Fall-Apart Friday: Web Regs Pending

More tomorrow (“Digital Gardening: Liberation or Insurrection?”)  for our  Peoplenomics.com subscribers.  But the short version is “The Future has been lit” as president Trump seems to be catching up with what I was writing about in my 2012 book “Broken Web:  The Coming Collapse of the Internet.

Bullet Points:

  • As in the previous Depression, the US FedGov becomes concerned over the “communications commons.”
  • When singly-leveraged Radio began to become a “people’s tool for change” the FCC was created and empowered by the Communications Act of 1934.
  • In it’s initial stages, the internet (remember the dial-up days?) was also singly-levered.
  • However, additional layers of leverage arose on the ‘net because of two factors:  Cross media messaging (web to tv and print) as dopes on the left were roped into supporting online radicalism and the advent of unregulated repost/retweet/remail technologies.
  • As a result, huge monetizations (and agendas to take-down of America) became easily orchestrated by a handful of knowing players.

And it’s these things we were explaining in 2012 (a wee bit in advance of Burningapolis).  The bitter bloom appears.

How Information is Leveraged Online

There is an odd fact that comes into view as we ponder “modern Life.”  That is “virus” and “viral” have some very interesting parallels.

You can see it in how the leverage has worked in Minneapolis where things are an ongoing mess.

This Ties in to Trump vs. Twitter How?

Should be obvious, but in case it’s not:

The socialist (insurrectionists) have been honing their skills of digital assassination on, among others, the American Middle Class.  The whole made-up “Russian collusion” mess – which many weak-minded TDS victims still can’t admit to – is but one aspect of the underlying attack on America.

Witness a growing division of America against itself.   I assure you, it’s not accidental.  It’s a business model and lots of folks want a piece of it.

The Communications Act of 1934 is now readily seen as a rhyme in response to cyclical question “Who will own the communications commons.”  There were battles over moveable type (free speech) over printing presses, over radio, then television, then networks, and now social media.

It’s All About Money

When you look closely, you’ll see its a financial “death dance.” 

The corporate (and largely left-leaning MainStream Media (MSM)) have quite stupidly thrown in with and have been promoting the very Social*ist Media and Digital Uprising that is stealing their old-line ad revenue.  Hardly surprising, though; The liberalista media has ever been particularly strategic in their thinking.

Instead, they use tragic events in Minneapolis not as a rallying point for swift legal justice.  Instead, they choose to “fan the flames” in hopes of momentary monetary advantage.

Why?  Fair question.  Follow the money and you’ll see it.

A couple of stories contextualize it:  “The coronavirus is set to wipe $50 billion off ad budgets this year — here’s where that will hit hardest.”  And if that’s not clear enough see the NY Times piece “The Atlantic Lays Off 68, Citing ‘a Bracing Decline in Advertising’.”  Falling ad revenues – it’s going around.

More detail tomorrow about the difference between “digital gardening” and “digital warfare” but for this morning our view comes down to this:

  • Racism is disgusting and reprehensible.
  • But the presently evolving monetizations of racism are equally so.
  • Unlike the government crack-down on unlicensed  radio of the last Depression, we anticipate manipulative social media – able to charge mobs, riots and full-on insurrections with a few clicks and hollow promises – will lead to the coming (much harder) crack-down on the internet.  We’ve been predicting it since 2012.  But we were hoping it wouldn’t blossom in UHD.

Web Regs Are Coming

The line to be eventually drawn should not be over “free speech.”  Instead, the line must be over artificially amplified speech.  Retweets, Reposts, Remailing and other manipulations of a once “clean web” provide easy tools for dishonest hacktivists to attack democracy as once dreamt by our Founders.

It’s why think tanks use the Delphi Technique.  It is a tool to equalize the voices of all in order to get reasonable output.    Loud voices, hate-filled, high-energy screamers are not often the most reasonable views.

Social Media manipulations the physical backplane that allows Soros-types to leverage a killing in Minneapolis to setting fires across America.  Because, in the end, Everything Is a Business Model.  Even attempted insurrections.

This is why UrbanSurvival doesn’t have a big “social media footprint.”  We’re in the business of  thinking.  Social media is largely the hate business.

Ya’ll have fun with it. Bully yourselves silly. Hot-phrase yourselves to a frenzy.

Know what word  doesn’t appear in the Qu’ran or Bible or other great religious texts?  Molotov.

First Hong Kong, Then Taiwan

President Trump will be holding a press conference later on today.  Easy to see how the CCP will be moving into their Century of China:  The first chess piece is Hong Kong, then will come the attack on Taiwan, and then?  Well, that’s when the “golden mushrooms” show up.

Word in the dream Realms is it  may all stop after  one major city is glassed, but the Future is maleable to an extent, so we shall see.

But enough of the longer view.  Short term set up is found  Fortune’s report “Trump plans to weigh in on China-Hong Kong tensions, sinking global stocks.”

Just  almost made it to the top of our trading box at the highs Thursday, but in the end, things unwound and they are likely to keep unwinding through the weekend.

The Daily Data Dance

An-na One….

Personal income increased $1.97 trillion (10.5 percent) in April according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $2.13 trillion (12.9 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) decreased $1.89 trillion (13.6 percent).

