Crash Alert – Will BTC Go Bust?

Posted earlier than normal due to Housing update due (a Bulldog edition)

Technical Tuesday around here is usually the “after action” analysis of my latest day trading frenzy.  To save the asking, yes, I made some lunch money on that short position taken near the close Friday.

Was it George Peppard, “the Colonel” (a/k/a Hannibal Smith) in the telly-series “The A-Team” who said it?  “I love it when a plan comes together…

Lest you be misled into thinking I know what I’m doing, let me point out that Monday’s “big score” was a whopping 17-cents per share gain on 700-shares of something-or-other.  $119.  A nice lunch, even at Sardi’s but only if you go dry.

Why a Crash Alert?

In our (admittedly odd) view of World Events, we have a POTENTIAL Lifetimes Piling Up moment.

The “biggie” is our (unorthodox) Aggregate Index view of U.S. Markets. Notice the oval highlighted area (lower right):

As should be clear, the market has the chance to go down another 300-points, or so, before getting onto the thin ice of lower support.

If this breaks, Markets could drop into the shitter in triple-time.

Not ALL the news is bad – yet.

BTC: Ready to BK Out?

Maybe, but the answer is complicated. Though, if you like simple, you may stay poor and working for someone else.

Here’s the problem: Bitcoin today was wallowing (early) in the $27,425 range.  Not the end of the world, but way down from last week.  Percentagewise, I think the term is “sucks a big one.

Our Tuesday BTC Decoder Ring:

  1. The light gray horizontal lines are 20, 40, and $60,000 bottom to top.
  2. The white arrow spanning the Wave 1 down (*yellow 1) is a visual reference to the middle white arrow.
  3. Said middle white arrow appears to have met the Elliott wave rule saying Wave 3 must always be larger than Wave 1 down.
  4. From the bottom of Wave 3, we have been in a subdividing Wave 4.
  5. The Elliott notion is that Wave 4 cannot (normally) overlap the bottom of Wave 1 down.  This price level can then be thought of as “overhead resistance.”
  6. The second Elliott notion is that “If Wave 2 is SIMPLE, then Wave 4 is likely to be COMPLEX.  Which (no surprise here) is sure what it looks like to us.

How Far is Down?

Well, there is THAT.

Story goes that back in the early days of, I worked out a spreadsheet to spit out IDEAS of where a certain wave-train might lead.

Hopping over to Bitcoin Charts, we can eyeball the Wave 1 down wave as spanning from a high of  $68,789.63 we would eyeball Wave 1 fell to about $37,802 in February 2022.

Armed with only this simplistic pair of prices, we plug it into the “Brain Amp” spreadsheet and it gives up target prices for what MAY be ahead.  Our discussion of projected prices is highly speculative, not trading advice, and done for my own entertainment with you reading over my shoulder.  (Tic-tac, please!)

Here’s how that wave structure (refined from our Aggregate Index research) works in a very similar way to Bitcoin projections.

First, we had a sizeable Wave 1 down, a solid bounce a bit higher than the Fibo .236.

Because Wave 1 down consumed $26,596 points – and any Wave 3 must be larger than Wave 1, we simply subtract the Wave 1 from the Wave 2 rally.

Under Wave II probabilities, we didn’t even get a 50 percent advancing decline in Wave III which only went to (yellow box) $15,760.

Was this enough for a valid Wave III down?  In our estimation, YES.  Because the calculation (center, bottom, yellow) says it’s a valid Wave III one it dropped under $19,465.

Which gets us next to the recent Wave 4 (so far) high (high estimated near 30,506.70) which is why – crazy George – can project there will be a Wave V down, if we are not in it already.

When that Wave V down arrives there is only one condition that’s nearly absolute:  The Wave V should be larger than Wave 1.

This is calculated by taking the high of Wave IV and subtracting the size of Wave 1 down ($26,598).  Thus, our thinking presently revolves around a (no inflation included) $3,908.

“Why the Scary Headline?”

Don’t let your brain rot! Use it!

Look at that last figure: that is the downside MINIMUM.

