Polydunce Monday and Coin-Flip Trading

The word “Polydunce” hasn’t formally existed prior to this morning.  Sure – other words come close.  A “polymoron” for example is defined as “A multi-dimensional moron. A moron capable of several simultaneous vectors of stupidity. One whose moronic episodes become legend.”  (We try!)

The difference between a polymoron and a polydunce is that the episodes of latter are not usually “moronic.” Actions may have some rational basis in facts.  Just the wrong facts.

The weekend was simply not long-enough to establish moronic or dunce.  Too many projects are what manufacturing engineers call WIP – work in process.

Still, the judgment to mow instead of research based on the weather forecast was sound:  We had over 2-inches of rain here in East Texas between the Friday column and this one.  But, that left uncountable other things incomplete.

I’m sure you go through the same in your personal “criticism – self-criticism” sessions.  But Monday’s are hard because it’s the morning we step up to the rock pile again and look at the smallness of our hammers.  Didn’t break enough rocks this weekend…

Coin-Flip Trading

We are in a position this morning where the stock market could utterly collapse.  Fortunately, the market doesn’t read this column and the odds of another sunrise are – happily – quite good.  Still, do consider the “completeness” of how an Aggregate view of things looks:

The arrow on the left is where futures pricing pointed us early today.

Being a hybrid human (trying to balance right/visual with left/numeric brain functions) I adopted “colored trading boxes” to clarify my thinking about which Elliott Wave functions we might be in.

As oughta be clear, the “blues” show a long-term completion while the greens also show complete.  The horrifying part is so do the smaller red boxes.  Since the 5th wave can be larger than the 3rd under Elliott, we are on a tightrope presently that is swaying in the wind.

Print, Fed, print!  Borrow, borrow, borrow!

Overnight & Commodities

Asia was up a little overnight (6-10th’s %) while Europe is down a little more than that (on average).  This doesn’t mean a decline today in the U.S. would be totally a coin-toss.  That’s because the U.S. is still floating above the “rest of world” averages.  That ain’t normal.  So world oughta rally, or U.S. ought drop.

Problems abound, however.  The Consumer Prices (along with the NFIB Small Biz optimism report) land tomorrow morning. And if that’s not enough, people are breaking into “diseased thinking over Covid” which we will get to presently.

Main thing is while inflation fears are real (can you make up $5-trillion a year of “economy”?) there’s the nits and nags going on in commodities.

Take Lumber, for example.  Back down to the $760 handle and that says bad things about home-buying.  Copper (think house wiring) is also down.

Ethanol, on the other hand, is up almost 7%.  Which either means a fresh round of climate hysteria is coming, or the corn is going nuts.  Corn was down a little bit (-1%) along with oil, which nudges the nascent science of “political-climatology” toward conspiratorial ends.  Particularly when wheat is not moving.

Thumbing Through Headlines

The Big Question – any morning – is “What’s going on that truly matters?”  A lot of people are “news junkies” but haven’t really paused long enough to understand why.  Like everyone hits the brakes driving by an accident on the side of the freeway, right?

What makes an executive mind, different from a plebe is a single-minded focus only on mission.  They will spend zero time on weather (elsewhere) or the daily body count from Florida building collapsing because that’s “off-mission.”

With this in mind, the summer doldrums present useful opportunities for personal “filter settings” and testing.  What matters?  And why waste time on what doesn’t.    So here’s a run at some topics…

Who do you believe when comes to bio-hype?  The (too liberal for us) New York Times doesn’t have any problem claiming supremacy: Fox News Hosts Smear Covid Vaccine, Despite Outbreaks Among Unvaccinated – The New York Times.

But we’re sensing what matters may be prepping for future lockdowns before the rush.  Reason?  Delta variant is spreading and with it?  Stories like “Health experts say Delta variant symptoms are different than common COVID-19 symptoms, here’s what to look out for | 8News (wric.com).”  All similar to a bad hangover, though…

PreWar Jitters:  If you believe that the Covid virus was a bio-you-kn0w-what, then it lights a fuse that ends with larger weapons going boom (or flash, or click…such are modes of wide-spectrum operations).  Pay attention to China says it ‘drove away’ U.S. warship on anniversary of tribunal ruling | Reuters.  And how the U.S. is claiming Pentagon Sees China’s Offensive Space Technology ‘On the March’ (msn.com).

