A Day Without the Web

A lot has happened since I wrote the book Broken Web in 2012. Unfortunately, though, the long-term bottom-line outcome hasn’t changed.  If anything, post Wuhan, there are still more plotlines to collapse than happy endings.

This morning, two perspectives.  A look back at how television news lost America’s faith.  And a look ahead to the day we hope never happens.

We do this with the goal of keeping our minds focused and ready for any – and all – eventualities; it’s time to update our thinking and present what a day of life would be like with no internet.

I think you’ll agree, it’s a sobering mess.  Fitting for a accompanying post mortem on network news.

After a few snips of today-ish headlines and a look at the ChartPack which is busily digesting inflation and deflationary counter-currents from a very vulnerable perspective.

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49 thoughts on “A Day Without the Web”

  1. We have to assume (ass out of u and me! Ah, ah,ah….) that the Colonial pipeline closure was an Internet/network outage Vs a contrived government operation.

    Every morning where I live there’s a train heading North to the power plant. If you are stopped at by this train, that only carries coal the wait is usually 5/6 minutes. It’s long.

    If the Internet goes down the trains will go down (based on Colonial). After the trains, the power plants.

    Once the power plants go down it’s best to act fast and take the subdivision. Get the supplies.

    • “We have to assume…”

      No, we don’t.

      We have to assume that the pipeline really was shut down.
      We do not KNOW, for CERTAIN, that the pipeline was shut down.

      We do NOT have to assume the reported entity (i.e. those scary “Russian hackers”) is the agent which shut the pipeline down. There are about 228 international (hackerz iz like musicians — they recognize talent, not race, creed, color, religion, gender, or nationality) black hat hacking groups which could have engineered the shut-down, as well as State hackers from the governments of nearly every nation on the planet, including our own NSA and CIA.

      Have you had your two bits today? No? Well here’s two bits of wisdom from me (and a third from the Wachowski Brothers):

      Don’t build a “wall in your mind” unless you know that one exists, outside your mind.


      NEVER accept a limitation or delimiting parameter that someone else gives you.

      “Free your mind…”

      • “If the Internet goes down the trains will go down (based on Colonial). After the trains, the power plants.

        Once the power plants go down it’s best to act fast and take the subdivision. Get the supplies.”

        This was your point.


        However, I jumped on
        “We have to assume (ass out of u and me! Ah, ah,ah….) that the Colonial pipeline closure was an Internet/network outage Vs a contrived government operation.”

        because folks in general, and George’s readers in particular, need to understand that any stroke of adversity, of any kind, from any direction, can be manufactured, both by foreign players, and by our own government. and a reason or explanation for this adversity also manufactured, which may have no basis whatsoever in true fact.

        We don’t KNOW the pipeline was shut down.
        We don’t KNOW that if it were, the shutdown happened because of a hack.
        We don’t KNOW that if it were hacked, the hackers were Russian.


        The pending GOVERNMENT MANDATED editorial censoring of personal, individual text-messaging will usher in a period in time when people will only be able to be confident in their personal communications when they are communicating face-to-face and in-person.

        I’m just trying to get folks of superior intelligence and life experience to take the red pill, and come to the realization that everything they are told about anything could possibly be a lie…

  2. A quick scan of the cnn’s website drives GU’s point home. This one irked me to no end —

    “What the American accused of plotting to kill Haiti’s President told police”

    Is it news or is it clickbait? You gotta play to win!

    • It is tabloid journalism, and clickbait.

      If you have something to say, you say it, not state it as an interrogatory cliffhanger.

      That line should read: “The American accused of plotting to kill Haiti’s President told police {insert x, y, and z}.” THEN, if one is interested, they can follow the link (or turn the page) and get the “meat & potatoes” which fill in the “outline” sentence.

      Along with naked links, I never click on cliffhanger links, unless I’m in a hurry and am trying to locate the SOURCE of a news-item or article (and BTW, that source is NOT CNN!) The few news items CNN actually produces aren’t (generally) shopped on cnn.com as cliffhanger links…

      It no longer does it, but when Google was a search engine instead of a propaganda tool, you could insert a string of up to 254 characters (52 “words”) enclosed in quotes, and Google’s string agent would search everything Google had crawled and catalogued, for that exact string, even including the “a” and “I” single-character words, spaces, punctuation, and the conjunctions which it now cavalierly ignores. It would also return “not found” if there were no exact hits. It would also do a full Boolean search.

