Forensic Friday: F-CSI’s Iraq Case File

“F-CSI”  Financial Crime Scene Investigations

Many actives scenes this morning, starting  overseas where a top Iranian general has been killed in a surgical strike on the airport in Baghdad, Iraq.

Yep.  Off-sides and planning additional attacks on the U.S. interests (and embassies) in the Middle East, the NY Times report on the drone attack is pretty clear.

While we expect a lot of Trump-haters to “go nuts” (they don’t have far to go…) this is a pretty well-executed, surgical take-down of someone who we understand (from reports) was in Iraq inciting more violence.

Market Reaction

The Dow futures, earlier, were down 400 points.  Clearly, the market is thinking the Iranians are serious about reprisals.

Iran’s state propaganda machine (English version) is already expectation-setting about what will happen next:

The Iranians are using this take-out as a reason to ramp-up the rest of the radicalized Islamic world.  Example?  “Protests held in Pakistan to condemn assassination of General Soleimani.

Set Piece Analysis

The U.S. is not ready for the Global War, more likely in the 2025-2027 period than present.  The skirmishing with Iran may serve to reinforce U.S. readiness.  Or, not.

That’s because money for the U.S. military must come from the House of Representatives.  And we remember who they just impeached.

On the other hand, an  embassy is, in diplomatic parlance, to be treated as “embassy [country] home soil.”  American’s are generally clear that an attack on an American embassy is tantamount to a  direct attack on America.

Iran will no doubt consider how to deliver some PR/propaganda now that will make headlines and make it  seem as though this drone strike and dead general event is not a major loss.

We expect (by day end) for television US shills (OK commentators is more polite)  to be bashing Trump for his move.

Yet, while “carrying the water” for Iran, the American left-run media will attempt to spin events into more Trump-hate.  Don’t be expected is terms like “ He’s a murderer” are heard.

Oh my, look surprised!  It’s starting already: “Democrats question legality of drone strike that killed Qassem Soleimani.”

Next, we predict democrats will “re-impeach” since they’ve thrown in on Tehran’s side, ever since Obama sent how much was it in “spoils of war” to Tehran?

Remember Feb. 19, 2019 when Trump Tweeted:

Never gotten over the fact that Obama was able to send $1.7 Billion Dollars in CASH to Iran and nobody in Congress, the FBI or Justice called for an investigation!

Lefty’s arose in unison back then to say it was money owed to Iran which had been paid by the former Shah.  Another example of how the left-wing insurgency spreads half-truths, of course.

The left-sympathetic media never tires, though, of trotting out Ex-Obama intel types to make dire forecasts of an anti-presidential nature.  Democrats don’t seem to have good memories – like  Iran’s threats to wipe Israel off the map, and so on….

Let’s also get straight on Obama sending Iran money, just so we’re clear.

Say a guy owns a house and pays you $100 bucks in advance for some upgrades to the roof.  The owner dies before you get the repairs are done.  New owners move in and kill relatives of the previous owner, right?

Democrats would argue you have to fix the roof anyway.  Republicans would say no, spoils of war (or real estate, if we need a distinction!).  And what about those killed by the new home owners, that’s gotta count, too.  They’ve been threatening our friends…

Obama (the most successful street organizer in history) not only paid back the “roofing” money, but “tacked-on interest to the $100-bucks.”  Which is why Tehran loves democrats.

Now do you see why the democrats are whining on  cue today?

This will provide additional cover for the democrats to move ahead with their strategy – delaying the Trump Trial in the Senate – in order to optimize timing so the socialist insurgency in American can keep conservatives tied-up in Washington (for the trial) while home states of Senators may notice a lack of GOP campaigning.

The India-Pakistan Angle is Concerning

We are  at the timeline when India-Pakistan could blow-up (literally) as a regional nuclear conflict.  Best estimates, if it comes to pass, that 100-million could die.

With Iran now fomenting demonstrations in Pakistan, that may be seen as a destablizer in a region where extremist elements are kicking powder kegs on a daily basis.