As if that’s not enough to elevate BP, how about  War Games In California And Florida Linked To Test Massive “Kill Web” (thedrive.com).  As readers know, the emergence of theater-level data management versus massive autonomous drone formations has never been tested.  There are compelling cases for each holding promise. Thing is, do you want to march into Taiwan to light off WW III with a promise when the other side is knowledgeable?

This is why Chip Wars are being waged, we expect:  Just this morning, Forbexs rolled Worsening Computer Chip Crisis Shows Supply Chains Are Still At Risk (forbes.com).  As always, the news flow may be giving us a “view of the future” not everyone wants to look at.  Around here, this kind of content is “real deal prepping delimiter” material.

Useful Prepping/Planning Stat?  How many calories in a 50-pound sack of uncooked white long-grained rice?  82,750.   So, 3,500 calories per day of raw rice for two people?  23-days of carbs from a 50-pound sack.  77,500 calories for a 50-pound sack of beans (depends on variety).  But this has a lot more protein.  Which is why we are HUGE fans of beans and rice.  Along with most of Cuba, lol…

Milestones to notice:  Jimmy Carter, wife Rosalynn celebrate 75 years of marriage.  It can be done!

Useless (or Drivel)

Marketing “racism” continues.  As a Temple University professor claims all White people are ‘connected to racism’.  Seems to me, so are Black people. So are people of ANY color.  The point?  Takes two (or more) to tango!

If you want to look at slavery honestly, there are more slaves in Africa today than anywhere else in the world!  Where’s the outage?  Ooops!  It’s a monetization!  What liberal (monetizing ideologs) don’t mention is “There are 40+ million people in slavery globally. That’s more than ever before in human history.”  Rather than fund the International Justice Mission‘s work, it’s sadly more common to see self-important demagogues talk the talk instead of walk the walk.  Hence, we file it (along with CRT) under bullshit and move along.  The old man thinking is? Fix the real problem or STFU.  Anxious to revisit this when ongoing Black slavery ends and Black-on-Black violence is addressed.  We support total equality – but that also means no one is “special.”  For now? “Money flows where audience grows” You can take that to the bank.

“Open-borders ESL and CRT please welcome our next contestant in American Specialness Monetization Champeenships!”  ‘A watershed moment’: Illinois becomes first state to mandate Asian American history in public schools.

Aren’t there any moderate, rational, centrists left in ‘Mercia anymore? Naw…

Lost In Space:  We couldn’t help but wonder – reading Billionaire Richard Branson reaches space in his own ship (apnews.com) – why are these rich dudes are trying so hard to get into space before we “get our shit together” on Earth?  Seems like irresponsible escapism to us, with a side of showmanship and ego, of course.  Also, as Elon and Jeff adventures to-come show, one set or problems are engineering – while the other problems are people issues.

Short Snorts

The Art of the Hunter: Obama’s ex-White House ethics chief calls Biden artwork arrangement ‘perfect mechanism for funneling bribes’

Poppy Peddlers note:  Republican lawmaker who served in Afghanistan says it’s ‘likely’ US will have to return.  Just too much money involved for anything else to happen…

Government out of bounds:  ‘Utterly Unacceptable’: Judge Blasts DC Jail for Not Allowing Jan. 6 Capitol Defendant Access to Evidence (theepochtimes.com).  (Why is “I’ve been working on the railroad, all the live-long day….” going through my head?  Swear, I’m putting up razor wire around our place…)

Mass shooting averted?  4 people were arrested after police were tipped off to more than a dozen firearms in a Denver hotel room.  You know, when there are more than 1,000 rounds found in a hotel room, maybe cops oughta be able to waterboard people to find out the real story.  Pronto.  The peddle that this was over a divorce, implied on a FB post just ain’t flying with me…sniff test fail…

40-minutes to the open, the market’s been arb’ed down 132 after being down >200 earlier. Off to another Mun Funday, huh?

Write when you get rich,


77 thoughts on “Polydunce Monday and Coin-Flip Trading”

  1. “- why are these rich dudes are trying so hard to get into space…”
    Their real goal is to get to Mars, is it not?
    They want to go home…

    • Hey Al

      “Home Is Where The Heart Is” … and they certainly do have their hearts into those projects. You may be right. Wish someone here had a heart and would do something about the mess we earthlings have here.


