Our column this morning is spectacularly short.  Because this old Ure fellow is moving fence lines around up at the garden.  This involves real (gulp! work.

City-dwellers who have never driven 6-foot steel Tee-Post into hard soil have no idea what adventure they have missed.

Only three ways to drive posts:  Hardest is to use a fence post digging tool and dig a hole.  They don’t set up well for 6-months.

Easiest is to use the tractor bucket and just slam them in.  But, since the bucket won’t go up to 6-feet with enough height left to effectively drive ’em in, we end up slamming them in with a fence ram.

Fence Ramming

Picture a 3-4 inch diameter piece of steel pipe; foot and a half long.  On the sides of it are two pipe handles.  One end is blocked with a very strong set of steel plugs.  The open end of this 18-inch long contraption goes on top of the Tee-post.  Some old geezer then pushes up the ram and “encourages it” to fall on the post.  Like a pile-driver.  Eventually, 20-60 slams later, the Tee-post is set and the fencing and metal clips are applied.

The project this morning involves setting 8 posts.  A small project, but still one best tackled when it’s 55-degrees, not 85.  Ergo, the short column.

Don’t you love it?  Farmer-knowledge without the farmer’s pains, blisters, sweat, and dirt.  Virtual –  Marvelous..  Tthe Internet allows you to pretend and “try on” what farmer stuff is all about.

“Which Has What to Do With Markets?”

Financial markets used to be about “growing things.” Companies.  Market shares. The theory was that growth would result in vibrant companies which would share their higher values via higher share prices and dividends.

That model has collapsed.  There’s no more growth.

We’re into the “making-up” of reasons for the market to go higher.  Printing up  un-founded money.  Giving the hedge funds free dough so they can jack-up the illusion.  Car rentals, hotels, amusement parsk (like Vegas), airlines… Maybe 25% of American business is toast.  The service industry is in free-fall and we’re on the doorstep of Depression 2.0.

That’s Why Our Fence Focus

With the fence moved, our food-growing will be streamlined.  Less for the wildlife to snag.  Because in Depressions, people go hungry.  Real hungry.

Since we like to be ahead-of-the-curve, even if the word famine doesn’t get here for a while, we’d like to troubleshoot any of our failures while there’s still beer and chips to buy.

Ignoring the fact the U.N. is a tool of globalists, you did notice “The world faces ‘mega-famines’ that could ‘impact us on biblical proportions’ due to coronavirus, UN warns”?

Amazingly, Americans would rather hear about some two-bit Hollywood star or starlet whoring-around with plenty of steamy and lurid details than figure out what actually matters.  Like starting container gardening.  Astoundingly dumb nation.  To see it in media, we don’t even know what sex we are! GMAFB.

If you’re not happy with keyword “famine” results from your news search tools, because they return stories like “A choice between death by COVID-19 or famine.” here’s an option.  Do a search on “food shortage” instead!

The Paleo-Keto Woes

Search “food shortage” and you’ll find stories about the “Coming Protein Shortage” we have been warning Peoplenomics readers about for a decade.

Check the New York Post’s outlook if Paleo and Keto is your thing: “Coronavirus meat shortages could potentially last through summer .

Vermont Public Radio asked an eminently reasonable question a couple of days back “In A Food Shortage, Could Vermont Farms Feed The Whole State?

As should be obvious, there were many reasons we fled the higher-paying, lower exercise corporate life 17-years ago.  Now, here come the headlines we been warning of.

Amazing us almost daily is how few people are willing to suffer through a bit lower bandwidth in return for cleaner air.  Plus nothing beats fresh from the garden food.

City people have more faith that religionists.  They HAVE FAITH that past American genius will keep the power on and the internet up.  People are literally betting their lives on Reliability.  Whew!

It’s all in how you want to play the odds, isn’t it?

We like “sure things.”  Owning land outright and producing an ag product is NOT the path to riches.  But, it’s a dependable path to the dinner table.  Now to the point:

America’s Nightmare To Come…

Story in the NY Times this morning on MSN “‘Scary to Go to Work’: White House Races to Contain Virus in Its Ranks ” doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Neither do the reports that VP Mike “Pence Self-Isolating After Aide Tests Positive for Coronavirus “ though this one is closer to the nightmare.

For that matter, even the report that the “US death toll could be double official figure, expert warns as thousands avoid seeking medical help over coronavirus fears...” doesn’t surprise us.  We ran out initial forecasts back in February estimating how many could die. It’s been slower in spreading than expected. Due to social distancing.  But, in the end, we’re all dead anyway.

“Succession” Scares Me to Death

We go to bed every night praying Donald Trump doesn’t get a temperature.  With Pence going into self-imposed isolation, the specter of succession looms should things go horribly wrong.

Here’s a snip from Wikipedia that lays out the process:

“The line of succession follows the order of: vice president (Pence), speaker of the House of Representatives (OMG…Nancy Pelosi!), president pro tempore of the Senate (Chuck Grassley), and then the eligible heads of federal executive departments who form the president’s Cabinet. The Presidential Succession Act refers specifically to officers beyond the vice president acting as president rather than becoming president when filling a vacancy. The Cabinet currently has 15 members, of which the secretary of state is first in line( Mike Pompeo); the other Cabinet secretaries follow in the order of when their departments (or the department of which their department is the successor) were created. Those heads of department who are constitutionally ineligible to be elected to the presidency are disqualified from assuming the powers and duties of the president through succession, and skipped to the next in line. Since 1789, the vice president has succeeded to the presidency intra-term on nine occasions: eight times due to the incumbent’s death, and once due to resignation. No one lower in the line of succession has been called upon to act as president.”

Pelosi’s In Line

As of this millisecond, it’s only a long-shot that Pelosi  could be elevated.  But imagine if you will, living in a country with left-wing, communist-friendly Pelosi anywhere near the Oval.  And schemering Shifty?  He, too, would likely be elevated.

They’ve all been gunning for Trump for 3-years and obstructing America every chance they’ve made.  Left-wing digital revolutionaries. It’s not a “squad”  – it’s a revolutionary mob.  All done with lies and misdirection, it was nothing more than Molotov’s for the TDS crowd.

That’s what I go to sleep worried about.  It’s what I pray we never see in the news flow.

If you thought Wave 1 down was bad for the market – the wave where stocks dropped 33.18% was bad, Elliott wave analysis suggests we will have a hard time stopping at 50% down from the February highs.  How does Dow 16,000 sound?

That’s not “financial advice,” however.

Think of it as more a spiritual request.  “Pray for America.” 

Because we’re going to need it.  Especially if you-know-who gets a temperature….

I can’t fix (or change) the coup leader’s plot plot to seize Washington.  But I can repurpose that energy into my food plot at home.

With Dow futures down 221, we’re not the only ones connecting dots and worrying what will save this once-great Nation.

Write when you get rich,