The  Times of India, for example, reports a “Terror alert: US asks its airlines to exercise caution in and over Pakistan airspace.

Obviously, a shoot-down by Pakistan of any aircraft could be read as supportive of Iran, but if an  Indian airliner were to be involved, Iran may be thinking about lighting up that war.

As you will recall, Muslims in India have been protesting the new Citizen Ship Law, essential a path for non-citizens (except Muslims) to apply for Indian citizenship.  Talk about pissing-off Muslims…

India, is sticking by its position, however, as we see in “Raise Voice Against Pakistan,” PM Modi Tells Citizenship Law Protesters.”  Yet, while India’s PM is saying this, the protests (by Muslims) against the new laws in India have turned bloody, says  The Economist.

The F-CSI Part

The  financial crime scene investigation is only in the furthest background of most people’s thinking when videos (like this morning’s) are rolling out.

Yet, the realities are as follows:

  • The U.S. stock market was up 330 points Thursday, so a pullback of 300 points is not a huge event.  In fact, it might be seen as a “buy the dips.”
  • $51.15 billion in Fed repo’s today.
  • Gold and oil were both up significantly on the news of tensions rising, which is to be expected.
  • Bitcoin has dropped into the $7,300 range and has not bettered early December highs.

An interesting question is whether the U.S. has financial surveillance on Iran and its financial proxies?  We don’t know, but if Iran’s going to pull up a “punishment” that could set up a market decline.

And in the world of financial engineering, states like Iran could drive events in a manner where “knowing what’s coming” could yield handsome returns by shorting ahead of whatever’s coming next.

Money Supply Madness?

You know there are three critical money metrics to be aware of:  The 3-month sliding window of the H.6 moneystocks measure.  The more recent H.6 data, and how much the Repo-Depot (the NY Fred Trading Desk) is tossing out in short-term leadning against otherwise illiquid assets*.

(* If you have a pile of home loans, for example, that will pay off over 30-years, borrowing at present low rates to get ready crash iss one option financial institutions have.  It’s still “good assets” on the Fed’;s books, but it increases systemic liquidity.  Such that if the market pulls back dramatically during the session today, there’s money to buy the dip in here.  $51.15 billion in today.)

So, from the Money supply:  To the end of October (table 1, H.5 money stocks here) the M1-annualized print festival was growing at a 12.5% annualized rate.  However, the print-rate through Dece.ber 23 (H.6, table 2 summary) is down to 10.6%.  Not a decline,  Looks to more like a bit less “rocket fuel.”

The F-CSI Summary:

Were I writing this as a  CSI episode, it would include dialog like this:

“We have a victim over here (the global economy).  Minor injuries, should recover.

We have other victims, too:  (Iraq, Pakistan) and we don’t know how they’ll do.  Let’s get ’em to the hospital and have ’em checked out.”

The USA?  A minor scratch is all it looks like.  For now, anyway.”

Buried in the Noise

Life goes on.  Chill.  At least until the big flash-bangs, right?

From our “Things are looking Up” file: Quadrantid meteor shower, first of the new year, peaks this weekend.

Recession coming to Asia first? Hong Kong Retail Sales Post Another Double-Digit Drop As Recession Worsens.  Still, our bet is on Macron blowing up the EU by sticking more debt to Germany…

Assuming you know Russia’s interest in Ukraine are a) warm water port and b) the Dnieper Donets petroleum basin, continue dot connecting with Kyiv Post: Moscow Says it Issued Nearly 200,000 Russian Passports in Ukraine’s Donbass.

Chill Friday:  One of my kids called this morning to anxiously tell me they were filling their cars with gas over Middle East jitters.

YHGTBSM!” exclaimed dad, quaffing a handful of blood pressure pills.  “Oil people play news like a fiddle.  Never buy gas going into the weekend unless nukes have gone off.  Never, never, never!.  The best day of the week to buy gas is?”  Mondays says  Gas Buddy.

