CPI: A Short “Inflation” Lecture

Half-baked economics with your coffee?

Got up super early this morning and turned out a nice loaf of bread from the oven at 5:03 AM.  Yeah… wheat belly, weight and all that aside…there are times when a couple of “breakfast sandwiches” is just about the best thing on Earth.  Fresh-baked bread.  An egg scrambled on each.  Colby-Monterey shredded (a tablespoon, or so). Two of strips of bacon each.  Large glass of milk, the vitamin stack, a yogurt for dessert…OMG!  Ready for the day!

Inflation:  “Yeast of Money”

As I turned the loaf out, a light went on.

“You know, Yeast is like Interest and Inflation.  When you are baking bread, let’s say you start with a one pound loaf.  Leave in a well-buttered pan overnight for the final rise.  In the morning, the bread has tripled in size and is ready for baking.

Inflation works a lot like that.  When you invest young in Life, it seems a modest amount.  But when you look – 5 or 10-years down the road – it looks like a huge amount of money.  Even triples, like the loaf, if you give it long enough.

Interest rates have about the same effect as room temperature when baking.  When it’s cold, the bread seemingly never wants to rise.  It’s like when interest rates are low.  But, when the room is warm (as in just right) the bread rises and so do asset prices.

If the room gets too hot, like 110-or higher, it may kill the yeast and the bread will be ruined.  Ditto with economics.  If the interest rate “temperature” gets too high, what happens?  Things collapse.

The Fed as “Dumb Bakers”

The Big Swindle in Americanized (discontinuous) economics, is that the Fed hasn’t figured out that stable rates work in the long term.  They yammer on endlessly about the “dual mandate” – economic growth and employment – with loads of pontification on “effective lower bounds” while in fact, there are none.  Stand bye for a “teachable moment” yet to come.

A solid baker knows the best rising temps will be around what’s comfortable for humans.  A shade cool and the bread is more  flavorful as the yeast develops slower on its high gluten roll.  Warm and you might get a lighter loaf, and certainly faster.  Especially with sourdough, though, the “tooth” may not be perfect.

Long ago, a genius-level colleague explained that the American economy is really like that:  Take rates too low and you sink into “moral hazard.”  Everyone and their grandma will demand a bailout.  Which is going on right now.

If rates go too high, people won’t go into debt because the gap between current income and future obligations gets to be too much.

This colleague proposed that the “Best” interest rate for America would be somewhere in the 5 to 9 percent range.  Likely around 7 to 7-1/2%.

The Fed – dumb bakers that they are – have been enlisted by a Deep State, cabal of Banksters, international financial swindlers, and two crooked political parties – to adjust the “wrong parts of the recipe.”

Like a balancing act gone bad, the half-baked Fed is now perpetuating malinvestment, fearing a “fallen loaf.”  They miss the point that from the compost of failure, greater futures arise.  But you knew that.  Nothing is “too big to fail” and we all do.  It’s ultimately called Death.  Comes for all people…should come for a lot of companies, as well.

Key Lies About Inflation


  • Back to the loaf:  A one pound loaf weighs the same before and after rising.
  • Value acts the same.  Depending how much paper is chasing something of value…when that’s agreed, you have price.
  • Prices don’t go up.  Money’s purchasing power goes down.  Because, like the yeast, it just “puffs things up.”
  • To profit in Life buy stocks and tangible assets when inflation is increasing.
  • Buy bonds and sell assets when inflation is in decline.

Long wave economic cycles can last a working lifetime and longer.  We are nearing a major long-term bottom.  But, there is still a huge economic hit to come.  That’s because we are in mid “demand destruction.”

Mind Control at Work

We’ve often pointed out that CNN seems (to us) to be promoting the take-down America agenda.  This morning we find that “blaming the public” instead of Banksters and a crooked congress is still being sold as gospel by the network.  As they write in one report:

“Americans are slashing their spending, hoarding cash and shrinking their credit card debt as they fear their jobs could disappear during the coronavirus pandemic. “

Seriously?  WTF?  So CNN’s against saving and reducing DEBT????

When the sensible act of saving becomes hoarding, there’s a liberalista Gestapo in the wings. When anyone tells you how to spend or demand you go into debt, that’s economic slavery.  The yoke’s on CNN.

