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  1. Will the Summer be a Bull or Bear?
    OPEN 6/6/18 Close 6/15/18 $10,000 grew to
    BULL – SPXL $46.33 $47.56 $10,265
    BEAR – SPXS $25.50 $24.81 $9,729

    Chartwise, the DOW is the only INDEX showing weakness

    At BJ’s
    EGGS $1.06 DZ after $1.90 dz
    GAS $2.51.9 The .9 is a scam to get an extra penny out of you.

    Bigfoot is Transdimentional & not extra terestial. This is based on locations of Bigfoot sightings vs extra terrestrial sightings. Also, ET’s do not require the brute force of Bigfoot; they have tech to beam you up. Brute force is a trait of other dimensions.

    • Yes, they are kinda like the python that ate the lady, the aliens immobilize you first with the light beam, then they beam you up. And you think Star Trek thought of that first! Been there, done that, it’s a big 10-4.

      • What year did it happen & how old were you? Were you conducted multiple times & do you have any implants. Implants can be take out & tested. Art Bell & Linda Morton Howe had one tested. I can’t remember the results. It is best to have it tested offshore because of pressure on US Labs to not give accurate UFO RESULTS, or they may lose your sample

      • 1994, 34. One time that I remember, or know of. Yes, to an implant which was installed at the 2nd experience – which was a bedside visit with my partner asleep beside me.



    The Texas Bullion Depository Officially Opened For Business This Week

    The Texas Bullion Depository officially opened for business this week. The creation of the facility represents a power-shift away from the federal government, and sets the foundation to undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money….

    cot’d at webpage above

    • Is this crypto currency backed by gold & silver. Seems to make sense. You could eventually live off grid & use gold & silver as your currency.

    • The University of Texas began building a bullion stockpile ~25 years ago. In 2006, the amount of bullion the University held reached $1bln, and it was decided to build a theft-proof repository in which to house it. Shortly thereafter, the State told the University THEY would be willing to finance and build the repository, and take responsibility for safekeeping its contents. The University had to agree that the State could use the repository to house bullion above and beyond that owned by the University. Once everybody agreed to terms, The State began construction, announcing the State of Texas would house its bullion in this repository, once built, and that any private citizen, who was also a resident of Texas, could do the same.

      This part is new:

      “The facility will not only provide a secure place for individuals, business, cities, counties, government agencies and even other countries to store gold and other precious metals, the law also creates a mechanism to facilitate the everyday use of gold and silver in transactions. In short, a person will eventually be able to deposit gold or silver – and pay other people through electronic means or checks – in sound money.”

      AFAIK some States have a sovereign Right to “coin money.” South Carolina even did so for a while and has threatened to do it again.

      Texas, now threatening to do so, should provide interesting theater…

    • The beginning of the end ..
      I have heard that one before.. wasn’t Kennedy trying to get rid of it and brought the gold and silver certificates back into circulation in an attempt to shut it down and bring back gold backed dollars.. or how about carter that tried to change taxe rates to a level playing field. He was tossed under the bus and the millionaire relief act was passed.. just like now the spending bill that will toss so many under the bus to.http://www.newsweek.com/gop-tax-bill-middle-class-america-death-knell-753843.
      Just saying.. it has been in existence a century now.. and with laws being what they are and what has been changed to fit the needs.. and as deep as they have their hooks into the planet and all the officials .. we will continue to follow the path of the pied piper.. it just won’t happen at least not in my lifetime.. it will have to be more severe than that when it does.. a total collapse of the financial world hyper inflation and under production of food. JMHO

      • thinking about old Jimmy Carter.. he was a smart man.. if congress would have worked with him as well things could have gotten turned around.. http://www.presidency.ucsb.edu/ws/index.php?pid=6927
        it would have been hard.. but by balancing the checkbook and leveling our income and outgo. instead we spend.. we deregulated almost all vital services.. and the products.. associated with them.. our jobs have been outsourced as well..if you have more checks going out than you have dollars coming in.. you are not going to make it..

