Inflation Inflames, Fed Fumbles? Balkans Boil

Another Monday in the Great Game of Life kicks off with a reasonababble writer on the sidelines holding up a stack of Monday cue cards.

Tuesday Data Watch

We see the Biden administration lobbying of the Federal Reserve ahead of their rate increase decision Wednesday.  As Treasury Sec. and former Fed chief Janet Yellen is hard selling that inflation is “fellin”. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on recession fears, inflation and the war in Ukraine – 60 Minutes.

But reality and government policy seem to only lineup on occasion.  The latest CPI figures (last month’s data) showed 12 month all-items were up 7.7 percent before seasonal adjustment.

Moreover, Producer Prices out Friday were up 0.3 percent and that means before retailing costs, goods – a 3.66 percent increase.  A good part of that is due to energy prices being down, however.  The Triple A gas prices report (at retail) shows gas prices just over $3.26 today.  That’s significantly down from highs this summer ($5.016 June 14th Triple A data).

As we have reported many times, the Fed is in position to fumble – and do badly – because they work on inflation fighting tactics using data less food and energy prices.

The problem is?  Well, eventually, all changes in inputs have to be reckoned with – even consumer energy costs which ripple into areas like wages and economic growth.  While the effect can take a long time (as much as 60-72 months on gasoline and diesel prices (which ripple into long-term food costs, for example), it’s still a real inflation driver.

The problem for now is that not only has the (agenda-driven) Biden plan been to impose sanctions on Russia, which has resulted in something of a floor under oil prices, but food sanctions will feed into global hunger in 2023.

Sanctions as Arms

It’s worth your time to read EU to discuss Russia, Iran sanctions, top up of Ukraine arms fund.  Because the latest and greatest war making tool to hold civilian populations around the world hostage is Sanctions.

To make matters worse (As in Europe picking up the second part harmony of U.S. moves), we see the Bidenista’s are also employing Sanctions (which are trade controls) on China, as well.   Oh, and with predictable results. as China slams U.S. sanctions over alleged rights abuses in Tibet.

Balkans Boil

Before we get to the “about to boil over” soldier-gathering being promoted by NATO and the EU in Kosovo – let me offer some in-depth reading ideas.

Robert D. Kaplan wrote a long-ago book called The Coming Anarchy in which much of the “flavor” of present times was forecast.  More recently, Kaplan has come out with two solid guides to future:  “Adriatic: A Concert of Civilizations at the End of the Modern Age” in April of this year.  Prior to that (2012) his “The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells Us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate” (in the Balkans) was perhaps even more foreboding.

Today, the headlines from the Balkans are very discouraging.  In particular, To settle accounts: Official request for the return of the Serbian Army to Kosovo – Roadblocks & civil defense sirens in Mitrovica.  The reason for concern is that NATO (and the EU) is putting the bum’s rush on Kosovo to join them, but that doesn’t please Serbia.

Serbia is claiming that Kosovo is not an “independent” nation (it’s still semi-ruled by the U.N.) and Serbia is tight with Russia.

Which only begins to matter when you kick back with a fresh cup of coffee and study the natural gas pipelines which are literally the lifelines of Europe:

As you can see, with the Nord Stream pipelines (1 and 2) off-line (due to Western sabotage (Truss: “It’s done“) and with Europe getting the South Stream pipeline killed in 2015 (lower black X) we can see how natgas politics in Europe demand Russia NOT be allowed to own the ground over which natgas from Turkey (and eventually the Leviathan) fields come in.

Toss in likely abundant gas fields in eastern Ukraine’s Dnieper reserves, as outlined in “Assessment of undiscovered continuous oil and gas resources in the Dnieper-Donets Basin and North Carpathian Basin Provinces, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, and Poland, 2015” and we have a clear view of what both NATO/EU and Russia are up to.

Now, as my friend G.A. Stewart ( noted shows up prominently in Nostradamus outlooks for the region:

Nostradamus Quatrain IV-82
An army approaches from Slovenia.
The old Destroyer will ruin the old city:
He will see his Romania desolated,
Then he will not know how to extinguish the great flame.

Today, in addition to the rising tensions as Kosovo is about to get bent into NATO/EU clutches, Stu also points to the German report NATO alliance works to reinforce its eastern flank – DW, which is bringing the heat up from low simmer to boiling, shortly.

If you didn’t read Stu’s THE COLLAPSE OF THE HOUSE OF SEVEN, then it’s worth a read because with fighting and energy getting scarce and pricey, big change before year-end is possible in NATO’s alliance structure.

For now, our bottom line is follow Kosovo calls for NATO intervention after weekend of violence amid rising ethnic tensions, and don’t be surprised to see a flare-up to add to the war-making merriment already in progress.

Feel safe with Joe Biden calling in plays?  In call with Zelensky, Biden emphasizes US support for war-torn Ukraine. We’re not.

Meanwhile Back at the Ranch

News scanners have been humming all weekend with the usual trappings of the collapse of complexity falling in upon itself.  Some samples:

A “Killing Off Children” meme strengthens:  The World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and Bill Gates Just Conducted Another Pandemic Simulation — This Time The Virus Is Deadlier And Targets Children. Is the simulation the message?

Vaccination craziness?  Or prudence?  North Carolina family of unvaccinated 14-year-old search for a medical center for kidney transplant.

