“Let’s Steal Everyone’s Savings!” Day

Producer price report came out on Wednesday and in just one month was up One percent.  Which – annualized – pencils out to somewhere north of a 12% rise.  Compounding is not our friend.  Even though seniors will be doing less poorly relative to hourly workers, thanks to “Social Security recipients may get biggest cost-of-living bump in almost 40 years – CBS News.”

OK – that’s the good news.  The BAD is that in order for there to be a six percent hike in Social Security, the reality out here on the street will be more than that.  Hedonic price adjustments – look it up some time.

Grand Theft – World Edition

OK, sure, no one has mentioned this before, but the BUR (big ugly reality) is that the World has been in a virtual no-growth mode for some time.  Not that it hasn’t been made to look like growth.  But it’s not.  Just seems that way.

Growth, understand, is measured by long-term stable metrics, not buggered and jiggered by politically-driven adjustments.  Half of Accounting has been thrown out.

See, in Accounting, there’s a fundamental grounding in manufacturing in Units.  This means costs and units are inextricably intertwined.

But – here in the Second Depression – the strategy has been a Stealth Depression.

Remember:  Depressions have to destroy savings, so it will be very hard to hide from economic pain in times just ahead.  Best efforts might be trying to figure out how they will screw you out of your net worth and then proactively make moves to reduce such projected economic schemery.

How “Stealth Depression” Works

The Big Lie (Emperor has no clothes kind of thing) that no one talks about is that the number of people working is not increasing.  Here’s the total payroll employment for recent years, right off the Bureau of Labor Statistics website:

Here’s what the data is screaming:  We had more people working in August of 2016 than we do right now.  (There’s a reason Slow Joe has the border open…more people must mean more jobs to these clowns…)

Sure, we can blame the plandemic.  But we also blamed terrorism in 2000-2003 and “TBTF” banks in 2008-2010.

“Air Bridge” Economics

The way around fewer people working, paying taxes, and churning out widgets is to simply make up money.  Which the Fed has been doing remarkably well.  They simply make up money by re-borrowing it from themselves.

Against this backdrop, we get Stalinesque economic reports with fabulous gains.  But not when we look at units and not when we broadly measure total national Quality of Life.  A few are making a killing which the working class (under $40/hour) continue to get killed (financially, but let’s see how the Zombie plan works out…)

In the meantime, in place of genuine industry – which could have included On-Shoring and MAGA – we have opted for Industrial Hate.  Everyone’s debating CRT and gender and should a 5-year old be subjected to queer notions in school?

The longer-term goal (accompanied by a triple-serving of white-shaming) was revealed in the story this week about how “U.S. State Department invites U.N. racism investigators to visit U.S. | Reuters.””  Right!  Like a non-U.S. racial Inquisition will solve anything?  (“Come on, Man! Don’t peddle bullshit on us…”)

America used to be about EQUALITY.  Same schools, same math textbooks, same entrance scores.  Gone!  Khrushchev does end up burying us.  All the Soviets needed to do was hand us the shovels and hand out freebies to people like Bernie.

Lost, child?  This all has its roots in the Marxists of the 1960’s who decided that in order to grab power they would need to “divide and conquer.”  So, every racial and religious group you could think of was cleaved.  Turned into haters.  All that needed to happen next (and I witnessed this in Seattle politics close up and personal as a news director) was the orchestration of  “persuasion blocks behind one candidate, or another.

Dirty Politics 101

Dirty politics is based on divisions of race, religion, national origin, education, income, gender and so forth.  Clean politics is singularly focused on issues and solutions and was last sited in a flyover country school board election in 1947.

All that is Horribly Gone, now.

It was “Quad Chart Logic” at it’s finest.  Here’s how it works:

Congrats!  You can now be a political consultant.  (All “candidates” are basically the same schmoes, so I misspelled one, lol).

To WIN any election, all Caddidate A has to do is move everyone who votes into the grey boxes.  B will lose every time.  Especially if Canddidate A fills in a racial checkbox, a gender checkbox, a national origin checkbox, a religious checkbox, and a low IQ voter district checkbox.  (May I present?  The Squad!)

Problem with populism (as Trump learned) was that if a country (or any political division, for that matter) is divided (racial, economic, religion, national origin, gender, or not, party and so forth) elections degenerate into serial lies, false representations and a matter of micromanaging “the messages” to move people into the gray boxes.

The Press, however, has become so infiltrated with (basically communist, but let’s call them…) advocating socialists and they want to be in charge of everything.  News used to report the story.  Today they frame the story.  Reporters, anchors, and networks value social media (itself tampered with) over clean (unjudged) facts.  Advocacy journalism is fiction writing – a FACT not-disclosed to the sheep.

Sweat equity and skill don’t matter to the candidate or press.  It’s a winnable and losable manipulation – nothing more.  THIS is how the macro world is ACTUALLY running.