      • Ah, don’t feel so bad, everyone with kids under 18, DOUBLED their refund PER child to $2,000 a year. I notice that this BIG doubling of the child tax CREDIT went unmentioned in the article you posted. Yeah, let’s think now, 50 billion dollars per YEAR in IRS REFUNDS to illegals in this country, and that just got DOUBLED! Um, hmmmm. Yeah, those mangy democrats didn’t raise a fuss or stink about that, now did they? Too sad, too bad if you have no kids under 18! What are all those immigrants doing? Having BABIES!!!!

  3. Sir,

    Further to your fears of an advancing Napoleonic Code, we are disappointed to learn that a judge appointed by President Clinton has disallowed last month a lawsuit by Russian software virus firm Kaspersky Labs. The discoverer of Stuxnet and other perceived State cyber attacks was seeking recognition of 5th amendment rights, and was represented by one of the world’s largest law firms headquartered in Chicago. Apparently Mr. Trump’s October deadline for US government agencies to cease using Kaspersky software is being instituted. Meanwhile in the EU sphere, tensions are mounting with the software company:

    Around the time the firm was seen publicly at odds with Uncle Sam, they ran a pop-up shop in London for a couple of days…


    • I like kapersky virus scanner.. It just doesn’t have as many bugs and catches more viruses than the others.

  4. About a week ago now.. my three year old was watching cartoons on an I-pad that a friend of mine didn’t like and sent to me.. Now I didn’t like it either so it pretty much set around and I never really looked at it..
    my grandson clicked on something who knows what.. I sure don’t.. and he asked me about it.. and when he handed it to me.. there was my friends wife walking around in a towel and bathrobe.( phew she is a total babe to..enough to make an old mans heart go flitter flutter)anyway after looking at it everything was there.. Now the update..
    I sent it back and tried to tell him that not only can you see where a person is in real time. tap into their home webcam, log onto their banking accounts, get all their contact information and a list of all their contacts both on their phone and computer. The list of all their most visited web sites and their website history. etc.. it was all there.. all on the cloud..
    It scared me a little.. I knew things were kind of like the old novel we all had to read in school.. ( https://www.planetebook.com/free-ebooks/1984.pdf )
    but I didn’t have any idea it was as thorough as it is. a few years ago one country to show just what they could do.. turned on every camera in the USA and baby monitors.. I read a paper on it in some college archive ( don’t know where seems that is no where to be found at present)
    When I told this guy what was on there he thought I was being a smart butt and didn’t believe me.. he actually got mad because he miss-understood what I was saying.( I do sometimes have a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time)
    then last night.. he called about one am..I was up reading and he asked me what in the world I was talking about and why did I send the I-pad back..He thought I had come across something on the web..seems a few years ago he was working on a project and doctored up photos.. and progress reports were being submitted to his bosses instead of the ones he was submitting.. ( hmm anyone want to order ten thousand cases of chocolate milk for the nearby store.. LOL) he still didn’t get it.. I said come on.. how would I know you were at the hardware store at this time and at the same time your wife was at the beauty shop.. I said look in your camera file on your phone.. you will see a picture of a guy in there..

    Now I had cropped out just the guys face and slid the pic in.. He got shocked and said.. that is thew pervert.. I said what.. he said they have one of those doorbells that when you push the button it takes a picture.. seems for the last few days some pervert has been coming up and pushing the button.. they have called the police and everything.. LOL LOL I was sliding that picture in the camera file.. that to was on the cloud and the camera file wasn’t the one from his phone and him taking pictures but the file.. I was slightly curious why he would want a picture of the UPS man LOL LOL
    I had to tell him he could delete the bevis and butthead photos and videos to..
    My question now is.. we know that your information and history is safely stored on a cloud server.. if some dweeb can get access to it that doesn’t have any computer skills or cares to ever even learn any of them.. what does an organization or group that does have access to.. want a speeding ticket.. or how about every light you drive up to has a turn left only.. or you have a crucial meeting to go to and every light turns red.. your banking information.. a loss of a dollar here a dollar there.. does country wide bankruptcy come to mind and without any concern.. think about national security.. with my inverters I can tell you when there is a spike and when there is heavy use.. they are controlled and monitored you guessed it by computer.. I would like to put something in that will shut down if there is a spike.. since that seems to affect anything with a motor on it..how easy would it be for some one that doesn’t like our country to just send to much power all at one time through the lines.. or turn off all the traffic lights. If you have ever been in a big city this would be a catastrophic event.. and it is all controlled by computers and information in the cloud.. a few years ago.. america lost one of its secret drones.. now it wasn’t shot down.. nope no one sent a missile up to knock it out of the sky.. what happened is they took control of it.. about the same time america found out that guidance chips were corrupted and information from them on control was sent back to the country that made the chips..( another reason to make it in the usa.) what happens if all the brass for our guns are a millimeter off in size.. how many have taken every bullet out of the box and checked them.. not many I suspect.. can you spot a thousandth of an inch just by looking.. the deeper you sink into this situation the nastier it looks.. and we all are using it.. the brain in your pocket.. to the home computer.. heck to my e-book reader.. ( I cleared enough space in the garage so the car can be parked in there by putting a few thousand of my favorite books on an e-book reader. to think my security camera information is held on the cloud.. it is also kept on site.. but for me to get a truly wireless unit this was the only way.. there is a reason why I get product sales on things I have been thinking about buying on the computer to..Just think about it.. his door bell everything that has storage in the cloud..

