Coping: With A.A.S.B and an M.M.T. Update

imageWe have much ground to cover this morning.

I’ve been saving this up for the weekend so you will have plenty of time to go over the items in this morning’s column and try them out for yourself.

Most of the time, you know, the column here has some “pretty good information in it” but there are limits.  Seldom do we get down to the eye-opening stuff that can really impact your life.

A word about woo-woo is the first point.

Yes, there really are forces that are extra-human in nature.  If you haven’t personally experienced them yet, it is likely because you have not been open to the idea.  Humans come with a sort of “built-in” shock mount for their worldview.  It may keep your way of thinking intact, but it also serves to keep you “frozen in place” and prevent spiritual growth.

The great human potential movement icon, Earl Nightingale summed it up in one of his lectures on the science of success.   “You judge people like you judge fruit trees,” he explained in one of his discussions.  It might have been part of his Lead The Field (6 CD UNABRIDGED + 1 CD Workbook) CDs.  “You judge them by the fruit they bear.”

To be sure, not much has been heard from the P.M.A. (positive mental attitude) crowd lately.  It’s no wonder, I suppose:  The world is always in a perpetual state of “going to hell in a hand basket” – but here lately, the drive to the bottom seems to be having some success.

Nevertheless, among those who are successful (externally but more important internally) one of the most important “keys to the kingdom” is summed up by the concept of A.A.S.B.

That means simply as above, so below.

That doesn’t mean that a personal with a crooked heart can’t possess a pile of money.  That can be done, of course.  We see it in headlines all the time.  But what it does mean  is that there is a balance.  To the degree you are working successfully on the spiritual side of the ledger, the physical side of things will sort of “come along” on its own.

I won’t go into the gradations of values and how it is that some of the world’s richest in spirits like Gandhi or Mother Teresa could be spiritually rich and fairly poor at the local world reality-level.

What I will propose is that there is a holistic approach to building the “whole person” – the body, the mind, and the spirit – that leads to a happily balanced human given a chance.

A lot of it has to do with core values.  People without core values might, as Earl Nightingale might have put it, are like ships running without a compass.  They may get somewhere, but whether it happens by accidents or is a port of one’s own choosing, is another matter.

Thus the first point of this morning:  As Above, So Below.

Ure’s String of Bates Bad Luck

On to our second point.

You’ll remember our discussion the other morning about how “bad luck seems to accompany” the astrological positioning of things called “Mercury Retrograde.”  I had speculated that I was aware that there was something else going on, because of a short, sharp series of “unfortunate coincidences” that piled up on me this week.

Not the least of which was my laptop power supply turning toes up and dying.

As it turns out, this worked out unbelievably well.  In fact the turnaround of events bears inspection.

After the laptop power supply died exactly four minutes after I posted the Wednesday report, I hopped on the internet and began searching for the replacement.  I found the precise part I needed – and ordered two replacements from Amazon which were delivered last night.

I also had gone to the store Wednesday morning and picked up a “universal laptop” power supply.  Returning home, I discovered some shoplifter had already opened the package, removing the tip that was needed for my particular laptop – which happens to be a Samsung wide screen NPRF711-S02.

That meant that Elaine headed back to Wal-Mart Wednesday to exchange it for a good one – and the helpful people gave her the replacement and she came home with it…only to discover this was not the kit with the right tip for an NPRF711-S02. 

That meant yesterday morning, Elaine was back to town again to exchange the unit for the right one.  No luck.

So Wal-Mart issued her a refund and she went over to Office Despots – and while they had a few universal laptop power supplies on hand, not a one of them had the right power adapter.

When she called to give me the news, I had to laugh. 

“What’s so funny?”

I’ve been around enough woo-woo and astrology now to see when Universe is playing and to just going along with it.  I needed to just acknowledge it and then deal with it and accept that this was the way things were going to work.  Which I did – and Elaine pocketed the refund. 

I got some critical work on the Supercomputer, and not one but two replacement power supplied ordered Wednesday morning arrived.  A third (second backup) will arrive on Monday night. 