Remember the Big Lies about how nuclear power was going to be “too cheap to meter?”  Well, with the story popping about US achieves fusion breakthrough, making clean zero-carbon energy, just remember money will be involved. Yours.

Corruption in the halls of the EU:” you can’t be surprised, can you?  EU credibility at stake in European Parliament graft probe, ministers say | Reuters

EV collapse coming?  We wonder, since we seem to be the only ones able to forecast a net electricity shortfall from misguided energy policies.  Indicator light flashing today is Rivian Scraps Plan to Make Electric Vans in Europe with Mercedes.

Whistling in the graveyard lessons here, too:  Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin bottomed as ‘everyone who could go bankrupt has gone bankrupt’.   No, there’s more.  Be patient.

This being Monday, there’s plenty of time to rest up for tomorrow’s CPI figures which will come with the NFIB business outlook report, too.

Early futures have this market trying to move up a bit at the open, but we think lower and then higher on hope prior to the Fed Wednesday afternoon.  We’ll see, though.  Hong Kong was down more than 2 percent overnight, and Europe opened down a third of percent earlier.

Write when you get rich,

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78 thoughts on “Inflation Inflames, Fed Fumbles? Balkans Boil”

  1. “Whistling in the graveyard lessons here, too: Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin bottomed as ‘everyone who could go bankrupt has gone bankrupt’. No, there’s more. Be patient.”

    Couldn’t be more correct George. We are just getting started. USDT is viewed as being next for a naked shorting rip cord operation orchestrated by the same shadow handlers that pulled the strings at FTX.

    Got Blockchain? LOL. The ACH holiday is coming to a theater near you in 2023.

    • 2023 will be dominated by digital assets that have vetted clarity. The market segment disruption is happening on a epic scale.

      • JC, not a question of printing $220K BTC, but when.

        The issue here is that XRP XLM scale to levels BTC just can’t handle on its own even with lightning network, you won’t be able to complete a transaction in 3-4 seconds anywhere on the globe unless your dealing with a wrapped product like GBTC [of course with QUSIP 3 days to settle the transaction], or BTC on top of Xrapid [XRPL/XRP] solution that will settle BTC in 4 seconds. Oh and theres those transaction fees that can be huge if you are stuck in the wrong validator node.

        With XRP / XLM .000001 XRP/XLM get burned to complete the transaction [the transaction cost]. With a fixed premined distribution of 100B coins, at scale, this minuscule coin burn rate will diminish supply over time. Which is? [from the Banksters point of view deflationary/bad] which from a real investor perspective means its going to continue to go up in value as supply dries up and demand climbs.

        With a settlement and legal clarity, XRP, and by extension XLM will be the only block chain with regulatory clarity [that we officially know of, above board through the court systems and documented. not a backdoor DEM RINO FTX pocket lining wink wink nod nod BTC ETH derivation deal].

        This is what has all the wonks quaking in their boots. BTC ETH will be flippened by the first crypto currency that actually solves a use case problem, and is orders of magnitude cheaper to use. [XRP XLM]

        LMAO, again some would put there capital with SBF. I prefer someone with a bit more pedigree, Such as the author of the peanut butter manifesto and team.

        Quite the deep bench.. that…

        Read the actions with your eyes. Or use the contra Cramer indicator.

        Quite the distraction…. that….

        We are in the ten ring, I also cover both outcomes [because you never know when crony capitalism and distorted law fare will permanently displace due process and impartiality LOL] . Popcorn at the ready. Not advice, do your own homework.

      • I guarantee Bitcoin will hit $220k, if it stays around long enough. By that time, it may take $1mln to buy a loaf of bread, but $220k Bitcoin WILL happen

      • Gurdjieff warned us extensively on the detrimental effects of electrical radiation on organic life on Earth.

        G.I. GURDJIEFF: We pay for all of our mechanical contrivances (so-called improvements.) So if there be used too much electricity on the surface of the earth, it will effect us, for every one of our present movements of body is electric.

        Extreme use of electricity for mechanics means less for psychological use. Gurdjieff says two previous civilizations have gone down because of too much such mechanical use.

        It may be that the increasing use of electricity will bring about a very serious, possibly disastrous, situation for human beings.

        An electrical age (ours is the second) involves an increase in neuroses, will-less-ness and biological degeneration. We spend the substance of life in mechanical aids.

        We are electrical apparatuses. When thinking, we are positively charged; when doing, negatively. Our behavior is an electrical phenomenon.

        Scientists say we have two forms of electricity. Gurdjieff says there are three forms, and to make the distinction, calls electricity okidanokh.

      • interesting you would say that George.

        recently, I’ve had some people say to me, “you should have got the vaccine. don’t be stupid. the power elite vaccinated their own people so they wouldn’t die off. they know something is coming and they didn’t send out the vaccine to kill off all their supporters. that would be stupid. only the vaccinated will survive.”

        my reply matches Ure Answer,

        the story of Jonestown starts with a Charismatic White Leader preaching socialism and progressive ideology, there were numerous accusations of monetary fraud and harming of children.

        hmmmmm…sound familiar?

        also see,

        Double blind control
        Participants are not told the true purpose of the research and the experimenter is also blind to at least some aspects of the research design.