Lately, prepping is being agendized as “hoarding” too.  The Big Money Interests love to use emotional hot words to mess with your free will.  “Hoarding” is hotter emotionally than “saving” or “preparing.”  This is how complicit media – desperate to maintain failing ad revenues – are pushing every button they can find.  To curry favor with Big Interests.  Shock-jock 101.

There is no “Free Depression Workout.”  Longwave bottoms hurt because savings and investments are destroyed.  No one likes pain, but only those able to effectively lobby (and manipulate) the political system will be spared.

There is always a “proximate cause” (that which is  named) and odds are excellent that Wall Street will hide behind CV-19.  Yet, the real reason for pending economic crisis will be the same financial excesses that are the hallmark of every market break:  Greed.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Knickerbocker panic, the Long Depression, the end of the Roaring Twenties, or the 2006 real estate bubble or the Internet’s dot-com collapse.  It’s all the same tune.  Just different verses.

The “Melody Matters”

Keynesian economics promoted the idea of inflation as a  general rise in prices.  The Great Depression seized communications (The FCC was created) and people were drugged (Prohibition ended).  And war soon followed.  But not until a period of arming.

Looking around today, we can see national marijuana law reform coming, we can see internet licensure.  Or, at least additional freedom-killing restrictions on free speech, assembly, and the “right to move about the country.”

Just like *(questionable) “terrorism” on 9/11 set up “The Surveillance Industry” so too we expect an analog.  The Vax-n-Trax industry.

This bioweapon (accidentally released, or otherwise) will be used as a justification to further erode American’s God-given rights.  With enough panic, people will roll-over.  They always do.  Repetition works in hypnosis and in UHD.

After we “hit bottom” America may begin a massive period of rebuilding.  That’ll be to prep for global war.  Because in longwave cycles, we have Peak and Trough Wars.  WW II was the Trough War following the Great Depression.

The 1857 Depression and Civil War

Occasionally, a Depression-ending War is not  external, but rather internal in nature.  From the Wikipedia discussion of the Panic of 1857:

The Panic of 1857 was a financial panic in the United States caused by the declining international economy and over-expansion of the domestic economy. Because of the invention of the telegraph by Samuel F. Morse in 1844, the Panic of 1857 was the first financial crisis to spread rapidly throughout the United States.[1] The world economy was also more interconnected by the 1850s, which also made the Panic of 1857 the first worldwide economic crisis.[2] In Britain, the Palmerston government circumvented the requirements of the Bank Charter Act 1844, which required gold and silver reserves to back up the amount of money in circulation. Surfacing news of this circumvention set off the Panic in Britain.[3]

Beginning in September 1857, the financial downturn did not last long, but a proper recovery was not seen until the American Civil War, in 1861…”

Wars Are About Money

A key feature to look for in a “civil” war is a powerful economic angle.  While true that the American Civil War was on freeing slaves, on one level, the economic subtext is often missed.

Northern  machinery manufacturers were anxious to replace human powered slavery with banker-backed machines.  It had taken a while, but Eli Whitney didn’t just invent the cotton gin, he also conceived of  interchangeable parts and that led to the whole “machining industry” of the Northeast.  By the 1860’s that industry was looking for new markets.  Free slaves…buy machines!

Virus Collapse?

We won’t know for a while.  That are several trillion dollars up for grabs and there’s a mega-fight on beneath the reception threshold for power is obvious.

The main thing to observe is “How America’s Being Divided.”

Certainly racial lines are one “divider.”  Lock-down is another.  Pro Trump or Anti.  Bailouts or Not.  Vaccine or Tracking…both?  There are almost limitless ways to keep America divided and conquered.

By whom? The Government-Corporation

Which really dates back to when America fell to international monied interests in 1871.  Few realize that America’s original Constitution was replaced in February of that year when the “federal government” took over and created The District of Columbia.  Deep State is old and predates us all. It’s a Corporation now.

As you can read on sites like this one, what most think of as the federal government of today is really a corporation. Operating a theater (congress) and some sideshows. (agencies)  Unlike under the organic (original) Constitution, this one makes up money.

That corporation rules just 10-square miles –  Washington D.C.   But, you’ll lose any claim contrary because the Corporation runs the federal “courts.”

This is all important to understand before reading today’s Consumer Price Report.  Because the world isn’t what you think.  Values don’t go up and down, but prices paid vary widely because of how much paper is “made-up” to chase goods.