      Can you imagine how useful such a tool would be?

      Well now, you can ONLY imagine it, because after Google introduced “fuzzy logic,” eliminated “words” under 4-characters in length, eliminated most of the Boolean operators, and eliminated full quotes and conjunctions, it has become merely a spam-tool with some generic search functionality.

  3. Internet goes down we lose communication. Thats one thing but if nuclear power plants go down and uranium can no longer be controlled, that would be a whole different story.

    • With or without a grid down, three seconds after an Internet hard-down, there will be no money. There will also be no municipal gas, oil, or water, and no cellphone, television, or any other regional or national utility. Within three days there will be no gasoline or food. At “zero dark +4” there will be no employees at any nuclear power plant, because they will all have gotten tired of listening to the cries of their hungry children — those children who no longer have electronic babysitters, and accordingly are acutely aware of their empty bellies.

      Those nuke employees will all be out trying to kill Bessie, Billie, Mr. Ed, and Rover, to feed their kids, even though few know how to butcher an animal.

      ‘Better hope they turn off the lights before they go home on the second night…

      • Exactly..amen Ray…
        I had a friend that razzed me azz bout my solar setup..extremely bright.. he couldn’t grasp sd solar as an economically efficient power system..
        Then a big storm out east took out the power.. he ran out of fuel.. discovered without the grid he couldn’t get any..he called to tell me he was sorry he could cook an egg on his counter.. he later put in solar after he retired and the system paid for itself in six months.
        The study said 98% loss of life after an emp and better than ten years to get it back up.. If they could get the parts

      • LOOB, today’s “normal” people have a 3-day food supply. Just in-time store restock means grocery stores (in the aggregate) have about enough food for 2 meals, for the entire community they serve.

        MY “normality” is the one I learned from my parents, who had this thing called a “pantry” and while they didn’t have a basement or “root cellar” they did have a bunch of storage cabinets on the back porch which were explicitly dedicated to home-canned food.

        Mom had an 18 gallon stock pot. When she fixed spaghetti sauce, vegetable soup, ham & beans, etc., she used that ginormous pot. We would eat off it for three days, then the remainder would be frozen or canned (depending on what it was), except for beans. Her ham & beans were made with Great Northerns instead of Navy pea beans, so the leftover bean soup became homemade baked beans before it got (both) frozen and canned…

        If we needed food for a meal, it came out of the pantry or porch. Only fresh meat, milk, fruits & veggies, and bread were purchased on an “every two days” schedule. We could’ve eaten for 4-5 months from Mom’s supply at any time, from the time I was born until she passed away.

        THIS is my “normal.” It was everybody’s normal, back before the terms “prepper” and “survivalist” were coined, or people needed a Mormon affiliation to justify having long-term food storage…

