Retail: Still Spending, But…

Just out from Census – but this is misleading at best:  Up 1.7%?  Don’t believe it.

Misleading this Mr. Ure say?

Why shore did!  Lookie here, now:  Monetary base is up 31% in the last year.  The Retail Sales are measured how?  Show of hands?  Units?  NO!!!  You stooge, it’s measured in DOLLARS.  So if the money circus-lating is up 31%, doesn’t that at least hint in the direction of 2.3% per month?  If it doesn’t,  you’re not paying attention.  Act of faith that no one in the Buyed ‘Em administration is.

Of course retail sales is only the “end of the pipe” before things come home.

Along with Retail: Import Prices

Also just out (from Labor):

“U.S. import prices rose 1.2 percent in October following a 0.4-percent advance in September, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Higher fuel and nonfuel prices contributed to the October increase. Prices for U.S. exports advanced 1.5 percent in October, after rising 0.4 percent in September and 0.3 percent in August.


The price index for U.S. imports increased 1.2 percent in October, the largest monthly advance since a 1.3- percent rise in May. Prior to October, import prices advanced 0.5 percent from June to September. Prices for U.S. imports rose 10.7 percent from October 2020 to October 2021, the largest over-the-year increase since June 2021.”

Import prices are to some degree, likely influenced by the mess on the waterfront and the rail yards. (This is in addition to Biden killing American Energy Independence – October fuel imports were up 8.6%) So let’s focus for a sec on…

California: Retail’s Big But…

We are already tearing down the first stats on the California-driven supply chain collapse we talked about Monday.  Long Beach numbers for the month are just out:

Not only has the California Air Resources Board (CARB) got a lot to answer for, so do the other regulators involved in this mess.  Slo Biden’s involvement is meaningless stage theatrics.

When a truck driver can only make a single pickup from a Port in an 8-hour shift, and while (democrat-backing) rail tycoons can’t get their cargo off trains, America’s got a problem.  A planned problem.  As in hold-up.

So several is the issue that if America’s competitors (China and Russia) ever wanted to make their moves?  The next three or four months would be prime-time.  Because unlike WW II, Rosy the Riveter has left the building; off for three weeks of mandatory sensitivity training

“What Gets Measured, Gets Done…”

Seriously:  One of the key lessons which Americans should relearn from the supply chain cluster-suck is about how modern culture is likely materializing a kind of latter-day Hawthorne EffectYou can find it in Wikipedia, but the gist of it is when you measure performance people can really produce:

“The original research involved workers who made electrical relays at the Hawthorne Works, a Western Electric plant in CiceroIllinois. Between 1924 and 1927, the famous lighting study was conducted. Workers experienced a series of lighting changes in which productivity was said to increase with almost any change in the lighting. This turned out not to be true.[3] In the study that was associated with Elton Mayo, which ran from 1928 to 1932, a series of changes in work structure were implemented (e.g., changes in rest periods) in a group of five women. However, this was a methodologically poor, uncontrolled study that did not permit any firm conclusions to be drawn.[4]

One of the later interpretations by Landsberger suggested that the novelty of being research subjects and the increased attention from such could lead to temporary increases in workers’ productivity.[5] This interpretation was dubbed “the Hawthorne effect”.

From what we know about present-day working conditions becoming prevalent, the urge to measure and take merit seriously has gone almost totally out of vogue.  No more Frederick Winslow Taylor thinking – making measurements to see how to get the most steel made. “Storming, norming, and conforming” to prevailing mediocrity.

In its place, America is birthing Namby-Pamby Land.  Where losers and lazies have too many excuses and not enough hustle.  Plus the enabler party in office.

Seems to me what’s happened is a generalized confusion over what equality (racial and gender) really meant to the Founders.  Doesn’t mean everyone finishes the same.  Only that everyone ought to start about the same. After that, you own it; no one else.

Back in the old days of America – order of finish was determined by actual effort.  As merit has become an anathema in today’s PC-crazed world.

While the Marxists are rewriting history, and pounding poo into young brains, we’re astounded that great books of personal triumph (like Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds (David Goggins)) haven’t become mandatory high school reading material.  Not lost on Xi Jinping or Vlad Putin, we’re nearly certain.