Real DPI increased 13.4 percent in April and Real PCE decreased 13.2 percent. The PCE price index decreased 0.5 percent. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index decreased 0.4 percent.

This first data dance has more adjustments to it than a chiropractor.

An-na Two:

Advance International Trade in Goods The international trade deficit was $69.7 billion in April, up $4.7 billion from $65.0 billion in March.  Exports of goods for April were $95.4 billion, $32.2 billion less than March exports. Imports of goods for April were $165.0 billion, $27.5 billion less than March imports.

An-na Three:

Advance Wholesale Inventories Wholesale inventories for April, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of-month level of $651.5 billion, up 0.4 percent (±0.2 percent) from March 2020, and were down 2.6 percent (±0.9 percent) from April 2019.  The February 2020 to March 2020 percentage change was revised from down 0.8 percent (±0.2 percent) to down 1.0 percent (±0.2 percent).  

An-na Four:

Advance Retail Inventories Retail inventories for April, adjusted for seasonal variations but not for price changes, were estimated at an end-of month level of $644.9 billion, down 3.6 percent (±0.2 percent) from March 2020, and were down 3.1 percent (±0.5 percent) from April 2019.  The February 2020 to March 2020 percentage change was revised from up 1.0 percent (±0.2 percent) to up 1.2 percent (±0.2 percent).

If the An-na One sounded a bit Lawrence Welk-like, congrats on getting social security and surviving CV-19 so far.

Market Futures down 150.

Fed MUM Rate

Latest Federal Reserve Making Up Money rates as reveals in H.6 Money Stocks Table 2:

J Powell hisself speaks later this morning, clicking here will fetch you the details.

Around the Ranch:  Busy as Hell!

Added East Texas lightning link and current ham radio HF band conditions to my personal home page here.  Make notes on your personal change log of life.

Also, I’m working on converting our web images to the webp format for quicker load times.  So if things are a bit sluggish while we optimize, sorry for the delay.

Have a great weekend, be safe.  Viruses and Oil Depletion never sleep.  On  that note, up to the greenhouse to look in on the squash and zukes.  (No sign of the gads, yet.)

Drop by the for Sunday for the ham radio corner and a second antenna feature “Quest for the Extra Decibel.”  Yeah… I found it, but is 1 lousy decibel worth a patent app?

Write when you get rich,


63 thoughts on “Fall-Apart Friday: Web Regs Pending”

  1. George – U nailed the reason for the Season of Sell or the FAR trade.

    Falling Ad Revenue Trade – eventually this realization will hit the Street, and analysts & investors alike will feel the Tide of Rising Future Revenues sucking out to Sea – and building into a FAAMG stocks Selling Wave..The Big Kahuna.

    WTF is FAAMG ? Facebook/Apple/Amazon/Microsoft/Google. The big questions is WHEN – since I like to be ahead of the Herd – coot looking at Long Dated Out of The Money Puts in aforementioned FAAMG’s.

    How HARD R Ure Assets ? What no BTC – cant be that hard..

    • @ cxrash b

      WHEN the fed stops printing……NEVER until the bond market rolls over….everything dies then…except G&S

  2. If I said this on social media, the attacks would be instant, but the question is sound.

    I was talking to my friend about the riots down there. She asked a simple question. If black lives matter, then why are there not people in the streets every time a black person kills a black person. This happens all the time. Where is their outrage then?

    It was a good question.

    • Repeat after me: Monetizations. Hate is easy to monetize. Look at how the [corrupt] political parties do it.
      The high road is gone.

    • Well there is a difference between the government killing your citizens. A citizen has almost no power to protect themselves against a government force intending harm. I think people believe they have more personal control about citizen on citizen violence. So I can mostly avoid general black on black violence by staying out of the drug trade and away from the roving gangs of troublemakers. I have so much less control at a random police home invasion or a stop and frisk incident that gets out of control. Of course as someone else mentioned, when you have been told since childhood that it is your race against the other, then a certain mindset develops. Giving people the benefit of the doubt is no longer on the table with that kind of base understanding.

    • “If black lives matter”

      I was listening to the “Red line” radio program today on, http://www.910amsuperstation.com/ It’s a Detroit radio station that calls itself the “largest minority owned/minority listened too” radio station. The stream never streams in my FF browser.

      Anyway, a caller compared Floyd the man to a dog. The caller said if someone grabbed a Poodle in the park and started choking it out people would get involved right away. An arrest would be demanded. When a black life gets choked out by the police the loss doesn’t matter.

      Note: there is a conspiracy that Floyd and the COP worked together at a nightclub.

      • “If black lives matter”

        Was it Stanford university?? Dam I cant remember for sure that did a study between different neighborhoods..
        By sending in people according to race to see the reactions when they brought up the cause..ALL LIVES MATTER…
        The results really opened a person’s eyes. Which has me curious if there was someone we with another agenda instigating some of this..

      • “Note: there is a conspiracy that Floyd and the COP worked together at a nightclub.”

        FOX broke that as “confirmed” around 2pm.

        I’m still waiting for confirmation that the tannin in Floyd’s dermis was in any way causative toward his demise.

