SoU: LCD, Jingoism, and 200-Million Suckers

We thought it would be useful to point out some of the Realities of the State of the Union speech which our “bordering on president” will delivery tonight.

I say “bordering on president” because Nancy Pelosi and the Schumer types on the hill are practicing medicine without a license; neutering the Trump agenda by failing to confirm how many Trump appointees in a timely manner, thus surgically stalling his administration from the inside with Obama-era hold-overs.  182 if my count of the data here is right:  “Upon Sen ate Confirmation” is the search term.  But, let’s try to overlook the political malpractice points, however inexcusable.

LCD is not that big screen in the living room, however.  No, because in politics it’s the least common denominators that are used to press (or pull) at your emotions to keep you wrapped around the pseudo-drama that constitutes the cheapest strings to keep America from rising to Giant Among Many Empires (GAME) again.

Lowest common denominator agenda points include such stupidity as public funding of gender-change and so forth.  If people want to play that game, let ’em have at it.  Just don’t stick us with the bills.

Also, don’t shove false narratives about gender down the throats of grade-schoolers.  Once they hit puberty – and once they have jobs – again, have at it.  But to have sicko’s writing curriculum or seeking some kind of perverse attention-grabbing on Socialist Media?  No.

My point?  First and foremost is that politicians are playing us all…  That’s the 200-million suckers point, in case you drifted out thanks to your mood-adjusting chemicals.

In a proper State Union, the president would speak first about values and not lying to ourselves.  He might point out there’s an invasion underway that no one voted on allowing.  It’s been an agenda of the left for 50-years.  Sure, old McCarthy was wrong (and way over the top) on many things.  But Big Picturing?  His predictions of the collapse of America due to liberalism have come to pass with sickening accuracy.

But, I digress.  Let’s talk about Jingoism.  Today’s poster-child for furthering the Collapse America Agenda is AOC’s hijacked “Green New Deal” which not only plagiarizes both the last Depression democrat FDR “WW II level mobilization” idea, but also liberally borrows on Canadian ideas.

In keeping with the left’s traditional “ownership of the media” we also found the account  in today’s NY Post of how the AOC twitter army protects her from criticism.  This is all part and parcel of how Digital Vigilantes work their Digital Mob Rule…in case you’re dead between the ears.

The jingoism (like WW II level mobilization?) is only going to get worse.  We see how the other radicals are rushing to beat-down the rich as financial lamp-posting is coming to a country near you.

Jingoism is the bedmate of populists.  Laughably, we can scroll through American political history and recall the 1928 republican presidential campaign of Herbert Hoover who called for “A Chicken in Every Pot.”   Later add-on included a car in every garage.

Now that we’re “been there, done that” as a country, we figure it will be only week until Ms AOC or the grand-pappy of lefties, Bernie Sanders tunes it up to “A Solar Panel on Every Roof!”  Watch Bernie’s retort to the Trumpster immediately following tonight’s antics..

None of this is suggest that the left doesn’t have some good points.  We “went solar” here at UrbanSurvival when AOC was graduating from high school, for heaven’s sake.  It ain’t like she’s leading a “new charge.”  Talk to brother Musk, Alex.  Talk less, listen more.  Brains matter once the chatter stops.

Bernie?  He’s got good points, too.  Take the NBC story “Bernie Sanders asks why drug, once free, now costs $375,000.”  While he’s asking, how about that colchicine matter?

Jokeahauntus?  Hillary Rev. 77.9?  Who else will line up to be the left’s latest “hot fix” du jour?

No, Trump is likely on the right track with a message that’s like to key on Unity tonight.  Not that the left wants anything to do with that.  After all, tabling better ideas is not something either party does worth a damn.

So far, the only new face in the crowd I could vote for is Howard Schultz because he’s like the great democrats of the Old America.  Folks like Warren Magnuson and Henry “Scoop” Jackson.  Liberal, yes.  Idiots?  Hardly.

And that, dear reader is the point. America is running out of good ideas and time to implement.  China is ascendant.  Russia’s not rolling over.  And thanks to Obama bankrolling Iran, there’s trouble to come in the Middle East, as well.

Our money has been hollowed-out with one of the most complex and bewildering series of lies you’ll ever see.  Thank the left for that, too.

The way it works?  Turn over the Nation’s money to the bankers.  Then, spend more than we make.  Deficit spending.  Then pay the banker class interest on the national debt.

The lie becomes self-deception when we say “Inflation is good because it sets up the social conveyor belt.”

The big lie – for those bright enough to see it – is no, the social conveyors belt works regardless:  It’s powered by people living below theirs means and saving for a rainy day.  Apologists for the bankster class won’t hear of that, of course.  They’ll twist and wiggle, this way and that, like a worm on the fishing hook.

