CV19: Bracing for “Hell Month”

Reader Note:  We will be posting in section this morning due to heavy weather which will likely take down our satcoms as it rolls through.

Why You Should Brace

Simply:  In our work the data informs that things could be much, much worse than Dr. Fouci’s much repeated forecast of a COVID-19 death toll of “100,000 to 200,000” as the virus continues to attack America and rolls on into the Heartland.

All the while, our absolute worst-case nightmare is the one where both the President and VP come down with CV19 symptoms.  Because that would pave the “road to succession” for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  And THAT would be an unmitigated disaster because she and her evil spawn in the ever-more communist leaning party have loaded so much Pork into the “Virus Relief Bill” as to make an Iowan blush with envy.  All the while, she’s heaping on pant-loads of political B.S. by trying to gin up another impeachment effort. Can you effin’ believe it?  Zombie politicians than can’t be put down…

We’re having an internal debate as to whether Schumer, Shifty, Hil, Obama, or Nancy is “patient zero” for THD (Trump Hate Disorder).  Not that it matters.

As Pelosi’s handlers are loading her with double-ought mouth-shot, like “While the president  fiddles, people are dying,”  We notice that Her Highness has continued to support Open Borders and – THAT kills people, too.

Please Nancy, for the good of the Union, go quarantine!

Why, there will be enough “blood on the hands” of both parties before this is done that it will make Ure head spin.

What the Numbers Say

As of click-time for us, the case-count globally today was 737,929 while the death count was at 35,019.

We need to have a conversation about statistics, here.  The numbers from today are higher than the ones Sunday – so the disease hasn’t stopped.  Statistically, though, we won’t be able to figure a meaningful out for today because the numbers aren’t stabilizing until afternoon (as overnight and morning data come in).

What we can do, however, is a freeze-frame on what Sunday data was telling us.  It’s not pretty.  The Global Outlook of cases?

There was no reason to run past June 8 because the world population limit of potential cases is capped by the number of people on Earth – about 7.6-billion.

As to the global death outlook, if social distancing doesn’t “get hard” and stay that way for 1-2 incubation periods?

As may be seen (if you’re not color-blind and can see the red cell above) the mortality rate has been moving up from the early estimated 3.4%.  If our count here is right (cases divided into dead body count),, then this will in all likelihood be worse than the Spanish Flu of 1918.

Oh, and as for Dr. Fauci’s high end of “200,000 dead” in the U.S.?  Well, if the deaths in the U.S. run proportionate to the rest-of-world potential, the death rate could go some multiple of even Fauci’s grim numbers:

In a simplistic straight-line progression of the virus, we could be seen as smashing through the Fauci 200,000 level as early as  mid-May.  Side bets on how this will work out?

The “Good News”?  (Yeah, there really is some…)  Statistically, we could continue to see an expansion of cases for the next month (which I’ve referred to as “hell month”) but, once we have exposed over half the Globe, then the case increase rate may begin to decline.

The statistical problem will be keeping our level-headedness as the Mortality Rate could be skewing higher.

You know, right now, says 100 people get the virus.  10-days out, our data says up to 6% of these people might be dead.  Which would be six people, at six percent, right?

When the number of cases (increase) goes down in a hypothetical following week, to say 75 new cases, that doesn’t make the six dead people “undead” does it?

No, it would make a real-time accounting of dead divided by cases change from 100 into 6 = 6% to 75 into 6, which is 8%.

The Axiom to remember:  Initial mortality rates would be expected to be low when the spread rate is still ramping up, and would skew high in the declining phase.  It’s just what happens when the denominators are changing.

I was blessed many years back to have corresponded a bit with Cesare Marchetti who you’ve probably never heard of.  (Your loss!)

Marchetti was the father of “Marchetti’s Constant” which discovered people in all cultures tend to spend about an hour a day commuting to work.  More importantly, he was at least “in the delivery room” for the birth of Logistic Function analytics.  This is what we’re talking about here:  A Logistic Function (or “S=Curve”) of how disease spreads and…..ready for this?

“Pervasive Long Waves:  Is Human Society Cyclotymic?”

The short answer is “Yes! Sure seems to be…”  But you’d need to look at his work on the application of S-curve dynamics to Transport Systems because the notion of successive, over-lapping S-curves is compelling.  It describes the expansion and collapse of paradigms (whether a virus or cars taking over from wagons) it’s all part and parcel of the logistic function.

As time permits, we will revisit the 2001 paper on the Peoplenomics side dealing with S-Curve (logistic function application and S-curve derivation)  as applied to stock price periodicity…


“Bottom Line Me?”

We are potentially in the early part of a social crack-up that will involve several overlapping logistic waves.  The “mass consumption” cycle is likely ending, as I discussed in the Sunday report “Virus Impacts:  The Colorado River Paradigm.”

We not only have the logistic function of  the virus running, but as an extension, we need to understand there may be logistic growth implicates for manufacturing, as well as global food production.

Which is why, we many Americans were “locked-in” this week, and none-too-happy about it, I got started on the “next stage” of food self-sufficiency.  Namely, using “no-till” technology and scrap cardboard in order to reduce garden labor (e.g. weed-free gardening).  You need to hit YouTube and start learning the principles of cardboard-based weed-free horticulture  right-freaking-now because the future of the supply chain (and the “3-thousand mile salad”) is dimming even as the virus logistic function runs.

There is a ton more that could be written:  Collection of rainwater, figuring out how to preserve what excess food you can grow, how to keep a low profile, and a sniper-refresher training for the smaller calibers.  (Not everyone has a Barrett .50 to “reach out and touch” but in this area because of terrain, the number of mile-plus shots is pretty-much terrain-and-vegetation limited….ahem…  But, something like a Gunfighters INC Kenai chest holster for the Glock 19/23s…well…er….just saying, when we quarantine hard, we ain’t a just-a-kidding… P.P.S. get the extra magazine holder and ammo carrier, lol.  We don’t talk much about this “harder side of prepping” but we’re not idiots, right?  We assume you have NV gear as well, with at least one head-on model?)

We kinda-sorta-heard GFI was up near where my son’s fire department is outside Wentachee, WA.  Well, how ’bout them apples, huh?  World is full of amazing coincidences, isn’t it?

Ah, then there’s the market.  Could we rally more?  Sure, Dow futures were up 55 when I looked before click-time.

Enjoy it while you can.

And in Other News…

Well, there’s not much.  Dallas Fed report due out in an hour, or two.  Big whoop.