Now you’re ready…


Deflation is back – in spades:

The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) declined 0.8 percent in April on a seasonally adjusted basis, the largest monthly decline since December 2008, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 0.3 percent before seasonal adjustment.

A 20.6-percent decline in the gasoline index was the largest contributor to the monthly decrease in the seasonally adjusted all items index, but the indexes for apparel, motor vehicle insurance, airline fares, and lodging away from home all fell sharply as well. In contrast, food indexes rose in April, with the index for food at home posting its largest monthly increase since February 1974. The energy index declined mostly due to the decrease in the gasoline index, though some energy component indexes rose.

The index for all items less food and energy fell 0.4 percent in April, the
largest monthly decline in the history of the series, which dates to 1957. Along with the indexes mentioned above, the indexes for used cars and trucks and recreation also declined. The indexes for rent, owners’ equivalent rent, medical care, and household furnishings and operations all increased in April.

A few table items to review:

There’s also the “less food and energy” number that the Fed (we think delusionally) looks at: “The index for all items less food and energy rose 1.4 percent over the past 12 months.

And that screams inflation is still MIA while at the same time the Fed’s printing up paper at a 37.2% annualized (M1) rate.

Dow Jones industrials futures are up almost 100 after the number.

NFIB Small Business Optimism Slides

Another one of those press releases we don’t want to read, but…

“For the second month in a row, job creation plans among small businesses fell as the economy deals with the effects of COVID-19, according to NFIB’s monthly jobs report. An increasing number of firms reported reducing employment as the six-week total of initial unemployment claims has now reached 30.3 million.

“Small businesses have been doing everything they can to sustain their business during this economic uncertainty,” said NFIB’s Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “As states begin to reopen, workers who have been unemployed will be called back to work at many of these small businesses. Until workers are back and the virus is contained, we will get a better picture of how many jobs and firms were lost during this time.”

A Few Headlines

Waiting for WH panic: White House requires masks for staff after several COVID-19 cases.

High traveler: Maine drops recreational cannabis residency requirement after legal challenge.

Oil-rich Norway will withdraw a record $37 billion from wealth fund as COVID-19 batters economy.  Thing to watch here is how does that fund liquify to pay up?

And here we go with more FED price fixing, reports the NY Times: The Fed Is Buying E.T.F.s Today.

Insane…well, yeah….but it’s the only planet we can find to play on…

Write when you get rich,


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  1. I love the fresh smell of baked bread. I guess my 3 favorite morning smells would be #1 Bacon #2 Coffee # 3 Bacon oh did that one already. So top 4 smells # 4 Fresh baked bread.
    Enjoy your day

    • Smells in the morning – rare if ever. The best can’t even be published here, though definitely worth remembering.

    • My daughter has a loaf of frozen bread dough…
      My sister and I helped mom make a crude wood fired oven when we were little. I can still taste it.. best bread in my life..
      So one of my summer projects a wood fired oven.. its done and I am going to bake a loaf of bread.
      A bacon and egg sammich sounds pretty tasty…
      When I worked night stock the store would bake bread.. I’d take over a stick of fresh.butter for them to coat a loaf ot two before it hit the slicer…best bread ever so close to home made

  2. On usawatchdog.com, Greg Hunter posted a really good interview with “Mr. Gold”, Jim Sinclair. He is discussing the virus and how the virus actually was “financially beneficial” because it stopped hyperinflation.


  3. George wasn’t there a good size economic wack in the 1890s in ussa .. I remember reading bernankes great or greater grandad involved on the government side and it put America on a silver standard .. the imagery in the wizard of oz idealologies came from that

    • len daquino, it’s been a while since read about the yellow bric road and its metaphorical ties to finance. Thank you for the reminder.

      George, Arguing with a lunatic is never fruitful. Very well said this morning. Learn something new every day. That’s why l keep coming back. Threw my back out getting a pair of shorts off the floor 2 days ago, getting olds a bitch. Lol might of just been a Godsmack to pump the breaks. Slow and steady my boy. Slow and steady. Why ya in such a hurry?

      With my binoculars, the compas and the level. I am seeing the math melody in word. Not just written words but in how people speak. You know astrology is not my forte’ planets schmanet, I don’t care….but the math in how people think and speak tells me alot.