    • Seriously Al.. I think that it’s when you have so much that there’s nothing left to get or want..what go after.. especially if you’ve stepped on a few toes on your journey up.. in the end they realize..who will remember them or their accomplishments, after a few years they are forgotten not even a memory.Towards the end they end Up having a couple of boxes of assorted crap.. their family fights over anything they see as valuable the hospitals doctors, lawyers and state get the rest of the tangible assets the garbage men dig out anything else … one gent around here still gets a commentfrom from time to time from some of the older people..the last comment I heard was.. they didn’t have to bury him..they just screwed him into the ground then everyone laughed.. .
      Some push to have a street or a school etc. Named after them.. some realize its better to be charted in the annals of history..
      Just imagine if they went out of their way to help those in need..
      Oscar Schindler still brings a gasp of gratitude and a tose on his grave..give a waitress a great tip and they give you great service..
      The race is about legacy of remembrance..

      • My great great great great grandpa was hated not even a comment in the family.. it wasn’t until my mothers generation before there were any acknowledgement of his accomplishments..

  2. Denver Police “tipped off”. Puhleeeeeeeese. That dog is getting wagged so hard his tail is going to come off.

  3. Many rich people are very competitive. That is the nature of a person that thrives to build up a business and grow it into a fortune. They build giant boats, buy fast cars, build rockets. Earlier in time they climbed mountains, funded the arts, built castles or mansions. I say more power to them, none of them were able to use force to grow their wealth, they offered the market a product that was well received. Where this begins to fall apart is when they begin to use that wealth to influence/buy political favors that enrich the politicos and harm competition. When that happens then the citizens suffer from lack of choice and higher prices. But generally I say let them be successful, buy their toys, have their fun, we are all so much richer to have them innovating. We get so jealous of others when they have worked differently then us on their path to their own family fortune.

  4. I’m back from a week long respite in the wilds of southeast Oklahoma free from connections to the larger world. It seems the clown show is still full speed ahead.

    It was a good trip and a much needed break. It was quiet and the weather was excellent for this time of year. Not much happened other than an interesting encounter with a possible hominid that supposedly doesn’t exist, and that I learned the secret to a long and happy marriage:

    Think it, but don’t say it.

      • Strange! That comment got me nothing but malice and contempt from women. I stopped using it when I was in my 20’s.

        My dream was for a golden anniversary, perhaps even diamond, but that was not to be. I see little hope for one at my age.

  5. This year old Forbes assessment . . .


    . . . gives a decent overview of what I believe is a very plausible and present danger to the U.S. – an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

    History proves that the Chinese are very patient. In my absolute worst ‘sum of all fears’ scenario, deeply wanting to bring Taiwan back into the fold, China waits patiently for the next major solar flare, which we might expect during the current solar cycle. With EMP warheads already (likely) deployed on naval vessels and (covertly) occupying space in orbiting satellites, the PRC simply times EMP detonation over the continental U.S., Hawaii, Guam, S. Korea and the Middle East to mirror the arrival of a solar EMP. We Earth dwellers have approximately 8 minutes of warning from the birthing of a solar flare to impact on our magnetic field. That gives China 8 minutes to launch/detonate in strategically deployed locations. China will of course quickly deny any responsibility, sowing doubt and confusion, because they know U.S. policy firmly states that an EMP attack is considered a nuclear attack, and America will retaliate in kind if it is determined the EMP was an attack. But here is where the natural solar flare cover story plays in. Plausible deniability by the Chinese could sow some doubt among the more clueless in America’s political and military leadership.

    All U.S. nuke delivery systems are EMP hardened, able to withstand or quickly recover from the massive energy pulse. But reaction speed is a determining factor when it comes to modern offensive warfare, and by the time the U.S. could unequivocally determine that China used a solar EMP as cover for a kinetic EMP attack, China would hold the strategic advantage and essentially all of the cards moving forward. Americans would already face months-to-years living without the electric power grid. Would the current White House leadership really want to send most of the civilized world back into the Iron Age by lobbing a nuke attack against mainland China to defend Taiwan? I’m thinking Xi and his minions believe that to be an unlikely scenario as much as do I. But then, that’s just me.

    • I salute you, Sir for your service.

      As I get it, the effects of a large solar flare are twofold. The electromagnetic effects travel at lightspeed, and would arrive at Earth in some 8 minutes, just as you said.

      But the ejected mass in a Coronal Mass Ejection travels much more slowly–taking perhaps as long as a few days to arrive. Warnings are issued and broadcast well ahead of a CME when there will be effects here. This actually adds to the danger of a “masked event” by everyone being alerted to a strong CME inbound, and more-or-less expecting a Big Effect at schedule and predicted arrival time.

      The EMP nuke would be “explained” by the expected CME.