Joe’s Box

The big problem for the democrats, is that we are fast-approaching “get in a box” time for voters.  If another lockdown comes, regular people may see (in droves) that Joe is NOT the Covid Savior.  Which is why he – and his ilk – are willing to pay people, hand out Lotto tickets, shame, and censor (with the help of the equally liberally deranged socialist media) in order to get the Vax numbers up so they can NOT lock us down again.  Dems lose then.

Because if there’s another lockdown, then people will climb into different boxes because Lies are remembered.

The Market’s Conundrum

Early today, the stock futures were down nearly 200 points.  And Bitcoin has busted under $32,000 (remember who said $28,000 and maybe lower?) while Lumber keeps on “splatting” – down when I checked to as low as $604.

Whee!  Ure’s lumber collapse so I can rebuild our almost 20-year old deck is right on schedule!

Thing is:  In order for the Fed to inflate our Nation out of depression and collapse they have to a) keep making up money like crazy and b) keep not only the U.S., but also “hot money” from other parts of the World believing the ongoing fairytale.

Lots of foreplay today, but it’s important to have an overarching logical framework to hang the skeletons of news on…  So, with the framing revealed (skipping the governments vs. corporations vs. crime cartels and Russian mob contexts and the future of CrimeCoins with the Internet at risk of collapse as a competing framework and thought paradigm, the call is whether to use the political framework or the competing crime syndicates model as a basis for a rational worldview.

For today, political model and we’ll try Curtain #2 tomorrow.  Buckled-in?

Data Points

OK, lots of theory, so here are some fresh data points for your repertoire.

Philly Fed Data

Current Indicators Remain Elevated

The diffusion index for current manufacturing activity fell from a reading of 30.7 in June to 21.9 this month (see Chart 1). Thirty-three percent of the firms reported increases in current activity this month, while only 11 percent reported decreases. The majority of firms (51 percent) reported no change in current activity. The current new orders index decreased 5 points to 17.0 in July, while the current shipments index fell 3 points to 24.6.

New York Fed Empire State Manufacturing:

” The headline general business conditions index shot up twenty-six points to 43.0. New orders and shipments increased robustly. Delivery times continued to lengthen substantially, and inventories expanded. Employment grew strongly, and the average workweek increased. Input prices continued to increase sharply, and selling prices rose at the fastest pace on record. Looking ahead, firms remained optimistic that conditions would improve over the next six months, with the index for future employment reaching another record high.”

Import/Export Prices:


The price index for U.S. imports advanced 1.0 percent in June, after increases of 1.4 percent in May, 0.8 percent in April, and 1.5 percent in March. Prices for overall imports rose 11.2 percent for the year ended in
June. The June 12-month advance followed an 11.6-percent increase from May 2020 to May 2021, the largest over-the-year rise since September 2011.

And for those dumb-enough to keep applauding Slow Joe for killing pipelines and coal – American Energy Independence in general – eat this part:

“Fuel Imports: Prices for import fuel advanced 4.7 percent in June following a 5.5-percent increase the previous month. Higher prices for petroleum and natural gas contributed to both advances. The price index
for import petroleum rose 4.6 percent in June, after increasing 5.4 percent in May. Natural gas prices advanced 8.1 percent in June following a 7.9-percent rise the previous month. Prices for import fuel
increased 85.1 percent from June 2020 to June 2021. The price indexes for petroleum and natural gas rose 87.7 percent and 72.3 percent, respectively, over the same period.

Weekly New Unemployment Claims

Just ahead:  Industrial production and a Jerome-speak.  All of which could lead to market turd-moil.

Post Data:

Dow -146, Bitcoin $31,644.  With ERvil offline, we expect something really large/grand/elegant soon.  That could drive up the CrimeCoins complex.

Let’s Hang Skeletons!

Political framing today?  Republicans ramp up pressure on Biden to pull nominee linked to eco-terrorist plot.  Aw gee…

Biden is still crazy on bordering:  Jayapal says Democratic budget package includes amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants.

Group hand-wringer d’ jour:  How A Spending Bill Without The Hyde Amendment Could Reshape Abortion Access.  Let’s imagine something and then turn it into a pseudo-fact, shall we?  In some other TMI from the same hot-button site: Gillian Anderson Is Anti-Bra Now: ‘I Don’t Care If My Breasts Reach My Belly Button’…yee gads. Makes dieting at breakfast easy, huh?

Want another bizarre medical story? Brazil’s Bolsonaro Hospitalized After Hiccupping For Over A Week.  (What, he not moving enough vax product?)

Truth to Commies:  Seattle mother explains how to protect kids against cultural indoctrination: ‘It is war’.  The war part is right, but political thuggery, racial division, anarchy, gender confusion, open borders….well…you sure that’s what Culture is?  Over here on the far, far side of 70 “culture” used to mean…”..the arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.”  

