CPI 7.1 and 6.0, Casino Bets, Dem’s Crypto Damage Control

Alright.  Keep your shirt on and shit together.  Here’s the CPI everyone’s been waiting for: 7.1 percent and 6.0 all-items.

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) rose 0.1 percent in November on a seasonally adjusted basis, after increasing 0.4 percent in October, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 7.1 percent before seasonal adjustment.

The index for shelter was by far the largest contributor to the monthly all items increase, more than offsetting decreases in energy indexes. The food index increased 0.5 percent over the month with the
food at home index also rising 0.5 percent. The energy index decreased 1.6 percent over the month as the gasoline index, the natural gas index, and the electricity index all declined.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.2 percent in November, after rising 0.3 percent in October. The indexes for shelter, communication, recreation, motor vehicle insurance, education,
and apparel were among those that increased over the month. Indexes which declined in November include the used cars and trucks, medical care, and airline fares indexes.

As you can see, when you mash it down into line items like this:

The big reason for the drop in apparent inflation is that gas prices came down in November and that was mostly an election payoff from the war party to their comrades in arms.  Inflation will be back at higher levels sooner than later, we expect.

The most critical line in this report – just so’s we’re clear on it – is this:  The 6.0 12-month gain in in the all items index.

Last month the line read:

The reason is that the Federal Reserve meets today and hikes rates tomorrow.  This bottom line on rates is what’s driving their decision.  And, in fairness, the Fed knows, as well as we do, that energy is not getting cheaper.  It all just is made to seem that way.  November figures included the dem’s voter buy-off on gas prices.  We don’t have it next month.

Later today, there will be a “big media splash” about a breakthrough in nuclear fusion out at Larry Livermore east of SFO.  But again, it will be more hype than substance because it will take a decade (and longer) to reduce laser-pumped fusion into something that scales nicely.  The LMT Fusion project is still our odds-on (bring your own tokamak) favorite.  It’s not going to be about who gets to market first, so much as who gets the money first.  But another, long discussion there.

Just remember in 1956 when the nuclear industry was promoting “power too cheap to meter” it was mostly likes and baseless projections.  Fusion, whether laser, compact, of cold, is walking in some well-worn mental mind ruts.  Hype erodes the spirit and keeps us docile and compliant.  Like vaccinations?

Casino Bets

The picture, just after the data release above, shaped up like this:

We are still about evenly spread between the present rally continuing back up to the overhead resistance trend line.  It would possibly turn into a Wave 5 from which a downturn would be possible.  OR we could get the bad medicine from the Fed (based on inflation) and that could collapse things down into the Wave 3 (iii) we have been worried about.

Right after the CPI figures, the futures jumped…but we will see how things are after Wall Street’s “amateur hour” is in.

The Fix in Foreground

This was supposed to be the say the collapsed Crypto king was to testify in Washington, D.C. about the end of FTX.  But, out in the Bahamas, suddenly law enforcement just had to jump into action:  Disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried arrested in The Bahamas after charges filed in US.

Now, there are a couple of congressmen who are less than amused by this sudden onset of LEO Zeal.  Because everyone’s dying to know how partisan money moving was involved.  US Reps question timing of FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s arrest. But, as we’ve told you before, dem’s were the overwhelming winners in the cryptocon.  So, no, we’re not surprised and in fact we doubt Sam B-F will ever be allowed to testify under oath and in public.

Notable News Notes

Texas may follow Florida is cracking down on election fraud so public confidence is restored:  Texas Republicans propose a Florida-style election police force as it tees up more changes to voting laws.  We easily fault NBC’s math skills.  Their own story admits democrats have pre-filed 42 election law change bills while the republicans have filed only 20. Ah, but numbers don’t matter, do they?

The Fix was in for Biden: Twitter Files reveal how federal censors made mail-in ballots sacred — boosting Biden.

The Deceiver in Chief isn’t just a guess:  Biden official hid info about meetings with George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi from public.  Gee, a Biden lying by omission.  Color us surprised.

Dirty Biden file is getting even thicker now, as Kevin McCarthy: GOP Will Subpoena 51 Intel Officials Who Claimed Hunter’s Laptop Was ‘Russian Disinformation’.  Is it too late for Treason charges? Or, is there a statute of limitations on running a socialist party coup?

