Cost of Living Surprise? 11.3%! Second Lockdown Ahead?

Two topics hold our rapt attention these days.  Money and Viruses. 

Being “old people” on Social Security as we are, much of our Quality of Life is defined by a) Money and b) What we can do with it.

Cost of Living: General

Government fixes the annual Cost of Living adjustment for Social Security in the fall.  So it’s baked in our thinking that going into fall, the numbers will never  be allowed to reveal true hyperinflation, even if there are some instances of that.  Like energy prices as you’ll see in a sec.

On the other hand, the “good news” – such as it is – has that commodity inflation has only been a short-term event, so far.  One of our favorite metrics has been lumber prices which soared a couple of months ago to the astronomical level of $1,732 in May and this morning has collapsed to the $712 range.  That means the price of lumber is now at levels not seen since last August.  If things level-out here, an annual rise of lumber prices of 5-10% seems a reasonable outlook.

Another metric is the 10-year Treasury note.  A year ago (August) it had popped up to 1.75%.  But recently, it had semi-stabilized around 1.363% which doesn’t seem like a problem, but it really is.  A big one.

Low rates benefit Big Government and Screw Little People.

If the interest on the National Debt – this morning that’s $28,485,495,680,238.32.  $28.5 trillion, between friends.

If the interest on the National Debt ran at the 10-year rate (it doesn’t and the problem is vastly more complicated, but let’s just say it did) then the annual interest would come to $388,257,306,121.64.  $388-billion among pals.

Which then means (with payroll employment of 151,602,000 working stiffs) that everyone with a job will owe (on average) $2,561 per year in Federal Tax just to break-even on the Nationial Debt interest costs.  (Any services are additional, of course. And Joe’s got trillions dreamed up…)

Tough sell?  Especially with Social Security coming to its wall – when people will realize the so-called Trust Fund was busted (under cover of interagency lending at unrealistic rates) to spend-happy agencies.  Allowed by an irresponsible Congress.

For now, though, the low rates are serving government very well.  Downscaling lifestyles and bringing in a new underclass for the elites and pol-hacks from South America through open borders.  What a scam, huh?

How Little Folks Get Screwed

Let’s pretend Elaine and I know this couple that did very well in their working days.  They made a good-sized nest egg that in normal times (7% per year) should have given them about $200,000 a year.  Toss in Social Security and Medicare and you can see how they planned to live a very comfortable lifestyle on this.

However, when bond rates of return (and bank CDs are even lower) are one percent, look at the math:

Nest egg (which hypothetically might have been $200,000/.07 = $2.857 million) which had been planned for “them Golden Years” to contribute $200,000 annually by the “financial planner  types” is suddenly paying less than 1-percent (much less on CD’s actually), or just $28,571 per year.

Oh – further salt in the wound?  Taxable, depending on where the money’s parked, too.

Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s OK – but it’s not the “living large Poster Child of Success” that might have come along.  Which is the main work of Economic Depressions (even invisible ones like the one we’re in:) to destroy savings.

Hard to see a claim on interest as savings – we won’t walk you through a whole econ class this morning – but trust me, any claim on future money IS “savings” and that’s what this Depression (no one talks about) is doing.

Key takeaway for Kids (under 50) if your financial planner is not conversant in the workings of long wave economic cycles (Kondratieff/Kondratiev, et. al) consider that most retirement and pension funds have the same problem and could begin to blow over in domino fashion any time, as well.

The “financial press” such as it is, does a horrible job  of putting systemic risk into words.  But maybe that’s because everyone including advertisers have their hands in the same cookie jar.

There’s a good report over on ZeroHedge this morning: The Fed’s Complete Taper Timeline.  We’ve taken the liberty of filing the reported  Fed Taper plan with similar works of  Twain, Grisham, Christy, Cussler, and other works of…well, you figure it out.

COL Data: +11.3% Annualized

Which all sets up the discussion of where the cost of living figures put us today because that will ripple like a boulder in a mud puddle:

“The Consumer Price Index for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) increased 0.9 percent in June on a seasonally adjusted basis after rising 0.6 percent in May, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. This was the largest 1-month change since June 2008 when the index rose 1.0 percent. Over the last 12 months, the all items index increased 5.4 percent before seasonal adjustment; this was the largest 12-month increase since a 5.4-percent increase for the period ending August 2008.

