The Fix Is In:  Market will rally at the open this morning, but in the meantime, the president’s warning that the deaths will be piling up at faster than ever rates, has been displaced with a dandy sense of denial.

Markets are working hard at creating “Greater Fools.”

Let’s be logical, for a moment, though, shall we?  Let’s consider wherethe early-future’s rally was pointing and compare that with our 1929-equivalent  “field position” (if you remember that term from pre-virus days – back when there was football…):

See it?

“The Green Circle” Problem

Look about the middle of the chart above – and you will see a green circle.  That is where – based on the 7:30 AM futures prices today – where the market appeared to be heading for the open.

Could the market go higher?  Why sure!  For one, we are still down quite dramatically from the all-time highs (of Feb. 19 in our Aggregate view) and it’s just after the first of the month, so fund managers are trying to figure out where to put all those delicious (bonus-generating) first-of-the-month contributions from pension funds and personal retirement accounts.

On the other hand, however, there’s the little matter of the Calendar.  From the high in 1929, we came tumbling down for that first valley on the right (top trace is 1929).  Then we had us a grand rally.  So that at its best, the market was down only 7.42% at the close on October 10, 1929 and it was down only 7.47 the next day.

What matters around here, though, is that when we take off our (non-prescription) rose-colored glasses, we notice that THIS BOUNCE is happening, to the trading-day, 33-trading days from the all-time high.

While we don’t offer financial advice (but we do make observations that people can confirm or deny in their own work, and they can discuss with their financial advisors), but it’s pretty obvious (at least to old-man Ure) that what happens after today (and maybe a flat day tomorrow) where we could go next.

And that gets us  to what?

About Those “Meek Inheritors”

Let me put some things out on the table for you to throw rocks at, because it is important stuff.

As you know, I’ve had a number of serious precognitive events in my life, none which I understand.  But there sure as hell is SOMETHING that talks to us in ways we don’t spend nearly-enough time listening to with our hearts.  Because when we do, each one of us can become guided persons.

I won’t regale you with stories about how this “stuff” works, except that our lucid dream published here fully 18-hours before the Deepwater Horzon disaster began to unfold, or being “warned of a fatal accident and detour to follow” on a road trip some years back, have erased any questions I ever had about the “mechanics of faith.”  It’s real and it’s not as “subjective” as the self-bounded might insist.

There are a number of reasons for this, not the least of which is “modern” science is coming to the idea that there are 11-dimesnions (kaballah suggests 10, however, with the 11-th being the student/seeker).  We are in “waking-states” aware of 4-dimensions clearly-enough:  Height, width, depth, and persistence/movement in time (permanence).

As you go back and begin to “test-fit” religion and religious teachings with modern science, there are plenty of interesting “fits.”  Stories about “seas parting” may have actually have happened because of a geologic or meteorological driver,  The “Burning Bush” story was used in the 1950’s by Texaco to find natural gas…the seeps were where the “bush” burned. And on it goes.

OK, one more example,, then.  Here’s one from Forbes contributor Eric Mack in late 2018 that reveals how science and religious contexts may not be as much “in-opposition” as many “science purists” (atheists) would suggest.  He begins his story (found here), this way, writing about the loss of Sodom and Gomorrah:

“New research finds that a powerful airburst from a meteor colliding with the atmosphere may have wiped out a Bronze Age civilization along the north side of the Dead Sea some 3,700 years ago….”

There is a class of people, in modern times, who look at such things in a very open-minded context – as does Mack, apparently.  He cites the correlation with the (presumed) comet burst over Tunguska, Russia, in June of 1908:

The aiur blast was stupendous.  And eye witness, S. Semenov, quite distant from the center of the event recalled it this way:

“The split in the sky grew larger, and the entire northern side was covered with fire. At that moment I became so hot that I couldn’t bear it as if my shirt was on fire; from the northern side, where the fire was, came strong heat. I wanted to tear off my shirt and throw it down, but then the sky shut closed, and a strong thump sounded, and I was thrown a few metres. I lost my senses for a moment, but then my wife ran out and led me to the house. After that such noise came, as if rocks were falling or cannons were firing, the Earth shook, and when I was on the ground, “

The modern student of Life reads a description like this and then looks up the biblical Sodom stories.  In Genesis 19:1-3, here’s what was written of not in 1908, but thousands of years earlier:

“1) The two angels arrived at Sodom in the evening, and Lot was sitting in the gateway of the city. When he saw them, he got up to meet them and bowed down with his face to the ground.”

Ure notices that this may describe a comet which is already breaking up into two pieces (lords).

