Empire Today, Retail Tomorrow, Xi Speaks Joe

War is coming.  But, the band plays on. Besides, too early to figure which war will come first… Europe’s or Taiwan/Australia’s?  Both seem ready to heat up.  Yet, adversity and opportunity often make joint appearances.  So, which will it be?

Americans can, at least in theory, remember the Great Crash was in October of 1929.

Yet, how many are taught the day U.S. stocks hit their Depression era lows?  That was a great time to buy.

One candidate would be July 8, 1932.  For on that date, the Dow closed at 41.22.  Everyone is taught “Crash!” – few (if any) are taught Opportunity Day.

Less than a year later – May 18, 1933 – the Industrials closed at 82.57.  We should be teaching this as Double Day – inspiring people to think a little differently about Life.

Instead, schools hopelessly peddle CRT and gender-checks, lol.  Well, what do you expect?  The American meritocracy – rewarding of excellence – is dead.  We’re just figuring out this Funeral we’ve been watching.

Pick a shame and wear it proudly.  It’s what involuntary mourners are supposed to do.

How Far To Ride?

If – instead of Common Core, we had a more American Exceptionalism slant to education – we might have asked “When would be Sell Before War Day?”

Sure, Japan attacked on December 7, 1941.  But when were the market moves in advance of other war-driving events?

Take Hitler invading Poland September 1, 1939.  Market made a bottom (134.41) the day before.  August 31, 1939.  Many saw it coming.  But beforehand?  When was the right time to get out?  More than a year in advance. November 9th, 1938 with the Industrials at 158.01.

When Poland fell, a 9-day rally ensued.  Markets drove ahead to 155.92.  That’s a 16 percent rally – can’t beat that kind of action with a stick.  Should we go long if Taiwan falls?  Tough one.

Back to our point – and our present fascination with War:

We are reminded “In the Chinese language, the word “crisis” is composed of two characters, one representing danger and the other, opportunity.”

Xi Speaks – Will Joe Hear?

The bullshit and bluster machinery from “potato chip” on down is already ratcheting up:  Biden to tell Xi that China must play by the rules – senior U.S. official.  Laughable hubris.

You see, we’re in no position to be shot-callers.  A bit of personal education is free for the reading in The Atlantic this morning:  Xi Jinping’s Terrifying New China – The Atlantic.

A pull-quote gets to the heart of what I have told you before:  The feminization of America is not likely, in historical measures, to work out well for us.  From the Atlantic article?

“Chinese companies face more hurdles to listing on public stock markets abroad and education providers are no longer allowed to offer online lessons run with foreign teachers, while local television bars men whose hairstyles are deemed insufficiently masculine.”

We are reminded of Hitler’s discussion of masculinity as the basis of a warrior society in his lesser-known Second Book.

Oz in Sights

The Australian 60-minutes show is one of few worldwide with their eyes open to this unpleasant future:

China is in a position where expansion – similar to Hitler’s rallying cries prior to WW II – they could snag a potential breadbasket – which has put Australia in their sights.

Traitors on the Home Front

In the global war of ideologies, the U.S./West are seriously off the pace.  But even worse, says our Century City legal analyst:

Rising Gasoline Prices Make ‘Even Stronger Case’ for More Government Spending on Green Energy: White House.

So there it is.   They shut down pipelines, jam the ports and then say it’s an argument for green energy.   Traitors.”

Control the press, control the food, control the power – Bolshevism 101.

Is Brandonism overtaking Maoism?

Supply Chains to Break More

Reform California has outed the causes.  30% of U.S. imports come through California.  “No trucks older than 2011…”  And lots of requirements for monitoring… thanks CARB and Cali-dems. “It’s a manmade shortage caused by California politicians.”

Despite the hype and lies of national media,

One root cause? California A.B. 5 case which bans private contractors.  There went some of the independent truck drivers.  Grusome should have been recalled. The short version is California went after independent drivers (Like Uber and Lift and the foodies) and took down the supply chain.  The legal evolution is well described over here.

OK, not only does Grusome need to be dis-elected ASAP, but California needs to become two states because this one clearly has no business being in business.  (Don’t even start me on CARB over-reach.)