      • dam.. Ray I thought we were the only ones to make the seven day stew.. we do the same thing.. all leftovers are packaged up and frozen.. if there are a lot of them then they are freeze dried and packaged for fishing and camping trips.. we have a pantry.. and I have tried for years to get the kids to make a pantry.. they believe in the three day supply.. I use to have that mentality till we almost starved to death.. scraping grain up off of the ground and pounding it into a crude gruel.. heat and electricity turned off about to be evicted during the winter without a car.. froze my feet and hands.. all I had was a wool coat that I would shove crumpled newspaper in.. I would collect the coffee grounds and roasted grain off of the ground to mix with it to make a barley corn coffee.. used a coleman camp stove( still got it and the stove top folding oven) I was offered a job catching male chickens in a hen house for a dollar an hour.. it took five hours.. then the farmer said.. you can have the five bucks or the chickens you caught.. and some eggs.. I took the chickens and eggs.. got home and seen the door to the apartment was closed.. ( we would keep it open to let the heat from the unheated hallway warm it up) I was terrified.. thought that we had been evicted while I was catching the chickens… I was scared to death.. put the key in the lock.. it still worked.. opened it and a blast of warm air hit me.. the lights were on the heat was on the fridge was full of food and all the cupboards.. we had a pine branch in a coffee can.. it was decorated and there was a toy for each of the kids a coat and some winter clothes.. a receipt on the counter for the rent back rent and the electricity.. I fell to my knees and cried.. it was the best christmas I ever had.. swore I wouldnt ever forget where I had been.. and I never have.. every year I find someone in the same boat I was and make magic for them..
        highest tipper at a restaurant.. and I always have food in the pantry..
        my wife thought I was nuts.. she had never experienced something like that.. then a few years ago.. the company was letting go every single high paid long term employee.. ( they wanted me off of the insurance) she was without a job.. I was still in a wheel chair and no one would hire her because she had a profession and a degree.. she couldn’t get unemployment and because we had a newer than ten year old car we couldn’t get food stamps or heat assistance etc.. there wasn’t any free money.. we could sell the car or the home and live off of it.. luckily we had food and enough in savings to pay the bare essentials..
        the last two months we were down to our bare dollar and I get a card in the mail.. in it is said.. I don’t know why but I can’t get you out of my mind and dreams that says you need help.. there was a check in there from someone I hadn’t seen or talked to since he was eight years old..
        it got us by till my wife found a job.. Now she no longer teases me about the pantry she actually helps.. I still haven’t rebuilt the savings but we are doing ok.. we live on what we get and I had taught myself how to make most of the creature comforts that we all enjoy.. beer wine cheese etc..
        the seven day stew is still done.. it actually gets really good after the third day LOL.. its a comfort to know that others think similarly to the way I think..

      • LOOB, Everybody who pays attention knows chili, spaghetti sauce, stews and pot roasts don’t get good until the third day. ‘Thing is, I’m not exaggerating about that enormous pot, yet even after the last of my older sibs moved out, when Mom made chili or spaghetti, there was often not anything left after the third day. To this day I haven’t figured out where it all went…

    • Deagle I believe thinks most of the US loss will be from people leaving but it’s also interesting that approximate 30% of the population will not take the jab …..

      • “Deagle I believe thinks most of the US loss will be from people leaving”

        Hmmm… Depopulation….. give that a thought for a moment..
        SOooooo… who is depopulated..
        back in the early eighties the times had a story about the origin of aids..
        they quoted a non disclosed source with the WHO that told them that it was a plot to depopulate those they see as difunctionally fit and it was added to a small pox vaccination given out in Africa and to drug and gay community in the USA.. in the thought that it would only spread through that community..
        a couple of books have been written on the theory..
        I read a document by Edward Hooper that proposed that early batches of the oral polio vaccine grown in cultures of chimpanzee kidney cells, infected with the virus, were the original source of HIV-1 in Central Africa.
        IF …. it was a biological similar to the incident in Tuskegee where they experimented with syphilis thinking it would depopulate the african American community and to study how fast it could be passed on..
        because of that study the rate of infection was so great that the once thought to be eliminated virus got its rebirth and is probably the source of all present day infections.. the same with giving the indians blankets infected with small pox.. although that story is a good one.. the story was during the american indian war and the settlement of amhearst there was a political leader that wanted the community named after him.. the native tribes of the area wanted it named after their tribe.. well you can read that story in the book The Village of Amherst a Landmark of Light this is another book on the subject..https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/555016.Atlas_of_the_North_American_Indian
        which one theory given was that was the beginning of the huge outbreak that ravaged the colonies..
        My point is.. who would they give the real vaccine to.. and who would they infect.. if your bobby big butt money bucks and you want to be the one that has the control who would you control.. if you were bent on eliminating the vast majority of the population? my thought is IF.. this was a true conspiracy against the population.. you would want the population of your country to be the strongest not the weakest.. and if the past events were real and it is obvious that once a virus is out it cannot be controlled.. it moves freely from one to another .. it doesn’t care if your bank statement says your more powerful than everyone else.. and if it was true.. who would do the work for you.. you need workers.. and since the vast majority of the puppeteers don’t live or pay taxes in the USA would they want their country to be the one the strongest..
        an exec sits behind a desk.. he does the work of many in how he proceeds his company through his ability to market the labor of those that work below him.. a contractor he plans how his company will expand through his building of whatever.. he doesn’t really go out and swing a hammer or carry the buckets of cement.. ( or my worst job.. clean blood tanks.. LOL they save the blood it is shipped from the slaughter house and delivered to makup and pet food stores…afterwards someone crawls in that tank to steam clean it.. I can only tell you what horrific smells that has and me reflecting on the job has those smells in my mind.. not even counting the pile of maggots.. ugghhh..)I can tell you a guy wearing a thousand dollar suit and making a million or more a year will not crawl in that thing and if there isn’t someone willing to do it.. it won’t get done.. so you need the little people..
        then do you focus on the remaining ballance of the affluent ones.. similar to a law passed by congress that both sides said were so great.. a passage in it targeted them.. so which one did they intend to target or.. They just don’t know it is in the bill.. ( they don’t read or write the bills how could they know it was even there)
        then.. aids was and still is a big threat.. among eveyrone.. take the story of a hooker in kansas city aids positive.. they were seeking the four hundred customers.. or the guy I worked with..( he did die from aids..) every woman in the facility slept with him more than once.. and if each of those nurses and techs slept with their husbands or boyfriends or on average had six sexual connections in their life.. how far would it go..
        SO thinking about that.. Did they put a kill switch in the vaccine.. if they are smart and they know a little about past infections.. then I doubt it.. I sure wouldn’t.. it would be pure suicide for them to do it.. or they would have to learn to do a lot of crap that they are not willing to do now… Just my thoughts on tainted vaccine.. I myself got the shots I am betting that those that made it are trying to stop the virus from spreading…