The index for used cars and trucks continued to rise sharply, increasing 10.5 percent in June. This increase accounted for more than one-third of the seasonally adjusted all items increase. The food index increased 0.8 percent in June, a larger increase than the 0.4-percent increase reported for May. The energy index increased 1.5 percent in June, with the gasoline index rising 2.5 percent over the month.

The index for all items less food and energy rose 0.9 percent in June after
increasing 0.7 percent in May. Many of the same indexes continued to increase, including used cars and trucks, new vehicles, airline fares, and apparel. The index for medical care and the index for household furnishings and operations were among the few major component indexes which decreased in June.

The all items index rose 5.4 percent for the 12 months ending June; it has been trending up every month since January, when the 12-month change was 1.4 percent. The index for all items less food and energy rose 4.5 percent over the last 12-months, the largest 12-month increase since the period ending November 1991. The energy index rose 24.5 percent over the last 12-months, and the food index increased 2.4 percent.

Not much we can do about it, but read ’em and weep.


Closely related to the CPI is this look ahead from the National Federation of Independent Business:

Owners raising average selling prices hit highest reading since 1981

“WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 13, 2021) – The NFIB Optimism Index increased 2.9 points in June to 102.5, the first time the Index exceeded 100 since November 2020. Seven of the 10 Index components improved and three declined. The NFIB Uncertainty Index increased four points to 83.

“Small businesses optimism is rising as the economy opens up, yet a record number of employers continue to report that there are few or no qualified applicants for open positions,” said NFIB Chief Economist Bill Dunkelberg. “Owners are also having a hard time keeping their inventory stocks up with strong sales and supply chain problems.”

Other key findings include:

    • Owners expecting better business conditions over the next six months rose 14 points to a net negative 12%, an improvement but still in very negative territory.
    • Earnings trends over the past three months improved six points to a net negative 5%.
    • The net percent of owners raising average selling prices increased seven points to a net 47% (seasonally adjusted), the highest reading since January 1981.

Somehow, we ain’t surprised…

Vaxsteria Redux

We’ve been quietly planning ahead (toilet paper, food, critical supplies) for what we figure will be a second lockdown sequence.  After all, the first lockdown was a marvel of government control (and it was a dandy excuse for the economy and jobs not even coming back to 2019 levels…). I mean what policy-maker wouldn’t love that?  Let’s do it again!

We are not saying it WILL happen, but follow along with some of these news stories and see if you notice a trend:

The Wuhan Virus, as we have said since day one, sure acts like a bioweapon, even if it isn’t one.  We say this because?

  • Major reason is it has provided “cover” for a failing economy.  Like the Internet Bubble of 2000-2003 collapse was “covered-up” by “terrorism” and 9/11, and like the Housing Bubble fail was covered up by blaming “no-doc loans” so too, the present “crisis” is covering up a systemic lack of new (quality) employment opportunity.
  • Second reason is the political machine is steam-rolling:  Republicans push to ban “discrimination” against unvaccinated people – Axios.
  • Even more frightening is the “echo attack on American-style freedom” that comes through in “Do People Want Their Pre-Pandemic Freedom Back? –

Elaine and I are willing to “self-isolate” indefinitely.  We ARE anxious to take a vaccine, but ONLY under three simple conditions.

  1. Any vaccine we take MUST have passed the standard Clinical Trials protocols.  ALL present vaccines are still on Emergency Use Authorizations (EUA’s).
  2. There must be NO waiver of liability required.  My understanding is that everyone getting the present vaccines – even those “shamed into it” – are required to sign a waiver of ALL liability and it states the vaccine was taken “voluntarily.”  (Haha…that’s a good one!)
  3. The vaccine must be genuinely voluntary and all data disclosed.  The Constitution is a contract and medical experiments are not in it.  As you may have read, there are reliable reports that healthcare facilities were paid – effectively bonusing – reporting higher numbers of CV-19.  We want absolutely clean data and no one seems to be able to give us – especially when there are co-morbidities – a reasonably “clean” statistical view.

We are strong believers in Vaccines, in Science and in Data.  We also believe in Integrity and expect nothing less from our government.  We routinely take our boosters for vaccines that can save us from obvious risks, such as the pneumonia vaccine.

But we also don’t waive rights.  Absent clinical trials data, we will continue in the “control group.”