To be fair, Port of Los Angeles cargo inbound is only down half a percent (roughly) compared with the same month last year.  But last month imports were down significantly from May’s high (535,714.20 imports inbound to 468,059.15.  Down 12  percent?  Aye….

Also, don’t let your thinking be misled by the plandemic/bioweapon.  2020 imports (*LA only) totaled  9,213,395.95 compared with 2018 which saw 9,458,748.50 containers moved.

Empties being moved last month were up almost 28% but big drops in exports…  Updated figures will be along this week and we’ll go over them on Peoplenomics.

What Americans can’t seem to understand is that environmentalism is a mainly left-wing cause.  Through careful deception, America has short-sold itself. As evidenced by the recent actions of the Bungler in Chief. More suited to playing Little Red Riding Hood than President.

A country too dumb to count new Chinese coal-fired plants coming online and too simple to fathom that electric vehicles simply move pollution from the road out front to the nuclear plant up the highway.  All by design and it’s not moderates.

Nevertheless, Elaine and I are considering another pallet of solar panels and more energy storage.  The grid’s not going to be around forever.  Especially with Joe Biden in office.

Then It Get’s Worse

If killing pipelines and orchestrating supply chain disruptions isn’t enough, there’s a second front opening in Eastern Europe.

Starting with Ukraine where Ukraine says Russia has nearly 100,000 troops near its border.

Then we see the British are sending ground forces into Poland: British troops deployed to Polish border as tensions with Russia rise.

Then there’s Azerbaijan which could blow up at any second: Armenian PM accuses Azeri troops of violating border, sacks defence minister.

All the while, Russia is orchestrating a pressure front on Biden, who’s preoccupied with China and with scuttling American energy independence while trying to fund his economic fairytales. Russia to take asymmetric retaliatory steps to any ‘unfriendly’ Western actions: Lavrov.

Guns of August replay ahead?

So, where is the U.S. military in all this?  Well, those people who we already told you were Marxists, are ready to hit the streets today as soon as a verdict comes in the Rittenhouse trial. 500 National Guard troops on standby as closing arguments set for Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

While my consigliere and I were wrong on China taking Taiwan as early as now,  we do hear from people on the other side of a 2-beer bet (with people who know people, who know people and remind us that the PLA will be at 112% of force levels late summer of 2022), that just as in the lead-in to WW II, we may be in a window now where markets could be peaking.

The bets on Labor Day 2022 are looking smarter.  Yet even more frightening.  Because we can already see China seeming to prepare totally overwhelming force to take-back Taiwan.  Which we see as likely to confound talking-head experts on TV.

They’ll miss the obvious: When China begins to move, they won’t stop at the island of Formosa.  There’s not enough real estate involved.

Australia, on the other hand? Now you’re talking.

Forget the bubble-head press here.  Stick to the talks summary expected in Chinese media.  No less dishonest than our own.

Fall of Empire?

Well, if you’re thinking the NY Fed Empire State Manufacturing report, try this one:  Empire is still rising:

“The headline general business conditions
index climbed eleven points to 30.9.
New orders and shipments posted
substantial increases, and unfilled
orders rose. Delivery times were
significantly longer. Employment grew
at its fastest pace on record, and the
average workweek increased.”

But looking ahead?

“Firms were less optimistic about
the six-month outlook than they
were last month, with the index for
future business conditions falling
fifteen points to 36.9. The indexes
for future new orders and shipments
fell to similar levels. Longer delivery
times, higher prices, and increases
in employment are all expected
in the months ahead. “

Earlier, Dow futures were up 100 on the Dow and another 10 on the S&P.  To us, sure seems like 1938.

What People Forget…

Is that the hyperinflation the US Fed has engaged in – to obfuscate the reality of us being in a Depression – is also a global event.

Which is why there is much to be learned from reading: Japan GDP: Economy shrinks more than expected as supply shortages hit – CNN.

Economies are measured by monetary units, not units of goods.  Forget the money manipulations for even a second and when units of goods fail (supply chain or whatever you want to call it) what leaks out is the reality of Global Economic Collapse. My…ain’t we the optimists?


Over in the woke-lefty dream land: Cuba cracks down on dissent ahead of protest march – BBC News.