      • Riiight…

        The Deagel forecast was disappeared on April 20th, 2021. The entire website vanished without a trace on April 26th, 2021. It returned, without the forecast page or research, late on April 29th. Deagel content was hidden from The Internet Archive but can be found at its satellite sites (try archive.ph…)

        Someone at GLP posted screen grabs taken on the 19th, which may be the final archive of the page.

        Deagel’s 2025 projection forecast population reductions of from ~34% to ~88% for all Native English-speaking nations and reductions of ~32% to ~80% for G-7 and most NATO nations, small reductions for Russia and China, and a population increase for India & Pakistan.

        If they are forecasting a diaspora (as they claim), where are all da Yankees and Brits going…??

        Their claim is a lie, made to keep their strategic population and economic projection from causing a panic. Although cited for years (the Deagel 2025 Forecast page went up in 2006 or ’07) by conspironuts, few people noticed the page or gave Deagel cred, until the lockdown, when a LOT of people began hitting fringe sites to try and glean any info regarding CV-19. In the latter part of 2020 the page became really popular, based on an interview of Doug Casey by “International Man” which went viral both on YouTube and transcribed as an article at Zerohedge. The Casey interview prompted a number of the cashflow prepper (doomporn) sites to dust off the long-forgotten Deagel threads on their website forums. THEN visitors saw the nuclear war forecast…

        My research for this post may be followed (in no particular order) here:













  4. I have had terrible luck with my raised beds here in Oklahoma. I’m moving them next year to the east side of the house to block the hot wind coming from the west and to have some afternoon shade.
    I had a ventless propane fireplace in Pennsylvania. It heated the whole house. I worry that the propane might explode in the sometimes 115* heat. Do you shield your tank?

    • Painted it silver long ago…hasn’t blown up yet :-) – we have had a terrible garden this year – the grasshoppers got all my favorites and the tree rats (squirrels) seem to love ‘maters.

      • Too much rain, too little sun for Texas vegetable varieties this season. I finally got a first mess of okra this weekend, a month or more late. Apples are early and good. I have more squash vines than ever with a lot of blooms and almost no squash. The cream peas were all pilfered. I think the deer are raiding, although I’m not finding any tracks to confirm.

      • Comrades,

        The grasshopper always looks greener on the other side.

        A young family here has a budding cricket farm taking shape in a small barn. Their cricket powder retails locally for cad$100 per kilo and claims to be high in protein.

        Maybe those grasshoppers are cashflow on the hop? Might be worth squirreling a few away for a rainy day?

    • Dont worry about your propane tank. It has a pop off valve on it and if the pressure ever gets to high it will release the excess pressure. It helps if your tank is painted white or aluminum. If it ever pops off give it a few minutes for the air to clear before lighting up your smokes.