Short Takes

That ship already sailed: W.H.O. Experts Seek Limits on Human Gene-Editing Experiments.  Genes are like guns.  Just different gangs.  All about money, though.  Regulations only impact the honest.

Blame the State Department neocons?  Reporters, Democrats blame US embargo for protests, poor conditions in Cuba.  We would point the left-leaning Cuba idolizers (“worker’s Paradise” don’t ‘cha know…) to Cuba protests: Arrests after thousands rally against government, as well.

Weather versus Drought:  Politicization of science continues: This Governor Withdrew From A Climate Pact. Days Later, He’s Pleading For Help With Drought.

Withhold D.C. Statehood Talk:  Until they fix their murder rate!  Washington, DC, records 100 homicides by July 10 for first time since 2003.  We don’t need another law enforcement sink-hole, do we?  (OK…They can keep their Crimes on the Hill, sadly…)

Around the Ranch

Off to reload propane this morning.  Another six-months of cookery planned.

On the reading list: What’s the Difference Between Flexibility and Mobility (and Why Should You Care)? from LifeHacker.  That, collagen, and magnesium from schlepping heavy stuff.

Two parts to Peoplenomics tomorrow:  Mechanics of how the mainstream media has fallen apart plus a “Day without the Web.

After the screaming inflation data, Dow futures were down 30  -88, -48.

Write when you get rich,

49 thoughts on “Cost of Living Surprise? 11.3%! Second Lockdown Ahead?”

  1. My wife and I each independently made the choice to receive the two Pfizer vaxes back in Feb/Mar of this year. Our reasons were completely personal, having to do with being able to visit family members at home and overseas and to put those family members at ease when visiting us. But it was also totally our choice. No one made either of us do it. We sought out the location giving the shots, signed up, and went in for jabs when notified. As with a woman’s right to choose RE: Roe v. Wade, every adult has the right to choose what happens with and to their bodies and the bodies of their dependent children. Any other outcome is dystopian socialism at its worst.

    • Well said Warhammer. My wife and I have made the choice not to be vaccinated. We both had Covid last August and feel that we should have natural immunity now. We are just not comfortable putting an experimental “vaccine” in our bodies. I just think it is crazy how they are pushing so hard for a vaccine that over 99.9% of people recover from just fine. Something else is up I’m afraid.

      • I’m with you, Scott. My wife and I decided not to get the jab either because it’s truly NOT a vaccine, it’s gene therapy. And I’m highly suspicious of the true intent behind their goal of 100% jabbed. Then there’s this:

        Meta-analyses based on 18 randomized controlled treatment trials of ivermectin in COVID-19 have found large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance. Furthermore, results from numerous controlled prophylaxis trials report significantly reduced risks of contracting COVID-19 with the regular use of ivermectin. Finally, the many examples of ivermectin distribution campaigns leading to rapid population-wide decreases in morbidity and mortality indicate that an oral agent effective in all phases of COVID-19 has been identified.

      • Scott, You’re completely entitled to not take the EUA vaccines. However, when government starts telling vaxxed people to wear masks to protect unvaxxed people that chose not to get the vax, then that is ridiculous. See LA County at 11:59pm on 7/17/21 new masking indoors because of rising cases.

      • @ Scott reply

        So, get off your duff and work to elect overlords who don’t impose such ridiculous, draconian rules…

  2. George,

    Totally off the wall comment for today, but have to vent somewhere.

    During the past month, irresponsible pet owners have dumped three animals either at my house or at my equipment shed in the farm center.

    The first was a female German Shepherd who was beyond skinny. Took her to the vet and she weighed in at 49 pounds and according to vet for her frame size should have weighed 70 pounds. Two to three weeks of love and grub, and she is up to over 58 plus pounds. Dog was “chipped” 6 years ago in Texas, and I live in Tennessee. Reported to “chip” service on day two of being at my house and no requests for the dog. Yesterday she was spayed and process started to change “chip” ID to my household. Good dog and she deserves a good home for remaining years.

    Starting over July 4th weekend, at two different times, someone has dropped two kittens which were barely weaned. Both are now mine I guess, because I refuse to let an animal starve, and the few shelters in our area are full.

    The point of my rambling is that I would seriously like to take those responsible to the middle of nowhere with no food, no water, no cellphone, and put their sorry ass out. Tell them to have a nice day, and leave.