Yes, as mentioned in a recent PN report, there is a place for drones in prepping.  Not following?  Try Israeli-made suicide drone to “blows up” Russian T-90 tank (defence-blog.com) for ideas…

Climate of disappointment? Glasgow Summit Ends Amidst Climate of Disappointment — Global Issues.

ATR: Planning Turkey

Just a reminder that we will be taking Thanksgiving Day off from our usual writings.  However, odds are good we will find something to say on “national call your broker day” (Black Friday).  Back when there were brokers.

Don’t know about you, but we’re already sick of the national retailers loading the inbox down with “sneak peaks.”

Our little 10.8 pound Butterball is safely in the freezer waiting the Call of Duty, as it were.  Going to try and remember to get this one into the fridge and try the slow thaw.

Shop projects are moving along nice, too, including my “system” of cutting sheet goods, which we will get to on ShopTalk Sunday this week.

Other than dandy weather, seems like a good day to work on the Peoplenomics report for Wednesday.  Hope you have a dandy and didn’t go short over the weekend:  Dow futures up 150 after the Empire State data, and a bump of nearly 20 lurks for the S&P.

Good time to be sitting in cash – calling tops in tulips and stocks is too much work at this age. Spending down cash, drinking good wine.  Life may be short in a couple of years.

Write when you get rich,


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  1. This is for Pathfinder Bob,

    “We don’t Shovel and Sweep out darkness. We simply open the blinds (eyes) and let the light dispell the darkness ”
    The Kybalian
    Chapter XV. Hermetic Axioms

    And people say to you. Ohhh ahhhhh I see you are an Angel! Or ohhh ahhh i see you are a Prophet. Or say Holy Son of The Most High God you are! You are the one!!! I can never repay you! You changed my whole life! It’s a miracle!

    I’m like uhmmm nooooo. I’m just Andy, you know…I drive a silver car, drink to much coffee, cuss, chase women (not lately lol) smoke to much and rent a room out of someone’s house. I just uhhh pulled that cord over there on the window blind and let the light in silly.

    I mean we are all in Playtos Cave. I just put another log on the fire because it was getting dark in here and everyone thinks you’re big deal. Lol

    Marshmallow George?

    Im Truly Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    Another round of Kumbyah?


    Kew: ~ Play Some County ~


    Brooks and Done

    • Hi Andy

      That’s true, we don’t shovel or sweep darkness, thought some people have the ability to move it around through ideology and falsehoods.

      Sometimes, to dispel darkness is as easy as raising the blinds, which changes the ambience of the room. Or giving them the tools they need (whatever form) to make their life better and/or more productive. Wisdom, often opens windows and allows fresh air in with the light.

      We each have the ability to create our own light. Just as you have, each in our own unique way … but because of the depth of darkness, many can’t even find the cord to their blinds and won’t find that log to put on the fire unless they stumble over it. Be great if everyone had night vision.

      We are indoctrinated to a generic system we call “society” which focuses on everything BUT the true human system. And when you live in a material world, eventually materials run out. Kill off prominent Holistic Healers, and knowledge of those window blinds and how to start a fire, is lost. Very sad.

      Those Healers didn’t just teach what leaves to eat, they taught of 12 Energy Channels and how to open them. Remove the internal blockages which cause darkness, and light appears. Healing begins. It’s true on the individual level, as well as for society as a whole.

      Light and darkness have been around since time began. The Ying and yang. It’s natural and will always be … so we must learn to balance and not become lop-sided. Presently, the world is VERY lop-sided.

      We shut down our devices and reboot to fix the problems. Just like we meditate and shutdown our minds for inner peace and clarity. – the world presently has so many problems, it’s moving toward a reboot of its own.

      A little something to meditate on …
      Angels are the best company.



