We thought it would be useful to point out some of the Realities of the State of the Union speech which our “bordering on president” will delivery tonight.

I say “bordering on president” because Nancy Pelosi and the Schumer types on the hill are practicing medicine without a license; neutering the Trump agenda by failing to confirm how many Trump appointees in a timely manner, thus surgically stalling his administration from the inside with Obama-era hold-overs.  182 if my count of the data here is right:  “Upon Sen ate Confirmation” is the search term.  But, let’s try to overlook the political malpractice points, however inexcusable.

LCD is not that big screen in the living room, however.  No, because in politics it’s the least common denominators that are used to press (or pull) at your emotions to keep you wrapped around the pseudo-drama that constitutes the cheapest strings to keep America from rising to Giant Among Many Empires (GAME) again.

Lowest common denominator agenda points include such stupidity as public funding of gender-change and so forth.  If people want to play that game, let ’em have at it.  Just don’t stick us with the bills.

Also, don’t shove false narratives about gender down the throats of grade-schoolers.  Once they hit puberty – and once they have jobs – again, have at it.  But to have sicko’s writing curriculum or seeking some kind of perverse attention-grabbing on Socialist Media?  No.

My point?  First and foremost is that politicians are playing us all…  That’s the 200-million suckers point, in case you drifted out thanks to your mood-adjusting chemicals.

In a proper State Union, the president would speak first about values and not lying to ourselves.  He might point out there’s an invasion underway that no one voted on allowing.  It’s been an agenda of the left for 50-years.  Sure, old McCarthy was wrong (and way over the top) on many things.  But Big Picturing?  His predictions of the collapse of America due to liberalism have come to pass with sickening accuracy.

But, I digress.  Let’s talk about Jingoism.  Today’s poster-child for furthering the Collapse America Agenda is AOC’s hijacked “Green New Deal” which not only plagiarizes both the last Depression democrat FDR “WW II level mobilization” idea, but also liberally borrows on Canadian ideas.

In keeping with the left’s traditional “ownership of the media” we also found the account  in today’s NY Post of how the AOC twitter army protects her from criticism.  This is all part and parcel of how Digital Vigilantes work their Digital Mob Rule…in case you’re dead between the ears.

The jingoism (like WW II level mobilization?) is only going to get worse.  We see how the other radicals are rushing to beat-down the rich as financial lamp-posting is coming to a country near you.

Jingoism is the bedmate of populists.  Laughably, we can scroll through American political history and recall the 1928 republican presidential campaign of Herbert Hoover who called for “A Chicken in Every Pot.”   Later add-on included a car in every garage.

Now that we’re “been there, done that” as a country, we figure it will be only week until Ms AOC or the grand-pappy of lefties, Bernie Sanders tunes it up to “A Solar Panel on Every Roof!”  Watch Bernie’s retort to the Trumpster immediately following tonight’s antics..

None of this is suggest that the left doesn’t have some good points.  We “went solar” here at UrbanSurvival when AOC was graduating from high school, for heaven’s sake.  It ain’t like she’s leading a “new charge.”  Talk to brother Musk, Alex.  Talk less, listen more.  Brains matter once the chatter stops.

Bernie?  He’s got good points, too.  Take the NBC story “Bernie Sanders asks why drug, once free, now costs $375,000.”  While he’s asking, how about that colchicine matter?

Jokeahauntus?  Hillary Rev. 77.9?  Who else will line up to be the left’s latest “hot fix” du jour?

No, Trump is likely on the right track with a message that’s like to key on Unity tonight.  Not that the left wants anything to do with that.  After all, tabling better ideas is not something either party does worth a damn.

So far, the only new face in the crowd I could vote for is Howard Schultz because he’s like the great democrats of the Old America.  Folks like Warren Magnuson and Henry “Scoop” Jackson.  Liberal, yes.  Idiots?  Hardly.

And that, dear reader is the point. America is running out of good ideas and time to implement.  China is ascendant.  Russia’s not rolling over.  And thanks to Obama bankrolling Iran, there’s trouble to come in the Middle East, as well.

Our money has been hollowed-out with one of the most complex and bewildering series of lies you’ll ever see.  Thank the left for that, too.

The way it works?  Turn over the Nation’s money to the bankers.  Then, spend more than we make.  Deficit spending.  Then pay the banker class interest on the national debt.

The lie becomes self-deception when we say “Inflation is good because it sets up the social conveyor belt.”

The big lie – for those bright enough to see it – is no, the social conveyors belt works regardless:  It’s powered by people living below theirs means and saving for a rainy day.  Apologists for the bankster class won’t hear of that, of course.  They’ll twist and wiggle, this way and that, like a worm on the fishing hook.

Because that what they do:  Bait us all.

Everything is a Business Model.  Including and especially politics.

Which is how we can unabashedly write about lowest common denominator politics, with heaping of jingoism heaped on to keep 200-million suckers paying their taxes without asking the business-like question that really matters.

What are we getting for our dough?

The answer in a word:  Used.

Briars in the News Patch

Markets should roll higher in today’s session.  We’re calling the SoU tonight a “Buy the Rumor” event which means you might be able to infer our expectations for tomorrow.  With the blinders a bit tighter: Stocks sizzle at 2-month highs, iron ore still on fire.

Earnings matter, too:

Wait!  “Hard times in the diamond biz?”  A delicious pun!

Cold War 2.0

Russia must develop new missile systems in response to US withdrawal from treaty, minister says.

Still Selling Climate Change

See Time which reports “A Third of the Himalayan Glaciers Will Melt by the End of the Century, a New Report Finds.”

OK, put down the duchy and pay attention:  All big Glaciers have been melting since the Ice Age ended.  Some are gone already.  Others are going.  You can’t melt forever…capeesh?  (Capisce to our more literate Sicilian readers.)

But, you also can’t write a check to stop it…So study your freaking heart out but in the end, buy a Subzero and move to Alaska if you must.  “A Panel on Every Roof!”  FMTT. America’s still being led from the rear.

Sheesh.  Moron the ‘morrow…