COVID-19: The Meek Are Waiting

The Fix Is In:  Market will rally at the open this morning, but in the meantime, the president’s warning that the deaths will be piling up at faster than ever rates, has been displaced with a dandy sense of denial.

Markets are working hard at creating “Greater Fools.”

Let’s be logical, for a moment, though, shall we?  Let’s consider wherethe early-future’s rally was pointing and compare that with our 1929-equivalent  “field position” (if you remember that term from pre-virus days – back when there was football…):

See it?

“The Green Circle” Problem

Look about the middle of the chart above – and you will see a green circle.  That is where – based on the 7:30 AM futures prices today – where the market appeared to be heading for the open.

Could the market go higher?  Why sure!  For one, we are still down quite dramatically from the all-time highs (of Feb. 19 in our Aggregate view) and it’s just after the first of the month, so fund managers are trying to figure out where to put all those delicious (bonus-generating) first-of-the-month contributions from pension funds and personal retirement accounts.

On the other hand, however, there’s the little matter of the Calendar.  From the high in 1929, we came tumbling down for that first valley on the right (top trace is 1929).  Then we had us a grand rally.  So that at its best, the market was down only 7.42% at the close on October 10, 1929 and it was down only 7.47 the next day.

What matters around here, though, is that when we take off our (non-prescription) rose-colored glasses, we notice that THIS BOUNCE is happening, to the trading-day, 33-trading days from the all-time high.

While we don’t offer financial advice (but we do make observations that people can confirm or deny in their own work, and they can discuss with their financial advisors), but it’s pretty obvious (at least to old-man Ure) that what happens after today (and maybe a flat day tomorrow) where we could go next.

And that gets us  to what?

About Those “Meek Inheritors”

Let me put some things out on the table for you to throw rocks at, because it is important stuff.

As you know, I’ve had a number of serious precognitive events in my life, none which I understand.  But there sure as hell is SOMETHING that talks to us in ways we don’t spend nearly-enough time listening to with our hearts.  Because when we do, each one of us can become guided persons.

I won’t regale you with stories about how this “stuff” works, except that our lucid dream published here fully 18-hours before the Deepwater Horzon disaster began to unfold, or being “warned of a fatal accident and detour to follow” on a road trip some years back, have erased any questions I ever had about the “mechanics of faith.”  It’s real and it’s not as “subjective” as the self-bounded might insist.

There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is “modern” science is coming to the idea that there are 11-dimesnions (kaballah suggests 10, however, with the 11-th being the student/seeker).  We are in “waking-states” aware of 4-dimensions clearly-enough:  Height, width, depth, and persistence/movement in time (permanence).

As you go back and begin to “test-fit” religion and religious teachings with modern science, there are plenty of interesting “fits.”  Stories about “seas parting” may have actually have happened because of a geologic or meteorological driver,  The “Burning Bush” story was used in the 1950’s by Texaco to find natural gas…the seeps were where the “bush” burned. And on it goes.

OK, one more example,, then.  Here’s one from Forbes contributor Eric Mack in late 2018 that reveals how science and religious contexts may not be as much “in-opposition” as many “science purists” (atheists) would suggest.  He begins his story (found here), this way, writing about the loss of Sodom and Gomorrah:

“New research finds that a powerful airburst from a meteor colliding with the atmosphere may have wiped out a Bronze Age civilization along the north side of the Dead Sea some 3,700 years ago….”

There is a class of people, in modern times, who look at such things in a very open-minded context – as does Mack, apparently.  He cites the correlation with the (presumed) comet burst over Tunguska, Russia, in June of 1908:

The aiur blast was stupendous.  And eye witness, S. Semenov, quite distant from the center of the event recalled it this way:

“The split in the sky grew larger, and the entire northern side was covered with fire. At that moment I became so hot that I couldn’t bear it as if my shirt was on fire; from the northern side, where the fire was, came strong heat. I wanted to tear off my shirt and throw it down, but then the sky shut closed, and a strong thump sounded, and I was thrown a few metres. I lost my senses for a moment, but then my wife ran out and led me to the house. After that such noise came, as if rocks were falling or cannons were firing, the Earth shook, and when I was on the ground, “

The modern student of Life reads a description like this and then looks up the biblical Sodom stories.  In Genesis 19:1-3, here’s what was written of not in 1908, but thousands of years earlier:

“1) The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. When he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground.”

Ure notices that this may describe a comet which is already breaking up into two pieces (lords).

“2) Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the Lord out of the heavens. 3) He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward all the land of the plain, and he saw dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace.”

Which – and this is my comparison, only, you’ll see how Semenov referred to “The split in the sky” (so two [or more] pieces, yeah?)  and in the biblical, Lot sees “two lords” before the impact.  Either one of these events would have been amazing…(especially to atheists, lol).