      • George seems to be channeling,,, this is a cut and paste from E.
        Elon Musk
        The woke mind virus is either defeated or nothing else matters
        4:25 AM · Dec 12, 2022

    • I call BS. It’s ludicrous on its face. Please post a link to the WEF website where it calls for the slaughter of pets. It’s clearly a made up story, a lie, a fabrication to harm some organization for political reasons. So post your link and I’ll apologize. Otherwise you are a propagandist spreading lies.

      This is how fake news is spread. Someone makes whatever up they want. Then the right wing echo chamber magnifies it with a bunch of kook websites and talk radio. Before you know it people take the lie as truth. No one is calling for the wholesale slaughter of pets. You want to believe it though because it supports your opinion.

      • I agree with you on this one sunongrass. Here is the original story from my least favourite news network

        You won’t find any recommendations to slaughter pets but to look at the impact of owning pets such as meat loaded diets. It also talks about the positive impact of owning pets.

        Don’t hang this human failing totally on right wing echo chambers though. We were told over and over by left wing echo chambers in 2020 that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian propaganda. “ This is how fake news is spread. Someone makes whatever up they want. Then the left wing echo chamber magnifies it with a bunch of kook websites and talk radio. Before you know it people take the lie as truth.”

        A lot of back peddling going on these days. We are in a war for the truth.

      • see now I couldn’t do in mine.. but I did tell the postal worker that if it comes to that.. I will kill and eat their dog and they can have mine LOL LOL LOL the postal worker said.. your not going to touch my dog ..LOL LOL LOL dang it and I thought I had a free meal LOL LOL LOL

      • how about CNN

        while the WEF did not mention killing your pets, that I can find, they do use them as part of your carbon allowance. They want to control your carbon use! Carbon is a life force, organic it is, no carbon, no humans.
        Here is their video,
        They are herding you into their full ownership of the human herd animal
        FEAR PORN is what they push to control you, the sheep fear the Border Collie, bark bark bark.
        The Question should be “how many retarded lefties will end their pets life?” in the name of climate change.
        CO2, the plants need it, to make food for us to eat and liberate oxygen for us to breath,

    • “Get ready for it. BRICS will be forming a currency basket next.”

      as long as they still accept dollar bills I am ok with it.. LOL.. it is when they finally say.. nope only backed currency accepted then I am screwed LOL

      • They won’t.

        When the USD is supplanted as the world’s reserve currency, we may see that million buck French bread. Between reserve status and petro-exchanges being all made in USD, the gummint acquires hundreds of billions in free money every year. We will be able to spend dollars to buy stuff that’s made & sold in the United States. We won’t be able to spend dollars to buy stuff from elsewhere, or to import stuff from elsewhere.

  2. “But reality and government policy seem to only lineup on occasion. The latest CPI figures (last month’s data) showed 12 month all-items were up 7.7 percent before seasonal adjustment.”

    I know people that are still waiting for their checks from last year… they keep getting the we are still working hard on it..
    the paper work for the federal assistance the home gets.. for employees payrole is on hold.. ( govt.. to many days off.. gotta get their vacations in between federal holidays.. we were told hopefully this week that they were informed the checks are in the mail LOL) yeah right I will believe it when I see it.. LOL

      • not 2 worry LOOBster, 4 fortune wants to smile upon U.. and so

        Sell the UST 10 yr, and Buy BTC – 1 to1 ratio spread.

        Save 10% of sale/short proceeds (10yrUST) for a lil speculation on da “sheetcoins”..SHIB, Ripple, Theta, Doge..

        white hats op took down FTX , cutting off ukey cash stashish for foreign aid “Demo-nProg” kickbacks…the bottom bee in.

        Buyer beware – why of course..please see attached for news and what notz regardz BTC ..


        better informed = better investor/playa

        or could pan 4 old relics, like gold, in Ure local streams 4 placer Gold dragged down from above by glacial action many moons ago.
        -dont look now – “they” b coming back..


      • I would love to go to canada..shoot we would save money right away.. just with medical expenses.. cost of pharmaceuticals alone is but a fraction of what we pay here.. one medication I was taking was twelve hundred a month up there with doctor visits shipping etc.. it was under two hundred and if I got generic under twenty LOL.. then congress made it illegal for me to get them so they shut the pharmacy down..
        I would also get to see the ice festival..
        some might not like that kind of event but I would love it..

        amd less wind than here in the wastelands LOL

      • I could also go to nova scotia and see the oak island .. that is beautiful and mysterious

  3. Fact checkin,,, song writer ‘Rocket man’ vs real rocket man
    false accusation nipped in the bud, with a simple Question in the reply.
    Darrell thinks this,,,
    “Seems to me,,, you don’t want to talk about it,” -old song lyrics that describe those who live in the darkness of Child trafficking
    “Guardians of the Pedophiles”

    “Elton John
    Dec 9, 2022
    All my life I’ve tried to use music to bring people together. Yet it saddens me to see how misinformation is now being used to divide our world.

    I’ve decided to no longer use Twitter, given their recent change in policy which will allow misinformation to flourish unchecked.

