The four witches refers to the fact that this is quadruple witching day..  That’s when index options, stock options, commodities, and bonds all go through the process called settlement.  It’s the quarter “Make good on contracts” event.

It’s not unusual to see a decent-sized market move from Thursday to Friday because of how options settle.  Stock index options are based on the Thursday close, and that means to “cover commitments” the commercials can leisurely soak up stock at much lower prices today and (look surprised) pocket the difference.  Someone has to pay for Mid-Town parking. – which runs in the $350 to $700 per month range, depending on valet and tips.

So much for witches.

The TV?  Well, tonight if I’ve got it right, Amazon returns with a second season of Goliath.  Worth mentioning because Billy-Bob is a great actor.  After all, he’s got a near-impossible role:  Playing a good lawyer.  That’d be news, in our book

Then there’s the tax bill.  For those of us who pay quarterly, this is the day to mail off the estimated quarterly for Q2.


It’s a day of mixed feelings here:  Nice to make a fairly good YTD return on investments (somewhere north of 12% for 6-months, but let’s see how the year goes), but I’m not pleased with what my tax dollars are buying, especially when I look at the OIG report issued by the Justice Department this week.

A Mealy-Mouth OIG Report

Does anyone besides us understand the concept of “House Cleaning?”

I can’t help but ask: “Does someone ‘have something’ on Jeff Session?” 

I can’t think of why he’d allow the runaway cabal persist.  The thought popped up while reading the MSM burying the revelation that the FBI was setting “foreign lures” [OCONUS – outside continental US] to ‘set-up’ Trump and associates as far back as December 2015.

Effectively, that looks to us like an attempted coup – rolling in slow-motion.  But the Vichy government’s hardcore suck-up press brands it all as “conspiracy theory.”

While Lou Dobbs was asking the right and credible questions about the apparent intel abuses by the Obamanation against Trump, we saw ABC busy on the shovel with “‘Oconus lures’: Evolution of a conspiracy theory, from Reddit to the White House.”

Conspiracy theory?  It’s less theoretical when it’s in texts and emails, but hey, the Vichy’s aren’t playing even-handed.  And, with the additional anti’s outed in the OIG report, how ,many more are yet to be revealed?  And why not more firing and prosecutions?

Slick-talking lawyers is why.  It’s like weasel mud-wresting.

Then again, why no leadership from Jeff Sessions?  After reading the Executive Summary of the OIG report, I’m wondering why there hasn’t been a 20-agent – or more –  house-cleaning yet.

Truly a testament to the amazing the power of bureaucracies.

The FBI was leaking like the Titanic and Horowitz hasn’t recommended anything but a Band-Aids and  “training.”  AYSM?.

He should have rolled grenades. Cowards at the helm, all around.

When an operating room is infected you scrub ‘er down.  Or, do you train and indoctinate festering bacteria to death?  Clorox and permanganate…that’s what’s required.  OIG report is 3-grade softball…political oatmeal carefully scripted to be non-offensive and keep the swamp creatures in play.

Sensitivity training my ass!  Fire people.  Get ’em the hell out.

Sessions COULD be house-cleaning but he’s acting like there’s a choke collar on him.  Someone or something in his past? Anti-Trump RINO Elders?  Scandal in his past that Swamp Masters know about, but haven’t fed to the Vichy press?  Holding that in abeyance should Sessions actually get off his butt and fire people?   We gotta wonder because that’s the “feel” of what’s going on.

Already, we can see how the MSM is beginning to “circle Sessions” – this is how they keep him “in line” and from acting like a leader and patriot.  Headline please

“In turning away domestic abuse victims, Jeff Sessions abandons legal precedent.”

There’s a ton of ’em.  The “slur machine” is running full-tilt.

Few will bother to check Snopes: “Did Jeff Sessions Say ‘If We Inflict Fear and Pain on Children, Adults Won’t Want to Come Here’?.”  Spoiler: No, that’s lefty falsehood to keep Jeff in check.

Sessions only recused on the Russia probe part, not on the hiring of foreign assets to skirt US law and turn The Bureau into a political-intel operation in concert with, we asseme, top Obamaites.

It all reads like Black Ops in American politics are here and there’s a profound lack of patriots taking a stand — so far. Especially in the Corrupt Congress. Their lack of action screams they’re ready to sacrifice the country, if it isn’t lost already.

That’s just my take on it.  I’ll keep reading the OIG report.  But, you know the fix is in when “process” lets named perps and their shysters comment before-hand.  Water-down, PC’ing, softening.  The OIG could use a shot of political Viagra..

It’s like appointing an impartial judge and then giving people on all sides a chance to privately issue threats before he announces the call.  PC BS is taking us down, pure and simple.

What should he have done?  Laid it out – no redactions, no softening, gone harder and deeper.  This is cancer we’re talking, not a common cold.  Let everyone sue – after the fact –  and sort it all out in open court.  While that’s the American Way, it’s not the Way of the Swamp.

Fox news seems hopeful in their “Sessions warns IG report on Clinton email case could lead to more firings...”  Yeah?  When the press is lying about Sessions already?

We won’t hold our breath.  Seen the swamp filling now for 48-years.  Still need to pull the plug.

State Dept. Bias BS

Once again, we see how the US State Department is still running out of control.  I refer to: “Press Releases: On the Occasion of Eid al-Fitr.”

Catch it?  No?  Error of Omission, not Commission…that’s how this works, my fellow student of propaganda technique.

I went looking and I couldn’t find any State Department press release “On the Occasion of Easter” or “On the Occasion of Christmas” or on “The Occasion of Passover…”  I could be wrong and would happily amend, but that’s what the two-bit search effort found right off.

Press releases – whether the fools of Foggy Bottom realize it, or not – are marketing collateral pieces.  When they are sending out a press release for a Muslim holiday, why, we wonder, aren’t they at least pretending to honor other faiths?  Failing to do so results in collateral damage as we see it.

That, dear reader, is how the Deep State controls not only your thinking, but how they co-market the lefty-over agenda of the American Vichy government.

Pass it on.  Equality really matters.

Or, it used to.

Need a Lyft?

Chinese ride-sharing giant Didi picks Australia for first Western foray.”

Speaking of Chinese on the road: Ford’s China struggle continues as May vehicle sales slump 29 percent.

Um…may sound great to say “Quality is Job #1” but in our world is Sales is Jobs 1.

And no surprise here: China promises fast response as Trump readies tariffs.  The bigger picture being As trade war with China looms, U.S. readies second wave of duties.

Kill Trees, Not Oil Rigs

McDonald’s to replace plastic straws with paper ones in UK and Ireland: BBC.”  Sucks, does it?

Corporate Horsepower

One of our core beliefs is that globally, corporations are (and in some cases have) taken over government..  Here’s a headline that makes the case:

Airbus warns governments not to interfere in European fighter program.”

Is There a Point?

Someone needs to read a physics book.  His voice had already been broadcast into space…doesn’t anyone model broadcast antennas?  And to “beam at a block hole?:  Pah-leeze.
Save the electricity, kids.
Say, we’re not monetizing the dead, again, are we?
Oh-oh, here comes CNN: “Stephen Hawking’s ashes will be interred between Darwin and Newton Friday.”  Tisk, tisk.  We’re already starting to save up for the inevitable wheelchair auction.  So sick is our world…
On that note, off to work on Peoplenomics for tomorrow.
An hour and 10 before the open, Dow futures were down 153.  I may have to polish my happy dance shoes, yet.