The problem with atheists is – near as I can figure it – they’re locking themselves out of perhaps 20-percent (and maybe more) of human our potential to reclaim lost history.  Because prior to massive, life-changing events, consciousness “leaks.”  That get’s captured in survival stories found in all major religions.  Since I’ve experienced a couple of such “leaks” in my own life, well, to say it  changes you, is a massive understatement if there ever was one.

“What’s the MEEK Headline About?”

Just this – and it’s a thinking-point, really:  Matthew 5:4-6 which goes like this:

4 Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.”

When I think the “unthinkable” – which is quite often, actually, it’s this kind of historical knowledge that seems to hold wisdom for the present age.

“The Meek” you see, never at Big Money and therefore that did not live in the finest houses on the finest land in the shortest walking-distance to merchants.  Instead, “the meek” were living  apart.  What in today’s world would be the less-densely populated areas.

We know, for example, that the communicability of the virus has everything to do with proximity to other humans and the speed-of-life, in general.

The proximity to other humans is clear-enough.  The virus spread has been fastest and most devastating in the areas most populated by humans.  Big cities with urban core.  The  speed of life angle is a bit less-obvious.  But, since the virus spread slows over time (by whatever its life on  surfaces is) the faster life (and all we touch) move around, the more likely the spread via surfaces becomes.

I think that’s a very useful line of inquiry when setting-up your own life.  (At least, it has worked out for us, thus far.)

As of this morning, we look forward to the continuation of the “financialization game” with futures still pointing up, and the path to obvious still beckoning before us.

(Thanks to for their extremely useful website that not only allows ease of search, but also allows comparisons between contemporary versions of the bible as well as the 1599 Geneva bible.  Ah, but if there was only such a site which “story-matched” accounts across multiple religions could be studied as templates, in order that “non-partisan seekers” of all faiths could compare the handing-down of human history, shrounded in myth, in a more comprehensive way…and in so doing recover our great shared heritage.  In time, perhaps; in time.)

Gerbils on the Wheel

We’ve all be born.  We all die.  Along the way, do we learn?  So what will that end of Life review be like?  A few headlines to ponder as we all walk the same path, arguing every waking hour that “it doesn’t apply to  me…”

We aren’t the only one’s interested in puzzle solving at times like this, however, as Demand for jigsaw puzzles is surging as coronavirus keeps millions of Americans indoors, says a CNBC report.

While the market is set to rally at the open (hype about Italian death numbers best less bad and making-up-money by the US gov) the larger reality is lead-times in the supply chain are lengthening and oh, look! JPM CEO Dimon Warns US Faces “Bad Recession” In Annual Letter To Shareholders.

Not just shortages of certain kinds of tools developing, either.  More critically, says CNN, a  “Watchdog report finds severe shortages to hospitals’ coronavirus responses.”

And maybe social distancing will reduce “bad taste” which would be a good thing.  Why?  Well,, did you see where “A loss of taste and smell may be the best way to tell if you have coronavirus, new study shows?”

We will try to avoid “bad taste” around here and ask commenter to refrain from political nonsense at a time when it’s useless.  Maybe will will open comments to politics for the week before the election this fall.  But, other than which it’s  specifically actionable?  Waste of energy…or is that the point?

But Not Least

Is the Virus slowing?  Our daily rate-of-change analysis offers a mixed view:

In our analysis, the daily change-rate  seems to be drifting down a bit.  As it naturally will because (as of last nights standard time read of data) everyone on Earth would be exposed (who hasn’t quarantined) by the end of June, or so.

It should be an interesting week for markets – how high will this present rally lead?

Been working something related to this morning’s topic (lost history) in the form of a long “Colleague Letter” to Chris Tyreman up in Canada.  That will be on the subscriber site Wednesday as we dig into some “lost history” potential of gemstones.  It’s a tale of FTL communications and gemstones and the young Judah Tyreman’s  Sesula Gem and Mineral Museum…  Research is neat stuff!  Especially when you can nail down “When Gemstones Lost Their Magic…”  More on that Wednesday, though.

Write when you get rich well,

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  1. An email from Robin Landry at
    The first one from Fitts is very good, the second one is off the wall.

    The last two videos you need to watch to learn how this PLANdemic is being controlled.
    If you have children in the public school system, you really want to watch the second one.
    Both videos are from people with a long and credible history.
    Share on your social media accounts.
    Share with others in your community.

