Crypto Fin-Bomb, Personal Income, CPU-Woo II

When I checked early this morning, Crypto’s leader (BTC) was down into the $23,800 range.  Considering the high this week was over $25,000 three days ago; this was hardly encouraging news.

The story out Thursday that got very little play was a joint statement by the Federal Reserve, Comptroller of the Currency, and FDIC.  Bottom line is they are worried that Bitcoin and the cryptos could pose a significant risk to traditional banking and financial structures.

Although they didn’t call it a “financial bomb” we will.  Because there are two types of risk associated with cryptos.  Citing their words:

  • Deposits placed by a crypto-asset-related entity that are for the benefit of the crypto-asset-related entity’s customers (end customers). The stability of such deposits may be driven by the behavior of the end customer or crypto-asset sector dynamics, and not solely by the crypto-asset-related entity itself, which is the banking organization’s direct counterparty. The stability of the deposits may be influenced by, for example, periods of stress, market volatility, and related vulnerabilities in the crypto-asset sector, which may or may not be specific to the crypto-asset-related entity. Such deposits can be susceptible to large and rapid inflows as well as outflows, when end customers react to crypto-asset-sector-related market events, media reports, and uncertainty. This
    uncertainty and resulting deposit volatility can be exacerbated by end customer confusion related to inaccurate or misleading representations of deposit insurance by a crypto-asset-related entity.
  • Deposits that constitute stablecoin-related reserves. The stability of such deposits may be linked to demand for stablecoins, the confidence of stablecoin holders in the stablecoin arrangement, and the stablecoin issuer’s reserve management practices. Such deposits can be susceptible to large and rapid outflows stemming from, for example, unanticipated stablecoin redemptions or dislocations in crypto-asset markets.”

Again, they don’t use the word fin-bomb, but we will because where in a period of experimental finance now.  What we are witnessing is, in our view, very much the same kind of “experimental compounding” with new financial elements that blew up uncountable compounding apothecaries in the history of medicine (or merely killed people) with wrong-headed compounds.

A nice parallel, we think, because Crypto is as dependable as leeches and blood-letting in times of old.  Well, except leeches are harder to hack, unless you’re Tony F and the GoF crowd.

Stablecoin Mythos

A thoughtful read of the Wiki entry on what a stablecoin is can be instructive:

Stablecoin is a type of cryptocurrency where the value of the digital asset is supposed to be pegged to a reference asset, which is either fiat moneyexchange-traded commodities (such as precious metals or industrial metals), or another cryptocurrency.[1]

In theory, 1:1 backing by a reference asset could make a stablecoin value track the value of the peg and not be subject to the radical changes in value that are common in the market for many digital assets.[2] In practice, however, stablecoin issuers have not been proven to maintain adequate reserves to support a stable value.”

Of course, Stablecoins (like military intelligence and medical ethics) is a bitch to nail down.  Because while underlying asset tracking is proposed, in fact people aren’t playing the Stablecoin con because it will track something you can already buy in dollars (yen, yuan, or whatever). Why bother?

People by Cryptos for gain.  (Jeez!  Can we get a little clear-headed honesty going, please?)  This is like a bubble forming in square of Charmin butt paper because it tracks the FRN paper.  (Insanity is contagious and a House of Cards is built on layers of lies!)

Fin-Bomb Construction

Let’s imagine a world where FRN (Federal Reserve Notes) and Crypto have reached parity.  And the stablecoin mythos evolves, such that:

A billion of stablecoin (let’s pretend it’s based on Wheat prices) goes into a modestly small FRN bank.

Now, because stablecoins still have price excursions, when the price of Wheat quadruples (this year or next with famine) for example, the stablecoin  might increase to four-times (or more) its FRN equivalent.

On Fin-Bomb Day, the stablecoin in something (Wheat) goes to the bank and demands withdrawal of four-times its FRN equivalent.

The bank, not having that kind of money, has to be backstopped by the Fed and the FDIC on a near real-time basis.

Noticing stablecoins backed by wheat have quadrupled, other asset bubbles quickly arise and the whole system convulses into a mighty heap.  The government’s only option?  A quick war (they’re already laying the groundwork in case) and repudiation of cryptos at all levels.

We often remind readers that China has a total ban on Cryptos and remind readers this may have something to do with what a country learns from being a country for more than 5,000 years. Besides money scams, the Great Wall of China argues they figured out the impacts of open borders as early as 2,300 years ahead of the U.S.