    Elon Musk
    I love your music. Hope you come back. Is there any misinformation in particular that you’re concerned about?
    10:00 AM · Dec 9, 2022

    Listen to this member of a wealthy family (Gucci) tell her tale sexual abuse as a child,,, the owners of this merry-go-round are a bunch of sick bastards, “we leave a light on”

    • After so narrowly focusing on the Bidens, you left out the known perpetrators such as: Catholic church, YMCA, Boy Scouts, Swim USA, USA Taekwondo, CA victims still have until Dec 31 2022 to file.

      ‘Oh wouldn’t it be nice’ if the Bidens did the same sordid things as Trump (oops Joe didn’t hump a porn star, and get the case canned until after election…just like Hunter’s laptop!)…..oh wouldn’t it be nice, sung to “Wouldn’t it be nice’ by the Beach Boys.

      Wouldn’t it be nice:

      And wouldn’t it be nice if Trump hadn’t associated with a paramilitary white supremacist group that threatened to hang Mike Pence?

      Using fear to manipulate the MAGAats is nothing new:

      • c. I did not know I narrowly focused on the Bribems, but since he is the President and a incestious pedo, he should be focused on!
        you mean like the pedophile Cardinal Pell a teasurer of the vatican, I point them out also, DAMN the PEDOs, evil hides behind good fronts like the Boy scouts and Red cross and Children Hospitals
        Your porn star accusations have no merit, where is the slut Stormy’s porn lawyer? Hunter laptop has actual evidence, more to come from that, seems the FBI is stalling,,, gees

        The dinner ‘set up’ was ended by a private phone call,,, seems the handlers managed to get an UNinvited guest into a dinner meeting, did not get to stay very long, kind like Epstein was once around Trump, where is he? and G. Maxwell?
        The terrorists in the USA are the FBI and CIA

        You know what gets me? is ‘Q’ talked about B2 bomber, everyone thought it was Bill Barr. B-2 is a stealth bomber, no one sees coming,,
        Elon buys Twitter drives out the evil ones and is exposing their crimes (FBI and Roth) while the AirForce is rolling out the new B-21 bomber. Elon is a military contractor, a very big one. Q has stated they are a group of 9,,, 6 military and 3 non-military
        They never saw Elon coming to take one of their major power pieces in this chess game. The evidence is being released by Elon,,, yes Virginia, twitter WAS an asset of the deep state, just like google and facebook and utube.
        The FBI colluding with twitter behind the scene to control an election by labeling the Hunter laptop as ‘russian mis-info’ and censoring a sitting President is,,, TREASON against US.

        MAGA is not manipulated by fear, MAGA is motivated by rightious indignation against evil that keeps US in debt slavery.

        wake up buttercup , did you watch the video of the Gucci heirous at the end of my post?

        Question,,, Is Elon a part of “Q”,,, I do not know, but it is looking a lot like Christmas,, happy holidays.
        Merry Christmas

      • “After so narrowly focusing on the Bidens, you left out the known perpetrators such as: Catholic church, YMCA, Boy Scouts, Swim USA, USA Taekwondo, CA victims ”

        I AM SORRY C.. DON’T GO ALL HIGH AND MIGHTY ON THIS ONE.. I would like to think I have a higher moral and ethical base than the mutts. but I won’t be a hypocrite and say I am innocent of never having a bad thought or action.. I can say I will never hurt a child on purpose or do any evil child sex crap.. a child deserves to be a child let them decide their journey when they grow.. .. It is our responsibility to teach them to the best of our ability to be good decent and have a good moral and ethical base do we fail.. yes we do.. I have failed as well…. Adult issues should not be a childs concern..