Of course, we’re so old, we still remember the word Excellence.  Thanks, lambkins, for providing stark contrast.

Bonds: A Laughing Matter

Loved the tip from tipster Linda at Law in Houston: check out the early CNBC futures report.  See their error?

“Stocks’ move came as interest rates rose, with the yield on the 10-year Treasury note topping 1.62% while the 30-bear Treasury bond rose above 2%….”

We all know they were referring to the 30-beer Treasury…because bonds are like watching paint dry…leastwise to compulsive day-traders.

Mr. War-Check

Pick a war…any war…

NY Times wrong again, in our estimation.  Spouting the Party Line in “U.S.-China Summit: What Did It Achieve? – The New York Times.”  More rational and less pandering to the slo is the Times of India report Biden Xi Meeting: Hours of talk, but little change after Biden-Xi virtual meeting   We fear the NY Times –  since it’s Slo – is serving this nothing-burger chrome-plated to Gothamites.  Our read, unabashedly offered, is we’re inside the final 1-year of Taiwan. China takes while Joe looks for a teleprompter to channel Obama.

Ham Radio Opportunity:  This reminds me, I should send a note to the American Radio Relay League ( to get the word out to ham operators worldwide to get on the stick and pick up QSL cards (contact confirmations) from Taiwan, RoC, while they still can.  When my buddy the Major and I were young, over a half-century ago, he was particularly envious of my QSL cards from countries that don’t even exist anymore.  Rhodesia, for one.  Congo for another.  Anyone else have a QSL card from South Vietnam? (Even a MARS station counted toward 100 foreign countries contacted…)

Look!  Up in the sky!  It’s a…  China quietly took control of Italian military drone maker, WSJ says.  As RT reports China ready for ‘decisive measures’ over Taiwan.

So what blows first?

Toss Ukraine on  the War Short-List, as well:  Britain’s Defence Minister Visits Ukraine as Concern Over Russian Troop Movements Persists | US News.  The Brits have already sent 500 troops into Poland.

Why Poland?  Because Russia’s doing pretty much what Marxist radicals are doing to the southern US border:  Round up migrants and give ’em pointers on border-jumping.  Which is noticed in Poland border crisis: Migrants tear-gassed trying to cross from Belarus – BBC News.  Where, oh where, are the self-righteous open borders people now, we wonder… In Denmark, apparently since With dozens in limbo, Denmark pressured to reverse refugee policy.

EU Grip Tightens on Poland, meanwhile.  As the EU is now dictating judicial process to the once-sovereign country. EU court rules against Poland over judicial appointments – CNN.  Our long-term view of the EU as a megalomaniac’s bureaucracy is not likely to be reversed.

Near-by is Belarus, though not as likely to change hands.  Russia Deploys Commandos to Belarus as Migrant Crisis, Ukraine Tensions Spark Western Fears – US News.

And what’s really a joke:  Biden May Up Ukraine Intelligence-Sharing   You mean like how much Hunter made “consulting” and kicked up to Pops?  The EU wants Ukraine – petroleum basin and warm water port – all of it – back under the NATO flag.  Down payments have been made via Hunter for support, so we’re guessing six-months tops before the whole shitteree blows sky high. Led in by Commander Joe?  God help us.

For now “soldier gathering” continuesTurkey intensifies military cooperation with Ukraine.  And Russia tests its satellite killer weapon.   Logistics matter…or will soon enough.

News Compote

Repeat after me:  Covid is a Business Model.  Pfizer, BioNTech, Moderna making $1,000 profit every second: analysis.

Deification of Fauci continues Dr. Fauci says Covid cases are starting to climb in some areas of the U.S…  500-jabs for everyone!  Not limit to money!

While Ivermectin remains not OTC (which it ought to be, but we don’t have captive regulator jobs with massive golden parachutes to pass out)  did you notice where Prozac may reduce CV-19 problems? Certain Antidepressants Appear to Curb Severe COVID-19.  Is Prozac generic, yet?  If it is, look for this story to be buried…

Rittenhouse verdict is pending.  And look!  This will sure help: Tensions flare in Arbery death trial as Jesse Jackson visits.  Let’s see how many people can be whipped up and “led” to violence, shall we?  Everything’s a monetization and the media could use a little hysteria to keep eyeballs glued…

Our fave political hack is back making headlines in the Lone Star: Beto O’Rourke Is Running for Governor.  Makes McCaughnahey a shoo-in, doesn’t it?  We figure O’Rourke will carry Austin, but not native (non-Californian spoiled) parts of the state.  This as we expect incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott to end up in national office.  Cream rises to the top and all…

ATR: Good Gravy

We will be making another $450 grocery run in the next couple of days.  Time of the year when the eats get really, really good.

