Directorate 153: When to Brief Trump?

imageA HUGE report this morning that may take a minute to load, if your broadband is slow.  That is what 14 charts and graphics plus 7,000 words will do to things.

Our “First Things” section this morning considers where gold is now – and may go in the future.  We will also see how another US un-civil war might be in the timing cards for this long wave cycle. 

The “Chart Pack” is full of dreamy results – since what we have been predicting and expecting seems to be coming to pass right (more of less) on schedule.

And then we move into the purely hypothetical Directorate 153 – our thinking tool & concept modeler which allows us to tinker with various possible futures. In this week’s report, the Directorate (which is of course fictional) is seen trying to figure out when (and how) to advise Donald Trump.  The framework answers many “mysteries” behind the oddly evolving headlines and the current “pile-on Trump” phenomena.

At the core on the modeling construct is the surprising degree to which the US government is likely run at a policy level by a computational modeling outfit that is designed to ensure that  USA continuity – into the longer-term future.

In other words, the presence of early A.I. implementation as a policy-directing methodology could explain why there has been so little functional policy differentiation at the macro level between the Bush and Obama administrations.

So warm it up and let’s roll… 

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2 thoughts on “Directorate 153: When to Brief Trump?”

  1. “””Brief the Candidate “””

    Question.. Just how much can they brief the candidate.. or the president for that matter..
    when in actuality we have a Congress and governmental system that by far is left in the dark by their own choices.
    Mostly because they refuse to take the time to read or write the policies they vote on..
    So Just how much do they know themselves that they can take to share to any candidate when they themselves don’t know what is going on.. Just curious..
    Take the Obama administration.. he ran on change.. his pet project was the run away medical costs and inequality of the insurance industry eliminating basically thirty percent from obtaining insurance at any cost.. he gets into office and a whole new spectrum hits home.. all of a sudden this problem is a minor one at best.. and then it wasn’t a simple one page law saying that discrimination wouldn’t be allowed or price gouging or opening the borders allowing a company to compete nation wide.. instead the powers pulling the strings came up with a three thousand page document that was not only difficult to read or understand but even today not one of them actually knows of has taken the time to read and understand.because they didn’t write it or take time to read it.
    So what kind of information would be passed on to the candidate or he would be allowed to know..when those voting don’t know themselves what they are actually voting on..

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