Bernanke et al on L4L

Odds of future Fed Hikes may be diminishing thanks to computer models. 

For those who don’t track such things, there is an incredibly interesting paper our from the Federal Reserve in its Finance and Economics Discussion Series (FEDS).

In  addition, a long discussion on Mexico which we’ve been writing about for a couple of decades as a sorry place that doesn’t leave many happy endings in place.

While I would much rather continue with our alternative power systems design series, this is a money-making oriented publication and there’s a dandy reference to the Keynesians that this paper makes that falls right in line with our thinking.

So today, a few charts, a look at the trade-shortened week coming up (President’s Day, don’tcha know) and our sly though dry view of the Friday wash coming out in print…  Beaned up?

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20 thoughts on “Bernanke et al on L4L”

  1. George,
    How comes nobody ever listens to what the POTUS actually says, but instead happy to believe what the MSM tells them??wtf?

    We have been told & shown clues to how “the wall” was going to get funded and built..remember picture posted of the Red and White Castle = Army Corp of Engineers, remember the extra $5-6 billion in Defense Spending Bill ?

    Future Proves Past anyone?

    How do U drain a swamp that is is Invested & Infested with evil from top to bottom:

    Need a very strong Military backing U(who runs NSA?).
    Need Highest Court in the Land backing/support
    Need truly Independent Investigator (s) and Prosecutors…Office of Inspector General anyone ? Bill Barr as new AG ?

    Martial Law…as response to and or pre-staged prior to Arrests and Military Tribunals for the Pigs in D.C that have been feeding off of Humans for what seems like forever..

    Of course once the Swamp is drained, bigger,badder, meaner “Creatures” will prolly take up residence in there..

    • Eastcoast,
      What has Donald actually said? I have listened…real hard…and have heard zero factual data to support his rants. He talks in non factual generalizations to give the perception that he knows “things.” What those
      “Things” are is a mystery. He was pressed by Jim Acosta yesterday to shed some light on the reports for Homeland Security, the DEA and Border patrol agents that refute Trumps claims of a border invasion. All Trump could muster was that he has “secret” reports that no one else can see that support his claim. Hmmm. How convenient for him.

      The thing is…those reports will have to be be revealed after the onslaught of lawsuits are filed. Then what? Another reporter tried to follow up that line of questioning and was told to sit down. He is a con man that is only concerned with himself.

      And don’t fool yourself about the only people that infest us with anti-Trump talk is coming from the MSM…Conservative hosts have had it with Trump as well.

      After Trump basically distanced himself from Ann Coulter claiming he hadn’t spoken to her in almost a year…which is a lie…Ann Coulter fired back at President Trump on Friday, stating that “the only national emergency is that our president is an idiot” in a radio interview on Friday afternoon.

      I rarely agree with what Ann Coulter says…but this time…she is the smartest person in the room in my eyes right now.

      • Mark..I know he paints the picture of what he wants..
        Sort of like an architect that draws a general picture of a building he would like to construct..or a set of blue prints..
        I for one totally gets what his vision is and how he plans to achieve the end building.
        I think he’ll go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of all time. He’s gotten more done without any help from congress at all. And all while being constantly attacked from every angle you can be attacked from.
        That tells me he is not only the best man for the job but a skilled multi tired chess player.
        It also shows just how deeply implanted the puppeteers are in our political system. And there wasn’t anyone from Russia telling me this either..

    • I get frustrated to E D … Unfortunately the evil is so deeply ingrained I doubt it could be defeated.They have so much power and influence, its actually scary.
      At this point they don’t even hide what their doing and congress well it isn’t a secret that I think they all should be voted out. I doubt they could break the binds that they are being influenced by. The NWO is here and all we can do is sit and watch.

    • isn’t this a funny coincidence.. just as the candidates are lining up.. the issue of abortion is on the topic lists.. hmm… I could be a for the one on border security to show up in the campaign topics list.. they just have to drag that dead horse around AGAIN..

  2. Is it important that the US Military is controlled by white males? Yes, because when it changes, it is over for us & this country. Same for Congress.

    • I don’t think “white” is the right delimiter. What you’re really saying – if I hear you right – is that those who aren’t willinbg to put America First have no role in our governance. There IS something to be sasid for voting rights only for those who pay income tax!

      • Well put George. Uunfortunately, the way things are going, once the freebee handouts aren’t enough, they will want that which is not theirs. Most governments in our world dominate not serve the people. Our government was set up to serve the people, but that is fast ending.

      • Exactly! Paid taxes and are an American citizen, native born or naturalized.

        To all the America haters, if were so bad, why do so many people, especially people of color, want to come here?

        My immigrant grandparents came here to be an American first, just like the opening scene in Godfather I.