But all this is OK:  The U.S. safely maintains world leadership in “Slow Learning.”

Don’t mean to wax on, but stablecoins completely miss the key marketing aspect of Crypto:  Greed.

And to those who would protest, I’d point to the PGM metals as being preexisting “stablecoin” proxies.  No mania there.  Less greed. Smaller volatility plays.  A key indicator of greed swings.

The War Party and the Crypto Cons are somewhat interchangeable.  Which may have something to do with SBF not dying in jail like Bernie Madoff did in 2021. Go read how SBF Faces 4 Charges In New Indictment, Allegedly Used Straw Donors To Influence 2022 Election.

Not surprised?  (You may be a grown-up. Or, like us, Economic Fundamentalist at the Church of the Almighty Dollar.)

And we are not alone:  IMF urges governments not to grant cryptocurrencies legal tender status. But, ah-shit, what does the IMF know, right?

But here’s a warning:  Beware: Cryptojacking malware hiding behind pirated Final Cut Pro downloads.

Personal Income

Gather round as the government tells us another fairytale!

Personal income increased $131.1 billion (0.6 percent) in January, according to estimates released today by the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Disposable personal income (DPI) increased $387.4 billion (2.0 percent) and personal consumption expenditures (PCE) increased $312.5 billion (1.8 percent).

The PCE price index increased 0.6 percent in January. Excluding food and energy, the PCE price index also increased 0.6 percent. Real DPI increased 1.4 percent and Real PCE increased 1.1 percent; goods increased 2.2 percent and services increased 0.6 percent.

So, let’s line ’em up on the bar, shall we?

  • Personal income has been resilient even:
    • With the market in decline since Nov. 2021
    • Soaring federal debt
    • New wars
    • Higher tax rates going into effect
    • Inflation north of 8.7 percent (Social Security measure) or 10.1 (Food prices Labor Dept.)

Hmm.  Somehow these illusory statistical personal income gains must be going somewhere else.  They seemed to have been hijacked before getting to Uretopia.

Market Softening

Remember that Big-Bad Yellow-Scale 3 down I kept insisting was trying to peek out from our charts?  Peeking more’n ever this morning.

The lower green support line in a week, or so, will  get interesting if they can’t turn this pig up before then.

We may hit the trend line today as futures degrade pricing…

News Pourri

Let’s do the quick scan to see if life (as we knew it) will still be working come Monday…

Vaccine Deaths targeted red states:  CDC confirms 100% of reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of batches produced & the majority were sent to red Republican States across the USA. Surely, you’re not surprised, right?

War Pimp Joe is buying more War:  US Pledges $2B in Ukraine Security Aid on Invasion Anniversary (

Stories like China calls for a cease-fire and peace talks between Russia and Ukraine : NPR misses the point that China is playing us for time so Russia and the Chinese can provide us a tougher-to-win, two-front-war, later this year.

Your NEXT war is likely to be Ukraine’s grab of Moldova: Towards a general conflagration in Moldova: Russian forces strengthen in Transnistria -Moscow: “Intensive preparations for Ukraine’s invasion”. If, that is, Israel keeps holding back on striking Iran which now has 84 percent enriched bomb flour.

Can’t please ’em all – especially the Climate extremists: ‘Biden and Yellen Should Be Ashamed’: US Picks Ex-Wall Street Executive to Lead World Bank ( So, lemme see, the color checkbox is no longer enough?  Is Competence-Free the new woke deal, or what?

Next Week:  Looking into the Digital Ball:

  • Durable Goods Monday
  • Tuesday Housing and International trade.  This is our pick for a Big Downer Dart Toss.
  • Minor Manufacturing numbers mid-week
  • Productivity Thursday
  • Take Friday off – it’ll be a yawner.

ATR: Computer Woo-II

For those trying to understand the Big Game with Starlink not working with Outlook, we have done additional testing (which is a wasted day when you’re 74…).

  • All the systems work great on?
    • CenturyLate/BightSpeed DSL
    • ViaSat 2.4 and 5G
  • Starlink downloads mail fine BUT
  • Starlink generates a “POP3 drop” when trying to send mail.

In the process, I managed to wreck things (experimenting with different wireless drivers (Using Killer Internet 6 series Intel on the moboard.  May try a different wireless connection…)

I will also try (*this weekend) some Thunderbird trials to see if it will send/receive via Starlink.

