Culture War Between the Uncles

We size up the death of Uncle Sam as an internal “national cohesiveness marketing tool” of America.  Which is then contrasted with China’s roll from socialism, heading for communism, becoming instead socialists rediscovering Confucianism.  Lot of ramifications.

Before that, a few headlines including a track of Beta O’Storm, which is about to hit south Texas.  Along with other “newsly delights.”

Mainly, though, we are anxious and on “twiddle-time” until Monday when we’ll see (as will you in today’s ChartPack) how there’s plenty of technical grounds to worry about what’s ahead for markets.

The passing of RBG and a Trump “snap appointment” is also sure to strike deep into coming week madness, as well.

Seat backs and tray tables?

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45 thoughts on “Culture War Between the Uncles”

  1. “the real unemployment rate should be in the vicinity of (3.7 percent 2019 base plus the 6.72% fewer working this year for a total) 10.42 percent unemployment.”

    and does that include those that dropped off of the reports and those entering the market as employee’s.. I can tell you from my experience if your close to retirement age.. and unemployed.. you will not get a job.. we just went through a year without an income.. and unemployment is a sham.. it is designed for those in seasonal jobs.. because if you quit a job or let go by a job you are ineligible to receive unemployment compensation.. I know four right now that is in that boat.. ..

    I was wondering this morning.. we all know how crooked the snake pit in DC is.. how it is being bought off and controlled by big money.. that isn’t even a secret.. but is it really the control of some idiot CS in congress..that they want.. sure they can get laws passed to get people to roll peanuts down the sidewalk at five pm daily if they want.. but if it is for gain.. then maybe they should schmooze the people a little bit.. instead of playing them..

    I worked for a county shop.. one of the salesmen came in and gave my boss.. the laziest person on the planet.. ( also a friend.. never work with friends as your boss) and gave him a coat and a hat and a coffee cup for xmas.. I casually said.. where’s my coffee cup..He said.. oh he’s the boss.. but I was joking and he was serious and said it with nasty undertones.. I said you do realize that without me.. you wouldn’t have the sales you do.. because I am the one that uses the products…he stomped off I got irritated at his attitude.. He never sold another product to that department again.. his sales dropped off tremendously.. I was the real controlling factor.. at one point he said something to the boss about the drop in sales and he told him at this point we don’t need anything.. as he was walking out the door I was behind him and said.. I bet you regret not handing out that coffee mug by now huh..
    So are the puppeteers buying the wrong sector.. it isn’t a secret they are really up front and in your face and rude about what they are doing.. will the people finally say enough wheres my coffee cup.. you can buy the congressmen’s airplane rides daily and send them to exotic places and give them money their families guaranteed lifetime jobs with huge wages.. but when the people say enough.. where’s my coffee cup.. who will truly be in control of the situation.. are we at that coffee cup point now..
    we were sitting around the fire last night and talking about how spending has had to be curtailed in other households.. a favorite store of mine had such a loss of income they closed.. one of the people around the camp fire was saying he knows several businessmen that are so close to shutting the doors that he is scared for his company.. ( he builds mansions and high end housing and no wood ) from doing the next years budget.. it looks like health insurance is going up ten percent.. they told me covid didn’t factor in this years increase they had that worked out before.. next year the covid costs will bear fruit on the insurance costs.. that is quite a Nickle for us.. ten percent.. I am not sure about utilities.. there is road construction going on and of course those infrastructure projects are passes on through water and sewer and home taxes.. with the loss of income.. and the rise in necessity costs.. will the common wage earner say dam I have enough no coffee cup lets cut.. my wife is telling me to chop all unnecessary services… My comment is are you serious you know what it was like the last time I did that…. if I start cutting everyone will feel it.. spending is down.. only essentials at this point..( well there are a few but I don’t tell the wife I juggle and justify like most men LOL)

  2. You axed:
    “If you were China, wouldn’t you want to start your war while there was still high unemployment of your adversary’s population?”

    Maybe not. If a lot of unemployment exists, then re-directing some unemployed into the military absorbs a goodly number, and producing bullets & beans for them to shoot and eat absorbs a goodly number of the remaining underutilized workforce.

