Coping; Can a Whole Planet Go Crazy?

imageInitially, and on the surface, I would hope the answer would be a quick and immediate: No,

Unfortunately, a news story crossed the wires this weekend that argues the contrary case.

I refer to the report that in the UK, a group called The Investment Association is arguing that regular, quarterly, investment performance reports to shareholders should be abandoned.


Oh, it’s OK…trust them:

The Investment Association: FTSE 100 firms told to scrap quarterly reporting.”

UK blue-chip firms told To Stop Reporting Every Quarter.”

Here’s the gist of the argument:   If Boards of Directors have to focus on “hitting their number” all the time, can they really take the longer view of running the company?

Not possible according to these bozos.

In other words, aren’t there times when strategies in the short term are the wrong thing for the long term?

They princes of finance in the UK argue this should be so.  So to hell with checking our work on a regular basis in any detail.

Now, before we get completely wrapped around the axle and order mood altering drugs for breakfast and shots of Thorazine at 4 PM instead of High Tea, this is just a first press report.

On the other hand, it seems credible enough because there has been a general trend not only in government, but among both organizations (and people at large) to avoid commitment and instead counter with the increasingly familiar Trust Us.


From our here in the boondocks of East Texas, we have evolved an odd view over the years that the Whole Planet Earth is going through an evolution of consciousness that is not unlike that which children go through in the birthing and raising process.

A child is born. 

That would be the the macro planet crawls out of the mud stage.

A child learns to walk.

That would be the age of exploration.  This included people traveling all over the world and “discovering” other lands and such.  And then, very much like a spoilt brat-child claiming it is “Mine!” even though the land clearly was occupied by First People.

To be sure, we are supposed to be past this global exploration and claiming part of childhood, but it continues today.

We see the ISIS people doing it as they are on a global expansion and claiming kick, also known as the Global Caliphate.

We see this as China is dredging up large areas around some offshore reefs and is laying claim to them.  This involves a similar amount of work that they put in to the taking of Tibet.

Then there is our own country.  Which has already done huge claims and is trying to optimize the maintenance costs – as we try to shove funding for NATO off and as Obama, et al, are trying to do a “Nixon does China” as “Obama does Cuba.”  We’re helping (ourselves) in Afghanistan and Iraq was for what, remind me?

So you can see we aren’t learning the next part of childhood well, at all.

Socialization hasn’t worked, either, as a home study course..

Two – and arguably three – global wars with a fourth one potentially due in the mid 2020’s.

The Biblical part of “the meek shall inherit the Earth” may be seen as a hint that the meek will be those not big enough as a haplotype to bother developing a  DNA-targeting killer-germ to eradicate with Nazi-like precision.

And this gets me to the matter of periodic reporting.  Accountability.

The problem is more complex on a planet where the Parent – who hasn’t been home in 2,000+ years – if there was a parent in the first place  – is at least guilty of Child Abuse.

If there was a Creator stage, we are about at the juncture where a fair question is to ask “Is leaving us on the Rock and forcing us to work it out, some kind of ultimate parental Tough Love, or at what point to we shade over in to leaving the kids locked in the car on a hot day, windows rolled up, on a hot day, with a gallon of gasoline and a couple of books of matches?” 

These are not questions hard-core religionists like people asking.  They have been proffering  “trust us” to the masses for two millennia.  And when their promises don’t show up, along comes a camel-friendly, oil-rich counter-group (which is entirely male-dominated) to make another pitch but along the same lines.

From a software engineering perspective, this is a design pattern.

Like a child, the world has learned to speak, as well.  First in print, then on radio, television, the Internet, and now streaming.  But it hasn’t been used for effective introspection and massive personal development, at least insofar as I can figure it.

Instead, yet-another faction – the rich bastards – are planning to come out and say “Trust us to do our homework – we are not children.  We are grown-ups who can be trusted.”

Bull shit.

This is one of the finest examples of childishness you will witness in your lifetime.  “We are SPECIAL, we are SELF ACCOUNTABLE, we are TRUST US.”


When companies ANYWHERE argue for less accountability – instead of more – they are seeking to hide their actions by wrapping it up in time and lies

And that, fellow adolescent human, has – according to the historical data so far – been a horrible idea.

Since it never works out – and is part of the ongoing subversion of the already weakened moral fiber of humans, on this fifth wave up of the markets – if that it what it becomes, consider where and how to invest in non-fiduciary aspects of living.  Food and water independence comes to mind.

Because a band of liars will be coming to America, next.  And they will be asking you to do something directly counter to common sense and historical precedent.

Trust us?”

Oh, and if you hear directly from The Almighty, you might mention HIS quarterly parenting report is about 1,000 years over-due.

