay their way.

    PHILOSOPHICAL QUESTION: Why would any American pay for his children to go to a school that strives to make “Liberals” or Progressives or Democrats or Communists or Muslims or Enviro-Nazis out of them?

    • Philosophical answer.
      I attended NGC a military college, and payed my own way, I say remove the flag of pedophile Royalty.Protect America! Not the flag of psychotic secret pediphile merderers who rule the world!

  4. Hey, it was six students with a dumb idea that hasn’t even happened. That’s a good reason to permanently punish thousands of people, including hundreds that aren’t even students. Maybe next you’ll deal with actual crime by punishing everyone in the city where the crime occurs.

    • How many did Stalin or Hitler start with? In today’s world, bad ideas are more contagious than old ones. Maybe (because they work), things like Patriotism, love of country and such, they’re out of style. So you bet, let’s tear down the borders and put idiots in charge and take down the flag while we’re at it.

    • The Uninted States is owned by the pediphile European Royalty who owns the unauditable Fed, why would the students want to fly the US flag. We fought wars against the family’s that own the U.S. I want to end the Fed.
      May the gods bless these students, and may we all use bit coin n such.

  5. You do know the difference between the entire campus and the lobby of their student center, right?

  6. I’ve got some technical questions — who are the thought police who are going to decide which professors “put this crap into the kid’s heads” and how will they decide what constitutes the behavior you want to punish?

    Will you be cutting off utilities and other services to any dorm building where a student hangs a poster of Che in their individual room? Or should all dorms be cut off if that happens?

    • In this instance the “Thought Police ” is the administration that hired the staff. They have the power to hire and fire. The administration reports to a governing body. If they are in agreement with the behavior nothing changes. If they disagree ,well I’m sure you understand how organizations can hold people accountable if there is a will to do so. Moving onto the rest of your argument: A poster in a dorm room is not the same as a flag in a common area so unless you are making the claim that private space is somehow being affected here I don’t see comparison.

    • The thought police is not the administration but the faculty. There is a small amount of power the admin has on hiring but the firing of a tenured faculty member is an historical event. The situation gets “incestuous” when a student apostle graduates then returns with a newly minted PhD and gets tenure.

  7. And now you want to abolish free expression,well what the hell they have destroyed most of what little remained of the Constitution and now they are working on The Bill Of Rights.Lol how short sighted the American people are being their own worse enemy>!!!!

  8. We should never forget that the first people sent to be “re-educated” at Dachau weren’t Jews, but trade union leaders and liberal politicians who were judged to be insufficiently patriotic.

    • You left out the communists and socialists and anyone who opposed Hitler.
      No, we don’t forget.
      But, in a democrazy, at some level, we have to agree to be a nation or we agree to anarchy.
      This is a well publicized baby step in the wrong direction.
      Coca Cola and Nike have more brand recognition in Honduras, than the USA…at least it did 2 weeks ago.
      My whole point is that we live in the age of irresponsibility…and it’s fashionable to bit the hand.
      And that’s not a good thing.

  9. just rember one thins.

    the ‘amrican’flag as is all flags of all countries, are MILITARY FLAGS of conquest. period. .

    back to the good ole’ … “why is the flag in US courtrooms trimmed in gold fabric??

    because the amrican flag is an “admiralty flag” ….of conquest.

    • Hello Pandora. Out of the box, I see. good to see you. I recommend the National Dream Center. You would do better there than the last place I saw you.

      Pay close attention George, Pandora is very very gifted And extremely intelligent. English is not his natural launguage. One of the most gifted people I have ever seen.

      Pandora made the call on Obama becoming president a year and some change before Obama even decided to run for president. Back when Obama was relitivly unknown.

      There is another few that have shown up in these comments that I have met around the web, that are extremely gifted. I, won’t point them out like I did Pandora. But it is good to see so many in your comment section.


    • Conquest? Ok. Let’s see, the places our flag still flies (outside the 50 states & Puerto Rico) are… American Samoa, U.s. Virgin Islands…

  10. Pediphile psychotic merderer European Royalty owns the U.S. flag. We fought wars against these families that own the U.S. Why would the students want to fly the flag of the unauditable Fed? I want to get rid of the Federal Reserve and the U.S. May the gods bless these students, and may we all use bit coin!

