DC Mud Wrestlers – Markets Getting Shaky?

CFNAI and the new Unemployment filings in a sec.  

Top of the Day for us – and it is funny – trust me – is the latest…

Wave of Irrational Congress

It was just lovely to read and watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene Calls Boebert a ‘Little Bitch’ on the House Floor.  Other reports were very similar in tone:  Marjorie Taylor Greene Called Boebert a Little B*tch: Report.

We figure the next Grand Distraction will be mud wrestling in the House, though the present word-wrestling over the Biden Impeachment bill is close enough.

When we look at recent news events, such as:

  • The U.S. has scuttled two peace talk openers with Ukraine.
  • The U.S. just got rid of its Debt Ceiling in a budget fiasco.
  • The president’s son pled out on tax evasion – and more stuff’s coming his way…. (Does the nut fall far from the tree, we ought to be asking…)

Instead of solutions that work, we still have a Congress that doesn’t (even read bills).  May be “good for distractions, media monetizations, and political popularity contests.  But it ain’t good for America.


Shaky Feeling Market

We’ve been tracking for a couple of weeks now, how this possible top of a major Wave 2 rally (basis the decline since November 2021) will eventually turn down.  Today, the futures are hinting “where to” next:

Despite the ILWU agreement of last week, the amount of cargo coming in from Asia is way down for the year.  Port of Long Beach loaded inbound is down 28 percent for the year.  Los Angeles is down almost 18.2 percent on their inbound.  Which will ripple out in all kinds of ways, including perhaps more coming in via the Gulf and East.

Chicago Fed National Activity 

The Indicator is just out – have a look.


Led by declines in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) decreased to –0.15 in May from +0.14 in April. Two of the four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index decreased from April, and three of the four categories made negative contributions in May. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, increased to –0.14 in May from –0.20 in April.

On the Business channels, there’s so much contradiction floating around it’s nuts.  If the CFNAI goes up (which you’d think would be good for stocks) can actually drive things down now, because if things stay too good, too long, then a rate hike in July becomes certain.

Thumb on the scale?  I look for a hefty Fed hike because the RRA (Real Rulers of America) want a recession now so it can be over before the election. Biden II (crime kid aside) would allow for the continuing merger between government and the corporate control State.

Since the Recession is not coming along fast enough, we expect the Fed will “kick it over” and for plausible deniability, look for a shocking inflation rate (because – at minimum – falling energy prices will be over in the next report possibly) and that may already be feeding enough into the price pressures the Fed would be likely to raise even without the “Truly Paranoid’s Fed Controlled Declines Psychosis” (TPFCDP) diagnosis. (But it’s really what?  A Caffeine-activated psychotic grand mal of the cerebrum upon viewing of certain look-ahead charts…)

Of Course! We may be right for a different reason:  Bank of England June decision: 50-basis-point rate hike to tackle persistent inflation (cnbc.com)

Even more paranoid?  Well, BTC is over $30,000 now.  ETF hype has been going wild.  Still, BTC tends to slightly lead the market, so when the initial declines today (if any) are worn through, we could rally stocks all the way back to the trend line.  The mind boggles.

U.I. Filings and More

Two parts to this, though it’s a kind of “routine” report. Obviously, the two-week change in Unemployment filings.

ui filings

The second part of the report – which we find most useful, even though it’s toward the end of the report:  Essentially, is a How It Feels Report.  Which varies by state.

There were no states showing filings down remarkably.

Ma Nature Rules

Our Houston Bureau is down – and we’re hearing it may be a week, or longer, as powerful storms rolled through the Oil Patch last night.  ‘These skies are CHARGED’: KPRC 2 viewers share their photos, videos via Click2Pins as heavy storms move through Houston (click2houston.com)

Second sourcing: Tornado strikes tiny Texas town, killing at least 4, amid cross-country storms – ABC News.  Not even enough wind up here to lift a box kite.

Quite early in the Hurricane Season, but already we’re looking at Tropical Storm Bret which looks ahead like this:

We’ve still got a number of friends in the Caymans, and I sure hope this map is wrong.