Remember, you can only spend it once.  How good are you at judging scampering sheep?

Write when you get rich,

53 thoughts on “Forensic Friday: F-CSI’s Iraq Case File”

  1. Latest update at The Age of Desolation site. Everyone should read the book.

    “The war with Iran is unfolding on schedule. Whether it was the United States or Israel that killed Suleimani, it will not change the future. In fact, this alters another prediction that I just published in my book, because it now means Suleimani’s death is the reason war starts. It will unite millions of Iranians.”

    • I agree 100% again.. this is the straw that breaks the camels back. Soon to B seen Mahdi ??
      I truly believe this is the act that unifies all of RADICAL ISLAM….look at AL-JAZEERA English..3jan2020 Mohammad Ma Randi unv. of TEHRAN…” THEY WILL PAY THE PRICE..
      Uae-Iraq.all of s.west Asia’ , from India west…. God help us all… EXPECT THE WORST.
      Three days of mourning=3days planning…..tic-toc …tic toc……Peace & Love to All

    • JC,

      What’s the point of killing Suleimani then if it ignites WWIII and we all get blinded by the light? I kind of like your other prediction below…let’s hope that happens…. yesterday. Couldn’t happen soon enough. Trump is the worst kind of fisherman. He doesn’t have the knowledge or brain power to figure out which spinner or bait to use…he just throws in a stick of dynamite and lays waste to every living thing around those fish as they all float to the top. Loser alert!

      ……“In my previous post, I cited the following two Nostradamus’ Quatrains as relating to the end of Donald J. Trump’s Administration. In Quatrain VII-35, it states plainly “La grande pesche viendra plaindre, plorer D’auoir eƒleu, trompés“, “The great fishery come to moan, cry, At having elected, [Trump]“.

      Most Nostradamus Commentators believe that the metaphor applies to the Pope and the Church. I could not help thinking that Nostradamus specifically uses Trump’s name in Quatrain VI-35 in conjunction with “The great fishery come to moan, cry, At having elected, [Trump]“, “Through Mars [War] contrary [to the] the monarch [King/President], The great fisherman [Trump] in ruinous trouble“.
      The Fishery is the electorate and Trump is the Fisherman.”…..

    • “It will unite millions of Iranians.”

      No, it won’t. Soleimani was the “Heinrich Himmler” of Iran. There are 80 million Iranians who hated his guts and feared for their lives whenever he was around.

      His demise, although a huge net-gain for humanity, will principally be felt as a “loss” within the ruling religious class of Iran, and the ranks of the Republican Guard… ‘Not to say they wouldn’t go to war because of it, but they will NOT do so with the backing of the vast majority of the Iranian people.

    • Gen. Suleimani’s death will prove that the Iranians huffing & puffing is just chest pounding. Iranian leaders are bully’s, & they want no part of the bully Trump. Mark may think they are superheroes, but they are just thugs looking to exploit the soft liberal Democrats who shiver when Iran rattles its sabers. Most Iranians are pro America.

      • Superheroes? Who do you think I am anyway? I am way more conservative than you believe me. I just think Trump is everything that is wrong with this country. And Ray is right. 80% of Iranians hated and feared Suleimani. They are happy he is gone. But like here in America, the religious class has a lot of clout there…albeit a bit corrupt. Many of my friends and clients here in America are Iranian or Persian as they prefer to say. They left Iran and came to America because of the government corruption and the religious despots that created tension amongst their friends, family and communities. . They now love their new found freedom they have here in America. They applaud Suleimani’s death…but they are smart enough…All top paid engineers…to know Trump is not smart and had zero to do with it. He is a puppet of those around him. They just tell him what they are going to do next and Stephen Miller measures the impact it has on Trumps poll numbers. If it move the needle upward, then Trump approves. He could care less about outcomes and benefits of the people in other countries and ours that it may affect.