Obviously, I need a trip to Re-Ed and a round of rocks and hammer to fix me up.  Send a gift-box assortment of hetero, White, and college educated shame along, too.  It’s all for my own good.

What do you say I go break some rocks and we try to become a screaming Libtard and historical delusionist tomorrow? Maybe Lobotomies to Go has a Thursday special?  If I take Zeus the Cat maybe we could get a 2-for-1 coupon deal?

Write when you get rich,


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  1. The REAL shame here is that your writings are not on the media outlets across the USA. IF they were, this country could be turned around, but with the media being controlled by the insane we don’t stand a chance of ever waking up the brainwashed sheeple into seeing the truth. Your views are spot on.

    • Unfortunately…I think theres to many spending to much on buying access to our politician’s.
      The last president tried to make changes and failed..he was attacked day and night by every media outlet and almost everyone in office..
      As long as theres so much money constantly in the feed trough it will never be changed.. need some expensive art..lol

      • “The Revolution is in the mind of the people” a Marxy once told me.

        “Just a cheap con, like every other despotic system,” I countered.

        “But Ure privileged!”

        “You have that confused with Intelligence and sweat. But you did know Marx couldn’t hold a real job, right? “He became a lawyer with a comfortably upper middle class income and the family owned a number of Moselle vineyards, in addition to his income as an attorney.” So it seems to me he was…(ahem…) privileged. How is it, pray tell, privilege has now turns evil after spawning your Master? No, like too many lawyers (my consigliere being a lonely exception) Marx exemplified the ‘profession’ of wielding law to person advantage; all too willing to “rule” but while at the same time ignoring Justice and deserved fruits of exceptional labors.”

        Never heard from him again. Moved to Canada, last I heard.

      • “But you did know Marx couldn’t hold a real job, right?”

        LOL the similarities are amazing and it reminds me of another countries leader LOL LOL that couldn’t hold a real job in the private sector.. went to law school and then spent his years at the political feed trough LOL

      • “But Ure privileged!”

        Marx was a spoiled rich kid. He actually latched onto Engels when his daddy cancelled his allowance. He lived with Engels for years (‘cuz the wife liked him — dunno if there was any hanky or panky — it’s a non sequitur so I never cared to research it) and only got a job when Engels threw him out. Marx hated the “merchants and trades” class — that socioeconomic class which would become the “middle class” once Henry Ford got his assembly line moving. Marx called the middle-class the “Bourgeois.”* He also hated the American slave population. He believed the slaves would make a formidable proletariat army by which to overthrow the U.S. and establish his utopia, and he became forever pissed at them when they opted for freedom and the opportunity to become free-market capitalists. It was in about 1883 when he began courting the Democratic Party…

        * The youngsters use “bourgee” (boozhee) to describe wealthy, or UMC people who’re “putting on airs.” Marx had no problem with the wealthy or aristocratic class. He hated the middle class because proles should simply not dare to work hard enough to rise above the social or economic level of “peasant” (talk about a bourgee attitude…)

      • You were kind not calling him a lazy f**k. But historical revisionism leaves his statues intact and great military and Founding statues toppling.
        Kids can’t read.

      • “You were kind not calling him a lazy f**k.”

        There’s lots of lazy offspring in the world.

        I look more at the fact he was a spoiled rich kid.

        If one views social, political, economic, or human rights maladies of our species over known or recorded history, they will find a preponderance of “spoiled rich kids” as either the source or the root cause of said malady. There are few exceptions — Hitler wasn’t from wealth, but his philosophy was derived from Marx and Mussolini, both of whom were of the aristocratic class…

  2. UrbSurv Jeapordy..with Ure host with most…G-dog! “we will bee getting doggy wit it today playas..

    ECU- “I’ll take White Shame for a $1000, Gdog.. ”

    Gdog “What “player” had to be special ordered from John Wannamakers store and the piano sent to NYC from Philly for Install, in the1920’s – in order for a “golden stringed” Schomacker baby grand to auto play?

    ECU – AMPICO !

    ECU- “G, would like college educated shame for $1000

    G- how did AMPICO manage to get recorded performances on their player rolls that were better quality sounding than originally played by artist ?

    ECU – Artists/Pianists went back to listen to performance recording and Corrected them. -“no better than I originally played, this is how I should have played it”

    “Shamefully” acquired/rescued another family heirloom recently, this time a Schomacker A1 w/AMPICO player and rolls and rolls of original songs.

    Peeps that do the How Things are Made TV show did one on grand piano’s at the piano joint doing ECU’s resto – restoring player apparatus way beyond my abilities to concentrate, let alone cost of time spent analysis is hard down negative. Historic rhyming going on ?? piano made 1925 ?

