Do Markets Tell Us the Future?

Seriously – in like a Nostradamus-like way?  Are they leading indicators of Life on Earth, overall?  Then head for the shelter.

We will attempt to unravel at least a corner of this fall of yard in this weekend’s review of our Aggregate Index’s recent activity.  While points to a recent date and may be telling us something of times to come.

First, though, a few mental calisthenics to spin up processors to warp speed.  But then?  Yes, the future itself may have recently “warped” on us…

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84 thoughts on “Do Markets Tell Us the Future?”

  1. Pure, unadulterated BullSceisse – Ure “suppressor” “made a choice” in the great white north – bee “controlled” (money or phyz ?), will not divulge true origins/history of Mankind on Earth (slaves).. the great satam -Enlil, adversary to Mankind..therefore traitor tryman .

    Anyone can read of the kababla using the zohar to view it thru- divulges who/what the Elohim are in Bible.
    Describes how to greet /interact with them without getting Ureself eviscerated, by their “described” 4 foot long blades..

    Angels carrying 4 ft blades for slicing and dicing Human slaves/foes ? Gee wonder why they never said a word about any of this in Sunday School?

    Better described as REPTILIAN, annuna /warriors aka annunaki.
    All those clay/stone cones found all over Mesopotamia/iraq – translated as signs of Ownership/Under Protection of annuna “mafia”. Cones stuck into side of buildings, huts, granaries..”nothing new under the sun..
    No hard evidence of a Creator like old white guy sticking out his finger and creating planet Earth in 6 days -None
    Evidence of reptilian race compiling gene libraries from which Human genome was constructed, as well earlier versions – 2 of which were combined with common reptilian (kingu) ancestor 2 make modern versions, all over the planet.

    ? neural engagement – if not sure what this is/means – prolly been previously “engaged” by someone/thing..hence No Recall abilities..without assistance(deep hypnosis).

    Interest – Ceres Colony Cavalier-Tony Rodrigues, just did a Remote Viewing project on this – to see if there was anything to the super soldier stories ..”20yr enslavement”

      • Seeing with Ure own eyes in person may be believing, but video, not so much.
        The MSM is so compromised by officious manipulators that nothing there is really believable. Alternative media is filled with newly minted mythologies (and creatively reassembled old) which aren’t particularly plausible either, even with judicious withholding of judgement.
        I wonder if we are headed down that same path that led to human tribes being fragmented and isolated in days of old. Technology changes, but people, not so much.

      • More like digital coms = tower. Large portions of the populace are now economically and socially dependent on those comms. You already can see the fragmentation starting, with the example of the Ru’s isolating their segment to try and ward off the tsunami of off-plan and culturally strange material which has flooded into that nation’s living rooms, jeopardizing control of the masses. What happens when leaders with the technical resources decide that the segment isolation isn’t enough, and the outside influences must be stopped forcibly? Putin isn’t the only one with that problem.

  2. I have exited 2 conversations this week, both about the war in Ukraine. My mistake was in suggesting that we look hard at an off ramp for Putin and a path to peace, not a continued war. I was immediately accused of being a Putin stooge and a weakling.

    How few people in this part of the dumbed down world realize this war has a very bad ending if de-escalation can’t be found and very soon. The bad ending will most certainly include them and their families. I wonder if we asked the Ukrainian citizens whether escalation of the war is the answer to their suffering. Scorched earth or compromised ending?

    I now understand why MMA is such a popular support. Beat the shit out of each other until only one man standing over a bloodied and vanquished opponent, in this case maybe the whole planet.

    A bastardized version of Three Dog Night song from the 70s rings through my ears……….

    Escalate, escalate, dance to the music.

    Help me out here Warhammer. Is there no peaceful way out of this or am I just a Putin stooge?

    • “How few people in this part of the dumbed down world realize this war has a very bad ending if de-escalation can’t be found and very soon. ”

      AMEN Bob.. I have people telling me the same’s like their all blind to this..nato and the usa are complicating this even more by closing any and all avenues of de-escalating this situation.. it could have been a non event months ago now seem to be forcing Russia and China to take it to the next level..
      Which scares the hell out of me..

      • “Is there no peaceful way out of this or am I just a Putin stooge?”

        Oh BIC…. around here it’s called using common sense.. a trait lost through greed on the troughs of the beltway…
        Time for spring break..oh heck they aren’t back from the work period yet..

    • There is something else going on here that the western media is trying to hide, maybe Putin is trying to clean Ukraine of pedo criminal nazis. If his goal is to destroy Ukraine he certainly could of flattened that country in 2 days. Anyone who doesn’t question the media narrative isn’t paying attention. The stooges are the ones that believe what the media is reporting. Save yourself the trouble Bic and don’t waste your time with these people because they will eventually bring you down with them.
      Hang on because we its gonna get worse.

      • During the period 1921-1944, the famous psychic/healer/mystic, Edgar Cayce, gave “a series of ‘World Affairs Readings’ about the future of world finance, world leadership, collective spirituality, and the important role Russia and Vladimir Putin would play on the world’s stage.” He didn’t name Putin, but at this time it’s obvious that Putin is doing what Cayce said would be done.

        Among the many comments Cayce made regarding Russia are the following:

        “In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the communistic, or Bolshevik, no; but freedom, freedom!”

        “On Russia’s religious development will come the greater hope of the world.” (Regardless of how one views the Russian Orthodox religion, Putin almost single-handedly retrieved it from the USSR’s trash bin. About 25,000 churches have been built or restored during his rule.)

        Cayce’s predictive track record is very good, so I believe Putin is the instrument of the world’s salvation from the hell that the globalists are planning for us. They’ve almost conquered the U.S., and he is certainly the predicted “thorn in their side.”

        There are many articles on Cayce’s predictions about Russia, but here’s the one I quoted from:

      • 3-18-22 Full Moon – Ides of March..”beware”

        Of What exactly ?

        Why ?

        * See Russian launch of HS KinZhal Hypersonic Missile – screamingly fast, deadballz accurate.

        “In the blink of an eye” modern Warfare was Changed.

        We, USA/Nato have NOTHING to Deter Russian hypersonics…KinZhal, AvnGard glider…

        not Ure grandma’s typical ballistic –


    • A few points:

      –The easy way out (if you can call it that) is destruction of the Ukrainian army and massive refugees crossing into the Eurozone. But that’s not what Putin wants. He wants to stop the madness now and protect his people.

      –Don’t worry – the US/NATO will not enter the war – they know where that goes. If they wanted to jump in, they would have done it by now. US/NATO are hoping they can wear Russia down before he Eurozone says ‘stop’ we cannot take another million refugees.

      –That’s how this ends in about 4-6 weeks when the Eurozone screams uncle from the refugees.