For example, while not quite free, Wal-Mart has choice Prime Rib Roasts in stock.  Weather will be turning cooler, so toss in pot roast fixing’s and a couple of jugs of Pisano to wash it down with.

Much as James Beard was able to up the benchmark by getting into the chemistry of good food a bit, my personal kitchen calling has been gravies.

There are plenty of options to choose from:  Regular flour, pastry flour, bread flour but then we get off the beaten track a ways.  Wondra.  Already decided that Bob’s Red Mill Oat flour made a better turkey gravy.  But just this week, Amazon dropped over a bag of buckwheat flour.

Haven’t played much with buckwheat, but since it’s reportedly safe for people who get distended guts from wheat (celiac), figured I would give it a try.  (I can drop five pounds in a heartbeat by giving up all wheat for a week, including M.S.G.).

The experiments will begin with the pot roast, but I’ll give you an update as experiments progress over the winter.

Meantime, for the shopping list, add Kitchen-Bouquet, oven bags for the bird, and herbes de provence  to sprinkle with some rock salt on top of your prime rib.

No gravy, of course.  But the sharpening of knives is best put on your list for this weekend.  Because, as Pappy always taught me, “The difference between a $5 steak and a $10 steak is a razor-sharp knife.” You’ll need to inflation adjust for 60-years of inflation… Works that way with prime rib, too.

bon appetite and write when you get rich,

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65 thoughts on “Retail: Still Spending, But…”

  1. Yep yada yada on steroids. Complete storytelling and numerology to explain the systematic evil . Nothing like gurunomics dancing with e wave voodoo

  2. Manufactured panic buying for about the 3rd time …… forward have they taken sales ……how many times are you going to be scared into buying just about everything ……. a tremendous fall in demand is a coming ……..

    • You’re kinda right. I’ve got a year of TP and paper towels stacked against an outer wall for insulative effect. Is it enough? Maybe I should have three years of paper products and sundries stacked agaisnt the wall. When I was at the Walmarts last time – I live equidistant between two – they were low on both TP and paper towels & notably out of the specific brands I buy.

      I already saw the model disappearance with Edge shaving gel. There used to be four or five models (different colored caps) of gel. The last time I’ve looked there is only one cap left, the orange cap. All the other cap colors have stopped being replenished.

      Luckily I recognized the trend early on and cleaned out all the local stores of the cap color I like. Is there a gel shortage? No. But there’s a definite change in choices.

      • The toilet paper isle was empty today..yesterday it was stacked with pallets in the nothing and they sold all the back stock as well..

  3. George, you’ve got me thinking about pot roast at this obscenely early hour! I cued up wire-tap (Alexa) and added the fixings to the shopping list just now.

    In global matters, I’m beginning to suspect that Taiwan will be re-unified without a shot ever being fired. The reason for this is that the U.S. and NATO will be too busy losing a war to Russia to care.

    I realize that a lot of people don’t put much stock in things related to prophecy, but after critical thinking/Occam’s Razor is employed in the examination of such things and it begins to pan out I start to hedge my bets.

    If you’re not reading up on things like Stu’s work over at you should be. World events lined up to fit a 500 year old prophecy in not only the right way, but at the right time. I’m not calling this trading advice exacty, but if I were a betting man….

    So, one question I’ve always had in regards to how things are playing out to match that which has been prophesied are these events happening as foretold or are they happening because they were foretold? Is this shit just happening and someone saw it coming from the past and wrote it down or did someone use it as a blueprint?

    The Sherlock Holmes quote comes to mind: ‘Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.’

    I’ll let you know when I’ve eliminated all of the other factors.

    • Save Ureself the trouble – a blueprint. All world religions – blueprint.