Two people lost their lives to Hurricane Ivan there in 2004.  But even non-direct storms can kick up major surf.  Best time to go serious beach combing is right after a big storm in the Caribbean.  I know people who’ve found the odd doubloon that way…

Blowing Through Headlines

“We’ll puff and we’ll paste, and we’ll tweet our way in…”

Hope dwindles: Missing submersible chief’s wife is descendant of Titanic victims.

A Latter Day Boy’s Town:  Zuckerberg vs Musk: Tech billionaires pick Vegas for their ‘cage match’ location.  My God!  Headlines are channeling Spin and Marty!

Sounds like Szechuan (as opposed to Cantonese):  Cooking gas explosion leaved 31 dead at restaurant in China (nypost.com).  I really ought to sign up for another intervention from the Cynical Gallows Humor News Reporters Association.  Hmm.

And for Science Junkies, two:  NASA captures image of ghostly lightning on Jupiter | NTD. (Is that Uranus in the background?) And These markings in a French cave are now the oldest known drawings by Neanderthals – Study Finds.

OK, busy as hell, so back to it.

Reminder: Ham Radio Field Day is this weekend!

Write when you get rich,


50 thoughts on “DC Mud Wrestlers – Markets Getting Shaky?”

  1. Shut the front front door! G

    Nosty aint too bad, and “Stewed” does fantastic job deciphering the arcane ancient french, BUTT, nobody butt nobody does it in modern times like The Simpsons. Yerp – they did it again wit the O2 running out in a submersible..https://youtu.be/y8pKSskP4gk
    Implosive, no?
    Seeing as how there is no such thing as a cowinky dink – there is only one conclusion my military mind can come up with – Producer have/had access to “Saturn Cube”.. are all over epstain flight manifests.
    – yeah youse already know how is hiding up there in our local solar system -Saturn- in secure base- same deal with Moon..same nasty acrid smelling green scaly fkrs deepdeep down under A51.
    * Yes the elevator (s) go all the way down there, access however is tightly controlled,a ride down comes with requisite mind wipe. Heavyduty interference – “mental block (s/ing)” put up when remote viewers put themselves in there..

    The SHOW must go on ! speaking of which have youse all seen BTC ? how about GBTC trust ? still at 30% discount (dontask), too pricey – well homegamerz feast Ure peeperz on BITF (Bitfarms) a BTC miner with exceptionally bright and talented CEO/leadership..putting some dollarz in Ure pocket and Smile on my kisser.

    • lol lol lol..one of the writers is an old co-worker friend.. lol lol he’s no forsee er just a little curious..and I can tell you he gets curious as to why people can’t see the pieces of the grand puzzle . he and I use to visit at lunch he would say..I think their all nuts..I thought he was nuts to move to cali..he did ok though.
      it’s not hard to see it..most are just enamored by the good fortune they have..
      people in the ghettos are scared buying guns to protect themselves

    • unfortunately…they more than likely will join the members that went down with the titanic.. and hey they only spent a quarter of a million per person for the honors of joining the titanic tragic history..

  2. My Consigliere and I took a 3 mile ride down to the far end of our road to meet some folks who bought a little cabin/shack on a couple acres. We took the ATV since Earl likes to play with the spotlight and thinks the ham radio and personal defense stick mounted to the roof looks cool. “Can I call your wife?” Sorry, I told you not without a Ham ticket, and stop shining the spotlight on the trees, it’s the middle of the day. As we rolled up Earl points up at the power line and says “Whats that box thing?”. F^&* if I know.
    Nice young couple but it was obvious she was not comfortable with country life since her cell phone never left her hand and she was constantly swatting at something and scratching at her legs. The fellow said he was a hunter and kept looking over at the ATV. Then he asked where he should call to get the water and power turned on. Earl is an executive member of the COOP and gave him the number to call and we explained his water was a well out back and the sewer was a septic tank, neither of which has been used for a very long time. His wife asked if a well meant the water comes out of the ground and what’s a septic tank. Should have seen her face when we told her.
    Heading back we both had a hard time keeping from laughing out loud until we got out of earshot.
    So much for living out where the busses don’t run.
    Stay safe. 73

    • they don’t even realize how fortunate they are to have an existing well and septic tank .
      they probably won’t realize they should filter it.. but that’s the learning curve..