      –The US/NATO care not about the Ukrainian people. Btw, if you want to call me a Putin stooge – go ahead – so what? Unlike most of the people on this thread, I was Marine Corps officer in my prior career, so I have the basic tools and knowledge to assess the situation on the ground – and no, the Russians ain’t losing despite what our friends at CNN say.

      –Putin has been extraordinarily cautious to see the long run big picture, and destroying Ukraine is not a viable option. Also, he has air supremacy (as opposed to air superiority for those who know the difference). He could pound the Ukrainian army (via high altitude air strikes) who are now bottled up, but he would rather not kill them all. He knows that young, strong males will be needed to rebuild Ukraine after the fighting ends.

      –Finally, look – in the first year of the covid con, many of the people on this thread thought covid was real, although the ‘amazing’ decline in influenza in 2020 and 2021 should have signaled something obvious to anyone willing to surface above the MSM crap. Now people who took the vaxx are now trying to reconcile their urge to be woke with their sinking feeling that they were duped into taking a very toxic and dangerous vaccine.

      –So, Ladies and Gents, if you want to side with the MSM again and repeat the talking points of the village idiots reporting in our media, go right ahead. It takes a strong man to be contrarian, especially when most people who don’t know any better would rather follow the headlines from the modern day likes of Pravda and Investia! They lied to you about covid and they are now lying to you about Ukraine. Ignorance is willful in todays information rich environment – go forth and learn.

    • Go back and look at Sec of Defense Austin’s statements the weekend BEFORE the invasion … they were clearly a “Come On!!! We WANT a War to Start!” set of statements.

      Why? I have no idea, but the US was definitely trying to push all the buttons to get the dust up started.

      “IF” my read on those pre-War statements is accurate then the US is clearly manipulating events to try to get the War to ESCALATE. Typical CIA and Neocon type of manipulation dynamics. They have done it many times, and by now are good at it.

      Again Why? I have no idea but they seem to be doing everything they can to get an escalation.

      (Do we have a secret weapon which we will then pull out and use to destroy Russia once they get the escalation they seem to be pushing for?)

      I am for the first time getting nervous about living in the city. Two juicy first strike targets here, one only 4 miles by crow distance from me, other being about 12-14 miles. In addition there are multiple other first strike targets within about 45-50 miles and then there are war industry critical targets all over my general region. Maybe time to think about moving 20 miles, maybe 30 miles, further out. (I can deal with the fallout … it is the FLASH that is the problem).

      Certainly a strange time to live through. Seems to be much like many in Europe probably felt in the summer of 1939. War clearly the desire of some who will do anything it takes to make it happen, and no way for the cannon fodder everyday people to be able to avoid it.

      • “the US is clearly manipulating events to try to get the War to ESCALATE. ”

        Years ago six months before 911 and the twin towers…. George Noory had a War Games analyst on his nightly show.. and the brought up the current events and how they were playing out How they would play it out if it ever came to fruition..
        Basically there are Two big countries that stand in the way of progress of having the 1WG I don’t know if they have a library of past programs but it is definitely worth listening to….. It is all in the business model..
        Who gets the control who gets the coin..

    • Mr. Putin’s “offramp” is to

      1) Get the missiles out

      2) Get it in writing, that NATO will never accept Ukrainian membership (post-Soviet Russia got a handshake agreement that NATO wouldn’t proliferate — care to guess how many nations have joined NATO since 1995…)

      3) Incarcerate or execute the NAZI contingents in Eastern Ukraine and the Odessa region*

      *Unlikely, because should Zelensky (or anyone else) surrender these people, Western Media would have to acknowledge their existence, which would cause the goings-on WRT Maidan to be re-examined in a much brighter light than the faded sepia of “conspiracy theory” by which they were disappeared in 2014.

      I don’t approve of Mr. Putin’s current method.
      (but at the same time)
      I can’t find fault with his requests.

      • no off ramps, for a long while – new on ramps..hello Poland.

        Everyone in the World has forgotten all previous lessons learned from history.

        1) never poke/provoke a resting BEAR .
        2) Never ever poke an Angry Bear .
        – even my young children knew these rules growing up.

        *These people are either RETARDED or there really is a Death Cult running the US Military/cia-deepstate.

        Care to guess how many Civilians have been Murdered by Ukies own forces? How many were killed when used as Human Shields. Russian are and have been trying to Protect Ukey Civilians..LIBERATE.

        How many of thousand of Uke citizens have been prevented from evacuating by Azov’s and other EVIL NAZI scum ? Friggin low life scum Azovs on most vile “fighting forces” on the planet, right there next to norks. See recent video of Azovs Burning a pow- Russian regular Alive on a wooden cross – Extremely “entertaining”. In fact this video is almost as impactful as the old Russian video of soldier cutting a Chechen rebels head off Alive..not easy without serrated blade – just ask OJ.

        Nato Hq is located where ?? hmmm, I dont think “they” have gotten A message yet .

      • ECU: I generally agree. There’s never an excuse for torture or excessive pain to be inflicted on anyone. Sometimes it’s necessary to eliminate people if there’s a war or criminal activity, but it can be done as quickly and mercifully as possible.

        There’s no reward in vengeance. The Ukranian partisans are not helping themselves – they are making the case for Russia. Russia’s methods may be the only way to stop the problem – I’m not sufficiently versed in geopolitics and war to decide. What I do know is that NATO approved the Ukrainian application for membership and that’s simply a provocation! We, the USA, need to stay out of this tiff and let those on the ground do what they feel they must. There’s no benefit to interfering. Yes, humanitarian aid might be justified outside the war zone, but that’s voluntary. By supporting Ukraine, we’re no longer neutral. NATO and the EU are not acting in a neutral manner at all – that’s an escalation.

        We can hope and pray(and prepare) against this incipient escalation to WW3. I see no reason for it other than to cover up crimes against humanity. Let the sun shine in!

      • “We, the USA, need to stay out of this tiff”

        I thought we were the ones to instigate this shizt show..

      • @NMMike

        “What I do know is that NATO approved the Ukrainian application for membership”

        Not NATO, the EU. Ukraine took NATO clear off the table because Zelensky knows a NATO membership will dedicate Russia to a full-blown conquest of Ukraine and an unconditional surrender.

  3. Latop From Hell Follow-up

    “Miranda’s right? In her Devine book about Hunter Biden’s laptop, yes, there does seem to be some real dirt to be dug up on you-know-who’s pass-through son…
    Details in today’s NY Post Lawyer for mother of Hunter Biden’s child Lunden Roberts says he expects president’s son to be indicted.
    Scammy finances? A Biden clone feeding “Pops” laundered money? Of course not.
    At least…not yet”

    I seriously doubt that will ever happen..I believe that It was the same with the insider trading scandals.. or the investigations of a suspected elite satanic pedophile group in the NE… everything is washed.. the laptop vanished faster than the investigations of the elite satanic pedophile ring.. As soon as everyone seen who is involved with it and the power they weild both economically and industrially.. it was all gone in lightning strike speed.. the sacrificial lamb that could have exposed the whole thing was imprisoned and supposedly hung himself..
    Now if any of this in even a minute amount involved a regular citizen.. it would be hell on earth..
    We live in a world where extreme double standards exist.. It is what it is and we have to accept it as absolute..