      Of course the guys in Cheyenne Mountain would know the truth, but the confusion and verbal deflections would only add to the chaos.

      Lesser monsters, like PRNK could use it as a cover, too. It might be hard for the general moron public to sort it all out. The Ignorant Media will not be helpful.

      ..and then we have the prospect of evil politicians anywhere to pile on and make hay out of it.

      Yes, I am that jaded, and I do not put that kind of treason beyond the worst of them.

      We are so screwed…

      • “The EMP nuke would be “explained” by the expected CME.”

        We would be shoved back ten thousand years. The studies estimate 97bpercent loss of life..

    • Think of all the TV sets and AM/FM radios that could be sold after a false flag EMP event. Why would anyone claim responsibility?
      Transtectors are now made in China..

    • With all due respect Warhammer – this crowd doesn’t possess the will or gonads to do chit in response and in all likelihood would be co-conspirators in such an attack ……… as long as the big guy gets 10% ……… we’ve become a nation of pus__’s unless it’s someone we can beat up on ….

      • Clawsy, I agree!!!
        They are into ‘Group Think’. Too smart for their own good.
        I will NOT be a single EMP, but a ‘gain of function’ EMP.
        With kinetics following in an ‘array’ on to ‘hot flat targets’.
        Chinco has been launching two or more sats every week for two and a half years. Good to know the weather?

      • “this crowd doesn’t possess the will or gonads to do chit”

        In the end clawsy all anyone can do is glean enough information to prepare for themselves and families. In essence we are all standing on the train track while a train is approaching in the distance.
        We are virtually powerless to stop the freight train from rolling over us.. Instead we empower ourselves with what we learn to find a way to step off of the train track or limit the damage.
        what I see coming is horribly scary.. I’m at the bottom it will hit me the hardest.. And the quickest.. My only hope is to learn enough from the lighthouse of knowledge shared so that I can survive or help those I know survive the storm..by hearing the opinions from all walks of life do we learn..everyone has gifts.. We are all geniuses in our station in life. Of course that’s just my opinion..

    • From what I know about this shit, that sure sounds like a plausible scenario to me. The Chinese are sneaky bastards, just look at what they’ve done with this Plandemic. BTW that’s an excellent 1/2 hour documentary…it’s unbelievable what our government did to Judy Mikovits.


  6. The Globalists like Kerry, Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney et al fly around in their private jets that spew tons of Carbon to attend conferences like Bilderberg, World Economic Council, etc. to talk about Global Warming and how Humans are the cause of Climate Change. They are lying hypocrites! Do as I say, not do as I do.

    The globalists cruise around in their mega yachts like Bezos’ new toy that is going to be 417 feet long and will have its own support yacht. The annual maintenance cost of the 1.39 football field long yacht will cost $60,000,000 per year to operate. Lot of carbon in the air to run those engines Bezos.

    The globalists heat and cool their 20,000+ sq ft abodes using petroleum (Carbon) products while their toys spew Carbon into the atmosphere. They preach about the dangers of climate change, and the evils of carbon and want us to feel guilty and ultimately pay taxes for our “carbon footprint” AND those of our cattle to ‘save the planet’ while they do as they please.

    The globalists want to reduce the population through man made diseases, false flag wars, weather weapon created famines, and the coming economic disaster from printing and spending Trillions in phony money. The majority of these billionaires and globalists are arrogant evil SOBs.

    According to the globalists, the planet is being destroyed because too many humans are polluting the planet. We pollute less than the billionaires and their companies. We aren’t slimy people that steal someone else’s work like Gates and Zuckerberg and other billionaires did and become the front men for tracking humans for government spy agencies.

    And now Gates you have a new messianic idea to dim the sun to stop Global Warming! Dim the sun to stop Global Warming? BS Again!! All you Billionaire Globalists said it was caused by humans!!!

    Most billionaires think their billionaire status gives them extraordinary intelligence and wisdom. What it gives these billionaires is the Arrogance that equates having billions with having intelligence, common sense, and solution solving capabilities in other disciplines. Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys are proof of that. It has been almost 3 decades since Jimmy Johnson built their last championship team. Billionaires think they have all the answers. They don’t!!!

    What a mass testing ground Gates, Fauci, the United Nations WHO, China, and all the Democrat Party Governors still talking lockdowns and masks. The lies they have created have made the whole world a Phase 1 and Phase 2 test trial. Sign me up for that load of propaganda so I can be a human guinea pig.