    Watch “Catherine Austin Fitts – We are Dealing with a Spiritual War”

    The PLANdemic, Schools and Hospitals

    • Some interesting things came out of Catherine’s video in Greg Hunter. First, one of her friends who lives in NYC went down to the ERs at Bellview and Beth Israel to video and low and behold, there were no crowds, no lines, and business as usual. Also, Greg Hunter noted that there are only a handful of patients on the USNS Comfort in NYC harbor. So, where are the legions of ‘stricken’ Covid-19 patients? Here in Central FL, as far as I can tell, it’s business as usual other than being under house arrest. My many many friends, family, and neighbors are doing fine.

      Folks, I know we have a lot of ‘died in the wool’ believers on this site, but I am sorry, the official narrative is not holding up! Oh, there is a virus out there as much as there were destroyed buildings and casualties in 911, but the official narrative is showing gaping holes. The agenda is pretty clear – just look at the ‘effects’ that are very obvious including the lockdown.

      • from what I have been told.. if they give you the test.. and you have the symptoms.. they are quarantining you to home.. only if you go critical do they put you in the hospital.. I know of two people that tested positive.. they are both quarantined to home.. one is just about to the critical stage.. two old coworkers of mine.. both worked in close poximity to a patient that has since passed on from the virus.. they to are quarantined at home.. one just was quarantined yesterday.. the hospital with the limit to patients is now doing doctors visits from home via zoom or other platform the new home visit.. when I was a kid and had measles.. the family was quarantined at home the doctor visited…. and I had to take two people to the hospital for doctors visits.. the hospital is now a clean center.. no one other than the patient is allowed in.. it looks like a ghost town but not because of the multitudes of patients but because they are trying to limit the cross contamination….
        the idea is to limit the lines.. now the new waiting room is the car..
        the videos I have seen are of the mobile wards.. and we don’t know if the tents were just put up..
        anytime there is a contaigion.. the hospitals go on lock down.. protect those that don’t have it and to treat those that have it.. With CRE.. they used shipping containers.. converted into a ward.. then when the patient passed everything within the container incinerated.. the patien cremated.. in the usa we put on a pair of gloves and spray a little bleach water around .. huge difference..the same contagion just a different way of treating it..

    • Is there anyone here in George’s comments section in NY or NO or any other of the hardest hit cities such as Seattle or LA that can give boots-on-the-ground verification that the hospitals in these areas (heck, even Italy) are, indeed, seeing a huge influx of patients standing around, body bags everywhere or something that would indicate something is actually going on?

      The other video besides CAF’s interview by Greg Hunter is a monologue by Jeff Berwick, a popped-collar guy that irritates the crap out of me so much that I’d hate for him to be right. Nevertheless, if we can’t verify numbers and hospitals actually being overwhelmed by this virus then something, indeed, is up.

      • Dude. I’m in Palm Springs area. When I went to the VA in Loma Linda about 3 weeks ago, you had to get checked, masked and gloves before you could even get in the park.


        I will drive down to Esenhour hospital and have a look in Rancho Mirage. Not sure if ya ever been here but this area is where 1/4 of the Nations Wealth vacations from October to May. If you live here you are know as a “Desert Rat”. We have here the Most prestigious Docots and Dentists in the planet because of all the Old people who come here. Almost all the Nurses have “bolt on’s”. I think there is a drive through Botox place down the road. You can get a triple skinny, moca macchiato Vinte Latte with side of Mink’s and fresh set of slugs (botox lips). Then you can hangout with all the other Gynosaur’s (50 year old ladies who look 20 because of plastic surgery) and talk bout King Louis tool belts (Luis Vatan purses) and life in Mission Viejo. (Where the poor people in Orang county drive German cars like BMW and Mercedes because they cant afford a limo driver) Hahhaahahhauaha!

      • Hey Andy,
        Nope, San Diego and LA were my stomping grounds in the Navy so I didn’t get out to PS. There were a lot of places I wanted to go and see back then but it was too much and not enough time … or money.


    • What social media account? Lol I will watch one video. Maybe it’s just me. Lately, when I read stuff on my phone? I get exhausted really fast. Never used to be like that. must be the flue that jumped from a golfer to a cow to a chinaman??

      Wait?! Isnt a golfer a man? Not in Palm Springs. Any real golfer around these pasts is a God.


      P.S. I think I’m caught up on comments. Lol

  2. Very heady stuff, George. You led me to recall lab validated experiments in quantum entanglement, where a photon was split and each twin sent in opposing directions. When one of the twins was guided thru a polarizing lens, the other twin immediately and mysteriously polarized as well.

    If we go back to the concept of a quantum level origin for our universe’s Big Bang, one might posit that all matter in our known universe was initially quantum entangled. That being the case, matter at all ‘ends’ of our universe effect us in some “spooky action at a distance” kind of way, especially when we throw in 11 dimensions, only 4 of which we fully experience. Then consider that, per Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, time is relative to the position of the observer, and so time becomes a locally observed quantum effect, experienced differently in our space-time than a half a universe away, and here is where Ure head and mine explodes.