Trust – but Verify.  It’s what your brain’s for.

Unless you’re in the land of kneelers – the UK – that is.

17 thoughts on “Coping; Can a Whole Planet Go Crazy?”

  1. You forgot that Creator has no legal access to the planet and that the system we are under is designed to keep it that way. Keep everyone immature and keep Creator out of it and the present owner of the planet can keep his status quo going on for millennia.

    Chris The Chronicle Project

    • Let’s look at another side of this cup for a moment Chris.
      Though our android puppeteers are in the midst of creating ‘man’ (aka gender-less, androgynous, slave-oids) in their own image; we have ONE thing they cannot take away.
      They are trying desperately to do so via all sorts of mind/behavior control, yet it isn’t totally successful at this stage.
      Free Will choice stems from our Inner spark, which in spiritualist terms would be Creator. We each are Creator. This power is not ‘out there’, which frustrates the hell out of the PTW.
      Tamp us all down before we wake up and realize the truth of the power we all hold.Suffice it to say, that many more are waking up to that actualization, than say thirty years ago when the push was overtly ‘on’ to dumb us down generationaly. Was it the John Birch Society that initially warned the public of this back in Eisenhower days?
      In that vein I say to all alleged outer, delusional, proffered ‘authority’-

      “Trust ME”

    • Yes, exactly! The rules of creation are such that even the creator can’t break them. Thanks for reminding us, Chris. And congrats to the kids on the CBC segment. :)

  2. i think that the ‘creator’ is just a college student somewhere in the universe that had to demonstrate their ability to create a perpetual life system out of certain ingredients in order to pass a class.

    • That brings to mind the ending of Men in Black. Our universe was just a polished marble amonst others in a game between two beings. The irony of these ideas is so funny!

  3. ‘The Investment Association is arguing that regular, quarterly, investment performance reports to shareholders should be abandoned.”

    Does the tree fall slower when cut if your not watching it.. or if you are..

    My father was a master wood cutter and he heated with wood for the vast majority of my life. He believed in wood lot management.. if he took a tree he planted three to take its place.. he would look at a tree assess how it would move and say.. if I cut it here and I chop it there it will swing just like so and it will land right there.. so the tree would fall between the buildings and miss both of them and the cars parked in the driveway.. One time he had a huge tree.. it towered into the sky he was in a hurry to get this tree down and didn’t wait for me to get home before he started to cut the tree.. his guide line in the tree was securely hooked to his car what he was attempting to do was something he had done for years when there wasn’t anyone around to work with him was to make his cuts then as the tree would start its slow motion journey to move in the direction of its planned decent he would go over to his guide line and gently walk the tree down. this day however after he made his cuts.. an unexpected breeze happened which made the tree move in a direction that wasn’t suspected.. it wanted to move the direction that my father wanted and it struggled to make the ascent as his cuts and chops would have normally directed it to.. but that pesky wind was rocking the tree in a different direction there he was holding the guide line the wind moving that tree him struggling to hold it on its course it lifting him off of the ground along with moving the heavy weight of the car that it was secured to in a direction that would have brought it right down creating devastating results to the people that owned that house it was by.. Luckily I showed up in the nick of time and we were able to guide it so it narrowly missed the home and didn’t create any damage.. but it was out of control.
    That was the last tree my father cut down..the fear of that huge majestic tree moving and his loss of control due to the uncontrollable winds was enough to put fear into his mind as to just how much control he had..
    Now we take the economy the federal reserve etc.. and how does that story match that .. they are all doing what they have done for decades all with the ability to control the situation.. sending those at the top skyward and leaving those at the bottom to pay for their trip to the stratosphere. During this time they decided to take the bigger tree.. outsource jobs and the economy making this tree of control bigger.. they made the right cuts secured it the way that has worked through the ages.. but now the wind from the moving economy and the fear from the winds of time are coming to pass.. moving this huge tree that they were working on in directions that they haven’t seen its slowly moving in directions they cannot control and if it crashes will devastate everyone living in the house. will change everything they have and would have had if they just hadn’t gone after the biggest tree..The way companies were ran when dad had them was he made a profit took care of his employee’s building a strong base.. then he let the kids take over.. they weren’t satisfied with a steady growth but wanted the bigger faster growth.. rather than saving for it they wanted it now.. so they took out the plastic card bought it now and thought oh I pay a little bit here.. then when that didn’t work.. well if we had them in the next town make it they can make it cheaper put the people dedicated to their eventual success on the streets .. in time the community that the factory was in without the support of the company and its support in the community started to fail.. the community that the company taxes went up money went down.. the neighboring community grew.. eventually those that were buying that product didn’t have the money to buy it and both communities suffer from it.. the employees whose jobs were outsourced became discontented.. the story is an old one.. you support your community if you want it to stay strong.. and by greed that story is now changed and that big tree.. is moving to the winds that weren’t expected..