      • It’s not a conspiracy, I saw that reported as well, that the cop worked after hours as a bouncer in the club, and the victim was the door guy. I think that much has been established, just not whether or not there was something more personal too it. I’m not going to watch the video, but from my wife’s description, the whole thing sounds like the cop trying to show that he’s the big badass. If there was some friction between the in house security people at work, that makes some sense. (But even if they didn’t know each other, the cop also appears to have a history of being an overly aggressive dick cop.)

  3. Is the United States like the Knights Templars? Have we become so rich & powerful we don’t think we can be defeated? Are we that arrogant? Yes. Have our values disintegrated to the Pagan level? If Trump is not re-elected, will the Democratic Hordes in Washington lead us to destruction in a massive giveaway to appease all, even our enemies? Will they even realize what they are doing? No. Or will sanity prevail? Possibly. Is our Democratic voting system flawed, causing us to elect Personalities & corruption over common sense?

    • “Have our values disintegrated to the Pagan level?”

      NC… my impression is… YUP… a long time ago .look at how many rapes murders and violent acts on our automated daycare attendants.. computer games and televison..

    • Hell its been that way for a long long time where people elect others on personality, party or they get more from one party than the other,as the man next door who owns a dairy farm, stated that he always voted republican because he got more free stuff from them then the democrats.As far as the democrats giving away free stuff I presume you can read so how about theses trillions that Trump is handing out to wall street the bankers and to big business.Hell this system is done stick it with a fork and throw it out for there is not a chance in hell of going back to what we once was.!!!

      • Dairy Farmer indicates hard working person. Not the type of person the Democrats are interested in.

  4. “Personal income increased $1.97 trillion…”

    What? Are they just looking at Mark’s checkbook now?

  5. when trump tweets “LIBERATE …” and uses twitter as he does is that the same way you perceive the “socialists” do or is it somehow different?

    re: trump’s collusion. Why do you figure candidate trump lied openly, repeatedly and publicly throughout the campaign to the face of every single american voter that he had no business interests with a foreign adversary when he was secretly trying to develop a billion dollar tower with that very same foreign adversary? Candidate trump (like flynn) made himself a security risk. US presidential candidates that are security risks get investigated. That’s the breaks.

    “On November 3, 2015, the day after the Trump Organization transmitted the LOI [signed by trump himself on the dy of a US presidential debate], Sater emailed Cohen suggesting that the Trump Moscow project could be used to increase candidate Trump’s chances at being elected, writing: Buddy our boy can become President of the USA and we can engineer it. I will get all of Putins team to buy in on this, I will manage this process .. .. Michael, Putin gets on stage with Donald for a ribbon cutting for Trump Moscow, and Donald owns the republican nomination. And possibly beats Hillary and our boy is in …. We will manage this process better than anyone. You and I will get Donald and Vladimir on a stage together very shortly. That the game changer.327” Mueller, Vol. 1, p. 71.

    • First, you are ignorant as shit about Obama’s Jan 5 2017 white house meeting in laying out the political attack on the newly elected Trump.

      If you haven’t read it, see https://thefederalist.com/2020/05/08/obama-biden-oval-office-meeting-on-january-5-was-key-to-entire-anti-trump-operation/ for starters.

      You incorrectly repeat the Democrat’s BIG LIE alleging collusion as though it was a fact when there was none.
      Why Trump-haters can see Hillary and Joe are just as (or more) crooked is beyond me? Pay for Play Foundation for here and Burisma for for Slow Joe.

      When you come here, you can’t lay out lies and repeat leftwing bullshit (collusion) and expect to get away with it unchallenged.

      You either come here with facts (Mueller’s pissing away $40 million couldn’t find it, yet simpletons like you claim to “know it all” is specious).

      General Flynn was set up and a left-wing activist judge – fuling from the bench in violation of ethics standards – is trying to bait “friend of the court briefs” to delay Flynn’s of charges as long as possible. The Demoncrats want the delay so Trump can’t rope the dope (Biden) and other ex-Obama types (and possibly Obama himself) into collusion charges for an attempted coup.

      This is supposedly a country with an intelligent electorate. You’re failing to make that case.

      One more outburst of utter unsubstantiated and possibly coerced left wing bullshit like this and you’ll get banned for spreading fake news.

      America is a country of process, checks, and balances. The Mueller report found NO COLLUSION and the DOJ at Obama’s direct set up Flynn.

      Maybe you can’t read, though…So, allow me to help:

      You did a tremendous disservice to this website by failing to reveal that your out-of-context quote issues from Felix Sater, a convicted felon and government informant, and possibly then in active use by the DoJ.

      Moreover, Sater was not exactly a “pal” of Trump as is reported when you dig into it:

      “Trump International Hotel & Residence investor Ernest Mennes filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Arizona in 2007. The suit alleged that Bayrock (run by Sater) had skimmed money its planned Trump development in Phoenix. It further alleged that Sater, an employee of Bayrock, had called Mennes in 2006, threatening him personally. The case was settled by Bayrock and Mennes was barred from discussing the matter. ”

      So you’re prepared to come in here, repeat the LOSER HILLARY AND OBAMA BIG LIES without mentioning the allegation is from a convicted felon and government informant, you’re not welcome. Both parties are crooked and you should be bright enough to realize that. Hammers and Blackberries?> No orange suit for Hil on destruction of emails? T?isk tisk.