    • “I would like to put something in that will shut down if there is a spike”

      I would like one on my system at home. seems that every once in a while we will either get a spike or drain enough to knock out the computer or affect the freezer

    • Sometimes I think I am being monitored, but then realize I have nothing worth while to monitor. The click on your phone when talking is only regular noise & not the gov’t listening.

      • The other day during one of my Wikipedia surfing sessions of phone companies, I stumbled across a page for one of the firms which advises that phone call data is stored and available dating back to 1987.

      • ECS.. They don’t have to..I worked solid waste and you would be shocked at how many times people would follow a truck in dump out several households of trash and go through it.. With the cloud there wouldn’t be any clicking noise..the days when that happened changed about the same time tuners became digital and remotes.

    • Sorry. I pay a lot of money (>$10 per year, lol) for really good, solid, legal advice.
      The attorneys tell me a) use a third party for all financial transactions (which is why PayPal handles our billing) and do not put anything on Ure site you have not personally read.
      The reason is simple (other than CSS hacks that insert malicious doe): Suppose someone were to issue a threat against a high profile person? Sticks me in the middle of a mess I want nothing to do with. Or, say a person says something libelous or slanderous.
      The internet is ONLY a wild west place until lawyers arrive. Then they will look for the deepest pocket, and in the case of malicious posters as a group, that would be who?
      So yes, it’s a PITA but even on my day “off” – holidays and 465 a year I check and approve posts 4-10 times a day. This is check #3 for Sunday.
      I hope you understand.

      • In the words of Janis Joplin:

        “When you ain’t got nothing,
        you ain’t got nothing to lose.”

        That ain’t us. we steer and publish with due caution at the helm.

        “That ain’t me base,
        No, no, no,
        it ain’t me babe…”

  5. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Brrrring, Brrrring,…

    This isn’t a Sasquatch sighting, but rather a first time in 40 year sighting of a late Jack Frost in parts of the Maritimes.

    A CBC weekend headline brought to mind your mention of the weather app that had recorded annual temperature declines over the course of the last five or so years. It turns out there was a late frost last week in Nova Scotia and the last similar one was 40 years ago in 1978 according to the CBC report. The video shows a farmer plowing under his damaged blueberry crop to try again. An odd thing was that the usual report link under the “Nova Scotia” local page was broken and the CBC search function would not show the link either. I had to Google it to find it now as part of the cross-country “National” newscast from 3 days ago. I’ll link it here but I’m uncertain if it plays outside Canada.

    The only other link in my casual search dates back to June 6th and is from Toronto City News/Canadian Press speaking to multi-crop frost damage in Nova Scotia and PEI. So overall not a lot of media hay over an agricultural sector that has really taken a proverbial slap in the head.

    • Ah the value of an out-of-country news analyst proves itself, again.
      It’s seems such a shame that we must now burn him at the stake for daring to speak Truth to Idiots.
      Real science – the one which doesn’t pay for a priced outcome – such as in pharmaceuticals and climate change sim0ply cannot be allowed to persist.
      Off with his head! Or, to the walk-in!

      • They did? You mean Ray they didn’t FREEZE UP?????
        (The Swat team of the Pun Police have been notified)

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