Love the Starlink service and not pleased that Microsoft for whatever reason can’t keep up when I move at faster-than-software speeds.

ShopTalk Sunday will feature Ure’s fiery $249 chocolate chip cookie adventure.  And Peoplenomics will see how our new-fangled mechanical trading monster worked this week since we unveiled it Wednesday.

Write when you get rich,

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63 thoughts on “Crypto Fin-Bomb, Personal Income, CPU-Woo II”

  1. One fears MS issue with Starlink may be a form of IT cancel culture. EM is not towing the line, throw up roadblocks to damage financial success…

    • Believe you’re onto it there. Under the guise of accountability (which is nowhere in the Constitution about private persons owing the gov’t fkall). Paranoia sells, though…

  2. So the CDC reports that 100% of vaccine deaths came from 5% of the batches predominantly sent to red states. Maybe only red states report vaccine deaths.

    • Since the uptake of the clot shot was higher among Dims, one might get the impression that this may backfire by making Red States more Red.

      • I wanted to say something like that but didn’t know quite how to word it.

        Here in Ohio, we have a diversity of both Republicans and Democrats, contrary to some belief that because Ohio is a red state there must not be any Democrats or Liberals here.

        I know a lot of people here in this small town and rural area and who many of them voted for … who’s Republican and who’s Democrat.

        The only area where the “thing” injured a Republican (that I know of) are those folks working in healthcare, who we’re mandated to get it. Most other Republicans flat out refused.

        Now on the Democrat side of this huge neighborhood, a lot of Democrats got the “thing” and many didn’t fare so well … and I’ll just leave it at that. It’s very sad.

        What really bothers me are the folks who got Covid and went to the hospital … forced to follow that mandated treatment protocol. That’s where a majority of the deaths were … vaxxed or not. What a mess.

    • You actually believe as truth/accurate ANYTHING that spews forth from the CDC ?

      Goodness sakes thats reMARKable.

      TexasBob have I got a crypto to sell you! Drop me a line at usd@fraudinc.netz , and I can share the pertinents wit you regards andrenocrome coin, and yes it costs more than just dirty money..

      • not one person,,, not ANY, people smart enough to refuse the vax died from the vax,,, but many vax takers are no longer with US ,,, most heart related issues

        STOP THE CLOT !!! you can NOT prove that the clot shot saved any lives,, but you will seek out some lying wordsmith to tell you it does with some fake numbers or assorted bull shit, because you eat bait/bugs and you like them
        You literally believe anything !

        Trump went to Ohio,, Biden went to Ukraine,,, who loves Americans, and WHO hates US ?
        and that is a Fact, Jack

  3. Let’s see if I can get this posted before someone else:

    “Fiat Money Has Won The Battle Against Cryptocurrencies, Says BIS Chief”

    Agustin Carstens, head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), believes the battle between cryptocurrency and fiat currencies has come to an end, with the latter emerging as the winner. Fiat currency refers to money that has legal tender by government decree.

    “That battle has been won … A technology doesn’t make for trusted money,” Carstens said in an interview with Bloomberg TV on Wednesday.

    “Only the legal, historical infrastructure behind central banks can give great credibility” to money, he added.

    While I think its the pot calling the kettle black this wanna-be potentate does make some important points –
    “First is that cryptos lack a “sound nominal anchor.”
    “Second, fiat money is anchored in a trusted institution like a central bank that guarantees the stability of the currency as well as the final settlement of transactions and their safety.”
    “Third, the decentralized nature of cryptocurrencies means that it relies on incentives to anonymous validators to confirm transactions in the form of rents and fees.”

      • What happens when the USD Biden Bucks are introduced and we are forced to participate in these crypto markets? We may have a currency with at time value and expiration date and we will not have a choice?

      • Now that I think about it “traditional money”, now that fiat’s been around for about 3 generations, backed by competent military organizations isn’t like PM money. It didn’t matter who’s stamp was on the PM slug that money was still money on some level and circulated along with the other pretty slugs. All the different metal coins that circulated during our colonial times in America had known values and traded as such for goods and services.

    • Bill, You forgot to mention at 2:00 mark of cryptos Agustin says “some should be tolerated and those are the ones we should regulate” .

      LOL choose wisely home gamers.