“2) Then the Lord rained down burning sulfur on Sodom and Gomorrah—from the Lord out of the heavens. 3) He looked down toward Sodom and Gomorrah, toward all the land of the plain, and he saw dense smoke rising from the land, like smoke from a furnace.”

Which – and this is my comparison, only, you’ll see how Semenov referred to “The split in the sky” (so two [or more] pieces, yeah?)  and in the biblical, Lot sees “two lords” before the impact.  Either one of these events would have been amazing…(especially to atheists, lol).

The problem with atheists is – near as I can figure it – they’re locking themselves out of perhaps 20-percent (and maybe more) of human our potential to reclaim lost history.  Because prior to massive, life-changing events, consciousness “leaks.”  That get’s captured in survival stories found in all major religions.  Since I’ve experienced a couple of such “leaks” in my own life, well, to say it  changes you, is a massive understatement if there ever was one.

“What’s the MEEK Headline About?”

Just this – and it’s a thinking-point, really:  Matthew 5:4-6 which goes like this:

4 Blessed are those who mourn,
    for they will be comforted.
Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,
    for they will be filled.”

When I think the “unthinkable” – which is quite often, actually, it’s this kind of historical knowledge that seems to hold wisdom for the present age.

“The Meek” you see, never at Big Money and therefore that did not live in the finest houses on the finest land in the shortest walking-distance to merchants.  Instead, “the meek” were living  apart.  What in today’s world would be the less-densely populated areas.

We know, for example, that the communicability of the virus has everything to do with proximity to other humans and the speed-of-life, in general.

The proximity to other humans is clear-enough.  The virus spread has been fastest and most devastating in the areas most populated by humans.  Big cities with urban core.  The  speed of life angle is a bit less-obvious.  But, since the virus spread slows over time (by whatever its life on  surfaces is) the faster life (and all we touch) move around, the more likely the spread via surfaces becomes.

I think that’s a very useful line of inquiry when setting-up your own life.  (At least, it has worked out for us, thus far.)

As of this morning, we look forward to the continuation of the “financialization game” with futures still pointing up, and the path to obvious still beckoning before us.

(Thanks to for their extremely useful website that not only allows ease of search, but also allows comparisons between contemporary versions of the bible as well as the 1599 Geneva bible.  Ah, but if there was only such a site which “story-matched” accounts across multiple religions could be studied as templates, in order that “non-partisan seekers” of all faiths could compare the handing-down of human history, shrounded in myth, in a more comprehensive way…and in so doing recover our great shared heritage.  In time, perhaps; in time.)

Gerbils on the Wheel

We’ve all be born.  We all die.  Along the way, do we learn?  So what will that end of Life review be like?  A few headlines to ponder as we all walk the same path, arguing every waking hour that “it doesn’t apply to  me…”

We aren’t the only one’s interested in puzzle solving at times like this, however, as Demand for jigsaw puzzles is surging as coronavirus keeps millions of Americans indoors, says a CNBC report.

While the market is set to rally at the open (hype about Italian death numbers best less bad and making-up-money by the US gov) the larger reality is lead-times in the supply chain are lengthening and oh, look! JPM CEO Dimon Warns US Faces “Bad Recession” In Annual Letter To Shareholders.

Not just shortages of certain kinds of tools developing, either.  More critically, says CNN, a  “Watchdog report finds severe shortages to hospitals’ coronavirus responses.”

And maybe social distancing will reduce “bad taste” which would be a good thing.  Why?  Well,, did you see where “A loss of taste and smell may be the best way to tell if you have coronavirus, new study shows?”

We will try to avoid “bad taste” around here and ask commenter to refrain from political nonsense at a time when it’s useless.  Maybe will will open comments to politics for the week before the election this fall.  But, other than which it’s  specifically actionable?  Waste of energy…or is that the point?

But Not Least

Is the Virus slowing?  Our daily rate-of-change analysis offers a mixed view:

In our analysis, the daily change-rate  seems to be drifting down a bit.  As it naturally will because (as of last nights standard time read of data) everyone on Earth would be exposed (who hasn’t quarantined) by the end of June, or so.

It should be an interesting week for markets – how high will this present rally lead?

Been working something related to this morning’s topic (lost history) in the form of a long “Colleague Letter” to Chris Tyreman up in Canada.  That will be on the subscriber site Wednesday as we dig into some “lost history” potential of gemstones.  It’s a tale of FTL communications and gemstones and the young Judah Tyreman’s  Sesula Gem and Mineral Museum…  Research is neat stuff!  Especially when you can nail down “When Gemstones Lost Their Magic…”  More on that Wednesday, though.

Write when you get rich well,