      Example: good morning sir, I saw a possum on the way to work. 4, 6, 3, (addition; 13, numerology: 4, multiplication: 72)][ 1, 3 ,1 6,2,3,3,2,4 ( addition: 25, numerology: 7, multiplication: 2592) so we have in multiplication calculation “salutation” result of 72 prior discovery statement multiple calculation of 2592 (based off counting letters of each word) if we divide the discovery by the salutation we get: 36 we further divide 3 from 6 and end up with 2. When when the statement again ‘on’ and ‘to’ are two letter words in that statement. They are crescendo’s. That statement; “Good morning sir, I saw a possum on the way to work” is a 2 wave count creation in multiplication/division. The moment of on two is the two word statement (5,5,6) “the way”, that is the proelaint of the crescending wave in the vocabulary of that spoken statement which Like math and symphony combined create a vibration or heat signiture in the Aether.

      When awoke from my destruction and rise to my humble position now. I see it abs hear every where.

      Like job 1:3 first 2 words: ‘His sibstance”

      Substance definintion: particular kind of matter with uniform properties.

      I dont know if that makes sense. I’m just sorting it out. Its getting to the point I’m doing the math so fast I marvel at everything I say or write. And eveything every one says: its hearing music for the first time, seeing color in a land of black and white, discovering a whole new world.

      • That is just counting letters and giving them all a numerical value of one. But each letter has it’s own numerical value. A=1 and Z =26 there was originally 29 letters but 3 got dropped. And one was a vowel VV it sound like eeeeaaa.

        And I can read and understand 5 languages including Arimaic, latin, ( if you know Latin you can understand spanish, togalin (philipepo) and a few others,
        Hebrew, old norse, navajo and some hopi, some mandarin, some swahili and quite a bit of Arabic.

        If you are ever in Egypt and someone is bothering you and you want them to go away. You say McNakkk! That egyptian for F- off! Lol

        Anyway. Thank you for your words George! You are a good egg. I value you and your words so much.

        Off to Big bear for the day.

        You ever notice the sundials on Adobe homes? I saw a whole street of 777’s made by the shadows of those little poles yesterday and I laughed so hard.


      • I’m really trying to slow it down and I cant accurately really describe it. Its like trying to tell pidgeon what a G6 is. I dont speak very good pidgeonese. I know a few words. Lol. It’s so big I cant even wrap my pidgeon brain around it.

        I’m not saying everyone is a pidgeon. it’s just so amazingly big I feel like I’m a pidgeon learning how to speak broken Engrish from a Chinese stowaway on streamliner headed for Abudabi. Lmao!

        If none anything I just said make sense????? Well like I said it’s best not to argue with a lunatic. Hahaha! I’m pretty sure this is insanity to the sitcom people.


        Holy cow dude! I have 12 people sitting next to me in the last 24 hours say, “wow, I just was thinking that” after I said exactly what they just thought. That is new! Hahahah

    • Yes I know the salutation multiplied to 73 not 72. I subtract 1, because I’m the one recieving the salutation. Im gps location
      of the trajectory of the words. Lol. Like I said, it damn near impossible to put into words because it’s in words. Lamo. Two,

      Base 3 in singularity, it’s like singing the ABC song numerically in addition, subtraction and multiplication, division and we have gotten to algebraic, graphs, charts, geometry, trig, chaos or string. I just begone to understand the language of creation. Binary understand and some hexadecimal in language. license plates on cars are a hexadecimal “like” base system.

      Counting cards, easy. Count all the decks in the entire casino??? Well, wouldnt that be something. :)

      Adios muchacos.


    • America has had interesting problems maintaining a balanced monetary system through the years. There was something going on in the late 1870s or into those 80s that, I think,prompted the minting of the Morgan dollar. I think the problem was there was so much silver coming out of the mines in the Western U.S. that it prompted, or almost so, a devaluation of silver that didn’t let up until the economy grew enough to to accommodate the excess coins. Many bags of Morgan dollars were lying unopened in bank vaults, not coming to light until the big surge in silver prices in the late 1970s and 2000s creating some fantastic relics of that age. It’s one of the things I remember when I was deep in to “collectibles” back then. Can you imagine searching a bag of Morgans that had not been opened since they were sealed at the U.S. Mint over a century before?