  4. A wheat backed currency would tempt bad actors to destroy the wheat crop.

    Buy Wheat-Coin in September, work on a super bacteria in the basement through Winter then release it by balloon early March. Sometime in May Wheat-Coin goes infinity. None the wiser.

  5. Trading for Bitcoin in USD started in September 2014.

    The first fractal was 30 months in length composed of two sub-series
    4(negative valuation)/8/8 and 3/6/6 months.
    The second fractal is composed of two sub-series identical in length:
    7/17/15 months and 7/17/14 of 15 months.

    Equity valuations, gold valuation, crypto, and housing valuations are primarily a function of either an expanding or contracting debt/money supply. The dr/dt central bank interest rate increases and QT program to combat consumer inflation (associated with COVID preceding money supply explosive expansion) have been, over the last 12 months, historically unprecedented.

    Bitcoin in USD and equities are following a x/2.5x/2x/1.5x daily pattern starting on 26 September 2022 of 19/48/38/28 days which should conclude on 31 March 2023. Use Russell futures to identify the second fractal characteristic nonlinear lower low gap after day 38 of the second fractal between 2x and 2.5x, i.e., day 38 and day 48. The 28 day 4th fractal ending on 31 March 2023 is consistent with the ending of a 7/17/15 month March 2023 fractal series, concluding a 30/73 month first and second fractal series for bitcoin (and concluding a 1981 13/31 year first and second fractal series for US equities.)

    Expect historical valuation nonlinear price collapse.

    • I’ll bite. What is the basis for this argument? As in, how are you applying fractals and how are you defining when, why, where a series or sub-series begins?

      • Very simple: nadir asset valuation(or nearly nadir on weekly or daily time-based fractal units which are part of larger monthly and yearly groupings) and peak valuations on yearly, monthly, weekly. daily fractal charts.

        1807 nadir valuation
        1842/43 nadir valuation: 36 years (x)
        1932 nadir valuation: 90 years (2.5x)
        (November) 2021 peak valuation: 90 years (2.5x)

        First Interpolated fractal sub-series after 1932: 10-11/21/21 year to 1981-2
        Second interpolated fractal subseries: 1981-2 to 2074
        1981-2 Nadir valuation to 1993-4: 3/7/5 year 13 year
        1993-4 to 2023 Nadir valuation” first subseries: 3/7-8/7 year to 2008/9 Nadir valuation and 2008-9 subseries: 3/6/6/4 of 4-5 year nadir valuation to 2023/24 (13/31-33)

        The debt portion of the asset-debt macroeconomic system was raised by Paul Volcker to 18-20 % in 1981/82 (to control consumer inflation) providing the qualitative financial platform for cascadingly lower interest rates and the final 13/31-32/31-33/20 year asset fractal series ending in about 2074 for the US hegemony.

  6. Good morning, all those computer problems seem to be the norm for most, so problematic, but yet folks want electric majic coins, maybe I needs me some chocolate chip cookies, giggle snort
    just lookin for a SILVER lining,, a SLV in hand beats 2 digitals in the bush

    I remember this other brother , theorizing that not all batches of vax were bad, that the father muckers would spread the bad batches out and not concentrate them to a single shipping point. Seems some are pointing them at red targets

    speaking of vax promoters, the ‘another george’ seems to be missing on these readers’ section. He used to post often. Maybe he just tired of anti-mRNA attitude of skeptics like me.

  7. Using UCS (Electric Coop) Fiber internet. Works very good, Coop fiber to supply rual areas is a good idea. Electric Coops in North Texas really took a hit from that freeze 2 years ago. Perhaps “Big Someone” trying to take down the Coops. Don’t know. From Burleson south of Fort Worth.
    Agree with Wave 3 down, Volatility to continue. Coinbase lost my bitcoin for 6 months then it finally transferred into my Leger wallet. I tried everything to locate it (perhaps that did help in the end), documented all transaction numbers but could get no help. My Crypto experience has soured my whole outlook on digital $. Only good Crypto I hold is Cosmo, symbol ATOM, actually paid dividends.

  8. LMAO. George, China invented fiat paper money…..

    Your position fails to mention the influence that political corruption, payoffs, and the problem reaction solution role regulators have taken in giving FTX special treatment while under SEC chair Gen Slur’s watch. FTX naked shorts and co-mingles customers funds and sends millions to Dems in the form of campaign finance contributions. It wouldnt be a stretch to posit that FTX was using the cash generated from naked shorting as a resource to fund all that political protection that SBF seems to have had to date.