    • I don’t really think the significance of General Suleimani dying on Iraqi soil at a “Iran-backed militia” facility has quite sunk in with the general public. For Suleimani to be on the ground with troops in a sovereign state other than Iran makes those individuals in his company irregular Iranian military, not militia. This also means that the “militia” which attacked the embassy should be reclassified as irregular Iranian military as well. It appears that Suleimani was probably using some variation on the Viet Cong model to invade Iraq and other states in the region.

      I must break here to say “screw the neocons”. Just because one of them (Bolton) got something right one time doesn’t make them less dangerous.

      The Ayatollah’s response to the air strikes establishes him as a military leader, as opposed to a simple religious leader. This may not be news to most of the Urban Survival readers, but I’m not really sure that the average American really understands the vertical integration of religious bureaucracy in a place like Iran.

      The Iranians have invaded an ally, Iraq, and have used irregular military troops to attack a US Embassy in a third country. Their Supreme military religious leader has publicly ordered reprisals against US interests worldwide after a military commander operating in a forward position on foreign soil took one for the revolution. The Ayatollah, his bureaucracy, and the Revolutionary Guard are now legitimate military targets.

      The Iranian position of using irregular troops under cover of proxy insurgency on foreign soil is clearly an undeclared war. Use of irregular troops to attack embassy compounds of their victim’s allies is clearly an overt act of war. Allowing a religious figure to command military actions without civilian oversight clearly establishes that Iran is an expansionist religious dictatorship. The MSM’s propaganda campaign on behalf of the Iranian religious dictatorship is clearly seditious.

      This one incident should make it very clear who and what we are dealing with in Iran, in spite of the MSM’s propaganda campaign. It should also be clear if WW III goes hot as a result of the incident, the US is clearly acting in defense of self and an ally. The Iraqis may be a reluctant ally, but they are an ally. Trump has been very restrained, given the level of provocation.

  2. We only know what we are told but really no proof is ever rendered. I have only one question – What would happen if one of the US joint Chiefs were taken out with a surgical strike and assassination? This started over an operative of ours (CIA) being killed ….. Obama will start a war with Iran to get re-elected……… member that? Take a step back a good breath of fresh air and watch what’s happening ……

    • “What would happen if one of the US joint Chiefs were taken out with a surgical strike”

      The flip answer is: “Depends on which one…”

      The real answer is: Massive economic sanctions, and a long-term commitment to capture, extradite, and try the person responsible in a Court of Law. Which member of the Joint Chiefs do you believe is guilty of massive war crimes, and the murder of thousands of people?

  3. And while we are in prediction mode…Let’s go back in time and Trump kind of predicted his actions way back from 2011-2015…except he took a chapter out of his criticism of Obama playbook and do it himself…here is a few tweets to chomp on today.

    …….Between 2011 and 2015, Mr Trump tweeted multiple times that Mr Obama was vying to start a war with Iran because of “his inability to negotiate”.

    He repeated his convictions in a video in 2011, saying: “Our president will start a war with Iran because he has absolutely no ability to negotiate – he’s weak and ineffective.

    “So the only way he figures that he’s going to get re-elected, and as sure as you’re sitting there, is to start a war with Iran.”

    In 2012, Mr Trump tweeted: “Don’t let Obama play the Iran card in order to start a war in order to get elected – be careful Republicans!”…..

    So Urban Survival folks…How’s this different?

    • Uh…Trump’s not willing to purge the military of good leadership and sold America down the river giving out the $1.7 billion….you ever run those numbers out, or got a plan to covert?

      • One drone = one kid. Billion 5 in change from 1.7. Kid Korea now knows who can kick his ass with a few clicks. Big matters, global matters.

        Don’t stupidly think that the mullahs don’t now CLEARLY understand you can’t fk with America without consequences. If you’re not tracking with Trump on this, I’ve overestimated your intelligence.

      • Mark has no plan, if Trump found a cure for cancer, Mark would bitch about the oncologist’s going out of business. Remember George, Mark is the poster-child for TDS.