      • “Don’t get your panties in such a twist, Hunter paid his tax bill,”

        Unfortunately C…it doesn’t have a thing to do with his tax bill.. but about being potentially active in the many alligations of corrupt activities and using political power and influence to cover over them..

        If only ten percent of the allegations that have been made of the family on possible criminal misconduct has any truth to them .. Then i think that it could possibly make them the most corrupt family to ever have a seat in the oval office..
        Now fir a moment consider this … what if it was Trump that had these same allegations made of him . hell nancy pushed the he hates women for 4 years 24 hours a day because he patted a pretty girl on the butt and said being a rich man could get him laid and overpaidto have sex with a woman of legal age working in the sex field. but not a word over the kids activities or of the thousands of photos that have been published world wide or the many videos that he published himself in various areas of misconduct with and without family members. The Dual standards of power and affluence..

      • I wonder if he paid in Rubles or Yuan. He sure as hell had lots of both (less 10% for the big guy of course!)

      • I love it when a TDS sufferer too credulously cites CNN () for “news” that is (they breathlessly hope) unfavorable to Trump. In particular in a “what about” situation like the recent/belated MSM coverage of the cesspool of corruption that President Houseplant, his doper son and the rest of the Biden crime family have been swimming around in for decades. Always good for a belly laugh when that happens.

    • I’ve looked everywhere for a purloined copy of the hard disk for this laptop. It’s not on torrent sites or any search engines(non-USA). Perhaps it’s hidden somewhere on the dark net, but there’s no way I’ve been able to find it.

      I’d expect it to be there in some form or another. It was in the possession of Guliani and the FBI and I’d have expected a leak. For some reason the newspapers seem to have it, so why isn’t it more available as an actual mirror?

      • NM M – youse gotz go dark” to see the darkness” – TOR is essential to this endeavor ..darknet. No doubt you r obviously aware when viewing dark scheisse” that that nrg “rubs off” on you subtly overtime.
        Hunter had an account on PornHub – to which he Uploaded several videos of his debauched crack&hoes lifestyle..had no “joy” when I might have stumbled across a few – “fugly”

      • You don’t want to. (Neither do I…)

        Pedophilia runs long & deep in the clan.

        There’s nearly 80gb of him making time with preteen and early-teen girls (no pubes or boobs) and using whips, chains, cigarettes, razor blades, and other marital aids along with both natural and artificial hymen-removers. The few LEAs who’ve seen it say it is something no-one should ever see, and not because of the person involved, or even the age (or lack, thereof) of the objects of his attention The videos display an extremely gross, bloody, and unbelievably sadistic display of perversion. It takes a lot to make an SVU-type cop puke. Apparently he was successful multiple times.

        Or so I’ve heard…

  4. Stunning, revealing interview with Dr. Robert Malone who appears to be the most sane adult in the room. Malone, the inventor of the RNA vaccine explains everything in a reserved, logical and scientific way. Where did CV-19 come from? Who created it? Why was it created?
    What does it have to do with the Soviet Union? What does it have to do with China? Where is China on quantum computing? Where is China on faster than light communications? What about the vaccines?

    Glen Beck serves as a good moderator and this interview is an absolutely must watch!

  5. All the analytics, Elliot wave theory, aggregate index, 1929 comparator etc. and still by my estimate no better than a 50% chance of calling the Monday movement. So much manipulation from dark sources is a wildcard and high speed front running makes us all rubes imho. G has won more than lost (I think) with intense discipline and measured exposure but I lack those attributes so am relegated to watching. The real players move enormous volume ahead of retail and then ‘distribute’ maxed out positions to the retail sector for re-absorption into the loss pool.
    Was contemplating the mass formation effect on markets as I viewed this earlier:

    Maybe another tracking / charting opportunity here, the mass formation adoption index to the chart pack.

    • If we’re in the middle of a 90-year rhyme, we should be sitting on the edge of a serious drop, a bounce, and then the long slide to the bottom. I’d like to see two timelines on that chart so I have an idea when these events might happen. I get the analysis and the projection and the talk justifying how we get there, but sometimes a quick look at the thermometer is good, too.

  6. Congress may not be able to get an impeachment going, but the 21% raise they just gave themselves sure is nice!

    • If this was a roll call vote, we need to vote out all who voted for it and eliminate them from politics. While I don’t trust voting, it’s a relatively straightforward way to possibly influence things toward sanity. If it wasn’t a roll call vote, then we need to vote ALL representatives out regardless of their perceived value.

      Congresstards don’t need a raise. They make far too much already, and that’s exclusive of their many quasi-legal perks. They are not honorable, they are just low class critters who have high school social skills.

      • Judge not, lest ye be judged.

        Most staffers are over-educated, over-worked, and entry-level paid. They tend to be patriots and only last a few years because they can’t afford to live in the DC metro area, (some reps tried living in their offices for awhile…)

        They drive the machine and a good one is the difference between a day and a few months getting something done.

        I suppose ignorance is bliss for some.

  7. I don’t want to overpower anyone with my opinions.. so I will keep it short.. my boss tells me quite often.. honey your opinion is your opinion and no one cares more about your opinion than you do..
    the Greenhouse.. nice for growing beans etc.. but what if you like mushrooms.. or want to make your own soy sauce.. soy sauce takes longer.. about a year to make growing the spores in soybeans..
    but mushrooms.. what about junk mail.. what do you do with all the paper waste.. well an easy one is.. take a tote.. first soak your junk mail or straw.. if you want you can either get some sodium hydroxide and a couple of tsp in water will be enough to raise the ph.. but with junk mail.. the printing and paper making process has already sterilized the paper.. doesn’t matter if it is glossy paper to.. I shred mine.. but take it soak it till it gets wet..
    go to the grocery store buy some mushrooms.. take the stem off and slice them in quarter or eighth inch stirps.. or you can buy mushrooms already sliced.. put a few slices on the bottom of the tote.. then cover with a layer of paper or cardboard.. do this all the way to the top.. drill holes in the tote or bucket around the side and top and set it in a cool damp place.. opening it once every few days to acierate it..
    the spores in the mushrooms will eventually sprout and you will see the milky white hairs of spore growth.. eventually the mushroom will start coming out of the holes you drilled in the bucket or tote.. around the sides and top..
    now you have a mini junkmail mushroom farm..
    for soy sauce.. use Koji spores..,)%2C%20which%20are%20then%20fermented.
    soy sauce is easy to make.. it just takes a long long time.. best to do it in a wooden barrel.. the spores will impregnate the barrels..
    its like wine.. really easy to make..