    • or start making plans for Diaspora..staying couple steps ahead of crowd can be advantageous to increasing ones probabilities in Survival. tickticktick..

  5. Dr Charles Hoffe MD, in his latest update of July 6, 2021 is reporting on the disturbing findings in his patients. He says the mRNA vaccines are plugging up thousands of tiny capillaries in the blood of those who took the ‘vaccine.’ Dr Hoffe explains he has been performing D-dimer tests on his mRNA ‘vaccinated’ patients and he has worryingly identified that 62 percent of them had these microscopic blood clots. The result, says Dr Hoffe, is that these patients have what is termed Reduced Effort Tolerance (RET) which means they get out of breath much easily than they used to. The podcast will explain in detail if friends and family have these symptoms advise them to get the test.


  6. Aapperantly the vaccine has chips in it. Ask your veterinarian to scan vaccine site to get your bar code number. Had a podcast of this but they already take it down

  7. total bullsheet everywhere the rigging festering sewer rats . and of course nobody says a word !!!!

  8. A very serious thing to consider with the internet going down is that it is as serious as the power grid failing. In reality, it IS the power grid failing.

    Local blackouts can be troublesome, but widespread or regional blackouts can be catastrophic even if they’re for a short time span.

    We’re talking no power, no water, no fuel, no food. A couple of weeks of that, especially in heavily populated areas, and the roving a$$ rape gangs will be on the loose.

    Just think how people would BEG for a highly regulated and locked down internet after something like that! If you’re a power hungry oligarch it’s a self-licking ice cream cone.

  9. OMG! Flashbacks of being the ENG engineer. I built the first ENG microwave van to bring live TV to the streets of Honolulu back in the 80s. All the ENG stuff and microwave support links went away with the advent of wireless broadband and everyone with a video phone. Neilsen ratings were dumped when stations discovered they could count hits on their news web pages. They became internet newsrooms that just happened to put together a video summary of the day for the TV broadcast. If the internet went down hard, there would be no more TV news at all. And obviously that would be the least of our worries. Glad I have a rural survival platform, much like Ures.

  10. If you’re not hip to the highly-credentialed Dr. Peter McCullough, then please enlighten yourself. Here’s a quote from the good doctor: “We actually couldn’t even communicate with our propagandized colleagues in major medical centers, all of which appear to be under a spell, almost as if they are hypnotized right now.”


  11. George, on that projection that inflation will keep spiking for a year (and give people more reason to hate Democrats), others think inflation will peak soon and the inflation spike will stop :


    Over the cliff, straight ahead..Burry (the Big Short predictor) and others all say steer clear!!

  12. “In the first case, the Jane “set-up” and intro to Dick took only 18 words. Jane – who would have been a pro back then – set up the story with Dick for maximum news impact.

    However, in the modern genre of “kiddies with cameras” the over-consulted (and overly-made-up) marvels killed the story. ”

    The “modern version” of “news” “reporting” allows both Richard and Jane to be a Dick, and editorialize, pontificate, and sway viewers into a more-compliant mass — It also eats space, meaning modern Jane will only have to cover three stories, whereas 1970s Jane covered 5-6, and that half-hour local “news” program can get down to 21-minutes and sell that much more cash register time. If’fn the newschick is really hot, or really well-upholstered, and can reflect Don Henley’s lyric, they might even go 20/10 ’cause they’ll have the viewership hooked from the first second. BTW, notice now that nearly every local evening “news” show has a newschick and/or a “co-anchor” setup? It ain’t because the writers of Network stumbled upon the Holy Grail of broadcast journalism, nor because the “Journalists” CBC is cranking out now are all female. It is because no matter the chatter from the cancelettes, sex sells, and the more Dick and Jane word-play between stories, the fewer actual news stories they have to do.

  13. That “journal” is some of your best writing. If you “flow” some more entries into it, it could be the basis of a kickass “who killed George” or “whatthehell happened here” type of mystery or tragedy.

    ‘Thing is, it won’t, because now that I put this out into Universe, you’ll start thinking about it, and you’ll ruin the flow (and the potential) through terminal over-thinking.