  4. George,
    So, now we’re a political site.
    OK. So it goes.
    So, you brilliant conservatives topple Iraq, after Papa Bush had stopped 60 miles outside of Baghdad for a reason, irreparably break the Middle East, set mass migration in motion, put $8 trillion on the national debt, and the only winner is Iran. About 13 years later, Obama pulls off a miracle nuke ban but giving Iran pennies of its own money back, and the pennies are all you boneheads have been crying about ever since.
    Now, you guys assassinate a fungible soldier, with certain retaliation against American lives and interests, and the story is . . . Pelosi and Obama?
    Wow. Really?
    It just kills you guys that the Liberals/Moderates were right, and you boneheads were wrong.
    (It just kills you that Conservatives always leave the economy in ruins and the Liberals/Moderates leave it soaring. This time will be no different. Hey boneheads, re-read your Keynes: deficit stimulus should only be deployed in bad times! Hey boneheads, Fed. revenues have fallen off a cliff.)

    You folks really have to get a handle on your Deranged Liberal (and Moderate) Hate Syndrome. It blinds you. And makes you say really stupid stuff.

    I like the economics here, even if your perpetual 6 more month call of economic doom has been wrong for many years. But, frankly, this cheerleading is driving Moderates like me (turned after Reagan tripled the national debt) away.
    Best, Mike.

    • And you brilliant libs funded Iran with Obama’s $1.7 billion and much more. Your point, other than making a half-assed effort at blamesmanship – which turns you all into simpering victims?
      Man the fk up and be an America. Those MF’ers that attacked our embassy were choreaographed by this prick and he got whacked.
      You calling it a loss? Or just more pointless blame game?
      Speaking of which, Nasty Nancy still can’t send the article…we called that one spot-on so far.

      • Modern quid pro quo…this for that but I want more. Vandalizing an embassy leads to the public assassination of a revered leader which leads to the sinking of a large military ship (was that a fast missile or a really fast one?) which leads to the leveling of a city (or is that centrifuge? I wasn’t listening.) which leads to local, national, and int’l ostracizing which leads to further aggression for resources… Whatever, it won’t end well. Somebody already whacked the hornet’s nest.

        The military fitness test consists of pushups, sit ups, and a 2 mile run (with running shoes) or variation thereof. Tell your kids to get in shape.

      • George…get off the money. Two wrongs don’t make a right. And… What does $1.7 billion actually buy anyone these days. You make it sound like that’s a lot of money. It cost that more to build the Rams/Chargers football stadium.

      • You want me off the money ‘cuz you know I’m right. The left tried to buy off Iran.

        Terrorists are just another mod. The more protection you pay, the more they demand.

        Whether on the so. border or in Iraq, there are well-intended good people everywhere and this odd string of cowards in the House oughta cowboy up, kick some ass, and stop whining about Trump and stop defending terrorism.

        Assholes the lot. OUT in 2020.

      • “What does $1.7 billion actually buy anyone these days. ”

        Give it some time Mark and the way they are devaluing the dollar..
        I think A person should still be able to get a big mac and fries small drink with that..

      • I figure for 2-million and no cut of social security, I could hand over the keys to all my IP and webly work and just retire, to spend full time recycling money back into the economy.
        I mean hasn’t the damn fed figured out that if the money was helicoptered in to people (*instead of the bankster class) the money would at least be spent a couple of times> As is, it goes into the market and then to Soros et al.