    • That is really hard to believe. They would buy a property and not know it has a well and septic system? Going “Off-Grid” sounded cool ? I guess they weren’t thinking very well., at all.

      • Must have been a tax auction or something. I saw Colorado license plates on their Corolla so not too surprised. Doubt we’ll see much of either of them. The property is on the side of a bluff and the Cabin is more of a shed. 18 by 20 maybe. I did find a well house in the overgrowth behind the shack but it has been dead for a long time. We were guessing about the septic tank but I did see a toilet through the open door and sewage lagoons we’re common and are still legal here. Earl was born here 93 years ago and says the place was there as long as he can remember.

    • Jim – Thanks for the laugh. I wouldn’t have made it off the front step without laughing my ass off…

      LOOB – filtering is generally not necessary in places like Misery. I’d get an assessment, but ideally, they should be able to make homebrew without a filter…

      d’Lynn – They probably saw one of those “going off the grid” teevee shows and thought it’d be a neat adventure. They weren’t thinking at all, they were feeling (and looking at that half-mil windowed monster someone built in the Idaho highlands, but not noticing the $120k they paid for their well.) Kidz is bassackwards today — doing stuff before they know how to do stuff. If’fn you’ve got six “safety nets” and parents with time + money, you’re fine in your playhouse. If not? When things get rough, some folks will die…

      • home brew.. of course.. but the better home brew comes from spring water LOL LOL LOL..
        my experience was .. when I first started to make home made beer and home made wine.. I used to much sugar.. or to many hops.. so it would come out harsh.. and so strong.. its been a learning experience.. I am not a drinker .. except for my coffee LOL I have thought of can you make a coffee beer.. someday I will try it.. just to see what it is like.. you can make a milk stout beer.. or a keefer with a low alcohol content.. why not coffee LOL… one day I will play with it..

      • I am not sure about around those parts.. but here.. you can take a sample of the water down to the extension services.. and they will test it for you.. no cash needed.. free of charge.. my father inlaw had a well .. and I did that for him.. it had to many nitrates in it.. He refused to filter his dinking water.. I wouldn’t touch it with the level of nitrates that was in his well water without first filtering it..

  3. “Debt Ceiling”

    Almost a 30 year mortgage ago (1994) Republicans made a “Contract” with America.

    “THE FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT: A balanced budget/tax limitation amendment and a legislative line-item veto to restore fiscal responsibility to an out- of-control Congress, requiring them to live under the same budget constraints as families and businesses.”

    1994 constituent folk really believed them. 2 years before OxyContin was developed. Now OxyContin is out of business. Maybe next election, 2024 they’ll follow through. Maybe.

    That submarine. People love a cliffhanger. A plane flying over heard banging. People believed “Contract w/America”. Chupacabras too. Fantasy thinking.

    Sometime during 1937 Navy folk searched for Amelia. Came up empty.

    • the sad part is..even with the titanic..they don’t have rescue equipment capable of saving them..maybe a robot rover to nudge them up..possibly with a claw or magnet strong enough to latch on a balloon or a form to lift them off the bottom as a buoy..then how strong is the current..sad situation.. I took care of a survivor of the titanic..the nightmares he had..as a little boy he had to watch his father sink..haunted him his whole life.. every night he would wake up in a cold sweat…

      • Assuming this is the lost submersible. We need to know the exact start and stop times of the reported banging.

        “The search for a missing submersible with five people aboard took a bleak turn Thursday when the U.S. Coast Guard said a debris field was found at the bottom of the ocean near the Titanic, and the critical 96-hour mark passed when breathable air could have run out.”

        – 24 mins ago

        • An admiral on the screen says the submersible was catastrophically lost. The admiral on the screen indicates sound detection buoys were deployed soon after the submersible lost contact.

          The buoys did not detect the catastrophic event. But earlier we were told planes detected banging.

          What was the banging?

        • WSJ says,

          “U.S. Navy Heard What It Believed Was Titan Implosion Days Ago
          Underwater microphones designed to detect enemy submarines first detected Titan tragedy”

          Perhaps there wasn’t any banging. Just a mockingbird quacking.

          All levels are in on it.

        • The banging was probably a piece of tethered debris, driven by currents into a rock or other piece of debris.

