While the U.S. continues playing victim to “fake news” and putting up with the digital online revolutionaries and digital uprisings (as in the Smollett case), we are pleased to report that the UK Guardian is providing great coverage of what we’ve labeled Digital Mob Rule (DMR).

Their story, “Facebook labelled ‘digital gangsters’ by report on fake news “ is first rate and you really ought to read every word of it.  It’s a world-shaper.

Particularly poignant was this quote which follows an official English 18-month investigation into the leading social media giant:

““Democracy is at risk from the malicious and relentless targeting of citizens with disinformation and personalised ‘dark adverts’ from unidentifiable sources, delivered through the major social media platforms we use every day,” warned the committee’s chairman, Damian Collins.”

If you think I’m being alarmist about digital uprisings and digitalantism, we have no further to look than the abusive-path of social media demonstrated in the Jussie Smollett case in Chicago.  Mindlessly parroted by the MSM.

Here we have an actor who ostensibly claimed that two white men attacked him in the wee hours of a sub-zero morning in Chicago.  But now, not only have the claims (which were wrapped up in anti-Trump/MAGA hate) begun to fall apart, but a grand jury could be called to investigate, and if warranted, indict.  That’s laid out in the TMA covered over here under the headline “Jussie Smollett Case to Go to Grand Jury … Doubt MAGA Comment Because Trump Folks Don’t Watch ‘Empire’ .”

The warning in the Smollett case to thinking people is that a) the social platforms (Twitter, Facebook and other what we’ve labeled social(ist) media) have a pure “ratings at any cost” business model that is gnawing on the very bones of democracy.

The second point, b) is that the executives, as revealed in the UK investigation into FB, are aware of the problems to an extent but haven’t really figured our effective tools to deal with social manipulation.  Go read some of the internal FB emails published by the UK government here.  Phrases like “…shut down friends to lifestyle apps…” will jump out at thoughtful readers.

There is yet-another angle to all this – one that ultimately bears on the Robt. Mueller witch hunt:  Let’s see if I can state the problem clearly-enough:

“We live in a highly complexified world.  Donald Trump, as an international developer, would certainly be “in bounds” looking at properties in Russia, China, or any other major power center globally.  It’s what a global developer does for crying out loud.

However now, a political judgement is being attempted (ex post facto) that his firm doing its job and following a legit business model is somehow bad.

This weekend on the Peoplenomics.com side, we revealed more about the latest Judicial Watch doc.-dump Friday and it’s clear the other candidate in 2016 has “clay feet” as well.

Regrettably, what Messrs. Comey and Mueller fail to appreciate, is exactly the point of the UK’s 18-month probe.  Russia may have as many “smart programmers” as we do.  And this means the obvious play for Russia was to engage in some social media manipulations in order to be able to tell either winner in 2016, “See?  This is what we did to get you elected. Now you owe us or we will spill this on the ‘net….”   Russia would, of course, just love to ingratiate itself to either new administration.

Putin’s a good-enough chess player to see it and in his position, it’s the obvious play.  It’s just not obvious to the kiddie-journos who pass as reporters today.  Yeah, some of us old ugly ex-reporters had to earn our stripes the hard way: Not on looks and hype but on quality of content.  Thems were the days, huh?

The problem, as I see it, is that Robt. Mueller is insufficiently political at the global level and appears to lack even a decent reporter’s understanding of how the double-ingratiation game is played between giant powers.  Were Mueller’s team less  political (subverted internally by junior minions with an agenda of overtly protecting HRC) they might see the larger picture of how grown-up “Heads I win, tails I win” global politics is played.

It’s become rather clear to us, given the fine work of the UK and their report that outs social media as a group of “digital gangsters” that any Mueller report that doesn’t look for similar Russian efforts to ingratiate to HRC would be unfit for issuance. Even better, would be following it all back to social source and cleaning house in social media.

More to the point, only a Mueller report that delves into the gangsterism of social media (WRT both parties) must be seen as a sham.  Because when it comes to utilization of social media for political purposes, every two-bit movement, attention-starved actor, or global power player is already “in the game.”  Only an utter fool can miss this larger context that reveals more than mere politicians can every admit to their constituencies.  Which is?  We are the blind, led by the stupid.”

Yet here’s another of the daily breadcrumbs on how this digital ingratiation plan is being worked “Australia Blames a Foreign Government for the Cyberattack on Political Parties.  Laughable how lame our thinking, no?  At least the Aussies see more than one party and might be uncorporate-enough to actually pull back some covers.

We’d be asking harder questions:  Does Facebook collude with foreign powers, and how much of their revenue does such manipulation account for?  Hard question to even raise, but there it is.

Fox meantime, reassures us Democrats aren’t done wasting your money on the Russia investigation.  But again, they still don’t grok this other level of play.