    • “Conservatives always leave the economy in ruins”

      Phew.. I am dependent on society and those that lead for my existence you have to have the social classes to have a ballanced society…. I harbor no harsh feelings or desire to be in their shoes to those that have entered into a different social class.. each class has its own good points and its bad points its own responsibilities that they should carry… I myself take the roll of being a good father.. what does that have to do with society and social classes.. well it has a responsibility.. to care for those that are in the family unit.. the heiarchy of the family or the patriarch.. the next class in the family unit is the mother.. she is the teacher the guardian of the youth then the worker class the children..
      Plato believed there were three classes.. the ruling class like the father or the leader of a corporation etc.. should look out for the well being of those that are beneath him in class and his responsibility to take care of their needs… to make sure that their needs are met I took care of one of the employees for one senator.. I didn’t like his view on things but he had my of his employees fell and got seriously hurt. He in turn flew thousands of miles from overseas to make sure that she got the help she needed himself..most of the coworkers made rude comments.. I in return said.. do you think that our boss would get up from their desk much less fly thousands of miles to take care of us if we got hurt.. not on your life..what usually happens is what happened to our new friend.. they fire the person sick out price their insurance or cancel them altogether then after the bills are made they then do everything they can to destroy that person to get what they want…. the old industrialists believed that way.. my father worked for one.. he took the time to know everyone and their families.. it was a privilage to have known him.. he in turn through his company made arrangements that my parents were to be taken care of till the day they passed on..
      the same goes for our country.. the leader of the country should try to look out for the best interests of the people he serves.. the same with our congress.. and all the other leaders..
      the problem we have isn’t because of conservitives it is because those of the leading social classes have moved away from their position of looking out for the citizens of the kingdom.. turned the country into a ME country.. you cannot make it so that everyone is equal.. and those that have acquired great wealth would not openly give it all away.. or give up their industry to …
      you could give everyone a million dollars.. but then everyone with a million dollars prices would flex to that..
      Pythagoras one of the great philosophers in history dedicated his life to the spiritual and moral awakening and reformation of people from all social classes and sexes. This means Pythagoras was one of the most open-minded thinkers of his era.
      Plato adapted his way of thinking and to taught that the social classes are necessary..
      You need them to keep a balanced society..
      but the responsibilities of the classes are similar to that of a bee hive.. I don’t mind being the worker bee.. it is my class.. my responsibility..
      The theory of three classes and three souls by Plato is borrowed from Pythagoras. According to this theory, every human soul has three qualities- rational, spirit, and appetite. Justice is considered to be the fourth virtue which is architectonic in nature binding all the other qualities.
      At the top were Philosophers (or kings), Guardians, and Workers.
      The same as the average household.. as far as liberals accepting men loving men and women loving women.. who truly cares.. does that person opposing such unions feel that they are missing out on something. the laws of the old testiment were written for the communities at the time.. if you read the ancient manuscripts you will see that none of that is actually written in..until man wrote it in for the community they resided in..
      Christ as an example was crucified because of those laws.. first off he was conceived to an unmarried woman. by the laws of the day he should have been bashed to death as mary sat and watched then she herself stoned to death.. that was the sin that got him the cross.. he helped someone on the sabbath.. even today.. many of those countries have the same laws.. if your a woman and raped.. why did you let them rape you.. and the woman takes the blame. she is the one that is punnished.. education of women.. that is why in the countries that have opened their borders to refugee’s are having such a horrible time.. they live those laws.. the same laws that got them to flee their countries..

      anyway.. that is my way of saying that we need the different social classes.. it is up to those in those social classes to do what is required of the responsibilities of those beneath them..
      that is one reason why if I see someone that needs a hand up.. and I am able to give them that hand up.. rather than worry about ME.. I give the hand up is my responsibility to my fellow man.. do unto others..

  5. With regards to Iran, let’s not assume what we are seeing in the mainstream ‘Mee – dia’ is correct or truthful. Americans have a very long history of being manipulated by the government and msm into stupid wars. I will reserve judgement and I assume this entire situation is to someone’s benefit – the benefit not being to the American people at large. Let’s just hope cooler heads prevail as I do not think a huge scale shooting war will ultimately benefit anyone.

    • Rusty, I cannot say that I agree with much that Mark has to say, but if we are to hold true to the values of the Founding Fathers, we should be willing to tolerate him throwing his voice into the realm of ideas. If you cannot defend your viewpoint, silencing the opposition is not the answer.
      Besides, we are suffering a glut of anal orifices in the world, so we should all be thankful when one does us the courtesy to self-identify and save us the trouble.