    War has always been good to the economy. (Especially if you win)

    • Neither China nor Russia have any wish’s for any wars but we do and always have,just look at the record since we became a country and that will speak for itself, endless wars all thru our short history and that’s not going to change as we poke and prod both Russia and China just trying to start something somewhere for that’s our nature,!!!!

    • “If you were China, wouldn’t you want to start your war while there was still high unemployment of your adversary’s population?”

      Nope I doubt they would .. the reason is just another business model.. we outsourced manufacturing so that the greedy bunch could have more.. the greedier of the greedy are the war instigators and get us to jump in.. even though the vast majority of them are not even citizens or live within our borders. They maneuver corporations just so they dont have to pay taxes..
      SO… my guess is .. as long as their economic structure is dependent on our consumption and we continue to operate the same way we are.. they won’t instigate a war.
      They aren’t stupid though.. they know our bought and paid for politician’s do everything as a well trained politician should. I believe we are beyond the tipping point..the deficit is beyond our control and has become it’s own devouring monster..
      The moment we quit or the greediest of the greedy decide that having all that we have isnt enough that they nm pose a threat to china or Russia.. then they will act to defend their countries and way of life.
      I believe China would love to have our agricultural abilities.. I don’t see them pushing to go rogue though they will let us make the first move..then checkmate.. everyone forgets..they manufacture our military.. they program our electronics and communications..with out the parts we are back to the stone age.. all while we have purposely dumbed down the youth of today.

  3. Currently the biggest risk to the economy is collapsing credit at the level which small business and individual investors exist. Big shot hedge fund managers can stave off margin calls and wait for bounces with the aid of Fed funny money.
    Real estate is the 800 pound gorilla at the economic conference table. The effects of multiple black swans decending on the urban real estate markets have yet to be felt, as homeowners scratch to hang on to their property. Similar situation exists for apartment owners.
    I expect the federal patronage of small debtors to evaporate after the election. That scenario will put a lot of people on street this winter. I hope I am dead wrong about this, and that modern monetary theory doesn’t come crashing down around all of our ears in ’21.

  4. Hmmmm. More metalicman and Majestic 12 drama and controversy unfolding…..

    China attacks US ‘bullying’ over ban on Tiktok and WeChat.

    Apparently Trump has had enough of the Chinese propaganda machine. Either we are on the same page or The President is reading UrbanSurvival???

    • In read in off somewhere Trump told a military official, “tell them i said, F around and find out.” In a private meeting about Russia.

      Pretty funny. Since that is the unofficial Moto of the state of Idaho which completely dissolves all covid 19 restrictions earlier this week. 197,000 world wide deaths aint shit compared to how many have committed suicide thinking this is “the end of the world” which is well over 500,0000 world wide. And this is the end of the world, But shhhhhhhh dont tell anyone, its a suprize! And not worth killing your self over.

      Nothings truly ends….it just changes form. If The Emerald Tablets of Thoth taught us one thing it is:

      “Everything that is material is becoming other form and you yourself are not the exception. ”

      Love and Light. Yada yada yada. Lol

  5. Off to get a Covid test. I just love having long q-tips covered in nano bots shoved way up my nose to the 3rd eye. This is the 3rd time. Hopefully we get all these nano bots on the same page.

    China aint shit.

    The real scary entity is:

    Beware of the Thinker! The man who thinks for himself? He is the most dangerous person in the world! Because the great Thinker can change the world. Simply by changing his mind about it.

    Have a good day. Lots to do before I head to Alaska.

  6. Damm G , U B got wicky widt it this AM!

    A very GOOD thing indeed, for the idea and practice of Filial Piety is truly one of the very best steps in getting in to sync with Ureself/Sorce.

    In fact I would venture to guess less than 3% of USA population understands the Concept, let alone practices it. Majority of Millennials and younger – ignorant at best.

    Have spent countless hours in group “Practice” discussions with Adults older than coot, trying to help overcome perceived Slights, Insults, Hurts, Coldness, Meanness from Parents.
    It is a real eye opener how many people carry that emotional baggage around all their lives.

    Filial Piety was/is an extreme challenge for this “adult” male – could not stand my father, Despised is better description.

    I had to EAT IT ALL – every last bitter crumb of Hurt and Pain (emotional only)..and keep eating it as I Forgave all perceived hurts in my mind.

    To the point that on Ure parents’ Birthday – U spend the day with that Parent in Service.

