Durables, UI Filings, Charts

This being a semi-vacation week, we’re keeping on point with breaking economic news.  Since people are moving around the country in huge numbers (55+ million) for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Our consigliere had an earlier-than-expected arrival due to “dueling Garmin’s.”  Yep – sitting in the driveway here, one routes his return via Athens, Texas while the other one heads through Frankston and via Tyler, Texas.

One of the many problems of software are instances like this of “digital inconsistencies.

 Which doesn’t matter much at one level (both units would have gotten him here – or home for that matter).

But, as extensible thinking intrudes, we wonder what the implications are for A.I. down the road?  Schizoputera? Dueling AA.I.’s with humans in the squeeze?

We kick off with a couple of news releases just out and then review the ChartPack which is pretty darned interesting.

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28 thoughts on “Durables, UI Filings, Charts”

  1. The shirt analogy isn’t too far off.

    Bulk (60 count) house brand eggs @ $WMT are now valued over 27 cents each. About 18 months ago those eggs were valued around a dime each.

    A $5.xx pack of eggs is now over $16.xx.

    Everyone experiences the new price level but .gov did raise transfer payments so higher prices don’t affect everyone equally.

    As example, “New York Food Stamps to increase by 12.5% in October 2022 ”

    What’s room and board on a chicken, right?

  2. “And for the holiday a “blunt thinking” topic to ponder: Is our universe one big virtual reality?” Quote from todays subscriber side. After a couple of blunts are you really going to care?

    • if it is then not any more than if it is not. when our mind can impact the weather and what have you, I’m of the belief in hermetic philosophy that everything is of the mind and that everything outside of my shell is a reflection of that which is inside.

  3. Three quick things:

    1) (At risk of being accused of sucking up to the boss…) I am Thankful this day for Urban Survival and Peoplenomics AND their high-level inexhaustible Zero Point energy source and driver – Big G.
    It’s the very first thing I tune to each day, and has edified me greatly. (As have the commentators.) UrbSurv and PeepNom are simply the finest things on the interwebs. Constantly challenging, broad spectrum.

    2) I remain optimistic in the face of the Runaway Train Of Doom, partly because I see no compelling evidence of clear coordination among the many forces and groups — the is no Central Committee, no Mr. Big, no Number One stroking a white Persian cat with an evil glaring contemptuous face. The groups all battle each other and dis-coordinate the over all effect. Chaos is rife — which, itself, is an indication of a lack of a Top Command. Those who polarize also divide themselves. I do fear the coming of a Great Charming Unifying Demagogue Dictator; but he ain’t on the TeeVee yet.

    3) UrbSurv and PeepNom serve as Warnings and Predictors with a useful (if imperfect) track record. To Warn is to Arm — or at least Alert — those with ears to hear. This serves as Protective Information, and stimulates preparatory response. Saving asses and fortunes, while assisting in making fortunes or at least some lunch money.

    Thank you, Mr. Boss. Please to keep on keepin’ on.

  4. So, where have all the petroleum products gone to? Here’s a hint:


    Every time the price of oil goes up, every floating teacup that can hold oil starts circling the oceans, while speculators make money on the cargo. It all continues until supplies loosen up, and/or the tanker rates go exponential. We’re there.
    Are there refined diesel products circling the seas? Domestic prices would indicate that.
    Prices at the pump are starting to go down locally. I have seen gasoline at $2.60 and diesel at $4.25. We are short pipeline ride from Gulf Coast shipping terminals, so I would expect prices here to fall more quickly than other locations.
    Will we see a crash in petroleum prices after the first of the year? The Russian embargo meme has been overplayed, and the tanker captains are steaming toward port to try and dump cargo before the market falls farther, and the shipping rates begin to bite. And of course, that sends prices even lower.

    • Interesting thoughts. Here in the wilds of NM, the lowest price I’ve seen on gas(reservation gas) is $2.92. I hope you’re right – especially regarding diesel.

  5. Gonna take U higher – Go baby Go !

    Aint nothing to worry about – its all good..just ask Brandon, he will tell it is so.

    BTC leads the way…ahead of the pack ( of flea ridden nags) – will be coming out of this “Wash Cycle” smelling like a bag of BBQ Chips ! BBBBBBoo -ya!

    No Bitcoinz – for Financial Grumpasourasses.

  6. Addendum:

    Bad Things bifurcate into two broad classes:

    A) They don’t last as long, or hurt as much as you thought they would.

    B) They last a lot longer, or hurt far more than you thought.

    (Or, unusually, a mix of A or B’s two major elements.)