    U know what they say at the NJ seashore bout piano’s ??

    You can tune a Piano, but you cant tune a fish!

    ? Why does everyone piano Tune A – 440 htz ?

    Why not A-432htz? Think will tune it to 432 htz – better resonance -imho

    Its like the big bang theory – by itself = bullshit..Nothing was there – and then it blew up and continues to expand..

    Nope, EXACTLY like original Mother Universe birthed/blooped out our current expanding Universe/dont know why or how.

    – Not a big bang -but a JUNCTION Point at the terminus of motherl Universe/Time and our “imaginary time” .

    Me thinks the black hole in center of milkyway is gateway tunnel back&forward in time & space.
    ..cant imagine the radiation exposure such a voyage would entail..is that the 4th,5th,6th,7th and 8th new Hand and Arm U have grown this milennia?

    I would forget the rocks and hammer therapy(ft leavenworth), drives that anger deeper, hardening as it goes – like collective Humanity – thoughts forms are “Things” and effect environment over great distances/time – watch Sun for reflection of Humanities mood & thoughts…could be very interesting times ahead as “the Awaking’ sprouts start growing..

    • “U know what they say at the NJ seashore bout piano’s ??

      You can tune a Piano, but you cant tune a fish!”

      Hmpph… They say that same thing in Urbana, Illinois…

      “? Why does everyone piano Tune A – 440 htz ?”

      They don’t. The lazy ones do, the good tuners ask.

      “Why not A-432htz? Think will tune it to 432 htz – better resonance -imho”

      Your opinion is correct. In college I hung with several of the people in the piano shop. They would generally tune the grands to A=432 and the studios and spinets to A=440. I have no idea why… We had one name act roll through (can’t remember, was probably orchestral), who requested the big Steinway be tuned to A=432.6Hz.

  3. When I was about 10-11 years old I first became aware of the ‘news’. I started to listen to them instead of it being background noise in kid-world. One of the first things that caught my attention was talk about economic growth and the idea that somehow the economy, or anything, could expand forever. I remember thinking to myself that that’s not possible and that our economic system is doomed. I still think like that. If a 10 year old kid could figure that out I’m sure that there are a lot of other people that realize that, too. Booms and busts are a dysfunctional way to run an operation.

    If it were a living thing that had cells or systems that grew unchecked we’d call it cancer. Which is kind of what it is.

    Obviously, the solution would be a static world without any kind of economic growth and a stable population that changed slowly over time in response to changing environmental factors. Some kind of self-regulating/governing system much like a living organism. I have no real idea what that would look like in practice, but it would be VERY different than the world we live in now. I doubt it would be any kind of utopia, either. I suppose that the way that nature works is God’s system for this. It’s both beautiful and harsh, it’s self-balancing and it works.

    I honestly don’t think that the human race has the wisdom or the will power to ever really make something like that happen on a global scale for ourselves or the planet at large. I know that I don’t have the wisdom to create or maintain anything like that because I’m not God.

    The bottom line is that we’re in a real pickle and there’s no good way out of it. We can’t vote our way out and we can’t wish our way out. There will be suffering.

    On a happier note, I want to share something that happened to me when I was a young man. I’ve never told more than a handful of people about this. I was a private in the Army and I had just arrived in Germany. I was pretty stressed and scared. I’d left a girlfriend back in the states, (where she should have stayed, but that’s another story) and Desert Shield was gearing up to become Desert Storm. There was a lot of things going on and anyone who has moved overseas can attest that it can be a frightening experience.

    So, the place I was stationed was a remote site and was pretty far from all of the great places to be stationed in Germany. My function generally pertained to tactical nuke storage, and there was a lot suck to embrace. I’d been there about 2 or 3 weeks and I had to take a 2 hour ride to some logistic depot to get my gear issued to me. Jet lag was still kicking my butt and I was generally not having a good time. An NCO was driving me to the depot and I was riding along lost in thought about all my troubles. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it was like I was plugged into the mainframe of the universe. I was connected to the ‘ALL’. I’m not sure how to adequately describe the experience, but the overall feeling was that ‘everything is going to alright’…not just for me, but EVERYTHING. This only lasted for a few seconds, but it was a life changing experience. There was a little more to what I saw that’s not pertinent here, but I remember thinking that if an average human could stay connected to that ‘source’ that person could change the whole world and if everyone could somehow get connected that we really could achieve wonders. It never happened again, but the message here is that there is WAY MORE to everything than we know and that there really is some kind of plan and don’t worry yourself sick over trivial things….because everything is going to alright.

    And it’s not even Friday.