    Perhaps mystics (and you) tap into the sub-experienced dimensions and embrace quantum entanglement observation better than the rest of us? We humans are like the 2-dimensional creatures in ‘flatland,’ experiencing a 3-D ball coming at us as a growing circle, not capable of fully understanding 3-D space + time, only our localized 2-D interpretation of it.

    • You know if our thoughts can affect a proton, why can’t our prayers affect humans and life on earth?

  3. George,

    Good column as usual. The part that I want to focus on this morning is something that I have a bit more knowledge about than the average person.

    “Here’s one from Forbes contributor Eric Mack in late 2018 that reveals how science and religious contexts may not be as much “in-opposition” as many “science purists” (atheists) would suggest. ”

    This is far more true than anybody really expected. Especially when it comes to biblical calamities. Around 12,800 years ago, just as we were coming out of the last glacial maximum, the earth experienced a very probably encounter with the debris stream of a giant comet. Think Tunguska x 1000. This probably wasn’t a one time thing, either. It’s highly likely that this happened annually as we passed through the debris stream. So, we’re talking annually for decades. There’s some thought that this is related to the Taurids stream that we pass through every fall. Wanna talk about history rhyming? What do we associate with that time of year? Halloween…evil, darkness, etc. These things were so traumatic to humanity that the stories got handed down by every surviving culture on the globe.

    The other thing that was happening during this time was global sea level rise due to the melting ice sheets in the Norther Hemisphere. Sea levels rose around 400 FEET over a couple of thousand years. That’s an enormous amount of coastal land lost. If you’re looking for the blueprint of the Gilgamesh/biblical flood this is it. Legend of Atlantis sinking below the sea? Look at the Azores.

    The links below are to the YouTube channel for a podcast that I co-host. The shows I’ve got linked deal specifically with this subject and we interview THE authorities in the field. No b.s., just the scientific facts.

    Finally, here’s a link to an excellent book that covers some early theories on the evidence that was being found. Some of the theories didn’t pan out as more evidence was found, but that’s science. What’s especially interesting are the native legends that seem to be related to these events. This is an excellent read and I’ve personally spoken to two of the authors about the topic. It’s all damned interesting.


  4. “The MEEK shall inherit the Earth!” (It will happen when no one else wants it!)

  5. @ George

    Could you in your own way ,explain why the published price of gold and silver hourly ,vary from many different sources,,ie. kitco charts,yahoo finance, one gold ,gold silver .com
    thanks in advance

  6. All we need now is a major earthquake, a hurricane, a tsunami, a terrorist attack or civil unrest. That would push everything over the edge. Maybe that’s what the Surgeon General meant when he said our “Pearl Harbor moment” would come this week. Hmmmm….do you suppose he knows something we don’t?

  7. Another great read George. Thanks for the Woo part….always enjoy these thought provokers since I am also very psychic. They take me away from the lunacy that prevails in the world and in our country:

    #1. The President states that we are going to face the toughest two weeks ever, but the Wall Street Casino’s Dow was up over 1000 at 9:12 AM CST.

    #2. Anyone that thinks #1 is caused by Mutual Funds and Hedge Funds investing the end of the month/beginning of month new monthly inflow of money as was described by an idiot on TV, or millions of people being laid off and millions of small and large businesses closing cannot wait to invest in this market because they have nothing else to do now that is causing these highs is smoking funny stuff.

    Or #3…. these huge checks coming in our Social Security are screaming to be played on the Wall Street Roulette Wheel where they have sucker moves like today to suck people in and suck their money out. How about these highs are being caused by the privately owned FED and all the other Central Banks putting made up monopoly money in the markets? 99.9% of Americans do not know that the FED is not Federal.

    #4. Millions of people will be cashing in 401k’s and IRAs to just survive. Yep, retail investors like me believe that what is now really 20%+ unemployment is a good thing and the Presidents comments about a horrible two weeks coming are a good thing therefore we believe the bottom is in on the market and we are bailing in this morning with trillions. BS…it is the FED and the Banks that were backstopped in the recent bill passed to “help” Americans (e.g. banks and bankers and Central Banks)

    #5 This virus, Coronavirus is not new. It been on the back of a Lysol can for 50 years. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai was on Coast to Coast AM the other night and said this is all a hoax by Government Scientists and the Media to implode our economies. He ain’t no dummy: he holds 4 degrees from MIT, including his PhD in Biological Engineering and was reportedly the inventor of Email while in High School and Polymath. They have ruined our economy and millions of Mom and Pop businesses so that everyone will run out to their nearest drugstore and get “the vaccine” when it is ready and they have people scared enough. Another huge BS from your Government and Media Propaganda stooges. How many deaths are Covid 19 vs how many deaths from Flu, from Cancer, from bodies just falling apart that they are blaming on the broad brush Corona Virus and calling it Covid 19?