        the abusers you bring up in my opinion should be dealt with and I am pretty sure that none of the videos that the pedo posted had the trumpster in them..he only had sex with a woman that works in the sex industry and patted a few adult women on the tush and bragged about his position of being a wealthy person……I personally believe that the reason for the focus on the pedo’s is.. they openly flaunted their activities posting videos and photos of his conquests.. and openly told everyone they are above being prosecuted.
        We all know and have known that there is a dual standards to the law.. the prisons are full of examples.. if your poor or come from a poor neighborhood.. you will have a ninety nine percent better chance of going to prison than someone from and affluent neighborhood… instead of having to pay fifty thousand a year at the concrete resort for his care.. they are spending more than that a month on a luxury mansion and the quarters for the groups protecting him..and with a whole team to run interference for him openly covering up his activities..
        the allegations of the laptop supposedly had evidence to more crimes than anyone else and if only ten percent of what was on that laptop is true would make them the most corrupt group sitting in the seat of such a prominent position.. Now I believe there was one more.. but nothing will be done about that either… and photos and videos and passwords to top secret encrypted sites given to foreign agents in trade for drugs and sex while in a drugged up condition….. the open flaunting of the dual standards of law..
        I love that guy.. and he makes some really valuable points on the hypocrisy of all of the double standards….
        which truly became obvious a few years ago with the people alleged to be members of a pedo satanic ritual site.. which I at first thought was hooey.. and should be file thirteened.. then when you checked the people alleged to being a member of those sites and their personal sites…. the deeper you looked back at stuff they themselves posted for anyone and everyone to look at the darker and more ugly it all got.. the photos and emails published by wiki leaks tied right into the whole thing… and the one to do time.. and currently on a suicide watch.. was the one that brought it out for the public to see by exposing their activities and communications.. ( I still believe that the one that gave it all out was someone on an investigative team that still had morals and realized there was nothing he could do about it.. so let the people know) … it all got real ugly real quick.. the legal systems we all rely on for our safety were burying the information and deleting in in what could be conceived as lightning time in political world. Even newspaper articles that had been made previously and reports of investigations all now non existent.. the dual standards of law openly flaunted to all the decent people in the USA that have morals and ethics….
        one of the reasons that the pedo keeps coming up.. is until a month or so ago.. he was still at it.. and probably still is just using the people we rely on for our safety doing the dirty work for them.. I don’t give to hoots if he connived some greedy person or gave some country privilages to our government or funds for them to continue their activities there.. to give the family illegal funds for privilege’s or for information that should be kept quiet about…. but to hurt and sexually abuse an innocent child then post his conquests online…. that riles my goat.. I realize that cali’s go by a different set of moral standards than the rest of the world.. and heck I don’t care if you donated your children to their efforts and fun activities…. but.. there are thousands of innocent children that were forced to provide the mutt with his sick activities not by their choice….. crime is one thing to think about .. boy it would be nice to have the money a bank has.. and quite another thing to go into that bank and rob them to get the money they have in the bank.. people bring up january 6th heck it is a broken recording on the evening news of any network station.
        but not one word on the devastation of the criminals and terrorist activities of BLM and Antifa instead you hear praise about what they achieved…. the billions of dollars.. the violence the destruction pillaging and rapes that were done in our most vulnerable neighborhoods.. what would have happened if they did that damage and crime in an affluent neighborhood.. we seen how those at Martha’s vineyard acted when a few illegals showed up on their doorstep that are openly being allowed and transported around the country by our very own government.. and what did happen to those plane loads of children that were flown to the same area where those satanic pedo groups are suppose to be at…. and January 6th.. was nothing to the Hell BLM and Antifa did to the poorest neighborhoods…and in a city where congress only works twenty six days a year.. why were so many people there.. on average unless they are voting in a new raise.. there is but a few running around with a clipboard looking busy..
        not one word no one being prosecuted from the devastation of BLM and Antifa .. and all of it was being shown on network television around the world.. ..I shouldn’t have gotten into a rant.. it just bothers me that they let someone as disgusting and morally decrepit as that live as if they are privileged..

  4. “f you didn’t read Stu’s THE COLLAPSE OF THE HOUSE OF SEVEN, then it’s worth a read because with fighting and energy getting scarce and pricey, big change before year-end is possible in NATO’s alliance structure.”

    after reading some of the news I have been reading over the last couple of weeks.. I think NATO is on the way out.. and the USA being the leading influence has been destroyed by the greed and pushing of this war in Ukraine and abandoning our allies in Afghanistan… and we will no longer be the ones to make the decisions. we put all the nato countries in jeopardy by depleting their defense arms.. and bankrupting the globe over those few business activities they had going there.. Joe and this war that could have been avoided has put the globe on edge.. I believe that if they continue to pursue these business ventures.. it will end in catastrophic results.. the bric is not here to stay.. will they still accept the dollar and pound euro or will they make everyone go to their currency and back it with whatever.. I think nuts.. peanuts nut bucks.. but hey I like peanuts..
    I got your back Jimmy…

  5. As we move closer to needing our preps, a number of sites have suggested eating some of your long term storage. They have stated that some items are just not eatable.

  6. Preacher on TV says: “God put me here to tell you that he is watching over me.”

    Believer questions, and asks “all powerful” God cannot tell me himself?

    Where do I go wrong? And yes, I’m no demowick ;-)

    Same principle apply to politics, IMHO.

    • God does tell you things you need to know.

      In stillness and patience, you can feel the message.

      I wonder if this is how other animals communicate.

  7. It appears the Mauna Loa eruption is now kaput. Fissure 3 vent has stopped overflowing with lava, and now emits only a red glow. Downslope flows have cooled and hardened and the flow front has stopped at 1.7 miles from the saddle road with no damage.

  8. GA Stewart is very enlightening indeed. He has taken interpretations to the extreme, but I find one thing lacking: A concise way to deal with the scenarios that this enlightenment brings to focus.

    I find Isaiah’s book to offer answers as to why and how to confront these issues individually, and a protection for one’s family. It’s the ultimate survival guide. And yes, a zombie apocalypse might be on the horizon (and 00 buck won’t stop them) when Isaiah is compared with NDE’s in an audio commentary series on this site: Probably the next answer beyond generators, food storage, stockpiling guns, and living in holes, and stuffing mattresses with paper that probably will be worthless. We all feel something is lacking.

    But Isaiah takes time (probably two years initially) and is a difficult mind-bend for many. The majority simply will not look, and others will scoff. But a few, the remnant, will celebrate.

  9. Think of ‘hiding’ assets as ‘protecting’ assets from .gov. Learn to legally ‘protect’ your assets to qualify for .gov freebies. Especially medical. Medical will break just about everyone who isn’t currently on a .gov teat of some kind so you want to start ‘protecting’ ASAP to avoid any ‘look back’.

    Generally personal ‘possessions’ are ‘protected’ – including jewelry. A primary residence/house is ‘protected’. A primary car is ‘protected’.

    Cash in a bank is not protected and can be confiscated. Stocks, bonds, extra houses and cars can be confiscated. Check your with your state.