      One more fail like that and you’ll be Banned.

      Fair warning.

      • WOW, Thanks George for filleting him. Just another case of liberal ,unsubstantiated lying attempting to be passed of as truth. I’ve come to realize that if progressives have any morals , ethics or integrety at all it’s because they stole them from an objective , thinking person while kicking him in the midriff. I realize that your blood pressure may be a bit high right now so I recommend a sit down and face to face with a large margarita. Again, thanks for putting numb nuts in his place.

      • Thanks for straightening that asshole out, George. I agree, don’t need no “fake news” in Ureland.

      • GU – running from facts because they challenge your sensibilities ain’t a good survival strategy. what I posted was a cut n paste from the mueller report. I cited my source. Not my facts, but facts none the less. And the facts are trump lied publicly and repeatedly to every single american voter about his business interests with a foreign adversary. Why would trump lie about it over and over and over again?

        “Trump pursued a deal in Russia and hid it from voters
        Candidate misled voters about ‘nothing to do with Russia.’ He signed a Trump Tower Moscow letter on the day of a presidential debate: Our view”


      • A fact would be: a convicted former felon, ex biz partner who got sued said bad things about trump
        that’s not proof of shit.

        I see you didn’t address the Benghazi princess pay for play? why is that?

    • @OG

      just till the soil…and grow food..and share your milestones….commenting on politicians should NOT be and endeavor for your ‘soiled hands’…

  6. Some information from a local.

    George Floyd Killing

    What transpired: See .

    Dragged from car: .
    Killing: .

    Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey ordered the complete evacuation of the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct Police Station and allowed it to be ransacked, burned and destroyed. Both mayors stated the destruction of buildings and private property is acceptable and, refer to the killing of the individual, killing people is not acceptable.

    Early reports were that Floyd had purchased something from a store and the clerk thought it was a counterfeit $20 bill. Called police.

    Evidently he was well known by those in the store and had purchased items over a long period of time without incident.
    They also said he was drunk. The videos all show him walking normally and slowly as the police were manhandling him.

    Meanwhile the St. Paul mayor were keeping police and media away while looting and burning of businesses was allowed.

    Arrest of CNN reporters covering the Minneapolis riots.
    See .

    The irony is that the police cordon were positioned to keep reporters away from seeing and videotaping rioters in the process of destroying the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct Police Station HQ building. Indeed, the police and National Guard demanded all media to remain blocks away from the actual scene or be arrested. That explains why the TV reports we saw on the nightly news were all from a long distance away. But NONE of media resisted or complained of the Gestapo-like tactics.

    Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey ordered the complete evacuation of the Minneapolis 3rd Precinct Police Station and allowed it to be ransacked, burned and destroyed. Both mayors stated the destruction of buildings and private property is acceptable compared to the killing.

    FBI media show:
    See .

    Note they did not allow questions from the selected media.
    Nor was Governor Walz, the Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey or St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter attending.

    • Ure,
      Have you taken to censoring comments?
      I provided the url’s of the critical news videos.
      But, you removed all of them.

      • NO, I haven’t on any that I recall, Dell.
        They may be auto flagged by the system, however.
        I think I have it set at only one http link per post, or maybe two… can’t remember
        Also remember there is a delay between when a post is written and when I read it and approve (one in 100 doesn’t make it, through, roughly).
        I got a tree farm to run and a logging crew thinning out the trees…

      • dell, if the links you posted contained an HTML bracket (greater-than or less-than sign) or one of several other ASCII-extended characters, WordPress automagically deletes it before George ever gets a chance to see the post.

    • @ dell

      NOW they will want TRUMP to pay for a new building….all dem agendas to loot this country….ALL…

      • The real question is what was going on in the city that required the destruction of the precinct police station as a diversion? Black ops in the chaos?

        Bwahahahaha! We’ve got some crazies on this forum. Not sure if I’m one of them…

      • “The real question is what was going on in the city that required the destruction of the precinct police station as a diversion? ”

        I doubt, anything, but there’s an awfully-lot of “left hand action” going on in the USofA right now, so…

        Not crazy. Skepticism is the rule of the times.

      • “The real question is what was going on in the city that required the destruction of the precinct police station as a diversion?”

        frustraitions… the officer that killed the man.. he will be put in court.. I hope he pays his dues for his actions..the other attending officers should have stepped in and stopped it.. they to should be repremanded and possibly fired..
        The Riots. all the violence the destruction looting.. well if this is something that was enticed then the one that enticed it and those that started it should pay for their actions.. violence is never an answer..
        there are many forms of discrimination.. I can relate to a couple of them.. whether you are poor or rich.. the poor white black or any other color.. you are going to see some forms of discrimination.. old or young..the only place I know of at this time that is allowed to openly discriminate is with the insurance industry and the medical industry..
        the discrimination that we hear the most is about someone’s great great grandma and grandpa.. it is time to put all of that behind them and move on.. but that is only my opinion..
        It is not Trumps fault about the riots.. it was a crime whether intentional or accidental let the justice system sort that out..