    Did you ever wonder why there hasn’t been a Delta variant on a multitude of other virus vaccines like Polio, Measles, HPV, Smallpox, Hepatitis, Mumps and on and on. Maybe because some lab isn’t modifying them like they did the Corona Virus which has been around for hundreds of years. Look at the back of a Lysol can-it has stated for decades it kills Corona Virus.

    Let’s see what happens in 6 months to 5 years with all the people that got the shot and the second shot. They are finding that it doesn’t totally work. People with shots are still getting Covid and dying. Now Fauci is saying that “the shots” do nothing for the new Delta Variant Covid, and that people will need another shot. And then they will have shots for the Beta, Sigma, Chi, Epsilon, Lambda, Omega, 2021, 2022, etc. variants. More shots=$KaChing $KaChing. More money for the billionaires that own the drug companies. The Blackrocks and Blackstones et al.

    The real death rates do not equal the hysteria. Covid death rates are extremely low as a percentage especially under age 70. 99.9994915% of people survive COVID. OAN reported that people are dying from Covid AFTER receiving the shots, and that the death rates from side effects from the shots are increasing dramatically.

    Check the REAL Death Rates with no co-morbidity. Hard to do because they filled in the Covid 19 ICD-10 codes too many times for events that killed people not related to Covid, including for gunshots, knifings, pneumonia, heart failure, flu, cancer, etc. The medical profession does it because they were incentivized by the CDC and NIH to do so. You can correlate decreased death rates for non-Covid ICD-10 codes and increased death rates for Covid ICD-10 codes. Therein dwells one of the many lies. Death rates for flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, COPD, etc. fall yet Covid 19 deaths increase. Lies and more lies.

    We have a lying government that hides real economic data, real death rates, and real inflation. They do not prosecute crimes from leftists. Hillary, Hunter, ANTIFA, BLM, and all the other leftist crooks in Government that went after Trump based upon lies they made up. This sorry Government now thinks it is there to control the people rather than serve the people! Biden has started knocking on doors invading our privacy to see if we have received the untested ‘shots’. Soros bought and paid for leftist Prosecutors are growing by the month. And the slimy liars in Congress like Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, et al, and the idiots in the White House think that the people are as dumb as they are and will always buy into their lies. We have news for you dumb asses—We aren’t!!!

    • I admit anyone reading George Ure is probably not a typical moron. However, you must remember that the evil politicians you mention are counting on the FACT that one half the population – BY DEFINITION – has an IQ below 100. A 2 DIGIT IQ!

  7. Rich dudes going into space while other rich folks buy farmland to grow veggies and taters for McDonald’s … while regular folks get hit with shortages and inflation. And where do the trillions of dollars being printed off the presses disappear to? The money vacuum doesn’t stop at the dollar store.

    Space toys ain’t cheap. Sometimes I think it’s ($) all going into some huge secret space project … while keeping people on earth on a train that’s gonna wreck eventually which will change things here, while they work up there. When there done up there, humans here will have burned out down here. I’m sure McDonald’s Fries will survive.

    Does that make sense? Lol

    • Reminds me of a sci-fi book a read as a youngster called “When Worlds Collide” published way back in 1933.


      It was made into an H-Wood sci-fi movie in 1951, actually pretty good. But the whole plot is essentially twin rogue planets are discovered and one is predicted to impact Earth, destroying all life. A group of scientists rush to build a series of Noah’s Ark-like rockets to save humanity and animal life, as the twin planet not impacting Earth is expected to get pulled into an orbit around the sun between Earth and the asteroid belt. As we know from H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, sci-fi is often prophetic. Brings to mind all the recently downplayed scientific discussion of Nibiru . . .


      . . . and interstellar interloper Oumuamua.


      • I enjoyed the movie though never read the book. One thing I found intriguing was the very last scene as they looked out at their new home. In the distance were three pyramids. Think it was three. I always wondered what was being implied by that.

      • the book is always better.. haven’t ever seen the movie steve..except with the legend of Mulan.. loved the legend and stories that have been passed down.. Disney did a great job with their live version very entertaining..

      • Farsight did a remote viewing on that Oumuamua. or however you spell it that crossed through our solar system, and determined it was indeed some kinda artificial spacecraft, in fact they called it a “prison ship”.

        I remember watching that “When worlds collide” movie. The deal was if you worked to build the “ark” rocketships then you would participate for seats to escape the collision.