Anything in our projection which is a negative number means BANKRUPTCY (or the Fed stepping in and papering over (rather than picking up) their shit).

“How could Bitcoin possibly go to zero?”

Here’s the highlight of the scenario (detailed on Peoplenomics tomorrow).

  • China takes Taiwan but does not strike American assets.
  • By refusing to declare War on the U.S. the ball is suddenly in Slo Biden’s court. Foreign business dealings, remember them?
  • With Susan (neocon) Rice out at Joe’s, the U.S. doesn’t have the spine to go head-to-head because of the (very real) nuclear blow-ups that would follow.
  • With the U.S. and China at loggerheads, and everything that can go on a cargo ship under SANCTIONS, an overnight black market  arises overnight.
  • At the same time, a pop-up industry arises in China, where goods will ship to a non-U.S. country where one of these pop-up forwarders will air freight to the U.S.
  • And the settlement for all this?  (Wave IV could extend again, remember) BITCOIN which is set to collapse in Wave 5 down at some point.  Because?
  • Seeing the “pop-up” industry funded with Cryptos, the U.S. gov promptly outlaws all cryptos.  Financial Sanctions.
  • Think of this outcome as Prohibition for “money.”
  • Because that’s when the U.S. Fed will announce their new currency which will be digital and so forth.  BTC will become an offshore unofficial money only so yeah, it could fail.

There are a lot of “graceful things” about this scenario of the future.

  • We don’t get nuclear war.
  • China doesn’t invade the West Coast by sea either.  Because were they to do so, say remote viewers, they would be halted at the coast by a series of massive earthquakes that destroy virtually all West Coast ports.
  • Undersea drone warfare and cyberwar escalate to the point where the U.S. and China have both become dysfunctional. The Internet will be broken apart – air gapped or prison.
  • Despite 100 percent population controls (via computers and that new government digital Fed Note replacement) the governments on both sides plan a surprise attack.
  • One shoots first and between it and the counterstrike, Global Warming is officially made lie by Nuclear Winter.

I don’t mean to put the next three years of war out there too early.  It’s just that when you get the BIG picture and follow the logical scenario-building process, you’ll find a crypto failure – whether a 2-year out war payload, or a horrific collapse in May – things become mostly “a matter of time.”

And thus, endth Ure’s long rap on the big Fin-ELE.  Coming soon to a drive-in near you.

Small Stuff

Now the quickie, marginally useful crap. Compared to our Big Picture of how future falls apart, these are of incomparably smaller importance.

No, Guatemala will not save Taiwan: Guatemala’s Leader Vows ‘Solid Diplomatic Relationship’ With Taiwan During Visit ( Don’t be silly.  Think Guatemala can augment air supremacy in 10-minutes, or less?  No?  Well, we have this Uncle who really matters…

I left out how when China takes Taiwan how NorKs eye the South.  But we are cozying up a bit Sung Kim looks forward to strengthened U.S. extended deterrence commitment in Yoon-Biden summit | Yonhap News Agency.  Yeah, good luck with that.  Mit-wobbling, champagne, and caviar,  we’re sure.  But if Taiwan goes, so will NorK during the attention gap.

Political Crap:  Like you ain’t sick of these, yet??? 

Finished and don’t know it?  ‘Let’s finish this job’: US President Joe Biden launches 2024 re-election bid with new video | ITV News.  Should have announced on Finnish media, but we digress.

Some Soundbite Grandstanding, anyone? Is Joe Biden ‘daring’ the DOJ to go after Hunter?  How can people  NOT see Joe mouthing this so it will seem as if the FBI coverup will be more credible when the “juice” is applied.  You know, “juice” isn’t just cash (as from all those foreign entities)  “Juice” in Las Vegas means a whole, other deal. Been there, got comp’ed. Don’t ask.

Like stage magic, notice where your mental gaze is directed.

(ibid):  Former US President Donald Trump goes to trial, accused of rape.

Meet the tactical geniuses, dept: Senate GOP bemoans McCarthy plan to punt debt ceiling to election year | The Hill.  McCarthy knows that a) the House is on a two-year clock while Senators are six-fiends.  Raise the rate, blame the Dems (true) and use the issue to death!  See how a six-year gig screws with tactical thinking?  Timeframe, fellers, timeframes.  (Xi, you wanna give ’em a read-in?)