Speaking of the Crooked Oval, am I the only one who thinks it’s wrong (and incompetent) when gender trumps honesty?  Non-binary Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton fired after multiple luggage theft charges – reports.  Wouldn’t the guy have been gone immediately if we were a SWM?  See how Ure’s Real Math works?  Half-wits, double standards!

The New Racism is anti-White Pennsylvania school board treasurer can’t vote for a ‘cis white male’ candidate for president. Always room for product improvement, even in racism?

Gender Messenger?  See where Elon Musk put out “My pronouns are Prosecute/Fauci”?  To which White House condemns Musk’s remark on Fauci, calls it ‘disgusting’.  Disgusting?  Biden’s judgement call, maybe.  But is Musk wrong for having a viewpoint?  Where’s the forensic audit by GAO of the U.S. role in gain of function overseen by AF?

Nothing Open Border Joe does surprises us anymore.  Especially in half-communist Washington State: Biden Administration Approves Health Insurance for Illegal Immigrants in Washington State.  I can hardly wait for Biden to approve providing healthcare for China and North Korea which can’t be far behind.  Hand me the crack pipe, would you?

Crime marches on: Atlanta grandmother stabbed to death in garage in gated community.

It’s a quiet day.  So let’s light up another War, shall we?  Border clash: India alleges China tried to change territorial status quo.  Not the only ones having issues with China, though.  Five Chinese nationals were wounded in Kabul hotel attack – Chinese foreign ministry.  “Islamic State” is claiming this as their work.  But again, we’d like to see which capitol the financial audit traces back to…

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Things are pretty mellow around here – temps have been mild and Zeus the Cat continues to mend slowly from his debilitating bout of [whatever].  The treatment of deworming meds and kidney supplements seems to be helping.

Out raking our lifetime supply of leaves Monday, Elaine noticed something really strange:  Zeus was accompanied by Sam (the Siamese feral cat) and a new (very young) long-hair black with white chest and face) female.

A pack of three cats, all getting along splendidly.  Almost a Cat Family Robinson experience, as Elaine related it.

We’ve never seen wild cats “group up” before.  But there they were, three of ’em and only a foot apart, coming up by the greenhouse lean-to to investigate whatever Elaine was doing.

Interesting.  Might explain why Zeus has been so anxious to get back outside, even with his health still marginal.  Strange.  Don’t know if this is a winter group preservation deal, or what.

OK, off to watch the Wall Street sports book.

Write when you get rich,


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71 thoughts on “CPI 7.1 and 6.0, Casino Bets, Dem’s Crypto Damage Control”

    • Re: “She must’a got a memo.”

      Pathfinder Bob,

      Somehow or other the Director of Digital Asset Research for “Forbes” published a purported “verbatim” 18 page transcript of SBF’s planned December 13th testimony to the Congressional Committee.

  1. Maybe the inflationists are correct and the markets will never go down again.

    The Teamster pension system got bailed. The next BK’d system will get bailed. Those pension plan managers got it so wrong the bailouts had to be built in from the start. They knew.

  2. well well well, Andy has bunnys and Elon posts ” follow the white rabbit” tokens?
    Ok it was a token image of a rabbit

    well, we’ens believe that the white rabbit is the representation of the adreno-chrome molecule used by the elites as a drug of choice, derived from tortured children’s blood.
    The rabbit hole is being brought to the attention of the human herd.
    RIP Ashli Babbit

    • I do not believe that is a ‘token’. Wasn’t SBF girlfriend [ the one who ran Alameda Research – and blew through billions in bad trades] nicknamed “Bunny”…? and isn’t she the one talking with the Feds ??

      • smiling,,, cracked crab or lobster for lunch?,, can we have both?
        good catch there, in ure snare, d’Lynn
        many thanks
        bad trades? or laundry for thieves?

    • tobD – you really ought to seek out a therapist and talk to them about your thoughts on elites distilling adreno-chrome from tortured children. Really. No harm in it.

      • See Frazzledrip on darknet…you obviously deserve the mental anguish and horror filled nights that WILL drive ordinary Men & Women into insanity, from viewing just a few minutes of the Hildebeast and Huma slicing up that Child of spanish decent in Live action.
        Never be able to unsee the outrageous HORROR, let alone when the summoned “darkness” (entity) enters the screen. Never be able to unHear her pleas and cry’s. The Worst shit I ever had to deal with when serving State LE in PA, viewing “kiddie shit” on confiscated computers, just to confirm it was there. Wishing only the worst for Ure ilk..only the WORST.

        No Peace- U sicko .