  4. “workers who have been unemployed will be called back to work at many of these small businesses” – I am not as confident this will be a fast process, at some point folks owning these businesses will get sick of dealing with government mandates and idiot customers. For instance the social distancing best practices… Many customers not maintaining it and refusing to wear masks. It makes no sense to subject myself, my employees or other customers to such risks. I see a new class of lawyers coming up to sue business for causing their employees or customers to become infected. The benefit of taking such risk and perhaps eeking out a profit, and then becoming an open purse to government. I can see the internal debate and many will just not continue to take on that risk for less benefit and far more regulation headache then in the past. Coming out of past recession depressions, people will be slow to take on more debt and the associated risk, and it will be a slow process, perhaps a generational process, for the consumption based economy to roar back.

    • “…refusing to wear masks…”

      That seems to be more about obedience than a health issue. There are a number of highly credible sources that indicate health risks are much higher (for the individual as well as the community) if you wear a mask. Dr Judy Mikovits and Dr Rashad Buttar provide excellent discussion on that topic. Social Distancing is of course one of the best methods to avoid or slow down the spread of a contagious disease, but 6 ft seems rather arbitrary. Again, it points more towards obedience and control than health protection. Furthermore, if health was truly the issue, then there would be a time component as well as a distance criteria. Finally, don’t overlook the probability that we are dealing with a bioweapon payload as well as a virus, not to mention an underlying agenda with economic & political objectives.

      Back to masks, here is a well researched article by Gary Barnett on wearing masks:

      “By mandating isolation, and the wearing of masks, any viruses already inside the body will be able to replicate at lightening speed in every host that has had a flu shot, and in addition, now that those people’s systems are compromised, internal viruses are able to sicken the hosts, and then spread is enhanced.

      Stress causes the weakening or non-function of immune systems, and isolation and fear cause massive stress. Wearing a mask is at once dangerous because it restricts airflow, and can increase the intake of carbon dioxide. In addition, this stress caused by wearing a mask, also causes the internal viruses to expand because it causes more secretions and allows cells to become vulnerable to attacks by viruses already inside the body. Any that had a flu shot in the past would be vulnerable to those viruses injected into their systems that could become active due to wearing a mask, and stressing the immune system. Replication would be aggressive and could cause sickness under these conditions.”


      • Agreed! Masks are for lemmings. Heading off to Walmart now for the first time since the quarantine. Will not be wearing a mask, so if I’m never heard from again, assume I’ve been tarred and feathered and run out of town. Not really worried, though, because in these parts the non-lemmings outnumber the lemmings.

      • Oh, okay. You know I tried to find a hospital and dentist that have followed this wisdom my entire life. None of them do! For some insane reason they all wear cloth masks! I’ll remind them next time I go they are all doing it wrong.

      • RBI on May 12, 2020 at 11:21 and JoeDish on May 12, 2020 at 08:44 The point of mask wearing to filter out the most possible of contaminants in the air before they gain entrance to the lungs. The WuFlu virus has the capability to cause lungs to fill with fluids, lose the oxygen carrying feature of red blood cells, circulate the hypoxic blood cells to vital organs and in the absence of oxygenation, cause the vital organs shut down and cease function, in turn causing death of the patient. No one has yet discovered how many virus particles need be inhaled or splashed into eyes to start this process to death. Wearing masks is an attempt to keep out the particles. If one who has made it to their mid-fifties contracts the virus, their chances of living through it are hugely diminished. Age has it’s limitations. If one is young and healthy, hates wearing a mask and likes to party in crowds, they could just become carriers without symptoms. Obviously, for this group, that would be acceptable. But when the two groups become mixed( through no fault of their own), say for instance, pumping fuel; through hand contamination or being in the grocery aisle when a no-masker sneezes while passing closely, one suffers and one does not. At that point the no-masker has increased the odds for spreading the virus to the one wearing a mask. The mask is just there to lower the odds of inhalation of virus or trap it within if the wearer has already become contaminated. It by far, does not eliminate risk, just lessens the odds. Those of advancing age and declining health are threatened by this no-mask behavior yet they too, yearn to live their lives out of a quarantined existence. Time will tell whether throwing out the masks and gloves to go bare faced in public is part of the problem or part of the solution. If you are old, it doesn’t take nearly as much insult to the immune system to kill you. I pick to err on the side of caution rather than the side of chance.