Because that what they do:  Bait us all.

Everything is a Business Model.  Including and especially politics.

Which is how we can unabashedly write about lowest common denominator politics, with heaping of jingoism heaped on to keep 200-million suckers paying their taxes without asking the business-like question that really matters.

What are we getting for our dough?

The answer in a word:  Used.

Briars in the News Patch

Markets should roll higher in today’s session.  We’re calling the SoU tonight a “Buy the Rumor” event which means you might be able to infer our expectations for tomorrow.  With the blinders a bit tighter: Stocks sizzle at 2-month highs, iron ore still on fire.

Earnings matter, too:

Wait!  “Hard times in the diamond biz?”  A delicious pun!

Cold War 2.0

Russia must develop new missile systems in response to US withdrawal from treaty, minister says.

Still Selling Climate Change

See Time which reports “A Third of the Himalayan Glaciers Will Melt by the End of the Century, a New Report Finds.”

OK, put down the duchy and pay attention:  All big Glaciers have been melting since the Ice Age ended.  Some are gone already.  Others are going.  You can’t melt forever…capeesh?  (Capisce to our more literate Sicilian readers.)

But, you also can’t write a check to stop it…So study your freaking heart out but in the end, buy a Subzero and move to Alaska if you must.  “A Panel on Every Roof!”  FMTT. America’s still being led from the rear.

Sheesh.  Moron the ‘morrow…

51 thoughts on “SoU: LCD, Jingoism, and 200-Million Suckers”

  1. If ‘they’ don’t stop with the atmospheric spraying then solar panels will decrease in performance over time until, like everything else, their useless.

      • George, as a serious tinkerer, have you looked into what Henry Moray had put together before he was shut down? I’ve seen some fairly good descriptions of his energy machine and the source it was tapping into some time in the recent past but danged if I can find them now. Picking up the natural oscillation of the Earth’s electromagnetic field ought to provide much more reliable power than wind and solar that are heavily weather dependent. You may have described a project like that some time in the past but I don’t remember. Basically, any kind of naturally occurring e-m oscillation on a planetary scale ought to provide enough juice, once cleaned up and transformered down to usable levels, to power a whole lot of stuff.

  2. I trust the American People — long term — to See The Light.

    Is “The Macarena” still extant? (The silly dance — no. Gone.)
    Are people still buying pet rocks? No. There are a great many other examples, both profound and trivial. The proof is left to the student.
    Stupid stuff passes away.

    We don’t need Media to tell us what to think. Well, maybe for a little while we just buy into it — “The Bandwagon Effect.” Everybody wants to be popular, and go with the flow, and be fashionable — up to a point. A breaking point.

    Just as you shouldn’t extend any “curve” on graph paper beyond a certain point — because All Curves Break at some point, and become discontinuous — you also shouldn’t think “whatever is going on” will always be going on.

    The curve will break.

    People talk to each other outside the gaze and glare of “media,” and speak truths to each other, human-to-human. Word of mouth can travel fast and wide, even today, and ultimately, all Reasonable People come to a joint Reasonable Set Of Conclusions.

    The self-important preening popinjays of media are laughed at down at the corner bar where the normal people gather — and ridicule them. The preeners groom each other in their cocktail parties of like-minded fellow idiots, and become convinced their farts, in truth and fact, do not stink.

    They self-deceived themselves into a total and airtight conviction that Hillery simply could not lose. She lost. To this very hour, the mediaites STILL do not understand this self-delusion. They “know” they are more than just right, they are righteous. Morally Correct. Above the brutish mob (you) in their sophistication and bottomless tolerance for nuance, WE poor slobs could not possibly appreciate. We are the swine: they cast the pearls.

    The people are not happy that much of decent-intended humor is now anathema. The people do not like self-censoring their speech around groups where some self-appointed guardian of truth might suddenly become Officially Offended for people who aren’t in the room. The normal people hate this false-ness. We seethe in resentment just below the surface. We are primed to strike back — all we need is the right demagogue to focus that anger, and Things Will Change. He’ll be along at some point before long.

    God help us then. The crystal grows dark.


  3. G – this Deplorable cant take the bull crap any longer, these people are STUPID. The American taxpayer has NO representation in our current Government system – ZERO, ZIP, ZILCH..None.