      As the appearance of our progenitors became too much for Human mind to comprehend-handle, wigs and disguises became necessary – as they live/lived a very long time on Earth.
      The “heavenly bestiary” that chased queen Tiamat to planet Earth, (she mistaking thought the “folks” from the Angal had her back here on this universal wildlife refuge, they did not, and ended up sentencing this Solar System to HELL/DUALALITY, eventually shooting her mothership down – off east coast Africa, inundating coastal NA.
      Enil was awarded Title of the Marduk, for this great military feat. Locked down/in- took refuge/quarantined with no tech/tools as were flying “spinning disk” war craft, and not science exploration ships full of tools/tech. This is the source of gargoyles like Padzuzu = Musgir dragons,Annuna warriors/Annunaki-mal nasty , Iggigi/Watchers..see Thoth -feathered, light skinned reptilians-friend of the kingu, light skinned. Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses = repto’s. Heavy hooded eyes guy arguing over Josephs father in dream..heavy hooded eyes, ridge on each side of top of head, big nasties with big nasty physic abilities. -the authors of the blueprints..

      or just one big nightmare. ; )

    • I wish I could disagree, but with the things we are hearing that may light off quickly. My son-in-laws unit just got put on notice till Dec 28th. He thought he was going to Korea, um no. We knew he wasn’t. Wish I could say more….

    • MAJ, here is the tell on Nostradamus’ real prophetic powers. I will provide some quotes from my upcoming book.

      The setup is this:

      Four-years later, however, this did not stop the widowed Queen, Catherine de’ Medici, from beginning a Royal Progress (Tour) through France; it was both political and tactical, since the Protestant Reformation came to France in the form of Calvinism.

      Nostradamus’ city was also intentionally made a part of her route. She would pay Nostradamus and his family a visit in Salon in 1564. In her entourage was the young King of France; Charles IX was fourteen-years-old. There was also the young Henry of Naverre, who was eleven-years old and born on December 13th, 1553.

      Memoires pour servir a l’history de France; Pierre L’Estoile, 1718, Volume II, Page 2
      …He begged his Governor to see this young prince… Nostradamus was introduced to the chamber as he was being given his shirt, and after looking at him for a long time, he said that he would have the entire heritage, “…And if God gives you grace to live till then, you will have as master a King of France and Navarre.”

      Nostradamus had no interest in the fourteen-year-old Charles IX, who had been King of France for four-years. He was more interested in the eleven-year-old Henry of Navarre.

      Henry of Navarre’s meeting with Nostradamus is that well-documented evidence that professional critics and skeptics like the late James Randi just dismiss.

      The young Henry of Navarre would go on to become the leader of the Huguenots and the Calvinist French. Charles IX King of France would go on to mercilessly prosecute France’s Wars of Religion; he was a puppet working in conjunction with the Vatican and the Catholic League.

      Charles IX would also order his sister Margaret of Valois to marry Henry of Navarre to put an end to the religious civil war. It was a disaster leading to one of the most ruthless and bloody massacres in history.

      Henry of Navarre went on to defeat the Vatican and the Catholic League and become Henri IV King of France, the first of the Bourbon line.

      If there are any questions that need to be answered about Nostradamus’ prophetic powers, the October 18th, 1564 meeting that Nostradamus wanted to have with the young Henry of Navarre is the key to understanding its range and preciseness. The event has been documented by multiple sources, including Nostradamus’ son, César in his Histoire de Provence.

      This was a very well-documented event, so readers can take away what they want from it.

      Thanks Maj. I hope your fight is going well. I have begun my attack after the enemy walked into my trap. I’ll let you know how it goes.

      • So where pray tell is the great,great great,great,great,great (6gens) Grandson Henri ?

        You selin some scheisse here mr Stu – or canU guess Who, Where ?