The Big Ponder, Huh?

Yeah, I really do think Bitcoin will be either bankrupted or regulated out of existence.  I have said this from the outset.  Government will not allow for serious competition. Now we can speculate at when.

That will not likely heat up, yet, since the way the “sliding puzzle” of future works, we have to get the reunification of Taiwan dispensed with.  Then, in the event of no nukes, but a Sanctions Festival, BTC could be slipped into the Trading with the Enemy Act.  (Which we cite in 50 U.S. Code Chapter 53 – TRADING WITH THE ENEMY | U.S. Code | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute (

Core Concept to us is that was we play out what will effectively be War Lite, it would be graceful for (whoever) the President is, to impound all foreign BTC and use proceeds (it’s considered property) to fund the USG and maybe offer this “free money” to early BTC’ers when they swallow the CBDC.

Timing!  That’s the thing here.

We need that Taiwan showdown to roll the no-war (declarations/confiscations) route.  Then we need trade pain and sanctions, skirted with Crypto and then taken out by Executive fiat under Trading with the Enemy provisions.

That’s all going to take time.  My consigliere says “George, you always rush things.  Slow it down. Markets are slower than you.”

In the Column,  then, let’s call it 2025-2026 for BTC to implode. My consigliere would no doubt put it out 2027-2028 (dependent on scenarios).  We’re only rolling out one lookahead today.  But it’s a lot cheerier than Nuclear Winter.

Projected Futures are constantly changing.  This is because the input assumptions change as new futures replace old ones.  Yet, as we drive inadvertently into it, there is a certain sameness to Future. Textural.  When the texture changes, the hologram of Earth does, too.  Which is why, when reasonable people look at the prospect of nuclear endings to life on Earth, they step back a little bit.

What happens then (as mass consciousness energizes a new scalar reality into existence) is that a nearly overlooked path around devastation occurs.  Doesn’t mean our future is safe because a “muddle-through” appears,  Yet it’s also not a rule-out, either; so Hope endures.

Even in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. Hopefully just BTC.

Equities crash window open until May 11, or thereabouts.

One More Risk

A personal Note to G.A. Stewart of The Age of Desolation website.

“You make the point in your most recent post, “Stay Frosty” that:

Nostradamus Quatrain IX-83
Sun twentieth of Taurus [May 10th] a mighty earth trembling,
The great theater [Hollywood, California] completely ruined,
The air, sky, and land darkened and troubled,
Then the infidel [Islamic Jihadist] invokes God and the saints.

If you’re not tracking, see Stu’s first book.  Then read his new one about to drop. Can’t find 3rd Age of Mars on Azon today…

We are somewhat concerned that another geomagnetic storm could be a warning or set-up first week of May, since we just had our second 7+ quake that is temporally correlated to the pulse Sunday.  M 7.1 – Kepulauan Batu, Indonesia (

rgds, etc.

Check back at 8:15 AM Central for the Housing data.

Write when you get rich,

48 thoughts on “Crash Alert – Will BTC Go Bust?”

  1. “Susan (neocon) Rice”

    Not a neocon, a neocom. She is a Clintonista, and a Democrat. Rice takes orders from Hillary, and Soros, and nobody else.

  2. Ohhh Nooo, Mr FUDely,

    Started drinking pretty early this morning, ewe baaaad boy. Thank goodness you dont do T&A for a living, poor man would be starving. I do enjoy the wild ass prognostications, the farther out in the cosmos the better it seems. That carefully considered none sense regarding wave action seriously tickles my fancy – elliot is an after action reporting analysis tool, but hey wanna use it to predict future prices..knock Ureself out, Ure Circus-Ure Monkeys.

    All of Ure Bitcoin FUD calls to attention Rapid Eye Movement song STAND

    Key line in lyrics that speaks to Ures crypto FUB..”If wishes were trees, the trees would be falling”- REM

    You do know what a Enemy Combatant is, no?