    That’s how the McCain’s and Kennedy’s kept their ‘wealth’ for the next generation.

  10. Wife sent home; tested yes for covid 1984.
    We won’t be going to the xmas party friends are having this thursday.
    She is symptomless they said.

  11. thank you for Ure reply on the Sunday edition of sound. and the above systems, at the start of Monday. as I’m down on the sound considering sun and moon transition. Sunday named after the sun. Monday named after the moon. the topic of sound as I sit at the beach and look at the sound.

    I took my daughter out yesterday and had lunch, took her to get her nails done, did some Christmas shopping and saw a movie, then went to see about that redhead. she is as close to being like me as I’ve seen. but I’m not sure about all that. I walk win really close with THE DUDE, and at times I lonely for companionship, with one that is like me. that is hard to find, for me atleast.

    because I’m always in harmony and divine synchronicity. and most people it seems are not. or maybe I’m aware of it and most are not.

    I don’t know to many people who do 2 hours of prayer and meditate a day, consistently over as many years as I have. none that I can think of. I’m sure there is. haven’t met one yet. who operate in that realm as much as I do.

    it’s funny. we ate at a Chinese restaurant and after i made my comment yesterday, we were leaving and I thought, I’m going to use the bathroom real quick. so I walk in the bathroom and found a fortune on the floor. nobody in there. about 4 months ago I opened my fortune cookie and there was no fortune in it. so I looked up what that meant. when you open a fortune cookie and there is no fortune? it means the fortune cookie ferry owes you a fortune. it’s seems to me, the fortune cookie ferry and I are now square. a ~ finger print of God ~ for real.

    I found a fortune on the bathroom floor. lol. I spose, it’s as good of place as any to find a fortune. doest matter to me where I find fortune. as long as I do.

    help one man find his identity and keys to mobility. 2 weeks later find a fortune on the bathroom floor. I can identify.

    these are a few of my favorite things. nothing compares to that in this world. truly. don’t get me wrong, I love big houses, fast cars, beautiful women, big money, fun, the gym, baby bunnies, great sex, surfing, love and connection, respect, big shows, trust and loyalty, laughter, happiness, unfettered consciousness, understanding, wisdom, children,
    snowboarding, bigtrucks, vitality, fitness, Harleys, travel and adventure, discovery, Miracles and fat bottom girls.

    that on going living dynamic dialog with DUDE? That is the best thing I’ve found in this world.

    good to read ure words again. I’m not working today. DUDE must have something else planned. I’m excited to see what it is.

    stack of cue cards, forrrrr sure.


    • ” I walk win really close with THE DUDE, ”

      However, not many can pay THAT price, IMHO ;-).
      Why did you quit YOUR dream job that you had talked about in the past ??

  12. A friend of mine went through this same dilemma of what to build on his remote off-grid property. He researched everything from stick-built, rammed earth, log cabin kits., even monolithic blown cement domes.., and became very bummed out about the whole damn thing. Too costly., too long.., he ended up buying a used, but in great condition Airstream Trailer., the largest one they make. Made a cement block foundation, painted the blocks, landscaped all around., made a large patio out of pavers.., it looks great. He did a little remodeling on the inside for more storage and a craft/work bench. Easy to heat and cool, really good finished interior – after a year and a half now, says he couldn’t be happier with his choice.

    • Log cabin kits.. I had a friend that built a log cabin kit.. it was the coldest place ever.. freezing.cold..
      rammed earth is one I have always wanted to build.. I do have the block press.. all ready to go.. but I don’t have a place to build one.. gave one of the presses away to a mission.. to build a clinic and church and other homes.. an aquaintance professor taught it as a summer course in Kansas.. what they did was awesome..

      • High school friend became financially independent early in life, and built a log… lodge. It was like two houses in size. Built upon a concrete slab in northern Wisconsin. Impossible to heat properly, even with the massive stone fireplace(s). He couldn’t live in it and sold it to some other starry-eyed sucker. He said afterwards if he were to do it again, the foundation hole would be lined with thick styrofoam, bottom and sides, before the concrete was poured. Embedded in the concrete would be electric heater cord/elements. Thus the floor would be insulated from the outside winter, and warmed internally.

    • Once you have clear title to land with either water resources (like a well or spring), or municipal water, then your options increase. If your property is not encumbered by an HOA or municipality, your ability to build cheap expands enormously. The last piece is to find employment within a half hour commute, with a life-supporting wage, and working conditions which won’t put you in an early grave.

      My own experience is that it can take decades to set up this kind of lifestyle. It also means you may have to travel, or endure long periods without employment while you are setting it up. That it is to say, the best set-ups don’t come quick, easy or painlessly. The first step is procuring the land on a cash deal. The only shortcut to that is getting land through family, but again, there is price to be paid for doing that as well.

      Your friend also got another thing right – don’t overbuild. Your goal is to put the HOA’s in the rear view mirror, not entrap yourself in one in your own head.

  13. A six-month study by Zillow showed that 24 % of homeowners want to move., but can not afford too. Highest ever recorded.

  14. that is an old wisdom.

    if you want to know your future?show me your friends and spend most of my time with.

    me, my best freind is THE DUDE. and I spend more time with Him in on going dialog than any other. so it seems my future is Good.