      • “Super” Cuckoo – you’re absolutely insane to believe there is a snuff video of clinton and huma. Seek help…really…you’re not tethered to reality. People have lost their minds. This isn’t normal.

  3. You don’t need to be under oath to testify before Congress. My guess is that they never intended to make SBF swear. And even if he did, a perjury charge is the least of his problems. Besides, we’ve all heard his “mistakes were made” mea culpas from his Apology Tour. I understand that his girlfriend is talking to the Feds.
    Orange is the new green.

    • “You don’t need to be under oath to testify before Congress.”
      – Ohh., so true. Hillary committed perjury three times in her testimony before Congress., but she was deliberately NOT sworn in, so no charges were ever brought.

      • clinton did testify under oath before congress about benghazi and the email server. republicans even wanted hillary prosecuted for perjury. so deliberately not sworn in? words matter. that’s how lies become truth. if you remember bill clinton also testified under oath. all their tax returns are on the web, biden’s too. so when will trump finally testify under oath and release his tax returns?

        “Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee. A select committee. What are her numbers today? Her numbers are dropping. Why? Because she’s untrustable. But no one would have known that any of that had happened had we not fought to make that happen.” McCarthy (R-CA)
        “This may not be politically correct, but I think that there was a big part of this investigation that was designed to go after people and an individual, Hillary Clinton,” said Hanna, who is not a member of the committee. “After what Kevin McCarthy said, it’s difficult to accept at least a part of it was not. I think that’s the way Washington works. But you’d like to expect more from a committee that’s spent millions of dollars and tons of time.”

        link showing hillary was under oath https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/hillary-clinton-finally-answers-email-questions-under-oath-cannot-recall-majority-of-details/

      • sunny,,, your link is NOT about Killary testifying for Congress. It was in response to a court hearing filed by Tom Finton of Judicial Watch. She could only answer 4 of 25 Questions,,, stupid or hiding from the Truth? I don’t believe she is stupid, do you?
        from your link,,,
        “Earlier this year, a federal judge ordered Clinton to respond, under oath, to written questions as part of an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by the government watchdog group Judicial Watch.”

        sonny, ya remind me of someone, hummm, just can’t quite put my finger on it

      • sunograss, or is it sistah?

        Really, are you really going to come on here and lie?

        I mean come on, man, or is it woman? Oh, that’s right, the supreme court justice, newly installed, isn’t qualified to determine what a woman is. Oh well, I digressed.

        Hill, OverTheHill surely did testify, for or was it to, the FBI (Fgk Bunch Idiots): a) behind closed doors, b) NOT under oath, c) with her sidekick Cheryl Mills who not only being her sidekick but her personal lawyer could not testify against her, and d) she was not recorded and e) she was NOT recorded and ad infinitim.

        You really gotta try harder to throw off ‘we the Little People.’

        If you are going to waste our time on here, at least be honest about it.

      • @the other brother Darrell

        Not worth it. You can’t out-troll a troll, because they only listen to the voices in their heads.

        Hillary Clinton has testified, under oath, several times. She is very bright, a legal scholar, and accordingly, she’s the person who’s given credit for inventing “selective memory loss” on the witness stand. Otherwise known as the means of “testifying” without saying anything, “not recalling” anything which could incriminate either her, or Bill’s gangsters, or anything which could possibly ever be used to spring a “perjury trap” on her.

        Funny thing about Benghazi: Her “testimony” was to cover Victoria Nuland’s ass. Chris Stevens was a close friend of an associate of mine. Stevens had come across information which implicated Vichy in something highly-illegal or ugly (probably a war). I never heard what, and suspect neither did my associate, since he’s still alive.

        In politics, diplomacy, and intrigue, things are seldom as they appear…

  4. I jumped in about 90 minutes before the close yesterday.., it was just a hunch – no data to prove it., but I did it.., and sure enough the Nasdaq100 gaped up this morning by 3 %.., I let that settle for a few moments and then got out. Did quite nicely.
    – It seems that the Market has forgotten that the Fed target is 2% on inflation.., so with a report coming in showing over 7% – pretty much a given that the Federal Reserve will raise rate again – the only question is how much. a 3/4 point raise would just about panic everyone. I think it will be 1/2 . Trying to figure out how to play that..,

    • Great minds, D’Lynn

      I bought a little of my 3X etf this am in the extended hours session as the number crossed and nabbed lunch money:

      Trade specifics were:
      Buy 600 —- Executed @ $17.8799Dec 13, 2022 8:30 AM ET
      then shortly after:
      Sell 600 —- Executed @ $18.29Dec 13, 2022 9:02 AM ET

      For those following along: $18.29 minus $17.88 is $0.41 X 600 which is $246 into the lunch money account.
      5 trades this month, so far. Four winners, one loser.