    • @Joe Dish

      ain’t no MUST WEAR a MASK mentioned in my BILL OF RIGHTS,DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE and the CONSTITUTION…and ain’t no mention of allowing any scumbag elected politician or their minion ‘experts’ the AUTHORITY to require SOCIAL DISTANCING , shelter in place and wearing a dam MASK…BUT…Freedom and Liberty are mentioned….AND the pursuit of happiness…which seems to have been replaced ny EDICTS TO WEAR A DAM MASK…….which by the way NO ONE IN THIS COUNTRY HAS THE AUTHORITY TO COMMAND THAT PRACTICE…NO ONE……imo


        Actually, not true. Any private business owner can establish their own rules for entry in their own business. I don’t believe Guv’ners have the power to REQUIRE that GenPop wear masks and I don’t believe they gain that power, even under a Declaration of Martial Law…

  5. Dude George – killin with the bread analogy this AM.

    Luv fresh baked Sourdough – no fermentation – no go! Fermenting Food stuffs is big key to ECD’s healthy/happy Gut – yea kimchi/sauerkraut.

    Wars and rumors of wars..China v India ? already having fistfights up the Himalayas recently, Venezuela ? Civil War in US was all about the bankers – Payseur v Rothchild – war is ALWAYZ about the bankers. “they’ keep trying , but TRUMP will not engage for some brilliant reason. Too bad for the bankers Killary didnt get elected POTUS – they thought she would lose.hahahahaha

    Can We shed any light on EMP from Solar Flare versus EMP from suborbital Satellite or missile?
    Trying to discern difference from E1, E2 and E3 energies coming from the different events.

    E1 is supposed to ONLY effect Long Lines like telephone lines, electrical supply lines ect.
    E3 is supposed to effect only Short stuff like home electronics.

    Seems to me unless the whole house is protected inside a Faraday cage, Everythings going to fry.. electronics placed in a metal trash can/Faraday cage are like ATM’s and Bitcoins – you pull them out after the event – they turn on – but there aint nothing to connect to – its all been FRIED.
    I’m thinking nogoodnicks like Boris & Natasha Badenov (Its the Moose quarterbacking for Whats-A- Matta U, “natasha we stop the moose!”) could launch a small missile from coastal waters off of SouthAmerica – we would not be looking down there – and detonate that puppy over Nebraska – they EMP the whole blessed country. Bet that would cause whole S-Ton of Death and Suffering – wonder what they are waiting for?


    A candidate manchurian, there can be no doubt
    From the closet, he never came out.
    As a Kenyan, from the dark continent
    Hatred of America is his bent.
    His significant other is really a brotha.

    • Don’t forget, that microwave, if you have one in your home, will act as a faraday cage. I hear wash machines and dryer might do the same. I’ll go w the microwave.

      • “I hear wash machines and dryer might do the same”


        Think of a Faraday cage as a capacitor. You have “free air” on one side of a shield. Then you have an insulating space. Then you have a space on the inside which is completely isolated from the free air on the outside. The radiation shielding of the microwave fulfills this recipe for most possible EM radiation, as long as its grounding pin is grounded. There is no electrically-insulated space in a laundry or refrigeration appliance.

        There are some possible EMR frequencies for which chicken wire or hardware cloth (or other open wire) is a proper shield; there are some for which a solid can is not. The insulating space can be as big a factor as the material from which the cage is made.

    • The problem wasn’t him or significant other — it’s the “damned f*ing public” that’s our problem, IMHO!! For the love of GOD why did we monkey around with viruses, omong others? Breaks my heart ;-((.

    • this always intrigues me how someone is able to reconcile obama being a gay kenyan muslim communist socialist community organizer has been nothing one term state senator and also leader of the deep state. you really have to choose one or the other because the two are inconsistent.

    • “E1 is supposed to ONLY effect Long Lines like telephone lines, electrical supply lines ect.
      E3 is supposed to effect only Short stuff like home electronics.”

      This is an educated guess — made by people who are — “not you.”

      Are you willing to bet your life on someone else’s educated guess?

