Huh?  What About the Markets?”

I’ll get to that in a second.  But, I woke up this morning at 3 AM with a terrible knowing that the world’s treatment of cottonseed oil represents the crystallization of everything that is crazy in the world today.  Time for a little “long-chain-thinking” exercise.

To begin, a long-ago article in Bon Appetit pointed out that cottonseed oil may not be good for you.  (The curse of semi-eidetic memory, huh?)

But the main point for our exercise is that cottonseed oil is considered a vegetable oil and guess what?

Cotton is NOT a vegetable!  Technically, figures Live Science, it’s a fruit.

Is the point coming into focus yet?  No? Let me spell it out for you:

Humans are perfectly happy just “Making sh*t up.”

Cotton is not a vegetable, per se, yet people don’t see it that way. (Although yeah, are you really wearing a ‘fruit shirt’, lol…)

We’ve bemoaned the Fooled and Drugged Administration for years.  Especially when they orchestrated the dime-a-pill colchicine being taken off the market for gout sufferers and brought back at a couple of bucks a tablet on the pretext that after a thousand plus years of use (of autumn crocus) that suddenly more studies were needed.

Same geniuses that screwed natural health followers out of the natural cardio-friendly ingredients in red yeast rice.  Was the natural stuff bad?  Why, sure!  Got in the way of drug company pill -peddling!

Same clown posse classes cottonseed oil as a “vegetable oil.”  Rather logically, however, The Food Babe does not.  Who’s right?  Hmm… Lemme see: Choice of a passel of captive regulators or a journalist/researcher with good taste?  Bet you can guess who I’d bet on…

Fine…but what the hell does this have to do with Finance and stacking cash?”

Ah…this is about denial and making sh*t up.

Now Take Football, for example

New England won.  That’s considered bad for the market.

Notwithstanding reality again, the Dow futures were up a bit and gold futures were down almost $7-bucks. I told you Friday, it seemed to us like the Fed had a bet on New England (in terms of how their policy was rolling) and sure ‘nuf, here we are…

Cottonseed “Vegetable Oil” Also Explains Bitcoin

A lot of very foolish people also think “Bitcoin is money.” Partly because as of this morning you can trade a hashtag for $3,410 Federal Reserve Notes.

3-seconds of research on the web reveals there used to be four kinds of money:  “The four most relevant types of money are commodity money, fiat money, fiduciary money, and commercial bank money.”

Like cotton becoming a vegetable, however, there is now another kind of money.  The “Made up, digital kind that some portion of people believe in…”

Thanks, cottonseed vegetable oil, for making this all clear to us.

Politics of the Bowl

And just as cottonseed oil reveals the power of the Salad Bowl, we see how the Super Bowl reveals its own political agenda.  As both a Washington Post writre, along with Donald Trump Jr. are not happy with the Washington Post’s Tom Hanks narrated 60-second ad during the game.  To be sure, the ad focused on dead journos, but only one was a Post writer.  The rest?  (Dare we ask “Is this monetizing the dead, perhaps?”_

As we ponder whether cotton is a vegetable, we wonder if the Washington Post is journalism; especially when they veer left of center.

Another bit of Bowl full of food for thought: Bud Light’s corn syrup Super Bowl ad prompts response from competition.

Lies Often Told

Like cottonseed oil being a “vegetable” oil, so too, the press just seems to make-up stuff when comes to employment data.

Just this morning, Reuters ran the headline “World stocks subdued, dollar firm as U.S. job’s bounce fades.


All day Friday I was appalled at the media parroting “Jobs Gain 3XX-thousand!”  Crack epidemic outbreak?

If you missed our revealing Friday report, here is the by-God real data with my circled proof right off the BLS news release:  jobs were DOWN FOR THE MONTH:

Who are these mediots who can’t report the plain facts before them?  The reality of the data is that not only were jobs (employed people) down 251-thousand but down two lines we saw that unemployment was UP 241-thousand.  Why, only idiots would miss that most of the people who lost jobs (251K) went out and filed for unemployment (+241K).