          Implosion/explosion detection wasn’t announced because there’s no absolute certainty with such a “detection.” If there were a chance the detection was either wrong or related to another event (and there always is), searchers would have a moral, and ethical obligation to search, at least until all possibility of a successful search was exhausted. Once the “search and rescue” became a “search and recovery” operation, news could be, and was, made available, regarding the Navy’s (possible) implosion detection.

    • “THE FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY ACT: A balanced budget/tax limitation amendment and a legislative line-item veto to restore fiscal responsibility to an out- of-control Congress, requiring them to live under the same budget constraints as families and businesses.”

      It worked, too, until the Dems drubbed Gingrich out of Congress for moral turpitude, for banging a gal to whom he wasn’t married (and getting caught) — back when we had “morals…”

      Once Newt was gone, it didn’t take the Repubics long to become the living illustration of “power corrupts.” Once they joined with the Demonrats to form the uniparty they were back out of power, and Congress was on an obscene spending spree which has lasted until this year.

      People forget (or they never knew) that the “Tea Party” was formed as a protest to Bush43’s out of control spending — NOT Obama’s, and not the Dems. I STILL have the pictures from Boston and Indianapolis, from the “Tea Party Protests” in the summer of 2006, when the Repubics still held power and there were 167 million Americans at work (August, 2006 — look it up…)

      • lol lol I loved the idea of line item veto.. the problem with it was in those thousand page bills..all in bible sized print with thousands of deflections to other thousand page bills that haven’t been read except for maybe Rand Paul And ted cruz .. the congressman pretty much don’t have a clue whats in them .

  4. In the last 48 hours short sellers have bet more than $1 trillion against US stocks after this big run-up.
    The top five shorts are mega-cap tech stocks Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia and Amazon.
    The total market value of the top meme cryptos rose $15.7 billion in the last 24 hours alone.
    Placing sanctions on China if/when it makes its move on Taiwan would, virtually overnight, stop three trillion dollars in global trade. The impact from this would devastate economies around the world – U.S. & China would suffer the most. And if the Number-Crunchers are correct, it would create a global depression. The longer the trade sanctions are in place, the deeper the depression will go. And China would not turn right around and leave Taiwan – so when would the trade sanctions be lifted?

  5. Distractions abound! Elon Musk slapped Mark Zuckerberg with a steel gauntlet taunt about a cage match. The latter took him up on it and, so far, it looks to be going down in Vegas. Andrew Tate has offered to train Musk, lol. IF it happens, should be messy. Their grudge s are legendary.
    The last time this happen was in 1992, between two airline CEOs over the rights to a slogan via an arm wrestling match, with the loser sending $5k to a charity and relinquishing the slogan to the winner. Link is to offer more info on this. The short videos of the ceo working out are priceless and indicative of a different day and mindset. Kinda miss that. https://priceonomics.com/how-southwest-airlines-settled-a-legal-dispute/

    • A true grudge cage match would be a wonderful thing. Musk swung an axe for more than a year, Zeke’s biggest muscle is the one that flaps his jaws. I’m not sure his yoga can counteract the wrestling Musk would’ve learned as an outsider in a Canadian lumber camp…

  6. After reading from the link, donations were $15k, and they both used the slogan for a time. Still, the publicity stunt was a huge success boost for both companies!

  7. All I remember is it’s for the children – we can’t keep spending and going into debt because the children – the children are now grand parents………meh

    • For the last five years test scores for Math and English., in the state of Washington., have gone down. For the last five years the educational budget has set a record in each year. Close to 90 % of those budgets were for teacher salaries, health care and benefits. Nothing.., NOTHING.., is “for the children” anymore.

      • Did you see the clip going around a few months back, about the school in Carmel, Indiana? Their budget per kid is ~$9k. The school has everything imaginable, including radio, tv, a full complement of shop classes, consistently top-ranked athletic and academic teams, and, like a 96% graduation rate.

        I’ve seen other school systems like this, too.

