Digital Gardening: Liberation or Insurrection?

Events this week again underscore America’s increasing ability to “talk-past” one another. Outrage in Minneapolis is justified. But rioting in other cities?  And further, is burning out a police precinct building even if the mayor seemed to clear the way for it?

Helpful Hint:  Digital Gardeners send their vegetables to riot.

In play is the much larger picture lightly sketched is a problem we have been tracking since 2002 when Peoplenomics first raised some of the troubling issues – still unresolved – of the “digital life” transition we seem intent on achieving.  Information farmers own the high ground.

Basically, absent a high level of personal discipline, high-minded goals, and a resolute attitude that the worst of the physical world shouldn’t come with us into digital realms, the Digital World has become just as screwed-up as the nominal physical world before it.

How to fix?  How to even conceptualize it…some guideposts after the usual headlines and charts.

Oh, and Podcast #22 is here.  This week, my consigliere talks about his war model that has – since 1979 – been forecasting war with China in the 2022-2024 time frame.  And that fits in all-too neatly with the Trump decision on China over Hong Kong announced Friday.

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23 thoughts on “Digital Gardening: Liberation or Insurrection?”

      • The web is not perfect – seems to work on ours just fine – sometimes the dns server net is a bit unstable with traffic and outages – nothing here
        that I know of.

  1. They B hiding the sausage G. Its so nasty – I would be hiding it too.

    Now how do U propose we analyze Stock Prices in future – when rates are Negative? How do discount future Cash Flows with Negative Rates?

    Oh Wait – my bad – Covert19 means NO cash Flows – just Overhead Expenses that NEVER Stop accruing.

    Silver is the Key to whole shooting match,might keep an eye on the COMEX for news regards Failure to Deliver and Force Majeure notices going forward.

    Social Media companies/execs were warned early on regards the nefarious manipulative B.S. they had been planing for years.
    All linked to or got seeded by alphabet agencies recall Facetime, remember photo of obummer at that dinner with all the tech industry “leaders”.

    Half those ESOB’s have already retired/resigned/run for cover.

    If U know/have the the proper codes – U can access LIVE Flesh Market (kids)via Twitter – aint that right Jack? As Q has warned/said..”these people are SICK!”

    All the social distortion starting to burn on a city street near U – has been planned for a long time.
    How fast the professional “protestors’ were deployed is what impresses me – desperate times call for desperate measure.

    – which is why ECD never forgets Vllad Putins childhood story about cornering a Rat with a broom in his hands.

    Rat acted/moved first and launched attacked Vllad with a full on frontal assault towards his face.

    Vllad said he ducked/covered in fear from getting face chewed off, and learned a very valuable, life long lesson – always act first – without Hesitation when dealing with a Dangerous foe..

    • Both my grandmother’s had gardens. Fresh picked produce with vibrant colors and taste to match.
      But ,alas, with such upward mobility, we have ,for a majority of Americans lost our roots.
      We have forgotten how to roll up our sleeves,get down and dirty and getter done.

  2. Now that was a good piece George….

    I’m not sure about local governments going full-on crazy with taxation – the pitchforks are really close by and people know where these folks live. And if your locals are already poor as dirt, it would be an exercise in futility; you know, blood, turnip. etc. In those cases, I see actual collapse – as in local gubmint cannot get paid, or get paid with toilet paper dollars, so why show up when you can work your garden?

  3. In the last election season, the wingnut left ran wild in the streets of America, courtesy of funding provided to local leftist groups by none other than the US Dept of Justice, in the form of grants disbursed from the fines being collected from corporate America. Sessions cut off that money soon after becoming US AG, and Antifa disappeared back under their lefty rocks.
    We are hearing from US mayors that the riots and looting are being staged nationwide by out-of-towners. Where is the funding coming from, this time? Soros & pals only provided seed money for the leftist groups to finance the applications for grants. The money that paid for buses, food, and salaries came from the DOJ leftist slush fund. And yet, no one went to jail. Was enough money banked during the Obama reign of leftist terror to pay for another season of arson, looting and murder? Is the Fed involved? Are tax dollars and Fed monopoly money being steered to support insurrection? Who is watching the paper money trails?

    • Look at Ure local Craigslist. U will see Advertisements/help Wanted for Peeps to demonstrate, disrupt, cause violence.

      These ads are in every major city – this has been planned for a long time.

      Watch Hacktivist Group – they R going to spill the beans on everybody involved..

    • If these were well founded and educated protesters they would be destroying the Federal Reserve buildings – but since they are funded by the wealthy 1% pro left who would never dream of destroying the goose that lays the golden eggs we get the same misguided nonsense shooting for regime change ……… Trump unless he is at War with someone will not be reelected. Expect a second resurgence of the virus as we move from virus to protest to virus to keep everyone preoccupied while the real looting continues.