    • LOOB, you’re a wealth of information, and much of it is directly actionable here! If you can find the time and inspiration, you have the material for at least one ebook. I’d certainly buy a copy, and I’m sure others would too!

      • I really appreciate that vote of confidence.. I doubt I could write a book though lol.. but I do enjoy teaching what little bit I know.
        I learned how to make all the creature comforts I love..and try to teach the kids and grandkids and anyone wishing to know..

      • Oh mike.. you can harvest your own spores for the soy sauce.
        Cooked rice wrapped in corn husks.. put in a growth chamber.. ( layer of news print moistened in a tote with the lid closed in a dark place for a few days…)
        When you check it.. if there are any red or black mold spores those are to be discarded.. white or yellow is what you harvest. Dry that and mix with rice powder to be spread over your cooked soybeans and roasted cracked wheat..
        It’s a lot cheaper than buying spores.. if you buy your spores then you can harvest some to use at a later date..
        For mushrooms cut the stem off lay out a square of aluminum foil place the mushroom on it close the tote.. if the mushrooms are dry.. put a couple of drops of water on it.. in two days you’ll see where the spores dropped in a fairy circle onto the foil toss out the mushroomand keep the fairy circle. you can either fold it up and store it in a ziplock bag or scrape the spores and put in a small jar or syringe to be stored and used later..mix the spores with rice four when ready to use then sprinkle it over your growing medium..

      • Oh a little green in the spores is OK to mike..use string or rubber bands to keep the husk closed.. the spores should resemble small cotton ball.
        A wooden barrel will work to as well as a jar with a fermentation lock..but a few alterations have to be done to make it good for fermentation with t he brine and spore cake.. a plastic bucket works but I like the flavors brought out by the wood..

    • I wonder if the Psilocybin mushrooms would work this way? Usually come picking em uninvited off cow paddies will get ya arse shoot full rock salt- wounds don’t get infected but ohhhhh does they keep stinging…hmmm with the Peyote cactus – you cut it proud” so a new jewel can grow in its place.
      Dammit ! Off on another LooB inspired project.
      Thx for all the good ideas – Ure a friggin genius.

  8. Comrades,

    I was completely unaware that Ukraine had a small contingent of troops serving as part of the Nato “peacekeeping” mission in Kosovo. They were apparently recalled to Ukraine only in the past couple of weeks.

    This week the Kosovo president has written to Mr. Biden seeking Nato membership while the government opposition in Georgia wants to line up with Nato also? The Bidenistas sure seem to be fanning the peace torch flames in tinder-dry regions. Pass the marshmallows.

    • Its called the Partnership for Peace (PFP) program. We had a Russian regiment serving in Task Force Eagle during the Bosnia peacekeeping days.

  9. I’ve talked about this before, but just as a reminder I’ll talk about it again today, but in the context of the US cutting off Russia from world trade via it’s seizing of Russia’s foreign exchange and cutting it off from transferring money into and out of Russia.

    To begin … it appears to me that Washington is being run by a bunch of monkey’s, only dumber. They can only think in First Order Effects, NOT Second Order, let alone Third Order Effects. It is a classic mistake that those who believe in the power of government to control and manipulate EVERYTHING (ie: Communists, Socialists, and most Liberals) constantly make and have been making for 120 years.

    The world economy and the actual lifeblood of supplies that it trades about DAILY in order to keep functioning is very complex, so one has to be very careful when one INTENTIONALLY sets out to upset the world trade Apple Cart. Unfortunately for us, and most of the western world, the US has NOT been “careful” when it comes to Russia, the War to begin with, and particularly our declaration of TOTAL ECONOMIC WAR on Russia.

    That declaration of TOTAL ECONOMIC WAR may feel good, but the end result since the Second and Third Order affects were clearly not even considered, let alone planned for, is going to be disasterous for the US and for Western economies.

    Everybody by now should know about Russia’s and Ukraine’s grain and food oil exports … the ceasing of is going to cause massive famine in many parts of the world far removed from Russia and Ukraine along with political instability arising in many areas. (fwiw Argentina, a major food exporting country has now banned the exports of grains and food oils too as a result).

    How many are going to die as a result of the easily FORESEEABLE food shortages, if anybody cared to look just one level down (which they did NOT)? In the millions at least, could reach into the tens of millions if the export bans remains in place.

    In the arena of industrial metals and industrial needs, again the consequences were easily FORESEEABLE, if anybody cared to look one level down. Russia provided 50% of Boeing’s aluminum and 100% of Airbus’s aluminum. There is little to NO spare aluminum production in the world at the moment so in order to keep building airplanes other users of aluminum WILL BE DENIED the use of that metal.

    Titanium … um, do we use that for making any defense weaponry?

    Rank Country/Region 2020 metric tons produced
    World 210,000
    China 110,000
    Japan 50,000
    Russia 33,000
    Kazakhstan 15,000
    Ukraine 6,000
    India 250
    oh … and the US?
    merely 1000 metric tons, we import 95%+- of what we need use in our now limited manufacturing, plus we import even more than that amount of titanium that is already incorporated in many manufactured products that we import

    Cut off Russia’s, Ukraine’s and Kazakhstan’s titanium (combined they export 80%-90% of their production) and suddenly there is 45,000 metric tons of Titanium that is OFF the world market … and if China would cease to export Titanium, with about 55% of the entire world’s production, the manufacturing world in the West would have to shut down virtually all manufacturing that incorporated Titanium in their products.

    Steel? We produce 80 million tons a year, China 1003 million tons, 12 times as much as the US, and we import another 20 to 25 million tons of raw steel a year, mostly from China with some from Canada. Of course like with Titanium this does NOT include the steel that is incorporated in products that we import – say another 80 million tons or so.

    Semi Conductors … of course we all know by now about the US’s issues with it’s lack of FAB plants and that NOT A SINGLE ADVANCED FAB PLANT exists in all of North America (many of the chips for the F-35 come from Taiwan …. duh!). Well 70% of the world’s supply of the gas needed to run the lasers that are used to etch the chips come from a single plant near Odessa … which the Russians now have under a full sea embargo and are moving to seize if their advance resumes in that part of Ukraine. Without that gas … well even if we can somehow get those chip plants we need built they won’t be operating until we can figure out someplace else to get that gas for the lasers needed in the manufacturing process. (a second issue is that there is only ONE plant in the world makes the etching machines that is needed for those newest high tech Fab plants, and it is in the Netherlands – without it’s production NO new fab plants will be coming on line for many years – as Single Point Failure issue for the entire Fab plant industry)

    Ores Ores and more Ores. Ores for the metals in most of the higher tech stuff we want to make come from either Russia or China. Voila, again a serious threat to manufacturing in the United States, and in Europe (not so much China since they mine and refine most of them).