Europe was trying to rally, so a nice pop today is possible.

U.S. Housing data tomorrow.   ADP Jobs Wednesday, Challenger Job Cuts Thursday and then Friday the “How bad is it…” confessional from the Labor Department in the Jobs Report.

Around here?  Oh, uh…just watching the lettuce coming up and the seeds that went in Sunday.  We’ll be planting batches every couple of weeks to spread the harvest out over the season which – given conditions of the supply chain – may be adjusted up, or down.

Top off the .22 rat shot for small game and a brick or two more of 22LR and I think we’re good to go.  Not ready to pop open the 7.62 cans yet, but this is not the time to be panic buying.  You have to have made a lifestyle of being ready for anything.  We’ve been preaching that sermon for 23-years.  Right here.

Remember that a Drought is what turned the collapse in 1929 into a full-on Depression.  This time, failure of the supply chain to recover, poses the same risk.  I just wish we have a political class that knew when to STFU and deal-straight with The People.

Payers must get lost in space, eh?

Write when your cardboard is ready (take off the packing tape) and your seedlings are up.  Day-trade the markets, Life-trade everything else.

95 thoughts on “CV19: Bracing for “Hell Month””

  1. Instead of focusing on COVID-19 and on the contracting economy, I’ll provide some information about the “big picture.”

    Several years ago, I met some very powerful individuals who are members of the top 2% of the “powers that be” (PTB). They are “puppet masters” who work quietly in the background. Several of them know the “sympathy” guy.

    Although my conversations only lasted minutes to a few hours, and although these individuals deflected or gave veiled answers to many of my questions, I learned things that changed my life. Many of the things I had suspected based on my prior research.

    The fundamental thing I learned can be described by the title of the old Styx song, “The Grand Illusion.” Much of what people believe is illusory or erroneous, fed by lies and misinformation from government, the media, and the education system. However, as George has mentioned a number of times over the years, the PTB sometimes have “truth leaks” to the public via movies, books, and songs.

    I’ll briefly mention some of the other salient things I learned.

    First, we live in a computer-generated world, as suggested by the “Matrix” movies. This means that the “being in charge” (God), is essentially running a computer “game” or simulation. This concept, in turn, leads to the ideas of multiple, simultaneous games/simulations and of nested universes. God was himself created by a being(s) at a higher level.

    Second, the notion that we live in an infinite universe is false. Our universe has a boundary. Earth resides inside an enormous sphere.

    Third, time travel is real. Some UFOs contain time travelers from our future, and some may contain inter-dimensional beings.

    Fourth, cybernetically enhanced human clones/androids/cyborgs/replicants really exist. This is another “truth leak” that is depicted in TV shows (Star Trek) and movies such as The Stepford Wives, Bladerunner, The Terminator, and other movies. As incredible as it might sound, some people have been replaced.

    Fifth, many ancient “gods” described in Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Indian, Greek, Roman, and other history/mythology were in fact real, and some of them are still on Earth today.

    Sixth, the original Donald Trump was replaced years ago. The current Trump is an ancient, powerful being, a shape-shifter. The PTB give a sly hint in a Lexus ad, which features a book called “Neptune’s Sorrow.” For more than 99.999% of the U.S. population, the reference would whoosh over their heads.

    Seventh, Obama’s long-form birth certificate was a fake, fraudulent document. Former Maricopa County, Arizona sheriff, Joe Arpaio, hired professional forensic document examiners who reached the same conclusion, which was largely why Obama sent his attack dogs in the Justice Department after Arpaio, who was later pardoned by Trump. Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate is apparently genuine. Bottom line: Obama was a fraud. His presidency was illegal and unconstitutional.

    Eighth, chemtrails really exist.

    That should give you enough to gnaw on for a while. Thank you for your informative and interesting blogs and books, George.

    • Reality is a creation of one’s mind. What is real to one is often considered fantasy by others. Artists and writers walk the fine line between these worlds. The danger lies when one individual learns how to create reality shared many. Examples are cult leaders, revolutionaries and socio-political autocrats.

      The ‘reality’ I dread is a psychological contagion of fear and helplessness that would be spread by nefarious political leaders and their biased media mouthpieces. Bio-pandemics know not the devilish ways of politics, however, a sinister politician can follow quite well the methods of the most virulent plague.

    • Three Days of the Condor with Robert Redford & Faye Dunnaway. The American Public thinks they are in control – You Poor Fools.

      • My favourite spy movies are: Goldfinger, 3Days of the Condor, Mission Impossible, The International, Ronin.

        Cliff Robertson’s speech in 3Days was a classic. Also I strongly recommend The International.

        Honourable mention: The Eiger Sanction

      • 110%:
        Additional great movies-
        Network (Jensen’s speech is a classic), [Paddy Chayefsky].
        Dr. Strangelove (humour?), [Stanly Kubrick].
        The Sand Pebbles, [Richard McKenna].

    • Hello. First off I would like everyone to know this is not me. Although I have used the A symbol for moment.

      A is The alchemy symbol for Air. Inverted it is the symbol of Earth.

      Found on every dollar an ancient symbol meaning “transcend”

      Much of what you said, I too have experienced. Some I didn’t know and other stuff I do know.

      In once sence, I understand that at one layer of reality, every thing even time, gravity and space is a solid reflecting a single eminating pulse.

      I also know that the Moon creates a distortion in the Spirit relm that produces material reality. without it, there would be no physical material.

      I have met the Dragon born with porcelain fingernails. They asked me questions. Which I thought peculiar. They are nomadic. They call no place home.

      Thank you for answering a few of my questions. Everyone knows me as Andy here. My mother gave me that name. Most know me as this symbol: 0

      I will consider your words.

      • Math is the hotline to God. Solve the Collatz Conjecture or the Reimann Hypotheisis and you may get put on hold.

      • You remember the day I saw God George? I told that story on here a few times.

        “Of mice and men.”

        I talk to HIM all the but he dont say much. He does play jokes on me when I’m getting too serious. Lol

      • Andy meditates a lot by his own admission. In meditation, you’re attuned to things drowned out by the noise of our current paradigm. I meditate too – in a very different way and get the knowing that I get. Where it all originates is not for me to say – I just don’t know. Listening to whatever is inside or out there is helpful to me.

        Each person must understand his or her own reality as best they can. It’s a personal journey. Some get guidance for better or worse. Others never find their guidance or fail to recognize it.