My snickering continued.  What the hell is with Universe doing, nudging me in the direction of multiple power supplies, for?

Now, I want you to go back with me to our discussion about how many people have very definite Mercury Retrograde positions.  And I was speculating about a Mercury Direction Station relationship.  Here’s the correct answer:

Void Of Course Moon

I was incredibly pleased to hear from a woman who we call (and fondly so) our Chief Consulting Astrologer.  (I won’t let her resign – it’s an appointment for life.)

We don’t hear from her often enough, but she was kind enough to explain exactly what was going on in the “As Above” part of Ure’s truly’s world:

“Having advised CEOs, CFOs, and people at all levels of business regarding the effects of Retrograde Mercury for over 25 years, I KNOW it works. I even showed — and convinced a rocket scientist in Colorado and a PhD at Hubble — that paying attention to such periods makes life a lot easier. Of course everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and experiences.

Now, on to what you experienced Wednesday, George.

That is a different animal — one astrologers call a “Void of Course Moon.”

Strange name; however it refers to the period that happens every few days when the Moon makes no important angular aspects to other planets before it leaves one sign and moves on to another.

During a VOC period — and Wednesday’s ran all day — is when anything and everything “comes to naught.”

I would be consulted by those same business types mentioned above for the list of that month’s VOC’s so that important contracts would not inadvertently be signed under them. I know that every business that was incorporated by our law firm under a VOC never did one day of business! That’s how impactful it can be. FWIW, there was an all day VOC this last Monday. The next all day one is Nov 4th.

Solution — buy one of Llewellyn’s yearly astrological calendars and carefully watch for all VOC periods, and avoid initiating anything during that time. Or go on line and search fore Void-of-course Moon times for each month. Or not, as you see fit.

Needless to say, I quickly ordered Llewellyn’s 2016 Astrological Calendar: 83rd Edition of the World’s Best Known, Most Trusted Astrology Calendar.  There are also several “witches date books” to be found on Amazon, but our interests around here don’t wander off in that direction. 

Although there is plenty of discussion about workers with white magic being called “white witches” the transition into spell-casting and the like becomes very serious territory and entails certain spiritual risks that we’d just as soon not be around, thank you.

Important:  The M.M.T. Website is Up

On the other hand, there are some additional “keys to reality” available that you should be aware of, not the least of which is our Chief Astrologer’s M.M.T. website.  That’s short for the Miracle Money Technique.

It was just launched a short time ago and her announcement:

“We are announcing the official opening of The Miracle Money Technique teaching website.  We’ve been working on it since mid-August and I think the designer did a fabulous job – its simple and elegant.

You can reach the site simply by typing in Since that is such a long name, It will  be easier to remember it that way and easier to tell people. Don’t worry we’ve tested it and it automatically fills in all the other parts like WWW. 

Since our goal is to reach as many people as possible, we hope you will help us spread the word. And remember, every time you share this with someone else, [even a brief one-liner] the process works for you as well. While just working on the site the number and value of Money Miracles that showed up for each of us involved increased every week. 

Another important point is that everything about the site is FREE. No hidden agendas here. This is the notice we have posted on the opening page — You might call this our “Business Plan.” 

Welcome! And a Note to All Visitors:

This is an educational website and not a commercial one. We do not take registrations, collect fees or email addresses, nor is there any advertising. There isn’t even a DONATE button. Our purpose is to freely share with you a powerful process we have taught to thousands of people since 1985. We believe you will find this process as effective  as they have. Then, in the same spirit, we hope that you will share it with your friends, family members, and co-workers. 


Michelle [the Astrologer]”

Michelle is a very good (great) astrologer.  She didn’t start off to be one…in fact, she’s a trained lawyer – yeah, how ‘bout them apples?

If you do nothing else today, please go read the basic Miracle Money Technique basic teaching over here.

So there you have it:  Several clues about How to Play Life Better…all wrapped up in a single column. 

