Dogwood’s Are Out

On the way up to the greenhouse, looking out of the guest rooms, and down  in the deep woods.

Personally, I never understood the fascination with dogwoods.  Yeah – pretty when they bloom and all.  But so are tomatoes.  And those turn into something edible.

On the other hand, people get real excited about this time of year when the red buds and the dogwoods are out.  Local Chamber of Commerce is especially smitten with ’em.

Me?  Something that goes with ranch dressing is more to my linking.  A fresh beefsteak ‘mater with some mozzarella and basil, perhaps? (June looms!)

But to each, their own. And Texas is big enough for all…

Write when you get rich,

20 thoughts on “Dogwood’s Are Out”

  1. Hey… the pink Cherry Blossoms are out up in Waimea town, too. And you can eat cherries!

      • LOL LOL a good friend of the daughters.. ( almost like a daughter to me .. known her, her whole life..) is becoming the area’s dog lady.. LOL LOL LOL she was complaining about her S.O. not building a kennel for them ( a whole new story on that one LOL.. ) anyway.. at this point she has just about twenty dogs.. she had three last year LOL.. all had pups.. to afraid to take them to the pound and the pound euthanizing them.. anyway the young ones are getting in season..She was complaining to me about the situation and she didn’t know what to do.. So I started teasing her and I told her don’t do anything and you will have fifty in just a few months and will be the area’s first dog woman.. but that isn’t a bad thing because you can eat them if everything goes south you will always have meat..By the way I hear they taste like chicken, just do like the refugees do and hang them on a clothes line and beat them with a base ball bat to tenderize the meat LOL.. LOL( She didn’t think I was very humorous LOL) … although when I worked at the cabinet shop.. they had refugees coming in and they had that stinky white meat, because of that the pound increased the cost of adopting animals to discourage the refugees.. LOL LOL LOL….
        I know its not funny LOL

      • From what I’ve read, dogs and humans are the worst-tasting of all meats, and wild cat is the best. I don’t plan on ever finding out…

  2. And I am damn envious of all those tall antenna support poles you have, also! My new KIO Hexbeam is assembled on sawhorses in the back yard, awaiting installation on my custom tilt-over mast at the end of the house.

  3. Well, George, it’s like this, tomatoes are food for the ol’ bod while dogwoods, redbuds and such are food for the soul. You need both. Yours are truly beautiful. Enjoy them. Thank you for sharing.
    It’s time to go riding up to the forty.

    Right now the majestic white azalea in my back yard is in full bloom. Next to it wild yellow jasmine is covering the small brush pile that is left undisturbed for the rabbit. Then the mower guy has been instructed to leave certain other areas untouched this time of year, also. There the fleabane makes ever enlarging patches of white against the green lawn. And the spiderwort! Huge patches, one in the front and one in the back yards. Now the colors range from the deepest to palest indigo, lavenders, pale pinks to deep magenta-rose, an unusual color for this plant–plus a few whites thrown in. Wild violets. A small surprise patch of white clover. Delicate Penstemon is blooming; over the years it has migrated from the flowerbed under the windows to the back fence and back again. Lyre Leaf sage will be blooming soon. We’ve nicknamed it Louisiana Blue Bonnets. That’s for starters.

    Meanwhile, leaves in the double row of potatoes are peeking out. Some tomatoes in the ground, more to set out. Bell & banana peppers set out. Parsley and basil going strong. (Gotta have that pesto!) A short row of bush beans will be seeded this week–to be ready pickin’s for new potatoes & gr beans smothered in butter ‘n salt ‘n pepper. Pole beans for summer picking go in as soon as trellis goes up.

    So there, you can have both. Though somehow I’ll bet you deep down enjoy the beauty of spring blooms, just as much as you appreciate any other beauty.

    Oh, btw–couple years ago 1 gal. pots of plain ordinary blue Spiderworts were going for $7.95. Mine were free volunteers. (grin)

    Take care, both of you!
    Keeping candles lit & wheels spinning

  4. Off Topic, but Here’s a trip: I was waiting for my stimulus check or card to arrive. I have never given the IRS my bank account info for direct deposits in past years. Mostly I paid, but refunds were always requested by check. First stimulus last year was by check received. Second stimulus was by debit card. I just discovered by reviewing my bank account that I received $1400 by direct deposit from the IRS. They got my bank account information… without me ever telling them.

    • Same thing happened to me. But I think we’ve known all along the Feds could GET your banking info, but I’m guessing this is the first time they’ve taken any action using it on a mass scale.
      Dems will do that for ‘ya.

  5. I’ll tell yah the great reset George !!! Everything gets smashed except USD and treasuries then we start again . Selling some rare art tonite at auction . 4 items . All goes into shorts . Yeeeeehhhhhhaaaaaa!!!

  6. The first hummingbird of Spring arrived this morning.

    He (rubythroat) is about two full weeks early. April 15th (ironically) is the normal first-sighting time. I only put up the “juice” yesterday!

    In a million years, I wonder if any trace of Mankind ever even being here will remain.

    I doubt it.

    (Well… For archeologists, maybe….)

    But I wager the micro-birds will con-tin-ue…


  7. G,
    The explorers Lewis and Clark in their diaries and the mens diaries All praised dog meat as the best meal they had on their journey of exploration. One of the reasons the various tribes had lots of dogs..Extra food,early warning system..
    Cats and dogs sold in Japan,South Korea,China. Never saw any in Honduras, Nicaragra,Egypt or Sinai. None in Israel.
    Dogs lots of uses.

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