  7. George,
    -Once again, in your exuberance to blame everything on some invented fantasy called ‘socialists,’ you miss what’s staring us straight in the face.
    -‘Socialists’ did not suffocate that black guy. A cop did.
    [Redacted and banned for two weeks]

    First, I never claimed socialists were involved in the killing.
    What THE DIGITAL UPRISING DID was promote it through tweets, retweets, calls to action and social media – which is why violence has come to other cities.

    When you write comments here, try first to turn off the little voice in your head and read what I’m saying, not your (wrong-head, misconstrued) version of what I write.

    Enjoy the time out.

    • Only two weeks, G? You’re far too generous. Maybe somebody should remind him who’s in charge in Minneapolis (not that he’d bother to come back and notice the response). It’s not the republicans.

  8. Ohh nooo George – not Lawrence Welk!

    Its friggin Friday and G breaks out the LWS, with the Lennon Sisters – whats on Ure mind tonight – round about 7:00pm EST?!

    Growing up Eastcoast with nerd parents, LWS was on EVERY Friday night..old man would break out his wire brushes from Navy Band days, turn old metal trashcan in family-room upside down, and play along..such a dork.

    Being an enlightened, well rounded, educated deplorable – I have in turn carried on the family musical traditions with my own little deplorables.

    They were raised watching their old man get his drink on and sing and dance along with Julie Andrews to Sound of Music.. the hills are indeed alive with the sound of music! Yes – I took the whole family to Austria 5 years ago – no we did not do the S.O.M Tour in Salzburg.

    Big joke now is about not letting me know when it is scheduled to come on again..haha Im going to find out – and I am going to make a fool of myself..AGAIN. Cause that is exactly what deplorables do..”heres Bobby and Sandi with Moon River..”- LW

    ? – Would it be Racist for POTUS to say “if U dont Vote for TRUMP – U aint White?

    • LOL Depends who you ask the question of… I’m sure monetizers would call it racist and shame him, lol. No one (except us) seems interested in absolute TRUE EQUALITY. Same rules for ALL.

      • This morning’s discourse reminds me of a simple process. Ure’s vision encompasses the big picture,an awareness of the whole enchilada. From behind the wheel you aim high viewing as far ahead as practical and checking ure mirrors and road conditions constantly. Awareness of potential hazards are key, Ure speed is adjusted for conditions of the road driver,rig, other driver’s behaviors and condition of their rigs. Etc…
        Then you have the idiots who can’t see past their nose who ride up your ass. They’ll pass you with their superior skill set and pull over in front of you within inches. Then they make a right a quarter of a mile down the road(without signalling of course).
        May I say- I’ll ride with Ure anytime.

    • ”heres Bobby and Sandi with Moon River..”

      Oh pahleeze… That’d be “Barbara and Bobby” (two of the original Mouseketeers, BTW.) Bobby Burgess was no Fred Astaire, but he wasn’t bad.

      Not that I remember any of that stuff. I never learned until years after its cancellation, that the reason my family watched it religiously, was one of the principal band members was my uncle…

    • “Ohh nooo George – not Lawrence Welk!”
      We still watch it here every saturday night at six.. LOL LOL LOL LOL..
      Here is ole Myran Floren…
      when I was a kid he would go over to my friends house during holidays.. and us kids were forced to sit and listen to him play.. all the time we were thinking about running out and playing with toys LOL LOL LOL LOL…

  9. “The Daily Data Dance”


    Did you get the impression that some of those figure possibly were made up with creative accounting..

    I DID..the moment I fluffied and a smoke ring came out lol… I got the distinct impression that someone was giving a good old fashioned smoke enima..

  10. About Social Media…
    When has any type of communication apparatus not been about monetization. Facebook employs 48,268 people. That means they are making a boatload of money. Some of the stuff on Facebook is awesome, some of it is trash…And some of it very revealing and newsworthy. No filters, means less to hide…on the the other side, no filters means more imposters and fear mongering…but we have free will to make choices.

    Back in the mid 20th century, there were about 50,000 newsprint journalists in the US. That also means they were making a boatload of money. Some of the stuff on Newspapers was awesome, some of it trash and some of it not written about. Think of all of the calls from VEO’s at major corporations telling editors to bury stories or lose ad dollars. Not everyone was Woodward and Bernstein…

    Today, It’s not the business model of how we get our news…it’s the velocity of how we get our news that has changed. TV and Ted Turner and CNN back in the 80’s sort of started it all. 24 hours of news was a game changer. The sports world and ESPN followed suit and the rest is history.

    Today, we get our news in real time…thanks to camera phones. Some of it good, a lot of it bad. Darnella Frazier filmed with her phone the death of George Floyd. If that was me, I would have kicked that cop right in the teeth. But, I am white…I would have survived, albeit bloodied and bruised, but not dead. Darnella, 17 years old in her mind, didn’t have that choice. She knows that Because she too is black, given the treatment the cops were giving George Floyd, she feared for her own life. We need to see this type of video. Otherwise, would it have been swept under the rug? If Darnella was just an eye witness with no video, would we have believed her? That’s the power of social media.

    The dark side of social media is when Trump tweets…”When there’s looting we start shooting.” Twitter censored that because rightfully so…it iclearly states in their regulations that Tweets that incite violence are not tolerated. Trump is also mad from an earlier post that he was fact checked on a tweet about main-in ballots…which of course he used Twitter to express his views. Twitter just responded…“ get the facts about mail-in ballots” providing several links of news articles that gave more information.