    I received an open invitation to join the Powers that Be, the Ruling elite. the illuminate ones. a secret society of sorts.

    mindful, They never ask you to join when they have something you want. they only ask you to join when you have something they want.

    my reply was simple.

    I do not worship the light. I have a close and intimate relationship with THE DUDE who spoke it into existence.

    on Sun-day i listen and talk about the sound. on Mon- day I talk about and see the sound, right infront of me. and a smooth transition.

    interesting to say the least, George.

    thank you for your wisdom dude.

    ~ The World is what you make it ~

  15. Hey BunkyG,

    Gotz any plans for a fallout bunker at Uretopia ranch ? Care to share?
    Sunken garden – fallout shelter seem like two things that might go together. Dont know about the rest of community, but fallout shelter may have a place in future survival scenarios.. citing recent comments from mr Medeved – Ruskies are ramping up production of the high tech “keshe/tesla” weapons-systems.

    ? what are Scalar Longitudinal Waves – who F-ing knows in USA, western scientists still not recognizing them..
    New spectator sport for our own dicktater, pedo joe &co. will get to watch 1st hand US&nato ships& planes suddenly lose power while communications goes silent..whatwhatwhat?
    – Influencing/Imprinting/Controling minds using EM waves. check.
    Russia has LARGE part of Military budget devoted to Psytronics& Pyscho energetics.

    Killing da Moose, saving the Squirrel for last. Me and Natasha wishing US nation of lgbt gender bending freaks a very frosty & frigid holidaZe. You will never get Ure hands on Russian children, Ever!

    No Christmas 4 YouSe All – you threw ‘Dude’ out with the all abortion leftovers..Hell you wont even get any coal in Ure stockings this year-thanks, again, pedo joe.. nothing like getting caught short, when you should have been long for longer.

  16. A black swan is on the pond and is flapping its wings …

    The bottom cards of a financially engineered quadrillion dollar asset derivatives great house-of-cards are burning and thinning from the necessary interest rate increases and QT used to control consumer inflation … the burning key base cards will be unable to support the above load …

    When thinning of the bottom burning cards becomes sufficient and equivalent to the extra straw on a camel’s breaking back, the swan will take flight, causing a historical implosion of non-sovereign-debt global assets’ valuations.

    • you must be the joker card I found on the ground walking to the office depot the other day. because the only thing of value about your thought, you posted is, it’s funny.

      i will keep the wild portion of the card I found on the way to the office depot, for myself.

      when it comes to karma,

      the deed is the fruit. the fruit is the deed in return.

      • Generally the market has to torch before year end or another round of bailouts will keep it floating for another year. Especially considering Russia is posed to escalate. Jobs!

    • Seems the hole damm solar system be on fire..



  17. Well looks like you were all wrong about today. Read the tape . Lots of indicators and signals. As WD says why I am I opening or closing a trade . Ask yourself

      • one thing that impresses me with you george is discipline . essential . and never listen to anybody inferior . valid operational multiple gold buy signals . will NOT close or touch till a sell signal . cheers to your discipline

        • It’s NOT discipline Len. It’s MATH

          See, if I can make 1.5% on each trade, and I do three trades a week, the compound of 1.015 ^150 is how much?

          900 percent per year if done perfectly.

          Now let’s say you stop out on half the trades and only have 75 winners defined as 1.015 (1.5 percent) ^150. This gives an annual gain of? 305% – and when I hear stories of great gains (D’lynn, for example) I nod my head. Discipline is right – and so is the math.

        • Or put another way, stop out of everything that goes to shit. Say you get one 2 percent gain per week.
          So you take 1.02 ^ 52 and that’s a 280 percent annual gain before taxes/

  18. mindful, there is always a material expression of spiritual Manifestation. always. it the way of things.

    gotta get.

    good talk.

  19. oh….. hahahaa.

    hmmmmmmmmmm. I got invited to a Russian bath house recently and from a fella I mentor, who is a Russian Jew. like speaking hebrew and russian and english.

    his mother called me from New York City and thanked me for all I’ve done to help him in life. nice woman. she said I need a good Ukrainian wife. I said I do. hahaha

    “found a fortune in the bath room.” took me a minute to understand the meaning of that.

    go to Russian bath room and talk to the jews.

    okay DUDE, I will go.

  20. RE: The Nord Stream pipeline incidents. Diplomacy is fraught with deception. Looking at who has the most to gain and lose with the pipeline sabotage, I’m resolutely suspecting Russia and former KGB Colonel Putin fit the “he started it” mantra. Russia has the most to gain thru attempted deterrent influence on NATO members critically dependent on Russian petro products for the coming winter. The Nord Stream 1 + 2 are just two of the dozens of pipelines under the North Sea supplying Europe. All cannot be monitored let alone protected. Putin is essentially throwing down the energy gauntlet at a critical time of year and asking the Northern Tier NATO nations if they really want to put their economies and citizens’ lives at risk this winter by continuing support for the Ukraine. Next, I’m looking at what the West or Ukraine have to gain by blowing up the pipelines. Ukraine is already getting critical support from Israel, NATO and especially the U.S. It doesn’t need to amp up sympathy and risk losing that robust support thru ill planned sabotage to what it hopes will one day be its European NATO neighbors. And neither the U.S. nor the U.K. want to stir that pot. No, one need only look at Russian invasion tactics (yes, remember it was Russia who invaded Ukraine), indiscriminate slaughtering of unarmed Ukrainian citizens, destruction of critical humanitarian support infrastructure like hospitals, housing and food distribution centers, and bogus annexation of the Donetsk and Crimean regions. Sure, the U.S. and its capitalist hawks of war want to sell their wares to a desperate Ukraine (or more accurately, have the U.S. gov’t buy those wares and supply Ukraine outright). That is a real and present black mark in this historic chapter in E. European affairs. And those defense industrial capitalists will certainly want to continue feeding the hungry wolves of war. But only Russia can end what it started today. Sadly, the vainglorous Putin will never concede. He must be ‘removed’ in order to end this mess. That, I believe, only the Russian oligarchs can do.