    • If anyone is interested read Lobsang Rampa’s books; in the 70’s he spoke about soul’s being able to leave a body and allow another soul to take over that body. Of course, these powerful beings create our reality and thus affect our behavior, much like raising kids. They did 911, as it was an inside job; look at the greasy results that inside job produced including bombing the world, and destroying generations of DNA, legacy, ancient sites, and causing massive relocation of refugees, etc., while taking America down one more notch via debt (but of course, this past few weeks has topped that high point!!!)

      Edgar Cayce said that the purpose of the empty sarcophagus in the Great Pyramid represented that there is NO DEATH. Obviously, Jesus tried to tell us this 2000 years ago, and Zoroaster and others before him. I am surprised that Nibiru was not on your list as it is obvious that the earth has been destroyed or greatly impacted several times, in the KNOWN timeline, not even going back billions of years, by something outside of the solar system.

      Also, I am surprised that you didn’t mention the Global Warming Scam, or the UN Population Replacement Program going on in such incredibly coordinated DEVELOPED nation destruction plan that one can only miss it, like the chemtrails, if you stay tuned to CBS/ABC/MSNBC/PBS/CNN/BBC/etc., and of course, never look up, nor never look right over there. (But, somehow has left China and Japan and India exempt.) WHY did these PTB decide that the White race is to be genocided? Is it just the right time for that – just their turn? Why did Lobsang Rampa also say in the 70’s that the world was going to turn into a race of TAN? WHAT IS THEIR END GAME? Is COVID 19 part of it? Is it really 500,000,000 like the Georgia Guidestones say? Or are we turning into a Service For Other Planet like ZetaTalk says? Or is that evil precocious site just for grins?

      Those of us that use common sense and pay attention have already known BEFORE it was investigated, just by clicking on the long-form birth certificate available online, could see it was a fraudulent document; tell me something I don’t already know, like WHY all the world ignored that, oh, let’s narrow the world down to just the USA, okay, don’t answer that, we know why!!!

      You know, us feeble sheep, already have laid down with the Lion of TPTB, they have control over everything except our souls (I know our dear friend, Bryce, they have a plan figured for our souls, too, now don’t they?), they have the power to create and destroy, and even regulate births and deaths, gee, don’t you think they’d get a little tired of toying with us???

      Free WILLie be Damned!!! SPIRITUAL evolution!


    • @ A. Thanks for your post. I’ve always believed that we live in a multi-dimensional holographic simulacrum. Your idea of multiple generated computer games makes sense and fits into my paradigm.
      So, I checked out that Lexus commercial which references that book “Neptune’s Sorrow.” The interesting thing is that I could not find the book via an internet search. Hmm? I guess someone doesn’t want us researching it. [redacted for partisanship] So, me thinks, TPTB have technologies way beyond our imaginations.

  2. Well in a way its a wake call for now we are up against something we can’t shoot, bomb or kill and that’s not a bad thing.
    Now when this is over the deck chairs will have been rearranged,and that too is not a bad thing,and I think the peoples view of the government will change to,one to where the government is not your friend,for as Kissinger stated one time that being an enemy of the U.S. can be destructive,but being its friend is fatal,if you doubt watch the money trail as they hand it to the money class and even Buffet has his out for his share,in the companies and corporations had he hold stocks,these people are not our friends.!!!!

    • I like your post. You see, it seems that most of the press (especially the ‘official’ press) is focused on the virus and what they believe are the ultimate mortality and morbidity statistics. This is the classic magician thats wants you to look at the right hand while the action takes place in the left hand. Stop looking at ‘the virus’! Look at the action in the other hand. First, shuttering of an entire economy? Do you see any problem there? Second, an enormous stimulus (porkulus) bill – all 2000 pages with a bonanza almost unbelievable in its scope. Do you see any problem here. Third, the mother of all bail outs with a Fed that now how the ability to bail out most all asset classes, in effect a monumental transfer of wealth to the .001.

      If you are arguing over Covid-19 and all the myriad of details, you are just missing the big picture here. Like its sister event 911, the agenda here runs very deep and is largely hidden to people who wanted to argue about ‘terrorism’ or the evil of Bin Laden. Look at what is happening in the magicians other hand. If we look at Dr. Fauchi’s upper most estimate of possible deaths for this ‘virus’, then we see that possibly 200,000 people could die before the end of the year. Now, both cardiovascular disease or Cancer will far exceed this toll in any given year. When did we shudder an economy for these grave statistics. Like 911, it’s the perfect crime because the people will always choose to see the magicians ‘show hand’ over the magicians ‘action hand’.

    • I was surprised the other day while I read that Heinrich was still alive enjoying his Peace Nobel Price. Molotov died @98 years of age ;-).


    Andy said this on Sat: “You are gonna get to a place where, your life flashes before your eyes, sometimes before the sea of souls and sometimes after. you will see your life from day one to the last day. Then you will see your life from day one to the last day as eveyone else saw you.”

    This is the missing point I was looking for: “Then you will see your life from day one to the last day as eveyone else saw you.” It makes sense. It completes the vision of yourself. How you see yourself vs how everyone else sees you. Only the truth will come out since God is involved & he is everlasting truth. A question may come up, “How many people actually want to hear this?” It may fracture ego’s when reality & your view of yourself don’t match up. I am probably one of them. Good luck.

    • THIS “Life Review” process is commonly reported in near death experience cases.
      When we die, our life not only flashes before us, but also as seen by others. From this review, we are to learn and go think about in the between lives state before coming back to attempt to improve.
      It’s also part of the entanglement discussion – as all things in Universe are connected to all others.

      • George,
        Entanglement. It’s something you really need to discuss more. Dr. Dean Radin, one of your personal favorites, has written extensively and has conducted controlled experiments that scientifically prove that our connection is real. His book Entangled Minds and his latest…Real Magic are two of my favorites.

        My rants and many of my posts on this site are based on The belief that the current administration is trying to cause the disruption of entanglement. This disruption renders us powerless and vulnerable.

        The disrupter in Chief is up to something very sinister here. Read page 140 of Dean Radins book on Real Magic…He quotes a scene voiced by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. “I felt a great disturbance in the force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.”

        That’s what we are experiencing right now. We are powerless. Trump is rewriting his own history. The mistakes and delays he made by calling this pandemic a hoax is now something he wants us to think he himself is the only hope for recovery…

        Trump jukes and jives to keep us off balance so we don’t know where he stands.,,like the tweet.
        “President Trump is a ratings hit. Since reviving the daily White House briefing Mr. Trump and his coronavirus updates have attracted an average audience of 8.5 million on cable news, roughly the viewership of the season finale of ‘The Bachelor.’ Numbers are continuing to rise.“

        So…Ratings are more important than saving lives? This is the diabolical mind of a true narcissistic and dangerous leader.