    • Thank you for a fine and literate reply (and good story!)
      In the point I was making this morning? The IA move to reduce reporting requirement is to blind everyone on the ground to the changes in wind that can be deadly. And that isn’t right for the careful woodsman, the damn fool, the community, or anyone in that spectrum, at all.

  4. “Trust us”. You will notice that virtually every institution that man has invented has broken that trust, whether it be the Church, the government, our schools, charities or the Olympics. Absolute trust creates absolute power which seems to lead to fraud and corruption in every case. Our government, whose first duty is our safety and security, is instead poisoning us with lead water pipes and nuclear waste. The Church molests our children. The Pharmaceutical industry blackmails us with drug prices while pushing highly addictive pain killers. Large Charities turn out to be passing along tiny percentages while enriching their own managers. Schools promote esoteric liberal causes while racking up massive student debt. Corporations move our jobs to slave states and select our political candidates.

    The growing up process is in part the scales disappearing from our eyes, the open information network slowly educates us to the extent of the social scamming that has resulted in the greatest wealth inequality in recent history.

    So we see an increasing reaction of “NO, Hell NO”.

  5. Seems to me that if a person A is compelled to verify that information presented as fact by person B then person A does not trust person B.

    • But since Person A questioned B, then B no doubt had instilled the seeds of mistrust at some point. I am willing to trust everyone approximately once on their word. Beyond that, past performance does illuminate future behaviors, which I sure the SEC would agree with, lol

  6. Hi George,

    Interesting “can of worms” today.

    You express well the whole agony of the planet and existence. I’m somewhat confused by Tyreman’s statement re: lack of legal access to the planet – maybe he could explain further in a guest column.

    As bad as it all seems, I MUST point out that you (& by all accounts Chris as well with a lovely family based on recent column) are by comparison to many QUITE blessed. You have a wonderful spouse to “share the workload”, & go thru all this with. You seem to have great kids & also step-extended family. You have intelligence & health.

    I have dwindling family & no spouse. Everything done must be handled by me. This has made me versatile, tougher, and super smart. But its not fun – & its very worisome watching the world devolve on your own.

    I think only a Creator could make a dent in this current disaster (unfortunately for us, a thousand years may be like a day).
    Speaking of disaster and smoke & mirrors, what would Nostradamus say about the current Presidential candidates?

    Just some perspective, as usual.

    • If you want to know wat Nostradamus would say or rather did say about today’s presidential candidates I suggest you obtain and read a copy of (it’s online) G A Stewart’s great work, The Age Of Desolation. 800 pages, well worth your time.

  7. Ask any homeless person who they trust; more than likely, they’ll reply ‘no one’. BTW, I wouldn’t classify those who don’t want anyone examining their burial sites too closely as ‘First People’. More like ‘People with Something to Hide’, like they weren’t really the first civilization on this continent, and they most likely killed off their (quite possibly very pale) predecessors in true historically fitting human fashiion.

    • I assume that you are basing your claim on the false notion (later disproved by genetic studies) that Kennewick man was not distantly related to the Native Americans living currently in the area.

      So if the government makes an agreement not to disturb (and extensively investigate) human remains, are you fine with the idea of running roughshod over any cultural artifact you don’t approve of? You missed your chance at the Malheur Wildlife site, but I’m sure ISIS has a spot for you!

      History (and Pre-History) speak for all mankind, not just the chosen few.

  8. I feel as if I am in the Colosseum watching Rome burn.
    All this talk about fixing the country is about 40 years too late.

    As a short time RV traveler I have been amazed at the many full time RV residents living in the RV parks.
    Many are not in the warmer climes either.

    It’s cheaper to live and somewhat safer than the city. The other thing that seems to be out of the news, is how the small towns are being infused with outside money.
    (government and investor types) To build low income housing. The problem is not housing in these towns it is Jobs. Most local ambitious young have went else where, and many houses sit empty. At first it looks like boom times, then you find shortly that people move in from elsewhere with no job prospects. The drug and other crime goes on the rise with issues we or law enforcement here never faced before.

    It is good for the apartment owners, steady income.

    I have watched this happen in the 4 small towns close to me in the last three years.

    A lot of the locals are getting very upset and I see a lot of problems coming down the road.

    There are many low pay jobs to be had but, none pay enough to get off welfare.

    At age 66 I feel I grew up in the best time in the USA.

    I am afraid the USA is without a rudder or sail and fast heading into oblivion.

    I fear all the elections in the world will not make a tinkers damn.


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