    OH … and shipbuilding. The US for all intents and purposes HAS NONE anymore. The Chinese out build the US at 50 to 1 in both tonnage and number of ships produced each year. South Korea is not far behind followed by Japan at about 1/2 of China’s rate.

    The United States Military in other words RELIES upon Russian exports if it wants NEW equipment to be built for it!! Duh!! Did anybody in DC bother to look at the second level and third level effects of cutting Russia totally off at the knees from exporting or importing stuff? (even if the product itself is given an export exemption why would Russia do that if it CAN NOT BE PAID for what it is exporting?).

    Ditto American Manufacturing. Virtually every manufactured product made in the United States has either some Russian Raw Materials in it OR the machines necessary to produce that product have Russian Raw Materials in them.

    The United States via it’s Political Class has effectively Declared a World War AGAINST Russia … in everything except actually shooting at them, YET. The politicians in DC have rallied the MSM to push push push the War narrative, which the public is eating up like a starving man, and everybody thinks that because the US Dollar is used for world trade by Weaponizing that Dollar we are going to ONLY HURT Russia.

    Well the US Dollar no longer has a manufacturing base behind it that it had in the 1940’s through the 1970’s. SURPRISE! The country that has a huge manufacturing based behind it’s currency is now the Chinese Yuan. What the US currency has behind it is LOTS and LOTS of PAPER PRODUCTS!! I am sure the military will be able to fire lots of bonds and stock certificates out of it’s guns since that is mostly what that US produces anymore.

    The one area the US still excels at is it’s Inventive Intellectual Capital, it has no peer in that regards. But in the very critical arena of Hard Goods if this conflict continues, and heaven forbid escalates, the US maybe has the economic and goods production punch of France, it certainly does NOT have even the punch of Germany anymore.

    With Russia totally excluded from the world’s markets except China, since they can’t be paid for anything they export, expect the world’s trade to take a big hit as the secondary impacts of Russia not being able to export basic raw materials starts to bite in the rest of the industrialized world (except China) and cause supply chain manufacturing headaches all over.

    Also now that EVERY country in the world KNOWS that at the flick of a POLITICAL switch in DC THEY TOO can lose 100% of their foreign exchange if the Politicians in DC take a dislike to them ABOUT ANYTHING, they like Russia will begin to look for alternatives to the US Dollar and the Swift Payment System for conducting their trade and storing their foreign exchange. No country wants to be held hostage to the Political Winds of DC, not even our friends if they think about it.

    The days of the US Dollar ruling the world for trade, which is what has allowed our government to run multi trillion dollar deficits for years, are coming to an end. How quickly that end comes is hard to know, but if things descend to the nuclear level exchange level it would probably be within weeks of those events happening. Without a nuclear exchange it could be as short as 2 years or as long as 20 years for the transition to occur.

    When it happens … well the US Dollar could quickly be like the Zimbabwe Currency I have collected and framed, each piece of paper buying as much as the one before it. $1, a few months later $500 Dollars. Then things got interesting and it quickly went to $500,000 Dollars, then $10 million Dollars, then 50 million Dollars, then $100 million Dollars, then 200 million Dollars!! … and not long after 10 billion Dollars and finally reaching up to the 10 trillion Dollar level!!
    Each of those buying exactly the same amount of goods as the original $1 bill. I picked up that REAL Zimbabwe currency (E-Bay) to frame so I could be reminded as to how quickly hyper inflation can occur when there is NO SUBSTANCE behind the currency and yet the government still wants to pay it’s bills (it just prints currency, electronically or physically).

    Our DC politicians have “Cracked the Egg” so to speak … and I doubt there is any way they can put it back in the shell now, not that they even want to since they are so convinced of THEIR rightousness and personal honesty (I have to smile as I write that final phrase as I think about Joe and Hunter Biden and their money payoffs by the Ukrainian Oligarchs – decently documented by Hunter Biden’s own laptop).

    • “it appears to me that Washington is being run by a bunch of monkey’s, only dumber. They can only think in First Order Effects, NOT Second Order, let alone Third Order Effects. It is a classic mistake that those who believe in the power of government to control and manipulate EVERYTHING (ie: Communists, Socialists, and most Liberals) constantly make and have been making for 120 years.”

      Is your other handle West Texas Horse Sense… because when I read that.. I could hear in my mind a chorus of AMEN’s and halleluiah Brother.. go up to the heavens..
      Like everything else.. once they are back from spring break or spring work period.. I am sure they will put it all on the agenda for the next two days they work before easter vacation.. well you have to give them a day of those two to get reacquainted with the desk etc.. jet lag and the series of lobbyists coming in with duffle bags of silver coin and paper.. ..

    • …And here, we have the long (and incredibly good) explanation of that phenomenon I call

      The Law of Unintended Consequences

      Thank you, Stephen 2.

      I expect BRICS will replace the IMF and the petroruble (backed by both gold and oil) will replace the petrodollar (now backed by nothing) within the next 10 years. My Rosetta Stone comprehensive Russian course arrived a couple days ago. I did not buy it because I wanted a shiny yellow box at which to stare…

      BTW I can now strongly recommend Glenn Beck’s newest book. The chapter on MMT alone is worth the price.

    • Stephen2: masterful post! I doubt that even the dumbest politicians would allow hara kiri on the US economy. Thus, it seems that in 3 to 4 months (tops!) sanctions will be lifted. The last 3 paragraphs assume that no one is awake in Washington; I’m sure some are. So, it’s up to Zelensky to cut the best deal he can in short order. It surely won’t be a deal he likes.

      • “it seems that in 3 to 4 months (tops!) sanctions will be lifted.”

        I sure hope so @marcr… I went to order something off of etsy and got the you can’t buy this at this time message..

  10. After 911, when everything turned to dust … except a few passports and driver’s license owned by the terrorists. Unjustified wars, looking for WMDs and then protecting poppy fields. The “change” America asked for is not really what they wanted. – Then a moment of growth and prosperity, which some were taught to hate. Interrupted by “fake news” and by a virus. Disinformation = discarded information. Follow the rules of the guidelines. Follow the narrative or be cast out. Seems when we resisted, it began to stop. But then we were imposed upon by the next part of the plan.

    Putin challenges the Elite. Or is this too a sideshow of the global carnival?? – true colors of the horses or the house of economic cards falling down? Propaganda everywhere, so your bet is as good as mine, I guess.

    Biden closes the Russian boarder and won’t let Russians into the country who are fleeing the war. Doesn’t matter if mothers have strollers and children holding stuffed animals, they can’t come in … but a coyote with kids can? Same boarder, total inequality.

    Not sure if Harris is afraid, or stoned. Hard to tell. Maybe both.