        It’s not the money. It is the quality of the local school board and the teachers, and teachers who spend the time to teach their kids, fundamentals instead of crap…

        • I agree.. a teacher that is dedicated to teaching will challenge and change the minds of our future.. a teacher just in it for the money.. could care less about challenging the leaders of tomorrow.. it is the same thing about doctors.. a doctor that goes into medicine to help people and care about their illnesses.. will be remembered.. a doctor that only enters to make a buck will only do what he can make money with and leave the rest.. I sure have known my share of both..

    • what I think is at this point we are so upside down in the economicdeath spiral.. that a reboot is the only way out at this point and with bric’s backing their currency with gold silver and the dollar losing the backing of petroleum..it looks as if the dollar,pound and euro is on the way out…. The economy has only one way to go from my perspective. hell a millionaire has already lost half of what his money was worth two years ago..

  8. The spread between the 2- and 10-year Treasury yields, a notorious recession indicator, has steepened its inversion to a full percentage point.

  9. Andy likes his 11s, so this caught my attention,,,
    so this caught “the other brother Darrell’s” attention,,,
    Melania, ELEVEN years ago, to date, she tweeted,
    “@ storm is on the way”

    6 and 1/2 years ago President Trump told a ballroom full of reporters , as he stood with his military brass
    this represents the storm
    they asked “what storm? Mr President,,,
    yoall see!!!

    did you all hear the Demons screech as liddle pencil neck got his hands slapped on the floor of the US House of Rep.
    Adams likes his “liddle kidz”

    got a big thunder/rain storm in the predawn,,, this morn
    got 2-1/4 inches yah hoo, in a semi-arid landscape

    CURE THE PEDOPHILE PROBLEM and the rest of the world’s troubles will be small potatoes, as the problem makers will be GONE


  10. “Since the Recession is not coming along fast enough”

    I reflect on a comment made a few days ago..and a comment on guys that are the predictors of doom.. on the 3rd week of what ever this will happen…
    and the comment here when someone said ” you’ve been predicting thi for 20 years,”

    I reflect on the ancient stories of Yima in the zoroastrian religion and of our own stories of NOAH and his ark.. actually there are more similar stories in ancient teachings..
    since we are more in tune with NOAH and the Ark.. we are taught that it took 70 years to construct.. The people living around the area..they seen it.. I am sure just like Yima Noah told everyone what he seen coming.
    I can almost hear the comments as people walked by saying..in the high plains dessert.. hey Noah it looks like rain..as they laughed and walked away..
    we are told..no man will know the day date or time.. as the story of the ten virgins says.. five were prepared five weren’t..when the bride snd groom showed up..we don’t know we will not know..many see the pieces of the puzzle falling into place.. I tell everyone that asks me ..buy one can..thr one can prepping hint..that way your not stressed.. it’s one can..before long you’ve got your preparations done..like building a garage.. a friend seen the garage and the scope of building it as the whole..it was a daunting task and he didn’t know how to approach it..I said one board..if you take it as one board it isn’t as big of an issue..before you know it you have a wall.. one day I said I’ll help you..I was in a wheelchair..
    I had a jig for setting studs..no thought needed. we went out to his garage site and 3 hours later his whole frame was up..one board..
    the problems I see with the younger kids..is its been a fun ride..I’ve survived a few life changing events events that could easily of having me throwing hands in the air and giving up. instead it was a learning experience..
    even my kids don’t have a clue
    their life r has not been filled with dramatic life changing events.. covid had them putting extra provisions but that’s over and things although are nit better are a new normal..they think I am paranoid or delusional..it won’t happen..they chuckle or scoff at the thought that things could erode..
    the scary part of this is only a few have anything set to eat..they have never had hunger..those that survived the last depression are mostly gone now..I stock ahead not for myself but for those that follow..no man can prepare to go the trip alone..it’s in the end family friends and faith..the regular posters here are what’s important to me..not the things or a number .. but the person the wisdom.

    • “they think I am paranoid or delusional..it won’t happen..they chuckle or scoff at the thought that things could erode..”

      This comes from a severe lack of knowledge of history. Droughts and famines have always happened. They happened for billions of years before Man walked the planet; they’ll happen for billions of years after we’re extinct or have moved on to populate the galaxy.

      They’re going to happen today, tomorrow, or in the near future, and when they do, some people will die and others will live a stunted existence.

      Kids today know none of this, because they’re taught none of it, they’re not motivated to learn it on their own, and they’re not taught the consequences of a crap growing season or two.