The main points to summarize: There is a land of woo—woo.  There are things to astrology that work with amazing precision.  And the Miracle Money Technique is something we have talked about before and I use it myself.  It’s nondenominational and very damn powerful.

No one can never have too many tools and guideposts along the path of spiritual development.

Now,  Into the Seriously Weird

Elaine is not one given to flights of fancy.  While she has been around some of my weird psychic “events” she has remained very skeptical, even when the event is right there, “in her face.”

An example is that case (see the original case report from March 13, 2014) when we were in Payson, AZ at our favorite casino and leaving for the return trip to the ranch.  I had gotten up, written the column, put $10 bucks into a one-armed bandit, had the big ham steak and eggs breakfast…and then gone back to our room to take a one hour nap.

Waking from this nap, I had a strange dream about orange road construction markers, a closed highway, and even driving on the shoulder in a construction zone.

Needless to say, three hours later as we ran into exactly the events foretold of in my dream, she thought it was just odd as hell, but she still doesn’t know how to cope with what was going on.

Fast-forward to this morning.

Elaine gets up, comes out of the bedroom (by way of the master bath and kitchen) and asks “Did you hear that?”

“Hear what?’

“I was laying in bed, half-awake and I heard this whistle – the two note “cuckoo clock” whistle and then I head this real loud breathing – it was like someone was in the room with me!”

“Nope – not a sound…that’s strange, though.”

That isn’t the half of it.

You see last night, we were sitting in the sun room and talking about the kids coming down to visit over the holidays. 

I’d just told her “George will probably be down for a week over either Christmas or New Years, too” when Elaine got this odd look to her  and said “That sounds like fun, but we’ll probably have an earthquake…”

“WHAT  DID YOU SAY??”  This was so 100% totally out of character for Elaine that I wanted to quickly find out what she meant.

At this, her normal countenance returned and she looked at me like I was a raving lunatic.

“Did I say what?”

“That ‘we’ll probably have an earthquake.’”

She looked at me like I had just turned into some kind of monster and then thoughtfully asked, “Did I say that?  Really?  I can’t remember saying anything like that…”

Things have begun to pile up in “the Weird Corner” around here, this week more so than usual.

Lots of competing theories:  Maybe Elaine is having some mental aberration due to stress (the power supply adventures).  Or, maybe when she went to the store this week, a drifting spirit decided to follow her home.

There is a reason that use of alcohol is forbidden  in certain cultures – and what is it called “spirits.”

But last night, she was sipping ice water – I was the one with the vodka martini.  And this morning?  Nothing more than my usual two measuring cups full of half-caf coffee.

Not that it would be the first time spirits have been around this place, though.

Once – about five or six years ago – Panama and one of his friends from church were sitting in the living room here watching television and they distinctly heard two people wander through the house,  This happens several times over the course of three or four days.

Eventually, the woman (curiously named “Angel”) got to calling them the Wanderers.  We still still hear them from time-to-time, but it’s hardly worth mentioning in a column, although it is good grist now and then going into Halloween weekend.

Speaking of which, we will have an incredible Halloween report on Peoplenomics tomorrow…which will give you some of the most amazing background to Halloween – ever.

So enough, already.  Oh!  One more thing…

The Author Picture

Believe it, or not, the voting yesterday between the two pictures for the back cover of the book was almost exactly even between picture #1 and picture #2.

But during the voting (see the comments section) you will find a third option cropped up and it is the path we will follow:  Choice #3 was “None of the above.  Reshoot the picture.”

OK…fair enough.  More decision-making to come in a week, or so, then.


I’d say Happy Halloween, but when you read Peoplenomics tomorrow, you’ll understand two things:  Now this news story and “not so happy” figure into Halloween.

All of which leaves me with only one question:  Will the Siri or Alexa joke of the day include the seasonal joke with the punch-line “Because they have Holloweenies?

Sheesh…been one of those weeks – triskaidekaphobia running rampant.  Even though it’s still two weeks off.