      EMP is line of sight. A solar EMP will kill the entire half of the planet it strikes, A HEMP will only kill everything electronic within, perhaps a 1000-1500 mile radius. This is why I say it takes 17 to kill the entire planet (three over CONUS/Canada -one over Wheeling, WV, one over OKC, and one over SLC should kill everything from Mexico City to Sitka, and USVI to Hudson Bay, quite efficiently…) A single 300km blast over Omaha would be more-efficient, but not as devastating. A bad actor would want to take out as many massive power transformers as possible, and that means the Eastern Grid (Cleveland), Western Grid (SLC) and Texas Grid. The MPTs are the part of the grid we can not replace for any amount of money and effort, for at least 6 years, and the points at which the grid backbones are most-vulnerable.

      The things which should go in a Faraday cage are off-grid electronics (laptop, calculator, camera, maybe a GPS if you want to bet USMIL sat-hardening will withstand the emission…) I have power tools with chipped batteries, a charger for same, a backup, backup inverter, gro-lights, and stuff like that there, in mine.

      • I wonder.. we live with emf all the time. You can hold a fluorescent bulb and walk around a substation and the bulb will light.. walk across a carpet and get zapped when you touch a door knob. I wonder would the human body store up an electrical static charge? If it does it would be one hell of a zap lol..

  6. Good column this morning George. Couple of thoughts……

    One of your readers cleverly posted that he/she thought we will all be required to have a COVID (Certificate Of Virus Immunization) to enter stores, restaurants, events, etc in the future. This is surely coming.

    About 30 years ago I read The Fourth Turning book by Straus and Howe and remember having my initial waves of trepidation for the future. Hadn’t really thought much about it recently but then read an article yesterday that might be worthy of a few moments of your time.


    • republicans were always against a national ID. then republicans pushed the national REAL ID. now it will be a certificate of immunity in order to work.

  7. G – I afraid that smell that U think Ure eyes are smelling is indeed ..dun,dun,dun..Inflation.

    Happy Dayz are here again -hooray! The Fed is BBBBBBBBuying Corporate Bonds now!

    Show coot da monay.. It pays to be king..

    George can use Ure Corp to sell Debt/Corp Bonds.

    Use proceeds from Sale of Ure Corp. Bonds to Repurchase Ure Corp Stock in the open market.

    Stock price goes up – triggering stock bonuses for Ure Corp. CEO – Mr.Ure..genius no?

    Suggest Phys Gold/Silver and Raw Farm Land,(keeping in mind solar min.) Raw Farm land south of Mason Dixon Line for taking advantage of Inflation – cause its gonna take advantage of U regardless..

  8. George, time to own it.
    Conservatives talk about the national debt and moral hazard, but only after their big donors are done feeding at the government trough (or out of power). And I seem to recall that it was Republican Big Money shouting down the Unions about globalization, drawing Smoot-Hawley like a sword. All of a sudden, the Unions were right all along? And where were you guys when the R’s were raiding the national debt for stock buybacks? I struggle to find some central platform with you guys — other than let’s strip those slacker kids of their school lunches. Now you’ve got a preside[redact for bash-g]. How’s that working for you?

    This is the sound of macro demand collapsing, after the Conservatives finally killed the golden goose. Best, Mike.

  9. History Rhymes:

    Dalton Minimum ~ American Civil War
    Dust Bowl of the 1930’s ~ Great Depression – WWII
    The Current Solar Minimum ~ Greater Depression taking shape – ?

  10. Miss Packrat here is prepared for all of it. Got my World War Two food ration book with my name on it and from a foreign relative, millions in Weimar Currency when inflation ran rampant in Germany. LOL

    I’ve become a feisty old woman. No mask for me. Broke my nose as a child and have spring allergies. Lucky I can even breathe in my old age.

    Recent cartoon: 3 dogs looking puzzled and saying “Why are all the humans wearing muzzles?”

  11. The most telling of the financial news is the real unemployment figures:



    We are seeing unemployment beyond that of the Great Depression era, but we are still in a primary wave 2 bounce. What do you think the unemployment rate is going to look like when the primary wave 5 plays out? 0% with100% in uniform?

    What will be the timing of the wave 3 and wave 5 blow-outs? How will this timing correlate with the return of the virus season?

  12. Was reading over the weekend that some scholars claim the pandemic is the pale horse and pale rider of Revelations, aka pestilence, thus completing the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (which others are war, famine and death). The ring of fire is reportedly ramping up activity. Global weather is unusual. The combination of these unfortunate events has lots of folks wondering if there’s anything to the visions of a tripped out hermit on a Greek island 1900+ years ago. George, what’s Ure interpretive Torah team saying about all of this?