    • i have had the same “connection” experience 3 times in my life. the first was when i was a young man riding in what we called a “bombadeer”, which was a small metal treaded vehicle we used to go up and down the ski mountain resort i was working at. i was alone, driving the vehicle which was very loud and suddenly i had the feeling of ‘all knowledge and peace’ come over me. it was like there were no more questions. it was one big answer. this only lasted a couple of minutes, but affected me deeply. the next time it happened was in the dream state. i was floating over a brightly colored terraced landscape and i had the same feeling of complete knowledge and calm. the other time it happened was in the dream state as well. i was standing in front of a structure that had three levels with archways on each floor. i was with a man and woman and there was a silver globe that the man and i touched and we floated up to the third level of the structure and we walked in through one of the archways. he an i walked down a corridor and came to an open doorway through which i could see a tunnel/corridor that went on and curved out of sight. the man i was with went down that corridor . i stepped one foot through the opening of the corridor and felt the same all knowing feeling as in the other instances. but i decided to not go down the corridor and i went back to the archway and i floated down to where the woman was still waiting. i had to tell her that her husband was dead but that he was alright. that all knowing feeling has never come back to me, but it was quite profound in its effect.

    • We can’t stay connected because we are the emotional batteries keeping it going. Take away the emotions and the charge depletes. Entropy and all that…

    • Maj – you’d probably at least be interested in this. It’s about the effects of a NDE on this woman – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvZHlmMaMwA.

      The last time I had any kind of “woo-woo” was about age 18 or so. Once the mind becomes preoccupied with getting along in the World it can get shut off from that type of experience. Prior to that the mind remains open even though quite naive. It’s easier for something or someone over on the other side to inject themselves into your reality if even for a moment when your mind is that receptive but, once hardened through the hard knocks of the World, it can be a pretty durable turtle shell. I know there are those on this site that can punch through that shell but it’s been a no-go thing for me for the past 46 years.

      • Sounds like all you guys had an NDE. It’s an amazing, lifechanging experience. Mine was similar to the lady in the link you shared with us, Bill. Thx!

      • Mine wasn’t an NDE, just a full and distinct voice in my head. I heard it twice in my teen years and never again after that which is frustrating as the dickens since both times they predicted exactly what would happen to divert my life along a totally unexpected trajectory. I’d dang sure be willing to re-subscribe to that “service” again if I could!

    • It’s interesting to hear that I’m not the only one! G, yours happened at 38.

      I’d be interested to hear the age of the other people that experienced that for the first time.

      I’m not like Andy but, apparently, I have a big antenna. Someone who knows of such things told me recently that I’m the most gifted person they’ve ever met. Gifts and curses arrive in the same wrapping I would say.

      I spilled some guts on a podcast recently. If you’re interested I’m the first interviewee:


  4. Very fine column today G. I agree with most of the analysis. However, what’s missing is that the fed, you know, that private entity that can create unlimited amounts of debt and money, is now buying everything. It looks like they want to own it all. I suspect that the C189 crisis was created, by design, to facilitate this. Could be a co-inkey-dinkey… I suspect that cryptos are also manipulated to facilitate the introduction of the fedcoin.

  5. I buy a name brand soup that is a beef gravy with mushrooms. I used to add water but recent cans are no longer thick. Same thing with a thick and chunky spaghetti sauce. It is no longer thick or very chunky. Cake mixes are 3 or 4 ounces smaller. A 5 pound bag of sugar is now 4 pounds. Higher prices for smaller quanity.

    • FOOD Inflation..those rat bas%$#s
      – just one prong, of global attack strategy

      thank Grome ker -POW -ell – the genius puppet at Fed.

      Puppet master ?
      Who just called for IMF gold sales ? Who or What bank did he work for prior to becoming head frog? Shocking – taint it?

  6. George;
    Politics dirty since before humans got out of Pre stone age culture.One of first business models.
    Our Government is responsible for The 6 January insurrction. Every 4th or 5th person was FBI.. Same with the evil plot to Kidnap Governor of Michigan. Same with all the Trump stuff.
    Media has been in FBI/CIA POCKET since 1950’s as paid informants /pipeline for stories..See Church Committee testimony and reports..
    FBI, HAS BEEN BUGGING THE OFFICES OF DOJ and Attorney General ‘s office in 1930’s 40’s. Collecting secrets/scandals of Congress critters and Senators .Using info for their purpose budget,power,deals..
    Shooting incidents are part of the distractions too.
    Nothing they won’t do.. NSA now a partner too. Maybe dominant now since so much info is on phones,on line..
    Fascinating isn’t it..