        The good news is that entangled minds are making the “Force” even stronger and places like California…and my area of Northern California have converged to fight off this evil. The Bay Area was the first major metro to Shelter in Place. Our state was the first to SIP. NO SURPRISE that our numbers are the lowest per capital of any Non-rural state in the entire country as a result. We have 40 million people and less deaths than Louisiana. Louisiana has nearly 1/10 of our population. California has 132 deaths, Louisiana 151 and New York, about half of the size of California has 1,026 deaths.

        And yet, California has the most international airports and had quadruple the travel from China and other Asian countries than any other state prior to the shutdown. We were the most vulnerable, recognized the problem early and defied and outwardly contradicted a clueless President that cared only about his poll numbers.

        That’s a great controlled study for Dr. Radin to measure entangled minds at work. So, the next time you want to praise your feckless leader…think again…because his narcissism has cost America countless lives…

      • Mark

        That is certainly ONE of the entanglements in play. But, there is another. And it was written of extensively at the time of Perestroika. (That is, the rethinking of the Soviet model that resulted in the reformed present Russian state which is still aiming to rule the world in Catherine The Great Style, or at least conclusively rule Europe.

        That model is that there are people who do9 disgusting pedo and worse acts, gather at a grove up north of you ways, and operate their entanglement model one way. On the other side, there’s Trump with his idea of what good entangling is.

        Between them, they comprise, right AND left, an entire all-consuming spiripolitical war going on at all levels.

        The bleeting hearts want to keep the border open and charge YOU money to do it. The false narrative is that “everyone should be free.” Yeah, sure, but we (American Taxpayers and military) don’t own that market space for the whole world. People need their own payment plan to get their.

        \On the other hand, the “free marketeers” were wrong and entangled in their business models to the point where they worked to the detriment of America because the quest for the dollar drove business offshore.

        Bottom line is there are spidery and octopus-like entanglements on both sides and all are a danger to our future.

        Let me also put out an advisory to all: Do NOT turn the virus into a political battle (Trump had nothing to do with the virus except as the admin of the ex. branch and the record there is being smeared by the commies). Failure to recall all of Trump’s January preventatives and attempting to blame him will result in banishment.

        We’re going with data and facts here, and not cherry-picking for political purposes.

      • Good Lord you two. Talk about entanglements. Lol!

        Uhem, The Baron Trump novels are two children’s novels written in 1889 and 1893. One of them is about time travel and the Last President. I believe it is the first one that is about time travel.

        The first one.
        Travels and adventures of Little Baron Trump and his wonderful dog Bulger, in 1889.

        And the second one,  Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey, in 1893. 

        “he discovers weird underground civilizations, offends the natives, flees from his entanglements with local women.”

        Sound familiar???

        I’m sure it is coincidence that the Don has a son who looks like the little boy on the cover. Also, by shere coiwinkidink that President Trump’s papa when he was younger was in charge of Tesla’s estate including what was rumored to be a “time machine”.

        You know what they say in the NSA handbook? “There is no such thing as coincidence.”

        I keep getting alot of refrences to, “someone is gonna die tonight.” I dont know who that someone is. If it’s me. Nice knowing ya. I got like 12 reference in the last hour.

        I ain’t afraid of death. I dont think anyone should be. But alot of people are. It’s weird everyone thinks they are gonna live forever. I got some threats or hot language last couple weeks. I just tell them. Listen, I been dead eleven times in this life. I been shot, stabbed and beat to oblivian, been threw the window of a car doing 50 mph. If you are the Mofo to do me in. Please! I’m ready. Lol. Also. Hundreds of refrences to EQ and Tsunami! If I see another Tsunami refrence I’m scream my lungs out at it! Hahahahahahhaha


        Quite the Paradox.

      • P.S. the last president is a Billionair from Manhattan. Trumps son is named Barron.

        All right there in a 100+ year book.


      • Read Dannion Brinkley’s, “Saved by the Light.” It’s a pretty awesome immersion into Near Death Experiences. He will give you great insight into that Panoramic Life Review.

    • @NC. Bravo. You are very spot-on here. I listened to a gentleman who stated that when you die, your Messiah will ask you, “what did you do?” Of course this will be in reference to the things you did while you were on this planet. There will be no hiding of anything including one’s dirty laundry.
      A book which I read and studied thoroughly is: “Heaven and Hell” by Emanuel Swedenborg. What you said is also expounded upon in this book. Yep. All the good and dirty stuff will be addressed. Plus, we will meet with a lot of random souls too (for better or worse). Finally, our layers and masks will be pealed off to reveal our true underlying spirit.
      The thing about this book is that the author stated that we each have a “ruling love” that is fixed throughout eternity. This “ruling love” overrides all of our other minor likes and defines who we are.
      So, I’ve been very perplexed in attempting to self-analyze and figure out what my “ruling love” is?? I still haven’t figured it out.


      Unfortunately.. after the deregulations in the early 80’s sending people home to die was and is still a common practice.. it happens all the time..
      clinics send people that cannot pay for the clinic visit to the ER.. the ER will diagnose them but then because of the costs involved in treatments will send them home.. even before the early 80’s some hospitals would refuse treatment and send patients to another hospital.. many times resulting in the death of those in severe condition..
      the difference before deregulation.. was everyone working had insurance.. it was a given that no matter what your status was on the workforce the employee had insurance and a low cost family plan was offered..
      after deregulation many jobs started to abandon this and as the rate of those insured broadened so did the amount of people being turned away and prices increased to make up for the losses.. doctors that rent spaces in clinics don’t realize that the hospital expenses increases they have to get it from someplace else so their rent increases..
      as demands for more increases so doe the costs associated with services increase.
      That is why the USA is in such a bad situation..WE were so driven for MORE.. that we forgot that more isn’t have to have a strong base to keep the top.. a sick person still loves their families.. they still have to make a living.. and to keep essential services directed only at one sector doesn’t make you safer.. it makes the one sector more susceptible to failure.. the quest for more put our nation as one of the worst for healthcare.. by producing the majority of our medications outside the USA leaves us vulnerable .. its a no brainer.. the same thing in manufacturing.. close the factories so you can have more leaves you vulnerable to mass panic and lack of replacement parts..—knoxville–tennessee-edition
      this video.. even though it was meant as a joke at the PTB has a lot of insight..
      its to bad that the industrialists that learned the lessons that are being taught to the new industrialists are not around to share and teach the ding dongs of today..
      I have read.. theres a lack of guns and bullets etc.. yet almost all of those things are produced someplace else..the same with guidance chips and the majority of our military weapon’s.. We will spend millions to teach people from other nations in our schools yet limit our own children of our company the same choices.. take a look at the doctors in your clinic.. seriously how many do you see … In my clinic there are two.. there was four.. two of whom I worked side by side with as they went to school that have now retired.. the rest are from foreign soil..