    I’m predicting The Screaming Runaway Train Of Doom, now bearing down on us, will be a solid A type. This is because of a WoRR’s corollary to murphy’s law(s), which concerns the random perversity of Universe in general. (There is a 77.65% chance a piece of buttered toast will land butter-side down.) Since everybody EXPECTS a Really Horrible Train Wreck, the corollary suggests that like “2012,” and “Y2K” before it — it maybe won’t be such a Big Deal.

    Perhaps Dude’s secret goal is to discredit all prognosticators via a string of embarrassing shortfalls.

    “Time is the crucible in which we burn,” (Bladerunner) so it is best if we CAN’T know the future, because it takes away all the fun of betting your mass on things. Ships of exploration sail precisely because they don’t know what they’ll find. Some find destruction: Some find The Wonderful — but you don’t find anything if you don’t sail, as safe as that might be. It’s unprofitable.

  7. One must ask give thanks for what . Will Klaus have a big parade like Macy’s ? Are Macy’s around . Or will slo jo pedo pardon himself and all the gang and theFED and have a military style thing like North Korea . Thanks but no thanks. Burn you humanity killers

  8. Lies and agendas:

    Take away citizen’s guns, “The American Public Health Association says gun violence in the US is a public health crisis. It is a leading cause of premature death in the country, responsible for more than 38,000 deaths annually.” https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/adeonibada/chesapeake-virginia-walmart-shooting

    Ignore open border, and support dark money smuggling of humans and drugs, “As the new year rolls in, Drug Enforcement Administration Divisions across the U.S. are seeing overdose deaths climb at an alarming rate, especially those caused by the synthetic opioid, fentanyl. Only weeks ago, the DEA reported overdose deaths in the U.S. had topped 100,000 for the first time over a 12-month period ending last spring.” https://www.dea.gov/stories/2022/2022-02/2022-02-16/fentanyl-deaths-climbing-dea-washington-continues-fight

    Many dueling “realities” for sure.

    Thanks, George, and enjoy the day tomorrow with family and friends!

  9. Those dueling Garmins can be irritating. There have been times I’ve followed the GPS on a highway, taken an exit, and meandered forever to my destination, said destination turning out to be one block away from the next highway exit.

    On another occasion, taking turns with two others driving to Palestine from Maryland (a trip I made many times alone, my personal record is 20 hours including a 30 minute nap). While passing Chattanooga the owner of an iPhone decided to follow the route listed on his phone while I and the other passenger were asleep, adding 33 miles (and TWO additional hours) to the trip.

    I’m spending Thursday with family, and am wondering if a pitcher sized Old Fashioned would make the day bearable. Hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving.

    • We once haarbored us “old fashioned” values. But, with suitable paring of the guest list, a couple of glasses of wine and 3-minutes of a good TV show leading to trukey coma…ah…ideal.
      Today, prime rib rules. Should there be leftovers from that, then a spaghetti sauce or stroganoff on Saturday with our world-class S.S.T. sandwich artle tomorrow.

  10. I wouldn’t doubt that you’ve covered SDRs a number of times over the years, George. It’s usually where my eyes glaze over and start bouncing around the page looking for TEOTWAWKI predictions since I barely do anything outside of AM Talk radio. But I ran across this video that’s about a year old. It’s reception only but you can evidently tune into just about any frequency you want to on the laptop – air traffic, police, regular local programming and more.


    And there are many other SDRs out there that do other things like getting pictures from the ISS.

    Eh. May be a cheap and easy way for non-radio enthusiasts to dabble a toe in that pond. Still time to add something to your Christmas list.

  11. Re: Durables


    Media is aflutter with the addition of another year added to the durable Thanksgiving tradition of the American First Family taking respite in Nantucket. Like last year, billionaire philanthropist David Rubenstein, formerly known as a co-founder of the Carlyle Group, has located suitable accommodation for the presidential entourage in his 13,000 sq. ft. oceanside abode. Perhaps the host has been so kind as to leave a copy of his new book displayed on the coffee table – “How to Invest: Masters on the Craft”. (This is not investment advice.)

    Speaking of avid readers, the UK’s “Daily Mail” informs that Mr. H. Biden and immediate family including toddler did cross the threshold for a couple of minutes in Nantucket at Mitchell’s Book Corner which is said to feature a shelf dedicated to Biden publications. The “Daily Mail” completed its due diligence and concluded that the merchant was in possession of but one copy of the Hunter Biden autobiography held “upstairs” separate from the sales floor. No word was given if the tome was signed by the author.

  12. What’s your real problem with gold eh ? What is it eh ? What is it ? Answer somebody why you perma short

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