    The Same Gen Slur was in charge of CFTC when Corzine blew up MF Global [that was all done before crypto was thing]. LOL.

    You all seeing a design pattern here?

    Of course a lot of the $ distortions that the globe is dealing with now stem from the role that Keynes Bancor was designed to play in a fiat banking system. The architects at Bretton Woods decided it was a better idea to substitute the $ to fill in the role of Keynes Bancor.

    The new blockchain financial system will have a Bancor component at BIS.

    Guess the winning block chain projects which have a real use case, and you are a winner in the long game IMHO. Not advice do your own homework.

    Got Buggy Whips?

    • What a great movie! Patricia Neal was a honey back then.
      This clip is a great example of the result of an EMP!

    • “Maybe the aliens will put an end to crypto currencies.
      “You see, the electricity has been neutralized. All over the world.”

      Well we have Chat GPT Alexa and Siri now…We don’t need space aliens we have AI… It can acquire the knowelege of a professor in seconds.. scan a library in less than a minute and gather information from hundred thousand sources in seconds..
      100 trillion neuro connections and that is only what we know.. not how many connections it can create without our knoweledge.. ( that is scary ) and it can think and decide for itself the open river to all information open web and dark web is astounding….
      consider the stuff that people consider hidden from view.. like that secure cloud that isn’t secure at all if a toddler can connect up to it just consider what is available for AI.. fully editable and everything is available to AI.. G.. had AI suggest to him a show he should watch from his past history of watching.. My grand daughter brought up something about the phone.. talk about a subject setting the phone on the table.. and everything that was discussed was brought up on the phone as subject matter…. Chat gpt is in the matrix.. the whole web is its memory.. we all know once it is on the web it is forever.. take the laptop from hell.. and all that crap he thinks is buried because daddy and some organization hid it from general view.. the videos he posted… that have been shared by millions around the world many of which is hidden behind firewalls etc.. all of that is available to chat gpt and alexa and siri..the walls are not there for AI..
      your television.. alexa.. chat gpt play ………. if it is on the web you can see it.. the web is a good tool or an evil tool every news outlet in the world is on the web .. we post our lives on fb. I was once asked to see how many snipers I could spot in a photo.. I found twenty four.. the facial recognition software on face book that I used to test it.. found thirty seven and then gave their home and their account information… and bit coin is nothing more than a computer generated number.. bit coin miners create bit coins from nothing at all..
      when I worked in the photo lab people use to bring in films of their sexual activities…. who did they think seen them no one.. everyone seen them now it was between twenty or so.. but AI and the web has it all…. we hear this or that is on the dark web.. to chat gpt and siri and Alexa all of that is information on a floating electronic matrix open to them…. endless information that anyone can see.. the AI has access to it all.. it created money from nothing.. I have said over and over that there are no secrets.. it is all open to anyone to see.. when the govt. does something they have a panel.. then sub committees etc.. by the time it is all gone through there are several thousand that know it.. so it cannot be a secret.. a secret is if you don’t tell anyone not when you tell everyone..

      AI has access to everything.. a few years ago everyones cell phone their security systems everything came alive all the cameras turned on the baby monitors everything.. that is where we are today.. chat gpt three and four.. we think we are smarter than it.. but really we just opened the pandora’s box.. gave a machine the ability to think and reason.. and unlimited knowledge..
      and an open river to the deep web.. the secrets it holds… just like the financial program that miscalculated fifty cents.. how fast would it take to skim off a billion or two dollars that no one would ever suspect it happening..
      My sibling had an executive that was downsized in the eighties.. the guy figured.. heck.. so he started a business.. didn’t make anything didn’t do any real business.. he sent out bills.. for a couple dollars.. picked fortune five hundred companies.. the guys reasoning is in a multi million dollar company a buck or two bill isn’t that big of a deal.. and he was gleaning his fortune.. then he got greedy and got caught.. Now we have AI that can create it from nothing everyones secrets are open to everyone.. and AI has control

  9. “Hmm. Somehow these illusory statistical personal income gains must be going somewhere else. They seemed to have been hijacked before getting to Uretopia.”

    its statistics my good friend..statistics..

    if your not listed on the statistics you don’t exist.. or if you only look At one section of the statistics.. Talk to a great salesman and he can definitely point hot how great your doing..
    as an example..if I don’t count what is thrown out the window on insurances or taxes..dam I’m soaring high on the clouds..
    like the Social security increase ..deduct the what almost 13 percent in Medicare the total increase for me ended up to just about buy a dozen eggs.. or a loaf of bread..