  7. “Here’s what the data is screaming: We had more people working in August of 2016 than we do right now. (There’s a reason Slow Joe has the border open…more people must mean more jobs to these clowns…)”

    What bothers me..is aroundthese parts the choice jobs with benefits are being given to the refugees. All while tax payers are being offered substandard wage jobs with minimal hours and no wages..the refugees that aren’t are getting fast tracked with housing medical and dental food etc..
    I have said for years..if you want to come come. Do it legally pay our taxes along with a non resident tax ..receive no benefits these were meant for citizens du erg ing times of desperation..and follow our laws..
    I don’t know whether or not our political system is attempting to instil sharea law
    As for another lockdown.. I don’t think so.. the president was pretty straightforward when he said no lockdown..my guess is it will be option 3..pretend it doesn’t exist and anti news..then if it gets to horrific..blame the last administration.
    With the president sending forces to the cities whose police forces were decimated by riots over abuse in high crime and poverty stricken areas..I can see marshal law as a potential outcome..

  8. Please don’t get a lobotomy and become a libtard.

    I have submitted your column as required reading for all students at my grandkids high school. I would have to retract.

  9. Biden’s no tree huggin’ water protectin’ Liberal!

    Biden (or the current Army Corp of Engineers) approves Line 3 (opposed by environmentalists and local Indian Tribes).

    Enbridge had the worst inland oil spill ever, in 2010:

    Biden stopped Trump’s approved Keystone pipeline, although the Keystone ‘stopped’ itself (costs were too high for tar sands oil):

  10. What would be the economic consequences for a country that insisted on a permanently “stable money supply” linked to territory and/or to the domestic birth rate?

    Links (w/o B/S) would be appreciated ;-)

    • communism, corruption, destruction, then controlled borders, people, and reproduction and more destruction.

    • Austrian school Economics – a lesson s…

      Deception is the name of the “tallwhites” game..we be stuck in their system..forever it seems like..

      Does not matter – final outcome alwayz the same – ground the inhabitants and the land to dust in process of EXTRACTING all Wealth from the planet – they got eons, not confined in and constrained by our spacetime.

      Never gonna happen – cause there are NO Choices in the matter .

  11. “Gillian Anderson Is Anti-Bra Now: ‘I Don’t Care If My Breasts Reach My Belly Button’”


    1) They probably do
    2) Nobody cares

    Sheesh! Damn’ narcissistic, hedonistic, fools…

    • Tape – Tinysota mining & manufacturing makes all kinds of it – like fox always said the Tape is out there !

    • I had hot fantasies of her when she was doing x-files.. LOL
      I do have an autographed photo of her someplace.. when I was laid up I was collecting autographs..

  12. Great Article today George. All those illegals coming in are cheap labor, but they are also cheap votes for the Democrats. On the other hand, Biden et al are telling the Cubans that try to come here that they will be sent back. Reason—they come to Florida and the Cubans there voted for Republicans and swing the State Red. The Democratic party is not about America…it is about their own power.

    Real nice post MAJ13. My Dad used to always tell me “that things always work out for the best. You may not know it at the time, but they will always work out for the best.” Thanks for bringing back the memory.

  13. Correction on myself-Not Democratic Party, but Democrat Party……..another lie from the clowns in power in D.C.

    • I was about to comment on this. The left leaning media loves to use the term “democratic” party, and when I was driving to the city I ended up listening to two stations using this particular term. I rarely listen to those stations, but couldn’t receive anything else at the time.

      We really need to call them out on this deliberate misuse of the language.

  14. Great column today, George. RE: the Stalinization of America, I put much of the blame front and center on the American Federation of Teachers. Since my public H.S. days (I attended a Roman Catholic G.S. and my curriculum was quite conservative), the teachers unions have been 100% liberal in their candidate support and curriculum development. The ultimate harm to our nation has come from their wacky socialist curricula, which leans so far left it spins in constant counter-clockwise circles. Why, just a quick check on the AFT website


    shows us that “every (mail in or harvested) vote matters,” and the AFT president proclaims that the recent SCOTUS ruling was “a blow to voting rights.”


    I invite Ure readers to cruise the AFT websites (linked above) and try to find something to do with class curricula and lesson plans involving patriotism or international and domestic threats to our republic, unless it slants against Trump and ‘his’ GOP, addresses LBGTQ rights or advocates social justice or unchecked and unverified (i.e. illegal) voting.

    The teachers unions have been relentlessly pushing socialist sewage into our classrooms since the early 70s. They are winning over the hearts and minds of our children as parents are so consumed by their jobs (or collecting welfare), friends and self-satisfying recreational activities that they expect schools to babysit their kids. What their kids were and are NOT being taught (math, science, logic and debate) has been lost to most parents thru some very large cracks in the system. America is now paying for it in spades. Our future is in very shaky and inadequately prepared hands. But you can bet that the very patient enemies of American democracy, foreign and domestic, are nodding in approval and planning their moves accordingly.

    • II have taken the Liberty of putting you on the Six Pack of Shame Gift Assortment list. I just got the update today.
      Comes with White, Sweat, Diligence, Education, Morality(values), and Savings.

      As soon as we cure all THOSE crimes against laziness and socialism (*and take all the White out of Quadratics and Calculus, too) we’ll all be better off.