        Bigger question on my mind is When?

        know – I will endevour to gnosis these answers, before the next new moon on Sunday(12/4)
        Guess this explains why Allies diverted troops to south of France where ahnenerbe had finally located _____________ they had been searching for the entire duration of WW2. hmmmmm

    • well crap, here goes $10, it is cheap and so am I, clicked the link and got a whole slew of articles,
      which one in particular has the 500 year prophesy, we will go have a look see and explore.
      MAJ13, ya talked me into it,, no regrets, but it will have to wait until this eve for searching and reading.
      also researching carnosine drops, with aspirin drops for cataracts
      and looking at conversion carbs for my generator, tri fuel. And it is off the the health food store for local chicken eggs

    • thanks wh.

      i always think of it like this. but take this with a grain of salt, because I chickend out asking out a girl last night for the 4th time. That never happens. even my mother and my sister think it is HILARIOUS! Even my ex the shg things it is funny. because i just dont get intimidated by much. one thing about being me is i read people really well and im very intuitive as you know… but for some reason i had another chance to ask this girl out last night and Im pretty sure she likes me and i bounced like a puss. hahahhahah


      anyway to the point. i think it about prophacies like this. THE DUDE makes us, the seed, the soil, water and and the sun. we plant the seed, and we water it. but the THE DUDE makes it grow.

      when you see a prophecy it carries with it certain elements. like the seed, the water, the human to plant it, the sun and the soil. that is 5 elements if you weren’t counting. air, wind, earth, water and plasma. IF a prophacy has only 3 elements. it will not become anything. because a prophacy needs all 5 elements. what are the elements of prophecies? one is observation. one is time (measurement of growth) one is darkness and one is light. i wont give you the last one. but George is smart enough to figure it out.

      but what do I know. im scared of some dumb girl. LOL i can close multi million dollar contracts, run a security army, bench press 425lbs, multi task like a mofo and see the future. i mean I have dated way hotter chicks than this girl…. but i am a chicken. a cosmic one.. but still dang it. LOL

      i mean i dated playboy centerfolds for crying out loud and super models. she aint one of those. and ah shit i will ask her out the next time i see her. if i dont chicken out.

      see not an angel. just a man. LOL

      im over it!

      thanks for the link . i will check it out later. i have invoicing to do.

      always love your comments dude.

      • forgive me Andy, I see the humor ‘the cosmic chicken bunny is chicken from a bunny’
        the best to ya Andy, I enjoy and sometimes relate to your never ending saga

  4. “measured in DOLLARS”

    I speculate that’s why Chinese GDP can never pass U.S. GDP, $s. Until quantum computing hits China cannot book the $ before it’s printed. There’s that one hop.

    Obama told Americans to eat their peas. But Little Bush already signed the bailouts of the day. Pea eating was never intended. O/T – Luckily we kept GM for the country saving ventilators. There’s a warehouse somewhere stacked to the ceiling with “vents”.

    “satellite killer weapon”

    I read about the recent Russian test. More space debris. The Government Elites are trapping us for some reason. Why do governments block the window out?

    Musk recently said he’s got one chance to get us to Mars. If he doesn’t get us there, we’re never leaving Earth. I think he’s right.

  5. “What chu talking bout Willis?”

    No gravy – those two words together rise to the level of criminality, imho.Explains Ure the mask wearing behavior.
    Why “no gravy” is one of the most depressing things you can say to a Women or Man. This is very disturbing insight into how the mind of a East Texas “shade tree chef” workz, or in this case, not so cheesey like.

    Hint – big clue time..
    Ya know those yummy scrumptious lil flavor-bomb “nuggets” stuck to the bottom of the roasting pan – they are worth their weight in Cocaine – when comes to the refined individuals’ gravy – Au Jus.
    I put that scheisse on anything (dip) to make taste better. Hell I would drink shots of it, if the “war department” weren’t so fussy protective of cracklings & gray’s in the ECUs’ warm kitchen. Au jus is like as close to divinity as the ECU will ever get – as I do so enjoy “playing around in the mud” – like that old septuagenarian said You’ll Never make a “Saint of Me” NEVER !

    11/19/21 Full Moon Eclipse – starts 3:30AM – 5:00AM, Max @4:02AM, Ends 7:02 – Hump-day fast prior to event..All Systems GO!

  6. “Look! Up in the sky! It’s a… China quietly took control of Italian military drone maker, WSJ says.”

    LOL sort of like when our drone was taken over and landed by the Iranian’s.. or that they found a small hidden program in our guidance chips that would send micro bursts of information that would allow our missile defense to be taken over if launched..
    Or like when they turned on every camera and baby monitor security cam in the USA..What I personally took it as is a show of potential capabilities.. the hey lookie see what I can do…. what we should have learned is.. we shouldn’t depend on another’s manufacturing capabilities for our products..
    But then you can’t fix it.. GREED is the business model I think.. and there is never enough for those that want..