    • It all makes me SAD… and will accomplish nothing except drive a wedge between the good people that would make a difference and the support of the masses.. changing what could have been done to the injustice of how the situation was handled into one of fear..
      a friend of mine said she was getting out of her car on a parking ramp in Minneapolis and two young ladies ran away afraid she was going to attack them..IT is sad..
      the officer that commited the act is arrested.. the two that should have stepped in to protect and serve should be held accountable as accessories.. they should have stepped in and did their job..

  4. Talk about Agitated G,

    I was woke up the other night by my name thundering in my head. I put on my best John Cash shirt grabbed a Kool, headed out to the touret. I said Helo him who sends me. He said listen for a period. Sow, I turned on the random music generator and 6 of the 7th songs guess I had wrong previously came on in succession. Then he says place that 39 car deals in Vulcan forge and remove the I from that handle and I will forge yew a new logos eye. To wit i replied, serisisly??!!

    Now. I dont know about u, but to turn your back on that 39 deals for a new eye? That’s a tuff one. did it anyway. So I’m not selling cars now. Not many can sacrifice an $80,000 car and all that commission. My life is not my own.

    Later that day a friend asks me to drive his Escalade on Sunday up to home of rice a roni and he put me in a hotel over night and fly me back in the morning. I yell out my car window, what’s next? Dude on the radio says, Okay much! i said, oaklahomah is ok.

    The I stopped to get an epic drink at the circle k and some dude asks me if I want to join the masons indirectly while going on about numerology. The he looks at my eyes and says, your eyes are the same as the All seeing eye. I said what? He says you have deep blue eyes with a white halo around the pupil. I said ohhh okay. Hahahhah

    Not much of a joiner. Them masons been tryin to drag my ass to the temple all my life. Lol

    Then I dreamt of visiting the center of the galaxy where there is a gas station and convenient store and the dude sells all kinda of weird things. Like cigarettes called hope and truth, and beverages with just single letters on them. I picked up some other types of cigs and drinks and hung out for a little bit and chatted with the fellow their. Beem a while since we had talked. He always has a smile on his face.

    Him who sends me wanted me to relay to you,

    Velocity of money is really tax rate wearing a mask. Just like credit is actually debt in a head dress. The velocity of cash is just tax rate. And tax rate has ax, rat and ate in it. Lol

    Click 111

    • Ooh, that’s like really cosmic and maybe esoteric too. The only thing missing was the sound effects of a bongo in an equally indiscernable beat. Like peace and groovy man.

      • Does anyone here read by Charles Hugh smith.His views seem right on the money.Is USA really rotten to the core?Who are the goodies nowadays?

      • “Does anyone here read”

        Occasionally. CHS is sometimes off-the-wall, sometimes a ’60s hippie, but sometimes right on the money. I’d never trust him for facts, but have used OTM as a starting point for research on several occasions…

    • Your post reminds of Maynard G. Krebs on Dobie Gillis. Like Beatnik, man!

    • So that’s why I carry 3 cents in my pocket all the time. Just try and tax that.
      Ditto EyeandY great insight, you’re riding a strong wave.
      The art of deception has nada on the art of reception.

  5. Dear Mr. Ure,

    What are those flower children up to now? When I saw pictures of the police precinct station going up in flames, I thought to myself, has Terminator 2 teleported in? Let your Canadian neighbors know if we should start building a fence at the border. It’s getting a bit rambunctious over there; curfew at 11 for the rowdies, ok?

    Your “Digital Gardening” title prompted me to retrieve my copy of “The Secret Life of Plants” by Peter Bird and Christopher Tomkins from the shelf. They spend a fair bit of space covering the career of the late 19th and early 20th century Indian plant physiologist Dr. Jagadis Chandra Bose from transmitting electricity before Marconi, inquiring into the sentient abilities of vegetables such as carrots and turnips, and beyond. I think his first book from 1902, “Response in the Living and Non-Living” is on the out-of-copyright websites.

    So there we go, it’s not time to veg out idly by on the couch watching firebugs descend on the fruits of capitalism’s labour and wolfing back what would have been next year’s seed like a bunch of locusts. No, let’s slow down and plug into the sentient plant world. Drive up the mountain and hug a sequoia, or maybe for the real Wayback story talk to a rock. They were doing fine before we turned up on the scene, and from the looks of things, let’s not have them carve our epitah yet!

    Hopefully by this point, everyone has their stream of inspiring whalesong fired up….

  6. Podcast worked great. The drone war possibilities with China are frightening. One way komakaze drones sent anywhere in the world, Wow. What would a wave of 1,000 drones on Washington be? Answer: A good beginning.

  7. George
    Its been a busy week and I am catching up.
    I am looking at Saturdays peoplenomics and I have headings for first second third and Chartpak but nothing under those headings.
    I tried to click them as links and Nothing?
    Where did the content go?
    Let me know please, but I will look in later headings.

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