    Kept eating and forgiving thru the bittersweet End of his life @94yr. – still working on Myself in regards my Mom – the antichrist herself.

    Filial Piety – powerful concept, difficult to practice, great Benefits to Accrue when U have it figured out..or not.

    The only questions coot has is how can coot profit from impending breakup/fight over the mister softy fortune ?

    Otherwise looking for this much needed Correction to to peter out as coot reloads for some Elephant sized gains in Month end and into ROCKTOBER..Hiho SLV !

    Man does the coot luv Buying up CHEAP PM Miners Call Options on Expiration Day, as Bullion Banks beat down the Price of Metals, subsequently beating down the price of Miners Stock/ Call Options..every month like clock work – The moar they Manipulate – the moar coot front runs the geniuses..

  7. I talked to a bunch of rich folks recently and quite a few people in Seattle area. Most of the people I know in Seattle area are packing their RV’s and 5th wheels for the day after election day. Most have property or friends with property out in isolated places away from the Cities. Almost all my friends who are working can tele commute. Except the truck drivers. Almost all of them are stocking up for the day after election day. Eveyone thinks Trump is going to win or the elections are going to be postponed because of violence in the streets. Almost all of them are leaving town after the elections for atleast 2-3 months if not longer. They got gear and food all that already over there.

    Funny how many of them thought me a “kook” or “conspiracy nut” or “survival nut” back in 2008.

    3 of them said, this is exactly what the CIA and NSA does in other countries when they stage a coop or revolution. They create a chasm between the people and the government. I had peope who told me they would never talk to me again if I brought up 9/11 was an inside job tell me, oh my God did you see the demo video of building 6??? We are ready to bug out, this covid bull crop, the fires, the economy is soo f’d! How the hell are stocks so high when 3 out of 10 people i know are working and most of them part time.

    Every single one of them, thinks when Trump wins the election?? The cities are gonna burn to the ground. If it doesn’t happen before the elections.

    I will be out in the sticks in Alaska. I hope we can figure this out before election day. Its like a count down to the inferno.

    Though, im happy that alot of people are waking up and taking action who called me a “crazy conspiracy nut” years ago. I dont even say anything about it George. I just say, sounds like you have a solid plan of action.

    People who were super anti gun then and all about taking them away because of the school shootings. (A non issue now) all have AR’s, shotguns and pistols now. All gassed up and ready to roll out to a safe spot in an instant. Good for them.

    It would seem God is answering my prayers as I am the answer to His for them.

    • ohh almost all my rich friends the multi multi millionaires have bug out plans and places. Pretty funny. They dont talk about that stuff until the other day as the tension gets so thick in this country you can cut it with a



    • Assuming you meant bldg. 7…
      And yeah – kids in Seattle tell me the rumors are hot and heavy
      They don’t want to admit that a) by leaving, they are ceding their property to leftist stooges and b) it’s the stooges stoking the rumor mill to make their take-over easy. Go figure.
      The me too people run like cowards which is what the libtards are programmed, one supposes.

      • U obviously read the book/plan – just Rinse and Repeat. Insurgents are counting on Joe Spuckatelly to fetal curl when the carload of punks drive thru Suburbia..though ain’t nothing happening but the Beans in the Pot, and the Beans wouldn’t be Jumping if the water wasn’t Hot.

      • I think its prudent to let wait it out a few months and let the retards thin the herd a bit between themselves George.

        IF the sh*t storm get bad enough they won’t be trucking in food, water and TP in. After a few months of outrage, buildings on Fire and everyone has a new TV that doesn’t because a classic move by the government is to “curfew” the power and water, in an attempt to get everyone’s attention **which the Brazilian Government just did not to long ago. Then when everyone is hungry, thirsty and exhausted from 18 hour shifts down at the molotov cocktail bar, breathing hard from smoke inhalation, covid version 976, and havent had as much as a shower let alone a bowl of soup.

        Should an easy sweep and round up for a few SOC militias.