    • “And people say to you. Ohhh ahhhhh I see you are an Angel! Or ohhh ahhh i see you are a Prophet. Or say Holy Son of The Most High God you are! You are the one!!! I ”

      Dam.. I just spit beer out all over my desk LOL LOL LOL…

  2. Xi’s got big-time internal problems that could go boom.
    The Tiananmen Square generation is now mature and hasn’t forgotten the brutality of the CCP. Teach your children well….
    There is a huge underclass, but his “common prosperity” campaign is building resentment and distrust. The billionaires and other doers are looking to flee or have already done so, taking their wealth with them.
    Efforts to mold a more restrictive official “Chinese” culture (e.g., by clamping down on social media) are pissing off a generation used to a certain level of cultural freedom. Trying to restrict Internet use by kids under 18 (no gaming during the week and only 3 hours on weekends) is likely to be their 55 mph speed limit.
    Then, throw in over 50 different ethnic groups, each with its own list of grievances.
    Anyone got a match?
    I’m sure Xi knows the first rule of tiger-riding.

      • Yeh, except all those who lived through the whole revolution with Taiwan split are dead or at least out of power. Like trying to get today’s kids excited about Korea or Vietnam.
        Xi would have to convince the masses that Taiwan presents an existential threat to the mainland. Easy to claim but hard to support, especially if a couple of hundred thousand kids get killed, wounded or PTSD’d.
        Also, Hitler had an ongoing Depression and a pretty much culturally homogeneous population to rile up.
        And I forgot to mention Xi’s critical energy problems and population imbalance thanks to the now-abandoned “one child” policy.
        The USA and its interests are not at the center of every international happening. And God doesn’t even have a green card.

  3. Dude G,

    Taproot my nizzle pizzle, Taproot is this weeks financial fosizzle, for shore.

    All that other nonsense is noise to distract from the kaos that is world financial reset(purging the slave class). There is always going to be some kinda skirmish, kerfuffle or outright conflict going on with humans artificially imposed nature – and that is the sharpened point…ALWAYZ keep us distracted and Never “come together “https://youtu.be/oolpPmuK2I8 – as the one with Imagine ation said.

    Do you/anyone believe Slo Bidenyenko actually knows whata Bitcoin is ?What a Block Chain is?
    Fart smella in chief claims WE/Americans dont Know what Supply Chain is..

    Dont know what the rest of all you all were doing in C&F (Commerce & Finance/comics and funnies) classes in college. But some us were actually paying attention and learning at school – which is more than we can say about slo at Univ. Delaware…now you know why those Hens turned so blue..

    Bitcoin is coming together with Taproot softfork – into “new” Blockchain. Been in the workx since the begining of BTC.
    SigHash – not smokeable, once applied to transaction = becomes immutable/unchangeable.
    Key aggregation – better security multi sig and single sig transactions undecernable to data tracking now.
    Schnorr sigs – what the edda is that?
    Smart Contracts on The Blockchain – oh goody gumdrops!!!

    Get yo self some optionality, some potential, some legacy, some bbbBBitcoin!


    PS. Plea to support Help Save the Mince, non profit org dedicated to preservation of the furry little Mince. Calling again this year for Boycott of of Mince Meat Pies at Ure Thanksgiving Dinner.Thx
    PSS. Opposite of butterball turkey – Dry Hokie?

      • Wuhan is/was political center-heart of TS generation young guns Party. Co incident to this being the political center of the dissenting party – is anyone surprised this is same place they knowingly allowed an “aerial”/drone attack on the level 3 biolab – that enabled the release into the wild of a genetically manipulated/weaponized corona viri/virus?
        1st rule of tiger riding is Dont – just like scorpions hopping rides across the river – its in their Nature.

      • legit reason, consideration – it is personal Belief that Satoshi Nakmoto (grp of 3 ) has secured the original Bitcoin (s) for the US Govt. “whitehats”
        The other group we never really hear about, not even whispers, but seem to be working behind scenes cleaning up our collective mess of a 3rd world banana republic – which is exactly what tRump claimed was his reason for not releasing Kennedy assassination files as required by Law – Sooo bad was the level of malfeasance in OUR gubermint is/been.

    • “There is always going to be some kinda skirmish, kerfuffle or outright conflict going on with human”

      Yup there will.. always be some sort of police action happening in the world. the big issue on it is.. Who Pays for it all…. is the working class has to have the three hundred per child a month now just to keep the economy going they are broke and overburdened with debt now.. Not to mention that The wage earners are tired of endless wars to benefit only the wealthy and having to be the ones to pay the tab for all of them..
      so seriously .. who pays..