      • I have had five trades this month also.., all winners. Well.., four good winners – one trade caught me by the short hairs and I got out just in time – made a whopping $14.00. So that really isn’t a “winner”. but, $14 is actually ‘lunch money’.
        – I trade options so my take on time decay and percentages may be a little different than yours, “G”.., looking at doing a spread for tomorrow morning – have to wait and see where it all lands near the close today. Nothing more than a ‘bet’. Though the chart for the Dow, in candlesticks, shows a very nice “shooting start”.

    • He’s an intellectual idiot. He believes he’s the smartest kid in the room. He might actually have the greatest intellect and the biggest IQ score, but he is sorely lacking in common sense. If’fn a prosecutorial entity can get him talking on the record, he will implicate himself all over the Dock and when slapped with a 90 year sentence, he’ll sing like a rat in a leg trap, until he commits suicide…

      • Ray …. need to correct you comment above to:

        “and when slapped with a 90 year sentence, he’ll commit suicide before he can sing like a rat in a leg trap …”


      • Stephen, search “Where’s Connie”

        Rumor has it his [allegedly female] butt buddy is gonna roll. If she does, he will go to the red square on the Monopoly board and stay there until he’s carried out.

        His only escape would be to feed the Republicans in Congress enough dirt to hang half of both Chambers. Folks a lot more powerful than da Prez and Pelousey will not permit this to happen…

  5. Like this pun about Sam Brinton from
    News That Matters @ThatmattersNews

    “Biden administration begins search for new Nuclear Energy Secretary; hoping for candidate with less baggage”

    • Brinton latest baggage grab was in Las Vegas.., where he was attending a “Spanking Convention”. I guess I am too damn old to understand just how the hell you would get time off from work to fly to Vegas for a “Spanking Convention”. For me, I can’t imagine trying to explain that to my boss.

  6. The DowJones industrial average gaped up over 600 points at the open.., now down 50. Wild ride, to be sure.., I think tomorrow will be “interesting”.

  7. Don’t expect the Fed to save the day – it’ll keep interest rates high even if a recession crushes stocks next year, [BlackRock]
    Investors should stay clear of both stocks and long-term bonds for now,
    The November inflation report won’t change Wednesday’s Fed decision but could influence a slower pace of tightening next year., but with all the outliers and left-field events possible, we have to get there, unscathed, to even ponder it.

  8. Microsoft and the London Stock Exchange Group announced Monday that the Seattle-based tech giant will buy up to 4% of the group for $1.8 billion. At the same time they announced a 10year partnership for cloud services.
    – Looks to me like a pay-to-play deal if there ever was one. Microsoft ‘invests’ $1.8 billion, shoring up their exchange., and gets the new cloud service contract. [ which it seems everyone thought was going to Amazon.]

  9. I’ve seen clowders of cats. I know of a vacant house near me where on occasion, up to perhaps 20 cats will assemble outside and sit in a somewhat dignified way silently, as though meditating in church. They are fascinating to watch. Other times they will just occupy a space and go about their business. I’m glad Zeus survived his crisis and is improving! The real question then becomes – who is the new younger one, and is she related to Zeus and/or Sam?

  10. I’m sure Andy would have some comments about Ure starting a Texas Pussy Ranch. ;-)

    If anyone was planning to fly to Hawaii to see the volcano lava, forget it. Both Kilauea and Mauna Loa have gone cold. EQ tremors have gone quiet, indicating no new lava flow to the surface. Mauna Loa summit continues to inflate yet, so pressure is still building within. As always, the shield volcano can crack and leak lava at any time. Ever watchful.

    • Had a west side vrbo (S of Capt Cook) booked months ago for next week but was hoping NOT to see or smell lava. Last visit to Volcanoes NP had me croaking like a frog for days because of the sulfur in the air. I don’t want to hear about inflating volcanoes and leaking lava either, even if it is “cold”.
      Also hoping a year of no tourists taught the natives to appreciate visitors.

      • Visitors are a dilemma. They bring covid. They bring money. SO2 emissions are way down now with the volcanos cold, so you will have air to breath while chasing your fish. Aloha!