    Trump saw this as “stifling free speech” he of course said ON TWITTER. It’s not.. they let you say it…They just fact checked you dumb*#@..

    Trumps idea of stifling free speech is anyone who disagrees with him. That called fascism my friends.

    Take aJoe Scarborough. Because Scarborough…a Republican, is critical of the President, he is now being accused by the President of killing his own staffer 19 years ago. The staffer Lori Klausutis’ own widowed husband made a statement In a plea to Twitters Jack Dorsey that said..” I’m asking you to intervene in this instance because the President of the United States has taken something that does not belong to him — the memory of my dead wife — and perverted it for perceived political gain,” Klausutis wrote.

    Then Trump re-tweeted a haters tweet that said…”The only Good Democrat is a dead Democrat.” Now, even though I am a Republican, I live in California…my wife and kids are Democrats…we have family in the Midwest, which we visit from time to time. Do I now have to be fearful of some nut job in mid Missouri threatening me because the President apparently thinks We all should be dead? White supremacy.anti-semantic acts became more empowered after Trump said there were very fine people on both sides after the catastrophe in Charlottesville…regardless of the spin that says he was referring to the taking down of the General Lee statue.. Robert E. Lee was a slave owner and a brutal slave master. Thankfully, he lost that war. And I find it kind of interesting that the president is now glorifying a loser. He always said that he hated losers. Robert E. Lee was a loser

    After that removed Pittsburg and Poway shootings happened.

    So, back to point…Trumps executive order is a sham. It’s not about social media accountability at all. It’s about Trump and only Trump. He wants to be the supreme leader with military parades, lines of Congressman taking turns praising him, (one of the most Disgusting things I have ever seen in politics…back in 2017), his own media company singing his praises and censorship of all that downplay is vial acts. This isn’t about monetization…this is about power on the behalf of a evil dictator.

    • A few points, however in return, Mark.

      One is to get the Trump quote right: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” He was – as CiC – putting RIOTERS and insurrectionists (terms the soft-headed media are too biased to use) on notice in advance that actions have consequences. More than 55-businesses were destroyed. And contrary to the soft-headed left, free speech ends when the Zippo comes out for the Molotov’s.

      Definition of protest: To show to be true by reasoning or adducing evidence; prove.

      Definition of riot:
      A wild or turbulent disturbance created by a large number of people.

      Consigliere in Ohio drove by two demonstrations – the black community was well mannered. The mostly white Antifa-backed riot downtown? Itching for a fight and breaking windows and such. Anarchy dude.

      Second point: I don’t have enough factual background to question Trump’s call in the Scarborough case. He may have access to information not available to the public. He’s done that a fair bit…in advance of later disclosures.

      Third point: I wrote of web licensure coming in 2012 and I’m honestly surprised it has taken this long to arrive. Of course as an EO it will likely not fly, but social media is more dangerous than any stripe of religious fundamentalism EVER.

      Fourth point: It’s ALWAYS about the money!

      • @ George

        MARx ALWAYS misses your point as well as OTHERS…
        HE is dead set in his HATRED of OUR PRESIDENT…and that is a point not wasted on many at this site…

      • I have to agree regarding looting! Classically, the penalty for looting has always been being shot on sight. In an emergency situation, looting is simply not tolerable, and nobody has time for the niceties of arrest and trial. Nothing stops looting faster than the near certainty of death. It’s harsh, but quite understandable.

        I do believe that Twitter crossed the line in censoring the president’s tweet. Nobody is required to read it, and it certainly didn’t “incite violence”. Fair warning is much better than surprise under these circumstances.

    • Hi Mark,

      If I read your intent correctly, you believe that Facebook offers an unfiltered product to users. “No filters means less to hide.”

      I conclude Facebook’s algorithm appears to have blended what you deem to be an imposter and fearmongering into a false sense of self-satisfaction that you made a free choice.

      But then again, I could just be a fool.

    • Mark, that other Mark Z, is the world’s greatest example of how Monetization truly rules, George’s point confirmed!!

      Fencesitters, get swayed by the propaganda:

      Hey Big Spender (Trump spent the most on Facebook ads), we don’t care what lies you want to promote, we just like your money!

      Facebook will even take your Dark Money (undeclared foreign buyer of ad)

      And of course manipulating the cabin fever (lockdown) and insecurity of the 40 million newly unemployed shouldn’t be too hard, GOP ‘paid protestors’ :


      There’s some ‘questionable protestors’ in the crowds:

      And for ‘Foreign Collusionist Believers’ (Mueller got the wrong country!), the Leprechaun country (Ireland) stashes Facebook’s gold pots from IRS (when Irish eyes are smiling!):

  11. These are just my thoughts, please take them or leave them be. That cop that killed Floyd, did anyone else know the look on his face? Did anyone else wonder if he knew the exact moment when Floyd died? Did you notice the urine stream coming out from under the vehicle signifying loss of bodily function and in many cases, death? When Floyd’s body relaxed, had his neck broken? There was something so cold, demented, and possessed about that cop. He just would not ‘break’ his gaze or his routine/method until Floyd was dead. Then he stopped. That was the worst part, no talking to him as bystanders tried to do, no reasoning with him, nothing, he was like a trained animal holding another animal by the neck until dead.