    How many readers are good with their tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood to fund Near Term Abortions, that are then processed and SOLD to various businesses..see artificial sweetner – its in all our food and drink. We got a problem HFC’s in our food stuffs, but are cool with “CANNIBALISM” …vice grips won’t penetrate that illusion.
    Same readers also be cool with the wanton slaughter of innocent peoples the world over, not to mention what happens to all the women and children refugees from the M.E. and North Africa.
    My tax dollars hard at work supporting some of the most foul and vile fighters the M.E. has ever seen, torturing & beheading their helpless victims as they go. Tax dollars going to supporting the (friendly)M.E. regime famous for trafficking in human body body parts, sex trafficking, and of course sponsoring and committing international terrorism the world over.
    If this Deplorable didn’t know better, I would think that Bibi’s Bitch (DJT) is setting us up for the ultimate in BOHICA events. Hope I am wrong…………..

      A little over a year ago a good friend of mine died from Creutzfeldt-Jacob disease which is the human variant of Mad Cow. His case made it up to the CDC and got great attention while he was in max isolation before he died. To my knowledge, no one has offered even a speculation as to how he got it. He was not a hunter and from what I know he was not exposed to this outside of our ‘normal’ food chain (some of the deer population have been reported with this, I don’t know it’s accuracy).
      If your comment is close to correct, we are all at increasing risk of this happening to us. This is a very nasty way to go!

    • “How many readers are good with their tax dollars going to Planned Parenthood to fund Near Term Abortions, that are then processed and SOLD to various businesses”

      It’s a dead horse issue.. But like border security it’s a great platform for any candidate during a campaign season. They’ve been used since I was a young man and will be when I am gone and your an old man.
      They will use it the table it..the last campaign they tabled it the week before the vote..before they would wait a few months.

  4. @ George

    ” FMTT. America’s still being led from the rear.”

    BOHICA…..WITHOUT even a ‘reacharound’

  5. “If people want to play that game, let ’em have at it. Just don’t stick us with the bills.”

    100% correct and this applies for everything – chubby folk, breeders (I understand welfare is for the child so sterilization of “parents”), smokers, alkies… people who are poor stewards of their unions and pension plans.

    You know the Republican mantra, “Work for welfare”. Note the recent government shutdown. Many of the government “employees” impacted rushed to the food banks. Most government workers are the “work for welfare” crowd.

    We’ve got a lot of gators on our backs.

    • Yep and they are all in the swamp in Washington,if Trump had a set he would solve the border issue the same way Ike did by issuing an order that anyone employing one would be fined $10,000, only seeing the buck ain’t what it use to be increase it to $20,000, sure as hell beats spending billions (along with all the kick backs) on a useless wall,but the orange clown won’t do because of American business and all his cronies that are involved….

  6. “the president would speak first about values and not lying to ourselves. He might point out there’s an invasion underway that no one voted on allowing. It’s been an agenda of the left for 50-years. ”

    Francisco Solano Lopez,Jozef Tiso,Döme Sztójay,Ante Paveli?,Mátyás Rákosi,Khorloogiin Choibalsan,Enver Hoxha,Ian Smith,Ramfis Trujillo,Michel Micombero,Yahya Khan,Carlos Manuel Arana Osorio,Jorge Rafael Videla,Francisco Macías Nguema,Teodoro Obiang,Radovan Karadži?,Theodore Sindikubwabo,Than Shwe,Isaias Afwerk,Yahya Jammeh,Adolf Hitler,Joseph Stalin,Mao Zedong,Benito Mussolini,Robert Mugabe,Fidel Castro..

    Ok enough names.. now
    what did these people have in common besides being brutal and ruthless.?

    in searching these people and the countries that were infected by their evil..

    who gained from them being put into power?

    What message did they give the people they ruled to gain their support?

    I could write another book on the common denominators I seen. but then that is what I seen.
    even with that I never gave it much thought until back in the middle eighties.. one of my hats was driving. I was at a rummage sale and seena box of books and thought heck I read most of them but for a couple of dollars why not and there was a cool lether notebook in there that i thought would make a nice log cover. when I got it home I stuffed the box in the corner and basically forgot about it for a couple of years. then one day I was going through the books and opened that leather notebook. It was a diary..
    a group of guys from the us were asked to go to russia and teach the farmers there the american way to grow crops. the people were starving and the czar wanted to find a way to lead them out of the troubles they faced. the guys went there and since they were american had to wear like a uniform rather than local garb. the rumors they heard in the conversations etc. about a possible uprising and the messages they were given.. then one day as they were coming back from the fields the Bolsheviki army was marching into the village. they took off through the forest to escape fearing that they would be seen as military and put to death. it is one of my favorite and most prized possessions( it is at this time getting pretty brittle I will eventually give it to a museum) the guy writing it took pictures while he was there to.. an amazing diary in my mind and it opens up the thoughts of the people from that time..
    Unfortunately I see the exact same parallels happening now here and in the world. Basically the same controlling interests and all with the exact same messages that were sent then and now.. so go through see what you see and who knows maybe you will see what I see as common denominators.