        But what do ya do. There is a time to be smart and a time to be brave. Being smart should always be option #1. Then if your in a sticky situation? The claw of a hammer has other users besides pulling nails. I took to the back of the head. Damn hammer was just hanging off the back of my head. Just being boys. My cousin Toby hit me in the top the head as i walked away from whopping his ass when i was 12. Mother and His mother were a little pissed. Left a nice mark. Thank God he hits like a girl. Hahaha

  8. George
    China imports 75 to 80% of its energy,oil ,gas,coal. 40 to 50%of its food, iron ore to make steel. hugh floods this year,unemployment, crop failures and they have pissed off all their neighbors including Russia and India They tried invading Vietnam in 1979. Got their butts kicked completely. If they invade Russia, Russia has already told them they will go to Nuclear weapons.Russia has only 130 million people and they are getting smaller,not enough babies.
    India has recently pushed China out of several disputed border areas in the Himilayas. Their joint border region. Had a good war 1962 there. Indai has a big army that can get bigger and India is growing. China is dying,half the country is 55 or older. 1 child policy,does not replace your populace. 100 million men with no females causes problems too. They gots lots of internal problems. Chinese Communist Party is cracking,much infighting,much restless nation in a diverse population being Shit on by Han chinese/CCP. In 10 years or less China might be 7 plus different nations…. The world is Changing.. USA the PAX AMERICANA Z(american peace) is going home. Much trouble in rest of world. Now we fix AMERICA.. maybe….

  9. A couple people asked me what is the top 10 thing you should have for survival stuff in your bag recently.

    The A number one thing is knowing what wild plants you can eat and having a map of the rail system. Especially the old tracks they stopped using. Because nobody is going to be traveling on them. The highways and maybe a few on the tracks being used. But the the rail tracks that ran in 1901. Lol

    For equipment.

    #1. paraffin wax **lots of uses.
    #2. Really good “blackened” stainless steel knife like Gerber, or Kbar. (Lots of uses)
    #3. One bottle of Povidone-iodine. ( 5 drops in a 16 oz glas of water will neutralize any radiation and you can get a bottle for $1.80 at riteaid.) Lots of uses.
    #4. Atleast two ‘9 mil’ 55 gallon plastic bags. Lots of uses, #1 use is if you put one in the other, and stuff crumpled up paper between both bags, you can make a home made sleeping bag that will keep you warm and dry up to minus 20 degrees out. And they don’t weigh shit. Fold them up tiny.
    #5. A good compas.
    #6. Good boots with really good insoles.
    #7. Collapsible Pen fishing pole.
    #8. Magnesium fire starter.
    #9 three good 500 lb rated carabiners
    #10. High strength Paracord.

    Notice I didn’t say a gun. Lol I would highly recommend one. However your not gonna be back packing around with 50 lbs of amo and 50 lbs of MRE’s. You probably get whacked and feed someone else.

    #1 rule is. If you avoid conflict and people when the shit hits the fan. You will use less amo and have a HIGHER mortality and survival rate.

    If you want to be a lone wolf and have some extra $$$ get a German Shepard (there is a reason the cops use shepards) and 2 tiny drones. You can set them to circle at 50 and 75 foot parameters, you can buy solar charging stations. You can have them circle while you sleep and notify you of any movement on an app on your phone using a wifi hotspot and no cell signal or internet.

    And a Berkey portable water bottle is gonna be more valuable than a Kimber. But i would have a gun too. I think a tactile crossbow would be the better tho. Less amo to cary.

    Anyway. I’d be interested George if ya had any insight on what good for your bug out bag. or anyone else.

    • …. and perhaps a Bentley for comfortable travel to a secure area??
      Are you guys realy that crazy (I know I maybe in the wrong venue!).

      In the end, and perhaps most of you will achieve this stage, it’s between you and the creator; All else is gossip & entertainment!

      Please people GET REAL ;-))

      • “…. and perhaps a Bentley for comfortable travel to a secure area??”


        I almost bought a Bentley lol.. someone traded it in..twenty five thousand miles on it four years old.. the guy that originally owned it paid 267 thousand dollars for it..
        The dealer had to put brakes in it..
        We took it for a drive sweet leather hand buffed wood all the perks.. the salesman said offer me fifteen grand and its yours..they wanted the brake job out of it lol lol .. I couldn’t afford to drive it without a team of horses to pull it..kind of like the original hummer.. sweet but you had better be pulling a tanker behind you…

      • Hell yeah! It is all just about the ongoing dialog between you and The Creator. I totally agree. I had a few people say, boy God sure talks to you. I said He talkes to everyone. Just most people dont listen. Most people are just waiting for their turn to talk. God speaks in situations, circumstances, choices, synchronicity, juxtapositions and manifestations.