    Not a drop of Owl blood (wisdom) to be found in these parts, think youse maybe losing it a little, Welcome to the club .

    Still No Bitcoinz 4 “poGo”

    Write When U breakout or Win Freedom..SLAVES

  3. Wordslinger:

    If we were sitting in the outback having cocktails while firing the BBQ then discussions about worlds end might amuse. IMO there are simply too many variables to game-out work-outs in E. Europe, Taiwan, etc. But, that’s just me and … you be you.

    “Bitcoin will be either bankrupted or regulated out of existence. I have said this from the outset. Government will not allow for serious competition” Full agreement though I’d reverse order:

    Bitcoin will be either bankrupted or regulated out of existence. Government will not allow for serious competition. Crypto will likely be regulated out of existence (ergo Bankrupted). Note: This sets you and I at odds with an established cult your Ureness.

    Charts are muddy but they are supposed to be at this stage. This week 178 of the S&P500 report. Rare beats make news but even those are Cos. jumping an analyst lowered bar. We are in an earnings recession. Lots of chats include “someday PE will matter again.”

    Is this the day? No matter. It, the day, is coming.
    Write when you get liquid,

    ps – snowing here. again. we are running out of April!

      • Meh, snowed here last night — only a flurry, not the fun stuff Egor got. Two years ago our last snow was May 19th. You get a longer growing season, we get a landscape free of rattlers, copperheads, water moccasins, scorpions, fire ants, etc…

        • AMEN….. for that one good luxury ….. and with my mini me wanting to save all snakes and loves to catch bugs…. omg.. he would have me out there helping him to… don’t touch the tail grab him behind the neck.. don’t hurt him LOL LOL LOL

      • It snowed here in Eastern Oregon a couple days ago. Winter seems to be never ending around here.

      • Yep, it’s continued snowing all this last week (though we had a nice bout of 70-80s the week prior). This morning I took the ole Tom out for his morning jaunt and he looked at water bucket, sniffed, walked away. Cake of ice on top! It’s now a sizzling 33F here. No need to post, just thought to reply, E

  4. “The great theater [Hollywood, California] completely ruined,”

    I don’t know. People cling to the nostalgia. Hollywood “used to be”…..

    “In terms of the number of movies per year and worldwide audience, Bollywood is clearly bigger, producing 1,000 movies in a typical year watched by a worldwide audience of 3 billion, compared to Hollywood’s 500 movies annually watched by 2.6 billion viewers worldwide.”

    – Jun 13, 2007

    An Indian operates the Googler.

    Sundar Pichai was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India.

    Look to India and all the gods they have. India could absorb the main Western deity without missing a beat. Then the language.

    Indians took over.

  5. Agree Bitcoin will be outlawed, and only outlaws will have Bitcoin, only worth something to the hidden digital crowd. Once big brother CBDC takes hold, all forms of currency or barter materials will all be outlawed, and only outlaws will attempt to barter for food or a few gallons of Gas. A dystopia awaits humanity, .gov will pay for information on those who try to barter. Camps are already in place and ready for temporary occupants who will have to be given a lethal concoction of vaccine, for their own good! Grid down will finish us.

    • Speaking of grids being down, did you know there is a best way of eating Triscuits?

      Turns out only one side has the salt, and they taste better with that side hitting the tongue first.

      So you lick them first to tell which, then eat with the salty grid down!

    • “only outlaws will have Bitcoin,”

      Hmm.. back to its roots.. wasn’t that why BitCoin was originally created.. to cover the cash transactions of the Dark Web.. where anything and everything is done..

      • Inside our hologram – No, but was one of its first Uses on the silk road w/dred pirate robert..we are – PENN STATE!

        Block chain and cyrpto were in use on Cere’s back in the early 70’s, as far back as memory serves, with the breakaway civ./germans=space nazi’s. prolly been around a lot longer for all I can recall, which sadly aint much.

        *Write when you get Tears of Lorona…. BCN’c birthday is in July, wink wink.