    I suggest you forget all about this PN and my post for six months, then create another day or two of entries…

  14. Not bad but a wildcat strike might have been better than quitting. Other $15.00 /HR signs must too good to pass up.

    ‘We all quit’: Burger King staff leaves note to management on store sign

    “”We had just got really tired of upper management and them not coming to help and not caring about the employees,” Flores told “TODAY.” “As I became general manager, it got more crazy. I had multiple different bosses.””


    Johnny Paycheck – Take This Job And Shove It (Audio)


    • “”We had just got really tired of upper management and them not coming to help and not caring about the employees,” Flores told “TODAY.” “As I became general manager, it got more crazy. I had multiple different bosses.””

      I quit one big box store back in the eighties.. I was a department head.. the place was the only place that I seen people crying at the time clock.. great pay and great benefits if you could tolerate their way..
      the state would pay half of the employees income for a ninety day period.. after that the company would pick up the whole wage.. if they hired below an income guideline.. and if they expanded every few years they didn’t have to pay taxes on the building..
      every ninety days we were instructed to make it so miserable that the lower waged employee’s would quit.. if they didn’t quit they would mess with them.. give them a check with wages less than what they made.. or hold the checks for a few days.. with excuses.. it was horrible.. and I hated the job.. high stress.. management would work to the wee hours of the morning making displays only to go for coffee and come back to find the displays all knocked over.. needless to say I made it six months before I had had enough and quit.. I swore I wouldn’t ever spend another dollar in their facility and I didn’t.. the whole company eventually went bankrupt.. ( that kind of action gets around) still friends with one of the gents that they made quit.. years later he asked me what happened.. I told him it was just their policy.. hire short timers.. gave huge bonuses to management.. and was by far the best paying job I ever had.. I don’t quite understand why steve but for some reason that is the way of big corporations.. many don’t have a clue about the bottom employee’s at all.. the employers like my fathers are long gone.. he had thousands of employee’s and he knew not only my parents names but us kids and would stop and visit if we were in the facility.. I was off loading a truck for their driver while he caught a few hours nap.. the colonel was in the plant seen me.. took his jacket off and for two hours helped me unload the truck while visiting.. years later when he was selling the company.. he was checking displays at local grocery stores to see how they were being set up .. seen me sacking groceries.. stopped once again took his jacket off and helped me sack groceries.. asking me about my siblings and leaving me with the message give your parents my regards for their fiftieth and tell them I am sorry I won’t be able to attend.. my father was a delivery man.. todays execs not only don’t know their employees they don’t care either.. sad but true.. the company my father worked at.. sent the vast majority of the production outside the usa.. got rid of all the salesmen etc.. now anyone can get a job their.. they are low wage high turnover..

  15. “Trying to remember math is a lifelong endeavor.”

    Retired from a 38 year airline pilot career… took a lucrative buyout. Wife says find something to do… so of all things became a substitute teacher in the local school district – mostly taking assignments for math. Hadn’t done math in 45 years, but had no problems diving right in. Had several Ah Ha moments with students that were interested in learning… but more than 50% of kiddos were given an F! Unbelievably the 7th grade kids did not know the multiplication tables (should have known from the 3rd grade on)… in staff meetings all the math teachers complained about the lack of recall on any multiplication problems – which explains the poor grades.

    I wouldn’t have believed this simplest of needed knowledge if I hadn’t experienced it first hand… those kids know nothing, don’t want to learn and most parents don’t care.

    My 30 something son works for the county Sheriff in the probation office… I could easily see some of those 7th grade students being future clients rotating through his office. Perhaps future preparation for Prison Planet?

    • Whats happin captin ? UR directly over the Target – I mean like dead ballz BULLSEYE !

      Education IS – the number one mitigating factor in ALL of our society’s problems. which has led to a total lack of any intellectual and spiritual advancement – on Humanities part – large % of population seems to living backwards/inverted lives..

      Majority living in a state of navy..Haze Grey, and underway.


    • “those kids know nothing, don’t want to learn and most parents don’t care.”

      You left out: Spoiled, argumentative, rude, and incredibly deficient in socialization aptitude and skills.

      I’ve been asked a number of times why I never taught. My answer has always been: “I’ve never been to jail, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like it.”

      I don’t believe I could’ve taught a class of schoolchildren for a week, from 1990 on, without assaulting or murdering some incorrigible brat…

      I tutored STEM+govt off-and-on, and that was enough.