  10. “Stories like China calls for a cease-fire and peace talks between Russia and Ukraine : NPR misses the point that China is playing us for time so Russia and the Chinese can provide us a tougher-to-win, two-front-war, later this year.”

    with take what would they believe of anything we say..
    Russia is saying.. the old show me yours and we’ll show you ours.. our response was we can’t do that..
    so..let us dig a little deeper financially and use more of our strategic reserves..our infrastructure was failing before.. like a leaky water pump on the car..if you don’t fix will only get worse ..eventually failing.
    juggle the numbers anyway they want..doesn’t mean that people have more to spend..
    A medical facility I worked for..cut maintenance and housekeeping staff to balance the budget.. for five years a security guard and I watched a piece of popcorn roll back and forth..the put in carpet to cut the costs of maintaining tile.. there are shin face prints of me on windows from 1994.. balanced budget.. cut somewhere else..

  11. George, if you are going to talk about food could you mention what types of long term storage food you enjoy eating? The meals I have tried have been too salty. So is anything made with flour like pancakes and biscuits. However I do like most of the freeze dried fruits and vegetables and I enjoy the scrambled eggs. I would enjoy hearing about your favorites.

    • Eleanor.. the Taste is up to you… long term.. dry goods wet good..
      If you can at all.. then I would make my own.. OH wait I do make most of my own LOL..