    If you have animals, and don’t want more; have them spayed or neutered. I am now up to 15 cats spread between my house and the farm, and one dog. All have been spayed or neutered, or are scheduled to be as soon as they are old enough.

    I guess I have too much Native American Indian in me, because I subscribe to the thought that you have to live with nature and respect that which you harvest from her. I can qualify under tribal rules to be a non voting Cherokee member, just not enough heritage to be a full voting member.

    Guess this is the curse I have for being known in the community as a lover of animals. I most times find them to preferable to humans. More trustworthy, more predictable, and more loving. (With of course the exception of my life’s love and partner, my wife.)

    Thanks for allowing me to ramble.

    • Right there with you. Our view is the animal is our responsibility from beginning to end (either their’s or ours…) and we take it seriously.

      Would add to “middle of nowhere with no food, no water, no cellphone, and put their sorry ass out”, that they have either no clothes or at most, a large nightshirt and flip-flops.

    • “pet owners have dumped three animals”

      That’s how we got our girl Lloyd.. she was shot at and left to die with her pups..when we got her she didnt have any fur on her face from fighting for her pups lives..
      We had to carry her out to go potty and carry her back.. it took a year to get her to walk outside she was afraid that we would leave her. Gentlest animal ever sweet beyond measure..we had her almost thirteen years before she got bone cancer.. our girl now the same thing.. all of our animals have been like we are.. all were destined to die alone and abandoned..

      • our girl now was on the euthanize list.. no one wanted her.. she was wild beyond belief in the kennel.. took her out for a walk and she was all over the place.. looked into her eye and I could see the get me out of here look.. told the wife.. this is the one.. got her out they weren’t going to let us get her.. I incisted they gave in..speaking of fang she snores LOL.. her first order of business was to take a nap LOL LOL got her home and she blended right in.. part of the family loved and spoiled like everyone else.. she will drive you nuts if your new in the house to be petted LOL..

    • I’ve been noticing a lot of squished cats lately.

      I think the owners romanticize their releasing the cats next to a highway. Like a pop-up camper family is going to stop and pick-up all the cats.

      Long story short last year I donated to the Michigan Humane Society. It’s a pet-hugger group.

      The donations don’t stay here. The Michigan Humane Society was worried about unwanted animals from the Bahamas.

      “Michigan Humane is known for working right here in southeast Michigan to improve the lives of animals, providing compassionate care to all who enter our doors. But when we heard about dogs who desperately needed help in the Bahamas, we couldn’t turn a blind eye.

      The Bahamas has a large number of stray dogs due to a lack of spay and neuter practices. Many of these animals require essential medical care. As a result, the island’s shelter is highly overcrowded.”

      No more donations from me.

      You’re right. But there is no reaching a pet owner. Ask one of the dog owners walking their dog in Big Orange how they would know if the dog walked through a spilled chemical or across metal burrs or chipped ceramic.

      Wrapped in vanity they’ll attack you rather than show love for any animal.

    • The animal dumpers typically look for a dirt road to dump Miss Kitty or Rover. Their thought process is that they are setting their pet free to live off the land, where they will be happy. As the number of paved roads dwindled, the animals being dumped locally concentrated into fewer and fewer county roads. The local wildlife figured it out, and pets seen dumped in the day didn’t usually show up the next morning.
      When the road out front was paved, the numbers of stray animals diminished dramatically. The mama Texas panther(s) who had raised litters of kittens nearby on that steady supply of leg of Rover moved on as well. If you are in the bush and hear one loud throaty “mew”, it’s time to retreat, and quickly. Mama may be nearby. And yes, I have come upon on the monster in the garden. Fortunately Texas panthers are better behaved (and better fed) than the mountain varieties.

  3. Dude,

    Cola increase 11% …U might be looking in the wrong places, G.

    Direct those sorely abused peepers of Ures over to Bitcoin and some on chain analysis.
    Just 5% of All BTC traded this past year. $600 billion mkt cap, with afloat of Just $30 billion..
    * Means no whales Sold at all time high ($65k)..weak hands stole out – as whales BUYBUYBUY almost 100% of newly mined BTC supply. When whales have enough – mr whipple will be kicked to the curb, and the big SQUEEZING will begin.
    Need to banish/EXTERMINATE the cone heads..unh I mean the central bankers..what is the name (s) used in conjouring and banishing ??of yeah – the unspoken super secret 2 names for the dog/pale fox – Van Heh Yod Heh, Van Yod Heh Heh – just cant remember which is which ?