    #6 Tom Sosnoff who invented Think or Swim and sold it to TD Ameritrade, and then invented TastyTrade and TastyWorks was on his morning show today and descibed how their math quants state that since 2000, there have been only 6 periods (34 days) where the market has moved more than 5%. Common sense would tell us that with millions filing for unemployment last week, millions more this week, millions of Mom and Pops being forced to close by our governments, every restaurant and bar closed in the country closed, and the President of the United States stating that the coming 2 weeks will be a horrible period for the country that the market would fall like a rock, not increase over 1000 points as has now happened 1 in 6 times in a 20 year period. NO, there is no common sense that any longer prevails, it is a rigged game. For all we know there is a guy in a back room moving the price of oil and the numbers you see on the screens of the markets ( I think they call it the Plunge Protection Team). It no longer is supply and demand when the Fed is a player “increasing their balance sheet”. When was the last time the Fed Balance Sheet was Audited and made public. NEVER. Banksters from the Fed on down are the big winners in this one. Don’t forget the Credit Card issuers will make Trillions because people that are out of work will be living on them. Not only have they crashed the markets, crashed the price of oil and are killing our oil industry and the millions of jobs that depend on it, and sucked Trillions of Wealth out of peoples pockets in the markets in this short time frame, but they have managed to shut the world’s economy completely down thus killing millions of small businesses that will never come back. A 1000+ point rally this morning. BS. Caveat Emptor!

    • Agreed; thank YOU! So, it is a designed economic collapse; bringing America to its knees. Think of the LOSSES to the 401k’s, and IRA’s BEFORE they cash out. Wealth transfer AND destruction at the same time!

  8. Just an fyi: I watched todays episode of SuspiciousObserver and he noted a curious coincidence that might interest you as well, G. He said Uranus & Saturn seem to be prominent with onslaught of war, economic collapses, and famine in human timelines.

    Just seemed odd coming from SO, but there it is. I’d sure like to see a posted link or something showing the correlations. Tried to find one, but failed. Might not have been using the right terminology to find it.

    • I think Ben said it was Uranus in Taurus that usually foretold of war and hardship over time. I looked that up and came up with a lot of astrological references to it.

      • The Letter “A” finds its root in the alphabet from the Egyptian Hieroglyph of a Bull with 2 horns.

      • Thanks for that, I knew I wasn’t remembering that entirely right. Still, I’d love to see a chonological list to review, wouldn’t you?

  9. Bus dust. You are right about density and speed George. Think about how this thing can float around like pollen. Ever been hit in the face with bus dust in a big city? How big cities at street level are big wind tunnels. How subways are big dusty wind tunnels?

    I’m interested if any of the hotspots are currently in rainy season. I can only speak for Portland, OR, and it’s been rainy (wet streets anyway) since January. We have avoided a big spike, and despite what the smart people are doing, plenty of other people are mixing it up at places like grocery stores.

    If I was to gamble on a second wave, I would say that dry season starts on July 5th in Portland. (that’s an old joke) Lasts until late September usually. 8 weeks of mostly dry. This is also when they might lift restrictions. Just in time for the outdoor dining and activity season. Just in time for dusty season.

  10. George, you said: “Ah, but if there was only such a site which “story-matched” accounts across multiple religions could be studied as templates, in order that “non-partisan seekers” of all faiths could compare the handing-down of human history, shrounded in myth, in a more comprehensive way…and in so doing recover our great shared heritage. In time, perhaps; in time.”

    Here is an example of what you are talking about. THREE stories of the biblical Exodus.

    This is a GREAT accumulation of stories. This is what Zeta Talk has spent over 20 years discussing and expecting. Everyone who sees my comment, please take the time to read this one page of compilation. Why do you think they have chem trailed sunrise and sunset in vast parts of the developed nations for nigh on 15 or more years?

    The Kolbrin is quite an amazing book; have you read it?

    I posted this the other day.

    • There are many more accounts similar to the Kolbrin’s tale of a cataclysmic event (probably a pole shift) than are mentioned at the Graham Hancock site to which you provided a link. These include passages in the Talmud, Muslim Hadiths, Buddhist Visuddhi-Magga, Book of Enoch, NuWa legend of China, and Hopi Indian legends. Some (most?) of them say it’s a cyclical event caused by an object in space passing near to the earth. In addition, prophecies from ancient to modern times describe the same type of chaos and seem to indicate that the next arrival of the object could be in our present time. A few of these are the prophecies of Dumitru Duduman, Mother Shipton, Peter Konstantinov Deunov, Henry Gruver, and again, Hopi legends. Much modern-day circumstantial evidence for this event also exists, but it would take up too much space to list it all.