Write when you break-even


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  1. Just a note on the author picture. Here’s 10 cents worth. Both pictures were ok, but not quite what you need to appeal to your potential readership. You’re an adventurous guy. You’re a man who does things. You don’t just talk about doing things, you actually do things and then talk about them. There’s a big difference. I’m that kind of guy and those are the kinds of guys (and gals) that will read your book. So, in your pictures you weren’t doing anything. You were standing next to a plane. Ok. I can stand next to the Space Shuttle, but that doesn’t make me an astronaut. My point is you should have a picture of you doing something….flying the plane, landing the plane…something…you get where I’m going with this. So, there ya go.

    • I agree, action! Wrap an appropriate long scarf around neck, put on flying goggles but don’t cover eyes, stand on plane (if cabin strong enough to allow this), look out toward horizon as if that is your destination, let sunrise (or sunset) light illuminate you… If plane has door (probably does), crouch inside cabin and beckon reader to come in and go flying with you. Wear an Indiana Jones outfit. Sit in pilot seat; Zeus sit next to you as copilot (or vice versa and you can look nervous while he is confident).

  2. I’ve found the Seth material by Jane Roberts the best woo-woo. Jane and Seth have two volumes on dreams, and Nancy Ashley has summarized Seth’s dream material in a worhbook.

  3. I would argue the ASSB has more the sense that events in this reality are driven by what is happening on the close in spiritual planes of reality. To the extent that this “dense” reality is pretty fixed in terms of its materiality, the less dense spiritual side of things more easily manifest created thought forms that eventually reflect here. Its not really “above” or “below” because they are all coexistent. JMHO

    • The urbansurvival handle was tweet-jacked and twitter was nonresponsive.
      screw ’em. We have a community here- just tell your friends

  4. You know, you also have your personal astrology — your natal chart — the snapshot of the time you were born. It’s entirely possible that one transiting planet or other was triggering your natal Mercury and that “caused” the timing for your personal computer issues. So it’s not necessarily that Mercury was retrograde or that the moon was v/c (though it was on Wed.). It might have just been a “you” thing.

    I am not thrilled that my recently former husband is in the process of selling the home I’ve been living in for 18 years. As timing would have it, he & the buyers signed the p&s during the last Rx Mercury. I signed the form during the Rx Mercury and the moon was v/c. I’m hoping they end up backing out of the sale & it “comes to naught”. There have been enough issues with the sale so far that I’m surprised they’re still going forward! I really have no interest in moving, though I still back that statement up with “ok, I’ll go along with whatever’s for my highest good.”

    As for Elaine and the earthquake statement, likely that came from HER higher self and not some stray spirit. We’re fed all sorts of info that sounds like our own thoughts and some that sounds like it came from left field. But it’s probably from some non 3-D part of herself.

  5. No more money miracles for me! Had to bail out a payroll faux pas for my husband’s company and my SIL’s fiancé’ left and took the rent money. Maybe I was their money miracle?

  6. last week in addition to my usual daily dose of woo woo, l had an “audible” experience, which has not happened very often..(my husband has had several “audible woo-woos” that he refuses to acknowledge, even after asking ” did you hear that??) l was in bed ,reading when l heard a very strident, loud voice say “SHUT UP !!”….no one but me at home…huh??? a message from ??? okay, l will try to be more quiet while reading a book in my bedroom in my very remote rural home, alone. whaaaaaat?

  7. Stay with #1. Just some minor photoshopping for lighting. OK,so you’re a somewhat good looking fellow but I’m buying the book for the guts and story, not who’s picture is on the back.

  8. Unless Earl Nightingale was Jesus incarnate he paraphrased the God man, Matthew 7:16

    Credit where due please…

  9. Hey, I meant to mention that “heavy breathing in the ear” thing has happened to me too. I still can’t determine if I’m simply “hearing” myself breathe, or something else. Either way, it’s eerie as hell.

    Oh, and I’ve had numerous dreams involving aliens, and not the illegal kind. I don’t dream alot about that, but I’ve had several in the past week.

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