  6. Ure wrote:
    “*China takes Taiwan but does not strike American assets.
    *By refusing to declare War on the U.S. the ball is suddenly in Slo Biden’s court. Foreign business dealings, remember them?
    *With Susan (neocon) Rice out at Joe’s, the U.S. doesn’t have the spine to go head-to-head because of the (very real) nuclear blow-ups that would follow.”

    Agree that when China moves on Taiwan it will NOT simultaneously move on the US and that throws the ball into the US court as to if we immediately have a shooting War with China.

    By China NOT moving on the US military assets with it’s move on Taiwan the US is in a dilema. IF it sends it’s (US’s) planes and ships to defend Taiwan (we have NO Defense Agreement with them) then that means that the US will be firing the first shot of a US/China War, which gives China the right to then strike at US military targets worldwide.

    I highly doubt China would do a Sadam and just keep the War localized to the immediate South China Sea, but how far they would spread the War is still in my mind an open question. Guam is a US possession, our main military bases for the Western Pacific are there, and it is most likely where the land based US planes that would be involved in any China/US conflict would come from so it is clearly on the table as a target if the US gets involved.

    Would our bases in Japan (Okinawa and Honshu where our carrier is based) also come under attack, or would China hold back on those so as to NOT be attacking Japanese soil?

    Marching across the Pacific what about our naval bases at Pearl, San Diego, and Bremerton? And our air bases at Midway and American Samoa? What about Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean? ALL of those are reachable with China’s intermediate and longer range ballistic missiles, which can carry conventional weapons in addition to nuclear ones (remember China has been practicing taking out a carrier with it’s intermediate range ballistic missiles – built a carrier size target out in the western deserts of China to shoot missiles at). IF China has gotten their missile targeting down they could take out 1/2 of our Pacific fleet just with conventional weapons while the ships and subs were sitting at dock (assuming they fire enough so that our anti ballistic missile shields run out of missiles to fire at the incoming barrage).

    A sticky wicket for sure, and China under Xi IS going to eventually go after Taiwan, the only question now is timing.

    Will the US choose to go to War with China, and START ONE using Taiwan as the excuse?

    Do we have Wunder Weapons hidden away that renders all current weaponry obsolete?

    2023 and 2024 are shaping up to be a couple of interesting years.

    • China has several, “high value” and very vulnerable targets., ones that they do not want to deal with. The Three Rivers Dam is one. One cruise missile breaches and collapses that dam., and 300 million Chinese die. [ estimated] They lose close to a quarter of their agriculture and a quarter of their power plants – several deep sea ports and incalculable loss of infrastructure like roads, train tracks and bridges. That one target would decimate them., for a very long time. They know this., so I don’t believe they will “launch to dominate”., as the blow back would be horrendous. You can’t stop every missile., they know that too., or at least, they should.

      • We here from well-placed sources that the US had modeled the 3-Gorges dam and it would take more than a cruise missile nuke to take it out. China designed and overbuilt in order to reduce EQ risks as well as energy weapons.

        Moreover, Kojima, Murai, Pang, and Vitale’s work suggests that without 3 Gorges, China would be increasing its coal burning power sources even more.

        Chinese are very smart people and they studied things like the US loss of 2,200 people when the south fork dam burst in 1889 (Johnstown Flood).

        Small nukes vs. 10.25 trillion gallons of unwilling to compress water will make a mess, but maybe not a collapse. In the exchange, Ground Coulee and the whole Columbia Basic/BPA and the TVA system become hot zones. California learns of darkness.

        • “We here from well-placed sources that the US had modeled the 3-Gorges dam and it would take more than a cruise missile nuke to take it out.”

          I have never heard, or read that. The last report I read was in Janes., and it gave every indication that a one megaton nuke would severely breach the dam., causing a collapse. Do you have a source, or reference that I can read ?

        • I read this recently but don’t remember where – The Chinese did it to themselves back in the late 30s when Japan was invading. They let the gates on the dams run free and wiped out a lot of fellow Chinese along with the Japanese but the Japanese eventually went around the flood and gained ground anyway.

      • d’Lynm

        What you are talking about is THE STEP UP to a nuclear war from a conventional one … a step that THE US would have to take if it wished to take out those targets since China is NOT going down that route to begin with.