  4. A heads up for DIY – Libertarian types who want/need to harden their homes/property – now that Gun stores are running out of Guns and Ammo.

    DefCad -$50/mo.- $4.16/day – its a netflix for guns. 3D printed guns have no serial number and therefore are impossible to trace. FGC9 – cool little 9mm carbine U can print at home.

    Ure – World Socialist Government (NWO) is one Step closer with last weeks BIGGEST Wealth Transfer in History from us common folk (sheep) to the Super Rich Wall Street & Banker PSP’s (psychotic- homosexual-pedophiles) – We have been bot off for $1200 each..wonderful!

    F- the Future, buttercups can just suck it up – right G!

    When U consider that “they” were happy to jJustify the LOSS of 61 Million Lives for a jewish state, using their bargaining chips – the sacrificial lambs Exterminated in Concentration Camps.
    Obviously”they” were cool with UnLeashing a BioWeapon on Humanity – never mind the almost certain Biological Blowback/Mutations to occur the 2nd and 3rd time Wok In Pneumonia rolls around. SICK does not adequately describe these “creatures”

    BTC’s look like a buy this AM unless your name is Dzhordzh..No Bitcoin 4 U!

    Physical Gold and Silver can be had over at JM Bullion this AM – the Premiums are eyepopping, but panic buys are just that.


    Vit.C & Chaga with a Zinc and a lil Selenium – ready to Rock&Roll – heavy on the Rock.

    • “Physical Gold and Silver can be had over at JM Bullion this AM – the Premiums are eyepopping, ”

      Impressive! IIRC when silver was north of $17, junk was under $14k and rounds ~$18.80ea. Silver’s down over three bucks, and junk is up around $15.5 with rounds up around 22 bucks.

      • thanks Ray I thought I had some but when I went to check.. I don’t anymore and thought that maybe it was to late to get some …. Even though I am not that interested in collecting silver or gold.. lets face it copper is way more useable .. ( and you can’t eat it ..) but.. I did want a little bit to make collidal silver solution..
        I still believe that history will repeat itself.. and wasting huge amounts of money on precious metals isn’t worth it to me.. to find a place that I could get some that is good quality was a nice find and I thank you for sharing that info..

  5. A, The creation story of Enki and Enlil talk of “god” tricking his closest angel who strayed far away from god thinking he could do a better job. God convinced “him” to blow life into his creations and in doing so sent all of “his” creative abilities into his creations “us”. We are all children of God with a connection to the source and only need to tap into the divine to help shape reality…. that is why, imo, the second son was to enter the clergy to steer the thought forms of the Mob onto th desired path of creation.

    Here we sit in a time of great emptyness, where time matter little, we have the opportunity to reflect on what matters in reality. Money does not, in the long haul.

    What are we striving for
    In our quest for ever more.

    Is it to fill a hole
    in our everlasting soul

    Whilest I do not know
    I fret it is so.

    George stop with the fear porn. Maybe we can all pray daily for this virus to be removed from this plane of existence as we are all co-creators with the angels above. We have two ways in which to act through Love or Fear… Fear is what the Archons are spreading.

    Go into yourselves, create a space of a calm (empty space which Christ entered into to create the miracle of the fish and loaves – a desert is an empty space and either purposefully mistranslated or ignorantly) place without thought and visualize the Virus vibrating apart and leaving this reality.

    I am that, I am

    • A read “George stop with the fear porn. ”

      I assure you, this is not “fear porn.” It is what I see coming.

      Like Andy, and other people “of vision” on this site, we are charged at a high spiritual level to share and thus help people prepare.

      Not very many people read this site, maybe because there are not as many “good people” in the world.

      Whatever the numbers, this is my flock and my duty is to tend and point out where the wolves hide.

      Simple directions to the Congress, not withstanding.

      • George, I believe that there are many good people in this world, though many/most are entrained to the point that they simply can’t think out of the box at all anymore. This is what allows mob action and is the fodder for community organizers.

        Some of us have the gift/curse of finding it very difficult to entrain – we don’t tap feet to the beat and find dancing more of a mental challenge than a feeling. That resistance to entraining allows for freer thought, though it makes for less happiness in life. Finding a S.O. becomes challenging, if not impossible. Many people find the alien nature of original thought and action to be offputting. A very few find it valuable and exciting. To a degree, even we observe and emulate normality for our own safety and social comfort.

        Some of us must walk our own paths doing what we believe to be right and hope that others will learn, or at least allow it. If not, at least we try to avoid doing harm. Those who are good communicators can use their gift, while the rest of us remain the quiet majority.

      • George, the numbers will not continue to rise parabolically they can not as the numbers of people are finite – people have stopped mixing in most places as they did.

        –we are charged at a high spiritual level to share and thus help people prepare.–

        I agree with helping people prepare, but at a high spiritual level what are you sharing and helping them prepare for? Yes the wheels are going to come off the system, but maybe that is a good thing…

        As above what are we striving for, are we trying to fill a hole in our soul.

        While it might not be a hole, it is a longing for returning to the source of all that is, the Archons want to keep us distracted and asleep… While you may not be distracted by one, two or three veils that keep us from seeing that We are that We Are.

        Apokolypsus and the “end times” that I see Christians cheering for, is simply a lifting of the veil.

        Maybe it is that you should be preparing people to go within themselves, without a light crown and connect with all that is to help meditate on the virus vanishing from this reality and the world being healed and moving to a higher plane of existence, where we are not stuck on the hamster wheel chasing after a material possession. We should be striving to enter the interior castle as St. Theresa writes about.

      • NM Mike: Or some of us use humor to hide the weird, although in my case, that only results in being labeled off-the-wall, crazy, or even fruitcake, as my son likes to call me. It’s not really a substitute for fulfilling conversations, but it works.