  11. George–
    Pop a nitro and take slow, deep breaths. Remember, one of the most important jobs of young people is to do things that drive their parents nuts. Didn’t you ever hear “Turn that noise down! I can’t hear myself think.” or “Cut your goddamn hair!” or “Are you ever going to wash those jeans?”
    This no-flag thing will be gone in a year, like Occupy.
    And I’m with Marie. Stay away from Faux News.

  12. the U.S. flag represents a corperation, owned by European secret societies.
    The U.S. flag does not represent the American people.
    The Europeans who own the Federal Reserve are represented by the U.S. flag.
    America and the American people don’t have a flag!

    • Bill, You sound as if you are fed up with the whole system. Not to be critical, but are you employed in a job you enjoy at this time?

  13. The psychotic murderes who own the U.S. Flag also own the police who are in charge of Lie Enforcement, and the media who give us Lie Witness News, the military who fight wars based on lies, and the university professors who profess their lies. Maybe the students are tired of the lies?

  14. lost me at fox news
    “They say that patriotism is the last refuge to which a scoundrel clings steal a little and they throw you in jail. Steal a lot and then they make you king.”

  15. HI. …. .. I am amazed at how many comments came in regarding UC
    Irvine, that seemed negative to your article. One comment mentioned that only a handful of students were advocating banning the American Flag. Still is scary. I don’t like it at all. I served in US ARMY in
    KOREA in 1967. I am proud to be an American. George, Keep up the EXCELLENT work Carl Virginia USA

  16. Seems those of you that want George to lighten up should do so yourselves. Free speech is a right, when it’s not a privilege. Free speech came along well before taxation, but now that my taxes and George’s and most(?)of yours are ‘subsidizing’ students’ free speech, since it is our ‘investment’ in their privilege, surely we have a free speech right to call them out on misbehaving on our dime. They never say thank you, and one day, in the midst of anarchy when some of you are exclaiming that “I’m one of the people too,” at the very least, many of those students will not be listening to you.

  17. Frankly, the Ure I have been following for over a decade disappointed me when you decided to actually go on a cruise. What kind of koolaide is Elaine feeding you these days? To obtain a college education today for working class kids is akin to becoming a debt slave for the rest of their lives. No, there has never been a free lunch, but during our generation, we could actually get a free higher education. Have you forgotten that? I haven’t.

    • Those who earn money honestly have a right to spend it as they wish, including foolish joy. I’d do the same thing as George if I was blessed with a beautiful spousal unit.

      My kids never got a free ride through college and all of them are doing exceptionally well. They each know the value of hard work, sacrifice, calculated risks, and the occasional dab of genius.

      Today, with the net, you can learn damn near anything you want to for free, or close to it. You’ll have to do the work, as always, and you’ll have to add credibility in terms of actual achievement.

      We’re actually in a golden age of information that could be damaged by shortsighted internet controls. Best to buy a bunch of 4 terabyte drives and start loading them with the world’s knowledge while it’s still free.

  18. When I was a student in 1970 there were huge protests against the government. Many of the students were “leftist” and hated the US and its war-promoting government. But, true to form, most of them became obsesses with filthy lucre and a family, including myself, and all stepped neatly into the line of the subjugated masses. “Things” that were worrisome faded into the background of “life getting in the way” So, nothing got changed, and things went on. Always happens. And it wasn’t so bad after all, except that now, with the advent of unstoppable instantaneous technological and banking systems, the ruling classes have taken the quietude as a sign that they can take their repressive regime to the extreme, and make all of us broke and dependent and helpless. So, pick your poison, its really a personal choice. Always was. always will be. But if you turn a blind eye to whats going on, choices may eventually be eliminated. So, Choose carefully, and choose VERRY carefully within that choice.

  19. I agree, George. Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and the item was vetoed by those higher up. I really wish there were a civil way to teach these kids some reality.

    • Leading from the front by example does wonders – too bad the politicians don’t have the desire or the guts to do it.

      I’m doing that as a much older student at the local university, and I’m quite happily surprised at the degree of positive attention that I get.

  20. Relax, everybody. It’s been overturned, and Old Glory will again grace UC Irvine. But hey, the kids did get your attention, yes?

  21. I love the idea of kicking California out of the United States.
    Because I am a Californian.

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