        Right when you think you have the dialog figured out??? Surprise! He changes it. Hahaha.

        Everytime i get my abilities and gifts pumping on all calendars and cylinders and start thinking Im all that and s bag of chips, God reminds me those gifts and abilities are to serve Him through helping others and His job is taking care of everything else.

        I know its hard to get someone a gift when they are super clairvoyant and have all these abilities. However, my reliance isn’t on them. My reliance is on The Creator. Everytime I shift to my reliance on my abilities



        Well said, B.

    • Gotta throw in a good tactical rifle in 5.56, easy to carry 200 rounds along with your other gear. Preferably a quality Ar15. The surf Nazi militia out here train that our hand gun is a defensive weapon and we use it to fight our way to our rifle. A lot of ex seal teamers out here and that’s how they were trained.They learned to surf when they were out here doing their BUDs training. I’d double up on knives and fire starters and maybe a flashlight. The rest of your list is spot on, and avoiding people maybe the most important part of all, for many reasons, a whole list in itself. I’m sure I’m missing a few things though…

    • Andy, for the short list on your bugout bag: A short wave radio to pick up news & weather. Maybe a Ham Radio if you are in a group or allied with one. Crossbow? One that crossed my mind this week . My favorite after a fairly diligent search:

      It’s close enough to Christmas to add my favorite Ham Radio for a person on the move (or staying home) in a SHTF scenario:

      Honestly, I think more than 97% of the population is going to bug-in, by default. Regardless of the situation. Exceptions for Forest Fires and enormous geophysical events if you are on the coast or a fault line, downstream from a volcano or nuke power plant (etc). But still pretty close to 97% will default to coping as best as the can, right where they’ve been.

      P. S. While everyone else is distracted by political events, I think it might be wise to keep an eye on the solar system weather & associated orbital events. We seem to have entered the outer bands of an asteroid storm, and the numbers are growing exponentially while the flyby distance is shrinking exponentially. I suspect that was the primary meaning behind the Pastor Dana Coverstone dreams about “Brace Yourself.” Yesterday a .07 Lunar Distance (miss) was added to the list for Sept 24th. Likewise, more than half the list (26/40) are recent discoveries, as in very recent over the past few days.

    • Andy, FWIW I added a crossbow pistol to my GO-Bag a couple months back. The pistols come in two flavors: Toy, and serious. They’re virtually all built on the “Cobra System” but the toys use a 50-pound max pull, and probably wouldn’t group 12″ at 30 feet. The serious pistols have an 80-90 pound pull, hit like a 9mm, and are fairly accurate to about 60 feet. Mine has Picatinny rails above and below. The top rail has a flashlight/laser, the bottom, a spinning reel. With the laser I get about a 2″ group at 40 feet. I use Jaxce bolts (they’re about 11″ long with tip, 311 grains {heavy}, made of solid 6061, are built to AMO standards so they’ll take any tip, and have Bohning vanes) which I have fit with fishing tips, and I loaded the reel with 100lb Kevlar. The bolts are specifically engineered for real Cobra or Hori-Zone tactical crossbow pistols and they’re precisely manufactured and balanced — not cheap (I could probably have scored a new Ruger 9mm stash-gun for what I have in the bow and bolts, but if’fn you can fish with a 2″ Ruger, yer a better outdoorsman than I…

  10. Generally speaking I’d say the awesome tax cut Trump gave us has been used up. This includes the payroll deferral. Man, those people are screwed in April.

    Milk at the Walmart has jumped sixty cents since the previous trip. A leap from $1.99 a gallon to $2.59 a gallon.

    Entry level wages at a different big box increased from $11 something-somethin to $13.85 an hour since two weeks ago. This is strange considering the store went from 24 hours to 18 hours open and employees should of been reallocated.

    Cash can be used at all the Walmart U-scans again. I’m notocing the coin change is just as used & dirty as the change was prior to the great change shortage. The missing change was found.