  21. I wonder if this is all related to that green spider that the Ukraine Model lady, brought from her home and gave it to me at the Scorpions concert. Remember that George. I still have it. she went back to her house to get it off the floor and put it in her purse and left right before putins army invaded the Ukraine and she traveled all over. Berlin, Dubai, London, Paris, New York, LA and then Seattle. and she said I was told to give it to someone. it was for them. I would know who to give it to. but every time I thought, this person or that. I’d here no. you will know who to give it too. thought it must be for a child.

    then here I am. on a last minute unplanned flight to Seattle to meet some new freinds and they say we have free passes to the Scorpions concert. I don’t even know who Scorpions are. then I’m standing there, I see you. all dressed in black, looking intense, strong and mean. and I reach into my purse and see the green spider and hear. it is for him. give it to him. so I went up and said this is for you. I don’t know why. but something wanted to make sure you had it. it’s been everywhere I’ve been. it’s just a toy. and I didn’t want to give it to you because I’ve had it so long. it’s from my home, I can’t go back in the Ukraine.

    then the Playboy dude gave me 2 stickers that night too.

    the Russian bath house. probably should bring the green spider with me.

    this all reminds me George of the mandrine Chinese caricature of “Double Happiness”. legend has it, that Double Happiness was the very first Mandarin caricature written.

    you know the story right behind Double Happiness George? it’s wonderful story.

    a student completed his studies and was his way to The Emporer to gain employment. he falls ill and a farmers daughter finds him and nurses him back to health. they fall in love. but he must go to see The Emporer to gain employment. when she kisses him good bye, she says

    “Red flowers dot the land in the breeze’s chase while the land colored up in red after the kiss.”

    the student arrives at the palace. The Emporer gathers everyone to the court yard. He says, to the one who can answer my riddle? I will make him second in command of my empire. He tells his riddle. everyone is quiet.

    the student remembering what his love told him as he left, steps forward and says, “”Red flowers dot the land in the breeze’s chase while the land colored up in red after the kiss.”

    The Emperor smiles and says, You are correct! the student became the master of all he saw. he sends for his love, she goes from being a farm girl to a life of luxury beyond her wildest dreams. and they live a very long and wonderful life.

    upon their death. the New Emperor amazed by their love story, Planted two Cherry Blossom Trees in the middle of the court yard. and called it Double Happiness. had an artist paint an expression of it, The new Emporer posted the painting between the trees. and it was the first letter of the Chinese alphabet.

    according to legend.

    like those two cherry blossom trees outside my old office that were dead for 2 years. but the first to blossom in the entire city last spring.


    so, I will accept the invitation to the Russian bath “room” and bring the Green spider with me the Ukrainian girl gave me. seems fitting. I didn’t want to go originally, sitting in a room full of dudes in a steam room, not something I would normally consider a fine idea.

    till now.

    and just like that. all the pieces fell into place. cool.

    quite the adventure. :)

  22. Re Balkans Boil


    Slavic naming traditions apparently assign the woman’s masculinized surname form to her husband upon their marriage. I didn’t realize this until reading about the son of the late leader of Russia’s LDPR party who passed from covid-19 despite a self-professed total receipt of 9 vaccinations. The LDPR far-right party of course placed third in the 2018 Russian presidential election, and has now welcomed the recently released Victor Bout into their ranks. What are the odds of a future President Bout in the Kremlin?

    Speaking of longshots, Mrs. Griner is said according to her agent to have been dunking basketballs on court in Texas for the first time in 10 months. No word if democrat spokespeople have reached out to the rising star.

  23. Roaming around the ‘net & found this one of the Universe providing a bit of irony…

    “Taiwanese Trawler Loaded with Diesel and Fuel Oil Grounds on Saint Brandon”

  24. Occurred to me you g and d lynn are bad traders . Good traders care not for money . First fed meeting ever triple buy gold triple buy hui . Put it on like hair oil . You are really starting to irritate me and that newbie guru . Git your gold git on

  25. Living in the middle of nowhere like a hermit waiting for the end of the world . Farken great idea . Hey moosehard yah get it !!! USD dead . Dead get it . Bounce at 102 !!! Tug yourself . Told about trading and my life . Hey a nuke or 2 will make the USD go up !!!! Good luck with that . Gold baby forever Fark your markets

  26. you know why I always win George? more than a few people have said that to me. you always win.

    4 reason.

    1) I pray
    2) I listen
    3) I stay in my own lane.
    4) I don’t hate on anyone.

    that is why. I always win.

    might be back next year. we will see. you know. talk to DUDE and HE let’s me know.

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