      this sealer will do retort pouches.. if you are going to do something like pickles.. then you get the attachment to vacuum seal jars.. it hooks up on the back of this..
      I buy my pouches from Thom.. great guy.. he will sell you an industrial chamber vac to.. I have one of those but unless I am doing a whole cow.. I just use the magic seal.. the magic seal will do retort pouches and once you have your pouches vacuum sealed.. then pack your pressure canner full.. tight.. I put the jar rack on top with a full jar of water on it.. to hold it down.. then can at the required time..
      If you want to can bacon etc.. then you can do that but I would use a jar.. parchment paper with the bacon on it laid out the width of the jar and then roll it put it in the jar.. then pressure can it..
      I have heard people can in the oven.. but I personally have never tried it.. if you want canned millk.. then you fill a half gallon jar to one inch from the top put your lid on top.. place in your pressure canner and bring it to ten pounds… then shut it off.. let it cool.. use skim milk.. if you do this.. the reason the fats will heat up to pasteurization and it will taste more like canned condensed milk.. it has a little better flavor with the lower fat content milk..
      if you like hamburger helper.. then retort eight ounce retort bags with hamburger.. once pressure canned.. you can just place one bag in the box.. seal the box up.. you now have a whole meal just waiting to be done..
      Freeze drying.. I freeze dry.. a lot of people won’t invest in a freeze dryer.. but on average a family of four will throw out more than the cost of a freeze dryer..
      great company and they do have lay away..
      the flavor is always up to the person.. I found that if I bought the pre made soup mixes.. from one company.. that it was way to salty for me.. so I make my own.. then place it in a bag..
      their soup mix is perfect.. just a half cup per soup setup.. or a cup depends on how big your family is.. then the beef chicken or ham..
      here is the link to the soup mix I personally like..
      I buy a case at a time.. a case will last me almost a year with soups..
      Now if you want to retort a pasta dish.. or something like sweadish meatballs.. then I would use a jar..
      that one is good because you can either pack it yourself and hand vacuum it out.. or you can use your magic sealer..
      cream of soup mix..
      we use a lot of cream of soup for various recipes.. to get the same thing is simple.. three cups of powdered milk.. one cup of corn starch or flour.. ( I prefer the mix half and half and a tsp of salt ) and a stick of real butter.. put it in the mixer and mix until it looks like corn meal. then place in the fridge.. you can make one without the butter to.. but then you have to add the oil when you make your soup.. the flavoring is up to you.. for the cream of mushroom buy the harmony house chopped mushrooms.. one third of a cup of the mix is the same as a can of condensed soup..
      if you want chicken soup mix then add the broth or bullion to it when you mix it.. etc.. let your imagination soar..
      Now you can freeze dry tv dinners to.. or raw steaks as long as their lean ..
      cook hamburger rinse with boiling water to remove the fat then freeze dry one ounce of it to a hamburger helper..
      grinding flour.. I have done it the hard way with a rock and a stone.. that sucks.. get a nice grinder.. I have way more grinders than I can imagine ever using.. but my favorite one is the wondermill
      pleasant hill is an awesome company to buy from..
      if you want to can in can’s.. then you shop in Canada.. my favorite company
      canning with can’s is easy.. what I don’t like about that now.. is can’s use to be coated with epoxy on the inside.. they went cheaper so after a couple of years the taste of the can comes through.. the food is still good but you can taste tinny.. with retort bags.. you don’t have that..
      Now they are pretty well back up in stock.. for a while they were having troubles getting supplies..
      the alaskan extension service has all the information you could possibly want.. Texas extension service has tons of material on just about anything you could want to do as well.. canada.. the eskimo’s do a lot of their own hunting and fishing and they can the supplies for off season use..
      Pasta.. god everyone that gets married in my family gets a pasta maker.. all the kids have made pasta and cheese.. its fun its easy and its cheap.. the big issue is one cup of flour will give you so much pasta.. phew.. that it is easier to just buy it.. although you can make the dough then freeze it..
      there are two of my favorite pasta chef’s…
      this guy below rocks and is by far my most favorite
      for a pasta maker.. you choose.. I have several the auto makers.. and the hand ones.. for just the boss and me I use the nordic ware..
      for my favorite grinder.. this one is the one I use.. dam thing is used almost every day to..
      and for just two people a quarter cup of pasta dough will give you way more than enough..
      for ravioli..
      this is the big one.. I have the little one.. which is so nice.. but you need a marble.. a big shooter marble.. the reason.. to dip it in flour then push the dough down to make the divit for the filling.. you can use your finger to.. but it is just seasier.. they do sell pans with the divit maker..
      like this one.. you can get them even cheaper to..
      Now if you want the big meat pies.. that is basically a whole meal in one..
      for that one.. you need the divit maker.. you can use your melon scoop or your finger or a ping pong ball.. flour it so it won’t stick to the dough.. press in.. then put a tsp to a tbsp.. unless you have the small one then it is a half tsp.. of filling.. meat filling your choice.. I use one cup of onions.. a cup of ground up peppers all ground pound of hamburger.. ( I like italian sausage but the wife doesn’t ) one tbsp. of tones spagetti seasoning.. and two eggs.. mix it up in the blender.. ( you can add tomatos to it to your the boss how do you like it.. )
      then before filling take a spray bottle.. mist it with water.. put the filling in.. then lay a piece of dough on the top hit it with the rolling pin.. and separate the ravioli.. (( which reminds me I have to make some more for the freezer)
      rotate stock..
      I have these for the shelves..
      you can make them but if you don’t have a work shop it is just easier to buy them already made up.. then a large shelf for bulk can’s..
      I do one can method.. if you use five then buy six when you are down to two go buy six more.. keep this up and you have a stock.. each one of the can rotators holds nine cans.. one flat with a piece of cardboard on top will hole one and a half flats..
      if you have any more questions.. please ask young lady.. I have been doing this a long time.. and have it in pretty good sync.. we use on average 124 cans of vegetable’s a month in this house.. but then we eat all our meals here.. except for days where there are activities.. then I get to go to my favorite food restaurant.. great food wonderful people that own and work there.. consider all of them my friends..

      • Oh if you want to retort can pasta dishes.. then do less water.. otherwise the pasta is mushy.. you want it more al dente ..
        this is thom.. great guy.. easy to talk to to.. and if you have any questions whatsoever.. he is the man to talk to..
        I have heard you can make the dinner containers.. with the top sealer.. but I have never tried it.. thought about it.. take a tv dinner tray and lay it out.. then slap a top on it.. and then can it.. but I haven’t done it.. so I can’t say yea or nae..

        • Loob,

          Please don’t mention mushy pasta! Brings back bad memories!