  6. Some how I wasen’t surprised on your take on the killing in Iraq of military leaders from both Iraq and Iran,I noticed you do have a tendency towards imperialism,that’s the kind of thinking that got us into WW1 Nam and other places.Now we aren’t at war with Iran tho Israel would like us to be,and this act will do nothing but cause more deaths in the Mid-East (both them and us) blow backs a bitch so they say, and this blow back will rival that which came after our affair in Afghanistan when Russia was in there,as the old saying goes he who “fails to heed history are doomed to repeat it” it seems we are either hard head or stupid for we never learned that,it seems this year will be the year of rage and destruction both at home and abroad,as the good book says “as it is written so shall it be” we are hell bent on self destruction and there’s no vaccine for that.!!!!

    • No Blue, you blue it. I’m working on solutions. See PN tomorrow. Rather than whine and compromise, I’m about taking the marbles from aholes. You need to get out of their paradigm and do something innovative and disruptive.
      There’s a revolution ahead in Making things. Emailing products. You’re gonna get left behind arguing about the old, wrong ways at this rate.

      • Sorry you can’t change human nature it simply can’t be done,now we have seen it all tho history where one comes along and like pied piper everyone follows along,we saw it in the run up to Iraq as they lied and lied the country into everyone thinks that tech. is going to come along to save our sorry ass from years and years of wars of death and destruction, the talking heads are full of it, tune into Fox and Friends while they moan and groan about fake news from every where else, never for a moment considering that Fox is fake news,but they suck it up and because in their mind they agree with it, never giving a thought that its just propaganda made for you,and no you can’t change a thing because your simply one person with one idea that harbors the one size fits all which is something else altogether because before we can move on we have to fix what tech. has left behind,we can create but we lack the mentality to use it….!!

  7. If GOLD is such a WORTHLESS ancient Relic, why would gov want to confiscate it? Perhaps its staying power over centuries has something to do with it? Paper currencies come and go like “dust in a windstorm.” During the last depression, some jurisdictions accepted GOLD/Silver and bushels of wheat as payment! Whether we realize it or not, all of us are TRADERS! We trade and accept IOU’s (dollars) for goods and services. In any economic dislocation, astute traders, always survive best. They don’t need dollars, just THINGS to trade! Best survival strategy ever!

    • You must be a casual visitor. I have made it clear on hundreds of postings that I abhor Hillary. Would have rather have had any one of those GOP candidates as President other than Trump. Definitely not Hillary

  8. Trump is throwing us a bone.

    Do you guys have any good war tickers we can make some bank on?

  9. “Obama (the most successful street organizer in history) not only paid back the “roofing” money, but “tacked-on interest to the $100-bucks.” Which is why Tehran loves democrats.”

    However, wasn’t it some of US who elected him? Who’s to blame?

    P.s. Cannot help myself posting, though its useless I think! ;-((

  10. I’d be curious to read some comments by true insiders, such as the higher level military sorts and those who actually might understand the actual dynamics of the middle east. It’s too complex for me to sort out without far more detailed knowledge than I can acquire in my limited free time, and probably not even then. Obviously the religious and economic factors are in play along with power, resources, land and rights of way. I don’t think the President wants a war, but you don’t avoid fights by backing down every time. Whether or not we ever belonged in the middle east is debatable, but at this point we can’t afford a power vacuum. The response to the provocation so far is quite measured. Whether it escalates or not is quite beyond my scrying ability.

  11. Soleimani was the worst terrorist on the planet — far worse than bin Laden. He was personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds each, Americans and Israelis, and thousands of Palestinians, Iranian innocents, and Iraqis, and was the leader of all the Hezbollah units, worldwide.