  7. “Only that everyone ought to start about the same. After that, you own it; no one else.”

    Reminds me of when Obama told everyone who actually made something of themselves, “You didn’t build that.”

    • I dont like the flavor of the Einkorn berries.. I prefer Durham.. like rye.. it has its place.. einkorn does real good for something like home made soy sauce.. but its flavor for myself makes a bread that’s just to nutty in texture. But then that is my personal choice thats all about taste .

    • “I hear you on the $450 groceries run.”

      I hear ya.. went in to costco to buy some of their 200 dollar bananas … lol lol.. was visiting with another customer and she started to laugh.. yup I came for the 200 rotisserie chicken lol..

    • I DIDN’T have a $450 grocery run — dropped about $200 though. Bread – $1.29, eggs – 69¢ (68¢ from WalMart if’fn you bought the case-lot), milk – $1.54gal, turkey 33¢/lb (frozen) 89¢ fresh. Oh, year, bought those, didn’t buy beef, since ground chuck was $8/lb and whole (bone in) chuck roast was fricking $9/lb! Fancy steaks are now north of $23.

      I really want to do a scratch pot roast and jerk some beef, but at that price it’s not going to happen for a while…

    • Its sad isn’t it…
      what scares the hell out of me is we have the express smuggling in illegals faster and faster..
      For what logical reason would they have to put the USA in a position of potential peril like that..

      • Same reason they shut down the Ports in SoCal with democrat truck wrecking legislation and sold US protection to Ukraine. (Do we have to explain everything???) It’s about wrecking america, of course

      • “(Do we have to explain everything???) It’s about wrecking america, of course”

        I hear ya. I use to question revelations and all the prophecies where someone would walk in.. and everything would instantly change.. how could that happen.. in a system originally designed to have systems in place to prevent them from happening.
        NOW I can see exactly how it could be achieved.. what’s going on and how things are just forgotten is not only disturbing but amazes me that no one is even seeing it all as questionable..
        Scary stuff

  8. The fact that antidepressants are showing to help with extreme covid makes me wonder how much of people’s covid illnesses are mental/psychosomatic. When we’re constantly told how bad it is and that you might die if you contract it, when someone tests positive, can it just be fear and despair setting in, making the illness much much worse than it actually is? Is there a reverse placebo effect in action?

    • It certainly gets you moving toward the doctor and hospital care that makes things so much worse if they only follow the CDC guidelines.

  9. “Import prices are to some degree, likely influenced by the mess on the waterfront and the rail yards.”

    Also, DO remember that where a local inflation or deflation shows up most-radically is in imports/exports. Because they are not, or are only loosely, coupled to our currency, foreign goods will reflect ‘flation much better than some D.C. wonk playin’ with his Keynesian equations ever could.

  10. “Seems to me what’s happened is a generalized confusion over what equality (racial and gender) really meant to the Founders. Doesn’t mean everyone finishes the same. Only that everyone ought to start about the same. After that, you own it; no one else.”

    To the founders, or to anyone else. This is why I rail about “equity.”


    sound about the same, therefore the vast majority of people believe they mean the same thing.

    They do not. In a social sense,

    “equality” means everybody starts at the starting line, with their social and financial success dependent on their own beliefs and actions

    “Equity” means a social or political entity is going to periodically handicap everyone, in an effort to make sure everyone finishes at the same time, with the same amount of stuff and the same accomplishments, regardless the effort they put in or the things in which they believe.

    Governments do not generate wealth. They have no means of handicapping people upwards. Therefore, to establish equity, they must take away from those who have, and reallocate it (minus a substantial cut for themselves) to those who don’t. This is a monetary theory called “communism.” Governments have no means of ensuring people are educated the same, achieve the same, and are regarded equally, except (by “central planning” and “central control”) to control education and mandate uniform standards, manage income and taxation to ensure everybody receives the same amount of money for their profession, regardless of what it is, and manage social interaction and personal thought, to the extent they can. This is a social theory called “socialism.”