    • Looking – was that diary from around 1917. You should copy it into a PDF doc so all could read. Also, it may be worth money.

      • Eve…It might be from just before that. The czar was still in office at one point as they were escaping the Bolsheviks they stopped at a village to warn others and was asked if they would let some of the women from the royal family travel with them posing as nurses. At one point they were hiding in a haystack as men caught were executed by firing squad on the other side of the haystack.
        A hasty escape.
        I had the same idea but unfortunately it wasn’t anything that anyone had any interest in.
        I think it would make a great movie. I have an acquaintance that writes scripts and produces movies I talked to him in depth and just like the show the man in the high castle ..
        It would take an investment that is several lifetimes away from what I could come up with.
        His suggestion keep it cherish it and donate it to a museum.

  7. As a big fan of representative democracy, I have my share of worries about how badly the institutions of government have adapted to changes in media related technology. Instead of engaging in dialog and debate between political opponents, as advocated by the nation’s founders, there is increasing rancor and opposition. What dialog there may be is filtered and moderated over social media, outside of the halls of congress and the white house. Who exactly moderates social media dialog, which is increasingly driving debate in congress.

    The godfather of American broadcast journalism, Edward R. Murrow, delivered a speech to the Radio Television News Directors Association in 1958 during which he blasted media executives for turning broadcast news into “an incompatible combination of show business, advertising and news.” Instead of informing the citizens of democracy, the media began a decided strategy of steering their political beliefs. The result delivered increasing alienation between opposed segments of society. Now, 60 years on, matters are worse. Social media is increasingly justifying Murrow’s harsh words. Social media purposefully embraces the darker precepts of Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, who famously penned the seminal manuscript “Propaganda” (later renamed “Public Relations” after Joseph Goebbels adopted its precepts hook, line and sinker for the Nazi party to control the German public). Propaganda was all about an elite controlling the uninformed populace.

    Social media demands followers now ‘like or unlike’ and ‘friend or unfriend’ users, with the goal of establishing a subtle form of uniform social conformance. The #1 social media rule is essentially “if you don’t think like the rest of us, you are outcast!” One would have to be mentally challenged not to realize the nefarious, psychologically deviate forces leveraging social media in order to achieve their own diabolical ends.

    George Orwell presciently warned us of the dangers of tools like social media, famously (and decidedly sarcastically) saying: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” In short, he acknowledges the simple fact that people can be psychologically molded and controlled. Orwell also defined a Liberal as “a power worshiper without power” and observed that “so much of left wing thought is kind of playing with fire by people who don’t even know that fire is hot.”

    To all of that, I offer the famous words by General John Stark of the New Hampshire militia, uttered during the American Revolutionary War: “Live free or die!”

  8. George: Who confirms appointees? The Senate. Who has controlled the Senate for the entire Trump presidency. Why, the republicans!

    Don’t blame Nancy and Chuck for missed appointments. Lord know there’s plenty to tar them with. But not this. This is down to President Short Attention Span.

  9. George,
    First of all, thanks for pointing out the high literacy of the Sicilian fans of Urban Survival. ;) Second, the LCD of the day will be a big lie…Why we need a wall.

    I was listening to the all,of news channels last night…They all pretty much stink. Except one person…I do like Chris Cuomo very much. He always has opposing parties speak their peace. Listens to both sides…presents the opinions and let’s the viewer decide. I could tell last night, he was trying to get both sides to agree on one thing…but they wouldn’t sway off of their talking points. Which is sad and why we can’t solve this border issue. Each side is focused on the results of focus groups/polls/surveys of each other’s base…rather than come to a middle ground and come to a resolution.

    The bottom line is that we already have a border wall where it is needed. The present wall system stretches for dozens of miles on either side of border towns and where their are navigable roads. That’s Always been the focus and where it is effective. Nobody make that point. The right’s talking points are focused on saying liberals don’t want any walls, which is not true… and the liberals don’t say…we already have walls that they have supported in the past…and that they are already in place…where they make sense.

    The focus needs to be on our ports of entry and utilize infrared and other types of technology to safely detect illegal contraband coming into our country from all sides…north, east, south, and west. We tend to ignore our northern, somewhat porous border to the north, where fentanyl, pot and ecstasy are smuggled. The shipping container ports from New York to Long Beach, Seattle to Tampa, Houston to The twin ports of Duluth and Superior…those are the areas of concern. If Trump was smart…which he is definitely not, he would embrace these words about the border.