    • Re: Teachers’ Unions.
      I don’t know if college professors were in the unions back in the 70s but it was the attempt to break down any and all religious and moral values in my brief couple of years in college that made me quit that endeavor back in the late 70s.

      The English and Literature profs were the worst at it while the rest seemed to be genuinely interested in their subject matter. The Biology professors, though … don’t get me started. After sitting through a slide presentation of “The Pornographic Potato” (an intimate and up close study of curiously shaped potato eye sprouts) I had to wonder exactly what I was paying for and what was this really OLD guy in the long lab jacket doing in the time they were paying him for? I mean, did his trousers really go all the way to the belt line or were they just tied on pants legs? They were, it seemed, intent on shocking kids (yeah, that’s what we were regardless of our legal status) out of our value system to see which ones cracked first. It just ticked me off so I quit giving them my parents’ money.

      I love education, I just hate indoctrination. If you had no other way to go back then you went through it but if you wanted to think for yourself you found other choices and made them.

      • So true! I spent far too many years learning slowly for a degree rather than just quitting and making lots of money while learning quickly on my own. Eventually I did leave and have had a far more interesting and checkered life since then. College rarely leads to more money – a fact lost on so many parents today. The exception is if you enter a high earning licensed profession requiring specific formal education or use the opportunity to make solid contacts with other fast track people and/or their employers.

    • What you really mean by Stalinized America is your own jealousy of Biden attracting more non white-voters than Trump could! (Trump got 15% voters of color vs Biden’s 39% voters of color)

      great study and analysis of 2020 election results:

  15. “One of the first things that caught my attention was talk about economic growth and the idea that somehow the economy, or anything, could expand forever. I remember thinking to myself that that’s not possible ”

    It actually IS possible, but requires a specific mindset which few humans possess:

    “Growth” is a fraction or ratio, measured against an historical background or “basis.” Infinite growth is possible .IFF. the basis (which is the denominator) is constantly expanding.

    You have to assume the Universe is either infinite, or “infinite for all practical purposes,” and expanding.

    Once you accept this, you can “evolve” Man from a “planetary model” to a “universal model,” at which point the potentials for infinite economic growth, and for infinite growth of a lot of other things, become both possible and plausible.

    People are tongue-wagging and gossiping about some of our exceedingly wealthy human brethren beginning to engage in a space race. This is a good thing. Individuals can do lots of things that governments can’t. Governments are all limited by bureaucracy and red tape. Individuals are only limited by their mind and their imagination. I don’t care about Elon Musk’s motivation or how much money he makes doing it, because that’s not important. What he does to open up Space for exploration, exploitation, and colonization are what’s important, vitally important, and to all Earthbound humans, not just ol’ Elon and his wierd-named progeny…

    “Space exploration” is how we escape the DO-loop of nuking ourselves back to the stone age every hundred millenia or so. The trick to true evolution is to make the jump to interplanetary travel, before some idiot or doddering fool pushes that little red button…

    • I think what binds those of us around Urban is that we understand – indeed long for – the Universal state described. But in reality, most people (half of all have by definition less than 100 IQs) can’t moderate their egoic drive for more, more more, even when evidence of declining resources and lessening economics is In Ure Face.

      We voluntarily stepped back from the greedster’s lifestyle in 2003 wishing to be more honest about what matters. Yet the curious thing we see is that the radical left is even more greedy in their lust for power and control than the worst of the right. Only difference is the excuse to control, to tax, the rule, and to seize.

      • “Only difference is the excuse to control, to tax, the rule, and to seize.”

        Exactly what has happened to our town out here. We’ve gone from a community of people that gladly get along with one another to a divided battle ground with one side occupied by people who just want to live and be left the Hell alone and the other side that has moved themselves and their money from the cities in search of a likely place to exercise their megalomaniacle tendencies by pushing incorporation and financial exclusion. Not a single person in the Chamber of Commerce (that didn’t exist until these people showed up) show any desire to get along with any of the original salt-of-the-Earth types they’ve attempted to tax out of what they see as “their” town in which they don’t think they can make enough off of their real estate “investments” (otherwise known as “home” to the other half) without getting rid of the Deplorables. And most of them vote Republican!!

        My favorite scene in “Yellowstone” was the last scene of the last episode of the first season. Rip and the boys have the real estate developer strung up on a horse or mule and Rip tells the developer played by Danny Houston (a seriously good actor I, otherwise, liked) to tell Casey what his plan was for the area. The developer said (a bit of paraphrasing here):

        “Raise the taxes so no one can pay them,
        Come in and buy the land up for pennies on the dollar and
        With a little investment turn it and make millions.”