  11. George ;
    The China you desvribe died in the 1960’s early 0’s with the student directed by Mao destroying all the OLD STUFF AND TEACHINGS. Mao’s little red book,cultural revolution. Buddist,Confucian thought/practice is gone.. Look at videos coming out of China with large elderly population,being beaten by their kids and caretakers.. Yes Elder abuse is alive and well.
    China has 2 Aircraft carriers little jump carriers,no experience deploying them,do not have the logistivs to support them 1000 miles off their cosst. The 2 carriers 1 was a Casino before its conversion,second is an exact copy..They do NOT have a deep water navy.. Their Coast Guard is almost a direct copy of the US COAST GUARD,in color,size of ships… Yes they have a 400 plus ship NAVY but coastal cannot operate more than a few hundred miles outside of their base..NO LOGISTICS.. The country is in midst of worse inner turmoil with competing government factions,Military factions local regional factions. and Declining Employment..We have just cut off their access to The best Computer Chips,no hi tech for them. They cannot make them..
    The Leaders are corrupt,and keeping all their people in line costs buku bucks..
    They are coming apart internally, they have spent trillions more to keep their country going than we have 3 or 4 times as much. Vancouver, Sydney Australia,LA,SEATTLE, OTHER COSSTAL cities with heavy chinese investment.. Thats the leaders getting their money out before they collapse!! Families too, see recent articles of govermment confiscation and purges..
    China imports 75 to 80%of its energy. How many ships sitting 1500 miles away would we need to destroy their importation of Energy? One Supercarrier group.. We have 11 . No one else does..All we have to do is go home. Then India,Japan,Australia,Indonesia,Vietnam, Taiwan.. Controls all the sea routes.. We no longer insure peace on the oceans.. China gets uppity.. China Dies. No war,no chinese invading USA. They do not have the resources to take on their neighjbors, let alone reach across the ocean and attack us…
    Navies of world that can operate 10 thousand miles away. USA,JAPAN,FRANCE,GREAT BRITAIN(building 2 supercarriers to integrate with USA. )Turkey and thats about it. 2 or 3 USA supercarrier groups has the might to destroy every naval force in the World.. Right now.
    We have internal enemies that are far more dangerous. We have an education system that must be rebuilt..
    The American Psychiatric Association has now published a study Demanding we stop Transgender hormone treatments and Surgery.. They do not Work.
    Same conclusion that John Hopkins came to in late 1980’s early 90’s when they shut down their treatment/surgical program. Thay have stated it clearly.
    Finally. Male/Female. You is what you is,feelings do not matter. Treatments did NOT reduce suicide or make the recipients feel better. Finall some truth.
    Wonder if they will fight for it…

    • Jesse, there’s definitely been a decline in filial piety, but I have known many Chinese folks who are quite serious about it. It’s not gone away. There’s nobody as lonely as a typical Chinese graduate student in an American university.

      The Cultural Revolution was terrible and the Chinese have tried to get back their history. They’ve succeeded to a degree, and with their traditions too. I’m sure that the CCP wants to use any tool available to consolidate their own power, including Chinese Culture. If it’s in their interest, they will promote filial piety.

      Meanwhile, it does seem that geopolitical volatility will continue to increase and diminishing quality of life won’t help. Getting back to basics regarding sex and “gender” WILL help, at least in so far as bringing sanity back to our nation!

    • Well said! the only thing i would say is, their may be something not considered. China fab all the Cisco routers for US nukes facilities. I dont know if they ever got replace. Im assuming they have.

      Really good insite.

      I whole heartedly agree. However, i never forget the lessons of Big Boy and Little Boy. When the Japanese and the world became aware of Nuclear Weapons.

      They say there is a coucel of 13 appointed Zionest Jews. I dont know if this is fact or not. It is hinted about in WWZ a movie. I read about it long before that movie.

      Rumor has it these 13 men are the Comptrollers of all the world’s finances. If all 12 vote yes. It is the duty of one to object and present the opposition. Because that gives the 12 the gift of “doubt”. The Gift of “Doubt” reduces the council to a place of humility that something they couldn’t ever consider should be considered. That is one of the ways the council of 13 have been in power for a very very long time.

      If its true. Lol

      Because as the Japanese were laughed at the US warning? The day the bomb was dropped. They had an Epephany and whole heartedly waved their little white flags.

      I do not think that is the case with America. We will undo ourselves. That is the plan.

      I honestly loved your comment. Thank you!