    “We will “deploy” (too Big a word for Trump…but just go with it) the biggest and best technologies…The likes that we have never seen…It will be the best technology..yuuge…nobody will have better border technology like us.” Withnthat…America just may buy in and he saves face…however fleeting a moment that will be. His 15 minutes of face saving time.

    • I disagree: China, Israel and Iron Curtains all seem to have experience with working walls.

      Ask any east Berliners…

      • You can’t compare any of those walls with the situation we have. East Berlin was a city…only 26 miles of wall…in a heavily populated area…easily monitored and well staffed with shoot to kill guards. Is that what we want? It was mostly used to keep people in…not out.

        Israel has far less miles of walls than we do…and it is also easily monitored. The US already has 654 miles of walls in place. Israel has 440 miles. But, what people fail to mention is that Israel is surrounded by countries that want to wipe it off the map. They have a right to be a bit paranoid.

        The US does not have that fanatical border partner. And the facts all state that it’s not some remote party of Arizona, New Mexico or Texas that’s the problem…IT’S OUR PORTS!

        But, just to make sure…they still need to be monitored…but a wall is just too costly and unnecessary…

        As far as the technology. It’s really simple. When the surveillance drones and day/night vision detection systems spot an intruder, it’s easy enough to deploy an aircraft or helicopter to intercept. Due to the rough terrain on most of the border, these intruders won’t be in any vehicle of sorts…they will have to be on foot…so catching up to them will be quite easy.

        If you study the Homeland security website, you will see that they mostly are concerned with our ports of entry anyway…not remote sections of our country. Here is a press release they sent out today…Notice it was at a checkpoint.

        “Monday, agents working at the Falfurrias checkpoint referred a commercial passenger bus to for secondary inspection. At secondary, a K-9 inspection revealed 33 pounds of marijuana in two unclaimed suitcases. The marijuana has an estimated value of $26K.

        A few minutes later, agents from the Rio Grande City working near La Casita, Texas, observed a dark colored Kia SUV traveling north from the Rio Grande at a high rate of speed. As agents responded, the driver of the vehicle bailed out of the vehicle and absconded. Agents discovered 40 bricks of marijuana weighing nearly 460 pounds worth an estimated $368K.”

        The smugglers are penetrating areas where they can drive these vehicles…or hide in shipping containers…or fly into airports… The wall is all smoke and mirrors. It was Trumps campaign promise and his ego is getting in the way of common sense here. Time to move on.

      • A wall works.

        Z’at too hard to follow?




        Iron curtain?

        We ain’t talking “flex space” – we’re talking barrier.

      • I do believe that Mark’s talking points are delusional, dull and repetitive. His illegal alien drone chasers are a farce and reek of someone who doesn’t even understand the Texas border, for one. It isn’t the ports, stupid, sorry, I just had to say that to you, it’s the BORDER, open wide and has been. Who was it, Janet Napolitano, hmmm, under Obama, – she said: “The borders are as secure as they have always been.” Which is doublespeak for the borders are wide open SESAME. Just google her and watch the talking points game that has been going on from her, before her, and after her, to the tune of for over THIRTY YEARS!!!! 30 plus years of watching this country be flooded with people through the Southern border!!!! Americans are SICK OF IT and want it stopped! We are sick of the non-stop DRONING talking about it, arguing about it, lying about it, being manipulated and fleeced about it, we want it handled, solved, fixed!!! It is obvious WHY it isn’t fixed. Globalism has this country by the ying yang, and Mark is a globalist, and so we have to get his daily BLEAT like a SHEEP globalism pestilence mumbo jumbo.

    • Seriously? Say this ubiquitous “technology” spots illegal border crossers, with or without drugs or RPGs. What does it then do? Does it call the local BP outpost, 40 miles away? Does it radio for a plane that’s 150 miles away? Does it open fire and remove the problem, itself? Please, get off the mantra and explain exactly HOW “technology” would be used to better effect than a hard, static barrier…

    • @ Mark,

      After reading your comments, it seems to me that you are NOT of Sicilian decent, since 20 MILLION illegals have ‘wandered’ into this country were they didn’t find a border wall. And , as you say “we already have a border wall where it is needed” . Question…. have you been working to ‘show them the way’ ? Since YOU seem to KNOW about where the ‘border wall’ is and where it is effective.

      • 20 million people came here on airplanes and buses. Most were shipped here on temporary work visas to harvest crops on US farms. Most disappeared into the vastness of this country, never to go back to Mexico. Many others work come here legally everyday with passports and also disappear.

        Many of them are Mexican citizens crossing into the United States to attend school, shop, and visit family. Some are US citizens who live in Mexico and work stateside.