        The scene ended with Casey swatting the horse’s butt and told Rip “Let him hang”. The next season had the developer back, though. Evidently someone had a change of heart. I hated to see Mr. Houston’s character killed off later on, though. It seemed he was starting to understand the travesty of what he was doing to the land even though he was still a greedy SOB. The main writer for that series could have been writing for our town as SO much in that show parallels or at least resonates with the events that have happened here.

    • “One of the first things that caught my attention was talk about economic growth and the idea that somehow the economy, or anything, could expand forever. ”

      Amen Ray.. boy am I with you on that one.. I just had an (almost argument) on this very subject.. someone I thought was relevantly intelligent was trying to persuade me into believing that printing more meant more jobs and growth..

    • Ok, I’ll concede that. I am only thinking in a single planet scenario and I appreciate your thinking. I do have some larger thoughts on the ‘big picture’ that I might share at some point.

    • Speaking of F…holes I got my templates for my g rated cardboard box project lol..now to get placement right.

  16. Baby back pork ribs and top choice grilling steaks are now double in price from the last store visit. Seasonally adjusted price is probably only 50% higher. (They always mark up grilling meats during the season) Oddly, pork butt was $1.98/#, but there was only one package left. -…courtesy of the the big box club store. Potting soil was cheap on closeout though.

    Bad news, covid is on the same slope as March 2020:

    • “Oddly, pork butt was $1.98/#,”

      I am going to give you a bitcoin nazi suggestion lol. Buy buy Buy… get a rain check..then make your sausage,bratt, bologna or just keep em in the freezer.. at that price it cost the farmer more to raise it..
      The reason the price is so low is because the farmers are dumping hogs because of the cost of feed..

    • Regarding covid – “Nothing in politics happens by chance”.

      “Cases” are whatever you want if you use PCR and the appropriate # of cycles.

      Stay healthy, fearless, aware, and solitary.

      • Note that in March 2020, lockdowns and masks were just being considered with officials denying air transmission. Present conditions are lingering mask use, distancing and restricted travel. Over 67% of the population is vaccinated and more have acquired immunity. Testing is probably about equally haphazard now as then, except fewer false positives. That makes the current trend look worse somehow than 2020 when few were prepared.

        p.s. always buy the big grilling meat cuts in winter off season, they’re cheaper.

  17. “Hospitalized After Hiccupping For Over A Week.”

    The secret treatment for hiccups.. it works 99% of the time.. if it doesn’t then you have a serious problem.

    If someone has the hiccups.. have another person get a small glass of water milk etc.. then feed it to the person with the hiccups…
    The person that has the hiccups has to concentrate on the other feeding the liquid to them..
    Works every time ..
    Those that it doesn’t work with end up having a more serious medical problem.

    • Make that liquid apple cider vinegar with water and honey (hot or cold). Works every time for me.

  18. George. Finally another vivid dream. This morning of a couple feet of water rolling thru a neighborhood and pouring into basement apartments. There was rain, but this was no flood from a river. This went on for a while, I was viewing it from the perspective of the apartment.

  19. Broad commodities are off recent highs. Whether the commodities head for new highs or begin selling off again should provide clues as to where equities and the economy in general are headed. I think everything will follow commodities. Cryptos are imaginary commodities; they appear real until they don’t and then it’s too late.

  20. So much go on with all the election Fraud being exposed, and then I run into this little tweet from the Lincoln Project. I thought they claimed to be Republicans, but they confessed, they are RINOs



    I am optimistic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qrriKcwvlY

    the bumbling moron Biden said this

    Why did the chicken cross the road, why did Bribes go to PA?. I worked for a guy once upon a time who’s motto was deny deny even if you are caught in the act, deny. I did not respect that guy and managed to get away from him within our company. He did not last much longer with the company.

    will PA be the keystone? remove the keystone and the arch collapses. Several key states make up the arch that got Biden selected, AZ WI PA MI GA

    • The wheels of justice turn very slow but grind exceedingly fine. I’m not talking about anything happening from within our so-called “legal system”. Justice happens eventually and only the U.S. citizenry will be able to mete it out. See my comment below. Day by day we see our country fall from within due to the rot the Left and the complacent Right have created over the years.

  21. Make up your mind yah turds . Short the USD or gold . Stupid pricks short everything to make their darling market survive . 30000 points down the Dow cow fools . Facist scum

  22. Tucker’s a little late to the party but it’s good he’s finally on board in reporting this. I’ve been hearing this from the Monkey Werx channel for a couple of months now. The illegals are being brought in and flown and bused to typically Red parts of the country to change our demographics and voting patterns – without our consent. This is NOTHING less than treason!! And top level brass in the military are complicit in it. What do they think is going to happen to their futures and that of their children when this administration and the Democrats succeed in turning the U.S. into an extension of Central America and totally Socialist? Our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves.

    Flying Squadron Commander Attains Unwanted Fame

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