    The hand-wringers and TDS crowd should seek out the website or blog of ANY ME refugee and read a little…

    The anti-American and pro-Globalist low-information types (Leftists) should ask themselves: Why, when Iran shot down a USMIL drone, the Congressional Libs and the Media beat war drums and dissed Trump when he didn’t begin a war with Iran, yet now that he’s done something wonderful, for which the entire non-Shia World should rejoice, they are dissing him for doing it?

    Do y’all REALLY like being led around like really stupid sheep? C’mon, THINK! Why was war with Iran desirable when they shot down an unmanned airplane, but not when they lay siege to an American Embassy on another nation’s soil? What makes anyone think there’ll be a war, anyway, except that’s what the “media faces” who’re two orders of magnitude less intelligent than Mr. Trump, but make more money when more people watch their incoherent gibberish, tell them…?

    The worst that can happen is Ghaani could activate the 18,000 known Hezbollah and Hamas terror cells that are resident in the United States and they could kill a bunch of U.S. civilians, but then we’d be able to run paramilitary ops in CONUS and liquidate them all. The gummint has been “watching” these cells for years, and I tired, ten years ago, of being informed that we were “watching” groups of 4-14 people who were known to be in CONUS to attack us (or the Canadians or Mexicans) from within, but couldn’t do anything until they actually attacked.

    It’d be bloody, nasty, and probably wouldn’t do much for Mr. Trump’s poll numbers, but those terrorist cells are here for a reason, and forcing them to act precipitously would probably save millions of lives in the long run. Ghanni is nowhere near the tactician Soleimani was, so anything’s possible, including things that’d be really tactically or strategically stupid…

  12. I have read George’s column just about every day for the last 13 years. I do not know George on a personal basis, but from his writing, I gather that he is one of those polymaths who hold a significant bit of knowledge on many subjects.

    Those who have been around, generally have a good sense of those who have been around.

    Back before the big dump in 2008, I pulled my 401k money out of certain investments based on a number of George’s articles… didn’t lose a drop… lost that 6 years later in a divorce, but that’s another story.

    George hadn’t written anything about Time Machines or Weird Science projects then, but I understood where his political ideology stood. Doers generally like to have some freedom and elbow room.

    Until recently, I was always a registered Democrat. But I never voted for a Clinton and never voted for a Bush. I’m just politically aware. Crack-cocaine destroyed my family, so me and the Iran-Contra crowd have some unfinished business.

    In fact Maxine Waters and I once saw eye-to-eye:

    Rep. Maxine Waters on CIA Drug Trafficking Part 1 of 4

    So, only naïve assholes go on about progressive liberal values or conservative Republican morality and patriotism.

    We’re all suckers and being played. But I do know who is in the foxhole next to me, f**k with us, you get a missile up your ass too. Suleimani shouldn’t have been in Iraq and we shouldn’t be in Iraq.

    I have been catching up on these comments as I have gone about my day. Since George started posting commentary, I can tell that he has a readership of many aware and smart people. So, I find the emotional intensity of political beliefs expressed today interesting.

    Coincidentally enough, today I had a very intense political debate with a coworker. I have a fair command of facts to which he had no answers for, because he was not aware of the information.

    Unfortunately, I discovered awhile ago that there are deniers of facts and there is no way to reach them, I think it is a symptom of some psychosis, but I am not qualified to make that judgement.

    Just drop the emotion and look at the facts. I get tired of arguing about whether the sky is blue or not, and I have written about it on my Website.

    I am going to link George’s column today to my next post, because there is much more to say about being truly informed.

    Sadly, I think the answers we are all looking for are going to come to us in a flash.

    • “Sadly, I think the answers we are all looking for are going to come to us in a flash.”

      ‘Twould probably not be the first time in the history of our species. Sometimes I wonder if the little green (or gray, or whatever) guys are not allowed to contact us as a society, until Mankind figures out how to get past the point of nuclear Armageddon without some tomfool idiot pushing the button…

  13. George George George .. they are still humans .. throwing bombs , talking tough , buying gold , changing algorithims , aint gunna change nothing .. its finished kapputt .. next you will be saying dago dalio is a guru .. finished . the end

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