    A government can not make everyone equally healthy, wealthy, or happy. It can only establish “equity” by taking away from those who are, until everyone is equally “those who’re not.”

    Words have meanings. Interpretations are fluid, meanings are not.

  11. “For now “soldier gathering” continues. Turkey intensifies military cooperation with Ukraine. And Russia tests its satellite killer weapon. Logistics matter…or will soon enough.”

    Turkey’s simply going Rothschild. They just worked out a significant deal with Russia to fill a Turkish Air Force deficiency with Russian fighters (or was it fighter/bombers…?) It was late when I read that.

  12. Obesity is the number one co-morbidity listed by the CDC. Depression and fear is now number two. So there is a direct link in the mental state and physical state associated with Covid. Giving people a “happy pill” does seem to have a very good affect.

    • Dr. Chris Martenson listed depression and, especially, anxiety as a significant co-morbidity in one of his videos earlier this year when he was still able to release them on YouTube. While it wasn’t his original investigative work, he was just citing other studies at the time, it’s strange how the CDC can be so far behind independent, individual thinkers.

    • Put ihre mask back on and keep it on! – You are getting too much O2 in Ure bloodstream/brainpan – they need you to be Depressed & Anxious and Stooopid, feeling Fear at every turn, hearing Fear from all media outlets.

      Stay inside and quarantine Ureself, like a good little “slave’ – fresh Air and Sunshine should NOT to be consumed and or enjoyed – stay inside, wear a mask and get Ure jabberdo’s (3). As lil barky sayz – dont be a selfish prick – get Ure clotz shotz!
      No Bitcoin 4 U, Smartypants!

  13. Anything that modifies transport of zinc through cell membranes will affect covid outcomes. Almost all of the off-label “cures” require co-administration with zinc.

  14. Utah is going to get some Infrastructure rain. But I think the take-away is the need to know how to write/apply for grants. Riches could be as simple as baffling a government face with a bad business plan.

    “A ‘futuristic’ inland port

    “The Utah Inland Port Authority already has a plan in place to hire people dedicated to applying for Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act grants, according to port director Jack Hedge, in order to build a “21st Century port.”

    “About 40% of the nation’s goods move through Utah annually,” Hedge said. “So I think we can make a really good case for maybe a bigger slice of the pie than we might otherwise be entitled to.”

  15. have yah heard the one about war ??? its hillarious !!!! toot toot go the dow !! go down the vix !!!everyvegy happy !!!

  16. might as well use my 3 quota early . and what about the pedo president . how good does he fart and sheet and mumble and smoke pot and touch everyone. and they reckon he is unpopular . why i tell yah he made a record dow 2 . nice clean cut fanily 2 . happy dayz !!!

  17. The following section of country is probably “under invested”. It might be a good idea to buy open land near this corridor. More research needed.

    The Port of Mobile, Alabama is getting upgraded.

    “WASHINGTON — Congressional designation of the Interstate 14 Corridor across Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia became a reality on Monday, with the presidential signing of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill.”

    ““The I-14 system will improve connectivity between regions, provide freight movement efficiency, link important military facilities and strategic seaports, create a high elevation alternative for coastal sections of I-10 that are prone to flooding, and spur economic development opportunities along the 1,300 mile path,” he said.”

  18. checked out the dow cow !!! big secret there in the numbers . now all you good vegges git your little trades for little sheckles in little lives in little brains .. anyone notice something ? you DR ure from guru university ? anybody notice ? nah probably not . to the short cave batman !!

  19. If you don’t play the game, ya get penalized. AG says “workers were left terrified and powerless.”

    I don’t recall hearing of disruptions or anything less than business as usual there, nor does the complaint mention such. Just government interference.

    I think someone needs a Prozac.

    • Nien. Looks to have a little ways to go..down. RSI looks like crap, MACD not so good either. Bottom of current trend. Unless U know some scheisse others dont regards company ownership, would monitor a little while longer – no rush here to own. current low in at $6.15 – looks to be descending triangle(to me) to bout $6.80. if it bounces off 6.80 – might be good to start nibbling. Falls thru $6.80, I would wait for it to come in around $6

      ps – I am a idiot – caution advised.