        China is NOT going to start an invasion of Taiwan via a nuclear weapons attack on anybody. It is looking for a Taiwan takeover NOT a full scale nuclear war.

        IF someone is going to ramp up a war to the nuclear level at this time it will be the US, Russia, or an ideologically driven rogue nation (ala NK) or terrorist group.

        Remember China is currently a WEAK nuclear power compared to the US and Russia and is NOT crazy like NK or some terrorists are. China won’t have full super power nuclear capability until the 2025/2027 time frame, once their new silos are finished and they have been able to build enough nuclear warheads to fill them. Those warheads can only be built so fast.

        However … once any war gets going it can spin way beyond initial intents, ala Russia’s invasion of Ukraine currently, and can do so rapidly. To me it looks more likely that any nuclear conflict at the present time would spin out of the Russia /Ukraine conflict or the upcoming Israel /Iran conflict than a Chinese invasion to take over Taiwan.

    • “Agree that when China moves on Taiwan it will NOT simultaneously move on the US and that throws the ball into the US court as to if we immediately have a shooting War with China.”

      Hmm.. now from my perspective.. what I see and from what I have read is China and the People of Taiwan have a lot of interest in one another.. one of my doctors.. is from Taiwan his Brother is from Beijing .. the country is seen as an asset.. why blow up an asset and destroy its value..So.. why not just wait until the whole theatre is lit up then let taiwan decide to rejoin China.. when it lights up no spot on the planet will be left whole.. except maybe area’s of south america or Africa..
      The USA doesn’t really care if they are a wasteland or not because we don’t value them as much as they value their own lands.. what I suspect will happen is.. for over ten years china and Russia has been busy gaining support and alliances with countries that the USA has just marched in and took what they wanted.. Libya is a good example.. we went in and did our good deeds and now the people that were once feeling secure and stable are struggling and impoverished since the changes..
      so these countries all swapped alliances .. as one they are weak.. but in mass are quite a strong alliance.. combined with two of the worlds major nuclear countries.. and as spread out.. not good.. I see them letting Kim in NK setting it all off he is the wild card and he doesn’t care.. NK didn’t lose the Korean war.. we agreed to just stop it.. and since then things have been done to widen the gap..
      we could learn from NK though.. they are one of the worlds leading authorities on Hydroponics we made them learn how.. and I would love to see how they do it.. but that won’t ever happen.. since we went out of our way to destroy any trust they did once have in us.. and we are focused on other areas militarily..So since we are not there that would be the logical starting point its a middle of the road spot.. can hit multiple countries with missiles.. and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that Russia and China has helped them in gaining the education to make them or even supply them to them…. it would take days for us to move around the globe and with us being so vastly spread out around the globe.. we are weaker.. It is the poison pawn trap.. we focus on one area and they strike another area.. when it goes up.. I think it will all go up at one time.. from multiple directions.. I don’t think China will just go for taiwan.. they will wait and let taiwan decide to make a deal with them like Hong Kong did.. no one gets hurt and its business as usual..
      Our country has put us in a delicate position to.. we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.. we sold our souls for numbers and they let us.. We refused to vote out all the politicians that have been substandard for decades leaving them in a position that needs real leaders in.. and now we pay the prices for it..

    • Um, despite China’s island-building program, there’s more than one country claiming territorial rights in that neck of the woods. They can not attack Taipei or the northern territories of Taiwan without crossing Japanese air space or commerce zones. Therefore, unless Joe bails on Japan too, I don’t see any way we (or the Japanese) can avoid being pulled into a regional war…

  7. Remember this goodie –

    “Iran…. bomb ‘in about 12 days'”

    That was eight weeks ago today. Time flies.

  8. “This is because the input assumptions change as new futures replace old ones.”

    Some thoughts from my research:
    “To remind readers, “The Plan” is late conservative William F. Buckley’s worst nightmare; they want to Immanentize the Eschaton. No sacrifice is too great to bring about heaven-on-Earth, including Armageddon.”

    I suspect that Susan Rice is leaving while the getting is good. Senile Joe has got to go. Something ugly this way comes.