        Mexican citizens living in Mexico who have a valid passport can apply for a Border Crossing Card — also classified as a B1/B2 visitor’s visa — that allows them to temporarily enter the United States. The simple act of applying does not guarantee them a crossing card. Cards are valid for 10 years, with some exceptions for cards issued for children.

        California, Arizona and Texas allow US citizen children living in Mexico to attend public schools, though they must pay tuition. In New Mexico, public schools are open to all children of school age, regardless of residence.

        The United States issued 1.1 million nonimmigrant visas to Mexicans citizens in 2016. 343,000 of those visas were issued at US consulates located along the border — Ciudad Juarez, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo and Tijuana.

        So….it’s not hard to understand how “illegals” get into this country. They come here legally…but end up staying illegally. The wall is just one big joke. A scam made up by the biggest scam artist of them all. TRUMP!

    • Stay on the mark, Mark. PT is discussing illegal immigration as the #1 purpose of the Wall. Let’s 1st win the battle of illegal immigration is what PT is proposing. The Dems keep trying to confuse the issue & hopefully PT straightens this issue out tonite. Illegal immigration is wrong because it is illegal. Because the Dems need more voters & cheap labor doesn’t make it legal. PT should begin prosecuting the Dems.

      Repubs & Dems already have proven the War on Drugs can’t be won, manly because it is a line profit item for them. If they had won the Drug War, like they should have, PT would not need to build a wall.

      • Beyond the money issue for illegals there’s also the health issue that is even bigger. Every one of the illegals coming up from down South has never been vaccinated for anything and will be sitting next to our kids and grandkids in school. While I have my own reservations on the way vaccines are handled and formulated in the U.S. not getting the vaccinations invites many diseases to run rampant through our country all over again when many were supposedly wiped out. Measles, TB and many others are showing up in Texas and other states while California is having mystery illnesses showing up in the news. Will you not be concerned about this, Mark, until it hits your family?

    • I agree what is it one percent of shipping containers are examined.
      The wall is a symbol.. Geoge is on the money to.. Those countries have tight security. Look at the swiftness there is in handling anyone entering.
      In prisons there if your lucky enough to make it that far. You don’t get free medical or dental, there aren’t weight rooms or even three squares. It would be a huge event if we treated any one entering illegally here the same way.
      I believe as long as we have NAFTA and outsourced jobs we might as well outsource our prison population with a once a year proof of life. The savings would be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Then adopt the Singapore way.. First parking ticket a fine if your a return offender your brought to the mall with a big fluffy white pillow on a stage. Your bent over your pearly whites or tanned browns showing and a ninja come out with a bamboo cane.. They say you pass out after the first whack.

      The other way is go after the money. You can’t live if no one will hire you.
      Stop employers from hiring illegals and from providing them housing and the problem ceases to exist.
      Legalize marijuana and you put trillions in the national budget stop illegal smuggling and lower your crime rate,accident rates lower.. Again that’s a decision you don’t even have to think about.. Anyone with an IQ of five can decide that one. What was it the tp industry that got the laws passed making it illegal.
      And it being illegal hasn’t stopped any consumption at tax it. Control it study it. Use it for all its good.

  10. Get the Damm Wall built you thieves of congreess and sennuts by dropping your benefits your privilege information on stocks thieves they are. Lies you haven’t had-a budget for 30 years. So what does 5 billion matter ass hats. Self serving thieves liars corrupt no more donation from corporate or special interest Your words are as monies you have destroyed Get out

  11. George, why not grow the colchicine plant(Autumn Crocus) as an ornamental? Colchicine is NOT a controlled substance. Just a normal drug that you can’t buy without a prescription. Yes, the plant is seriously toxic, so be careful and keep away from cats, since an overdose has no known antidote. As a serious DIYer, I’m sure you can extract, titrate and properly handle this if you really want to, and it’s yet another way of doing without the medical establishment when it ultimately fails. We see overcomplexity everywhere, and appropriate technology is often sacrificed to the god of marketing.

    • “why not grow the colchicine plant(Autumn Crocus) as an ornamental? ”

      Just like sucking on a willow branch when your in pain.. That stuff is getting it through a doctor they have it dosed and studied it. Most medications are nothing more than controlled poisons.
      The only one I wouldn’t worry about is marijuana and that’s still illegal in most states.. It shouldn’t be. I call it one of gods miracle plants has so many positive aspects that its a no brainer that it should be legalized and studied. Those that will use it for entertainment purposes already do whether or not it is legal.
      Another one is the dandelion

    • Overcomplexity indeed! Yes. Can we all say “Entropy,” boys and girls of the class?