    • Just FYI. Blockchain was created in the early 90’s by the NSA. It was an offshoot of a project to develop true “random number generation”, which is required in order to perform more secure key generation for more secure cryptography. Anybody who thinks blockchain is “autonomous” and “unbreakable” is delusional.

      Just Sayin’

      • Shh! You’ll wake the other lambs. Blockchain is a wolf in the wings designed to shear the flock.

        I’ve considered crapping in plastic bags (value as fertilizer) because my crapto currency would at least have some value. Though it would also stink.

  4. A week or so ago, a reader posted information about an on line pharmacy that sold ivermectin without the need of a prescription. Would you please re post this information? Thanks much.

  5. George

    On the topic of War with China.
    The high ground of space will be of paramount importance in any such conflict. If I were a top level U.S military commander I would have been very busy putting into place a way to neutralize the Chinese satellite assets.
    In particular I would have used the X-37B space craft to place remotely controlled mines that can remain in very close proximity to each enemy satellite.
    The X-37B is a small scale unmanned version of the Space Shuttle. It has the capability to stay on orbit for 270+ days and can return to earth for reuse. It also has a cargo bay like the Shuttle.

    I hope I am not the only one to have thought of this!

  6. I hope everyone takes the 40 minutes to watch the Australian 60 minutes video on war with China that you put on your site today. It is refreshing to hear a group of deep thinkers have a civil debate on a serious subject without calling each other conspiracy theorists.

    The only question remaining is when does Xi pull the trigger. I am sure Brandon will sort it all out in his virtual meeting with Xi today.

  7. Forget about China’s coal use. They are also building nuclear plants, faster than we can, simply because we aren’t and they are.

    100% of the waste from Nuclear is accounted for, every gram. Can’t really say that about any other form of energy. Even the solar panels will end up in the land fill eventually. Not nuclear waste, it’ll be sitting in containers, on site, ready for another nuclear plant to use it for fuel.

    We missed the boat. Ever stop and think how much innovation has been killed by the oil and gas industry? Everyone crowed about “energy independence” a couple years ago, such a farce. Our “strength” is our biggest weakness. How dumb and gullible we are.

    • We could be energy independent in a year or two if we wanted to. Obviously, the politicians don’t want that.

      Current design nuclear plants only use the first couple of percent of fuel energy. The remainder is high level “waste”. We have the tech to use this material, but don’t.

      • Nuke Waste – the management of waste pools WAS/IS the Business Model.
        We knew all along the issues surrounding Nukes and Nuke waste.
        The big “secret” Electron Cascade” big problem when interacting with Earth resident energys. Earthquakes – historical Earthquake maps/charts/data bases all show/prove the dangerous effects -Electron Cascade. Cant see any problems popping up in areas of highly concentrated nuke waste piles/containment ponds/pools/barrels like Washingtons Hanford hell hole.

        Earthquakes and Nuke Waste – a combo designed in HELL, and sitting in Ure PNW backyard.

        Future looks leaky at best…..

  8. George, I asked God for a sign this morning outside my office in the wee hours. It was dark. Nobody around. I was outside having a cup of coffee and smoking a Crown 100.

    I said, Yo God! Give me a sign DUDE! Then out of the sky a large smiley face helium balloon comes flying down and bonks me in the head. ROTFLMFAO! A new totem!

    I don’t care who ya are. That is some funny shit!

    I will send you a picture.

    You can’t make this shit up. Hahahahahaha

    • Andy, after you posted about meeting Elon Musk, I had a dream that I met him, too, introduced myself. Strange.

      George, sent you an email, in case you didn’t see it.

  9. — Reminder: because it’s close. —

    3.999 by night
    7.299 by day
    (Easy to remember)
    On the ‘fifteens & forty-fives”
    Frequencies EXACT — no hunting around.
    (Just wait out any QRM)
    Recog code, “Everything’s a business model”
    (Worked in very low-key, Not made obvious.)

    Snap test one day soon for fun. (Low notice.)


  10. Here’s comes the slop bucket. I’m going to go out on a limb and say not one “Conservative” governor or mayor will reject one iota of infrastructure fund.

