Coping: With Monday and Alarm Clocks

First item up is a very short discussion of how science works.

When the alarm on the husband side of the bed falls off the nightstand and the battery is reinserted, the time may display differently.

As was the case overnight.

I had all kinds of strange dreams (attributing them to the moon being extra big and close this weekend) and despite all the dreams and feeling extremely rested, the damn clock insisted it was nowhere near “time to get up.”

Still, having a list of crap a mile and a half long to deal with (it is Monday, right?) I decided to get up at 3:24 AM and “get a jump on things.”

After the leisurely reboot process (coffee, a handful of vitamins and such) it was then time to look at the clock on the computer.

6:16 AM

Holy mother of pearl!  So this morning’s column may seem a bit strange since it is a product of a very well-rested, fast-typing sonofagun who is waaay behind schedule.l

But the dream overnight may have been worth it.  Elaine had ‘em too, so it’ll be interesting if lots of readers had dreams that were particularly vivid this weekend – and involving a disproportionate “dead relatives” doing walk-in parts.,  They showed up in both Elaine’s drreams and mine…which gets me to a question to post to Chris over at the site…

Because?  Well, since the moon was closer and bigger than “normal” (whatever that is on this rock anymore) wouldn’t it be a book sci-fi plot for the moon to be where people go when they die?  A planet inhabited by spirits only…and in which case, the US might be willing to let China have it…and it would sure explain why we’re in no particular hurry to go back there with (remnants of) our space program.

Some movie plot, huh?

Planetary influences and “things in space” impacting the behavior of humans is a well-studied fact in the investment world.

For example, in Robin Handler’s Options Signal Service ( )report preview today’s trades, there’s this little gem that I don’t think he’d mind my sharing with you in the assessment of last week’s market action……

The Planetary A-Index from NOAA tipped us off that there would
be strong selling on Tuesday. Bingo again. Take a look at the
graph on page 8. See how high the bar was for Sunday? On
Monday it went even higher, but the market did not sell off. Then
NOAA predicted an even higher bar for Tuesday. It was a nobrainer
that Tuesday was going to sell off. A nice play for the
Binary Option traders.

Last week was under a bullish planetary influence. The market
does not always move in the direction of these planetary influence,
but when they don’t, and can expect the date of the aspect to be a
reversal date. Mars Trined Neptune on Thursday. Trines are
bullish, but the market fell into Thursday. But then sharply reversed
on Friday with DJIA gaining over 180 points.

So we’re left with the “As Above, So Below” problem again.

WoWW Voices Goes Global?

Speaking of oddities, reader Tom has been paying attention to our recent discussion of how people seem to be hearing more inexplicable voices.

You might remember the cases – where multiple readers have reported hearing conversations – some of it none too friendly sounding – but just not able to make out the language it’s in and what the intent of the conversation has been.

My nickel has been  bet on it’s some kind of right/left brain discussion going on across the mental back fence (the Myelin  Sheath, perhaps).  One reason to bet on that is that it brings us to another sci-fi plot that I have to write up in book form one of these days:  Where the heroine in the book who is “hearing the voices” gets professional help.

As this (gotta get to it) book develops the head doctor in this study that she happens to run into discovers that there is – what turns out to be a universal language buried in every human and the dialects are loosely colored by DNA.

But I better get this one written and into print quickly…reader Tom discovered that Durham University (UK) has started a survey to capture information about “Reader’s Inner Voices” over here.

The purpose of this study seems to be about the process of subvocalization (as in reading) and going after the idea that most people, when they read, pretend to “hear” what the characters are saying and how they say it.

But what’s going to happen when the med school types figure out that there are other voices – similar, different language, but arising from mental processes that are “there to be sourced?”

OPK< super short column…more tomorrow (tons more interesting stuff)

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