  20. I’ve got a question, George. It’s occurred to me before but another web site brought it to mind just now so I thought I’d pose it to the knowledgeable thinkers here – One of the characteristics of fiat currency is to expand with the economy, at least in a tightly controlled and disciplined regulatory setting in which the creators of the currency don’t inflate it away. In a commodity based precious metals money system where gold and silver quantities control much of the valuation of money how do the Central Banks expand the money supply to maintain the same level of specie valuations if we get into what some people are now calling a Peak Gold and Silver production time period? FDR famously revalued gold in the 30s after tricking everyone in to the “voluntary” loss of purchasing power in on fell swoop. Actions like that wouldn’t be politically feasible very often. Politicians of those time periods would have to sacrifice their careers unless they were also living in a more perfect world of term limitation and didn’t care.

    There was a time in the 1870s when an abundance of silver was coming out of the Western U.S. to the point the mint was making much more coinage than the economy could absorb which resulted in many original bags of silver dollars being stored and only brought out in the 1980s or 90s, I think. This greatly reduced the value of silver at the time the coins were minted but I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of a similar situation with gold.

    Just wondering while the coffee is kicking in.

    • They lower the amount of PMs which are used to back the circulating currency

      i.e. The modern (1934+) USD began as a “fractional currency.” Over the years, Congress &or the Fed increased the denominator, lessening the percentage of “gold backing” of the currency, thereby making it so the government could print more FRNs.

      And then came Mr. Nixon…

      Whom I badmouth for removing the last vestiges of gold backing for the FRN, and whose actions opened the door for such as South Africa and Switzerland to ditch their currency backing (The Swiss Franc “CHF” was 100% gold-backed, when most of us were born. It has been a long ride down to pure fiat, and will not end well, for anyone…)

      • Wish I could have gotten back to you on this but after I managed to get this up yesterday it all went down hill from there. Not sure about today either.

        The only way I know of to expand money supply in a gold or otherwise commodity based money supply is to mine more and give it the official stamp of approval in the various denominations required at the mints. This is the only way that kind of system can inflate the money supply as economies grow. This does introduce the “discipline” that is talked about to governments who have a tendency to be profligate in their budgetary ways otherwise the money goes the way of the Roman coinage that gradually lost its precious metal content. Either way the money loses its intrinsic value even if the PM is revalued to more monetary units per ounce to spread it over a greater physical area as the U.S. did when it finally stretched across our continent and then the World. It was a wholly different dynamic than what the fiat system of today has and may have kept us out of a lot of wars simply because the money wasn’t there.

        I was just wondering if there was some other way of working it that would allow for monetary expansion in such a system that I had not thought of other than adulteration of the PMs in the coins and seigniorage. Not much leeway in that kind of system which works to the good and bad if you don’t have good governmental managers.

  21. Good morning George. Fresh news from the beach.

    Ya normally when I’m up and outside in the morning air it is uneventful, calm and Tranquil. I can hear the sound of the wave from the ocean. The belt of Orion seems to follow me no matter where I go. I say good morning to it almost every day.

    This morning a Giant Owl (almost as big as an eagle) landed on the tree next to me. I said good morning Mis Owl. Then started reading my morning meditations about humility and service. It flew off the branch and right over me about 4 feet over my head. I could feel the air from its massive wings move the hair move the hair on my head as it flew over. Landed on the tree behind me. I went back to my readings.

    Then two much smaller owls (maybe baby owls) flew right over me and landed on the tree infront of me with moon behind them lighting them up and as one turned its head its eyes lit up like the stars in the sky (a reflection from the light of the moon?)

    I never seen owls down here before. Seen lots of them in Alakska. Then one of the baby owls flew off the tree and landed on the BBQ next to me. Literally an arms length away from me and stared at me. I said good morning little Owl.
    I said good morning little Owl. I see you watching over me. And your Momma watching over you. The moon watching over us and Orion watching over the Moon and us all. THE DUDE watching over Orion, the moon, Momma Owl, 2 baby owls and me on a Wednesday morning at three. Am.

    Pretty cool.

    Someone told me to grow up yesterday. You’re 51 years old! And this morning I thought, why would I ever do that. I feel like a big kid out here with the baby owls, HUGE Momma Owl, The Moon and Orion and my little meditation books, coffee in a cup that says Love on it.

    THE DUDE, ya know?

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