    Media is owned by the elite, so of course you should support Ukraine. Can’t be against the elite now can we? Can’t be against vaccines that the dangers of are buried, cuz it’s for your own good.

    Can’t have a democracy if there are two sides of the argument, right? Com’on man. Please.

    Aliens? Reptilians? Assholes with psychotic egos? Maybe it’s just the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain. Shit, throw it all down Mell’s Hole.

    Sometimes the best way to win the game is, not to play. – Do the best you can and, leave the rest up to God.


    • “Not sure if Harris is afraid, or stoned. Hard to tell. Maybe both. ”

      She is a spoiled 12yo richbitch who discovered she could get everything she would ever want, by keeping her toes up and her knickers down, and so, never grew up.


      The next time you see her get in front of a microphone, picture her as a middle-school kid giving a gym speech. The experience from this POV is an absolute revelation — and also explains her nervous cackle or guffaw whenever she’s asked a “grownup question.”

    • Yeah, we need to be concerned that anyone would cite an article from Rolling Stone to back any narrative, whatsoever.

    • No Woories AG – as long YOU stay on your knees – “that” special brand of “spiritual” pederasty will not be ruined.
      Keep up Ure Faith – you have thousand of refugees (fresh meat) pouring into Eastern Europe, only a matter of time before the little ones are on some religions’ menu..

  11. Plenty of yada today . 1 still 550 contracts short yellow dog commercials. 2 TLT ussa treasuries dead . Deceased broken down . Cannot beleive who holds that paper at war already . America is an illusion like the whole world economy . It’s over to the schwabster

  12. Andy isn’t the only one that would like to enjoy Spring Break. Some of us are too busy to plan for it, and most of us would be considered outsiders due to age discrimination. There are a few who could pull it off, and those probably have those emotional level sales skills that can’t be taught.

    If I went to S. Padre Island, I’d make a side trip to Boca Chica and Starbase! Maybe next year.

  13. “The 20th anniversary edition of Jared Diamond’s book Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fates of Human Societies is out for less than $11 bucks on Amazon.”

    Which reminds me…

    Do y’all know what Ukraine has, that no-one has mentioned?

    Iron ore.

    Not just your run-of-the-mill hematite, but an exceedingly high quality iron ore, and a LOT of it.

    China is the world’s number one source for iron ore, but their ore sucks and they refuse to refine it to the point they actually remove the impurities. Heck, they refuse to refine scrap to remove impurities found in baled cars & cans. Now, suppose they could get their hands on a, for all practical purposes unlimited, supply of iron which was clean enough they could produce fine steel alloys without upgrading their refining process?

    I stumbled across this the other day and now understand why China invested so much in Belt & Steal in Ukraine. The only thing better than repoing your way into mine-ownership is to have your buddy take over the mines and run them for you…

    • Ukraine 2nd largest European country and the 2nd poorest.
      Great railways, Antanov Areo, giant Aluminum and Iron Ore Smelters in Donbass.. – All of it, Asset STRIPPED.

      Jewish oligarchs – (SURPRISE!) robbed the Kraine blind. Ihor Kolomoisky funds the Nazi’s ?? Jew funding Nazi’s?? hello- whatwhat? = muscle for mafia .

      As George (count de monay) Ure alwayz sayz “ALL ABOUT THE BUSINESS MODEL”

      they want to do same thing in Russia..again..see mikhail freidman/rus.

      ALL are Jewish, All have duel israhell citizenship and Russian/ukraine citizenship. Exactly the Same as the finely “twisted” bastard neocons that gave US 9/11.

      Yep – Nothing to See hear , moving on to real horror & suffering of Women Children in the World =ME – Yemen ..thx obongo-the-vile.


      • As usual, you are confusing Jewish people – fine and wonderful people with a grand history and GREAT religion – with Zionism’s successor. Zionism (from the outset) was about a homeland for the Jewish People. And that was (technically) accomplished in 1948.

        Notwithstanding, however, the Idiots of the American woke are unable to fathom that two words may share historical roots, but have diverged substantially. Judaism if a wonderful religion (as are all others) because they address spiritual aspects of mankind’s development.

        Where a true interest of Zionism would be resolving the Israeli border mess (akin to the US Mexico border mess) Zionism seems itself to have split. One business model is the honest Zionism (working on the homeland which has not had respected borders and doesn’t until this day) while the other faction has gone off and founded its own interpretation of God as Money, power, and so forth. Oftentimes, claimed by anti-Semites who confuse True Zionism – getting the pressures off the Israeli homeland – Zionism still has much work to do. While the offshoot into a kind of financial cabal has resulted from living in a society which places great emphasis on learning and accomplishment. Something of a “moneyed club”” results. Anti-Semitism if a form of business envy.

        Inspect rising cultures and you’ll find most that “make it” into global power do so with a combination of hard work, study, and constant effort. China’s an example.
        How all that is brought about? Besides cultural revolutions?

        Aye, there’s the rub. Anti-Semitism should be buried in the same box with racism; all part of the oratory of reductionism and control through half-truths. But religious tribes and racial haplotypes have much to teach.

        The problem – as Ford demonstrated on the lead-in to WW II – is that economics changes people’s thinking – and usually not for the better.

        You correctly sense “The money changers in the Temple” are back (which you incorrectly label as Zionism, but which is really a Church of the Almighty Dollar by the pretenders to Power). But to smear good Jewish people (and their sincerely held beliefs) is inappropriate, misleading, and cause to get banned here.

        The Ure family (in America since colonial times) was at one point from the family Orr. Which was French and Jewish a thousand years back. See the book “When Scotland Was Jewish: DNA Evidence, Archeology, Analysis of Migrations, and Public and Family Records Show Twelfth Century Semitic Roots” and you may find some of your own family roots involved:

        In the meantime, you may cite Jews you don’t like, but we would expect more balance and citing of short Frenchmen, wild Mongols and Han, not to mention America’s own. Do remember who owns “first use” of nukes and who has (thus far) shown restraint attacking Iran.

        On the other hand, Vichy Nuland and her sort are IMHO runaway paternalists with no experience (or success) in national parenting.

        Your reference to Jewish oligarchs is similarly simplistic; with the reboot of Russian Orthodoxy, the oligarchs are finding themselves pressed on all sides. Not unlike America’s 1920s to 1980s mob wars involving Catholics, Irish, Jews, and Italians. And unions and pension funds and Vegas and…. Why

        It’s how history rolls. But more in an upcoming Peoplenomics with the working title “Race, Religion, and Real Estate.” Where we go shopping for answers, not inflammatory rhetoric. Data rules.
        What data says (in short) is that people cluster on any pretext convenient to take from others. Tribalism at its worst.

        Which leads to how do we defuse baser instincts?

      • Well said, George. Well said.

        A Brotherhood of men + A sisterhood of woman. It takes all kinds to create a plethora of what we call humanity.

        Well said.

