Coping: You Have Been Warned…

As I have been saying, to anyone who would listen, my preferred outlook is that we don’t have our economic collapse until we get out into the Q2-Q4 2017 area.

By then, any of the optimism about a new President and ways to keep the country moving forward will likely have worn off.

By then, it should be apparent that our GDP is not rising faster than the net compound interest on the Federal Debt which is around $19-trillion.  $18.924 trillion, as of last Thursday…

By then, the effects of the huge influx of illegal aliens will be felt.

By then, the lack of breakthrough technologies will be apparent.  There next “gotta have it” tech will be a place away from other humans…

By then, we will begin seeing more robots coming online to replace human labor.  A good reality check is the 10 scariest robots in the world over here.

By then, we should see several more applications, along the lines of Tinder and Candy Crush, that are already changing the way we think. 

By then, someone besides Ures truly will be pointing out that a growing fraction of humanity is going “off planet” for at least part of the day to work in the Virtual Realms.

So much so, that by then, we should have an app for everything.

The Pocket Version of UrbanSurvival

It goes something like this:

There are seven major domains of life and we can “size-up” the coming world, in a nutshell, this way:

Housing:  Getting smaller.  With commutes already gone to hell and work in Virtual Realms the number of companies with work-at-home (in the Realms) will be higher.

Food: Campbell Soup has announced plans to begin labeling U.S. goods for GMO content.  This is already in place in most other countries.  In 2017 we may pass the peak of corporate farming and begin the return to local…

Healthcare:  Some portions of the ACA will have been changed – there are too many people who can’t afford it.  Expect alternative (not-for-profit) healthcare like Samaritan Ministries to have a boom because they are not trying to make money off illness as much.

Transportation:  New car sales will depend on the phrase “driverless- ready” or “highway mode” as initial driverless platforms come along.  We’re planning to drive our old Lexus into the ground (5-10 more years) and save up for a compact driverless.

Communications:  The cost of communications services should rise slower than most expenses but advertising density will likely increase and – if we have any kind of terror attack in the U.S. with WMD’s, expect a link to either torrent or other non-traditional web uses – and this could begin the internet licensing movement.

Environment: The debate over “global warming” will intensify.  Look for atmospheric heaters to come back online to move things around.  But decreasing solar output will likely continue to moderate worst-case alarmism.

Finance:  Your standard of living will be down another 10% from where it is now.  Smaller footprints for all consumer goods and perhaps even standardization of clothing will be arriving.  With disposable spending down, there will be fewer things to buy.  One or two per category…with 3rd and 4th-place producers folding due to the dominance of online retailers.

Then we have our “action words” that describe what we physically do in life:

Work:  By 2017, the low in unemployment should be passed and rates heading up, again.  Agriculture will experience the front edge of major drought – as we move back toward a normal el Nino position.

Workflow improvements will continue but with most healthcare and education already rolling or rolled into ERP programs, the flurry of high-paying software implementations will have peaked.

Play:  By 2017 we should see a major new “play” evolve based on VR helmet or glasses technologies.  This will be “played” in a special, but small, space and will be immersive.  The next evolution of games will be getting rid of avatars and replacing them with players who will be “green-screened” into other player’s displays.

Sex:  V.R. sex will become commonplace and will offer yet-another alternative to LBGT-QRST…. lifestyles.  Tinder will be offering the hybrid hook-ups.  Perhaps first as three-ways (one virtual) and then virtual only with a USB-3 series of plugin accessories…

Entertainment:  We will begin to see a decline in lowest-common-denominator slop that passes as television.  The reason transgender and gay is showing up in sitcoms today likely has less to do with a grand conspiracy to reduce repopulation, so much as HWood has simply run out of characters and plot lines that haven’t been done before.  Remakes and sequels – forget how ridiculous they are – will come in droves.

Hobbies:  As the Boomer generation begins to downsize even more seriously, a lot of hobbies will see declines.  For example, ham radio (which I dearly love, don’t get me wrong) will begin a long-term decline because with the Virtual Realms, interest in anything other than fiber-bandwidth comms and 5-G will enter decline.

Similarly,  hunting and fishing will fall further out of favor.  Not so much on animal rights, but animal scarcity.

LearningAt some point the “textbook mafia” will have to lose to the :”open source textbooks”.  Concurrent with that, we will see shorter-form novels as the time constraints on people become an increasing pressure.  Traditional publishing will decline due to the eBook revolution and Kindle and the Android readers along with iPads will become the major reading platform.

For-profit schools, especially technical training, will be in  decline due to pressure in the Higher Ed budget.