    • Is the American Journal of Medicine competing with the Babylon Bee? With all their lying, even Pfizer and Moderna didn’t have the nerve to imply that getting vaxxed makes you a safer driver.

    • This is a perfect example of the misuse of scientific methods and “scientific” journal editorializing!

      Correlation does not indicate causation at all.

      One size does not fit all! Articles like this reinforce my determination to never allow such injections into my body. Others can make their own choices.

    • Bob, I didn’t find the breakdown of whether the UN-vaccinated or the vaccinated drivers actually CAUSED the crashes. If the info was included, in the study result I missed it. Who CAUSED the crashes is more important than who was involved in the crashes.
      You know. Similar to the hospital reporting Covid presence as THE cause of death or was the victim one that died of other causes, but, WITH Covid? Vaxxed or not vaxxed?
      As to whether vaccinated folks drove their vehicles better than the other un-vaccinated folks in a given crash, their is no reference. Was any driver impaired? Could vaccination contribute to the actual accident? Any citations issued afterward? Were reports included in these findings? Incomplete information here really adds confusion to understanding the study claim bias. It is interesting though.

  11. Yesterday I went to the bank and made a 6K withdraw. The tellers laughingly made a big deal out of the withdraw.

    I sucked-up all the hundreds from two teller drawers and drive-thru,plus a few 20’s. They said they had more 100’s in the vault but it was a 15 minute wait. About 10 minutes later, mid-point in my transaction another withdraw transaction began next to me. The tellers told that man all they have is 50’s. The tellers didn’t tell him it was a five minute wait for hundreds.

    They told me next time I’m going to make a ‘large withdraw’ call ahead. I told them 6K isn’t a lot. The tellers explained a bank check was always an option.

    These banks are getting sketchy.

    • A long time ago.. I stopped in to the bank.. had coffee while they were setting up.. they had fifteen hundred to start the tills.. the banker friend told me..don’t tell anyone.. our capital is on paper..you bring in money they loan it to bubbles bakery..they buy flour or a new oven who brings it in to be deposited.. the velocity of money..the cycle stops and you have a problem..a few big depositors ask for their cash..you now have a run.. one reason why you agree to give them ninety days.. and a loan owner is given a thirty day notice requesting the loan paid in full..

      its the velocity of cash.. it has to keep moving..

      • Can there be a bank run if the bank can hand out bank checks as a substitute for physical cash?

        If I presented exact amounts the teller will print ‘guaranteed’ checks in the amount I need to pass on. For incidental cash the bank can apologetically hand me a gift/debit card instead of cash.

        I think the 1930’s bank runs happened because the coin content was the collateral.

        Today the banks wants to document/report my/your/their business to the watchers using their control methods.

      • “Can there be a bank run if the bank can hand out bank checks as a substitute for physical cash?”

        That is a wonderful contemplating point.. can they.. it is all just paper.. or numbers on a screen or sheet of paper..
        It would depend on the retailers.. around here.. fifties and hundreds are worthless.. no one will take them.. except another bank.. and most of the retailers wont accept checks either.. they want cash..

      • A bank check doesn’t allow for haggling, and most private sellers won’t take a bank check under any circumstances. They guy selling his tractor down the road certainly won’t.

        Cash is king for a reason.

    • My credit union seems sketchy. The last four months my social security money is deposited on the Friday before the 2nd Wednesday of the month. It’s almost like the minute they get the transfer from the Feds they need to deposit it immediately.

      This week I get a letter saying they are changing their name in February so it will be clearer as to who can be a credit union member. Nothing else is changing and they say they are in good financial shape.

      • Your money is fine — but they’re lying.

        My Dad was the treasurer of a CU for nearly 20 years. Banks and CUs NEVER change their name unless mandated to do so, and I’ve never heard of a CU name change occurring to narrow its client focus.

        Proles are NEVER allowed to hear or read the actual goings-on at their local FI (Financial Institution.) This is a part of the FED’s plan to not allow bank runs. When a FI gets in trouble, somewhere, very quietly, up the chain which leads to the FRBNY, a FI which is highly-solvent will be forced to acquire the A/L of the FI that’s tanking, and will, within 12 months, take possession of physical assets and liabilities (buildings and employees) — at which time, name changes are executed.

  12. Coinbase shares have dropped 82% this year.
    Over the weekend, someone bought-up $3.2 million in Coinbase stock.
    Blind faith? .., or short spike coming?