  8. Re: Rice and beans – that could be a really satisfying dish when you’re hungry but try not to think about the juice of a perfectly cooked brisket soaked up by some Texas toast while you’re eating it. Kinda kills the moment but pinto bean greens tend to be about as full-flavored as any bean I’ve run across and super easy to grow right out of the bag on the grocery shelf.

    I was talking to an “insider” this weekend about Bagram Air Field asking why the military didn’t just use it for bombing practice runs instead of what appears to be turning it over to the Taliban and that person said the idea was that we’ll be going back eventually, probably soon. Lots of tech still in place there.

    • “Re: Rice and beans –”

      Except before you go to the mosque Bill…

      Lol… the big news if the day over in the middle east.. seems there was a gent at the mosque that passed wind.. since that’s seriously against Muslim law… but they are going to be kind to him and gave him a choice.. he could be stoned to death or take his head off.. ( they’re being kind by giving him the choice.. not only does his family get to live but taking his head off is faster and less painful)

      • Nothing like breaking wind at church…lol the good thing is for us.. you just get a dirty look and the speaker loses his place.
        I’m sure he was expecting it to be a silent fluffy instead it wasn’t and he looses his head ..Thankfully His wife and kids won’t have to.pay the penalty for his evil actions..

  9. Below is a direct quote from a recent White House press release:

    “The economy is booming under President Biden’s leadership,”

    I have a serious question not a rhetorical one:

    Where are all the planes?

    In 2019 I could look out my window and up in the sky on a clear day I could always see a jet airliner somewhere, day or night. 24/7 365 with extra planes on holidays. During 2020 the number of jet planes was steadily reduced. Now, I haven’t seen any in a couple of weeks. Not one. Small propeller planes are still flying. Granted airliners are not trains but they usually keep to a regular schedule.

    I ask this because all I’ve been hearing for weeks is how the economy is booming to new highs, never better.

    • I still see the somewhat typical E-W flyways fogged up over the ranch but there seems to be a couple of new paths drawn out now. But you can also see what Monkey Werx has to say on YouTube a couple of times a week or more.

    • “The economy is booming under President Biden’s leadership,”

      Its numbers … what they aren’t saying is the increase of printing and they still haven’t fixed the eviction list.. they are just pushing it down the road.. now with delta varient… IF.. it takes off.. they won’t close it down. Instead the narrative of its trumps supporters fault.. even though it’s pretty obvious that the vaccine is ineffective..i think the its trumps fault will be pushed

  10. A rebel and stunna ..

    G, G, G,G – told ya already DOW higher on last trading day Aug than 1st Trading day July.
    Simple, easy peasy, can relax..”they” will be along shortly! in the meantime, sussing out the “r” controlled political nogoodniks..You know the peeps with “Back Head” ?.. no they r not cold blooded.

    we begin ..US patent # 6372224 -1/20/200 ..veterinary science -pfizer – 1st vaccine – S spike protien/corona virus.

    still think covert19 is Novel virus? 23 years ago..baabaas, 23 yrs ago

    patron saint(reptilian)wuhan – tony Falsie & NAID(CristiansInAction) funds research UNC chapel hill – 4/19/2002 patent filed – built Infectious Replication Defective corona virus targeting Human lung epithelial.

    We (USA!) made SARS & patented it !

    – US patent # 7279327 .. all about S1 protein spike /Ace1 & 2 .

    best news – this puppy can be synthetically assembled with off the self patented virus “files”

    – falsi & fellow “darksiders” =$*&^!L!@^ controlled – designed these nasty corona viri to carry or distribute HIV vax. check out the lil goblins aura – hard to “view” as it is kinda oily grey/weak.
    Looks like he got mixed up with our ole friends… see Anthrax and Bayer – patent history.

    Do not watch – https://odysee.com/@Jadu200:7/A-manufactured-illusion.-Dr-David-Martin-with-Reiner-Fuellmich-9-7-21:e


    – cannot handle THE TRUTH ie still clinging alien savior, 7 days creation, born w/orig sin, generally people are Good “souls” and or Government gives one rats ass for about its “herd” – fast asleep at their computers, in the vast wastelands of inner city america.

    You need see the above – horrifying look at REALITY – how “they” PLAY the game.
    Buckle up buttercups – this one HURTZ .
    – like lowest levels @ groom lake – foul, stinks like nothing U have ever imagined/think fresh snake shit -nnnasty stuff, insufferable pain and torture – all agreed to by Ure loving US govmint (1940’s)

    – 4 U- about U, without U knowledge…hmmmm

  11. “mars”

    There’s a two tier, possibly more, system in place.