    Not that is mattas , the Cycle completes… existence is cyclic – Reset and then a”star war” (stellar aligments) is fought over US/SOULS to be Harvested.

    Think Ure labs need to refocus on Lorentzian Traversable Wormholes – We all saw one in 2009 over Norway = einstein rosen bridge.

    We have all seen pictures/ spiral pictographs – if standing in front of one on specific astro aligment days – sunlight-rays (see Hobbit) penetrate the center of these vortices/portals- mark periods of time when they will open – exactly what genron flew thru near Miami,Fla..winkwink
    university Museum today (UPENN) mespotamia & mayan study/search – next week back in jungles of central america -dundundun.

  4. So much meat in your column each morning George, it is hard to know where to focus.

    I too had a financial planner that advised me to build my savings from years of hard work and investments (minus his annual 1% fee) and I would retire comfortably with 7% annually from my nest egg. Annual GIC rates in Canada now are at about 0.5% so we are living off our capital and depending how long this game of chance and inflation continues, should be able to make it to 90 before we have to sell the house. Maybe my kids can take care of me then.

    There are a number of good literary artists on this site and I enjoy reading their comments every day. I especially enjoy LOOB who seems to about as down to earth as any. Would love to meet him some day.

    Each day seems to get crazier and crazier and I often feel like giving up. One of your posters last week had a bit of prose something like “coming off the rails on the crazy train.”

    As the world continues on the crazy train, this site is one of the few places I find some sanity in the insanity.


    • youll be right mate . dont give up . go short . once crashed reassess . but always have a plan. stay tough chin up chest out

    • When in the accounting biz it used to drive me batty to see those “Acutary Reports” that made the basic assumption that 7% ROR was the lower baseline. I used to complain to the higher ups now and then that such a ROR over inflation was IMPOSSIBLE over the long run (unbeknown to them when just out of college I did a study of historic Rates of Return … and voila 1% was the norm for low risk – 4.5% was the highest end and that was for unstable long term Retail, Manufacturing was around 2.5%). Nobody wanted to hear me talk about how the Actuary Assumptions should be down under 5%, probably about 3.5% to 4.0%.

      Because of my knowlege of Long Term Rates of Return (RoR) it was a given, to me, that ALL the pension plans with defined benefits WERE 100% going to BLOW UP, baring high inflation, and that people who made their individual retirement plans based upon a 7% RoR were going to be in a world of hurt UNLESS they stumbled across a newer FAST GROWING company that could bring their overall investment gains way up (say an early Microsoft, Apple, Wal-Mart investment in those days … after 2000 it would be a lucky hit on one of the high tech internet companies, but more of those went broke than made it into the high growth mode).

      Stay positive … there are some great growth opportunities out there, assuming we don’t end up in a War with China – which I think is going to happen, and if you can hit on one of those with just a small part of your portfolio you may end up doing OK. Avoid the earliest stages of those companies though … let them PROVE that they have a PROFITABLE business model (Uber is NOT and may never be profitable for example) before you invest in them.

    • Thanx BIC..I do appreciate that compliment..
      I wish my kids could understand what I’m telling them..

  5. The lockdown cannot begin until November 3rd,the day after Election Day.COVID is on the ballot in New Jersey with the chief defender of the faith,Phil Murphy,running for re-election as Governor.If the race tightens by October,the media will get off of the Hamptons’ beaches and descend into the Garden State with more ferocity than the thousand year locusts to destroy the GOP candidate.Only if something happens to Biden in the interim will this change,with the Anchor Baby tapping Murph the Serf to run the scam.

  6. George, you should be interested in “Should you get vaccinated”. There is a lot of science in there, many backup links. Like you say, maybe wait until they have actually completed all the testing they skipped in the rushed rollout. The very first graph is killer. These vaccines have killed more people since rollout than all vaccines since the data (VAERS) started collection. If you were in a high risk situation, it might still make sense. Out in the woods, maybe not. Also, look into ivermectin. I’ve got tubes of horse paste in my fridge….Just saying.

    • Hello Marku52….Thanks for the great link written by a self-proclaimed democrat that has had the vaccine. If anyone gets vaxxed after reading this, they are either 1. Nuts or 2. Into self-abuse.