  11. Re: carats on a stick


    Hear ye, hear ye! “Horse and Hound” has been updated with news of the King’s first win at Royal Ascot in the King George V race. Desert Storm at 18/1 won by a nose over Valiant King. The King and Queen were moved to tears in the Royal Box.

    Separately, Mr. Oppenheimer descended of the London branch from the originally J P Morgan-financed Anglo American Corporation, took the Gold Cup with a flying Courage Mon Ami. His Italian jockey shocked guardians of royal protocol by kissing the Queen.

    • “His Italian jockey shocked guardians of royal protocol by kissing the Queen.”

      He might’ve thought he was kissing the King’s steed…

  12. U.S.navy knew that on Sunday the submersible imploded ,do to the fact they heard it . It’s just another noise to cover pedo joe’s crimes. What’s next , a nuclear war. That will keep the msm busy until we are all irradiated and dead . Oh , by the way , the elite have bunkers , you don’t.

  13. “For the first time in history, United States Air Force B-52 nuclear-capable bomber aircraft, landed in Jakarta, Indonesia. Their arrival comes just days after Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s meetings in Beijing utterly failed.”

    Switzerland Sending School Kids Home Early today — Tomorrow NATO “Exercise” Ends . . . . War?

    Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has publicly made clear, if NATO wants to fight Russia, “Go ahead and fight” because Russia is ready.



    I STRONGLY suggest folks give Hal Turner a listen, today…

    • running for pharmacy this morning I seen headed in the opposite direction 15 HIMARS
      and a full convoy…my hopes are this is just reserve training

  14. Scientist answers Joe Rogan’s question honestly & instantly regrets it

    Dr. Peter Hotez, a scientist who actively champions the efficacy of vaccines, went on “The Joe Rogan Experience” and was caught off guard by some of Rogan’s questions.

    When Rogan asked Hotez if he was “cautious” about his diet, Hotez admitted that he didn’t pay much mind to his own health. “I’m not as cautious about my diet as I should be. I’m a junk food-aholic,” Hotez said.

    Dave Rubin thought the exchange was incredibly interesting, as Hotez had been a regular guest on networks like MSNBC and CNN pushing vaccines for the past three years.


    Whoopsie… ‘Guess he won’t be guesting on MSLSD for a while…

  15. Meet the lawyer standing up for white Americans and turning Civil Rights law on its head…

    PSA: You have Federal Civil Rights in the workplace to not be discriminated against based on skin color. Woke activists think anti-white racism is ok, but it’s illegal. If you’re being targeted for your skin color, gather evidence, sue the Woke bastards, and get rich.


    ‘Bout frickin’ time. The way to defeat the people who hate the United States and strive to destroy us by using our laws against us, is to use these same laws against them, using the case law precedents they themselves set, to clean their clocks…

  16. FBI Groomed Developmentally Challenged 16-Year-Old To Become A Terrorist, Then Arrested Him

    Earlier this month, the FBI announced the arrest of 18-year-old Mateo Ventura of Wakefield, Massachusetts, over allegations that he provided financial support to ISIS.

    Yet, according to the government’s own criminal complaint, Ventura never gave a dime to any terrorist groups, while the only “terrorist” he actually had any contact with was an undercover FBI agent.


  17. Thrown to the Wolves

    A physician reveals the nightmare of transgender ideology in a major children’s hospital.

    This physician has witnessed firsthand how transgender ideology has captured the medical profession and jeopardized the first commandment of the healing sciences: do no harm.


    Ex-CNN producer John Griffin sentenced as victim speaks out about abuse

    A disgraced CNN producer accused of child sex abuse heard from the young victim that she will “never trust anyone again” as he was sentenced to more than 19 years behind bars.


  18. Hunter gets probation, Trump dies in prison, Newsom wins 2024: regime’s plan unfolds with stunning new info…

    The regime is determined to remove President Trump once and for all. It’s remarkable to see the feverish anxiety as our corrupt government scrambles to prevent a “man of the people” and a political outsider from entering the White House again. The regime are willing to go to great extremes to make that happen. It really makes you wonder what they’re hiding and just how corrupt and wicked our government actually is.


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