    Free is free.

    A ‘game changer’? Mayors, governors ready to compete for $1 trillion in infrastructure funds

    • Albuquerque is drowning in the fallout from “free money” projects that nobody needed. Even today, we have a ruined Central Ave with empty buses running back and forth.

      Thank God the stupid soccer stadium was voted down!

    • “I’m going to go out on a limb and say not one “Conservative” governor or mayor will reject one iota of infrastructure fund.”

      The titanic is sinking … the only thing keeping the noodle moving is the water they are dumping on the table.. why would they refuse the water needed to keep there boat moving a little while longer..

  11. Serendipitously our friend S came to our Sunday School class yesterday. S is form here and was the head of our Sunday School while our children – now all grown – were all small. Since then S has gone to SE Asia and spent the last 8y or so in Taipei. When asked S said don’t believe the press here or there. When the people around S talk about Big Brother across the water they point out that they have followed their pattern for many years and they don’t deviate much from history.. If anything makes Taiwan newsworthy BB will start making noises to assert its presence, but do not be fooled, they do not want a disruption of the status quo. Any shooting war will not be a siege but a gunfight that won’t last long enough to be a racket as General Butler pointed out and, therefore, not profitable for either side. The business model is that they want respect but they also want the available market preserved. All those ships parked off LA came from somewhere. If there is no there, there (or here) the model falls apart.
    Think the current business model. This guy is no genius – NO One has ever accused him of that. He is a petty crook and runs petty crook scams – shake downs (Ukraine), kick backs ( any ‘stan and now the art world), etc. Again read Gen. Butler and this guy I read that says “everything is a business model”. Fighting is bad for business. You want a low level sustainable conflict that will require continual resupply for years. Not a hot war that will leave a glassy plain on both sides with no cash flows left. At least that is what both sides have supported for years. It appears that the two sides have now engineered a change of status for us but the overall is still operational. They are partners. Somebody decided to mess with how things were working and had to be shut out and the status quo re-established. That has not been accomplished yet but is still the plan. Can they pull it off? Remember that last data point. Half the population has a 2 digit IQ. Their curve is transposed to the left of ours giving them a slight advantage. They also have an order of magnitude larger population. They work slowly, are basically copycats but there rule following has served the well for millennia.

    Interesting times

  12. Unless they are still building new fabs in Taiwan. That rock makes no sense from a strategic sense on the stratego board. All depends on what lens these reports are being viewed through. Same goes for the land down under.
    Perhaps Oz has a captured politcal structure as does US, bought and paid for By Dan. LOL. Look at the actions to deliberately collapse key strategic resources and infrastructure and squeeze the populace. This is simply being hobbled by your adversary so that you are not agile in your response when…. “They”cross over to the Shahara and the African continent, where…. as climate cycles would have it, IS the new future breadbasket of the world … again… history on the 1000’s year cycle rhymes.



    On PLANning Its shame that the PLAN didnt get and implement the stolen “working” plans of the Nimitz class [read cracked in halve in drydock during fabrication, as our friends in the Donbass acquisition team experienced, this was a spooky story related to me in the 80-‘s], but rather the PLAN cloned a working Kusnetev class carrier for their fleet operations.

    At the root of all depressions? Weather/agricultural disruption, and currency atrophy.

    On US agriculture look at the livestock losses during record winter blizzards for the last 6-8 years, devastating animal farming. Same goes for crop losses. Response? Shove the animal feed directly to the humans. Its a more efficient business model. No risk of wasting all those plants on animals that are going to die off before they get to market, beyond meet [no pun]?

    The World Reserve Currency? No longer backed by petroleum ? Its a foregone conclusion. Got Blockchain?

    Great update today Mr. Ure as always your insights are greatly appreciated.

  13. One more thought. Relating to: Traitors on the Home Front.

    Have to ask all those libralista’s how the $15.00 minimum wage is feeling now that they’ve priced themselves beyond parity with automated burger flippers, self service order kiosks, and box packers. This could be seen coming a mile away. Want to see which politicians are bought out by the automation corps? Look at all the bi partisan actors on the podium pandering to the public about how they are doing them a great service by raising wages…. what a haymaker. LOL On the flip side? We are already living in jetsons fulfillment economy. Order from the screen at home, delivered to the door. We just have some hysteresis built in at the moment… And those inconvenient competing big box locations where you can bypass all that hassle and get it yourself quicker.