Will Mueller go after the core of the digital pimples that are social media?  Nope.  Too much money, political horsepower, and not enough drive to reveal the bigger game in play against the civilian population.

Business Models, understand,  are to social media corporations what refined uranium and plutonium are to Pantex.  Both hold civilian populations hostage to powers beyond their control.

There-there, Bunkie, are you feeling better, now?

Enjoy Ure Half-Assed Holiday

Let me see here:  Gold is up a bit this morning.  Trading in Europe is a yawner, there is a future’s market online that showed the Dow up 19 earlier, but that’s an incomprehensibly small move.

However, it’s days like this where we can see to the heart of global markets more clearly.  When we look at Europe and Asia, we see that Asia followed though with nice gains on the US manic rally Friday.  But, this morning in Europe, Germany and the UK are down, while France is treading water to hold even.

I’ll give you a free bazillion dollar idea to contemplate:  Look at global market action as first going with the Sun, in other words, if the US is up, then Asia will be up, and Europe will be up, and so on.  But occasionally, things will reverse in our models.  The US will be up, but then Japan and China will reverse and this propagates on to Europe, and from there, a US decline ensues..

Days like this, when the US markets are closed, reveal the scope and impact of the “hot money” and “algo” traders.  It’s worth making a note of.  We will have more on this in an upcoming Peoplenomics.com report.

Bitcoin today is clawing to stay over $3,700.  Like CB Radio and such, we expect over time the cryptos will all end badly.  The reason?  There’s a) no intrinsic value to them and b) no guarantee of convertibility to something of value or use.  Seems not to be needed on a planet full of sucker-fish, though.

At peaks of manias, such as 1929, there’s also no rhyme, nor reason to what has real value. Bubbles are irrational. Cryptos have been a huge opportunity for the charlatans of the world, though, dishonest pricks that they are.

In case you haven’t been following, there were more than 1,600 different made-up currencies  in 2018 and we’re pretty sure 2,000 will be seen before this year is out.

Data is from 2018 by Mikael Häggström, used with permission.

Could this be the year the Digital Money movement blows up?  Digital Tulip Mania’s unwinding it still to come.

Back to Our Half-Holiday Rant

A surprising number of businesses are open today.  Including Elaine’s doctor who’s working (along with full staff, near as we could figure).

What we’re going through is the “incredible shrinking holidays.”  Went from Lincoln Day AND Geo. Washington to “President’s Day” and now, looks to me like about half that’s shot.  This year futures are open for a while, so longer hours and maybe a half day for markets in a year or two.

All part of the trend to make people work harder to stay even while at the same time gutting America’s heritage that (once upon a time) bound all Americans to a single national mindset and purpose.

We point to the godless social media gangsters as a root cause and the co-conspiring left as co-perps.

No mail today, but UPS and FedEx will be rolling.  Most banks will be closed, most stores will be open and Federal agencies, not done screwing with giving taxpayers our money’s worth will be grabbing yet another holiday.  Screwed by the fedemps who were set up by the congressoids.

BTW, Simply Nancy is trying to “disappear” that wishing everyone a happy thanksgiving for Valentines day.  Nice. MCT oil, anyone?  Say, you don’t think being a democrat is a symptom of a vitamin deficiency, do you?  Hmm…

They “Never Stop Selling” Dept.

LGBT History Month: Test your knowledge.

Or don’t.

Maybe you could study “climate change” and deny its just the frigging the weather… Depending on how susceptible to social programming you are, natch.

Around the Ranch

Just another Monday, near as we can figure it.  And annual wellness check for E.  I call these “lube oil and filter” checks.

Bro-in-law and wife will be house-sitting and staying for din-din (roast ham).  Hope Panama gets some pistol range time in with his lifelong companion .380.  He’ll also doctor one of my 9’s with a sticking firing pin.

Got one of the weedeaters going in the Fix-It shop, the TV?  New board didn’t help, so LED strips would be next (did main and T-Con already) but at some point we just gotta throw up our hands.

Then there’s the ham radio:  I love getting on 20-meters where I usually get “Biggest signal on the band, old man...” reports.   Sunday contacts included Croatia, the west of England (22 km from Bath), Bulgaria, a couple of stations in Italy, and Jacky down in New Zealand.

Oh, and most interesting domestically, one station set up at an ice-fishing camp and W8QLY which is the Youngstown Ohio Radio Club which is celebrating 100-years.

And that’s really something, when you think about it:  Radio 100-years ago was still in diapers having recently crossed the Atlantic.  This was seven years ahead of Harold Beverage inventing the antenna that bears his name to this day and the 1926 invention by Shintaro Uda of the Yagi – Uda  “beam” antenna.  1926 was a hot year for antenna design.

Speaking of which, time to hit 20-meters and work a little “gray line” and blow somemore dust off the amplifier’s final tubes here at AC7X.

Moron the ‘morrow.