    • I must agree with “I am what I am”. Your numbers really do look like fear porn. You cannot compare the U.S. with China, Italy or any other country and you are failing to consider many unknowns. In two-three weeks the numbers will drop like a rock and this bug will vanish. But in the off chance that you are correct it really will not matter because will be in a depression the likes of which have never been seen. Anyway I for one appreciate your difference of opinion. Thanks

      • You have been “played the fool”
        Look, you’re obviously not very old, or you would remember Civil Defense.

        The idea was tell people what the numbers were if bombs flew, show them Hiroshima and Nagaskai. Oh, and execute traitors like the Rosenbergs.

        Because we once lived in a country where fools were not tolerated. We planned for the worst, hoped for the best and when the worst showed up (WW II, Korea, etc) America was able to persist.

        Now you talk about “doom porn.” It’s a spreadsheet. It’s a linear projection based on incomplete data.
        Several fire departments have used earlier runs of my data and have been more ready than most to deal with the worst cases which are now in process of descending on their departments.

        I don’t do well with labels like “doom porn.” I consider this real even-handed projection.\

        Two reasons why I have have more faith in my projections in my numbers, vs. Fauci’s is that he is absolutely right” IF we managed this like a real health situation, we would have locked the country – where is – in place for four weeks.

        At the end, the sick would have recovered and virus would have passed.

        But, no, that is certainly NOT the case. Governors are not coordinated, nor thorough in their application of shutdowns and lockins.

        So, sorry…when I was forecasting millions of cases by July (early Feb) it was “doom porn” I’m sure.

        Communism (and ChiComs, more likely) are attacking America. Every time you bury your head in ostrich fashion, you light one more fire on the road to Washington.

        Instead of preparing to save America, you dance to the tune of foreign agents like Putin and Xi.

        So sure. I probably understate a lot of things. Those ass-hole Spring Break f8cks, for example, who are now shedding who knows where.

        As I hope came across this morning, I have tremendous respect for Dr. Fauci. But statistically, he’s a puppet on a string. My outlooks are ADAPTIVE. That is, when things turn, my forecasts will point to the improved outcome and only then can we with any certainty make a totalization.

        Mean time…yeah: It’s a difference of opinion.

        This is a war and the supply chain is being broken.

        If I’m wrong, send me a case of toilet paper. I’ll pay you back at old retail prices…

      • Let’s keep this civil gentlemen. I wholeheartedly agree that the numbers will improve dramatically when they improve dramatically, but they haven’t yet. Until the numbers start improving, I am regarding labels like doom or fear porn as a symptom of normalcy bias, which is something that can get you killed a lot faster than over-estimating the threat level, at least on a personal basis.
        I don’t see this winding down before the end of the second quarter, and that has as much to do with bureucratic momentum as it does with bug statistics. I am trying to keep my head in the game in logistics at the street and backyard level, which is where I think the path to the other side of all this lies for me.

      • Why George there is some truth to what you say but we have been played for fools for years and years.
        Now I have you by a few years I was headed for boot while you were still in short pants,I watched them game the system to what would come to be the ones that really control the country the MIC. So I grew up during the cold war years and watched them and how they worked,now they would trot a general with a hang dog look in front of congress, and he would say folks we have a problem our intelligence (they never did get anything right) says Russia got more horses then we got, now if you give us a billion, two would be better so we can come up even with the Russians, and congress in all their wisdom would say oh my you have your two billion.
        Now it would run along for another month or two and here would come the general again, saying folks we have a problem,we took that two billion and bought more horses but we found that we already were ahead of the Russians because someone forgot to count those in the back forty,now that’s a good thing so now we need another billion two would be better so we can buy saddles and bridles.Now that went along for a number of years and it kept getting bigger and bigger now we are up into the hundreds of billions,trillions.

        Now I understand Trump called Putin and I suppose the bulk of the conversation was about oil,now old buddy would you cut your oil production,the Saudi’s will do as we say so if you cut yours they will cut theirs,now your destroying our fracking business your going to wipe out billions and billions more in other industries,well the people in Berlin heard the laughter coming from Russia,as their reply was you have been screwing with our gas and gas lines, endless sanctions and you have demonized us for the last four years and you want a favor.
        Now George being the fair minded person you are what would your answer have been.!!!

      • George,
        I agreed with your response to Ray…except this…

        “Two reasons why I have have more faith in my projections in my numbers, vs. Fauci’s is that he is absolutely right” IF we managed this like a real health situation, we would have locked the country – where is – in place for four weeks.
        At the end, the sick would have recovered and virus would have passed.
        But, no, that is certainly NOT the case. Governors are not coordinated, nor thorough in their application of shutdowns and lockins.”

        We didn’t manage this like a real health situation nationally because [redacted for partisan blamesmanship]

        Bottom line…[redacted for partisan blamesmanship] The masses have just come to see this out of control circus. It makes Tiger King on Netflix look boorish in comparison.

      • THE DEPRESSION….is here and will out pace the virus…since Unemployed will be in the 10’s of MILLIONS and the virus a puny 2-3 million…dead…
        This is the culling of the herd…the real war will start in November…2020 elections will not happen….and the end of ‘tolerance’..will cease…and a new and totally different cause of ‘death rate’ will emerge,,,,to engulf the land….’shelter-in-place will take on the real meaning…not that of a scumbag politicians decree….survival of the ‘fittest and prepared’ will rule the day……..looking ahead with no joy…til I meet my maker…Semper Fi

  6. On your chart work George that you are very good at I have to wonder how the numbers will work out when the true numbers from China come out? I was just reading where close to 2mil. cell phones have gone silent in China and not from lack of payment! And the pictures from the people picking up the ashes of their dead relatives in China are in the tens of thousands! Further more Italy’s problems come from the number of Chinese workers in Northern Italy in the clothing industry!

    • Two words: Not Well.

      There is something much more troubling to think about:

      With consideration that the U.S. government might – as a contingency – step in and actually buy common stocks of some companies, would it not follow that in order to “maximize their holdings” that the government would – as precursor to buy orders – not drive down prices as far as possible>

      Which means, when prices recover, government gains would be manifold over honest government which would eschew directly distorting a once “free market.”

      • George, I was thinking along the same line of the Fed buying the market. I am concerned about other ulterior motives also, some that have been broached by others on this awesome group of contributors. It must make You proud to be our founder.

      • Than B

        Yeah…I for one, if short at the time they bought, would sign onto the class action suit because that would be price-fixing. And whether on the side of Angels – or demons – there’s no provision in the Constitution to allow the government to rig markets for political expediency.
        Of course, we could rename Shifty and Nancy’s House the U.S. Duma…

      • America had a love affair with Mussolini — until we didn’t. This’d certainly be one way to usher in a kinder, gentler fascism…

      • UPDATE, just saw a guy on FOX say the Fed might buy a S&P 500 etf and Bernies universal wage would become more popular.