    Cue supply chain disruption as a [competing] business model…

    • Law has become a game of Liar’s Poker and the judges get to decide what’s real and isn’t any more. If you can spin a good legal yarn you can get the courts go almost any way you want otherwise it would all be garbage in, garbage out and everything decided in a few minutes.

  14. Its a race George, whether Chinese problems or USA problems trigger the war first. As Celente has said for years, when all else fails, they take you/us to war.

    I not only recommend examining Venezuela as America’s future, I also recommend how things went in a country that LOST a real war.

    Moved some metal into Bitcoin, not for profit, just diversifying. $10k can pay a couple of years living expenses in a second world country like Ecuador. My wife recently made purchases with Satoshi (crypto) in two of the stores in our small village. Its coming.

    Interesting how your daily screed always turns to markets, trying to make a buck. Believing that it is ok to sit on your ass and move around your assets intelligently is a moral way of making a living. Buddha called this unmerited wealth and was to be avoided at all costs. This belief, combined with the failure to produce anything of real value is the root cause of the destruction of the USA. That, and unsound money, which bitcoin alleviates.

  15. Food for thought: IF China goes on the warpath on or shortly after Labor Day next year, our country could adopt a war footing, which would allow those in power to interfere even more(than Dominion) with our midterm elections, or even suspend/delay/eliminate them!

    I’d not be surprised, though I’d be very angry and disappointed.

  16. This was from 1957. Ayn Rand was not infallible, but there is much to be gained if studied by an intelligent, thinking person. Here she is basically speaking of unmerited wealth.

    “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – When you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – When you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – When you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – You may know that your society is doomed.”

  17. And BTW a 10 lb turkey is not going to be a prime butterball, it is a hen. Minimal breast meat on that one. A real prime gobbler of more than 25 lbs will have almost 10 lbs of breast meat alone.

    Probably full of hormones and antibiotics if it’s not organic.

  18. Comrades,

    Just in time for the evening news, word is seeping out that the sole Alberta to west coast pipeline, the federally owned TransMountain, has been shut down indefinitely while the rains and flooding subside in BC. Apparently in recent times two thirds of its daily 300,000 bpd flow had been destined to the USA…

    Pundits are heaving a Xi of relief that the Pacific is still open.

  19. “This is an opportunity for President Biden to tell President Xi directly that he expects him to play by the rules of the road, which is what other responsible nations do,”

    Fill in the blanks of who doesn’t play by the rules LOL
    Xi will either be hit by the humor of it.. or upset at the insinuations .. (especially since they have been donating how much to a public officials kid expecting compliance..)

  20. Yo George. It looks like that secret I discovered works well. Just keep adding a little to it every once and a while. That or a little Elon Musk rubbed off on me in the elevator.

    I did someone a solid. I got the owner of my house’s friend a open door to opertunity and they took advantage of it and secured a good position. When I got home tonight they were all smiles and said thank you. You didn’t have to do that. I said well they are good people and it’d good business. Then they tell me that someone moved out from the penthouse suite of the house. Full private bathroom in the “tourett” room. Everyone else calls it the Penthouse because it has a view of the entire beach. You can see the whole sound. She asked me if I would be interested in it. I said maybe. How much? She says. Well I been renting the penthouse for $2500 a month. It is truly the nicest spot in the house. Has a whole view of the sound. Whole view of the Beach. Private bathroom you dont have to share. It is the origial master bedroom suite. But… since you did what you did for our friend. You pay what your paying now. $700 a month. I said what???? Are ya serious. We went and looked at it. It is bigger than my entire office space. Easy 1000 square foot. She said ya. So and so have been my best friend since elementary school. Oldest and longest friend. They will make alot of money in that deal. And you didn’t even say anything. You just put it together for them. Its the least we can do.

    So I’m moving into the penthouse this week. Two floors up from where I was with no window view.

    THE DUDE is good to me.

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.

    See ya around old dudes. :)

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