        I have often thought;

        all this attention upon us by Alien races and other worlders. IF we we as a race of benevolent beings, were truly not that big of deal, an insignificant happenstance that occured in by chance, there wouldn’t be this much effort by them, no would there.

        So we must be important. Nobody, not even alien species, angels or others would pay us as a race of beings, any mind if we weren’t something of high value.

        Ohhhh.. wonderful, two birds are dancing outside my office window. The mating season has begun. Good good.

        Life must go on. Even for me….


      • I mean really think about it. I was talking to some one the other day who said they had been abducted by aliens in the past, I said really think about this,

        We got The People from Argatha, The Vrill, Angles and Demons, God, Elves, dwarves, machine Elves, the Grey’s, the Mantis, atleast 30 other alien species, the Ant Queen, atleast 20 other inter-Dimensional beings such as Big Foot, many different kinds of Ghosts and spirits, we got the powers that be, the Uber elite rich, uhmmm Mr Smith from the Matrix, tha Atlantis folk, ferries, sprites, gnomes, the Republicans, the Democrats, the Hermetic orders, black hats and white hats. Whole covins of good witches and bad witches, communist, kings and queens trying to rule, venetian’s, mk ultra mind control kids, archons, satan, Martians and whole shit load of other entities
        the catholic church, the Muslims, channeling the Rah and Seth and a bunch of others..

        Like holy cow!

        That is alot..

        All paying attention to us dumb humans. I mean that is alot different kinds of species all focused on controlling humans.

        We must be pretty important. If we weren’t? None of all those entities would give a shit. But they give a shit. They are super focused on us meat bags that leave the toilet seat up time to time. And yell profanity out the window of our cars run on aged and refined dinosaur blood.


        Wonder why we are so important to all of them?

      • “Anti-Semitism should be buried in the same box with racism”

        Thank you for this post George. My experience in life is that there are bad people and there are good people. PERIOD.

        In my business dealings I found my Jewish clients to be shrewd but fair. When this Canadian Irish kid started his business at 38 years of age, it was a Jewish man 30 years my senior that took me aside and explained the facts of business life to me. He became my best client and referred many of his Jewish and non Jewish friends to me when my wife and I were eating hamburger and not steak.

      • Oh my god… talking about people from the Mediterranean.. I just had to have some crack.. lol lol well matzoh crack…

        1 cup of butter
        1 cup of brown sugar
        Matzoh crackers ( or soda cravkers.. I love club or ritz)
        Cinnamon cup of chocolate chips
        Nuts I like pecans and flake sea salt..
        On a double boiler put the butter and brown sugar heat it up while stirring to make a Carmel..
        ( 1 can of sweetened condensed milk… slowly heated sealed for an hour will transform it into a great ice cream carmel)
        As soon as the brown sugar butter mix gets frothy.. put your crackers on a cookie sheet. Pour the Carmel over the top while hot sprinkle the chocolate chips and spread evenly as they melt.. sprinkle with the Cinnamon sugar nuts then sprinkle the flaked salt across the top.. put in the fridge to cool cut into squares.. it’s like a butter brickle heath bar.. called crack because you can’t eat just one..
        Be the blind man.. there are good and bad everywhere..

      • @Andy

        “A Brotherhood of men + A sisterhood of woman.”


        A brotherhood of Man.


        We are different sexes, not different species.

  14. “US military fears Putin is planning to use nuclear threats if Ukraine continues valiant pushback.”

    Not likely, unless the Russians need to cauterize a piece of biostained Earth.

    Russia is much more likely to use them against CONUS when the commies and neocons deal us into Russia’s current set-to.

  15. “So where are the republican halfwits who can’t gin up an impeachment drive? Shades of “Dumb and Dumber.”

    Seriously? Do you REALLY want to see a President Kamala?

    …And no, they can’t. Politics has become a team sport. No matter how criminal a major Democratic politician’s acts and actions, in today’s political climate, (s)he will never receive even a single vote for impeachment, from a Democrat congresscritter.

  16. “Surely the denizens of Wall Street can’t believe the shills who think “Putin is out – Russia’s coming over to our side!” can they?”

    Really? You’re asking if people who believe Biden’s doing a good job, our economy is healthy, and those evil Russkies caused our gas prices to go through the ceiling will buy into this?

    Putin is quite popular in Russia. He is less popular than he was 10 years ago, and thanks to Apple and Nokia, the Muscovite peaceniks get more press than they used to, but he’s still above 55% in an honest poll (not that you can find one…) Mr. Putin is not likely to be “taken out,” and if he is, it is incredibly likely the Duma will assume the CIA offed him, since we have idiot politicians publicly calling for his execution by any means possible.

    Killing a Head of State is a Declaration of War and justification for an unlimited retaliation on the perp in every country on the planet except Libya. This is why U.S. policy is to never target a HoS. ‘Course Vichy Nuland is involved with RUS/UKR just like she was with the Qaddafi execution, so practice yer yoga in case we all have to kiss our asses goodbye…

  17. “But for now, it’s time to go read Nostradamus expert G.A. Stewart’s most savory post where he gets into the spiritual aspects of what may be ahead. In “And Now, the Spiritual Implications…”

    I hope Nosty isn’t getting literal:

    “Nostradamus Quatrain II-13

    The body without soul no longer to be sacrificed.
    Day of death put for birthday.
    The divine spirit will make the soul happy.
    Seeing the word in its eternity.”

    Scarfed from G. A. Stewart’s website “The Age of Desolation”

    Does this put the 4th of July on the map for something really bad…?


      You forgot.. what really started this whole mess.. was us having war games off of their borders and accidentally creeping across their borders.. then when we parked nuclear missiles three hundred miles away.. well putin decided then to show they would stay on the borders as well.. the biologicals.. that was discovered later..
      Now with them playing the same game with CHINA.. Xi is not happy.. you can see it in his facial expressions.. IF it is all over some numbers on a sheet of paper then it in my opinion is the stupidest thing anyone in history ever did.. if it is all about covering over the actions of a PDAWPOS kid.. then it is even more stupid..

      • No, I haven’t forgotten. NATO nukes are 34 minutes away from Moscow. If Ukraine were to join NATO, our really fast, radiation-broadcasting devices would be less than 8 minutes away.

        For Russia (not just Putin) “losing” in Ukraine is not an option. They will play every card they have, up to and including nuking the U.S. and Western Europe off of the planet, because to the Russians, this is, literally, about their survival or extermination.

        The Ukraine theatre is populated with dissident soldiers and SOVIET ERA MATERIEL.


        This bothered me until I learned about the age of the machinery and materiel they were using:

        Russians are carpet-bombing places with WW2-type bombs. They’re flying sorties with MiG-29s. Some of the sojers are fighting with MNs instead of Kalis. And best of all, Russia has allocated 7% of its army to the fight in Ukraine.