  7. The numbers game with the Kung flu is hard because the Chinese haven’t used honest numbers.
    I read somewhere that when dealing with China (as a general rule of thumb) you need to add two zeros to anything they tell you.

    Just remember they brought in portable crematoriums to Wuhan.

  8. Yes George I will take that bet. I will bet you $40 that over 8 million people are NOT going to die in the US from VCOVID-19 by June 3, 2020. I’m not much of a betting man, but that is an easy bet. Of course, the “must be present to win” stipulation applies.

    • LOL, no thanks.
      The best I would make is that Fouci’s 200K before it’s over – is low.
      Remember, my projections are “where the bullet is likely to land if it continues present course.
      It won’t. We will run out of people in close proximity, first.

  9. George

    Your Projected Case Count chart shows the virus doubling about every 5 days. So it’s going exponential like a parabolic curve.

    From Wikipedia:

    “The doubling time is a characteristic unit (a natural unit of scale) for the exponential growth equation, and its converse for exponential decay is the half-life. ”

    Silly me, I thought Nukes were scary!

  10. Everyone is going along with the bailouts/$1,200 payday loan.

    Capital One got cheese. Next thing we are told, “But you still have to pay your credit card bills.”

    “Sounds good.”

    Here in MI most city/state employees are furloughed with full pay. That’s sweet. Some liquid to keep the economy moving.

    Local news indicated another bailout in 2 months.

    Employer/employee medical insurance premiums are falling behind. Look for Universal care soon.

    Look for UBI.

    • If I’d had any idea how government(and benefits) would grow when I was in my teens, I’d possibly have tolerated 20 years of obedience to get the bennies.

      Then again, I’m not sure they would have tolerated 20 years of me.

  11. George,

    I have a few issues with your statistics ..
    1) As everything moves in cycles (or waves), straight line projections are meaningless outside of very short time frames.

    2) The death rate percentage is based on those who are sufficiently sick to require hospitalization.

    3) Various studies have already shown that between 80-90% of people who contract the disease have NO symptoms, and another percentage have very mild symptoms.

    If you were to plug those facts into your charts you would find very different results.

    A side note: Doom porn is boring.

  12. BREAKING: Feds Investigating Lawmakers’ Stock Transactions Prior To Market Crash,
    Report Says | The Daily Wire-CNN noted that Feinstein did not sell any stock herself, but her husband reportedly sold millions in stocks. Oopsey

  13. “Hell Month” ??

    Ure been talking with Stu over at Age o fDesolation ? Why it sounds like U might be foreshadowing April 29th, 2020..

    Does Comet Atlas foretell the return of the Atlanteans?

    Who the hell were Atlanteans ? Some BS given to us by Plato?

    Iyar 5708??

    “woe, woe unto Israel” dont look now but an Asteroid is heading towards Earth.

    – No way could it ever make a jog in its trajectory – and head directly towards ME.

    Could it be “Hammer Time”/ The Stone Help ?

    Nah – prolly just the rantings from addled brained hermit livin the woods of Pennslytucky..

  14. “food self-sufficiency.  Namely, using “no-till” technology and scrap cardboard in order to reduce garden labor (e.g. weed-free gardening)”

    Don’t you just love cardboard!

    I went back to working on my project.. it’s getting better each time.
    We are also getting ready to plant our garden..I just have to figure out how I want my potatoes..

  15. I’m thinking that the first quarter of 2020 was a warm-up for the coming “Quarter from Hell”. As to which month mayhem lands in your living room, there is some degree of random chance involved, along with your general state of preparedness.
    Getting out and trying to hustle supplies at this point may bring the reaper to your doorstep on the bottom of your shoes. I plan to go into town for a run to the grocery store this week, but I am starting to have reservations about continuing that into May.
    The lack of progress in slowing down the geometric progression (as can be seen in G___’s numbers) has me leaning in the direction of worst case scenarios.
    I am attempting to procure some additional solar equipment by mail order that I can use to charge consumer batteries more quickly. This will be a minimalist micro-system. Selections are limited. I already have some roll-up and fold-up emergency stuff, but that was really purchased for a different scenario than an extended period of being marooned due to plague. Be prepared to hunker down at least through the second quarter. And that looks like a best-case scenario to me at this point.

  16. I do enjoy the comments section of your blog George. People seem to act more civil than many other sites I visit. I would like to make a couple of counterpoints for what it is worth.

    The argument that there are more seasonal flu deaths than COV-19 dismisses a couple of things. First, we know and understand the annual flu virus and have immunization available for it (not perfect but a whole lot better than nothing). Second, we are only a couple of months into this Novel Coronavirus and have no idea where it is going. Death toll for it right now is lower than annual influenza but check in with me next year at this time. Finally, I can’t remember any stories in the past years about respirator shortages for those that died of the annual flu virus.

    The argument that more people die of heart disease and cancer is correct but I can’t recall anyone getting heart disease or cancer from someone else. I spent a lot of time as a volunteer in cancer wards and never worried about catching it. The coronavirus is hugely contagious and a trip to the grocery store without being continuously aware of social distancing is an invitation to catch it and take it home to the family.

    I wont’ go into all the conspiracy theories about the virus being manufactured and released to control the population, etc. etc. One of the most enlightening books I have read on the subject of pandemics is “Deadliest Enemy: Our War Against Killer Germs” by Dr. Michael T. Osterholm. On a recent online interview, he was asked whether he thought this was a lab created virus and said “I doubt it. Nature is much smarter than us.”

    It is really important through all of this that we listen to people like Dr. Osterholm and Dr. Fauci (a cohort of Dr. Osterholm) and not conspiracy theorists or politicians. Osterholm and Fauci have studied viruses for all their adult life. I will accept science and fact over fiction and conspiracy theory any day.

    I hope no readers (or writer) of this column or their family members or even a friend that have the misfortune of getting this virus but if so, would they please share information with the rest of us. We are in this together.

    Stay well.

    Bob in Canada (BIC)

    • Bob, I did hear yesterday from someone close to me that a couple in NJ who are our mutual friends came down with COVID. They are having a rough time but they are at home isolating and are taking care of each other. They’re in their early fifties and in good health otherwise. Their biggest concern is that they’re both self-employed and are quite concerned about their finances, including rent for her studio which was shut down as a non-essential business. I did send along any info I could find regarding the new unemployment provisions and also a potential COVID-SBA loan in case that’s appropriate. For now, I’ll just hope and pray and wait to see how things are going. They’re far away in distance and there’s little I can do directly for them.