    • Never be foolish enough to sell China or Russia short which has always been the case as we were (in our own minds unbeatable until Nam and Iraq proved we weren’t) I’m damn glad that there is still two strong countries out there. for if they failed to exist this country would be hell to live in as the fascist 1% along with their partners the London bankers/wall street would control everything which they damn near do anyway,we are a lot closer to 1921 then you think when the fascist who controlled the banking establishment in England in partnership with wall street almost succeded in creating a fascist world wide government then.and no as you can see Trump isn’t the man to prevent it as he’s done nothing but aid the 1% and the wall street bankers. so be careful of what you wish for unless you wish to fight a war in your own back yard to prevent it.Probably be well to read the history of what and who created WW1 and the after math of what came out of it, our worst enemy has never been some foreign country but the London bankers in cahoots with their brothers on wall street!!

      • ” we were (in our own minds unbeatable until Nam and Iraq proved we weren’t)”

        That’s just it. We could’ve eaten Vietnam for breakfast within a couple months of our actual entry, but our politicians chose to not let the military do its job. Did you ever hear the term “McNamara’s War” or hear LBJ’s “peacetime prosperity” speech from the ’64 DNC? Washington “managed and maintained” the Vietnam “police action” from 1964-1970, specifically to engineer the “peacetime prosperity” of the 1960s voting public.

        As for Iraq, Rumsfeld wanted to establish a U.S. “super-base” in central Iraq, from which we could run rapid-response ops to anywhere in the M.E. (tactically a really good idea, except for the fact that, um, we don’t belong there.) The opinion of the Left on the “war effort” axed Rummy’s plan, and made our presence, tenuous. Because of his plan though, Bush had no exit strategy and his Administration never formulated one. (I’m one of those folks who believes you never fight, even if forced into it, until you have at least a clear-cut goal, and an exit strategy…)

        We will (for the foreseeable future, anyway) always win a “war” in which the Military is allowed to do its thing, and likely always lose a “war” in which politicians meddle, or hamstring the efforts of the Military…

      • Sounds good until it don’t,we had as much of a chance winning in Nam as we did in Iraq nil to none,they changed generals in both like people changing their shorts and neither worked and still aren’t. I wonder what it takes to get it thru people heads that we are not ivincable perhaps a nuclear weapon or a two by four along beside side the head would do.

        We dropped more bombs on Nam then was used in WW2 over a million troops went thru there and still no win.we were bogged down in a war that should never had been and could find no way out as the body bags kept filling and coming home. how many more thousands would you like to see to appease your craving,Forget nuclear as Johnson told the generals when they brought it up,what are you out of your G.D. minds what do you want to do bring China into it.he remembered Korea and what happened when the Chinese entered into it and fought NATO right to the finish,no no generals should be permitted anywhere near the levers of power for they lack the mentality for it.

        They elected an idiot to office who lied the country into war in the middle east.Iraq was going to be a shoo-in but Iraq was supposed to be the first of 7 countries laid to waste with Iran being last. but we found that we couldn’t get past Iraq not to mention the other 6 and we won’t even get into Afghanistan and the trillions spent on those useless wars where the only ones who benefited was MIC.but I do suppose anyone is entitled to their dreams of death and destruction.!!!

      • Ray, ‘we could have eaten Vietnam for breakfast’, on no, Rusk, who survived WWII in Burma, told McNamara, ‘bombings don’t work in the jungle’.

        McNamara said in ’68 that the war could not be won, and he resigned from Sec’y of Defense
        (scroll down to Vietnam War)

        Just like the Civil War, it wasn’t fought for a high moral cause, but rather for economics, U.S. wanted Vietnam oil fields:,-Jan%2013%2C%202018&text=(Ken%20Burns%20did%20reveal%2C%20however,Kissinger’s%20key%20role%20in%20this.)

        yeah, it’s in your backyard already:

  12. I’ve always been early to prepare for ‘what’s coming’. Then I find it very depressing to wait for it to arrive. I don’t view much ‘national news’… for obvious reasons. Now is the extreme example of ‘wait-for-it’ angst. Have I prepared enough? What else can I do before TSHTF? Hunkered down… and hoping for the ‘worst-of-it’ to occur outside my personally prepared bubble.

  13. Andy… for your bug out bag. Don’t forget life’s little creature comforts… Like Toilet Paper! Flatten the roll and put in a ziplock bag. Weighs almost nothing.
    We know about TP shortages in Hawaii… from way back.

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