    Earth is the ghetto planet.

    “Black on black”

    I listen to the black radio station out of Detroit, AM 910. They have call-in programs and the callers seem to be about 98% black.

    Regular Detroit black folks calling into the station seem normal to me. Most do not want the liquor stores. Most do not want the marijuana dispensaries. Most do not want the casinos. But they are helpless to stop any of it.

    They don’t know where the guns are coming from. They do want to use the serial numbers from guns to trace them from manufacturer through chains of custody. But authorities don’t/won’t investigate that way.

  12. This is what it looks like when the FBI pulls the op before it goes hot.

    George- I’m really writing to ask if you’ve applied your wave logic to the COVID waves? We have plenty of chart to look at over at https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/covid-19-coronavirus-infographic-datapack/

    The best view of the US waves is on the Country Comparer section. Close all the boxes except the US. This shows a wide view of the whole COVID history. I’d love to see your analysis of where it’s going.

    Hint: we’re at the beginning of a new megacycle, it’s been 9 months since the last big one started in mid-October 2020. The only question is will this one be bigger or smaller than the last one?

  13. getting better with age george. but alas there is only one guru left and he has nailed the time and amount to perfection of what is about to hit . the other guys are really sick pieces of sheet . relaxed and prepared . as the great vince lomardi said . luck is a line where opportunity meets preparation . if you are prepared and it arises , you take it and get lucky . congrats to all prepared . stay short everything . except USD and TLT

  14. everybody should read the garbage from the FED worker on 321 sewer,SKIing apparently . it is a great psyoptic journey on yellowdog snake oil selling. stay short the dog

    • Short paper /derivitives of your “dog”

      Hold the Gold – the phyz that iz.

      Would rather hold Water, long.. hard to do w/o the Rights.
      U can keep the dirty ass oil to burn..hahahaha Burning oil for energy/power ! f-ing genius!

      – GUARANTEED Price inflation – see Lake Pead, and Colorado river flows

  15. “A “polymoron” for example is defined as “A multi-dimensional moron. A moron capable of several simultaneous vectors of stupidity.”

    OTGLMAO…. what portion of our political system were you referring to.. i personally think that pretty much describes the whole works lol
    OR….. does that pertain to all of us voters that keeps voting in the same bunch election after election.. if they were worthless before the election why do we assume that they will change..

  16. Here’s a thought experiment: We know that all the “vaccines” create an endogenous source of spike proteins, either through mRNA or a vector virus. We also know that 75% of these spike proteins enter the lymphatic system and are distributed all over the body where they create random thrombotic events. Spike proteins are naturally attached to a capsule/membrane in a virus, so what are they likely to do – perhaps incorporate themselves in any convenient membrane? Perhaps vascular endothelium?

    Let’s see if there’s an increase in PAH diagnoses in those that are vaxxed vs the rest of us. Unfortunately PAH cannot be diagnosed without invasive techniques and is often found along with confounding comorbid conditions. It takes an average of three years to kill and there’s no effective treatment that can reverse it. Most likely many people die without proper diagnosis, with cause of death listed as atrial fibrillation and noting an enlarged heart. Viagra might help, but that’s unlikely to be prescribed without a diagnosis – especially in women.


    • Good thought to keep in mind….The sad part is I have a few if the symptoms of the pah after having taken the vax..
      Constantly dog tired… time will tell..

      • I’d consider Ivermectin – though it’s your call, of course. “First, do no harm”, and this product has a good safety record. There’s anecdotal evidence that it might be useful. The normal prophylactics of vit D, C, and a bit of zinc can’t hurt at all. Best of luck and thanks – you’re a real asset to this site and world!

      • Let’s not forget the basics – prayer and meditation. Exercise can’t hurt either – in moderation. It works for Andy and many others. My mother had a heart condition and lasted 20 years longer than her physician could possibly believe, so it’s really in God’s hands. We just have to do our part, as I’m sure you’re doing.

      • thanks mike.. I will give the ivermectin a shot.. have to research to find out what dosages they suggest.. I am doing zinc and vitamin d, c,

      • I love to meditate.. I have been doing that for years.. since the vax I am tired.. for over thirty years I maybe got three to four hours a day sleep.. now I am doing eight to ten and still tired..