        Im sick of all this leftist anti-American sentiment being sown by the far left. And I hope Trump can capitalize on the lefts hatred of America to secure another 4 years.

        If you hate America, leave and find a better place. Maybe France will be more to your liking where the legislature there is doing away with terms like mother and father in favor of parent 1 and parent 2.

        Its time for toxic political correctness to be vanquished into the history of failed social experiments. Its time geographical correctness becomes the norm. You come to the USA, accept the cultural norms that drew you here, dont bring the worst aspects of the country you left and tell us we must accept your ass backwards ways.

        Come to our country to be an American first!

    • My longtime best friend, and a second, close friend, have suspiciously Latino-sounding names. It was from them that I learned, many years ago, that while the term “wetback” has long been pejorative slang in the U.S., it is the accepted term for Hispanic-Americans to use, to describe illegal aliens of Spanish descent. I can guarandamntee my friends, and the offspring of each, love and value this Country at least as much as you and I, and that they would have no trouble, shooting invaders of any stripe, irrespective any ancestral lineage, or gender, or age, or sexual proclivity, because they are invaders. To blanket-assume Americans of Spanish heritage wouldn’t so-do, IMO, does these people a serious injustice.

      Likewise, assuming some of the (non-citizen) Hispanics in the U.S. Military wouldn’t balk, is foolish, but that’s why we have the UCMJ, and they have the Right to call for firing squads…

  3. One more thing…Just two days ago, Trump told reporters that construction of the border wall was already well underway. It is not. But now, he wants you to believe that he needs to declare a national emergency to build the wall that he just said was already being built. Is your head spinning yet?

    Here is an article worth reading.

  4. It is way past time to get our government back inside the ‘old relic’ , and it will not be without the use of our 2 nd amendment….as the wisdom of the founders did not ‘see’ autos, internet or open borders and corrupt godless career politicians…they did however understand the human and the stench of power and control….hence the 2 nd A….all others have been trashed to mere words…and oaths taken mean NOTHING to those that recite hollow words….this last CR funding gave the DEMS and RINOS what they wanted and denied POTUS his request for money to close our open borders, to secure the country and aid its citizens…… this will end very badly as it is suggested that 5 -40 million more illegals will be coming INTO our country…at the invite of our CONGRESS…READ THE BILL…black and white and no spin and or opinion..signed sealed and delivered by TRAITORS…and you and I have to either put up or shut up….I have chosen to put up yet once again,but this time it will NOT be for this government….It WILL be for GOD and Country…….Semper Fi

  5. Sorta OT, but I couldn’t resist. Nancy Pelosi, in her address from Thursday, wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. For those who’re mentally or reality challenged and too busy following others to buy a clue:

    Donald Trump is not the problem, his very election was a symptom.


    Aping the America-haters who keep showing you their left hand and saying: “Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump, Look at Trump” while they hide Pelousy and the Establishment miscreants from all political factions in their right hand, can NOT help or fix ANYTHING. If’fn ya don’t want D.C. fixed and that cesspool the media lovingly refers to as “inside the Beltway,” drained, at least have the ‘nads to admit it.

    • Then you realize I was agreeing with George’s revised view of that other poster, ECR?

      Im more of a political junkie than a politician…

  6. Border fences go both ways – and I’m generally in favor of making people use the gates. I really don’t see a chance for Americans to escape southward unless they already know the country and have friends there already. Canada may be a little easier if you have a clean record.

    Most escape routes would require the use of a boat or aircraft. I’m still not sure if there is a good bolthole overseas. Some people travel for fun, but I’d rather avoid borders where possible. There are joys and experiences that are only legal and available overseas. Regardless of how legal you are, the gatekeepers have the final say in who and what may travel anywhere, unless of course, you’re willing to infiltrate or smuggle yourself and your stuff.

    In the best of possible worlds, we’d have a softening of edges and a greater respect for others. Also a lowering of desire for power and respect for private property. Until then, we need to remain vigilant and hold the lines.

    • Canada wants big money to come in! If you are interesting in moving a business there

      “As an immigrant investor, you and your immediate family can obtain Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visas by investing $800,000 for a minimum of five years under the Federal Program. This is for applicants intending to reside anywhere in Canada, except for Quebec.”

      • When I inquired about moving there, after GWB was re-elected, I was rejected for being over 40 and not having several million in the bank. They were real leary of older people getting on their healthcare system.

        Now they fall over backwards bringing in middle eastern refugees, who immediately go onto their welfare system. What a difference a prime minister makes.

        Back in the GWB years , the Republican party was quite rabid to the scary right. Now the Republican party and conservatives seem like the moderate centrist and the liberals and Democrats are the scary rabid side.

        • Yep – nailing it. We keep wondering whether it’s a
          “political pendulum” or a guillotine broken loose…

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