  12. George
    You continue to paint illegal immigration as a right/left issue. I’ve said it here before – its an employment problem first and foremost. If the rich stopped hiring these folks, the migration would stop. Just this week there were more reports of widespread employment of undocumented workers at the Presidents’ own businesses. They even helped them forge the documents! Every rich conservative person I know around here bitches about “illegals” while their gardeners, maids and other workers are Mexicans. Most of these folks come in with tourist visas to jobs waiting for them here. No wall will help this at all!

  13. George, as Marku52 pointed out, appointee confirmation lies with the Senate. As much as the fantasy visual of Pelosi vacationing on the border for a week without servants and bodyguards pleases me, I know it’ll never happen, but it is the “Never Trumpers” in the Senate, like ol’ Mitchie, who are responsible for the fact that high-level mucky-mucks in many Departments and Agencies are still Obama holdovers. The “Republican majority” in the Senate increased with the Midterm Election. Unfortunately, the number of conservatives, patriots, and Constitutionalists didn’t increase sufficiently enough to allow them to put pressure on the socialist oneworlders in the Republican Party…

  14. A well written head’s up on bare shelves:

    This seems to be a long term trend – moving glacially for now. It was noticeable way back when Walmart was doing their nationwide remodeling and spacing the shelves. Now it’s more obvious with fewer shelves and less space allocated to each item. The causes are multiple, but in my opinion, it all comes down to a multifaceted crisis in common sense.

  15. Y’know, I’ve been trying to figure out how children, who by law cannot be sexually-active, and by custom can’t be “sexual beings,” can possibly have homosexual, bisexual, or polysexual proclivities. How, exactly would they KNOW? ISTM since the child can’t make this call, anyone who does so for them commits a “child sexual offense” and should be tried (and convicted) of same…

    • Waaaaay back in one of my lifetimes as a school counselor, kids were having oral sex by age 11 with each other. Often based on things that they saw in their parents home, or on TV, or the Internet. I would hate to see how early it’s starting now. You would also be horrified to learn what a shocking large percentage of children have been sexually abused already by an adult.

      • No, I wouldn’t. One of the many jobs I worked, trying to pay as I went to college was as a clerk in a convenience store, in a (not ghetto, but) poor, run-down neighborhood. I met a number of hookers as young as 5, and had a 9 and a 12yo who “worked” out of the pay phone on the corner.

        However, THAT is real life, and is irrelevant to my point.

        The majority of the good folk who get into politics, do so because they believe that, on some level, they can run our lives better than we. A portion of this belief is that they can pass a law, a rule, a regulation, or a stipulation, and once passed, We, the People, will instantly “fall in line” and conduct our lives and our dealings within the parameters of this Holy Government Edict.

        Those good people, or as I choose to call them, “megalomaniacs,” were either completely unaware of “life experiences” growing up (every neighborhood had a “bad girl,” but their behavior was never normalized or glorified as it is now), or have made a conscious choice to ignore their first 18, as not relevant to “how children should behave, today.”

        They have passed edicts, at the Federal, State, and in some cases Local government level, which deny the sexuality, and even the ability to make a sex-related choice, to kids (in most States) who’re under the age of 16. Yet at the same time, they’re passing edicts which force polysexual behavior on these children, and declare “society” MUST respect the “right” of these children to make choices with respect to polysexuality.

        My post above was made to point out this dichotomy, and the sheer ludicrous nature of the new, child sex trade, which is being legislated into our society and foist (or is that forced?) upon us by folks in Dee Cee and elsewhere, because they believe they know, better than we, what’s good for us…

    • Absolutely on track, Ray. And I’d like to know just who the hell decided that drag queens made excellent children’s story time hostesses. Talk about confusing youngsters with all this “I can’t find my gender crap!
      I asked my 11 yr old grandson what he thought about all this and his emphatic answer was “I’m a BOY”!

  16. Dear Mr. Ure,

    If The Odyssey’s Aeolus is any weather vane, I might choose Stromboli over Palmero.

    Speaking of cottoning on to winds of change, a crypto exchange has filed for creditor protection a week after announcing that its owner had departed this realm in December. Apparently no one knows the password to access the exchange’s “cold wallets” save for the deceased.

    One could imagine a modern day Ulyssesian caper where Algorithms are relentlessly chasing a Hades Cryptosaurus in efforts to repatriate an estimated 190, 000 thousand US$ to original owners.

  17. I know you tend to focus on the colchicine scandal, but there are other drugs which have had the prices artificially pumped up by the FDA. A number of years back, the FDA used EPA regulations on refrigerants as an excuse to ban most of the low-cost asthma inhalers on the market. Since changing propellants would have required a full drug trial for what were otherwise generic tier 1 medications, the manufacturers seemed to have all thrown in the towel, leaving nothing but the newest and highest priced asthma meds on the market.