  13. Folks,

    Just to reiterate, yesterday msm brought us breaking news that freed basketball star Mrs. Griner had commenced shooting hoops in San Antonio, Texas. Now it turns out, it has already been a week since the “Miami Herald” called foul on a situation involving San Antonio in the state of Texas no doubt well-meaning assistance with the illegal migrant shortage in Florida.

    Apparently, 49 illegal South American migrants were sought out in Texas for job opportunities in Delaware. Offers on the street included free airfare, coach transportation at origin and destination, accommodation and luggage as required, and prepaid credit cards for incidentals. The “Miami Herald” report notes they have received receipts for $153,000, and eagerly await further receipts from Florida authorities for an alleged $3.3 million paid in advance to vendors.


    Meanwhile everyone will surely be delighted to know that the US placed sanctions yesterday on a son of the President of Zimbabwe for alleged corruption.

    • Folks,

      Speaking of Africa, the first USA-Africa Summit since 2014 began today in Washington. 49 African nations, now primarily clients of Russia and China, are in attendance. The official White House schedule reflects President Biden not having met so far with (nor planning to?) the esteemed guests which a reporter questioned as to why and was not answered.

      Even South Africa’s President Ramaphosa will be there, last seen at Buckingham Palace as honored guest of the first State Dinner held by King Charles III. Supporters will be relieved that Mr. Ramaphosa survived his recent impeachment vote. This after it came to light that his housekeeper found somewhere between a ½ million and $4 million in undeclared foreign currency cash stored in a couch in a villa on the president’s 11,000 acre game park according to London-headquartered “The South African”.

      Here’s the White House transcript from last week advertising the summit. Unfortunately “technical difficulties” interfered before all reporters’ questions could be accommodated.


      • “Technical difficulties” being KJP losing her cool, two days running, at a journalist from Africa, who dared to ask a question she didn’t like, then re-ask it when she gave a BS answer…

        It is likely, between that (real) journo taking his “Press Secretary” (State liar and chief obfuscater) apart and the fact he gets uncomfortable in the presence of “too many” Black people (more than 4-5) at the same time, Mr. Biden’s handlers decided there was no possible way they could allow Creepy Joe to circulate amongst and talk to any of his African guests…

    • “Apparently, 49 illegal South American migrants were sought out in Texas for job opportunities in Delaware. Offers on the street included free airfare, coach transportation at origin and destination,”

      I heard a boss say at a montly meeting that he would send a bus down and get illegals before giving the hourly a larger salary.. said heck he could get three of them to work for the hourly wage of one american citizen….. ( yup.. govt.. funds them.. I worked with a guy that didn’t have to pay taxes.. they gave him a van a house his utilities his medical his schooling for him and his wife.. daycare for his kids, food subsidies.. and at the end of the year.. he got a federal check worth more than I made working six jobs that year.. … wouldn’t you think that if they did the same thing for the hourly wage earning citizens.. that they could possibly work for less money per hour.. Medical and medical insurance.. insurance all the way around is our biggest expense over all..)

  14. I just read the article below at American Partisan,

    “The Supreme Court Petition Set to Rock America”

    By James Grundvig, American Media Periscope

    Any idea if this has any legs to it? Could be something if the actually did its job

  15. Hey d lynn and g !!!! The only sure thing you got tonite is the scum shorting gold . Naked shorts . Get they g and genius . See how far you can take its. Buy or sell . Who gives a Farken rats ass

  16. https://warnews247.gr/epikindyni-exelixi-oi-ipa-stelnoun-systimata-patriot-stin-oukrania-tin-pebti-i-episimi-anakoinosi/

    Well… even though that is a line in the sand drawn.. it does show persistence that those pulling the strings and slow joe are not about to give up their business ventures in Ukraine.. they have been going.. we will fight to the last living ukrainian…. will it be.. we will fight to the last living UK and USA citizen… How will this be seen by china and the rest of the world that seems to be turning away from this.. if they keep trying to escalate it.. the Biden war motto.. Last man standing wins..

    • I hate needless wars.. I really would rather see the leaders of our planet saying.. Lets work as one on the worlds real issues follow our heavenly fathers number one rule.. do unto others.. hunger thirst.. be the fixers rather than the warlords ….. It is much nicer to see pictures of people laughing and smiling children playing.. than in tears and devastation and loss.. I sound like I have been smokin again LOL LOL LOL.. we know that isn’t how it truly works ..

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