  11. I had an amazing time at the Hopi reservation yesterday. I cant tell ya everything. I will tell you that the Hopi was very intrigued buy us who showed up all having had multiple NDE’s. we all left everything behind and we were all prepared to stay. All from different states some over 1000 miles away and we all showed up at the same time. (within 20 minutes) the Hopi that came to visit with us came in waves. First younger guy who tried to sell us someDolls, which I told him I didnt come to buy souvenirs. Then slowly they begain to get older and older then stopped. I walked around their Cultural center picking up all the trash, cigarette buts, fixing things. Then I did 2 rituals. Eveveryone watched. I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I did them anyway. An elder asked me where I learned that. I said, nobody taught me. I gave him the secret hand shake. He said, cortez didnt know the secret hand shake. I said, I dont know either, I just knew it. I cant tell you the rituals I did. Most of the younger hopi dont know it I was told. I was told not to take pictures I deleted the ones I took.

    A shaman dude who was a Morman preacher until he had his 3rd NDE’s then became a Shaman (had 4 total) said, nobody has done this before. So, nobody knows what exactly to do and neither do you. I said I’m just a regular dude. I fart, cuss, smoke and drink Red Bull. I’m not a devout anything. I am a God guy, spiritual Christian and I love Jesus. I meditate alot but other than that I’m a normal dude. He said how did ya know how to do that stuff?? I said you wouldnt believe me. He said I would. I said I was staring at cloud and it kinda showed me. Lol. He laughed and almost fell out of his chair. I said told ya. He said no no! I do believe ya. Hahahha

    There was a group of 60+ cars down the road at a vacant lot. When I went to leave they came and asked thr Shaman if I was coming back. He said yes. He is. They then kicked everyone out except tribal members and locked down their boarder, the Navajo their “muscle” did too.

    I dont have time to reply to everyone or read everything. I’m not going to GLP anymore. lol done there.

    • P.S. my very good friend Asta (Lithuanian Princess) had a super good point.

      By nobody meeting for church and praying, singing etc together. They are lowering the Vibration of the Earth. No concerts too. When you go to a concert, doesn’t matter if its rap, rock, country, blues, jaz, symphony or folk you can literally feel the Energy. Everone is singing. You can see the whole crown sway from the energy. They are lowering the Vibration on the earth, right before they fire up 5G.

      Pretty interesting

      • Anyone who has been to a concert or a large Temple or large church when everyone is praying of singing??? You can litterally see everyone swaying like reeds in the wind from the energy moving between then.

        Anyway, I’m going to meditate and chill for a while. Maybe the rest of

  12. So you might want to check out the Schumann resonance chart at…disclosure Seems to have peaked at the time of the mass meditation and is continuing at elevated levels…..over 1000 comments if you go to the bottom of the page,usually not more than 3-4 per week if that. Also a mass prayer in India. Thanks for your alert to this happening. Been reading your site since summer01. Best of luck to all! Power to the people!

  13. Current serology tests and analysis should confirm whether immunity to this infection is possible. If it is not, then we all are in deepest possible doodoo. If it is, then we will have the fight over whether to take the vaccine from a rigged medical system and an untrustworthy government or chance catching the infection.

    • You know, first reports was that we could NOT build immunity. It was live or die. Now, it is we CAN build immunity. This press has scaremongered the world, like they warmongered us after 911. If we CAN build immunity; then WHY take a vaccine? They don’t and won’t ever have a vaccine that can prevent ALL of the coronaviruses out there. Even the flu vaccine is NOT effective against each strain of the flu and it’s a guess which one is coming around each year. Yet, hundreds of millions of people get the ANNUAL flu shot. You know my 85 year old Dad NEVER got the flu shot; I read that people his age had NATURAL immunity to the flu so I would never give permission for his shot. I did get him the pneumonia shot at 80. At 83, everyone on the ward he was in recovering from a broken hip, got the flu shot and they ALL got the flu, the head nurse, all the PA’s, the aids, and the residents, even his roommate, but not Dad! Why would anyone want a vaccine, if you can build immunity yourself?