It will be replaced with “Learning guilds” – something we will get into in Peoplenomics tomorrow.

Birthing:   A decline in birth rates will be revealed.  The immigrants being forced into the U.S. population will provide the bulk of new family formations.

Dying:  We should see another highly communicable disease pop up – one that can be spread by jet travel and has a high kill rate and low recovery rate.  Conspiracy addicts would add a long incubation period.

As seniors begin moving to the nursing homes, look for a decline in suburban home prices with a stratification between rural/semi-rural (with land) and in-city to dominate.

Shopping:  Traffic around malls will continue to decline at less-than-regional shopping malls.  The largest will continue to expand, but that’s because they will become destinations even more so than now.  The mall will be a water park, theme hotel, wide range of restaurants, ice skating rink, virtual sports (V-Golf is thriving) and shopping?  Well, there’s some products that only translate so well into video (thinking shops like Victoria’s Secret and Lowes…)

That’s enough of a view for now…and I’m flexible on many of these predictions.

That’s how the Seven Domains and Nine Activities look this morning.  The lack of confidence in government?  The New Leader who can’t lead?  The forming of the famine-inducting drought?  The robotic replacement laws?  The Massive tax on ownership debate?  The merciless compounding of Federal Debt?

All that is coming, too.  But not this morning.

If this was to be the REAL BIG COLLAPSE we should – by now – be hearing rumors and innuendo about who the Big Player in Trouble is.  We’re short on that score.

So for the balance of this week, let’s see how high the bounce can go – into summer in my work. 

But do try to remember, You Have Been Warned.

Write when you break-even,


21 thoughts on “Coping: You Have Been Warned…”

  1. Ftr: I don’t want the economy to collapse right now.

    Afa racism: I am with you, all souls are made of the same primordial “stuff”. I dont think they all weigh the same. I think they all start out that way,(the same weight) but in the end, many are found wanting. Why else would we be here? In this life? On the otherside, all are souls. And i told Grady a long time ago, i dont care if you are a jew, a Muslim or a christian or a bhudast.. To me, your choice of religion is a personal one.
    I dont care about the color of a mans skin, what i do care about is the merrit of ones ability to live by principle and integrity. Not just principle but spiritual principles like faith, hope and love. To me that holds much more “weight.” That goes for women and men.

    Still, the comments have been interesting.

    I hope you are right George.

    Sigh.. as the saying goes, No sense in pole vaulting mouse turds.

    How much for an autographed hard copy of your book? I will read it when i get a moment. Currently researching Jesus’s actuall birthday. He was a Tarus. As it says in Luke 1:26, it was the 6th month when the angel apeared to Mary. Then Mary runs to meet up with John’s mom and finds out she is pregnant. Hebrew calendars are lunar caladers and their calanders dont start in January.

    Im back to being busy. Off to grab 18 gears. Later old dude.

    • P.S. what i have found, and as you know, i have been around these “circles” for a while, is that most people are just constipated.

      Financially constipated.
      Emotionally cosstipated.
      Morally constipated.
      Mentally constipated.

      All a reflection of spiritual constipation.

      But what do i know?

    • All racism is, is the inability to see the spirit in each person and not see the external differences…IF one could discern the spiritual aspects of the spirit, one wouldn’t be sidetracked or detracted by the external.

  2. Your predictions do not take into effect the social forces at play. Like the 94 million American adults not working, the 46 million getting EFT in order to eat. That’s approximately 30% and 15 % of the population.

    And try traveling outside the tourist areas in your own country. Like the 54 block area in Los Angeles where the sidewalks are covered in sleeping homeless people every night. This was personally witnessed by a friend 5 years ago when it was only 36 blocks. If food banks and soup kitchens were for profit like prisons, they would be ideal investments. You have been to the casino in Louisiana, but have you seen the areas of New Orleans not yet rebuilt since Katrina?

    Every prediction you make was predicated on the (USA treasury bill) dollar being the worlds reserve currency. In the last few months 20% of the entire USA debt was repudiated by banks around the world as acceptable reserves. This required $1 trillion in cash to appear out of nowhere to redeem those treasuries. The big player you do not see as failing is called the Federal Reserve Bank, which is the issuer of your, and unfortunately my currency at the moment. This will remain invisible until the BRICS force a 30% devaluation of the dollar. This will occur when Russia, the largest oil producer, and China, the largest manufacturer, stop taking dollars as payment for their products. This will not occur until the hole for the dollar is too deep to climb out of, or until the USA forces a military action against either country.