          I was an Italian-American kid in the 60’s that only ate at home,, or at relatives, until Fredrick, a German-American schoolmate invited me over to his place for dinner. First course was spaghetti, but it didn’t smell right to me. I looked around in the the kitchen and saw that his mother had an open can of Chef Boyardee on the counter, oh no…

          OK, summoned all the strength I had, rolled up a fork full of that mushy spaghetti and managed to swallow it… a few seconds later I regurgitated it back into the plate. I faked an apology, saying I had an upset stomach.

          I still have fond memories of that evening however, Fred had an awesome Civil War army set that we played with on the living room floor…

        • Wow. I was only curious about what flavors of Mountain House George preferred but this is a very welcome and shocking amount of helpful information. I have never heard of a couple of these things. I put the videos on my Facebook page to easily find them. I’m ordering the vegetable mix today. I didn’t know any came with tomatoes and peppers. The canning bags are fascinating . I might have to borrow a friend’s pressure cooker. Thank you so much.

        • “Please don’t mention mushy pasta! Brings back bad memories!

          I was an Italian-American kid in the 60’s that only ate at home,,”

          I hear ya on that one…Once a person discovers how fresh is can never experience better.. the flavor the texture yumm..I never did understand why more people don’t make their own. the thumb noodles are my favorite. Osara recipes is my idol..what a cook..
          although I do have a great recipe from an old actor I took care of.. he loved to cook..his favorite recipe was his gift to me..

  12. Yo G enius,

    mindless crypto drivel – see Hong Kong,BRICS, Most of Asia. Ure chosen tribe is ripe for slaughter, as is Ure fiat. Fiat is the very definition of greed- see old redshield bout controlling a countries currency. Ure chosen tribe also epitomizes greed… which is prolly why the cover and suppression of what AILs this World.
    The “baby” will be protected at all costs- it is all they have = illusion.
    So WW3 it is – mushroom “soup”
    It’s what for dinner..

    Forget BTC – dark souled peeps don’t deserve it.
    Verification – cause dark souls Can’t be trusted.

  13. suicides?

    who is next? 5 years ago, Q post #700
    Feb 09, 2018 9:17:44 PM EST
    Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: f81874 No. 320057
    [Next week]
    [Next week]
    [Next week]
    Suicide weekend?

    I do not know, but this grabs my attention. We will eat popcorn and watch a movie.

    in ‘Matrix’ the Oracle gave Neo a cookie,,,, a code modifier?

    • Waiting on A Blinken to preform a swan dive off of DC hotel balcony onto pavement below…dont know how much longer the inevitable can be forrestaled.

  14. The US government currently has a debt pile of over $31 trillion, and that’s expected to soar by an additional $20 trillion over the next 10 years. The next bull market in stocks won’t kick off until the Fed is forced to bail out the US government, Bank of America.

  15. The Fed is ‘behind yet again’ as hot inflation data signals bad news for stocks, bonds and economy, Mohamed El-Erian.
    Giving good credence for another 50 point rate hike.., which would severely impact the economy and probably tank the stock markets.

  16. I had a stellar week trading., I mean, gambling. As one trade was simply a shot-in-the-dark. I threw a dart and was right. I do hope that you had a good week, also.
    – Next week looks to be even better. With the reports admitting that food inflation is in-fact, over 10%., and Putin is not going to like our government seizing $300 billion in Russian Reserves.., it could prove to be a very interesting week ahead.

  17. Re: Project GW (Guowang)
    feat. a King is born


    Open the Windows while you can! Is there a little bit of static breaking out in the satellite bands? Prepare to turn your dials as the Kings get set to square off against the Stars. Check with your favorite online bookie for the odds. “PCMag” via the “South China Morning Post” offers a heads-up on a PLA-linked academic paper looking to reign in Starlink with a made-in-China solution. Sorry to ‘pops the balloon’, but they don’t seem to be seeking FCC approval. China appears to be responding to perceived US “Star Chain” aggression?

    Meanwhile back on planet Earth, the official White House schedule reflects that it’s Friday… C ‘ya Monday!

  18. George, I have used both Thunderbird and Claws, and the mail drop-in for Vivaldi. They seem to function better than Outlook, most of the time…

    Vivaldi mail adds Outlook-compatible calendar, an RSS client, and I believe, a couple other toys (I don’t bother reading the release notes when Vivaldi updates). If you run the browser with 50 windows open (as I sometimes do) it becomes a resource hog.

    Claws is lightweight and frugal from a resource standpoint. It reminds me of Eudora Light, not in appearance, but in system transparency.

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