      Why would anyone want a vaccine after they admitted this:

  14. George, As always, your usual daily brain stimulus package was spot on thought provoking. More than 10 years ago, you were modeling this future, but relating your thoughts to those times. George, you were forecasting this moment in time . Ure’s best law … “everything is a business model “

  15. I just returned from my 2-hour walk where I’d seen some 1 K people versus the usual >100 K of assorted folks. “Mask carriers” were abt. 50/50, but people seemed to be relaxed and relatively happy – as far as I could tell. Busses run, and the river ferries operate as well.

    Hoping we’ll return to normal soon, because I cannot reach my toenails any longer ;-). Please stay well, and keep the lights on.

  16. I saw what is occurring now 11 years ago in a dream vision. In the visión I am near the water, it is over cast, I am looking east. I hear a loud boom and think it is a nuclear bomb at first, then realize it is not nuclear nor is it chemical… It is biological. The next thing I know I am hunkered down in a room, low lighting, I think I’m going to die and I am there for two weeks. Finally I am on a highway in Maine, in May with other people. It is a sunny “new day”.
    The virus is biological and came from the east. The room is my current living room ( I’ve moved 4 times since the vision, out of the USA and back since). Last year I signed up for a marathon, in Maine, in May…

  17. Now that PM Johnson has entered ICU care in London, one might note that Johnson ally, First Secretary Raab, was designated “designated survivor” this past March 23rd were the PM to become incapacitated by covid-19. So far it appears the plan is working as designed and the PM’s “Brutus” will remain Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, otherwise known as the Ministry of Nothing to Do. The House of Lancaster of course was defeated in The War of The Roses that followed The Hundred Years War and heralded the end of the feudal age in England.

    “Keep calm and carry on.”

  18. Good comments over the weekend about China … and it’s memory of being invaded and made to pay “reparations” by the Western Nations.

    China at it’s core has NO love lost for European Caucasians, including the US even though we were the one country that helped them with their battle against the Japanese during WW2.

    Those in the Communist government who worked with the US during that time are now long out of power and dead, and the more recent Chinese memory of US involvement in Asia is Vietnam – which does NOT give the current military leadership at the core of their soul the warm fuzzies about the US.

    The Chinese currently have a Love – Hate set of feelings wrt the US. Those who concentrate on economics skew to the Love side, those who concentrate on the military side skew to the Hate side.

    When economic stress hits a modern nation the people look for someone, anyone, to blame. It is because of that dynamic that once economic stress hits a nation “foreign adventurism” (ie: war) is often the result. China is hitting an economic stress the likes of which it has not seen in probably 40 years. Dreams of everyday people in China are being shattered wholesale, an economic tsunami is rolling through China, and the populous is going to be angry and look for something to focus their anger on.

    When that anger of the everyday person gets married to the Chinese concept of China being THE Middle Kingdom (ie: destined to be THE CENTER of the entire world) and a military leadership that is itching to fight and “repay” Caucasians for the humiliation they gave China over the last 200 years, well a major War can easily start.

    This virus with it’s economic fallout may be the “little” snowball that starts rolling downhill that eventually becomes a tsunami of other more destructive events.

    Keep an eye on the bigger picture … the actual virus may end up the least of our worries, it may become the trigger for the bigger and badder things to come.

  19. REPORT FROM THE HAWAII PETRI DISH. Has it started to slow? Stats from HDOH:
    Total cases: 387 (16 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 23
    Honolulu County: 292
    Kaua’i County: 17
    Maui County: 44
    Pending: 9
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2
    Required Hospitalization: 26
    Hawaii deaths: 5
    Released from Isolation: 89
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 6, 2020

  20. Can you spare a fool a moment?

    The CCP reported yesterday per an April 2nd press conference in China that 1.4 million of 1.6 million Chinese international students remain abroad. At least 36 have contracted coronavirus and 11 have recovered. Repatriation flights are happening in a controlled manner governed by varying travel restrictions and an abundance of caution so as not to bring back the “overseas epidemics” to China. The first flight apparently left Shanghai last Thursday and airlifted 180 students from London – pardon my sarcasm – under cover of darkness.

    As well, 11 million facemasks and 500,000 health packs to include hard-to-find-overseas sanitizer was being expedited on domestic and foreign carrier cargo-only planes to cities where Chinese students are clustered so that the Chinese embassies could distribute the supplies asap.

    Game on, pawns.

  21. With regards to the bug statistics and the trend; it’s not over until it’s over, and as much as I want to go back to some semblance of the life before, it isn’t over. Normalcy bias is not safe. Be wary.

  22. Precognition can be hard to wrap your head around. I remember seeing an event play out in a very vivid dream where I witnessed an event as in a motion picture. It made quite an impression on me though the event itself was of no great historical importance. When the event I preconceived actually occurred several years later I instantly recognized it. Why was I “shown” the event in the first place?