  17. George,

    I really noticed your comment on the calories of a 50lb sack of rice. We also store a fair amount of basic food like rice, beans, wheat, etc along with a lot of home canned items. It seems that most of the dry goods like beans rice, wheat, corn, and other basics dry goods, have in the neighborhood of 1,600 or a bit more calories per lb. As a base for eating without access to a grocery store, those commodities are not only long term easily stored items, most of them are also high quality for your health (think brown rice not white!). I don’t recall ever seeing in print before a comment like you made about the sack of rice. I warmed my heart! Thanks

  18. George – c’mon man, don’t tell me you believe in this so called Delta Variant! Man, it’s the same game – the lock downs were very successful at control, they just want to get the masking and lockdowns going again.

    You are such a bright guy in some respects, but you missed the entire psyop with Covid. Ok, wish more lockdown on the American people, but don’t expect this next one to be readily accepted, especially with the good people of FL and TX. Just don’t get the vaxx, or Georgie might have to have Elaine post on the site because George may be in the hospital with Endocarditis, Thrombo Cytopedia, among a myriad of others reactions to the vaxx.

  19. “Short Snorts
    The Art of the Hunter”

    Cone on George…. Hunters work makes that crapbthat Leonardo Davinci, Monet and Rembrandt look like a childs scribbles.. and their sellingvfor as much to.. it wouldn’t surprise me to see a directive to toss out the scribbles t the museum’s and replace it all with REAL art. OTFLMAO

    • Gotta admit it takes …BALLS… oh wait we’ve all seen those already to lol lol

    • You need to spend more time around jails and courts. Those killed are one stat.
      The convictions by race is another. And no, it’s not ALL because of racism. It’s also because of a heavy dose of “getting-caughtism.” Look at crime maps…income gradients are where the street action is. Racial gradients map to economic gradients. Economic equality solves crime. Unity, pride, hard work, and shared values first solves educational and value gaps and thence economic inequality. Hard work, evenly applied standards – which are under constant attack…
      Because? It doesn’t make social media rich or fill up the news channels.

      • AMEN George..

        the parents of the children raised in poorer neighborhoods don’t want their child to grow up bad.. these kids are left for the neighborhood gangs and network television to raise as the parents at lower income jobs. For those in affluent neighborhoods.. their children are just as bad the difference is the ability to defend them in a court..
        I visit daily with a young woman now that I have known for a few years.. She will spend the next ten years behind bars..All because she was to afraid to testify in fear of violent retribution from those that threatened her.(I remember how that fear is.. I use to hide in a dirt basement and wait for the good christians to go home.. luckily I had a savior in the form of a janitor that was powerless to stop it but he could at least help a little bit and great parents. I had a wonderful support system) . so they in turn threw the book at her.. she shouldn’t be where she is, and unfortunately I don’t have the money to get a good enough lawyer.. the only thing I can do is send her a few books a month and some money for shampoo etc.. Nice kid.. was stalked beaten threatened and used because she was poor..

  20. Well, the Texas Dims have taken a private jet to D.C. to break the Texas House quorum and, no doubt, confer with Dear Leader to see how next to undermine both State and Federal Constitutions. If you’re a LEGAL Texan Governor Abbott’s contact page is easy to find. Please write him and tell him to expose and prosecute the Hell out of the owner of the aircraft for aiding and abetting a crime and prosecute the Dims. Voting integrity is worth ruffling every feather in sight.

    • Cowards – not Texans

      If they were Texans, they would take a stand and stand for what they believe. These are yeller belly libtard cowards.

      Bring it.

      To Austin this time.

      • I have a dear friend in Brazil. We met on U-Tube about 20 years ago. We got to know each other very well, sending family pics and stuff … then things changed and he started writing things like this to me …

        “ This is the truth about Brazil, our countries are so similar. Our values ??are the same. We love true democracy. The real democracy created by the founders of the USA. We detest this fraudulent pseudo-democracy imposed by the powerful who want to exploit and defraud our elections. We are ready to fight for freedom.”

        I think a lot of people are willing to fight, globally. But the battle field where grass grows is quiet.

  21. 75 years of wedded bliss lol…
    My inlaws have that beat do far.. if I’m not mistaken they’ve been married 77 years.. shooting a hundred in the foot my parents just about made seventy.. then my father up and died.. I never heard them argue.. the most violence in the home was my father snacking my mom on the butt turning to run and hits the door jam knocking himself out lol…

  22. Re: Jimmy & Roz…
    25 Years: Silver Anniversary
    50 Years: Golden Anniversary
    75 Years: Diamond Anniversary
    100 Years: Unobtainium Anniversary.

    Lotta respect for Jimmy… didn’t vote for him, but he earned it post-presidency.

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