    • Probably the same as Zero Hedge’s byline: “On a long enough timeline the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.”

  13. Corporate observations visualize infinite dividends. That’s URE Corporate mindset.

  14. “Lately, prepping is being agendized as “hoarding” too. The Big Money Interests love to use emotional hot words to mess with your free will. “Hoarding” is hotter emotionally than “saving” or “preparing.” ”

    Not just big money, but also big government and big media. “Prepping” typically engenders acquiring necessary and convenience items, while such items are plentiful. “Hoarding” is acquiring such items during a period of shortage. By mislabeling “prepping” as “hoarding” another “class warfare” demographic is established. It gives popular license for the sheeple who’re too lazy or stupid to prep, to denigrate, and eventually attack those who do…

    “Oil-rich Norway will withdraw a record $37 billion from wealth fund as COVID-19 batters economy.”

    Well sunny gun! Ya mean socialism only “works” when the ruling entity has a surplus of fundage? Whodathunk…? ‘Hope the oil glut ends before that wierdassed dream I had of mass diaspora from Scandinavia into Ureope comes to pass…

  15. Looks like SP 500 has turned around and wave 3 is underway. Using SDS ETF right now. Sort of like East of Eden all over again, making money on the short side.

  16. I was over at the big box retailer today and noticed “fashion masks” for sale.

    All “Made in China”. Trade is open.


    Total cases: 635 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 75
    Honolulu County: 411
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 117†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 11
    Required Hospitalization: 81‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 563§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 12, 2020

    One new case in Honolulu

  18. Every once in a while you will throw a three letter or more acronym at us and this time you stumped me.
    In the ‘Melody Matters’, what is UHB?

  19. My comment for tomorrow. that makes 3.

    George: FYI: “2011 Japanese company Burton Incdemonstrated a rudimentary system that created moving 3D images in mid-air with a series of rapidly-generated plasma dots” a complete holographic image in the sky of a plane flying next to a plane.

    Hmmmmm sounds provocative. Maybe 9/11 towers got hit by holographic planes??? Plasma charged particles could ignite steel beams painted in thermite.

    *shrugs. Huh? What will they think of next. Planes coated with OLED skin with cameras on them to cloak themselves? Interesting thought.


    I have to go digest a bunch of note books now. Everyone is Royalty and I’m just the man hold the door.


    • I guess I’m out of the prophecy buisness now. Good! I dont like being a slave to all that either. Been a good long run of 11 years or so…. most fun was when I wrote on LOP in 2011 exactly what the smurphs who had yet to join the clean until 2014 and would say in 2016, in the battle of the Nobody theme. I wrote exactly verbatim what they would say 2 years before they would join that forum and 2 years before my return. “Looks like I have a strain on my shirt. Anyone got a tide pen” ROTFLMFAO.

      Now we are moving from see the future to creating it. This should be fun to.

      I was in the Bank and the Lady said, “sir you have to have a mask on.” The guy behind me say, No mam he doesnt, That’s not the law anymore. I turned around and a Riverside Sherriff’s deputy was standing right behind me. He nodded and I nodded back.

      See ya along the path as we trudge the road to happy destiny. my twin wants to make real dragons. Lol. Idk that is above my grade. I’m just one man. What can I do.

      116! Over and out.

      • Sh!t, I been meaning to mention this to the “Q” peeps out there trying to make sense of the drops.

        Those “Q drops”

        Those are codex’s, you have to have the key to cypher the true meaning. Its cryptography silly. I new that the first time I saw a “Q-drop”.

        They give a few to keep people thinking they are plane messages, but their is a “key” or “cypher” that would reveal much more. Its cryptography silly.

        So those in the know, or those with the key can shift positions, move mechanics assets to alter and influence situations, circumstances, events and personalities. Lol

        Dont be suprised, governments been doing that stuff for years. The Myan symbol of the “eye’ is the number zero, Greek word cypher, Arabic root sifr meaning “truth”, the Roman’s did it, the catholic church, the hebrews did it in the Torah etc etc. The Torah is a star chart. Lol how else would they know when it was passover, out in the desert for 40 years? Counting all the levites toes and fingers???

        So. Now ya know. I have been meaning to mention that for about 2 years. Sorrrry….. it’s not my yob to think for you.

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