    It’s a dollar bubble, but it will remain undetectable as long as gold is denominated in dollars and the price determined by 300-1 paper to metal.

    The world has been indundated with so many dollars for so long that not-dollar is really hard to grasp.

    That’s how it looks from Ecuador.

    • Wow! Are you drunk? Or is dementia setting in? I assure you that every prediction George is making is not based on US treasuries. Ha ha ha ha.

      Russia is the largest priducer of natural gas. Not oil lil buddy. The federal reserve is not failing, they are causing the issue. You do know that there are only 3 countries in the world that do not have centeral bank aka “federal reserve” handing their mulah right???? One is North Korea, one is Iran, one is Syria and the last one is israel. They are causing the problem not fsiling. They are the money changers, money managers. Trust me on this! Those centersl reserve banks fund the wars in the world. Go read the book Economic Hitman. They wont be the ones left holding the bag. So maybe switch to crack or dont post after you have had 9 shots of tequilla. Because you are looking like an ass

      • I figured i would throw in bank of israel and make it 4, when i said 3, and mis type a bunch of stuff. I call it speaking drunkaneese.

      • Try to remember that oftentimes (due to a lack of coffee and not bheing awake I will refer to oil in the generic sense. Sure, Russia is huge in gas in Europe, but’s a lot of fuel switching that goes on…so pardon me snoozing through. When someone works in the oil industry it is everywhere from tarsands to retail gas statins and from fracked to f*cked

    • So, another call out for predictions AFTER a collapse or during a collapse. Compare those predictions with the Mary Summer Rain material.

      For example, she sees these kinds of things coming:

      1) Massive protests, upheavals.
      2) Refusal to pay taxes.
      3) Stock Market completely going away.
      4) Refusal to send the young off to undeclared and illegal wars.
      5) Complete ending of realtors/real estate transactions.
      6) Banks collapsing, cash only.
      7) Church/State fighting, state passing more laws to control churches.
      8) Supreme court passing MANY bad laws.
      9) Increase in murders/suicides.
      10) Increase in freak accidents.
      11) Transportation becoming very hazardous.

      One would have to get the 2 books, “Spirit Song,” and “Phoenix Rising,” in order to understand how all this fits together with collapse, loss of world reserve currency status along with earth changes.

      We haven’t even talked about earth changes and the impact on the economy due to those, but did you hear about last week in New Jersey there were strange sounds being heard that no one could figure out what they were? These sounds are being recorded all over the world.

      The good thing is this: There are LOTS of people prepping, they are not always sure what exactly for as in who knows exactly what the details will be or when it will happen, but they are growing in their knowledge and so prepare. Expats, like the Ecuadoran guy is a prepper, just by leaving the USA.

      So, maybe this is the age of the prepper.

      I am starting to run into them, what I mean by that is the newest wave of them. They are incredibly open minded about alternative forms of staying healthy, they are taking care of their body/mind/spirit. They are downsizing. They are forming friendships/bonds, they are starting to connect and move about. They are starting to align themselves with like minded people. They are working and thriving as they trim the fat and live on less.

      As the old age is decaying, a new one is rising.

      It will not be an age of war and desolation. It will be a renewal.

      This system, as it stands, is rotting from within, it cannot hold.

  3. You know (smile) – shorter fiction has been around for a while – since the 1800s – they are called ‘short stories’ and can be very good, and are really popular . . . and at the same time novels were written specifically in chapters for the magazine reading public . . . Dickens, the Dumas’s, and Doyle knew how to captivate readers back then, so we can revive the art form.

    Do like your ‘Jules Verne’ (futuristic) thoughts on the subject of what is to come!

  4. “Reflux” means the S.O.S is going around and around again. Where it will end no one knows.

    • Im watching American Express. In a debt driven scociety, credit cards are the blood “banks”. I think the next lehman brothers will be a credit card company.

      Know what i mean vern?

  5. With the young already gone to online activities and the elders dying off, I see a resurgence of wild animals being possible because of fewer hunters and less intrusion into wild areas. Could be more and bigger trees as well in those wild places as there is less building being done.Too bad I’ll be too old to benefit.

  6. George,
    My wife is a Realtor. What she is seeing is more home buyers that are wanting houses that have two master bedrooms so the surviving grandparent will have a room of their own. I think the drive on this is to save money (nursing home expense and time spent at the home) as well as a change in how we start viewing our elders. (getting children to know their grand parents better)

    My wife has a current contract for a new home being built with dual masters, I have a friend that just purchased a new home (home is less than 5 years old) that has a room/bathroom that will be converted into a dual master as he is selling his and his mom’s house to fund the move in. (Mom funded the purchase while he fixes the two houses for sale)

    These are two people we know within the last two months that were specifically looking for dual master. The houses are over 3000 square feet and are solid middle to upper middle neighborhoods in Keller/Fort Worth/Saginaw area.