    I wonder how can it be such a coincidence that this bad cop and Floyd worked at the same Latino club in MN (which is now closed). Something really stinks here for me; I no longer trust my government, the FBI, CIA, the politicians, the elected leaders, I don’t trust any of them anymore…not the democrats nor republicans, not the senators, congressmen, state office holders, supreme court, none of them.

    I don’t put it past our crooked swamp to concoct this interaction/meeting between a black man, and a white cop over a supposed fake $20 bill. Because this hold till he’s dead behavior, is so out of line, it is beyond comprehension.

    4 cops and not one of the other 3 said, hey bud, let him up, it’s enough, he’s subdued.

    Did you see at the end of the video the white cop strutting and approaching the asian cop with his strut and the signaling of support. UNBELIEVABLE.

    I can say that the Daily Mail has constantly stirred up racial tensions in the United States by always naming the WHITE man/cop/person for anything against any other race, and CONSTANTLY DOWNPLAYING when a person of color commits a crime against an innocent white person. For example, the black man that walked up to the husband/wife at their son’s grave, and the black man shot them point blank in the back of the head.


    Martin Luther King AND Ghandi wanted PEACEFUL PROTEST. This was RIOTING; not protesting.

    • “4 cops and not one of the other 3 said, hey bud”

      One did — the rookie. Unfortunately (for him), if’fn my count is right, he’s also one of the ones who held Floyd’s body down.

      Chauvin had THREE jobs: Cop, real estate broker/agent, and the full-time security guard at El Nuevo Rodeo for the past 17 YEARS. The idea he and Floyd, who had worked at the Rodeo for more than a year as both a floor bouncer and special events security didn’t know each other (or even socialize, at least occasionally) is laughable. That’s Santamaria (club owner) playing CYA (which makes me wonder “why?”) Santamaria sold the Rodeo and bought the radio station which shares the building with the Rodeo. Lotsa variables, lotsa pieces, and I have planting to do, so someone else can get their hands dirty on this — just remember to accept nothing any politician, or anyone in the media, says, and don’t buy into any conspiracy theory (if you can prove it, it ain’t a conspiracy; if’fn you can’t, it’s a worthless waste of time…)

      Chauvin has a smokin’ hot ETHNIC wife (see “Kellie Chauvin” or the “Mrs. Minnesota Pageant” for details) he’s been “work-neglecting” for the last 10 years, save occasional weekend days.

      BTW, two Departmental complaints, one involving a dashcam (no other info publicly available, and I don’t personally know a single cop from Minnesota.) The rest are not necessarily either good or bad – just “incident writeups” (most cops NEVER receive an incident writeup during a 30 year career) and a citation for valor, which make me believe he is a highly-aggressive person. Just sayin’…

      What do any of y’all think the murder of Floyd was really about, now…?

  12. Hmmm I think I will keep my powder dry and my larder full and watch the fun

  13. If Molotov’s were really being tossed, then that implies trained firebugs. Most people would light themselves trying to improvise a fire bomb.

  14. all I know is it was big rigged last night .. the circus on the corner of wall and broad.. smart guys not me are flabbergasted at the degree of manipulation ..

  15. Seeking questions for answers? The MSM coverage offers them:

    A South Minneapolis bar owner alleges the alleged murderer as well as the victim were both working security during overlapping timelines as recently as the end of last year, but does not know if the pair knew each other at that work setting.

    The restaurant security video of across the street from the main event apparently notes two people in the vehicle further down the street. The decedent had exited it, and somehow a call for police attendance was generated prior to the nearby asphyxiation event occurence.


    Total cases: 649 (3 newly reported)*
    Hawai’i County: 82
    Honolulu County: 419
    Kaua’i County: 20
    Maui County: 118†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 83‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 605§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 29, 2020

    Three new cases reported in Honolulu.

  17. I know of people leaving ussa on mercy flights. They drove from Florida to Los Angeles and got a plane out . Yeah it’s about the evil in markets and the divisions angst and anxiety the robots and their masters make. Everything we know technical collapsed . Roman Empire end game evil. Fractals ? Yes symmetrical patterns of never ending evil

  18. ‘Don’t throw money at black Americans to riot’: Candace Owens spars with Soros-funded NGO over alleged hand in Minneapolis unrest

    Conservative firebrand Candace Owens has started a feud with Open Society Foundations, after accusing the George Soros-funded NGO of fueling the ongoing riots in Minneapolis.


    I’m guessing Candace is guessing.

    My OPINION may involve guessing, or at least a combination of deductive and inductive reasoning, and is subject to change as my information improves or variables resolve.

    My INFORMATION never involves guessing.

    The reason I stated Soros’ minions were on the ground in Minnehaha, and in LA, Memphis, and Balmer (if’fn you don’t know, ask someone from Mary’s Land…) is because I know this, with a high degree of certainty. The reason I haven’t stated Soros’ fingerprints are on riots in NYC, Denver, Columbus, D.C., et. al., is I haven’t found the money or stench trail yet.