    • Time marker. Like a mile post sign on the side of the road. It you see a time marker it let’s you know how close you are to the next exit. Some people call it “tipping point” and other things.

      Mile post 177 and you should know that #183 is the exit for Andy Devine road. (Had to use it. Hahaha! I saw that road otw to the Hopi Res. I had a good laugh at that. All the exits on the way there had road names that meant something to me personally. It was weird but in a cool way. I saw tulip cosina red, Bumble road and a bunch of others. I used to work at Tulalip Casino. Hahahha)

      Anyway, it means 5 miles to this event. Or months. The time measurement tool kinda gets a little wonky because in unfolding potential aka the future isn’t a solid. It’s more of a liquid Gas state. Like cookie dough. Its little blobs of sugar, salt, dough and chocolate chips. Encapsulated by infinity.

      Hope that makes sense. If not maybe someone else can put it into better understanding terms.

      Ohhh. It’s just like JB weld. When ya put a dab on the gasket fer Ure carburetor to fix that Vaccume leak that’s retarding your timing. Youu know you got 6 ratchet spins on 4 bolts to get er snug, ya gotta fire it up and let er run fer a few so she gets warm and seats the carb properly. Then shut her down and put a quarter turn on all 4 so ure vaccum leak gone. Once that’s done get Ure timing gun out and you will see she is back on Top Dead center.


    • Yes, I had a vision about 23 years ago; I have relayed it here before. Walked down my current hallway out the front door. Looked left, house next door for sale. Looked right, house one house over for sale. Looked left, house next door, now for lease. Then, back for sale. So, when I woke up, I knew the man on my right one house over, was going to sell his house. That morning, I walked my dog, crossed the street, and he came out of his house and crossed the street to stop me and tell me that he was selling his house as he couldn’t stand the women living in the house between us! I was not shocked, as I had just seen it. Now, this is where it gets very interesting….the house to the left has a woman who has been there since the 60’s, she is now going to be 98 tomorrow. I am taking care of her as her one son and DIL are not well enough to come see her every day; and the other neighbors are quarantining themselves. So, I know now that one day, after she passes, her only son, will stumble about what to do. First, up for sale, or rent, next change of mind, up for rent or sale. Then, one more change, and off the house will go. So, what was the purpose of seeing both of these things like that?

  23. I got up before dawn today, masked up, and went shopping. Avoided Walmart… lines at the door, restricted access. Local based chain stores seem to have more reliable supply chains than the big national stores, and they limit purchases per customer. I actually scored a pack of TP at two different ones. Another large local store also had a lineup at the door…. crowded together with no 6-foot separation, so I passed on that one also. Mostly elder people shopping the first hour in the morning. About 25% had homemade cloth masks, 25% paper ‘procedure’ masks, and about half had N95 shell mask. Only saw one or two people without masks.

    No Lysol spray to be found anywhere. No Tylenol or generic acetaminophen, and no Vitamin C of any kind to be found. I found one Clorox wipes… more scarce than TP.

    Got home and clorox wiped down all my treasures in the garage, put the shopping clothes in the wash, and took a shower. I’m the ‘house hero’ today. I scored TP!

    • Hank, I think you are Rad! I been thinking about coming to Hawii. You got a couch on the back porch and dog I can cuddle with?

    • “Clorox wipes… more scarce than TP.”

      Hank… if you can get paper towels.. cut it in half. Pull out the cardboard tube and pull the towel up. Get a coffee can or a two quart canister. Slice an x in the center pull the towel through now take a cup of chlorine bleach fill the canister half full seal you now have chlorine wipes you can add an ounce of detergent to..or citric oil.

  24. Dunno. Just so lucky to frequent brother George . Listen nobody just George. Of course I invest myself . But life. So precious , trust, and listen george

  25. Wow! Maj-13 made a super super good point!!! I read that we will be 73 million miles in orbit from Altlas when it goes by.

    It made me think one thing.

    How long is Atlas’s tail?????? Will we pass through its tail????? That would be an ELE if we are too close to its tail. The force behind it would be like taking an Air can and sticking the straw in ant colony entry and unloading and whole can. Wow!!!!

    Thank you!!!! That never occured to me!

  26. That may be the reason we are all at home right now. I mean this thing is 5 times bigger than Jupiter. It has it’s own atmosphere. wow!!!! It’s not gonna hit us. But if we get too close to its tail???? It could move the moon couple thousand miles closer or farther from earth!!!! From the force of its tail!!!!

    Wow! I didnt think about that!! Thank you! Thank you!

    • Andy, everyone should be concerned about their own tail — as we all are overloaded with “crap information” alread; Just saying ;( !!

      P.s. I’m walking (providing no rain!) every day for approx. 2 hours.

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