We normally would not start off a Monday morning with a UFO report, but this one is a little different and perhaps more significant.

Let’s begin with the story itself,, which is neatly summarized with pictures in the UK Sun under the headline “WHAT THE HELL IS IT? Mystery as alien hunters catch bizarre UFO spotted on International Space Station live stream…”

We you look at the image, there are a number of attributes not to be missed. For one, the general angle of the object is perpendicular to the surface below it. Second, the Space Station feed was cut by NASA which is, by our reckoning, engaged in a serious cover-up.

The problem is: Of what?

There are a number of possibilities to consider. One is that this is some kind of super-secret device (like an orbiting weapons platform) that is banned by international agreement. Maybe NASA doesn’t want snips of that getting wild.

Another possibility is that it’s a trans-dimensional craft of some kind. Whatever, NASA doesn’t want that kind of thing out there, either, I’m sure. Moreover, it there really is a U.S. space fleet (as hackers into the Navy’s computers in Kansas, going from memory) have asserted, maybe this is blinking in from Mars, or some such.

Still, the pictures has my head spinning just a bit.

Reason? There are several “on the ground” items in the news recently that have snagged notice and these would fit well with “them” showing up.

Is there a “Contact” Race?

You saw the reports coming in last week about how China has completed the LARGEST radio telescope in the world?

I don’t know how much you have looked in to how the Chinese make budget decisions, or not. But they don’t generally spend money without at least one big purpose or a collection of little ones.

The big purpose (for them) would be making first Contact. With the largest population – next to India, which by the way is another space player – China would love to be able to say “Deal with us!”

The next level down is a triangle of three interests:

One is if there are UFOs, then having a radio telescope in addition to optics, might allow Chinese scientists to detect, instrument, and thereby infer how things are getting done. Payoff from that is not as high, but worth knowing, for sure.

The second and third parts of this level are 2) looking for details (SIGINT or signals intelligence) on U.S. and Russian surveillance satellites. And then 3) is China already has plans to map and then land on the Moon.

Having a radio telescope is a two-way affair, you know. Most people look at such devices as “passive listeners” but if we get into an off-planet battle of radio gear for Moon landings and colonization, it’s key to remember that an antenna like the Chinese have could be turned into a fairly interesting “radio weapon.”

A number of radio modulation techniques are susceptible to “capture.” FM radio, in particular, can overload and be “captured” by a stronger adjacent signal.

This level of play is at least interesting, if not outright dangerous for both parties. Especially given the growing discomfort overs the newly dredged Chinese Islands in the East China Sea.

There have been a few other headlines of interest as well.

Things that could fit into a UFO’s attack might include items most people associate with a hack of electronic banking or a major financial meltdown.

Yet over here, you’ll see how as part of the Deutsche Bank news flow, this odd story “Germans to store 10-day emergency stock of food, water in case of attacks – leaked defense plan.”

Hmmm… does get us wondering whether there is a link to something else besides another Bank playing the Too Big To Fail (TBTF) card.

Roll it all up and you have some pretty interesting conjecture.

We’re still stuck back on Roswell, though, in a number of ways.

Serious researchers (like Douglas Dietrich) has asserted that the purported crash at Roswell was nothing more than a very large balloon or the sort Japan was developing in China. These were big suckers: Large enough to float fighter planes across the Pacific. Especially if very short Asian crew were used…lots of lift and therefore military applications.

The other side of this argument is that no, the crash at Roswell was only about 90-miles from where the U.S. had set off the Trinity nuclear test only a few years earlier.

It would be very interesting to know where the ISS was when the feed on the current scandal was cut. Because where the UFO (if that’s what it was) could give us some data points to ponder.

If it was materializing over CERN, where humans are messing around with the fundamental building blocks of Nature, that might suggest that there would be something they want to watch us doing…

Another thing of interesting – given that California is presently under an “earthquake watch” would be to know if the UFO was over the Western US at the time.

Why? Because there were reports at the time of the Japan Tsunami of an object (video here) running inland just ahead of the approaching wave…

We know that in such incidents in the past, the UFO activity was before the major event (at least in Japan and Indonesia). So with this in our back pocket, keeping a particularly close eye on California in the next two or three months would make all kinds of sense.

In the meantime, it’s interesting grist for water cooler and coffee pot discussion.

A nice break from overblown reports of “severed finger in anchor accident” and so forth.

Tomorrow and through the rest of the week, look for the fix to be in and distractions to be turned up full blast.

The election approaches. You’ll notice the Employment situation report will not be out until Friday of this week…7th of the month. The November report will be out on the 4th, but by then, the election will have been all but decided.

I don’t mean to be so coldly rational about this, but stories like Project Blue Beam are out there, too. So a staged Second Coming is not out of the picture. Unless Julian Assange has his way about things tomorrow.

All this as we stumble along the path to one world government, which would make it even easier for the pricks in charge (PICs) to sell away humanity’s future. Which they seem intent on doing anyway.

Ain’t it fun that it’s just Monday?

Write when you get rich,