        Putin is expending all the “junk” in the Russian arsenal. In return, he’s getting “return fire” with the best we’ve got. They own samples of all of our military tech, and the answer key for our comms and drone encryption systems. UKR will be blowing up howitzers and Willys-licensed, manufactured vehicles with “switchblades” and Putin’s intel boys will be reading & reversing our codes and coding in NRT.

  18. NATO begins major war games near Russia

    NATO has deployed 30,000 troops, 50 vessels, and 200 aircraft from 27 member-states in Norway to conduct the long-planned military exercise ‘Cold Response’, which started on Monday and will last until April.

    Russia’s divorce from the West has pushed it into China’s arms, here’s how it will work

    Russia’s military operation in Ukraine and the consequent economic embargo of Moscow by the West is the largest upheaval in world politics since at least the end of the Cold War. The result will be a complete reformatting of the country’s foreign economic relations and its economic model, as well as Russia and the US sinking into a protracted military-political confrontation in Eastern Europe.

    The U.S. Is Mindlessly Marching Toward War With Russia

    There’s been a shift in Washington. The talk is no longer about sanctions on Moscow but how best to escalate U.S. involvement in the war.

  19. House Republicans eye historic wins in South Texas

    IRVING, Texas — South Texas has never elected a Republican to serve in the U.S. House, but the GOP’s losing streak may end in November.

    Republicans have a shot at winning up to three seats in South Texas, where Democrats have been losing ground with Hispanic voters for the past two election cycles and President Biden’s low approval ratings, coupled with the illegal immigration surge on the border, are hurting the party’s midterm prospects.

    President Trump to Hold Rally in Detroit Area on April 2nd in Support of Michigan Candidates Matthew DePerno and Kristina Karamo

    President Trump is holding a rally on April 2nd in the Detroit area. Trump endorsed Michigan candidates Matthew DePerno for Attorney General and Kristina Karamo for Michigan Secretary of State.

    The rally will be held at the Michigan Stars Sports Center in Macomb County’s Washington township.

    Get your tickets today!

    ISTM we should nominate OOWSteve to take the bullet and go to this rally, then report back with us, his impressions and insights…

    • “we should nominate OOWSteve to take the bullet and go to this rally, then report back with us, his impressions and insights…”

      He has my vote.. Steve would give us a good insight…

  20. Secret Service: $100,000,000,000 in pandemic relief cash stolen!

    The Independent Sentinel said that figure was an estimate from the U.S. Secret Service which narrowed the losses to the programs to help businesses and people to lost their jobs due to the problems from the China virus. “Nearly $100 BILLION AT MINIMUM has been stolen from COVID-19 relief programs set up to help businesses and people who lost their jobs due to the pandemic,” the report said.

    Food shortages are coming: Time to plant a Victory Garden

    Exclusive: Patrice Lewis notes, ‘Threat of an engineered global famine is not something to dismiss’

    Last week I wrote about the potentially catastrophic implications of a global fertilizer shortage. Modern agriculture is scarily, frighteningly dependent on commercial fertilizers to feed the world. “Half the world’s population gets food as a result of fertilizers … and if that’s removed from the field for some crops, [the yield] will drop by 50%,” Svein Tore Holsether, head of agri company Yara International, told the BBC.

    I find it especially interesting that the WorldNet writer suggests the coming famine could be “engineered,” rather than cyclical or periodical…

  21. nostradamus yah moose .. book planted in cave by murdochs old man so you your guru mates and the good ole ussa yeah and the 4x2s could make plenty . shove it all insert . ram with gold 2

  22. Hmmmmm funny, you should Tool, signs and card board boxes.

    A few months back, I was at the Tool Concert at the Tacoma Dome. I walked then band out to the stage. Stood by the stairs, establishing presence, stage left facing the crowd. While they played. Lots of elaborate displays on the screen of the 5 elements in Dragon forms. In the center of the stage was the 7 pointed star that Crowly and the Hermetic order is known for. Lots of references and Symbolism as it relates to Egypt, Thoth and The Kybalian.

    as I stood there while Maynard belted out his song like a mad man and the basist next to me on stage played with the furry of being possessed by some unknown alien force, looking over to watch the crowd sway and dance to the rhythm of fibernaci sequences and cascadian primes.

    I noticed, written in chalk on the concrete floor i presume a “stage set marks.” The symbol of the 4 corners found on the Hopi Flag and on the right of me two card board boxes on the floor with one word written on each box. “Mesa”

    There I stood. Right in the center between them.

    Seemingly unnoticed by I think everyone, but me, because I see everything. a bit of humor to myself from THE DUDE, I presume.

    The four corners and 2 mesa’s with me positioned center between them. And just beyond the other side to my right thoth and the elements, Dragons and Egypt. And beyond the 4 corners was everyone else, swaying to the rhythm.

    Tool, symbols, card board boxes and signs.

    First day of spring. Hmmmm..

    Proverbs 16:3 springs to the mind thinking about it now.

    Have wonderful week everyone.

    Truly, I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

    Andy, aka “The Cosmic Chicken Bunny. “

    • Maybe are more benevolent than we suspect. Maybe we are more powerful than we realize. Maybe…..

      Sure is alot of coincidences.

      Well, who knows. THE DUDE does. Of that I am certain. Wonder what HE has planned next? Guess we will see. Not sure what all the Lamborghini’s mean I been seeing lately. Every day I see them, going on 2 weeks now. I took a sip off my batman coffee cup the other day, looked at it. And 2 minutes later, a truck rolls up and dropps off a Batman Lamborghini next door.

      Must be something to it. It’s not normal thing to see so many Lamborghini’s a day.

      I’m in the neighborhood of Lamborghini’s. LOL!

      Sometimes 8-10 of them a day. Old ones. New ones. Black ones, orange ones, white ones and blue ones.

      Lamborghini’s eh? Can I get a coupon?

      Pretty cool.

      • Andy,

        It seems Mr. Lamborghini had been building farm tractors for 25 years before the bespoke automobiles happened by chance. Apparently Mr. L. had an argument about the gearbox on his 250GT with a certain Enzo Ferrari resulting in the Lambo line of cars. How Italian.

        The Lamborghini tractors remain in production for those wanting an offroad ride. I don’t believe there is a comparable Ferrari tractor.

      • “It seems Mr. Lamborghini had been building farm tractors for 25 years before the bespoke automobiles happened by chance.”

        Correct, and the anecdote is [not confirmed but] widely-accepted amongst Lambo aficionados and the car-collector crowd, at large.

        One Motortrend Channel program is called “Restoration Garage.” The garage is never located, but my impression is it’s in, or just outside London, ON. The owner has a thing for antique tractors, and may occasionally be seen driving one of his Lamborghinis — They look kinda like one would imagine issue from the union of a Kubota and an Oliver…

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