    With that said, The “protest” at the White House looked like a textbook Soros OP. The crowd did everything short of shooting Agents, to try and draw Secret Service personnel into a “Facebook moment.” The intent of their handlers (create a Kent State redux) couldn’t have been more obvious. I watched the coverage on the idiot box until I physically felt IQ points draining from my eye sockets and suddenly remembered why I never watch TV networks any more. I’ve rarely seen a more motley assortment of ignorant, useful idiots.

    …Everybody is still buying into the paradigm that Floyd’s death was a race-related incident, and not a cold-blooded murder. {Show me the evidence.} As far as anyone knows, Floyd may have slipped the salami to Chauvin’s (incredibly hot, BTW… Search “Kellie Chauvin Mrs. Minnesota” for reference) Hmong wife.

    • I detest all the hate that is beins shown in these riots.. many of these people don’t even know or can associate with discrimination.. and if someone is funding it and enticing these actions of evil and hate, destruction and violence then they should be punished to the full extent of the law..

  19. Read/heard around the Web and TV yesterday and today:

    FOXNews on-scene correspondent: “People around the country, using the same chants, the same signs…”
    {sorry, didn’t catch her name}

    This was FOX’ “wall to wall riot coverage.”

    I noticed neither the field reporter nor the anchor seemed to find it interesting that rioters in Columbus and San Diego, Denver and NYC, were all saying the same things and carrying the same signs… A body can only be a skeptical cynic for so long these days before he realizes contemporary society REQUIRES same.

    Michael Snyder: “If you think that these riots about police brutality are intense, just wait until the economic riots start.”

    Snyder is less-optimistic than George, but probably not pessimistic enough…

    I don’t know what FOXNews’ show lineup is, but one featuring Chris Wallace just began. In his opening monologue, Wallace used the word “lockstep” instead of “lockdown,” and then corrected himself.

    Freudian slip…?

    Joe Biden (2/22/20 CNBC): “I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years and that I’m going to beat Joe Biden!”

    THIS quote is what’s really behind the “big deal” every anchor and pundit made this week regarding his “You ain’t Black” comment. The above comment is what’s in Creepy Joe’s left hand. the Black comment is what’s in his right — Don’t look at his left hand, now…

  20. Speaking of “Kent State redux:”

    2 Security Guards Shot In Downtown Oakland

    OAKLAND (CBS SF) — Police were investigating the shooting of two Federal security guards in Oakland, on Friday night.

    The shooting happened at the Federal Building in the area of 12th and Clay streets, according to authorites.

    Police do not believe the incident was not related to the demonstrations happening nearby over the death of George Floyd.

    No word yet as to whether there are any suspects, or the condition of the victims.


    Copy/pasted complete with typo and lousy grammar, from KPIX-TV. I kinda wonder if the double-negative is a typo or intentional…?

    BTW, one of the officers has died.

  21. Do you ever wake up in a morning and think hey, Arnold handled that in “Total Recall”? Charged with murder, wife walks out but she never was I guess because hubby 1 was always there. And was the beat partner not a brother-in-law? I forget. So if hubby 1 expired in Laos, funeral in Mo, and burial in Wi, you’d think the ssn would show up in the publicly available death master file.

    As for the spreading states of anarchy, its an utter disgrace those $tupid young making mando of not so paper tigers.

  22. Here come the boss.

    Pentagon puts military police on alert to go to Minneapolis

    DELRAY BEACH, Fla. (AP) — As unrest spread across dozens of American cities on Friday, the Pentagon took the rare step of ordering the Army to put several active-duty U.S. military police units on the ready to deploy to Minneapolis, where the police killing of George Floyd sparked the widespread protests.


    • It was embarrassing, watching the Mpls Mayor babble incessantly, nearly crying like a baby, because he’s out of his league and can not comprehend why “we can’t just talk about it.” Dude! George Soros dumped 1500 agitators (there’s only about 75 left now, because once you get a mob moving in a direction, the movement is easy to sustain) and several million bucks in your town, and you want to sing Kumbaya?

      Floyd’s death is a false paradigm, but Black Americans have legitimate issues and there are many peaceful (if ignorant) protesters involved. This is why, even though Soros is driving the lawlessness and violence, I’m hoping reason prevails and a net good pulls a phoenix act.

      The things which scare me most are the two Fed guards being shot last night by the Oakland mob (because it may encourage rioters in other towns to bring guns instead or urine bottles), and if demonstrators actually breach the Secret Service line at the White House. Either will result in a bloodbath, and with the Bay Area shooting, every LEO is going to be scared and on edge.

      p.s. IMO, somebody should’ve tunneled that Nazi SOB when he broke the Bank of England. There’d be a million or so people who could have died a normal death, and Vichie Nuland might have been tried & shot for attempting a coup in Georgia or Libya.

  23. Dear Mr. Ure,

    The CBC went with an AP picture from Columbus, Ohio this weekend that included moments shortly after the city council president and other ptb had allegedly been pepper sprayed by police. Front and centre in the image is a “Morehouse Men for Obama” red t-shirt wearer. Fair enough. But the adjacent blue golf shirt wearer appears to bear the same Morehouse College. Is that MLK’s alma mater in Atlanta? It’s a small world.


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