  7. CBS news this morning, price of everything going
    up is because people are buying too much!

  8. “11.3%”

    Man, today’s $15.00/HR gig is worth January’s $13.305/HR. Not to mention S.S. and other rape charges are more at $15 vs $13.31. Why stress? Wait for the next free money extension.

    It’s coming. Biden will clump-in UBI bailouts with the Infrastructure Bill.

  9. Hey dude. You remember that ship the Evergreen / Evergiven that got stuck in the Suez Canal. Guess what just pulled into the port of Seattle this morning as I was sitting at the water front doing my morning ritual. Same exact boat. Pulling into the harbor to get unloaded in Seattle. No shit. I thought the same thing. What are the odds that I would be at the exact spot at the exact time it was pulling into the port of Seattle to see it coming in. Lol

    Wonder what THE DUDE is telling me?
    There are no coincidence in God’s world. Everything happens for a reason. Lot of toxic shit is being removed from me. People places and things. When I see THE DUDE make moves like this in the world around me? Boy hold on to your hat. I’m getting rocketed to the 8th dimension soon. Hahaa. I love watching THE DUDE work. My little plans and schemes ain’t shit compared to HIS abilities to just make shit happen. Hahah

    Truly! I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate. It is my hope, you are as well.

    Cue: ~ Juke Box Hero ~
    Foreigner 4

  10. “or just $28,571 per year.”

    Now consider … if one of those two end up in a nursing facility.. the 2.8 million will only last a few short years.. my mother made it four years before she had to be state funded.. what the state pays is less than what the costs rates have yo he increased for paying residents..
    The facility my significant other works at .. he isnt making a dime.. I dont even have to look at his books yo see it. He cant because he has a constant cash flow and my guess is he hasn’t really looked at it..

  11. I suck at numbers, but I think $388,257,306,121.64 is $388 billion. Not 3.8

    Third of a trillion.

    In case you’re wondering. That’s enough moolah to fund EVERY federal department outside of Defense, Veterans Affairs and NASA.

    Departments of:
    Homeland Insecurity

    We cannot long last as an empire at this rate of interest on this much debt.

    • The way I understand it..The vast majority of our yearly budget is destined outside our country..
      Gotta appease the puppeteers or they will stop donating to those that really matter in our govt.. maybe even stop buying paintings lol

    • For those who chose facts and not crapper kook aid, interest payments (as a percentage of outlays) were higher in the ’90’s than now. (8% now compared to 15% in the 90’s)

      Also, you may want to notice that Social Security and Medicare (mandatory spending) are 62% of entire budget, and Defense Dept spends 50% of the discretionary budget, feeding old people gets so pricey!

      • how much is 8 percent of 38 trillion HTESIM then is this daily interest or is it yearly interest (I borrowed 25 grand .. LOL LOL come to find out the daughter an investment banker was talking about a school loan.. and she mentioned daily interest.. LOL LOL that is when it dawned on me I was really paying 96 percent interest not 8 LOL LOL I for the life of me and I like this crap didn’t see the end figures just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t able to pay it off)Either way we are screwed instead of spending money so some joker that runs our govt that already has more than he will ever need get.. MORE… and let our country go to ruins all while they don’t even pay any taxes in this country.. well I would say maybe we should spend a little more time taking care of our own needs before we take off to make some spoiled brat richer than he already is while putting our whole country on the chopping block JMHO you cannot give if your already bankrupt and this is about the most upside down loan I have ever seen…….. ?????? How much does the USA take in for taxes.. seems to me I read someplace that either last year or the year before we didn’t take in enough to pay the outstanding interest on the deficit interest.. and what is the true deficit.. I am guessing since I read someplace that our outstanding balance is what three or four times that much.. I read our national budget once several years ago it was a joke..and my guess is it is even worse today than then.. Our infrastructure is crumbling.. so bad that once the domino’s start to fall it is all going down.. and we are spending money on other countries infrastructure at a greater rate than keeping ours operational..
        PHEW that was my RANT for today LOL.. all in all you cannot rent an apartment for two grand a month if you only take in eight hundred… much less buy a car etc.. its like the daily constitutional.. you eat a little expel a little.. it has to be at least equal….

      • “you may want to notice that Social Security and Medicare (mandatory spending) are 62% of entire budget, ”

        Those funds should not even a part of the national budget.. similar to federal retirement funds that money should be in a separate account..IF… I HAD been able to direct the portion of just what my portion deducted from the income I had made.. I would be assisting on a fifty million dollar retirement fund.. employers will be the first to tell you this is your retirement..
        The public officials should have kept it separate instead of foolishly and irresponsibly spending it on pet projects and wars..