    Boycott cable and sports folks. It’s way bigger than just giving up Bud-Light. Start taking these people down by not giving them your money.

    • Also don’t give them your attention. Try, rather than money, negotiating more with Life for those things you need. Craigslist, reuse, recycle, repurpose, reinvent, find new roads.

      • George,
        This is a small departure from part of your subject, the money part.
        The departure pertains to ‘giving them money’ and regards men involved in competition with women in sports and the entirely stupid idea of pretending that such ‘fair competition’ could be fair in any way.
        This issue could be resolved by women, (not politicians or courtrooms) IF women simply boycott ALL sports-related events totally. This means they would not participate as competitors or spectators or purchasers of ‘sports apparel,’ or tickets to attend or watch male vs female TV broadcasts. Anything promoting the pitting of the 2 sexes against one another would be subject to continuing boycott against the teams, owners, concessions, stadiums, or team support apparel etc.
        I don’t suppose for a second that such a strong response to the idiocy of big bad girly men symbolically beating up women for money or glory will come to pass but if it did, such bullshit would disappear in record time.
        If you girls kick ’em where it really hurts, RIGHT IN THEIR WALLETS, you will be heard on this issue. Change will occur.
        There will be the need for a bit of sacrifice while the message travels from the wallet to the brain…

        • The one and only movie I consider actually “scary” because it’s the closest to real life I’ve ever seen. I used to think the first “Hallowe’en” to be scary but that was years before NCFOM came out. I totally empathize with Tommy Lee Jones’ character in it.

  9. When I got drafted I met two kinds of officers.
    There were the ones that marched around like fierce God like
    warriors who wanted to kick ass.
    And then we had the ones who just wanted an easy suck ass job
    with a paycheck.
    So who will win?
    Or will we all lose?

  10. “……., then, let’s call it 2025-2026 for BTC to implode.”
    Did I remember incorrectly? I thought 2025 was the long wave count ended and nuclear war would begin.

    • The problem is that a small 1/2 of one percent error, tossed and compounded over 55-years of a normal long wave count infers a solutions range that may be up to 31 percent off!

      It’s not unlike the audio/rf amplifier problem of “additive noise accumulates.”

      Besides, if nukes are late OR NEVER that’d be fine with us…

  11. The freight recession in the US trucking industry has dragged diesel prices down by half since last year, signaling a broader slowdown in the economy.
    Benchmark diesel futures, meanwhile, have plunged nearly 25% in 2023 to $2.53 a gallon, and domestic demand is down 8.4% since the same time last year.
    The American Trucking Association’s for-hire contract truck tonnage index dropped to 95.8 in March from 101.3 in Feb, hitting the lowest level since August 2021.
    JB Hunt executives sounded the alarm on a “freight recession” as the shipping company missed earnings views and reported across-the-board drops in volumes that sent revenue per truckload down by 17%.
    Executives had previously forecasted a rebound in industrial activity by the second half of 2023, but they now say a recovery looks less certain due to the broader economic slowdown.
    “Bullish signals are flashing that the market is headed for ‘bullish rip’.., and the S&P could blow past previous highs and add another 5% on top of that.” Bank of America.
    “The Fed’s manufacturing Index is down for the 12th consecutive month – indicating that we will enter a recession by mid-Summer.” – Business Insiders
    – Is it any wonder that no one has a clue as to what the economy is going to do., or which way the markets will march ??
    – as Corporal Hicks said: “Stay Frosty !”

    • Can’t wait for it to get to my area. Diesel prices are still between $3.19 and $3.50 – and that’s including Sam’s Club. Takes a bit more to drag it out our way, I guess.

  12. Random musings.
    EQ almost half-way between Bermuda and North Carolina last week on April 19 (4.5 at depth of 10km).

    EQ today mid Yellow Sea between mainland China and South Korea (4.7 at depth of 10km).

    Both in unusual settings. Tectonically quiet. Strategically important. Maybe nothing……..

  13. “Undersea drone warfare and cyberwar escalate to the point where the U.S. and China have both become dysfunctional”
    What I think your saying is that we are waiting for China to also become dysfunctional??
    Let’s face it , we’re already there.

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