    For me personally, I am seriously considering a long term plan on converting one of our rooms that is next to a bathroom into a larger bedroom with adjoining bath. Most likely the mother in law will move in if father in law passes.

    All three of us have young children, so the bonus of having an extra set of safe eyes on the children while we are at work, off set the hassle of mother in law/daughter arguing as women in same house hold and save on the nursing home expenses since all the grand mothers are physically and mentally in good shape.

    Just some food for thought from generation X.

    Love the work you do friend!


    • I think this is a great idea, we kept my Dad at home until right before he passed. We did try a nursing home for 3 months since he was a veteran AND very ill and needed 24 hour care and we thought we were doing the right thing, but it was dismal and we were miserable. Almost everyone went to get him and bring him home, and he never left again. It is work to coordinate and take care of an elder, but the blessings, I mean the blessings, did you hear me say BLESSINGS will last a lifetime to YOU and your family, especially the grandchildren as all of his helped him in his final years, and all of them cherished him and he them.

      When he was healthier, he always participated in their lives and they glowed under his love. So, good for everyone to bring their elders back into the house. The separation of wings will help out the women and there is no time like the present to work out those issues and triggers. (Men can have them, too.)

      My Dad was born in 1930, he lived with his parents and grand parents, in the same home. He remembered when he was 15 carrying his grandmother down the stairs as she had passed away. He also lived in a boarding house. When we took a visit back in 2010, he showed me them and they are still there in Sioux City, Iowa.

      I am thinking that boarding houses will be making a comeback, and that would also be a good model to build within areas that do not disallow them.

  7. Healthcare: Some portions of the ACA will have been changed – there are too many people who can’t afford it””””

    big shocker for us was the new rates.. for us it was an increase of just under a thousand a month.. with assistance.. I still say the best way to fix that problem was for a one paragraph law.. ” No discrimination , No Price gouging.. product a costs the same for everyone. Open the borders a product sold in texas should be available in new york etc.. and pharmaceuticals should be available and you should be able to buy A product from another country. one medication I know is 1250.00 a month yet in canada the exact same medication with the same product code manufacture date etc.. is 250.00 a month.. hmm.. wonder why that is.. I say price gouging..

    Nursing home care.. Hmmm..
    “”””so the surviving grandparent will have a room of their own. I think the drive on this is to save money (nursing home expense and time spent at the home) as well as a change in how we start viewing our elders. (getting children to know their grand parents better)””””

    I know a thing or two about this as works hunky dory until it cuts into your life.. then it is a problem.. oh mom I will take you where you need to go.. but I can’t that day I have to work. oh no mom fell…
    same thing with day care many people pay as much as they make just to pay daycare maybe pay one bill after that.. so do you quit and not pay daycare.. but the cost of living isn’t like it was in the seventies.. today the cost of living is much higher than that.. so you need a two plus income family..the families I know one works days one works nights.. employers don’t care about whether or not little bobby is sick or not.. they want you at work.. same thing with mom.. so what does moms illness have to do with our company.. you either want to get paid or you don’t if you don’t or can’t provide we will get someone that wants to work..
    Now you take one income out of the spending for the masses.. lets face it it sounds fun and nice to have mom at home.. but only till it interrupts your daily routine.. then it ends.. and most nursing homes are several thousand a month.. whos to pay for extra fifty thousand plus a year..when my mom passed on her last months bill was almost eleven thousand a month.. if we cut back social security or medicare.. ooops.. working for the medical industry.. what happens is you have a ten percent reduction in medicare.. everyone has to loose ten percent of their income mandatory one hour cut per day…. if your are two beds down.. or three beds down it then becomes a major issue.. so that turns into layoffs usually the older higher paid employees.. cheaper to hire inexperienced kids no benefits lower wages…. ( hmm sounds familiar. we went a year without an income because of an eleven percent cut in medicare) now you have more unemployed.. tough one to fix especially with an aging population and high cost of living with lower end jobs as the only ones available.. who gets targeted.. the younger families with children and the elderly or disabled.

    • Welcome back G! Head for the signup page and log in/pay that way… I use third party for all financial transacts so I never have to worry about personal info being stolen…or just mail a check – instructions are there…thanks G’

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