  17. ” In our work the data informs that things could be much, much worse than Dr. Fouci’s much repeated forecast of a COVID-19 death toll of “100,000 to 200,000””

    My daughter looked at me yesterday, like I’d just slapped her, when I told her “This isn’t a two week thing, it’s a lifestyle that’s going to last at least a year.”

    I believe we’ll find a reliable cure.
    I believe we’ll find a reliable inoculation.
    I believe, unless we’re stupid, George’s virus spreadsheet is terribly pessimistic.
    I also believe, if we’re sufficiently stupid, his spreadsheet will be somewhere between spot-on and incredibly optimistic.

    I foresee a BUNCH of GenX, GenY, and GenZ “kids” hitting the door after their 2-week vaca, and distorting the heII outta the curve, and George’s spreadsheet. I’m trying to tell da young’uns that the danger will not have passed, and that they need to treat every excursion beyond their front door as if they were going, today, to a crowded WalMart. I hope it sinks in…

  18. Hey George,Your case count growth is impossible due to countries being unable to test more than 1 million people per day, so the growth stops at the end of April :)

    • The growth doesn’t stop. What stops is the ability to accurately count the infected.

      This is one of the fallacies of the global warming evangelists: Just because you can’t count or record the data, doesn’t mean the data goes away or ceases to exist. The fact that (for instance) Europe was much hotter, 1000 years ago, than it is today is known through historical and crop records, yet is ignored by the GW/GCC crowd, because it doesn’t fit their narrative, and they excuse their ignorance by stating that “no numbers exist,” which is completely true, and totally irrelevant to the discussion.

      George’s straight-line projection is completely valid, until it’s not. When it becomes no-longer valid, please trust him to adjust his methodology accordingly, to reflect the change in the calculus…

      • What can I say…? Damn’ newbs haven’t hung out here long enough to know better. If they sit & stay a while, they’ll raise both their life skills and their store of useful knowledge. I hope they choose to do so.

        Note to others: There’s more than one “Ray…”

  19. Dear Mr. Ure,

    There was fear on display today at the family run grocer that I shop at. The staff were all wearing face masks. Staff and customers alike tried to afford each other the recommended 6 feet apart of “social distance”. The store was assembling way more than usual phoned-in orders for delivery.

    However the parking lot told the preface of things to come. By your Memorial Day, we start to see USA plates this far north. The chances of there being two high-end, blinged-out suv vehicles here in the month of March are pretty much zero. But there they were today, one from South Dakota and the other from Texas. So much for the 14 day quarantine after crossing the border. Anyhow one of the vehicles had a “handicapped” parking card on the windshield…pre-existing medical conditions perhaps…?

    Message Gov. Cuomo to ship out the Statue of Liberty when time permits. We’ll keep the light on up here.

  20. I was wondering if I prepared enough. Based on the death toll expected in mid June of 900,000,000. I guess if I can get to there, everything you will need will be free except food and clean water. As long as you have a way to disinfect, material items will be 99% off for survivors . So I imagine I should hedge and make minimum credit card payments for a few months…. rather than pay in full?

  21. HAWAII CASE COUNT NOW 204, UP 29. Three new on my Big Island. Here’s the HI-Noon stats from HDOH:

    Total cases: 204 (29 new)
    Hawai’i County: 15 (3)
    Honolulu County: 139 (16)
    Kaua’i County: 12 (0)
    Maui County: 25 (5)
    Pending: 11 (5)

    Hospitalized: 12 (0 )

    Still on ‘Stay at Home’ orders. Incoming persons to Hawaii have mandatory 14 day quarantine.

      • HDOH says now ‘no deaths’ in Hawaii. There was one early report of one death here. Later examination refuted that claim, so the health department rescinded that death attribution to COVID-19 and apologized to the family for the ‘false report’. Currently 12 hospitalized, 5 on ventilators.

    • data back to PopSci in the early 1960s. Idea was to have solar collectors in pspace and microwave the power down to Earth. Interesting idea if you don’t mind being cooked.

  22. Re:
    ” missy on March 30, 2020 at 09:49

    ‘Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’ ”

    Hmmm, yes, fellow baby-boomers, we were the generation that was never to grow old. Like that sit-com star from the nineties (?) who I think was fired for passing off as a teenager when actually THIRTY TWO years old. Scandalous!

    It started to dawn on me this afternoon seeing a smiling(!!) boomer-aged doctor tell a newbie reporter holding down the nation-wide CTV (?) news desk essentially that the coronavirus was no worry if one was not old and infirm, and in line to pretty much die of something or other imminently, or be younger with a pre-existing health concern. The young reporter had to pause and look away from the camera before requesting the doctor clarify himself.

    The good doctor repeated himself in no uncertain terms. I don’t expect the interview to be replayed.

    Apologies if I screamed but no one would have heard me anyways in my isolated setting as prescribed by our local furheress at the ministry of health.

    Bless the EU bureaucrats for publishing a 27th Feb. think tank report epidemic outline that does not mention “coronavirus” which links to their 10 page hand-wringer about coronavirus:

    …partially sourced from a 36 page WHO publication from last September. That report on page 12 quotes a 2017 “insurance industry” (World Bank) actuarial model report that the annual chance of a 1918 Spanish Flu pandemic is 0.5 to 1.0% incurring 2 to 6 million global deaths at 2017 population levels. Global pandemic costs were calculated to run at about $500 billion which appears to be way too low in hindsight.

    I’m uncertain now if this was posted here sometime earlier; apologies in advance if there’s duplication.

    Perhaps in the fullness of time, if and when complete data enters the public domain, one will be better able to decipher WHO we cratered the economy for, everybody – or us.

  23. Here’s an interview with a man who has some unique insights into the COVID-19. He has 4 degrees from MIT and is absolutely BRILLIANT, and the interview is FASCINATING! Before he gets to that discussion, however, he tells how he invented email when he was a 14-yr-old Indian immigrant. The nerds on this blog will especially love it.

    One of his degrees is in bioengineering, which is one of the reasons he was tapped to talk about COVID-19 and the health industry in general. This may be the best interview I’ve ever watched.

  24. Hawaii Interisland travel now quarantined for 14 days starting Wednesday. Exemptions for medical and essential workers.

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