This isn’t rocket science, but maybe – like cottonseed “vegetable” oil – there’s some kind of mass hypnosis going around that we missed,  Could it be ‘cuz we don’t stare at phones all day?  Are we missing some 4G-LTE programming download, or something. I’m not sure 5G can make us any more stupid.  I mean, we’ve got a real head start going…

Are we the only ones to read the Challenger Job Cut report out last week?

“Employers at U.S.-based companies announced plans to cut 52,988 jobs from their payrolls in January, 20.7 percent higher than the 43,884 announced in December, according to a report released Thursday from global outplacement and executive coaching firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

January’s total is 18.7 percent higher than the 44,653 cuts announced in the same month last year. While it is lower than the average of 86,347 cuts announced during the month of January since 1993, it is higher than 20 of the last 24 monthly totals.”

Not to point out the obvious, (Trump Bump Dead & Buried) but this means that the real number of people working in the US this month will likely be even lower when the next job report comes along…

Which will do what to the markets?

This is not financial advice.  This is Remedial Thinking Class.

Important Gardening Note!

The New Moon is at 3:03 PM this afternoon, Central Time.

If you guessed that’s when we’ll be dropping seeds in the ground, congratulations!

The next New Moon March 6 at 10:04 AM –  and April 5th at 3:20 AM.  So, if you’re planning to put in a garden, these are your key times to watch this year.

Theory of why this matters may be found over on the Gardening by the Moon website here.

REAL News on Climate

Are we in a Seven-Year Chill?

That’s what the data suggests as of this morning’s outlook from the NOAA Solar Cycle folks up in Boulder:

Yes, you’re reading that red line right…looks like the Sun will be “sleeping” for the next five or six years.

One research note:  My friend Patrick Geryl posted a paper on ResearchGate wherein he proposed that the solar cycle would end early and we’d quickly be off on global warming again.  But,  I think he may have missed something a little more subtle. Let me show you.

His paper was based on the 10.7 CM Radio Flux Index and that’s out this morning, too:

Geryl saw the spike in the data and suggested it may indicate a change and cycle rollover ahead of schedule.

Not so fast, argues the data this morning.  (I didn’t previously post his work because my “spider sense” was that the radio blip was just that – noisy data.)

What that radio blip may have meant was something related but different:  It may be a marker where the change of the slope modifies the 10.7 so that it will descend slower over time, and thus, the 10.7 could now very  s l o w ;l y  decline in coming years which would allow the 10.7 to track the “winter night” of the Sun which we’ve been writing about for a long time.

When you look at the top chart, you can see we are just now coming into the solar lows but the forecast data still holds to an absolute low somewhere in the 2023-2024 timeframe.

Implications?  We will see more jerking-around by the climate monetizers. Remember, they began their scam with “Global Warming” and that became simply “Climate Change” when there was no global warming to report, other than the slow-motion thaw that has been an undeniable fact since the Laurentide Ice Sheet Melt.

Next,, because it’s going to become colder’n hell for a number of years, we will see
“climate change” necessarily morph into severe weather…which will be the next bankable phrase that all these climate people will have to monetize.

We have to sit back on mornings like this and laugh at the scale of human folly.  For while “Climate Change” has been a dandy enrollment tool for the academics – and a huge newly-found spigot for grants and such, the reality is that Computational Thermodynamics (CTD) is coming along very quickly.

Stir in a large helping of AI, and a shocking number of climate “scientists” will join the ranks of others who will be displaced by Chips Ahoy.

One self-learning AI using all possible sensors and super-computing horsepower will, I’m afraid, decimate the future of tens of thousands of idealistic (but foolish, and hopelessly in debt to the FedGov for student loans) would-be climateer’s.  Rut-roh:  This is where Ure points out humans lived their entire history, save the most recent hundred years, without a single “climate degree.”

AI‘s gonna be a bitch and the sooner people figure out they are being set up for mass uselessness,, the better off policymakers – and thus the (financially subjugated/exploited) rest of us – will be.

But Cottonseed Oil reveals all.  Except for the fact of 17-millon people taking the day off to recover from Game Day.   They are, like the cotton gone-to-seed, the “soft headed” among us.  Must be nice.

Moron the ‘morrow.