      I envy your patience…

      • “those kids know nothing, don’t want to learn and most parents don’t care.”
        You left out: Spoiled, argumentative, rude, and incredibly deficient in socialization aptitude and skills.”

        Unfortunately… I agree.. but in reality it isn’t the kids fault.. the kids are the same as all children have been through the years.. where I see the change coming from is.. DEREGULATION.. and outsourcing jobs.. back when I was little mothers stayed home while dad worked.. they spent time together as a family.. after the out sourcing of jobs..Mom had to go to work.. as daycare costs rise .. so does the number of latchkey kids that don’t have any adult supervision.. the computer games,television and the local street gangs are the ones left to raise their children..
        If you put the fear of god in your child your subject to being charged for child abuse.. I am fortunate.. the vast majority of my grand children are really good and smart.. the ones that have issues are the ones that have the least amount of adult supervision.. it starts at home.. the parents give THINGS to make up for their absence out of guilt.. I grew up poor but didn’t know I was poor.. we didn’t get everything we wanted and had to work for the big things.. my first job was mowing lawns.. my second was sacking groceries at a store for fifty cents an hour at the age of twelve.. most employers cannot hire an underage child.. If the grandkids want money from us.. they have to work for it..or earn it by completing a task.. ( read me the dick and jane book I will give you a dollar..)

      • “but in reality it isn’t the kids fault.”

        No, it isn’t the kids’ fault that they are the way they are. It is only the kids’ fault when they REMAIN rude incorrigibles once grown.

        The kiddies being obnoxious brats in school is principally their parents’ fault, with a good bit of communist infiltration of both society and the local school board thrown in, for bad measure.

        That said, I could still never teach a whole class of today’s kids and remain both sane and felony-free…

  16. Our internet will be going down..
    So will cell phone service.. among other things..prices going up wages aren’t.. means if it doesn’t keep you cool or warm ..if you cant eat it or wear it.. it’s gone.
    Now there will be many that will try to keep it a float but eventually they to will have to make hard decisions..

    • Obamaphones for all!!

      Seriously, there’s lots of phone plans. There are lots of phone data plans. There are lots of phones which double as Wi-Fi hotspots. Cable TV should be at the top of your {bu-bye} list. Telephone communications are kinda important though.

      There are a number of cost-sharing med-pay plans.

      And as far as heat & cool go, never forget that below the frost line, it’s 50 degrees, year ’round…

      • Yes there are.. we are going to keep the wifes phone.. eight dollars a month.. my smart phone will be gone..
        the obamaphone LOL.. I knew someone that got one of those.. LOL they gave them a flip phone and thirty minutes of use.. then they could pay a monthly premium of ten bucks a month for a hundred minutes of use.(basically ). if they applied for a job they were allowed to use the phone at the mission and the library was where they can hook up to apply for jobs.. ( the vast majority don’t take applications anymore it has to be done by internet..)

      • There are $15/mo unlimited plans with new (small) carriers. FCC/FTC forces the Big Boys to allow these little guys to piggyback on their networks so there’s no service drop-off.

        Every McDonalds, Burger King, Starfucks, Taco Hell, and Subway in North America has free Wi-Fi and nearly every browser has a “Work Offline” feature.

        Don’t create limitations in your mind.

        Wait until you actually are limited, then use that incredibly creative mind of yours to find a way to make the limitations work in your favor. It CAN be done, and you WILL do it, if you so-choose…

  17. Comrades,

    We interrupt your evening viewing to bring you a Level 2 EEA courtesy of AESO / Alberta Electric System Operator:


    Thank you. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming already in progress…

    “…Scotty…we need more power !!…”

  18. “We’re talking no power, no water, no fuel, no food. A couple of weeks of that, especially in heavily populated areas, and the roving a$$ rape gangs will be on the loose.”

    They won’t be huntin’ bootie though. They will be killing other people, on-sight, to steal whatever food they might find, and killing/eating their pets. After three weeks, they’ll be eating the pets’ food. After a month, there’ll be ten thousand “Donner Partys” worldwide (about 1:100 urban dwellers), recriminating themselves for all the “food” they let rot…

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