      • I do get it.. they have to shove money in peoples pockets.. they don’t have a choice.. the moment they stop we are done… and I think we are far enough gone that it would be living hell for all of us.. ME first since I am at the bottom.. at least if I jump out of the window.. I don’t have far to fall LOL….and it isn’t the fall I am worried about it is that sudden stop..

  12. I figured they would suck back “stimulus” payments with inflation as soon as the shipping bottleneck news got out. If you have to live on anything more than $25K, 5% inflation takes it back in a year or less and keeps sucking.

    I saw fresh lumber logs stacking up at logistic points on a trip to the northern wilds in Mn. I don’t know how long it takes to show up at the lumber yard. The state had a pulp wood harvest auction this spring with no takers, I guess nobody needed fiber board or paper products; or make your own conspiracy theory. The state owns a lot of the land and runs a real estate operation, harvesting lumber and pulp wood on almost all of it. Property is sold without mineral rights so leases can take priority over ownership. Boating, camping, hunting, fishing, or even visiting a state park are other sources of state revenue.

  13. 1200 EDT, Lumber @ 645/100BF puts standard 8′ 2×4 at about 5.97 commodity cost…beats 8 bucks but still too high to finish the house.

  14. George, TPTB can’t have you putting out Ure opinion about the vaccines, you will only be allowed to repeat the offishal version

    I Quit taking all vaccines before the China virus came on stage, the last time a Dr. asked if I wanted a vac. I told him to stick it in his own ass. I got a new Dr. since then and got off the rat poison the former Dr had me making repeat visits for my tests and more rat poison, every 6 wks, he told me “there is no test we can give you to see if we can get off the anti-coagulant medicine, you will be on it the rest of your life”. Well the first thing I asked my new Dr. was the same question, he said yes but doesn’t know if insurance would cover it, I said do it anyway, I will pay what they won’t. Well I passed my blood test, to hell with the former Dr. liar , been coumadin free for over 4 yrs. Not everyone in the medical profession is a demon
    I view the medical industry the same way I do the social media, totally controlled at the top of the CORPORATION, they tell us what we can receive for health care and what we can not,, what we can say and hear vs what is not allowed
    George Orwell “1984” revision is “2021”
    How many medical advancments have been bought off, buried , patented to oblivion, just plain kept from the masses. Use the word “cure” and you will find yourself in legal war with the industry lawyers, you don’t have enough $ to beat them, FKing corporations. Our government is a CORPORATION protecting it’s members, against We the People of These United States of America
    It is time for US to un-incorporate, to un-UNITED NATIONS
    The Li family controls the China Communist Party, you ever see how many Li s are in control of major medical facilities? here is 2 examples from my state

    the Li family banner is 3 red horizontal stripes, like the E in Biden’s , blue BIDN and 3red lines for the E on his visual name online and on posters

  15. The Walmart brand 18 mega rolls = 72 regular rolls TP went up in value more than $3.00 from a recent $11.49 to the now $14.79.

    Municipal water out of the pipe in my community goes for 0.01025 cents per gallon. That been on decline since 2016 when it was 0.01249 cents per gallon.


    • WOW start at 21 min and watch to a little pass 23 min, Bam “criminal conspiracy” were his words not mine. That is as far as I got so far, got work to do that needs done, that is a longggg video, I am sure there is more information being given my this gentleman, worthy of listening to!
      there is so much info coming out about the China virus as a weapon against US and about the election fraud that was enabled by the virus scare, that a person can not watch all that is being exposed, like an avalanche D5. The CDC is on the CCP side
      Why is the Wizard of Oz referred to as a wizard? maybe because of the deception/illusion he used to control the inhabitants, follow the yellow bricks, and of course there is the red slippers that belonged to the evil witch

      When there is more than one person involved in the illusion/delusion to take advantage, gain and maintain control over others, it is a conspiracy, ask Lee Harvey Oswald. OH you can’t, because? the killers kill, it is what they do, everything from un born to presidents

  16. Dammit!

    Gettin’ tired of seeing naked article or video links.

    Outlinks for which the poster does not type a 1-2 sentence synopsis are not valuable enough for others to follow.

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