    While the colchicine scandal was attributed to the need for new studies, were there really anything but superficial studies done by the EPA’s partner? I regard pricing a traditional medication like colchicine out of the reach of the financially challenged to be cruel and unusual torture.

    The situation with the asthma meds is worse. I believe that banning the asthma meds on an environmental issue crossed the line into both attempted genocide and extortion for fun and profit.

    I doubt that you will find any FDA-sponsored studies which address the agony and fatalities associated with these regulatory actions. I have to wonder how many family members of our elected representatives may have benefited directly.

    You may also want to look into the history of pyridoxamine. The FDA effectively killed the use of the vitamin for diabetic neuropathy by banning it from the open market as an “investigational drug” in 2009, and awarding rights to the new “drug” to companies with no resources and no hope of bringing it to market. Before the ban, pyridoxamine was available as a supplement at OTC vitamin costs. Why allow a low-cost vitamin to prevent injury when you can force people to buy high-dollar psychiatric and pain meds which make the pain more groovy. This is another example of regulatory torture. The more addictive the solution, the better.

  18. What standing does Stacey Abrams have ,other than being a loser in a Georgia governors election, to give the Democrats response to the SoTU ?

    Doesn’t she have personal debt and back tax problems? I guess lots of other people have those same problems and it is possible to make some kind of case about how learning from mistake usually provides a lasting lesson.

    I think she was asked to do this as an outsider because she has little to loose and will most likely have little to offer for practical policy and programs but will offer lots of push back on every Trump talking point.

  19. You solar power folks need to come out to NM and see how much help you get from our local power company. They have a bad habit of saying unkind things to self generating electric folks.

  20. Watching the state of the union address was very revealing, to say the least. The look on Nancy Pelosi’s face alternated between a smirk and utter distaste. That as someone from India, tells me something. That face could/did not even try to mask her feelings, which reflects negatively on the state of the union, despite all the efforts DT is putting in to make the country great and pull it out of the spiral of endless wars to keep rewarding only the select few, at the expense of the rest of the country, and the world itself.

    • Hi Shankar,

      The unforgettable image I have stuck in my mind of Ms. Pelosi dates back to 2011. President Obama was addressing the U.S. nation on television about a pending U.S. troop drawdown in Afghanistan. At the same time, a Twitter user sent out a picture of Ms. Pelosi attending the U2 Baltimore rock concert. She was not in the cheap seats.

  21. Come on now, George. As we all try feebly to put this nation back up on its feet, there is no benefit in repeating big, fat fibs. Mind you, I am no Obama cheerleader or supporter. But! Itis simply not factual that Obama bankrolled Ancient Persia, a country that has not attacked anyone or declared war against any other country in more than 300 years. Contrast that to the United States, who is presently at war in more than 80 plus countries.

    Iran is Israel’s enemy le jour, not America’s. It is also a country that continues to defy the Federal Reserve banking system, an entity America’s military is apparently sworn to defend (even if it is not Constitutional). Iran was NOT bankrolled. The United States – based on Israel’s big fat fibs – froze Iranian bank accounts to the tune of billions. The “peace treaty” allowed for Iran’s own monies to begin to trickle back to it, the true owner. This was no Obama bribe. And, Iran continues to uphold its end of the bargain. America…not so much, to my great disappointment. Remember this, America stopped being great when it stopped being good, no matter how many times Americans shout MAGA at the top of their lungs, like a magical mantra.

    The devil’s in the details. And, it is important now, more than ever, for all of us to report on the news factually and without bias. You too, George. Thank you.

    • Then let’s do details: See the Washington Post discussion here of the $1.7 billion:

      Now, facts are facts: Iran paid money to the US for arms. We never shipped them. 1979.
      Then along comes Obama and ignores that it was a different government that gave us the money anbd gave it back to Iran even though in business it would have been a forfeited deposit in any conceivable business deal. Especially more than 20-years later.

      No, the data Obama went out of his way to help Iran. He was under n o legal requirement to give them the dough. Different government, no chain of custody, canceled orders…no it’s highly questionable and even the apologist WaPo admits it by wondering if it was “legal” – then supplies the expected answer minus ther precedent issue.

    • You can parrot that George Soros funded blather like every clueless Millenial who does so.

      Or you can jaunt to Dearborn, Michigan, and ask some of the 400,000 Iranians who’re living in that neighborhood for their opinion.

      ‘Bet you’d find two, really different opinions, and the one outta Michigan would sound a lot more like George, and reality, than the one “Occupy Democrats” has pushed into the antisocial media channels…

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